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water feature articles

Portland citizens vow to fight back against water fluoridation
Published September 21 2012
Concepts: Portland, water, citizens, fluoride, Oregon

Portland, Oregon votes to poison its citizens with toxic fluoride chemicals
Published September 20 2012
Concepts: fluoride, poison, toxic, citizens, Oregon

The trio of herbicides which are poisoning us, our food and our environment
Published September 20 2012
Concepts: Roundup, Atrazine, 5, natural, NaturalNews

The major toxins in your water
Published September 15 2012
Concepts: water, toxins, natural, arsenic, aluminum

Natural pain relievers beat Big Pharma drugs
Published September 12 2012
Concepts: pain, natural, Big Pharma, water, cancer

Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride
Published September 10 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, food, crops, pesticide

Gardening in small spaces 101 - Start a garden no matter your location
Published September 10 2012
Concepts: garden, gardening, water, yards, potatoes

Six foods for a happy belly
Published September 8 2012
Concepts: happy, foods, food, natural, NaturalNews

Delusional reality: Everything peddled by politicians, media, banks and television is a fiction
Published September 6 2012
Concepts: news, NaturalNews, television, banks, media

Massive quantity of floating garbage causes flesh-eating seagulls to devour whales
Published September 6 2012
Concepts: whales, seagulls, garbage, floating garbage, floating

Tame high blood pressure with these natural remedies
Published September 5 2012
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, hypertension, coconut, natural

Mainstream media begins questioning safety of fluoride
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: fluoride, news, water, natural, NaturalNews

Three simple (and economical) methods to clear away negative emotion and toxins daily
Published September 3 2012
Concepts: breath, toxins, detox, natural, water

Health Ranger releases new video on the criminalization of rainwater collection by misguided government
Published September 2 2012
Concepts: video, criminalization, rainwater, rainwater collection, health

PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as 'insecticide' and 'adhesive preservative' in addition to water treatment chemical
Published August 31 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, sodium, chemical, sodium fluoride

Plasma activated water may have grand humanitarian health benefits
Published August 31 2012
Concepts: plasma, water, health, plasma activated water, benefits

Carcinogenic hexavalent chromium found in one-third of California's drinking water, CDPH sued by environmentalists
Published August 30 2012
Concepts: water, drinking water, chromium, hexavalent chromium, drinking

World may be forced into vegetarianism due to food shortages, warn scientists
Published August 30 2012
Concepts: food, water, shortages, vegetarianism, world

Seven ways to detox on a budget
Published August 29 2012
Concepts: detox, NaturalNews, heal, water, juice

Shock discovery: Bacteria found in public water comes from the treatment filters, not from the water source
Published August 28 2012
Concepts: water, bacteria, filters, treatment, drinking water

Portland, Oregon to spend $5 million to poison its residents with toxic fluoride
Published August 27 2012
Concepts: fluoride, Portland, Oregon, water, water fluoridation

Eliminate gout, arthritis and fibromyalgia pain FAST with 3 natural home remedies
Published August 27 2012
Concepts: arthritis, gout, soda, pain, baking

How to minimize exposure to aerial and ground spraying of pesticides
Published August 24 2012
Concepts: pesticide, exposure, pesticides, natural, water

Eliminate and avoid mosquitoes naturally without dangerous pesticides and commercial repellents
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: natural, oil, mosquitoes, avoid, naturally

Phoenix official orders woman to stop handing out free water during extreme heat wave, claims she needs 'permit'
Published August 18 2012
Concepts: water, free, woman, heat wave, claims

Oregon man convicted of collecting rainwater on his own property surrenders and begins serving 30-day jail sentence
Published August 14 2012
Concepts: water, Oregon, property, rainwater, jail

Health Ranger interviews Laura Pressley about water fluoridation
Published August 10 2012
Concepts: Laura Pressley, health, Health Ranger, Austin, water

Sprouts: So fresh, they're still growing!
Published August 7 2012
Concepts: sprouts, food, seeds, sprouting, water

EPA violated 10th Amendment and state rights - Virginia coalition files federal suit over unconstitutional rain water collection mandate
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: EPA, water, federal, Virginia, rights

Mainstream media pushes malicious fluoride lie: Fluoride-free bottled water is harming children, they claim!
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, bottled water, children, news

Milwaukee lowers fluoridation level and will advise parents about infant formula
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: Milwaukee, fluoride, fluoridation, parents, water

Try some of these top summer superfoods to help you cool off
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: summer, superfoods, health, food, cucumbers

Healing Naturally: Fasting and Elimination (opinion )
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: elimination, juice, fasting, diet, healing

When life gives you lemons, make 100 home remedies to improve your health
Published August 2 2012
Concepts: lemon, health, lemons, juice, lemon juice

More than 80 reasons to use honey as a DIY home remedy for better health and good eats
Published August 1 2012
Concepts: honey, health, home, heal, remedy

Oregon criminalizes permaculture; claims state ownership over all rainwater - ponds and swales restricted - jail time for violators
Published July 29 2012
Concepts: water, rainwater, Oregon, permaculture, news

Another false flag attack appears imminent; here's how to protect yourself and your family NOW
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: false flag, government, food, history, America

Home remedies relieve symptoms and allergic reactions from MSG poisoning - Here's what you need to know
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: MSG, symptoms, remedies, food, poisoning

More athletes choose real food and reject synthetic 'high-tech' sports drinks and supplements
Published July 24 2012
Concepts: sports, athletes, food, sports drinks, electrolytes

CDC reports that 1 in 12 public pools are contaminated with parasites
Published July 18 2012
Concepts: swimming, pools, CDC, water, parasites

Five easy steps to a more alkaline diet
Published July 18 2012
Concepts: alkaline, acid, steps, food, cancer

Solar cooking 101: Harnessing the sun for health, wealth, and a clean environment
Published July 14 2012
Concepts: cooking, sun, solar cooking, health, wealth

10 reasons to take a probiotic daily
Published July 10 2012
Concepts: probiotic, bacteria, probiotics, 5, reasons

10 things the recent D.C. power outage taught us about a real, large-scale collapse
Published July 8 2012
Concepts: power, people, food, human, seeds

10 sobering realizations the Eastern U.S. power grid failure is teaching us about a real collapse
Published July 1 2012
Concepts: power, power grid, human, food, people

Improve your digestion naturally
Published June 30 2012
Concepts: natural, improve, digestion, body, heal

Eight home remedies to soothe sunburn
Published June 30 2012
Concepts: sunburn, sun, water, remedies, home

The five best summertime detox beverages
Published June 28 2012
Concepts: lemon, detox, summertime, water, ice

15 Reasons a permaculture herb spiral lets you practice sustainable gardening in urban or country settings
Published June 27 2012
Concepts: herb, herb spiral, sustainable gardening, permaculture, garden

The best home remedies for eczema
Published June 26 2012
Concepts: home remedies, home, eczema, oil, skin

History of Medicine Fact #8: U.S. water fluoridation began in 1945 and continues today, despite the fact that the FDA has never approved it
Published June 24 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, water fluoridation, medicine, history

Invasive species from Fukushima tsunami washing up on U.S. shores
Published June 23 2012
Concepts: invasive species, tsunami, Fukushima, debris, fish

Learn the art of fermented foods for gut health
Published June 23 2012
Concepts: kefir, foods, water, grains, food

Pennsylvania residents beg to be poisoned with fluoride
Published June 22 2012
Concepts: water, fluoride, town, Pennsylvania, deniers

Use Native American favorite bee balm plants for healing and cooking
Published June 21 2012
Concepts: bee balm, plants, healing, light, natural

Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation
Published June 18 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, Associated Press, natural, chemical

Water supply contaminated with antidepressants may cause autism
Published June 17 2012
Concepts: water, water supply, autism, antidepressants, environment

How to treat asthma with diet and herbs
Published June 17 2012
Concepts: asthma, diet, food, foods, how to

Radioactive buckyballs from Fukushima invade California beaches
Published June 17 2012
Concepts: radiation, Fukushima, California, radioactive, report

Earthships, the future of self-sustainable living
Published June 16 2012
Concepts: earth, Earthship, water, future, Earthships

CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants
Published June 15 2012
Concepts: fluoride, CDC, infants, water, infant formula

EPA in huge power grab to control all ditches and gullies on private land
Published June 14 2012
Concepts: EPA, ditches, power, power grab, federal

Anti-oxidant extracts maximize clean energy
Published June 9 2012
Concepts: energy, natural, life, NaturalNews, anti-oxidants

How to fight water fluoridation in your city
Published June 6 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, fluoridation, water fluoridation, how to

DIY Home remedies and old wives cures using baking soda
Published June 4 2012
Concepts: baking, soda, baking soda, remedies, home

Drinking water encourages healthier food choices
Published June 3 2012
Concepts: food, health, water, drinking water, drinking

The healing power of oxygen (opinion)
Published June 1 2012
Concepts: oxygen, health, body, power, water

FDA tests Adya Clarity, confirms high level of aluminum, multiple label violations
Published May 29 2012
Concepts: FDA, Adya Clarity, aluminum, food, WHO

The role of pure water in detoxification
Published May 28 2012
Concepts: water, pure water, detox, reverse, purification

Revitalize mind and body in the shower daily
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: blood, body, water, shower, mind

Benefits of using green cleaning products and making homemade cleaners
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: cleaning, natural, products, cleaning products, home

Vacationing abroad? You need to detox (and here's how)
Published May 23 2012
Concepts: clay, travel, detox, bentonite clay, vacationing

Fighting Fat, Fat, the Water Rat (Opinion)
Published May 19 2012
Concepts: fat, water, food, marketing, health

Lawrence, Kansas, fights to end water fluoridation
Published May 18 2012
Concepts: water, fluoride, Lawrence, Kansas, news

Film 'Last Call at the Oasis' blasts pharmaceutical drugs and toxic chemicals in our water, causing disease
Published May 16 2012
Concepts: water, film, chemicals, Oasis, toxic

The lemon detox diet - a recipe that really works
Published May 13 2012
Concepts: diet, cleanse, lemon, detox, recipe

Zeolites: the natural detoxifyer
Published May 10 2012
Concepts: zeolite, zeolites, heavy metals, water, natural

Natural remedies for migraine headaches
Published May 6 2012
Concepts: migraine, natural remedies, natural, water, headaches

Chemist declares fluoride to be 'one of the greatest public health threats of modern times'
Published May 3 2012
Concepts: fluoride, health, public health, water, fluoridation

Five hidden health dangers around the house
Published May 3 2012
Concepts: health, exposure, dangers, food, cancer

Albuquerque, NM, 32nd largest US city, ends water fluoridation
Published May 1 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, health, Albuquerque, news

Six natural remedies for acid reflux
Published April 26 2012
Concepts: acid, natural remedies, heartburn, natural, heart

Consumer alert: Black mica extract, Adya Clarity still being sold as dietary supplement across USA
Published April 24 2012
Concepts: Adya Clarity, health, water, natural, black mica extract

Video: Adya Clarity founder Matt Bakos caught making fraudulent health claims, insisting minerals will "will penetrate to your bone marrow"
Published April 24 2012
Concepts: Adya Clarity, minerals, health, Matt Bakos, natural

The four best functional beverages for health & performance
Published April 21 2012
Concepts: health, beverages, functional beverages, water, natural

The amazing healing powers of cayenne pepper (capsicum)
Published April 19 2012
Concepts: cayenne, healing, cayenne pepper, heal, powder

How to use lemon juice to replace toxic chemicals in your home
Published April 19 2012
Concepts: lemon, lemon juice, toxic chemicals, toxic, how to

Four dollars for a gallon of water? The dream of Monsanto and other corporations wanting to privatize water
Published April 18 2012
Concepts: water, privatization, corporations, dollars, Monsanto

Dover Air Force Base ordered to restart water fluoridation
Published April 13 2012
Concepts: water, Dover, Air Force base, fluoride, fluoridation

Six tips on surviving the modern world in the event of a crisis
Published April 10 2012
Concepts: event, water, tips, food, world

Water filtration is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle
Published April 7 2012
Concepts: water, filtration, carbon, water filtration, health

How to lose belly fat - real weight loss tips that work
Published April 5 2012
Concepts: weight, weight loss, tips, water, fat

Bye bye Coumadin, so long Plavix - Say hello to five natural blood thinners that protect against strokes and blood clots
Published April 4 2012
Concepts: blood, natural, Coumadin, blood thinners, strokes

The Great Culling - a hard-hitting film about water, fluoride, food, vaccines and more - needs your support to be completed
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: film, water, fluoride, support, The Great Culling

Intelligent life across the Milky Way - why 200 billion stars can't be lifeless
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: life, universe, earth, planets, intelligent life

Battle over fluoride warning intensifies in New Hampshire
Published March 29 2012
Concepts: fluoride, risk, infants, ADA, water

Water wars: Shortages may destroy entire nations, warns government report
Published March 27 2012
Concepts: water, government, shortages, terrorism, problems

America is catching on - Soda sales drop dramatically as healthier choices continue to grow
Published March 26 2012
Concepts: sales, soda, choices, America, plummet

Bourbon, Indiana ends water fluoridation
Published March 25 2012
Concepts: water, fluoride, Indiana, fluoridation, water supply

Nutrition 101: Part 5 - Minerals (Opinion)
Published March 24 2012
Concepts: minerals, food, body, deficiency, nutrition

Nutrition 101: Part 3 - Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats (Opinion)
Published March 24 2012
Concepts: fat, protein, body, food, cholesterol

Nutrition 101: Part 4 - Vitamins (Opinion)
Published March 24 2012
Concepts: vitamins, body, deficiency, fat, nutrition

Ten tips for a spring detox to rejuvenate your liver
Published March 21 2012
Concepts: liver, health, spring, natural, NaturalNews

High manganese levels making air breathing hazardous in some residential areas
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: manganese, water, breathing, arsenic, research

Naturally relieve and heal toothaches and tooth infections
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: heal, toothaches, oil, pain, naturally

Easy homemade remedies relieve arthritis and joint pain
Published March 15 2012
Concepts: arthritis, pain, remedies, joint pain, pectin

Chlorella and cilantro for amazing daily detox and maintenance
Published March 8 2012
Concepts: chlorella, detox, cilantro, mercury, toxins

The top 10 best foods for burning belly fat
Published March 7 2012
Concepts: diet, weight, fat, health, foods

Forget sports drinks: Coconut water is the perfect fluid to replenish your body's electrolyte balance after heavy exercise
Published March 6 2012
Concepts: coconut water, coconut, sports, balance, food

Shocking report says water bills to triple across USA
Published March 5 2012
Concepts: water, bills, report, water bills, rising

Sports drinks are sometimes better than water, but can also cause kidney stones and osteoporosis
Published March 2 2012
Concepts: sports, calcium, kidney stones, sports drinks, water

How do I grow my own herbs indoors?
Published February 28 2012
Concepts: plants, herb, herbs, indoor, garden

Fukushima radiation detected 400 miles away in Pacific Ocean at levels 1,000 times higher than previous readings
Published February 25 2012
Concepts: radiation, Pacific Ocean, Fukushima, silver, radioactive

Warning about heavy metal toxicity and natural solutions
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: toxicity, health, metals, 5, mercury

Six steps to create your own organic permaculture garden
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: garden, plants, permaculture, gardening, organic

Legislators attempt to force fluoridation on New Jersey
Published February 21 2012
Concepts: fluoridation, fluoride, water, new jersey, legislators

Health freedom victory: Bolivar, Missouri ends water fluoridation
Published February 18 2012
Concepts: Missouri, water, health, freedom, fluoridation

Detroit newspaper calls for birth control sterilants to be added to public water supply, reports Aaron Dykes
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: detroit, water, birth control, water supply, birth

Pharmaceutical waste runoff causing shrimp, other marine life to commit suicide
Published February 9 2012
Concepts: shrimp, waste, natural, water, life

