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Founder of the Living Water Institute, Iain Trousdell, on the Philosophy of Water

Monday, September 15, 2008 by: Kevin Gianni
Tags: water, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Water Secrets, which can be found at (http://www.renegadewatersecrets.com) . In this excerpt, Iain Trousdell talks about embracing a water philosophy.

Renegade Water Secrets with Iain Trousdell, founder of New Zealand's Living Water Institute.

Kevin: Someone who's hearing this call, they have an interest in water and the different aspects of water, what it can do, how does someone embrace this kind of philosophy and use it for... there's a higher consciousness, I guess.

Iain: Well, I think the world definitely needs a higher consciousness. That's self evident. So how we find that is a marvelous dynamic drama and it's very important, central. But we've worked our group in our very simple companies and their research institutes have worked mostly privately and we got to a point and then our government did help us occasionally, private corporations would help us if there was someone in there who understood what we were talking about and appreciated what we were doing.

So turning around in the last five or six years, Kevin, maybe a bit more, that suddenly thinking in the West is changing so rapidly in a positive manner, thank goodness, and folks are not just giving us sick grins when we start talking about what we're doing.

Kevin: Right.

Iain: That's how it used to be. "Oh, go hug a tree." You know, you're just talking about fairies but now they're going "Oh, wow, really?" and "Tell me more," or "how can I find out more?" So we're in the process of setting up internet websites and ways of becoming part of databases and being on the map soon.

Kevin: Right.

Iain: So one way that folks could associate themselves with us is to go to (www.healingwaterinstitute.net) and just a bit down the left, there's a sign up form there and you get free autoresponder emails on the creative secrets of water I send to you over a 10-12 week period, just explaining more on the sort of things that you and I have been discussing today. I've also recently bought waterfriends.net, which no one had.

Kevin: Okay.

Iain: So we were planning to develop that as a group of people who can find ways of helping around the world in different ways.

Kevin: Now, what is your own practice with water? Are you experimenting with the Flow Forms for your own drinking consumption?

Iain: Oh, yes, I do. I also use them for my garden and for treatment of catalytic materials to empower the garden.

Kevin: Let's talk about that a little bit.

Iain: Sorry, what's that?

Kevin: Talk about that a little bit.

Iain: That's the bionamics agriculture.

Kevin: Okay.

Iain: And Rudolf Steiner gave a number of very interesting recipes for developing extra life supporting capacity in the soil and one of them, in particular, is cow manure which gets placed into a cow horn which has a spiral and you leave it in the ground over winter and in the spring, it has a remarkable quality where if you mix it rhythmically with water and spray that water out over your property, the living organisms in the soil respond in a truly remarkable way which is now being scientifically proven and annotated over an 80-year period. For instance, in India, it was the scientists at the agricultural colleges who first got most excited about bionamics when it was introduced to them by Peter Proctor in New Zealand and who's now in his 80's. And it spread from their scientific research into the villages and cooperatives. So we use Flow Forms as part of that because of the increasing capacity to support life.

Kevin: You use Flow Forms to mix?

Iain: To stir the cow manure. We do drink... we run our tap water through Flow Forms to drink at home, but primarily what's happened to me is, I've been a teacher over many years, but at the same time did Flow Forms. I've worked with Flow Forms; I've been personally involved in 400-450 projects around the Pacific. I've lived in New Zealand most of that time. Major projects are city centers, kindergartens, hospitals, therapeuticoms, many home gardens, ponds -- it's remarkable what they do for a pond because many people dig ponds and of course in nature, a pond, unless it's a monsoon or been captured by flash flooding, has a stream.

Kevin: Right.

Iain: And the stream keeps the pond alive. The pond can't move properly or have moving water coming through it. Of course, it becomes stagnant and all sorts of creatures like mosquitoes and malaria and what have you, so also algae. So we've got remarkable stories of introducing Flow Form-treated water to ponds.

Kevin: And how does that happen?

Iain: Even with ponds that have had running water going into them, we just put a Flow Form into the running water and even then there's a remarkable change.

Kevin: And how does...

Iain: There's been scientific research from Holland, Sweden and many other places.

Kevin: You put it into the water source? How does that happen?

Iain: The Flow Form?

Kevin: Yeah.