Colloidal silver cures MRSA infections, purifies water, destroys candida and fights the flu - In spite of FDA ban
Published February 8 2012
Concepts: silver, colloidal silver, MRSA, FDA, infections

Toxic China: Heavy metal cadmium openly dumped into rivers by mining companies
Published February 6 2012
Concepts: cadmium, mining, toxic, rivers, water

New Hampshire bills seek to outlaw foreign substances, including fluoride, from being added to public water supplies
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, New Hampshire, bills, health

Discover silica's anti-aging and heavy metal detox properties
Published January 18 2012
Concepts: silica, anti-aging, aluminum, detox, horsetail

Why more thyroid cancer? Fluoridated water, x-rays, and radiation are all to blame
Published January 17 2012
Concepts: thyroid, radiation, X-rays, fluoride, water

Eating Wisely (Opinion)
Published January 14 2012
Concepts: food, eating, health, foods, meat

(Corrected) Action Alert: Pro-fluoride fanatics pushing Pinellas Park, Fla., commission to reinstate water fluoridation
Published January 11 2012
Concepts: water, fluoride, Pinellas County, action, water supply

Unborn babies at risk of arsenic poisoning
Published January 10 2012
Concepts: arsenic, health, WHO, rice, babies

How to detox aluminum and why it's necessary
Published January 10 2012
Concepts: aluminum, detox, how to, body, water

The top 10 health freedom stories of 2011
Published December 28 2011
Concepts: news, natural, NaturalNews, food, raw

Study confirms GMO herbicide glyphosate contaminates groundwater supplies
Published December 28 2011
Concepts: glyphosate, groundwater, study, herbicide, GMO

Mobile fluoride vans to target communities that voted to remove chemical from public water supply
Published December 27 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, vans, chemical, communities

Are you allergic to fluoride? Physicians' Desk Reference says millions of Americans experience hypersensitive allergic reactions from exposure to toxic chemical
Published December 27 2011
Concepts: fluoride, hypersensitive, exposure, toxic, americans

Year in review: 37 communities vote to end artificial water fluoridation in 2011 -- how many will follow in 2012?
Published December 26 2011
Concepts: water, communities, fluoride, fluoridation, 2011

EPA report concludes that natural gas 'fracking' causes groundwater contamination
Published December 23 2011
Concepts: groundwater, fracking, report, natural, EPA

Cure hangovers naturally
Published December 22 2011
Concepts: hangover, hangovers, cure, drinking, remedies

Exposed: Genetically-modified salmon found to be contaminated with infectious salmon anemia
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: salmon, fish, anemia, infections, AquaBounty

Neti pot scare story proves that brain-eating amoeba lurk in public water supplies
Published December 18 2011
Concepts: water, neti pot, amoeba, salt, sinuses

Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried
Published December 14 2011
Concepts: WHO, men, people, man, America

EPA finally acknowledges fracking dangers
Published December 14 2011
Concepts: fracking, EPA, water, the EPA, natural

Confirmed: Fukushima disaster contaminated ocean with 50 million times normal radiation, leaks still ongoing
Published December 13 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, radiation, ocean, disaster, report

Texas agency allows town to run pipeline through state park to avoid completely running out of water
Published December 8 2011
Concepts: pipeline, water, town, Texas, running

Report: 45 tons of highly radioactive water leaked from Fukushima
Published December 7 2011
Concepts: water, radioactive water, radioactive, leak, nuclear

Beware of artificial food coloring chemicals in pickles - it's what makes them appear more yellow
Published December 5 2011
Concepts: food, pickles, pickle, food coloring, natural

Veggie burgers often contain hidden MSG
Published December 2 2011
Concepts: burgers, organic, veggie burgers, MSG, protein

Start your day with water and lemon
Published November 27 2011
Concepts: energy, water, lemon, body, form

The Medical Mafia continues to plot mass medication via water supplies - is lithium next?
Published November 27 2011
Concepts: lithium, water, medical, drug, mass medication

Watch out for high fructose corn syrup in barbeque sauces - many are loaded with sweeteners
Published November 25 2011
Concepts: corn, corn syrup, fructose, natural, high fructose corn syrup

Trickle-down tyranny - why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants
Published November 22 2011
Concepts: people, tyranny, America, trickle-down tyranny, ice

Three-minute presentation given by local resident convinces several Rolla, Mo., officials to end water fluoridation
Published November 21 2011
Concepts: fluoride, Rolla, water, members, health

In stunning show of bureaucratic idiocy, EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration
Published November 20 2011
Concepts: water, dehydration, EU directive, health, brain

How to grow your own living food (and emergency nutrition) with EasyGreen sprouters
Published November 15 2011
Concepts: sprouts, food, sprouting, seeds, living

Use this simple online petition to tell your Congressmen that you oppose water fluoridation
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: petition, fluoride, water, action, damage

Watermelons lower abdominal fat accumulation and reduce heart-clogging arterial plaque
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: water, abdominal fat, watermelon, health, watermelons

Amesbury, Mass., residents vote to stop water fluoridation initiative
Published November 12 2011
Concepts: fluoridation, water, fluoride, water fluoridation, massachusetts

Coconut water shown to significantly reduce high blood pressure
Published November 11 2011
Concepts: water, coconut, coconut water, blood, blood pressure

Massive oyster die-offs in Chesapeake Bay leave watermen jobless, local economy in shambles
Published November 11 2011
Concepts: water, die-off, economy, oysters, hurricane

Find happiness with four little known mood boosters
Published November 11 2011
Concepts: mood, happiness, natural, water, stress

The disinformation myths against homeopathy
Published November 9 2011
Concepts: homeopathy, medicine, homeopathic, studies, homeopathic medicine

12 striking contradictions between Adya Clarity and the core health principles of raw foods living
Published November 3 2011
Concepts: food, raw, foods, Adya Clarity, raw food

Saying no to fluoride
Published November 3 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, people, men, report

Most important properties of water
Published November 2 2011
Concepts: water, carbon, acid, alkaline, properties

Adya Clarity - how to intelligently read the label and calculate possible toxic exposures to excess iron and aluminum
Published October 30 2011
Concepts: Adya Clarity, iron, aluminum, toxic, 5

Alaska passes ordinance to end its water fluoridation program
Published October 28 2011
Concepts: water, water fluoridation, Alaska, fluoride, town

NaturalNews issues consumer alert about Adya Clarity, imported as battery acid and sold for internal consumption
Published October 28 2011
Concepts: Adya Clarity, iron, aluminum, men, water

Download these FREE 'truth about fluoride' handouts to distribute during Halloween
Published October 27 2011
Concepts: fluoride, free, water, Halloween, natural

Sports drinks loaded with liquid sugars
Published October 27 2011
Concepts: sports, sports drinks, water, potassium, food

Salad dressings often loaded with corn syrup and other junk ingredients
Published October 26 2011
Concepts: salad, corn syrup, vinegar, sugar, oil

Just launched: Surthrival Series features Daniel Vitalis, Health Ranger teaching lifesaving principles of urban preparedness
Published October 26 2011
Concepts: food, how to, surthrival, water, course

Lawrenceburg, Tenn., axes fluoride from public water system
Published October 25 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, fluoridation, water fluoridation, town

Fluoride lawsuits start and may grow massively
Published October 25 2011
Concepts: fluoride, lawsuits, water, teeth, dental

Want to make a really big impact in the fight to end water fluoridation? Why not run for your local city council?
Published October 22 2011
Concepts: water, city council, members, fluoridation, fluoride

Fluoride and infants - Why parents are not being told about fluorosis
Published October 20 2011
Concepts: fluoride, infants, parents, fluorosis, water

Hundreds of brave dentists speak out against water fluoridation
Published October 12 2011
Concepts: water, dentists, fluoride, dentist, water fluoridation

Help put an end to water fluoridation by signing official 'We the People' petition
Published October 10 2011
Concepts: water, petition, fluoridation, fluoride, water fluoridation

Create a sustainable environment by consuming less meat and cheese
Published October 8 2011
Concepts: meat, environment, consuming, water, beef

Pinellas County Commission votes to remove toxic fluoride from water supply of more than 700,000 Floridians
Published October 7 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, water supply, Pinellas County, toxic

How to go Green at home
Published October 7 2011
Concepts: green, home, how to, water, environment

Hidden camera water fluoridation video released by InfoWars
Published October 2 2011
Concepts: fluoride, video, water, news, hidden camera

Texas city puts an end to water fluoridation
Published October 1 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, fluoridation, Texas, college

Drinking water with meals can impair digestion
Published September 30 2011
Concepts: water, meals, drinking, drinking water, digestion

District ignores unanimous opposition by parents, approves installation of Phillips Exxon Mobil Corp 'fracking' wells on school property
Published September 26 2011
Concepts: school, Exxon, parents, school property, natural

Southampton officials vote against water fluoridation scheme
Published September 26 2011
Concepts: water, water fluoridation, Southampton, fluoride, UK

An unlimited supply of hydrogen energy from wastewater? New research suggests it's possible
Published September 25 2011
Concepts: hydrogen, energy, water, research, hydrogen energy

Sucralose found in drinking water supply of more than 28 million Americans
Published September 23 2011
Concepts: sucralose, water, drinking water, drinking, water supply

Nuclear wipeout: How earthquakes may unleash nuclear catastrophe
Published September 21 2011
Concepts: earth, earthquake, 5, nuclear, earthquakes

Civil rights group adopts resolution opposing water fluoridation
Published September 17 2011
Concepts: water, resolution, rights, civil rights, water fluoridation

Another Tennessee town decides to pull the poison; water fluoridation to end Nov. 10
Published September 14 2011
Concepts: water, fluoridation, water fluoridation, town, poison

Ginger is an amazing wide spectrum tonic and remedy
Published September 13 2011
Concepts: ginger, tonic, health, water, health remedy

Scientific proof that Homeopathy works
Published September 13 2011
Concepts: science, homeopathy, scientific, water, chemical

Watercress: A garnishing green that provides bountiful health benefits
Published September 11 2011
Concepts: water, health, watercress, green, nutrient

Mother Nature's thirst-quenching sports drink comes from twigs and leaves: Rooibos
Published September 9 2011
Concepts: rooibos, sports drink, sports, NaturalNews, extract

Five easy ways to restart your metabolism with Ayurveda
Published September 8 2011
Concepts: metabolism, body, powder, toxins, water

How bad is the drought in Texas, really?
Published September 4 2011
Concepts: Texas, drought, water, cattle, ranchers

Philadelphia exurb ends water fluoridation
Published September 3 2011
Concepts: water, Philadelphia, fluoride, water fluoridation, chemical

Authenticity grows from the ground up at NaturalNews - here's what I harvested from my garden and my free-range chickens
Published September 2 2011
Concepts: NaturalNews, chickens, authenticity, garden, food

Nashville suburb officially ends water fluoridation
Published September 1 2011
Concepts: water, Nashville, spring, fluoridation, Spring Hill

US Energy Department panel endorses shale fracking, suggests pumping ground with millions of gallons of chemical water will help save environment
Published August 30 2011
Concepts: fracking, water, energy, environment, chemical

Approaching the Collapse: Don't Panic, Go Organic
Published August 29 2011
Concepts: organic, farm, food, oil, world

As hurricane Irene heads for New York City, are you prepared?
Published August 26 2011
Concepts: New York City, food, hurricane, water, natural

Greenpeace finds highly toxic chemicals in branded clothing
Published August 26 2011
Concepts: Greenpeace, chemicals, clothing, chemical, toxic

Vitamin Water exposed as sugar water in Food Investigations video
Published August 21 2011
Concepts: water, Vitamin Water, food, Food Investigations, sugar

Texas authorities actively hid evidence of radiation in drinking water
Published August 21 2011
Concepts: Texas, radiation, water, drinking, EPA

Ten reasons why you should have warm lemon or lime water daily
Published August 21 2011
Concepts: water, lemon, health, reasons, digestion

Enjoy the historical health benefits of mineral and herbal baths at home
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: health, benefits, herbal, health benefits, skin

Triphala is the miraculous Ayurvedic herbal remedy
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: acid, triphala, herbal, ayurvedic, body

Boost the IQ of your child with natural diet and lifestyle (Opinion)
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: child, natural, diet, IQ, lifestyle

New NASA images show what appears to be liquid water on Mars
Published August 13 2011
Concepts: Mars, water, NASA, images, life

Whole Paycheck and Organic Food Deserts: The Challenge
Published August 12 2011
Concepts: organic, food, organic food, farm, natural

Detoxify your home with natural alternatives
Published August 12 2011
Concepts: water, home, natural, detoxify, bacteria

Tips to protect your dog when temperatures soar
Published August 11 2011
Concepts: dog, dogs, tips, pets, heal

Setting the record straight: Why Rawesome Foods does not need a license - a Civil Rights issue
Published August 7 2011
Concepts: Rawesome, rights, food, raw, foods

Keeping your colon clean
Published July 29 2011
Concepts: colon, water, health, cleansing, fiber

Beat summer heat with watermelon, a Chinese herb
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: watermelon, summer, water, Chinese, summer heat

Japan's never ending nuclear nightmare
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: nuclear, iodine, radiation, cancer, radioactive

Coconut Water is wrongfully attacked
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: coconut, water, coconut water, health, sugar

Dangerous levels of lead found in many garden hoses
Published July 25 2011
Concepts: lead, garden, soil, water, dangerous

Growing Nashville suburb may end water fluoridation
Published July 22 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, Nashville, Spring Hill, spring

Shower filters head off water contaminants
Published July 16 2011
Concepts: shower, water, shower filters, skin, raw

Get rid of pesky household gnats with a safe and easy to make gnat trap
Published July 13 2011
Concepts: gnats, trap, household, safe, water

China facing severe water crisis due to massive food production
Published July 13 2011
Concepts: water, china, food, water crisis, water shortage

Report: North Carolina nuclear facility with superheated uranium leaking ten gallons of radioactive cooling water per hour
Published July 10 2011
Concepts: leaking, nuclear, water, radioactive, North Carolina

Is the natural gas industry fracking itself?
Published July 5 2011
Concepts: fracking, industry, natural, natural gas, water

Cold fusion devices produce far more energy than they use; quickly approaching commercial viability
Published July 5 2011
Concepts: cold fusion, energy, produce, experiments, news

Discover the super food power of kefir
Published July 4 2011
Concepts: kefir, food, power, super food, yeast

Fukushima in the US? Flood berms break around Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, ten-mile evacuation zone declared
Published July 1 2011
Concepts: flood, nuclear, Fort Calhoun, news, evacuation

Harvest Time has Arrived: Ginkgo Nuts are Odiferous, Nutritious and Delicious
Published July 1 2011
Concepts: nuts, ginkgo, ginkgo nuts, oil, method

Nuclear facilities in the US at risk of disaster this week
Published June 29 2011
Concepts: disaster, nuclear, risk, water, reactor

California man asks barista for free hot water, then throws it in her face
Published June 21 2011
Concepts: hot water, man, free, California, news

If the Titanic sank today, here's how the President, the media and Wall Street would spin it (satire)
Published June 20 2011
Concepts: spin, Titanic, President, Wall Street, media

FAA declares 'no-fly' zone directly over crippled Nebraska nuclear plant, but claims everything is just fine
Published June 19 2011
Concepts: nuclear, flood, claims, Nebraska, water

Phytoremediation: You can grow plants that help eliminate radiation in the soil
Published June 19 2011
Concepts: plants, radiation, phytoremediation, radioactive, soil

Bottled Water is hazardous to you and our world
Published June 19 2011
Concepts: water, bottle, bottled water, plastic, environment

Health freedom victory! Fairbanks, AK, city council votes to end water fluoridation
Published June 18 2011
Concepts: water, health, fluoride, city council, freedom

The moon makes you fatter
Published June 14 2011
Concepts: moon, water, blinded, science, body weight

Marijuana and Radiation Protection
Published June 10 2011
Concepts: oil, hemp, radiation, cancer, hemp oil

Know the trees and plants that grow easily in a desert garden
Published June 10 2011
Concepts: plants, trees, Moringa, water, tree

Dehydration and Allergies: 6 Simple Steps to Rehydrate Your Body
Published June 7 2011
Concepts: water, body, dehydration, health, steps

Water and positive thoughts - Increase the life-giving properties of this vital resource
Published June 4 2011
Concepts: water, heal, structure, properties, increase

Psych drug doctors now pushing to add lithium to drinking water
Published June 1 2011
Concepts: lithium, drug, drinking, doctors, drinking water

Is lithium the next fluoride? Medication may be added to the water supply
Published May 31 2011
Concepts: lithium, fluoride, water, water supply, medication

The most irrational yet effective remedy in the world for radiation illness and its prevention
Published May 31 2011
Concepts: medical, radiation, homeopathic, remedies, medicine

Stay hydrated with the power of water
Published May 29 2011
Concepts: water, hydration, power, health, body

Most bottled waters are glorified tap water - Learn how to hydrate the healthy way
Published May 29 2011
Concepts: water, tap water, bottled water, health, how to

TEPCO now admits that three Fukushima reactors have melted, large holes present in containment vessels
Published May 27 2011
Concepts: TEPCO, Fukushima, fuel, 5, water

Your help needed to pass FRAC Act and hold drilling companies accountable for water pollution
Published May 24 2011
Concepts: water, drilling companies, natural, fracking, natural gas

North America's water fluoridation debate: Battleground Austin
Published May 17 2011
Concepts: fluoridation, water, Austin, fluoride, water fluoridation

Historic Mississippi River flood prompts Army Corps to release Louisiana's Morganza levee; 3 million more acres of land to be inundated with water
Published May 14 2011
Concepts: 5, Mississippi, Mississippi river, army, flood

Beans and Rice provide easy long storage, low costs, and high nutrition
Published May 14 2011
Concepts: rice, beans, nutrition, costs, storage

Historic Mississippi River flood destroying millions of farmland acres with polluted, pesticide-ridden flood waters
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: flood, Mississippi, Mississippi river, farmland, flooding

Wave of sick, injured Gulf fish has scientists questioning whether BP disaster to blame
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: fish, gulf, BP, scientists, disaster

The truth about fracking and how it is harming our environment
Published May 11 2011
Concepts: fracking, energy, article, companies, New York

Radioactive mountain tops
Published May 10 2011
Concepts: nuclear, Japan, radioactive, radiation, world

Midwest, Southern states brace for the worst as record flooding threatens region
Published May 9 2011
Concepts: flood, flooding, states, 5, Mississippi river

Use comfrey to quickly grow plants for backyard gardening
Published May 9 2011
Concepts: comfrey, plants, backyard, garden, tea

Water fluoridation is a civil rights violation say Atlanta civil rights leaders
Published May 7 2011
Concepts: civil rights, fluoridation, water, fluoride, water fluoridation

Nuclear plant workers release unknown amount of radioactive tritium into Mississippi River
Published May 6 2011
Concepts: tritium, radioactive, nuclear, Mississippi, workers

Have your herbs and take them too - Make your own tinctures
Published May 6 2011
Concepts: herbs, alcohol, tinctures, water, herbal

EPA ends special monitoring for Fukushima radiation despite continued rise in nuclear fallout, increased threats to US
Published May 5 2011
Concepts: radiation, Fukushima, EPA, special, monitoring

EPA, Army Corps draft new Clean Water Act guidelines that threaten to seize control of all water supplies
Published May 4 2011
Concepts: water, EPA, army, the EPA, Congress

Death's door
Published May 2 2011
Concepts: radiation, 5, nuclear, water, reactor

Watermelons lower blood pressure as well as statins and provide many other benefits
Published April 26 2011
Concepts: blood pressure, health, water, watermelon, blood

Shark die-off now striking San Francisco Bay
Published April 26 2011
Concepts: die-off, sharks, San Francisco, water, NaturalNews

Natural remedies help intestinal gas and bloating
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: natural remedies, natural, food, health, foods

Nuclear weather worsens
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: nuclear, radiation, iodine, radioactive, radioactive iodine

Fluoridation makes us stupid and unhealthy
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: fluoride, sodium, water, health, sodium fluoride

Protect yourself from increasing radiation levels in drinking water
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: water, radiation, drinking, drinking water, reverse

NYC budget cuts include closing of 20 fire stations, while millions of dollars in toxic fluoride keep flowing in the water supply
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, budget, toxic, cuts

Exposed: New York health officials ignore own fluoride report, continue to lie about fluoride dangers
Published April 19 2011
Concepts: fluoride, New York, report, health, water

Fukushima update: TEPCO admits radiation leaks will continue for at least three more months, maybe longer
Published April 18 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, radiation, TEPCO, radiation leaks, water

Remove radiation from your produce with Calcium Bentonite Clay
Published April 18 2011
Concepts: clay, radiation, calcium, bentonite clay, produce

Oxygenate your body - How to restore oxygen balance and help prevent disease
Published April 16 2011
Concepts: body, oxygen, health, water, balance

Part I: Naturally Prevent, Relieve and Eliminate Unpleasant Hangovers
Published April 16 2011
Concepts: hangover, hangovers, health, natural, naturally

Scientists successfully generate electricity using freshwater and saltwater
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: electricity, water, scientists, naturally, voltage

Researchers discover bacteria responsible for spawning deadly 'super superbugs' in New Delhi water supplies
Published April 12 2011
Concepts: bacteria, New Delhi, water, researchers, superbug

Fukushima radiation taints US milk supplies at levels 2000 percent higher than EPA maximums
Published April 11 2011
Concepts: radiation, milk, EPA, Fukushima, water

No end in sight for Fukushima disaster as bureaucrats battle the laws of physics
Published April 11 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, radiation, water, nuclear, laws

Plasma donation impairs the circulation
Published April 11 2011
Concepts: blood, plasma, donation, plasma donation, circulation

Discover the use of sweet fennel in natural home remedies
Published April 9 2011
Concepts: sweet fennel, oil, natural, home, remedies

Scientists issue urgent world-wide warning on bacteria with superbug gene
Published April 8 2011
Concepts: bacteria, superbug, scientists, warning, water

Plasma donation may result in premature natural death
Published April 8 2011
Concepts: plasma, body, natural, donation, plasma donation

Fukushima dumping of radioactive water into Pacific Ocean violates international law
Published April 6 2011
Concepts: radioactive, water, Fukushima, ocean, radioactive water

Fukushima is now the radioactive Deepwater Horizon of the Pacific
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: water, ocean, radioactive, Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima

EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: radiation, EPA, exposure, radioactive, government

'Blinded by Science' explores the power of vibrational energy and water in healing and wellness
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: water, energy, vibrational energy, book, healing

Microwaved water kills plant in home grown experiment
Published April 2 2011
Concepts: microwave, water, Chi, home, microwaved water

Fukushima disaster escalates with reports of plutonium in soil, radioactive water spilling into ocean
Published March 31 2011
Concepts: plutonium, water, Fukushima, radioactive, soil

Dr. Emoto requests assistance for Japan in the form of prayer and positive intention
Published March 31 2011
Concepts: Japan, prayer, water, form, nuclear

Fluoride spill at water facility literally burns holes in parking lot cement
Published March 30 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, burns, news, chemical

Plutonium found in soils near Fukushima, but governments say there's nothing to worry about
Published March 29 2011
Concepts: reactor, Fukushima, plutonium, water, news

Nuclear Situation Not Safe
Published March 29 2011
Concepts: radiation, nuclear, Japan, men, safe

Fukushima update: False radiation readings, radioactive water and anti-nuclear protesters
Published March 27 2011
Concepts: radiation, radioactive, Fukushima, water, radioactive water

Enjoy jasmine and its many benefits
Published March 26 2011
Concepts: tea, jasmine, 5, green, water

Ominous smoke plumes, contaminated water and food, neutron beams -- but everything is just fine in Japan, suggest authorities
Published March 25 2011
Concepts: neutron beams, water, smoke, Japan, food

Fukushima Reactor No. 3 suffers likely core breach, now leaking water at 10,000 times normal radiation levels
Published March 25 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, reactor, radiation, water, leaking

Radioactive fallout from Fukushima approaching same levels as Chernobyl
Published March 24 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, radioactive, radiation, nuclear, radioactive fallout

Soothe and prevent acid reflux naturally
Published March 24 2011
Concepts: acid, acid reflux, remedies, tea, water

Lethal in Japan - the real story on radiation
Published March 24 2011
Concepts: radiation, Japan, nuclear, iodine, uranium

Tokyo citizens in panic to buy bottled water as tap faucets spew radiation
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: water, citizens, Tokyo, bottled water, news

Food, water now radioactive in Japan; sales halted while governments play the radiation doublespeak game
Published March 19 2011
Concepts: radiation, Japan, water, radioactive, governments

HHS warns that all infant formulas are contaminated with toxic fluoride
Published March 15 2011
Concepts: fluoride, toxic, formulas, infant formulas, water

Twelve unsustainable things that will soon come to a disastrous end on our planet
Published March 11 2011
Concepts: food, human, natural, fuel, NaturalNews

If you want to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke - Get the lead out
Published March 11 2011
Concepts: lead, heart, risk, men, heart attack

America's breadbasket aquifer running dry; massive agriculture collapse inevitable
Published March 10 2011
Concepts: food, Ogallala, water, America, running

Get more probiotics by making your own water kefir
Published March 9 2011
Concepts: kefir, water, probiotics, grains, health

Feeling winter heaviness? Five common cleansing foods and herbs to lighten up
Published March 8 2011
Concepts: cleansing, water, foods, body, winter

Fluoride may be causing your acne outbreaks
Published March 2 2011
Concepts: fluoride, acne, outbreaks, skin, toothpaste

Arkansas legislature ignores science, mandates toxic fluoridation for entire state
Published March 1 2011
Concepts: fluoridation, science, Arkansas, fluoride, legislature

New mini documentary exposes the truth about fluoride: Industrial waste chemicals passed off as medicine
Published March 1 2011
Concepts: fluoride, industrial waste, documentary, chemicals, chemical

Full transcript of the Fluoride Deception animation video by Mike Adams
Published March 1 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, chemical, toxic, video

Local and organic food, farming: Here's the gold standard
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: food, organic, farm, chemical, fertilizer

Water from the Tree of Life - Enjoy the health benefits of coconut water
Published February 26 2011
Concepts: coconut, water, coconut water, health, health benefits

Water secrets
Published February 25 2011
Concepts: water, medicine, protein, life, light

Aquifers poisoned with drugs, chemicals and pesticides threaten Mexico's Riviera Maya
Published February 24 2011
Concepts: water, chemicals, drugs, aquifers, pesticides

Enjoy healthy Vegetarian Pumpkin Ravioli
Published February 24 2011
Concepts: pumpkin, health, healthy, recipes, vegetarian

Maintain soft and healthy skin through diet this winter
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: skin, health, healthy, diet, healthy skin

The Future of Nutrition on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: future, nutrition, NaturalNews, water, WHO

The face of a poisoned man - the human cost of pesticides
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: pesticide, pesticides, child, children, exposure

Use these tips and tricks to clean your home naturally
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: home, tricks, tips, health, cleaning

Fluoridation: The scam of the century
Published February 15 2011
Concepts: fluoride, fluoridation, health, water, scam

Major victory: Calgary city council votes to remove fluoride from water supply
Published February 14 2011
Concepts: Calgary, fluoride, water, city council, fluoridation

Drink water from safe containers (Opinion)
Published February 10 2011
Concepts: water, plastic, safe, bottles, bottled water

New chemical pesticides now being used on fish farms
Published February 9 2011
Concepts: pesticides, pesticide, lobster, fish, salmon

Action: Ask HHS to end US water fluoridation program
Published February 9 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, fluoridation, water fluoridation, comments

EPA to regulate rocket fuel chemical in drinking water for causing the same problems as fluoride
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: EPA, drinking water, chemical, drinking, fluoride

Popular infant juices loaded with toxic fluoride
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: juices, toxic, fluoridation, news, water

Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Supports Science of Homeopathy
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: homeopathy, homeopathic, 5, medicine, research

Urgent: New Hampshire Legislators Consider Infant Warning
Published February 3 2011
Concepts: New Hampshire, legislators, fluoride, action, water

Prevent cancer with the basics
Published January 30 2011
Concepts: cancer, diet, health, prevent cancer, prevention

Prominent university to ban bottled water
Published January 29 2011
Concepts: water, university, ban, bottled water, environment

Try these recipes and keep skin hydrated, smooth and glowing in winter
Published January 22 2011
Concepts: skin, oil, recipes, oils, smooth

Ten new ways to use vinegar around the home
Published January 22 2011
Concepts: vinegar, water, natural, health, household

The downfall of science and the rise of intellectual tyranny
Published January 21 2011
Concepts: science, scientific, WHO, GMO, GMOs

Natural gas drilling responsible for causing flammable drinking water
Published January 21 2011
Concepts: natural, natural gas, drinking, gas drilling, flammable

ProAlgaZyme is an algae infusion of plant-structured water
Published January 20 2011
Concepts: water, ProAlgaZyme, algae, structure, health

Food bubble collapse threatens survival of human civilization
Published January 18 2011
Concepts: food, fuel, human, rice, biofuel

Banned toxic chemicals found in 100 percent of pregnant women - new study
Published January 17 2011
Concepts: chemicals, chemical, toxic, pregnant women, toxic chemicals

Exposed toothbrushes risk unhealthy bacterial and viral contamination
Published January 16 2011
Concepts: toothbrushes, oil, exposed, bacteria, article

Why most natural disasters aren't natural at all
Published January 16 2011
Concepts: natural, disaster, flood, home, natural disaster

Researchers turn water into fuel using natural sunlight
Published January 10 2011
Concepts: water, fuel, researchers, natural, technology

California delivers on toxic strawberries
Published January 10 2011
Concepts: California, water, toxic, chemical, food

CDC adjusts fluoride poisoning of America's water supply to a lower level
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, CDC, poisoning, water supply

Scientists uncover truth about fluoride and other water contaminants
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, drinking, chromium, health

Natural gas industry freely pollutes Pennsylvania's drinking water
Published January 7 2011
Concepts: industry, natural, natural gas, drinking, water

Urgent action needed to help stop fluoridation of New York City and San Diego
Published January 6 2011
Concepts: fluoride, action, New York City, New York, fluoridation

Fluoride means lower IQs and more mental retardation
Published January 6 2011
Concepts: fluoride, children, water, mental, village

The top five negative-calorie health foods that burn fat while making you feel full
Published January 4 2011
Concepts: salt, food, foods, calories, health

Prevent toxic overload with a shower filter
Published January 4 2011
Concepts: shower, health, water, toxic, water quality

Health Ranger's predictions for 2011 - 2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening
Published January 3 2011
Concepts: health, food, people, 2011, human

Councilman to introduce legislation to stop fluoridation of New York City water supply
Published January 2 2011
Concepts: water, New York City, fluoride, legislation, New York

Minnesota attorney general files lawsuit against 3M for years of environmental pollution
Published January 1 2011
Concepts: 3M, environmental, lawsuit, Minnesota, pollution

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth serves as a multi-purpose natural supplement
Published December 31 2010
Concepts: earth, Diatomaceous earth, food, natural, supplement

Gout Herbal Remedies - Alleviate gout symptoms naturally
Published December 30 2010
Concepts: gout, herbal, remedies, herbal remedies, water

Crops absorb pharmaceuticals from sewage sludge spread on farmlands
Published December 26 2010
Concepts: crops, pharmaceuticals, sewage sludge, water, crop

Study: fluoridated water causes brain damage in children
Published December 23 2010
Concepts: fluoride, brain damage, water, brain, causes

Toxic chemical carcinogen found in water supplies nationwide
Published December 21 2010
Concepts: water, chromium, toxic, water supplies, chemical