Iain: For instance, take swimming pools. We've got five or six swimming pools in New Zealand which have no chlorine use at all. Basically, your swimming pool is a captured body of water that gets taken out through a filter and sort of pumped and whacked back into the pools. So it's not really helping the water a lot except chemically cleaning it and then, because of the pathogens that can develop in this water that doesn't support life, we throw in a ton of chlorine which kills off stuff and that also impacts the water quality. So the water's basically an unhappy chappy in there. So I've never had anyone, if I say to them, "Would you like water to go through a mountain stream." And everyone goes "Well, yeah, of course, that would be great." Okay, would you like the mountain stream to be artistic, sound beautiful, relaxing and, hey we'll throw a heart pulse in as well just as added measure. So people have these. They get five, seven Flow Forms set up by their swimming pool and suddenly the water's soft and silky and sparkly and feels fresh and there's just the need to put the same amount of chlorine in it. Of course, we tell people to test it and do everything and watch their health and all the legal issues.

Kevin: Sure.

Iain: Some folk have natural swimming pools so it looks like a mountain pond. They've got trees in it and filtration and it gets run through a biological filter, reeds and rushes and Flow Forms... So that's fun. We can do that. It's another one of our 40 niche markets. And so we're setting up also our business Nature Intelligence International. My company, Design for Life, with my teams in New Zealand, we're joining forces commercially with John Wilkes and his company in England created a company called Nature Intelligence and we're just starting that company now in America and have interest from 7 or 8 different countries to start business there and there have been inquiries from 53 countries now for Flow Forms over the last 30 years. Two and a half thousand, two thousand four hundred or so projects have been completed in that time.

Kevin: Wow.

Iain: We are ready now with means of mass production which we've developed ceramics in Vietnam with wonderful colleagues there and also a method of rotational composite stone crafting, so we're ready to mass produce and we just got ourselves to this point with regard to the business and also our Healing Water Institutes in New Zealand and Britain and we're setting one up in America.

Kevin: Okay and where do you see this in the future, say 10, 15, 20 years.

Iain: Well, I think we have a realistic approach. We estimate that... we are planning to sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Flow Forms in the next 15-20 years and we've got a number of folks, some of them high-level international water consultants, coming to us saying "You're going to need hundreds of millions of dollars to gear up with the world need for Flow Forms once people realize what you're doing" and so we're happy with a few million to get that up and going. But that was his point. He's saying "How about eco-villages?" You've got thirty thousand houses... They're being built all over the place now. When I'm going around, for instance, to places like this or spas or hotel chains, I've had someone else tell me about eco-villages, an engineer who's working in London. So say there's a town of thirty thousand houses all being built, everything's perfect, top level sustainability, and they go, "Well, of course, we've got to have Flow Forms in there to enliven the water."

Kevin: Right, like if it's captured rain water?

Iain: Captured rain water, tap water, once the science gets a bit clearer, we're just collaborating with a couple of our top Ph.D. guys who are working with us collecting more scientific research and more modern theoretical basis for the way we work. We're up to 80 pages. It's going to turn into 100 and we'll publish that. And this is scientific work that Ph.D. guys from top level universities are prepared to put their name on.

Kevin: Right.

Iain: So when these sort of things are published, we bring all the marketing and the knowledge and the propensity to produce, all of that together. So our hope is it's conceivable we get an engineering building group who says "Okay, we need three Flow Forms for each of the thirty thousand houses, when can you deliver?"

Kevin: Right.

Iain: So we get an order for ninety thousand Flow Forms and I think that's only a year or two away.

Kevin: That's great, that's great.

Iain: We've been preparing for this for seven years now, Kevin. Our group down in New Zealand and John's excited about us and it's an exciting entrepreneurial venture combined with our research and design.

Kevin: And how do you see it changing the people who are living in those environments?

Iain: Sorry, I'm missing that.

Kevin: How do you see it changing or affecting the people who are living in those environments?

Iain: Well, it's very interesting. Again, this is anecdotal, but we get people telling us "Hey, we can sleep better. We're not just so stressed. We're just relaxing..." We have already set them up in kindergartens, for instance, and the kids just love them. Because you're feeling life is in your rhythmic system, in your heart and in your chest, when we live in such an arrhythmic out of touch world, often, don't we, in cities and when people consciously or unconsciously are in an environment which has a rhythmic sound, soft and relaxing sort of environment, the air changes, the earth. Something pretty fundamental changes in them. I've had some extraordinary statements from folks and kindergartens -- we get children who are a bit overactive, they tend to calm down and focus on what's happening in their marvelous little stream. And the kids who are a bit shy, come along and start to talk and people cooperate. It's remarkable. It's just simply remarkable.

Kevin: Well, I think that's probably a great way to end this interview here.

Iain: Well, indeed, it's a huge topic and it's a very exciting one. Water is the big issue, as you know, with regards to your project putting all these things together. There are two billion people at the moment who have daily problems getting fresh water for drinking, washing and cooking.

To read the rest of this transcript as well as access 6 different water experts just like Iain Trousdell, to discover your most pressing questions about water, please visit (http://www.RenegadeWaterSecrets.com) .

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