Combat seasonal coughs and sore throats with lavender
Published December 17 2010
Concepts: lavender, coughs, oil, combat, sore throats

Nutrition leads to healthy skin
Published December 9 2010
Concepts: skin, healthy, health, nutrition, healthy skin

Over half of China's water polluted beyond drinkability
Published December 6 2010
Concepts: water, pollution, china, safe, environmental

S 510 Food Safety bill now dead in the water due to blue slip mistake
Published December 1 2010
Concepts: blue slip, safety, food, food safety, S 510

Large fish die-off at the mouth of the Mississippi
Published November 28 2010
Concepts: fish, die-off, fish die-off, water, oxygen

DEET chemical now being found in municipal water supplies
Published November 19 2010
Concepts: DEET, chemical, water, water supply, rivers

Obsession with killing microorganisms is dangerous for humans and planet, scientist warns
Published November 17 2010
Concepts: chemical, antimicrobial, water, chemicals, triclosan

Part I: Heal Chemical Sensitivities
Published November 15 2010
Concepts: water, chemical, chemical sensitivities, chemicals, spring

Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure among Other Health Benefits
Published November 10 2010
Concepts: watermelon, blood pressure, health, water, blood

How to Benefit from Natural Health on a Budget
Published November 7 2010
Concepts: health, natural, budget, natural health, how to

Why It is Important to Drink Lots of Water
Published November 4 2010
Concepts: water, people, body, health, thirst

Watermelons lower blood pressure as good as statins and provide many other benefits
Published November 4 2010
Concepts: blood pressure, health, water, watermelon, blood

How to unclog a toilet the eco-friendly way
Published November 2 2010
Concepts: oil, water, how to, eco-friendly, clogging

Drug factories flush painkillers down the drain, contaminating streams
Published October 26 2010
Concepts: drug, water, factories, drugs, plants

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
Published October 21 2010
Concepts: fluoride, water, study, fluoridated water, ADA

Avoid Toxic Household Cleaners by Making Your Own for Pennies
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: toxic, household, household cleaners, avoid, lemon

Dementia: Look at Startling Costs and Understand Prevention
Published October 18 2010
Concepts: brain, aluminum, fluoride, costs, damage

Big Berkey gravity-fed water filters are a top pick for clean water and long-term preparedness
Published October 17 2010
Concepts: water, Big Berkey, water filter, water filters, preparedness

How to Clean without Using Harsh Chemicals
Published October 16 2010
Concepts: soda, baking, baking soda, how to, vinegar

Swimming pool chemicals linked to cancer, lung disease
Published October 15 2010
Concepts: chemicals, swimming, cancer, pool chemicals, water

Most of the world's rivers threatened by pesticides, pollution
Published October 2 2010
Concepts: pesticides, rivers, water, sources, human

Avoid Overexposure to Aluminum
Published October 1 2010
Concepts: aluminum, avoid, exposure, people, water

In a pickle about industrial wastes dumped in the water supply? Nature provides an unexpected way to help clean up
Published September 29 2010
Concepts: pickle, water, pickles, nature, bacteria

Join Will Smith in donating to provide clean water for Africans
Published September 29 2010
Concepts: water, Will Smith, charity, people, Africa

Schoolchildren have access to milk and sugary drinks at lunch, but not water
Published September 25 2010
Concepts: water, lunch, school, milk, schoolchildren

Twenty Tips and Tricks Rid Persistent Hiccups
Published September 19 2010
Concepts: tips, tricks, hiccups, water, glass

Stainless steel water bottles: Are they better than plastic and glass?
Published September 16 2010
Concepts: bottle, water, stainless steel, plastic, bottles

Avoid the Soda: Water Consumption is Necessary for Your Body
Published September 14 2010
Concepts: water, soda, consumption, water consumption, body

Male fish now exhibiting female traits due to toxic chemicals and pharma runoff
Published September 12 2010
Concepts: fish, chemicals, chemical, water, toxic

Green Party initiative could put an end to water fluoridation in Canada
Published September 8 2010
Concepts: fluoridation, water, party, green, water fluoridation

Gender bender chemical atrazine widely contaminates U.S. public water supply
Published September 7 2010
Concepts: Atrazine, water, chemical, EPA, the EPA

Scientists develop fuel cells powered by urine
Published September 7 2010
Concepts: fuel, fuel cells, urine, scientists, water

Limit the Appearance of Wrinkles the Natural Way
Published September 3 2010
Concepts: skin, wrinkles, natural, appearance, oil

How to Master Hydration and Help Eliminate Jet Lag
Published September 3 2010
Concepts: hydration, water, how to, health, quality

Study shows fluoride may not help teeth at all
Published September 1 2010
Concepts: fluoride, study, teeth, fluoridation, shows

Natural health movement achieving key victories over HFCS, MSG, GMOs and more
Published August 31 2010
Concepts: health, food, natural, chemical, MSG

Water before meals helps with weight loss, say researchers
Published August 29 2010
Concepts: water, weight loss, weight, meals, food

If you use pharmaceuticals, you are polluting the water
Published August 27 2010
Concepts: drug, drugs, pharmaceuticals, environment, water

Scientists find natural weight loss secret: clinical trial confirms simple no-diet appetite control method really works
Published August 25 2010
Concepts: water, weight, natural, weight loss, scientists

Lemon Juice, Mint and Oatmeal: Natural Remedies Treat Acne
Published August 24 2010
Concepts: acne, natural, natural remedies, skin, mint

Avoid and Treat Dehydration during the Dog Days of Summer
Published August 16 2010
Concepts: dehydration, avoid, health, water, summer

Guess where your fluoride comes from? China!
Published August 15 2010
Concepts: fluoride, china, water, chemical, toxic

Reasons Why Everyone Should Avoid Bottled Water
Published August 15 2010
Concepts: water, bottle, bottled water, health, reasons

FDA Wants You to Eat Gulf Seafood
Published August 13 2010
Concepts: oil, gulf, FDA, dispersants, water

US food crops absorb toxic pharmaceuticals and personal care products from treated wastewater
Published August 13 2010
Concepts: crops, food, products, food crops, personal care products

Chemicals in water supply near Chicago linked to cancer
Published August 11 2010
Concepts: water, chemicals, Chicago, water supply, village

Mercury: The Silent Epidemic is Killing American Dental Professionals, Part III
Published August 11 2010
Concepts: dental, mercury, epidemic, ADA, EPA

Vitaminwater revealed as non-healthy beverage by Coca-Cola's own lawyers (opinion)
Published August 10 2010
Concepts: water, vitaminwater, Coca-Cola, sugar, health

Hawaiian ocean water could be used to produce renewable energy
Published August 7 2010
Concepts: water, ocean, ocean water, produce, renewable energy

Heal Your Gut with These Probiotic Foods
Published August 4 2010
Concepts: probiotic, gut, food, foods, heal

Pharmaceutical drug contamination of waterways threatens life on our planet
Published July 29 2010
Concepts: drug, water, harm, contamination, drugs

New filter technology to prevent storm water pollution runoff
Published July 27 2010
Concepts: water, pollution, technology, water pollution, storm water

Protect Our Planet (Opinion)
Published July 27 2010
Concepts: 5, produce, people, beef, forest

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water
Published July 26 2010
Concepts: water, rainwater, government, free, states

Pool chemicals linked to disease
Published July 23 2010
Concepts: chemicals, pool chemicals, water, disease, disinfectants

The Moringa Tree: Find a Natural Home Water Purification System
Published July 20 2010
Concepts: water, Moringa, tree, purification, water purification

Call for Accountability of Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries
Published July 15 2010
Concepts: drug, accountability, medical, drugs, environment

Find Out Why Watermelon is a Nutritional Powerhouse
Published July 8 2010
Concepts: watermelon, water, nutrition, health, cancer

What Mainstream Media is Not Telling You about the Gulf Oil Cleanup
Published July 3 2010
Concepts: oil, gulf, BP, mainstream media, toxic

Natural Birth Control: Use Hot Water and Papaya Seeds
Published July 3 2010
Concepts: papaya, seeds, birth, water, hot water

New Cancer Causing Agent from Household Products Found in our Water
Published July 1 2010
Concepts: cancer, household, products, water, research

Find Five Natural Effective Burn Remedies Right in Your Home
Published June 29 2010
Concepts: burns, remedies, ice, natural, water

US Turns Down Offers of Assistance with Oil Spill
Published June 25 2010
Concepts: oil, Gulf of Mexico, water, event, americans

Humans vs. the environment - A thought experiment
Published June 23 2010
Concepts: human, population, environment, people, oil

Chemical in antibacterial soaps produces toxic dioxins
Published June 16 2010
Concepts: triclosan, dioxins, antibacterial, chemical, antibacterial soaps

Top ten things to love about Vilcabamba Ecuador, the Valley of Longevity
Published June 16 2010
Concepts: Vilcabamba, Ecuador, food, Podocarpus, longevity

Adventure to Podocarpus National Forest near Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Published June 15 2010
Concepts: horses, water, Vilcabamba, Podocarpus, natural

NY hospitals agree to stop flushing pharmaceuticals down the drain and polluting watershed
Published June 12 2010
Concepts: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, water, drug, watershed

How to Use Organic Neem Leaf for Flea and Tick Control for Cats
Published June 11 2010
Concepts: neem, cats, organic, oil, how to

Use Do-It-Yourself Tips for Natural Backyard Mosquito Control Systems
Published June 11 2010
Concepts: natural, mosquitoes, backyard, neem, tips

Use Rain Water Barrels in Green Home Design for Water Harvest
Published June 7 2010
Concepts: water, home, rain water, green, green home

LifeSource whole-house water filtration systems are a top pick in water purification
Published June 5 2010
Concepts: water, LifeSource, filtration, water filtration, chemical

Why the fluoridation of public water supplies is illegal
Published June 2 2010
Concepts: water, fluoride, drug, fluoridation, water supplies

Los Angeles may require new homes to capture rainwater
Published May 31 2010
Concepts: Los Angeles, homes, water, works, city council

BP top kill method fails as cleanup workers are hospitalized from vapors
Published May 29 2010
Concepts: BP, oil, top kill, chemical, gulf

Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology
Published May 28 2010
Concepts: vaccine, Bill Gates, drug, fluoride, people

Cancer Warning to President: Chemical Causes Overlooked
Published May 28 2010
Concepts: chemical, cancer, natural, chemicals, causes

Common herbicide used on U.S. crops castrates male frogs
Published May 27 2010
Concepts: Atrazine, frogs, water, crops, herbicide

X-Balance superfood makes a delicious, nutritious chocolate milk drink for adults and kids
Published May 26 2010
Concepts: superfood, X-Balance, powder, milk, chocolate

Safely Avoid and Remove Dangerous Man-Made Fluoride, Part I
Published May 23 2010
Concepts: fluoride, water, avoid, man-made, natural

Natural Ways Eliminate and Prevent Painful Kidney Stones
Published May 20 2010
Concepts: natural, kidney stones, water, tea, health

Massive underwater oil cloud may destroy life in Gulf of Mexico
Published May 17 2010
Concepts: oil, gulf, life, men, government

Fast for Weight Loss and Detoxification
Published May 15 2010
Concepts: fasting, weight, heal, weight loss, body

Home Remedies with Oats and Honey Treat Poison Oak
Published May 15 2010
Concepts: poison, remedies, poison oak, home, honey

Eat Best Foods to Promote Hair Growth
Published May 12 2010
Concepts: hair, foods, hair growth, sprouts, seeds

Presidential cancer advisors find courage to warn about environmental risks of cancer chemicals
Published May 11 2010
Concepts: cancer, men, chemical, chemicals, environmental

NIH panel foolishly insists Alzheimer's can't be prevented (are they demented?)
Published May 7 2010
Concepts: Alzheimer's, health, disease, food, aluminum

Five Reasons You Need More Water
Published May 7 2010
Concepts: water, health, reasons, news, natural

Prevent Asthma and Allergy Symptoms Naturally
Published May 6 2010
Concepts: asthma, water, symptoms, hydration, dehydration

Hydrate and Alkalize for Health
Published May 2 2010
Concepts: water, body, alkalize, alkaline, hydration

Make Homemade Natural Foot Balm, Splash-Ons and Hand Cream
Published April 24 2010
Concepts: oil, water, natural, hand cream, chamomile

Millions drink toxic water in the USA, but it's EPA-approved!
Published April 23 2010
Concepts: water, toxic, USA, chemical, tap water

Orange TKO review: An amazing natural cleaner that's safe for family and environment
Published April 20 2010
Concepts: orange, natural, Orange TKO, products, cleaning

NaturalNews Store offers Orange TKO natural d'limonene cleaner at discount prices
Published April 20 2010
Concepts: orange, Orange TKO, natural, NaturalNews, store

Treat Yourself with Natural Homemade Spa Treatments and Recipes
Published April 17 2010
Concepts: treatments, natural, health, body, water

Coconut Water: Nature Provides Its Own Sports Drink
Published April 15 2010
Concepts: coconut, sports, water, nature, sports drink

Introducing Daniel Vitalis, an interview about water, immunity and SurThrival
Published April 13 2010
Concepts: water, Daniel Vitalis, extract, deer antler velvet, health

Procter and Gamble to reduce 1,4-dioxane levels in Herbal Essences shampoos
Published April 12 2010
Concepts: herbal, Herbal Essences, Procter and Gamble, products, shampoo

Enjoy the Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Therapy
Published April 10 2010
Concepts: water, energy, benefits, body, cleaning

Natural Help Relieves and Eliminates Hemorrhoids
Published March 27 2010
Concepts: hemorrhoids, natural, health, men, oil

NaturalNews connects readers with premium astaxanthin and spirulina at unheard-of discount prices
Published March 17 2010
Concepts: spirulina, astaxanthin, NaturalNews, natural, Hawaii

100 Percent of Fish in U.S. Streams Found Contaminated with Mercury
Published March 3 2010
Concepts: fish, mercury, water, food chain, food

How to Remove Pesticides from Produce with Inexpensive Home Ingredients
Published March 2 2010
Concepts: produce, home, pesticides, food, how to

Herbicide Chemical in Drinking Water Could Pose Much Greater Danger to Health Than Previously Thought
Published March 1 2010
Concepts: drinking water, drinking, herbicide, chemical, health

Why pharmaceuticals might be called Weapons of Mass Prescription
Published March 1 2010
Concepts: chemical, weapons, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, population

How to Really Get Moving with Prunes
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: prunes, how to, irregularity, fiber, water

Common Additives in Your Food Contain Shocking Dangers, Part I
Published February 18 2010
Concepts: food, dangers, water, sweetener, sweeteners

Thirty-six predictions for the world: 2010 - 2012
Published February 15 2010
Concepts: news, natural, 2012, man, vaccine

Back Pain: Use Natural Cures that Really Work
Published February 4 2010
Concepts: pain, back pain, natural, natural cures, water

Heal yourself in 15 days by transforming your blood (part four)
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: blood, heal, health, body, cancer

Cocaine, Spices, and Hormones Now Being Found in Drinking Water
Published February 1 2010
Concepts: water, hormones, spices, drinking, drugs

Heal yourself in 15 days by recognizing your innate healing power (part two)
Published January 30 2010
Concepts: heal, healing, body, blood, blood pressure

EWG Study Finds Hundreds of Pollutants in Nation's Drinking Water
Published January 26 2010
Concepts: water, pollutants, drinking, chemical, study

'Skeptics' article stirs up condemnation from skeptics, praise from holistic thinkers
Published January 25 2010
Concepts: skeptics, article, holistic, medicine, water

Benefit from the Healing Properties of Bentonite Clay
Published January 25 2010
Concepts: clay, healing, bentonite clay, properties, water

What 'skeptics' really believe about vaccines, medicine, consciousness and the universe
Published January 24 2010
Concepts: skeptics, chemical, medicine, heal, vaccines

Help Haiti Victims in Five Minutes or Less
Published January 21 2010
Concepts: Haiti, victims, petition, relief, water

Natural Remedies Help Ascites
Published January 18 2010
Concepts: ascites, remedies, natural remedies, natural, water

Food security collapses in Haiti as machete-wielding gangs fight in the streets
Published January 15 2010
Concepts: Haiti, food, preparedness, water, people

Keep the Kidneys Strong All Winter Long with Traditional Chinese Medicine
Published January 11 2010
Concepts: kidneys, winter, Chinese, food, Traditional Chinese

Warning: Pet Food Contaminated With High Levels of Fluoride
Published January 1 2010
Concepts: pet food, fluoride, dog, water, bone

Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products Found in New York City Water Supply
Published December 31 2009
Concepts: water, New York City, New York, harm, personal care

The Fluoride Cover-Up: Look Under the Mother of All Bandaids (Opinion)
Published December 31 2009
Concepts: sugar, fluoride, government, health, water

Pharmaceuticals are more dangerous to your health than terrorists' exploding underwear (satire)
Published December 29 2009
Concepts: underwear, security, health, dangerous, pharmaceuticals

How fragile we are: Why the complexity of modern civilization threatens us all
Published December 9 2009
Concepts: water, civilization, food, how to, Ecuador

Fluoride Causes Premature Births, Brain Degradation, Bone Loss, Cancer and Hormone Disruption
Published December 9 2009
Concepts: fluoride, cancer, bone, premature births, brain

Use Tips from David Wolfe to Increase Bone Density
Published December 5 2009
Concepts: horsetail, David Wolfe, bone, tea, foods

Use Home Spa Solutions for Aching, Tired and Smelly Feet
Published December 5 2009
Concepts: feet, home, solutions, oil, home spa

Take Notice of the Sustainability Factor and the Disposable Economy of the World, Part III
Published December 2 2009
Concepts: sustainability, world, disposable economy, water, nitrogen

Beware of aluminum in deodorant products
Published December 1 2009
Concepts: deodorant, aluminum, natural, heal, health

Make Your Own Probiotic Supplements
Published November 23 2009
Concepts: kefir, water, grains, milk, probiotic

Avocados offer remarkable benefits for skin health
Published November 17 2009
Concepts: avocado, skin, oil, natural, heal

Water Wars Erupt in India as Drought Threatens Population Survival
Published November 14 2009
Concepts: water, India, drought, population, water wars

Greenwashing Celebration: Eco-Business Awards a Farce
Published November 12 2009
Concepts: greenwashing, awards, business, water, world

Cat's Claw Treats Cancer and Many Other Illnesses
Published November 10 2009
Concepts: cat's claw, cancer, oil, disease, 5

How magnesium prevents heart disease
Published November 4 2009
Concepts: magnesium, heart, natural, disease, men

Big Brother says bong water possession is felony crime
Published November 4 2009
Concepts: water, Big Brother, drug, 5, federal

Chlorella detoxifies the body by removing mercury and other heavy metals
Published October 30 2009
Concepts: chlorella, natural, detox, food, NaturalPedia

Burger King (Japan) offers Windows 7 Whopper with 7 beef patties for $7.77 (satire)
Published October 23 2009
Concepts: Whopper, beef, King, Burger King, water

Keep the Body Alkaline for Optimum Health
Published October 20 2009
Concepts: acid, alkaline, body, balance, food

How to Avoid Health Harming Parasites
Published October 18 2009
Concepts: parasite, health, worms, infection, parasites

Ghee: Stove Top Super Food from Mother of All Health Systems
Published October 18 2009
Concepts: ghee, butter, health, food, ayurvedic

Eight Remedies Treat Diabetes Naturally
Published October 16 2009
Concepts: diabetes, oil, remedies, natural, raw

Colloidal Silver is an Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiviral Miracle
Published October 14 2009
Concepts: silver, colloidal silver, antibacterial, antifungal, bacteria

Sun's Plasma Balls Could Wipe Out Human Civilization - Technology is the Achilles Heel
Published October 11 2009
Concepts: power, plasma, human, report, human civilization

Six Simple Ways to Go Green and Save Money
Published October 8 2009
Concepts: green, environment, the environment, food, produce

Daniel Vitalis Part III: Taste Our Medicines
Published October 7 2009
Concepts: taste, food, medicine, tea, Daniel Vitalis

Activist Groups that Fund Pharma Try to Regulate Silver as a Pesticide (Opinion)
Published October 7 2009
Concepts: silver, men, environment, environmental, petition

It is Not Obesity: Inflammation may be Killing You
Published October 1 2009
Concepts: inflammation, fat, body, chemical, food

U.S. Pharmaceutical Factories Dumping Huge Quantities of Drugs Into Public Sewers, Rivers and Waterways
Published September 24 2009
Concepts: drug, water, drugs, factories, rivers

Ani Phyo, Part II: Going Nuts, More Protein, Less Fat and Making Your Own Raw Chips
Published September 24 2009
Concepts: nuts, raw, protein, health, fat

Fig Leaves Provide a Natural Health Remedy for Diabetes
Published September 18 2009
Concepts: figs, health, natural, natural health, remedy

Use Basil for Natural and Homeopathic Remedies
Published September 9 2009
Concepts: basil, remedy, relief, natural, tea

Colon Cleansing: The Colon is Where Health Begins
Published September 8 2009
Concepts: colon, health, cleansing, body, disease

Cherie Soria Part III: A Virtual Cooking Class and the Great Greek Salad
Published September 7 2009
Concepts: rice, raw, salad, water, cooking

Use Natural Remedies for the Common Cold
Published September 3 2009
Concepts: natural, tea, remedies, natural remedies, common cold

Use Common-Sense Lifestyle Tips for Longevity
Published August 29 2009
Concepts: food, body, health, tips, lifestyle

Trace Mineral Lithium Substantially Reduces Suicides when Present in Local Water
Published August 27 2009
Concepts: lithium, suicides, water, suicide, research

Windows to the Soul: An Interview with Iridologist Susan Laing
Published August 26 2009
Concepts: body, iridology, acid, dairy, food

Frederic Patanaude Part II: Cleansing and Fasting
Published August 12 2009
Concepts: raw, food, people, raw food, cleansing

FDA Declares Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safe for All
Published August 11 2009
Concepts: mercury, FDA, the FDA, dental, mercury fillings

Discover the Benefits of Organic Sulfur (Opinion)
Published August 7 2009
Concepts: sulfur, organic, organic sulfur, body, food

Follow These Six Foundation Principles for Optimum Health and Wellbeing
Published August 7 2009
Concepts: health, principles, optimum health, food, ice

Americans are Victims of Undeclared War that Makes Universal Healthcare Unaffordable
Published August 1 2009
Concepts: food, people, healthy, disease, war

Action Needed: The Case for Recycling
Published August 1 2009
Concepts: plastic, recycling, water, man, form

Learn about a Healthy, Natural, Organic Lawn and Its Care
Published July 31 2009
Concepts: organic, healthy, natural, fertilizer, environment

Potential Health Hazard may Exist in Your Drinking Water
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: water, health, drinking, EPA, health hazard

Daniel Vitalis Part II: Water Gurus, Water Filters and Bottled Water
Published July 27 2009
Concepts: water, earth, form, Daniel Vitalis, information

Oil Pulling is a Simple, Inexpensive Method to Improve Your Health
Published July 21 2009
Concepts: oil, SAMe, oil pulling, body, method

Daniel Vitalis Part I: The Basics of Elixirs and Water
Published July 20 2009
Concepts: water, form, information, Daniel Vitalis, people

How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body
Published July 13 2009
Concepts: fluoride, fluorides, detox, water, sodium

Four Home Remedies Help Hangovers
Published July 13 2009
Concepts: colon, heal, home, body, remedies

Food Irradiation is Both Ineffective and Detrimental
Published July 12 2009
Concepts: food, irradiation, food irradiation, irradiated food, WHO

Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body and Reclaim Your Health and Vitality
Published July 9 2009
Concepts: body, health, diet, toxins, weight

Fireworks Could Pose Health Risk to Thyroid Gland or Environment
Published July 7 2009
Concepts: fireworks, thyroid, perchlorate, health, thyroid gland

Learn How to Detox with a Coconut Oil Cleanse
Published July 1 2009
Concepts: coconut, oil, coconut oil, detox, cleanse

Artificial Sweeteners Stay in the Water Supply
Published July 1 2009
Concepts: water, men, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, sweetener

Sprouted Buckwheat is Simple and Delicious
Published June 30 2009
Concepts: buckwheat, food, water, brain, blood

Calcium Bentonite Clay Provides Safe Protection from Environmental Toxins
Published June 29 2009
Concepts: clay, chemical, bentonite clay, news, calcium

EPA Conspired with DuPont to Allow Teflon Chemicals in Drinking Water
Published June 23 2009
Concepts: EPA, drinking, DuPont, Teflon, water

Fluoridation is the Ultimate Deception (Opinion)
Published June 16 2009
Concepts: fluoride, health, fluoridation, water, dental

Dr. Doug Graham Part III: The Medical Model, the Hygienic Model and Supplements
Published June 7 2009
Concepts: health, medical, food, raw, supplement

Swine Flu Pandemic? Five (Avoidable) Things That Can Get You Killed
Published June 5 2009
Concepts: flu, pandemic, natural, NaturalNews, influenza

Facts about Grapes and Their Amazing Health Benefits are Proven
Published June 3 2009
Concepts: grapes, health, colon, benefits, facts

A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever
Published June 2 2009
Concepts: fluoride, pineal gland, sodium, water, sodium fluoride

Arsenic in Contaminated Water Increases Susceptibility to H1N1 Influenza
Published May 21 2009
Concepts: arsenic, water, H1N1, flu, drinking

Improve Your Digestion without Spending a Cent
Published May 18 2009
Concepts: food, foods, digestion, fruit, eating

The Modern Lawn Contributes to Climate Change
Published May 13 2009
Concepts: tree, trees, heal, earth, health

Cold Showers Offer More than You May Think
Published May 13 2009
Concepts: shower, stress, water, body, blood

Drink a Healthy Cup of Coffee
Published May 6 2009
Concepts: coffee, healthy, water, beans, history

Shattered Illusions: Ten Things about the Natural World You Thought You Knew (But Didn't)
Published May 4 2009
Concepts: earth, world, natural, book, Wikipedia

Swimming May Be Route for MRSA Exposure
Published May 1 2009
Concepts: MRSA, water, swimming, bacteria, researchers

Hydration is Vital for Optimum Health
Published April 26 2009
Concepts: water, body, hydration, disease, chemicals

Calcium Bentonite Clay: Safe Protection from Environmental Toxins
Published April 24 2009
Concepts: clay, chemical, news, calcium, natural

The Consequences of Using Fluoride
Published April 23 2009
Concepts: fluoride, water, health, fluorosis, research

Confronting Salt Confusion
Published April 22 2009
Concepts: salt, sodium, health, fluoride, food

Confront Salt Confusion
Published April 20 2009
Concepts: salt, sodium, health, food, fluoride

Seaweed Farms Could Grow Biofuels Without Using Water or Land
Published April 12 2009
Concepts: seaweed, farms, water, biofuels, kelp

Drinking Water Could Curb Obesity
Published April 11 2009
Concepts: water, health, drinking, drinking water, calories

Consumer Wellness Center Awards Nutrition Education Grant to Economically Disadvantaged Grade School Children
Published April 7 2009
Concepts: nutrition, school, wellness, Consumer Wellness Center, education

Interview with Dr. Boris Worm, Marine Biologist, on Overfishing, Aquatic Ecosystems, Aquaculture Farming and More
Published April 6 2009
Concepts: fish, ocean, ecosystem, people, ecosystems

Bottled Water Found Contaminated with Medications, Fertilizer, Disinfection Chemicals
Published April 4 2009
Concepts: water, bottled water, bottle, fertilizer, medications

Perchlorate Chemicals Found in 100% of Tested Infant Formula Products
Published April 4 2009
Concepts: water, perchlorate, 5, chemicals, infant formula

Chemicals Used to Disinfect Water Create Dangerous Toxins
Published April 4 2009
Concepts: water, chemicals, dangerous, toxic, people

Five U.S. Rivers Tainted with Pharmaceutical and Chemical Residues
Published April 4 2009
Concepts: fish, chemical, rivers, 5, study

Buckwheat: Gluten-Free Grain Substitute Offers Complete Vegetarian Protein
Published April 2 2009
Concepts: wheat, buckwheat, WHO, bacteria, grains

Wild Pacific Salmon Explained
Published April 1 2009
Concepts: salmon, fat, 5, fish, wild salmon

Cocktail of Pharmaceuticals Found in the Fish Caught Near Major U.S. Cities
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: harm, pharmaceuticals, fish, drug, chemical

Cold Fusion Proven True by U.S. Navy Researchers - Will Suppression of this Science be Repeated?
Published March 25 2009
Concepts: cold fusion, science, Amazon, energy, research

Severe Droughts Now Hitting China: Food Production Plummets
Published March 25 2009
Concepts: water, droughts, food production, food, drought

Detox for Life: The Three Crucial Steps of the Detox Program
Published March 21 2009
Concepts: detox, heal, body, toxins, program

Quinoa: Use this Complete Protein to Create Healthful Vegetarian Dishes
Published March 19 2009
Concepts: quinoa, protein, food, foods, vegetarian

Sea Salt may be Healthier than Table Salt
Published March 19 2009
Concepts: salt, sea salt, body, water, natural

Take Ten Steps for a Cancer-Free Life, Part I
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: cancer, food, men, health, hormone

Soak Up the Goodness of Life: A How-To Guide for Soaking Grains
Published March 10 2009
Concepts: grains, acid, how-to, water, health

Six Baby Bottle Manufacturers Quietly Agree to Remove Bisphenol-A (BPA) from Baby Bottles
Published March 9 2009
Concepts: 5, BPA, AMA, bottle, Amazon

The Most Destructive Industrial Venture on Earth: The Canadian Oil Sands Pose Great Danger
Published March 4 2009
Concepts: oil, oil sands, 5, water, Canada

Four Basic Principles of Healthy Eating and Living
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: water, fat, food, salt, eating

The Truth about Alkalizing Your Blood
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: acid, body, food, foods, alkaline

Industrial Farm Animal Production Linked to Increased Human Disease
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: farm, antibiotic, human, animals, farms

Save Money: Make Your Own Tasty Nutritious Bread
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: bread, yeast, flour, ingredients, gluten

Grow It Yourself: Save Money, Help Earth, and Improve Your Quality of Life
Published February 23 2009
Concepts: food, garden, earth, world, money

Natural Ways to Treat a Dog that has been Skunked
Published February 23 2009
Concepts: dog, natural, skunk, water, juice

Arsenic May Be Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk
Published February 23 2009
Concepts: arsenic, water, diabetes, health, natural

Add Edible Flowers to Your Healthy Diet
Published February 19 2009
Concepts: flowers, edible, healthy, edible flowers, petals

Top Seven Ways Renewable Energy Systems can Power and Heat Your Home
Published February 17 2009
Concepts: energy, home, power, renewable energy, cost

Top Six Reasons to Eat Only Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Published February 16 2009
Concepts: food, organic, heal, health, pesticide

Health Ranger Video Demonstrates Amazing Device That Pumps Water With No Moving Parts (Compressed Air Only)
Published February 16 2009
Concepts: water, video, parts, health, Health Ranger

Stay Home and Treat Your Cold the Natural Way
Published February 14 2009
Concepts: home, natural, water, tea, body

Common Chemicals may Delay Pregnancy and Inflict Much Worse
Published February 12 2009
Concepts: PFOA, chemicals, chemical, food, health

EPA Sued to Properly Assess Health Risks of Pesticides in the Water Supply
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: water, EPA, pesticides, risks, health

Tempeh: Low Sodium, Versatile Fermented Soy Food Provides Complete Protein
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: tempeh, soy, food, men, beans

Organic Gardening Offers Many Health Benefits and Helps Plants and Animals
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: organic, health, plants, heal, food

Buying Organic is Well Worth the Cost even When Times are Tough
Published February 10 2009
Concepts: organic, food, cost, products, natural

Hospitals Flush 250 Million Pounds of Expired Drugs Into Public Sewers Every Year
Published February 10 2009
Concepts: drugs, drug, hospitals, water, harm

Vegan Baby Basics and Beyond
Published February 9 2009
Concepts: baby, food, vegan, foods, sources

Magnesium is Vital for Good Health
Published February 9 2009
Concepts: magnesium, 5, calories, men, heart

Infants and Children Save Themselves from Drowning
Published February 6 2009
Concepts: children, child, infants, drowning, water

Miso Soup: A Delicious Bowl Full of Health and Anti-Aging Benefits
Published February 4 2009
Concepts: miso, health, soup, anti-aging, soy

The Powerful Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Diseases of Inflammation: The Experts Speak
Published February 4 2009
Concepts: omega-3, fat, Amazon, acid, inflammation

The Higgs Boson Particle Isn't a Particle - Why the Search for Subatomic Particles is an Illusion
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: article, universe, particles, Higgs Boson, physics

Ban Plastic Water Bottles
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: water, bottle, plastic, bottles, water bottles

Make Your Own Skin Care Products
Published January 28 2009
Concepts: oil, products, skin, oils, essential oil

India's Waterways A Toxic Stew of Pharmaceutical Chemicals Dumped from Big Pharma Factories
Published January 26 2009
Concepts: water, Big Pharma, chemicals, chemical, drug

Many Man-Made Chemicals Detected in Drinking Water Supplies
Published January 26 2009
Concepts: water, chemicals, health, drinking, natural

Top Five Tips for Handling Cravings and Emotional Eating
Published January 21 2009
Concepts: food, eating, raw, cravings, emotional

Pomegranate Juice Consumption Boosts Sperm Quality, Motility
Published January 20 2009
Concepts: juice, sperm, pomegranate juice, pomegranate, quality

Home Remedies for Natural Beauty
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: natural, home remedies, home, skin, juice

The Proven Cure and Prevention for Cancer the Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You to Know (Part II)
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: oil, cancer, food, cure, juice

Mike Adams Talks About the Benefits of Alkalizing and Mineralizing Water
Published January 7 2009
Concepts: water, acid, alkaline, health, salt

Detoxify the Colon and Kidneys
Published January 5 2009
Concepts: body, blood, detoxify, diet, food

Matt Monarch on Transitions, Supplements and Traveling on a Raw Food Lifestyle
Published January 3 2009
Concepts: raw, food, raw food, heal, diet

Natural Remedies for Laryingitis
Published December 30 2008
Concepts: body, natural, water, honey, remedies

Celebrities are Smarter than "Skeptical Scientists" When it Comes to Health Literacy
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: chemical, health, scientist, food, scientific

Lipoic Acid Leads the Pack of Antioxidants that Protect Youth and Slow Aging
Published December 16 2008
Concepts: acid, lipoic acid, body, research, antioxidant

Bringing the Culture Back in Agriculture
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: culture, men, nature, oil, crop

Eighteen Overlooked Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: blood, cortisol, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, body

Mike Adams Talks About the Dangers and Myths About Plastic Water Bottles
Published December 1 2008
Concepts: water, bottle, plastic, bottles, Mike Adams

Eight Simple Methods to Alleviate Insomnia
Published November 29 2008
Concepts: sleep, Chi, health, body, heart

Five Elements And Five Reasons We Need Traditional Chinese Medicine In America
Published November 26 2008
Concepts: herb, plants, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, medicine

Natural Cold Remedies
Published November 26 2008
Concepts: natural, tea, flu, water, heal

Arsenic in Water at EPA Approved Standards Linked to Heart Disease
Published November 24 2008
Concepts: water, arsenic, EPA, standards, heart

Seven Techniques for Overcoming Migraine Headaches
Published November 24 2008
Concepts: Chi, migraine, Chinese, headache, body

Fluoride in Drinking Water may Negatively Affect Health of Fetuses and Infants
Published November 19 2008
Concepts: fluoride, water, health, drinking, drinking water

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Arsenic In Your Environment
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: arsenic, organic, safe, how to, curcumin

Magnesium: The Lamp of Life
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: magnesium, insulin, medicine, life, DHEA

How to Make Water Safe for Drinking: "Water Secrets" Course Now Available to NaturalNews Readers
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: water, course, health, NaturalNews, how to

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Raw Food Expert and Author, Shares the Benefits of Detoxification
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: people, food, toxins, fasting, 5

Big Pharma's New Mass-Drugging Agenda Pushes Statin Drugs for Healthy People
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: drug, harm, drugs, medical, statin drugs

Fasting, Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking, with Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Published November 11 2008
Concepts: weight, fasting, heal, people, health

Pharmaceuticals in the Water: Why Medication Contamination is a Danger to Our Health and the Environment (transcript)
Published November 10 2008
Concepts: water, harm, pharmaceuticals, chemical, people

Cities, States Questioning Wisdom of Adding Fluoride Chemicals to Public Water Supplies
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: fluoride, water, chemicals, states, wisdom

John Hartman Talks About How Seawater Can Benefit Your Health and Environment
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: health, water, ocean, farm, solution

Review of the Best New Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements, Including Pine Nut Oil
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: appetite, natural, food, weight, supplement

How to Get and Apply Ormus
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: water, Ormus, oil, salt, how to

Children Pump Clean Water While Playing on the Merry-Go-Round
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: water, children, health, Africa, weight

Documented, Proven Cure and Preventative for Cancer (Part II)
Published November 6 2008
Concepts: oil, cancer, food, juice, cure

Learn How to Increase Your Physical and Mental Energy, with Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Published November 4 2008
Concepts: energy, mental, Gabriel Cousens, fasting, how to

Inner Cell Balance: Simplicity of Tissue Salts
Published November 2 2008
Concepts: salt, tissue salts, body, problems, fat

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Homeopathy
Published November 1 2008
Concepts: home, homeopathy, homeopathic, medicine, heal

Sea Water Applications for Drinking, Gardening, and Growing Crops
Published November 1 2008
Concepts: water, sea water, gardening, solution, drinking

The World's Top Five Superfoods for Silky Smooth Skin
Published October 30 2008
Concepts: skin, health, food, water, natural

Why You Should Get To Know Neem
Published October 27 2008
Concepts: neem, oil, tea, insects, chemical

Best Weight-Loss Plan: Start a Raw Food Diet
Published October 26 2008
Concepts: raw, food, eating, raw food, body

Be Aware of Sustainable Food Issues
Published October 22 2008
Concepts: food, sustainable food, produce, water, environment

Eight Natural Ways To Prevent Cold and Flu
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: Chi, body, energy, flu, Chinese

Freshness First: Volatile Oils in Your Food
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: oils, oil, volatile oils, cooking, water

Protect Pets from Salmonella with Electrolyzed Water
Published October 17 2008
Concepts: food, salmonella, pet food, water, pets

Raw Foods Educator Angela Stokes Talks About Surviving Food Cravings
Published October 16 2008
Concepts: food, raw, people, health, body

The EPA Refuses to Remove Rocket Fuel From Drinking Water
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: EPA, the EPA, drinking, perchlorate, water

The Health Benefits of Sea Water
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: water, sea water, health, man, SAMe

Boku Superfood Launches Enhanced Superfood Formula; Earns Editor's Choice Recommendation
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: food, organic, superfood, Boku, Boku Superfood

How to Keep Your Colon Clean and Healthy
Published October 8 2008
Concepts: colon, waste, health, water, healthy

Eight Weeks to a Healthier Lifestyle
Published October 6 2008
Concepts: changes, life, water, lifestyle, food

Using Rainwater Against the Law in Utah
Published October 6 2008
Concepts: water, rainwater, article, states, world

Interview with Sergei Zimin About Modifilan brown seaweed extract
Published October 3 2008
Concepts: seaweed, people, Modifilan, WHO, brown seaweed

Could You Be Poisoning Your Family?
Published October 1 2008
Concepts: arsenic, organic, water, chicken, rice

The Benefits of Ormus for Home Gardening or Sprouting
Published October 1 2008
Concepts: Ormus, water, people, body, home

Iain Trousdell Talks About the Spirit of Water
Published September 30 2008
Concepts: water, spirit, man, WHO, people

Transportation Worker Identification Credential Is Step Toward Implementing Real ID Act
Published September 29 2008
Concepts: transportation, Real ID, program, industry, security

Canned or Kibble - Deciding Which Pet Food Is Best for Your Pet
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: food, pet food, canned food, dog, foods

Why Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: cocoa, blood, flavanols, water, men

Overcome Helpless Over-Eating With These Healthful Tips
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: health, food, healthy, fat, fruit

Product Review: Waterwise Water Distiller Company
Published September 22 2008
Concepts: water, natural health news, natural cures

Barry Carter Talks About “Ormus” White Gold Powder
Published September 22 2008
Concepts: Ormus, water, gold, powder, nutrients

Heat Accelerates Release of Toxic Plastics Chemicals From Baby Bottles, Food Packaging
Published September 17 2008
Concepts: bottles, toxic, baby, baby bottles, water

Five Principles for Lifelong Blood Sugar Regulation
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: sugar, blood, blood sugar, heal, glucose

The Best Bottled Water and Water Drinks by David Wolfe
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: water, bottled water, tea, bottle, glass

Research Links Plastics Containing Bisphenol A to Heart Disease and Diabetes
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: BPA, health, plastics, disease, plastic

Govt. Report Says Fluoride Added to Water Supply May Harm Population
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: fluoride, water, report, thyroid, water supply

Founder of the Living Water Institute, Iain Trousdell, on the Philosophy of Water
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: water, form, flow, WHO, living

Is It Beneficial to Fast One Day a Week?
Published September 14 2008
Concepts: muscle, body, muscles, fat, water

Five Ways to Stay Healthy in the Summer
Published September 12 2008
Concepts: sun, healthy, food, health, foods

The Principles and Practices of Transdermal Therapy
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: skin, medicine, magnesium, pain, absorption

Flow Forms and Putting Water Into Perspective by Iain Trousdell
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: water, form, flow, heart, perspective

Curcumin Tempers Arsenic Toxicity Through DNA Repair
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: arsenic, curcumin, DNA, organic, toxicity

David Wolfe Shares on Getting the Best Water You Can Get
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: water, spring, David Wolfe, hydrogen, spring water

The Importance of Water for Good Health
Published September 6 2008
Concepts: water, health, silica, salt, good health

The Health Ranger Answers Common Questions About Nutritional Supplements (transcript)
Published September 4 2008
Concepts: health, supplement, food, supplements, people

U.S. Food and Water Supply Poisoned by Perchlorate
Published September 4 2008
Concepts: water, perchlorate, 5, food, health

Ecologist Jim McMahon Talks About Water Reports and Filters
Published September 3 2008
Concepts: water, carbon, mercury, people, chlorine

Culture Shock: The USA vs. South America; Fiction vs. Reality
Published September 3 2008
Concepts: America, Ecuador, food, South America, people

To Have Access to Clean Water, Make Water Filters a Priority
Published August 28 2008
Concepts: water, water filters, people, shower, health

U.S. Southwest to go Dry as Climate Change Spurs Drought
Published August 26 2008
Concepts: water, climate change, rainfall, report, changes

Canada's Oil Sands Declared "Most Destructive Project on Earth" as Eco Disaster Looms
Published August 26 2008
Concepts: project, disaster, oil, oil sands, water

Drinking Water of 41 Million Americans Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals
Published August 22 2008
Concepts: water, drinking, drinking water, drug, drugs

Health Canada Suggests Lowering Fluoridation Levels to Protect Children's Teeth
Published August 18 2008
Concepts: fluoride, health, Canada, fluoridation, Health Canada

Swimming in Warm Water Eases Fibromyalgia Pain
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: Fibromyalgia, water, exercise, swimming, pain

UK Health Secretary Orders Mass Fluoridation of England's Children
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: fluoridation, health, water, mass fluoridation, UK

Interview with Steve Adler, Creator of "Sacred Chocolate" from
Published August 16 2008
Concepts: chocolate, raw, man, food, sugar

5 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Summer
Published August 16 2008
Concepts: sun, 5, healthy, health, food

Marine Phytoplankton is Next Revolutionary Superfood for Disease Prevention and Extraordinary Health
Published August 14 2008
Concepts: phytoplankton, marine phytoplankton, ocean, food, disease

What's on Tap and What You Need to Know About Drinking Water
Published August 14 2008
Concepts: water, health, drinking, cancer, EPA

Ecologist Shares on Well Water and the Steps to Cleaner Water
Published August 9 2008
Concepts: water, well water, people, steps, health

TV Report Says Fluoride in Water Is Safe While Research Shows Otherwise
Published August 3 2008
Concepts: fluoride, water, research, shows, safe

Author and Nutritionist David Wolfe Discusses Nutritional Myths
Published August 2 2008
Concepts: calcium, bone, health, bones, food

Debating Pescatarianism: To Fish or Not to Fish for a Protein Source
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: fish, diet, vegetarian, health, environment

The Health Ranger's South Florida Travel Journal: Medicated Drivers, MSG in Veggie Foods
Published July 30 2008
Concepts: medicated, MSG, Florida, protein, travel

Threats to River Water by Leading Ecologist Jim McMahon
Published July 29 2008
Concepts: water, chlorine, men, people, health

Twelve Natural Health Tips for Smart Travel
Published July 28 2008
Concepts: food, health, natural, travel, superfood

Chemical Causes of Diabetes: Overeating Is Not the Only Problem
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: diabetes, men, 5, food, chemical

Using Seawater in Agriculture and Its Significance for Human Survival
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: water, seawater, health, human, agriculture

FDA Panel Seeks to Water Down Warnings on Tamiflu Side Effects
Published July 19 2008
Concepts: Tamiflu, FDA, warnings, water, drug

New Safe Detox for Mercury Amalgam Fillings
Published July 17 2008
Concepts: mercury, clay, heal, body, safe

Sugary Drink Consumption Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
Published July 14 2008
Concepts: Alzheimer's, consumption, sugar, water, disease

Using Sea Minerals in Agriculture – a Tutorial
Published July 10 2008
Concepts: minerals, water, sea minerals, soil, life

Chinese Fish Farms Full of Toxic Chemicals
Published July 9 2008
Concepts: fish, farms, fish farms, Chinese, toxic

The Poisoning of America's Water Supplies
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: water, lead, drinking, drinking water, health

California Water Reservoirs Contain High Levels of Carcinogenic Bromate
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: water, California, carcinogenic, bromate, Los Angeles

Candida Conundrum: Is It Really Allergies?
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: candida, water, heal, body, food

Choose Nature Instead of Prozac for PMS and PMDD
Published July 2 2008
Concepts: symptoms, PMS, premenstrual syndrome, women, Prozac

The Recipe for Oleander Soup - Make Your own Cancer and HIV Remedy (Part 1)
Published July 2 2008
Concepts: Oleander, soup, cancer, oil, recipe

The Recipe for Oleander Soup - Tips and Advice (Part 2)
Published July 2 2008
Concepts: Oleander, soup, tips, recipe, water

Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
Published June 25 2008
Concepts: natural, poison, poison ivy, remedies, natural remedies

Legal Action Filed to Outlaw Nano-Silver Products
Published June 23 2008
Concepts: silver, legal, action, environment, products

Health Expert Jon Barron on Herbs, Supplements, Food and Disease
Published June 22 2008
Concepts: health, food, disease, men, people

Ocean Water Spray Halts Children's Cough and Cold Symptoms; Cold Medicine Doesn't
Published June 21 2008
Concepts: children, water, ocean, ocean water, symptoms

Water Restoration Act May Lead to Privatization of Water Supply
Published June 19 2008
Concepts: water, federal, privatization, lead, corporation

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part I)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: body, water, pain, dehydration, brain

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part II)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: kidneys, acid, body, urine, uric acid

Southern California Metropolitan Water District Begins Poisoning Millions with Toxic Synthetic Fluoride Chemicals
Published June 15 2008
Concepts: fluoride, water, toxic, poisoning, California

Is Fat, Tired and Depressed a New Medical Syndrome?
Published June 12 2008
Concepts: heal, heart, form, brain, people

American Inventor Presents an Answer to the World's Water Crisis
Published June 11 2008
Concepts: water, world, crisis, water crisis, technology

How Corporations Drain Our Aquifers for Profit (Part 1)
Published June 11 2008
Concepts: water, town, profit, aquifers, corporations

How Corporations Drain Our Aquifers for Profit (Part 2)
Published June 11 2008
Concepts: water, world, corporations, people, profit

Green Tea Compounds Prevent Memory Loss From Lack of Oxygen
Published June 6 2008
Concepts: tea, green tea, green, memory, memory loss

Common Dry Cleaning Chemicals Pose a Cancer Risk
Published June 5 2008
Concepts: cleaning, health, dry cleaning, chemicals, cancer

Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit
Published June 5 2008
Concepts: mercury, FDA, the FDA, dentist, men

Why It Takes 2,000 Gallons of Fresh Water to Produce One Gallon of Milk (transcript)
Published June 2 2008
Concepts: water, milk, produce, world, organic

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript)
Published May 30 2008
Concepts: child, children, brain, drug, drugs

Sunscreen Causes Cancer!
Published May 29 2008
Concepts: skin, chemical, chemicals, products, sunscreen

Pure Water, Pure Consciousness: Finding a Water Filter That Works
Published May 28 2008
Concepts: water, consciousness, health, pure water, medicine

The Energetic Contamination of Beef Products (Transcript)
Published May 24 2008
Concepts: meat, cows, human, people, beef

Water: The World Is Facing a Dire Shortage of This Essential Element
Published May 20 2008
Concepts: water, world, man, 5, china

Media Misinformation: Another "Study" Shows That Vitamins Are "Useless"
Published May 13 2008
Concepts: man, health, Chi, men, body

Transform Yourself From the Inside-Out and Look Your Best Naturally
Published May 11 2008
Concepts: food, raw, body, heal, health

The Importance of Staving Off a Magnesium Deficiency
Published May 9 2008
Concepts: magnesium, food, men, medicine, deficiency

The Unforeseen Dangers of Coconut Oil Tanning Lotion (humor)
Published May 9 2008
Concepts: oil, tanning, coconut, coconut oil, water

Control Candida in Two Weeks
Published May 8 2008
Concepts: candida, food, heal, glucose, sugar

Water Shortage Means City Contemplates Going From Toilet to Tap
Published May 8 2008
Concepts: water, shortage, water shortage

A Plan for Living a Long and Healthy Life (Part 2)
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: cancer, heal, health, oil, fruit

Merck Plant Dumps Vaccine Waste and Chemicals Into Water Supply
Published April 29 2008
Concepts: water, Merck, vaccine, chemicals, waste

Why We Should All Get Rid of Our Microwave Ovens
Published April 25 2008
Concepts: microwave, food, microwaved food, foods, microwaving

Natural Remedies for the Treatment of Diabetes
Published April 24 2008
Concepts: diabetes, men, natural, liver, health

Can Your Body's pH Be Too Alkaline?
Published April 24 2008
Concepts: alkaline, acid, water, body, heal

The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages and the Coming Collapse of the Human Population
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: food, fuel, biofuels, human, rice

How to Beat and Prevent the Avian Flu and Other Influenzas
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: flu, tea, oil, 5, herb

Use the Power of the Mind to Improve Your Health and Well Being
Published April 18 2008
Concepts: mind, Chi, health, calm, power

Natural Remedies for Treating Arthritis
Published April 18 2008
Concepts: arthritis, pain, tea, oil, anti-inflammatory

Water Runs Dry in Orme, Tennessee as Drought Worsens
Published April 13 2008
Concepts: water, Tennessee, drought, town, 5

Interview: Greg Kunin from Ola Loa reveals the health secrets of drinkable vitamins
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: people, body, WHO, Ola Loa, form

Australian Drought Leads to First "Water Rage" Murder
Published April 7 2008
Concepts: drought, water, man, police, death

A Deeper Look At Drugs In Our Tap Water
Published April 4 2008
Concepts: water, drugs, drug, man, fluoride

Mainstream Media Attacks Water; Recommends People Drink Soda Instead!
Published April 3 2008
Concepts: water, people, mainstream media, soda, health

Natural Approaches for the Prevention of Oral Cancer and Periodontal Disease
Published April 3 2008
Concepts: mercury, men, disease, cancer, magnesium

Interview with Alan Friedman from Good Cause Wellness about Antioxidants, Agave Nectar and Chia Seeds
Published March 31 2008
Concepts: products, men, health, chia, food

Thirty-Six U.S. States to Face Water Shortages in the Next Five Years
Published March 31 2008
Concepts: water, states, face, shortages, rising

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 4): The Coffee Enema
Published March 30 2008
Concepts: coffee, body, detoxification, water, coffee enema

Dr. Hardy Limeback Comes to Alaska to Help Oppose Fluoridation
Published March 20 2008
Concepts: fluoride, water, dental, Alaska, money

Bentonite Clay: Protect Yourself From Pharmaceuticals in Your Water
Published March 18 2008
Concepts: clay, water, pharmaceuticals, bentonite clay, body

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 3): Far-Infrared Sauna Use
Published March 17 2008
Concepts: sauna, body, detoxification, skin, healing

Grow Your Own Probiotics, Part 1: Kefir
Published March 12 2008
Concepts: kefir, grains, milk, probiotics, food

Solving the Great pH Riddle Permanently for Better Health
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: acid, food, alkaline, body, blood

The Cholesterol Battle: How to Win It Naturally
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, food, fat, diet, foods

Medication Pollution Spreads: Water Supply of 24 U.S. Cities Found Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: water, medication, water supply, chemical, harm

Healing Illness - A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: cancer, heal, health, man, supplement

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 2): Fasting
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: body, heal, fasting, cleansing, water

The Link Between Obesity, Cancer, and Toxicity: Detoxifying the Body (Part 2)
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: detox, detoxification, toxic, body, liver

Create a Happy and Healthy Indoor Environment With Plants
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: plants, indoor, environment, healthy, water

Chlorine: A Toxic Solution for the Production of White Paper
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: paper, chlorine, water, toxic, solution

Finding Happiness the Natural Way
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: body, raw, mood, natural, heal

DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs: Uranium and Mercury
Published March 3 2008
Concepts: uranium, diabetes, mercury, cancer, insulin

Frugal Fiscal Planning: How to Survive the Coming Recession
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: how to, car, water, SAMe, family

If You Are a Wine Drinker, Here Are Facts You Should Know
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: wine, chemical, alcohol, chemicals, men

Ormus - Spiritual and Medicinal Gold With Incredible Healing Potential
Published February 24 2008
Concepts: Ormus, gold, spiritual, medicinal, healing

Planning to Lose Weight This Year? Supplement With Honey
Published February 21 2008
Concepts: honey, weight, sugar, tea, diet

Clay Baths - A Safe Method for Body Detoxification
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: clay, body, toxic, water, method

The True Cost of Drinking Bottled Water
Published February 18 2008
Concepts: water, bottle, bottled water, drinking, tap water

How to Find Pure Products in a Sea of Supplements
Published February 14 2008
Concepts: oil, nature, WHO, juice, food

Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: cancer, body, heal, men, disease

The Dangers in Hair Coloring and Safer Alternatives
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: hair, safe, color, man, chemical

Lymph Health - An Herbal Recipe for Breast Cancer and Lymphomas
Published January 31 2008
Concepts: lymph, cancer, breast cancer, 5, herb

Chemical Skies: Aerosol Pollutants From Planes Cause Disease
Published January 11 2008
Concepts: chemical, chemtrails, pollutants, water, form

Dehydrated, Hydrated, Waterlogged: How Much Water is Too Much?
Published January 9 2008
Concepts: water, hydration, sodium, people, tea

The Chia 'Cheat Sheet' and Ten Raw Chia Recipes
Published January 8 2008
Concepts: chia, seeds, raw, food, chia seeds

Prevent Cancer By Letting Go of Excess Fire Energy (Acidity)
Published December 28 2007
Concepts: Chi, body, Chinese, energy, cancer

Debating Honey: Symbiotic Food or Unnatural Poison?
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: honey, bees, food, sugar, heal

Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: men, 5, man, news, NaturalNews

Study Reveals 17 Different Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater
Published December 13 2007
Concepts: water, study, pharmaceuticals, waste, wastewater

Simple Recipes for Children’s Cough, Cold and Flu Syrups
Published December 12 2007
Concepts: tea, child, honey, lemon, herb

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Dinner Germ Free
Published December 12 2007
Concepts: holiday, bacteria, dinner, turkey, food

Breathing and Its True Role in Our Life, Health and Longevity
Published December 12 2007
Concepts: health, Chi, life, heal, energy

8,000 Toxic Waste Sites Ignored by EPA; Massive Lead Contamination at Shooting Ranges
Published December 6 2007
Concepts: lead, shooting, poison, lead contamination, shooting ranges

The Many Benefits and Uses of Sea Minerals
Published November 29 2007
Concepts: salt, minerals, health, water, sea salt

Recent Discovery Shows Water Has a Memory
Published November 26 2007
Concepts: water, discovery, shows, heal, memory

Oceans, Plants, and Humans - Closer Than You Think
Published November 21 2007
Concepts: plants, water, ocean, men, heal

Moringa Oleifera: The Miracle Tree
Published November 20 2007
Concepts: Moringa, tree, nutrition, medicinal herbs, food

Ocean Water – An Untapped, Bountiful Energy Source
Published November 15 2007
Concepts: water, hydrogen, energy, ocean, ocean water

Dr. Hardy Limeback Comes To Alaska To Help Oppose Fluoridation.
Published November 15 2007
Concepts: fluoride, water, dental, Alaska, money

Coca-Cola's "Dasani" bottled water under fire from consumer groups over tap water source
Published November 6 2007
Concepts: water, Coca-Cola, Dasani, bottled water, tap water

Governor Schwarzenegger Backs Aerial Biochemical Spraying That Harms Children
Published October 25 2007
Concepts: chemical, men, people, child, heal

Corporate Greed, Intellectual Property Laws and the Destruction of Human Civilization
Published October 5 2007
Concepts: nature, man, human, property, intellectual property

Traditional Herbal Blood Tonic Recipe Revealed by Medical Herbalist
Published October 4 2007
Concepts: tonic, herb, blood, heal, cancer

Air traveler choked to death in police custody at Phoenix airport after being handcuffed, detained
Published October 2 2007
Concepts: airport, police, security, death, WHO

New battery technology converts sugar water into electricity
Published September 20 2007
Concepts: sugar, water, fuel, technology, battery technology

U.S. Southwest could become next Dust Bowl, warn climatologists
Published September 19 2007
Concepts: water, SAMe, ice, study, researchers

What's in an apple? Buying organic, healthful produce becomes increasingly complicated
Published September 17 2007
Concepts: apple, food, organic, farm, produce

The top ten consumer questions about superfruit juices: Pomegranate, blueberry, acai and cherry
Published September 12 2007
Concepts: juice, pomegranate, juices, heal, fruit

Innovative dried aloe vera gel product now available from Good Cause Wellness
Published September 6 2007
Concepts: aloe, aloe vera, aloe vera gel, water, WHO

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys
Published September 5 2007
Concepts: child, children, chemical, lead, toxic

Scientists and Professionals Lash Out Against Water Fluoridation
Published September 4 2007
Concepts: water, fluoride, scientists, fluoridation, health

Chlorine gas shipped to municipal water treatment facilities could be terrorist target
Published September 3 2007
Concepts: chlorine, treatment, water treatment, water, chlorine gas

Public water fluoridation push may expose infants to dangerous levels of fluoride
Published August 23 2007
Concepts: water, infants, fluoride, dangerous, fluoridation

Product review: Vitalizer Plus produces structured water with a countertop vortex machine
Published August 23 2007
Concepts: water, structured water, health, water technology, water filters

Why cancer comes back following chemotherapy, radiation or surgery
Published August 7 2007
Concepts: cancer, chemotherapy, liver, treatment, water

Pepsi admits Aquafina comes from tap water
Published August 2 2007
Concepts: water, Pepsi, PepsiCo, Aquafina, bottle

After peak oil: Will America survive?
Published July 21 2007
Concepts: oil, energy, America, food, future

How to better prepare yourself and your family against climate change, natural disasters and the post-oil economy (opinion)
Published July 20 2007
Concepts: light, ice, preparedness, water, emergency

How your skin health reflects the health of your large intestine (and other holistic principles of wellness)
Published June 25 2007
Concepts: skin, health, large intestine, skin health, body

The Healing Power of Water: Free report now available online at
Published June 22 2007
Concepts: report, water, healing, power, free introduces a travel safety tool with LED light, radio, cell phone charger, seatbelt cutter, glass break and more
Published June 22 2007
Concepts: cell phone, light, car, safety, radio

Consumers' use of pharmaceuticals, personal care products polluting rivers and oceans with toxic chemicals
Published June 13 2007
Concepts: products, drug, personal care products, personal care, water

Pharmaceuticals contaminating public water supplies; anti-seizure meds found in Lake Michigan
Published June 6 2007
Concepts: water, pharmaceuticals, water supplies, harm, fish

Revolutionary laundry soap product grows on trees, replaces laundry detergent with eco-friendly solution
Published May 30 2007
Concepts: soap, laundry, nuts, soap nuts, chemical

Read between the lines on the FDA's CAM Guidelines
Published May 23 2007
Concepts: the FDA, CAM Guidelines, government, power, health

The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions
Published May 21 2007
Concepts: aloe, aloe vera, aloe vera gel, blood, cancer

Fluoride used in municipal water supplies found contaminated with arsenic
Published April 17 2007
Concepts: water, fluoride, water supplies, chemical, fluoridation

New FDA guidelines threaten religious freedoms; Holy water could be regulated as "drugs" and rosaries as "medical devices"
Published April 12 2007
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, church, free, freedom

Conventional medicine vs. naturopathy: How to fix a leaky roof
Published April 10 2007
Concepts: water, conventional medicine, disease, symptoms, how to

Lindane pesticide banned by the EPA, but still allowed by FDA in children's products
Published March 27 2007
Concepts: lindane, shampoo, pesticide, FDA, banned

Solar energy powers water treatment plant in California
Published March 26 2007
Concepts: energy, water, treatment, water treatment, solar energy

Grassroots organization POWA launches campaign to outlaw fluoridation of municipal water supplies
Published March 22 2007
Concepts: fluoride, water, fluoridation, men, health

Antibacterial soap ingredient triclosan may be harmful to humans
Published March 15 2007
Concepts: triclosan, antibacterial, products, harmful, soap

Southern California's water fluoridation push may expose infants to dangerous levels of fluoride
Published March 14 2007
Concepts: water, fluoridation, infants, fluoride, water fluoridation

Alkaline-ionized water devices deliver health benefits at home
Published March 12 2007
Concepts: water, health, acid, ionized water, water ionizer

Students invent inexpensive water purification system that costs $5
Published March 8 2007
Concepts: water, students, purification, water purification, costs

Solar thermal hot water heater technology gaining momentum in America
Published March 4 2007
Concepts: water, solar thermal hot water, technology, sun, power

Global warming could cause severe municipal water shortages, says Nobel Prize winner
Published March 4 2007
Concepts: water, global warming, Nobel prize, shortages, water shortage

ZeroWater filtration technology goes retail for home and office drinking water
Published March 2 2007
Concepts: water, filtration, drinking, water filtration, home

Product review: Read this before buying the AeroGrow AeroGarden countertop herb garden
Published February 21 2007
Concepts: Aerogarden, water, Aerogrow, nutrient, plants

Baking soda can clean your teeth, clear your complexion and act as a natural antacid
Published February 18 2007
Concepts: baking soda, baking, acid, water, natural

Enjoy fresh produce and a healthy glow with apple cider vinegar
Published February 6 2007
Concepts: apple, acid, healthy, produce, body

Interview: Raw food guru David Wolfe explores the healing energy of living foods
Published February 1 2007
Concepts: food, raw, people, raw food, WHO

Study: Chlorinated water found to increase risk of bladder cancer
Published January 26 2007
Concepts: water, risk, bladder, increase, chlorinated water

The healing power of honey: From burns to weak bones, raw honey can help
Published January 26 2007
Concepts: honey, raw honey, raw, burns, healing

Most tap water polluted by dirty municipal infrastructure
Published January 25 2007
Concepts: water, tap water, cities, water pollution, drinking

Sewers beat pharmaceuticals as best medical advance in nearly 200 years
Published January 23 2007
Concepts: medical, pharmaceuticals, sanitation, water supply, medical technology

Review: Automatic sprouting machines from Freshlife and Easygreen
Published January 22 2007
Concepts: sprouting, sprouts, water, machine, superfoods

Review: Violet Ray Crystal Resonator machine broadcasts healing energy for your body, mind and home
Published January 13 2007
Concepts: men, energy, healing, machine, body

Report: Soap and water as effective as environment-damaging antibacterial cleaners
Published January 8 2007
Concepts: soap, antibacterial, water, health, bacteria

A Holistic Approach to Treating the Symptoms of Diverticulitis
Published December 21 2006
Concepts: symptoms, diverticulitis, food, holistic, fiber

By 2040, there will be no ice left at the North Pole, scientists predict
Published December 19 2006
Concepts: North Pole, ice, scientists, water, climate change

Cattle raised for beef cause more damage to planet than emissions from cars, report finds
Published December 14 2006
Concepts: emissions, cattle, report, beef, damage

Rocket fuel from military planes poisoning U.S. water supply
Published December 8 2006
Concepts: water, rocket fuel, drinking water, military, poisoning

NASA announces surveyor spacecraft may have found evidence of flowing water on Mars
Published December 6 2006
Concepts: water, Mars, NASA, evidence, life on mars

EPA uses nanotech regulation ploy to target colloidal silver while ignoring all other nanotech particles
Published December 4 2006
Concepts: silver, EPA, iron, environment, the EPA

The discovery of DNA variability, holographic blueprints and the symphony of life
Published November 23 2006
Concepts: man, human, DNA, genes, discovery

Drinking water found to contain far more cancer-causing chemicals than previously thought
Published November 15 2006
Concepts: water, drinking water, drinking, nitrosamines, chemicals

ADA reverses position, warns its members that fluoride is too dangerous to be consumed by infants
Published November 14 2006
Concepts: fluoride, ADA, members, water, dangerous

Researchers Examine Problem of Foul Tastes Among Cancer Patients (press release)
Published November 13 2006
Concepts: water, patients, diet, cancer, cancer patients

New desalination technology converts sea water into fresh water at lower cost
Published November 10 2006
Concepts: water, desalination, technology, sea water, water purifcation

Ultrasonic sound wave device kills algae in swimming pools without chemicals
Published November 8 2006
Concepts: algae, swimming pools, swimming, water, environmentally friendly technologies

FDA approves dental claims on fluoridated bottled water despite natural health warnings
Published October 31 2006
Concepts: FDA, bottled water, health, dental, claims

FDA allows tooth decay protection claim on fluoridated bottled water
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: FDA, water, tooth decay, bottled water, protection

John Hammell of International Advocates for Health Freedom discusses health freedom under siege; Part 2
Published October 18 2006
Concepts: freedom, health, people, free, man

Rehydrate -- your RNA needs it (press release)
Published October 13 2006
Concepts: RNA, water, protein, form, hydrogen

Oxygen water performance claims may be full of hot air
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: oxygen, water, oxygen water, performance, claims

Four Steps To Take Now To Reduce Environmental Illnesses in Your Home (press release)
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: environmental, home, steps, environment, water

The recycling contradiction: Why recycling alone fails to protect the environment
Published September 29 2006
Concepts: recycling, products, environment, the environment, chemical

Columbia University receives $16.9 million NIEHS award to study arsenic in ground water (press release)
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: arsenic, water, university, health, study

Birch Bark Compound May Be Potent Prostate Cancer Fighter (press release)
Published September 26 2006
Concepts: cancer, acid, Prostate, prostate cancer, birch bark

Clean water, clean wounds (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: water, research, evidence, patients, nurses

Cleaning Water at Household, Not Source, Is Best Diarrhea Prevention (press release)
Published September 21 2006
Concepts: water, diarrhea, household, cleaning, prevention

Scottish bottled water could help beat cancer
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: water, bottled water, cancer prevention, cancer, cancer cells

Water Aerobics Reduces Sick Leave for Pregnant Women (press release)
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: women, water, pregnant women, aerobics, pain

CounterThoughts: Water on airplanes, drive-through Rx and doctor appointments (satire)
Published September 14 2006
Concepts: water, food, doctor, airplanes, society

The top five foods for healthy skin
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: skin, foods, healthy, food, health

Groups Demand Immediate Halt to Food Uses of Fluoride-Based Pesticide; National Academy of Sciences Finding That Tap Water Limits Are Unsafe Spells Trouble for Fluoride in Food; EPA Seeks Comments (press release)
Published September 8 2006
Concepts: fluoride, EPA, food, pesticide, water

Earth warning: Waterborne chemicals causing male fish to produce female organs
Published September 8 2006
Concepts: fish, water, chemicals, produce, earth

The beverages you drink could be ruining your diet (press release)
Published September 1 2006
Concepts: calories, juice, diet, beverages, soda

The Ones That Get Away (press release)
Published September 1 2006
Concepts: lead, water, research, particles, poisoning

Drinking tea healthier than drinking water, say researchers
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: tea, drinking, water, drinking water, health

Secrets of soil nutrition: Why the minerals in soil determine the success or failure of foods, health and civilization
Published August 22 2006
Concepts: minerals, soil, health, foods, selenium

Fluoridated beverage consumption and dental fluorosis: There's a connection (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: fluoride, beverages, fluorosis, dental, children

Risk for skin lesions increases with low-dose exposure to arsenic in drinking water (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: arsenic, water, exposure, drinking water, drinking

Benzene in Some Soft Drinks Prompts Call for Halt on Sales in Schools (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: benzene, soft drinks, schools, sales, school

Research shows that seeds and nuts are "brain foods" that can also stabilize your mood
Published August 7 2006
Concepts: nuts, brain, seeds, food, men

Empower yourself in 3 minutes a day: An introduction to indy media, and the online information revolution
Published August 4 2006
Concepts: news, NaturalNews, heal, information, free

Common water contaminant found to cause cancer
Published July 28 2006
Concepts: water, drinking water, EPA, risk, water safety

Disease sniffer device could provide non-invasive early disease detection by "sniffing" patients
Published July 28 2006
Concepts: disease, cancer, smell, people, chemical

Heartburn sufferers shouldn't be too quick to reach for the antacids; heartburn medications do more harm than good
Published July 25 2006
Concepts: heartburn, heart, food, stomach, acid

Good news for menopausal women: You can avoid hot flashes by changing your diet
Published July 3 2006
Concepts: men, hot flashes, soy, estrogen, food

Real-Life Epilogue To "Erin Brockovich": Medical Journal Retracts Fraudulent Chromium/Cancer Study (press release)
Published June 28 2006
Concepts: study, chromium, article, medical journal, medical

Interview with Randall Fitzgerald, author of The Hundred-Year Lie, on the prevalence of toxic chemicals
Published June 21 2006
Concepts: chemical, chemicals, synthetic chemicals, heal, health

Good news for menopausal women: You can avoid hot flashes by changing your diet
Published June 7 2006
Concepts: men, hot flashes, soy, food, estrogen

NaturalNews survey results, part 1: Huge percentage of readers make healthy changes
Published April 11 2006
Concepts: heal, health, people, food, consumption

Health roundup: The depression patch, McDonald's trans fat goofs and bottled water (satire)
Published March 12 2006
Concepts: water, McDonald's, bottled water, trans fat, depression

Fluoridation of our water is "dangerous unscientific nonsense"
Published March 9 2006
Concepts: fluoride, fluoridation, water, unscientific, health

Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1965-2005)
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: men, man, research, human, 5

Environmental groups petition EPA to retract fluoride pesticide tolerances on food
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: fluoride, EPA, pesticide, environmental, food

Bird flu spreading rapidly; U.S. government warns population
Published March 2 2006
Concepts: flu, bird flu, government, virus, food

Bird flu spreading rapidly; U.S. government warns population
Published March 2 2006
Concepts: flu, bird flu, government, virus, food

Communities which have Rejected Fluoridation Since 1990
Published February 28 2006
Concepts: fluoridation, Canada, Washington, communities, British Columbia

Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood
Published February 7 2006
Concepts: oil, liver, cod liver oil, 5, men

Health news roundup: Kraft shrinks, drugs in the drinking water, and obese chickens (satire)
Published January 31 2006
Concepts: chickens, water, drugs, Kraft, health

How to build a pharmaceutical factory in your back yard and grow your medicine for free
Published January 24 2006
Concepts: medicine, food, foods, pharmaceuticals, nature

The mineral selenium proves itself as powerful anti-cancer medicine
Published January 4 2006
Concepts: selenium, cancer, men, heal, event

Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils
Published January 2 2006
Concepts: brain, fat, acid, DHA, omega-3

Blaming dietary sodium for high blood pressure is too simplistic; the real problem may be mineral deficiencies
Published December 14 2005
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, salt, sodium, high blood pressure

Best of Show awards at the 2005 Arizona Natural Health Expo in Tucson, Ariz.
Published December 8 2005
Concepts: health, natural, juice, water, awards

Natural Cellular Defense and zeolite - is it the next big thing in nutritional therapies for cancer and chronic disease?
Published December 1 2005
Concepts: cancer, zeolite, men, natural, 5

Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, raw foods pioneer and founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
Published November 29 2005
Concepts: people, food, life, WHO, heal

The common cold is no match for natural healing therapies: minerals, herbs and foods stave off colds and flus
Published October 24 2005
Concepts: common cold, the common cold, men, colds, infection

How to change the world by buying organic and supporting sustainable farming
Published September 28 2005
Concepts: food, organic, foods, world, farm

Why weight loss requires strength training, even in women and seniors
Published August 27 2005
Concepts: body, muscle, fat, weight, training

Colloidal silver gaining ground as a proven, effective antibiotic remedy
Published July 26 2005
Concepts: silver, colloidal silver, heal, men, antibiotic

Lessons of abundance: be a river, not a dam
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: flow, money, WHO, people, abundance

The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity
Published June 13 2005
Concepts: poison, toxic, food, chemical, drug

Lawn health warning: screen your lawn for Brown's Grass Disease and grasseoporosis
Published June 12 2005
Concepts: disease, health, doctor, water, green

Q&A: How to reduce high blood pressure and restore healthy cholesterol levels with natural health
Published May 28 2005
Concepts: cholesterol, cholesterol levels, health, avoid, healthy

The A-List: Top Products Recommended By Mike Adams
Published May 24 2005
Concepts: products, food, men, health, protein

An overview of new health products, plant technology, superfoods and natural health research breakthroughs
Published May 22 2005
Concepts: food, health, people, sun, WHO

Why some of the best health strategies of all are never advertised or promoted
Published April 28 2005
Concepts: health, strategies, natural sunlight, physical exercise, health strategies

Product Review: Fiberzon combines cleansing fiber with medicinal rainforest herbs to offer potent digestive health formula
Published April 8 2005
Concepts: fiber, Fiberzon, products, health, psyllium husk

Toxic waste chemicals are disposed of by feeding to humans, then calling it fluoride
Published March 23 2005
Concepts: fluoride, waste, toxic, people, toxic waste

Trim Spa weight loss supplement is formulated with effective ingredients
Published March 1 2005
Concepts: Trim Spa, weight, weight loss, sugar, food

Amazon Herb Company review: John Easterling, rainforest herbs and more
Published February 3 2005
Concepts: herb, Amazon, Amazon herb, heal, products

Humanity cannot live without nature, but nature can live without humanity
Published January 23 2005
Concepts: nature, man, humanity, human, natural disasters

Five appetite control foods that suppress cravings without adding calories
Published January 20 2005
Concepts: food, calories, appetite, foods, hunger

The unauthorized history of Coca-Cola (satire)
Published January 14 2005
Concepts: coca, cola, Coca-Cola, soft drinks, calcium

Healing with water: the work of "water cure" pioneer Dr. Batmanghelidj
Published January 6 2005
Concepts: water, body, disease, health, soft drinks

Independent investigation reveals trusted sources for buying hoodia gordonii pills for weight loss
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: hoodia, weight, water, weight loss, hoodia gordonii

Opinion: Ensure is primarily sugar water, marketed with misleading statements that deceive consumers
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: sugar, Ensure, water, nutrition, ingredients

Q&A: How do I reduce high cholesterol with the least amount of time, money and effort? (part 2)
Published October 13 2004
Concepts: cholesterol, health, high cholesterol, garlic, cinnamon

Gatorade, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol no substitute for body's health requirement for pure water, says doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: water, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, Gatorade

Healing with water, not drugs: exclusive interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: water, pain, dehydration, healing, interview

Cholesterol is an essential nutrient for human health that saves lives, explains doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: cholesterol, body, human, health, statin drugs

Joint pain, back pain, arthritis cause by chronic dehydration, says doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: back pain, chronic dehydration, arthritis, water, body

Chronic disease caused by lack of water, says doctor, but Big Pharma treats symptoms and kills 250,000 Americans each year
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: water, dehydration, disease, symptoms, chronic dehydration

Hypertension caused by chronic dehydration, says doctor; but pharmaceutical industry prescribes drugs that cause further water loss
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: water, pharmaceutical industry, chronic dehydration, hypertension, body

Thirst perception not an accurate indicator of the need to consume water, says prominent doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: water, thirst, dehydration, people, chronic dehydration

Asthma is a false disease caused by chronic dehydration and body's drought management efforts, says doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: asthma, chronic dehydration, water, drought, drought management

FDA Approves New Drug for Treatment of Brown's Grass Disease (satire)
Published September 26 2004
Concepts: disease, drug, treatment, FDA, the FDA

Homeopathy breakthrough: homeopathic solutions proven to carry memory of water and exhibit biological effects
Published August 19 2004
Concepts: homeopathy, water, WHO, memory, medicine

Antidepressant drugs found in drinking water; pharmaceuticals have now become environmental pollutants
Published August 19 2004
Concepts: water, drugs, drinking water, pharmaceuticals, drinking

Fluoride conference reveals fraudulent science behind mass fluoridation; fluoride policy is a public fraud
Published August 8 2004
Concepts: fluoride, water, fluoridation, science, mass fluoridation

Asthma inhalers actually worsen asthma; cow's milk and chronic dehyration are the root cause
Published May 20 2004
Concepts: asthma, milk, cow's milk, asthma inhalers, water

Earth isn't the only water planet in the solar system: Mars was once awash with oceans
Published May 13 2004
Concepts: Mars, water, earth, discovery, life

Water filters compared in terms of annual cost
Published May 12 2004
Concepts: water, water filters, cost, water filter, chart

Fluoride report uses bait-and-switch to mislead readers about fluorosilicic acid
Published January 16 2004
Concepts: fluoride, report, water, toxic, acid

Good Science, Bad Reporting: Batteries Aren't Powered By Water
Published October 21 2003
Concepts: batteries, water, science, power, journalism

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