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The Recipe for Oleander Soup - Make Your own Cancer and HIV Remedy (Part 1)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 by: Tony Isaacs
Tags: Oleander, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) In a recent series of articles here on Natural News I have traced the history of the wondrous oleander plant and how it is a potent remedy for cancer and HIV -- the most potent I know of, in fact -- and have noted that oleander is available as a patented medicine, an herbal supplement and as a homemade remedy.

The patented medicine versions are currently in FDA trials, and one fears that if a large pharmaceutical company ever does buy out the medicine, it will either be buried or else made far less potent and perhaps have a few side effects thrown in. And one can only hope that the dietary supplement (Southerlandia OPC) will be left alone -- but the history of Big Pharma and their FDA lackeys is not kind towards anything natural which is more effective, safer and far less expensive than their lab created and side effect laden drugs. Cancer is, after all, a $400 Billion dollar a year industry.

Fortunately, if the medicine never makes it to market (at least not in an effective form) and if the supplement form does come under attack and suppression, there is the third option: A homemade oleander extract remedy that one can make at home about as easily as a large pot of beans!

Here then is the "Recipe for Oleander Soup".

Please note: Raw oleander plant is extremely toxic. Do not handle or ingest raw oleander or any form of oleander that has not been prepared according to the recipe for "oleander soup" or the commercial products such as Sutherlandia OPC. While raw oleander is toxic, there have been no verified reports of serious adverse reactions or side-effects due to properly prepared oleander extract taken according to directions. The most common side-effects are loose bowels, slight temperature and perhaps mild nausea, all of which should dissipate quickly as the body becomes acclimated to the extract.

This information is furnished for informational purposes only and nothing contained herein is intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Anyone with a medical condition or seeking medical advice is urged to seek out a qualified medical professional - preferably one well versed in integrative and/or naturopathic medicine.

Materials Needed:

* Rubber gloves

* Garden Trimmers (such as small hedge trimmers or rose trimmers)

* Plastic trash bag or a large plastic shopping bag

* Large cooking pot

* Plastic or metal strainers (colanders)

* Paper towels or filters

* Coffee filters

* Steel tongs and/or steel screen or strainer type cooking ladle

* 20-ounce plastic water bottles or brown glass bottles

* Vodka or apple cider vinegar (organic non-distilled is best) for preservative.

* Flavoring (if desired) such as boysenberry pancake syrup

To make your own potent oleander soup:

Wear rubber gloves and use garden hand trimmers to trim oleander new growth stems and leaves 6" from tip. Any part of the plant can be used, but trimming the new growth 6 to 8 inches from the tips will ensure that the plant lives. Six inches is best, because that easily fits into the boiling pot. If you use a larger or a smaller pot, cut the length of the leaves an inch less than the diameter of the pot.

Put the cuttings in a plastic shopping bag. Avoid touching cut ends, use gloves, as the sap will penetrate skin and is toxic.

Use a large porcelain or stainless steel steam pot, up to 12 quarts in size, into which you stuff the trimmings to 2" from top. This is the same kind of pot used for making jellies and canning. Fill with water to the top of the trimmings. Pack the oleander down into the water and put the pot lid on, making sure the water level is at least two inches from the top, so it won`t boil over.

Boil at a slow, rolling boil, steaming, with the lid on for 3.5 to 4 hours.

Remove plant material with tongs and discard carefully, using tongs or a screen ladle. Be careful not to spill the liquid on you, it is hot.

Volume remaining should be about 60 to 70% of the original liquid.

Boil this slowly again for about 2 to 3 hours, reducing the liquid again by 50%, to about 30% of original liquid. Let this cool to room temperature, sitting covered for about two hours. This liquid should be as thick as chicken soup broth, pouring easily into a straining pot.

Strain the remainder through 4 layers of paper towels using plastic colanders, which are commonly available in grocery stores, the plastic 99 cent ones work great. Stack one on top of another with a towel in between each. The top towel may plug and need to be replaced. Use a soup ladle to slowly pour the liquid through the towels, straining into a two-quart pan or bowl.

Repeat the filtering process using four or more layers of coffee filters. The original instructions did not call for this, however, it has been determined that additional filtrations is needed to remove larger organic compounds that cause the more common, though mild, side effects. See Tips and Advice.

To preserve the product, you can mix the remaining with 80 proof vodka, or apple cider vinegar (organic non-distilled is by far the best), 50/50 as a preservative, extending shelf life by at least 6 months. For flavor, you may choose to add some of your favorite pancake syrup, such as boysenberry, for flavoring, in moderation.

Using a funnel, pour into 20 oz plastic empty water bottles with tight lids, or better still, brown glass bottles, and refrigerate. Avoid direct sunlight on the final liquid, as it will degrade in sunlight.


Because this is an extract that acts like digitalis, which makes your heart work harder, those with heart conditions or high blood pressure should only use oleander soup with medical supervision, preferably someone well versed in integrative medicine.

Begin slowly, with small amounts, increasing slowly as your system adapts. Begin with ¼ to ½ of a teaspoon two or three times a day after meals, work up slowly, a week at a time, until you reach 1 tablespoon three times a day after meals. Side effects are normally fairly mild, especially when compared to standard chemo or radiation therapy side effects, and vary from one individual to another. Some people report little or no side effects at all. Typical side effects for those who do experience them can include mild fever, headache, diarrhea, nausea and sometimes, vomiting. Usually these effects go away in a couple of weeks or so, as the body adjusts to the oleander soup. After a month or so, perhaps much less, you should be up to tolerating the full dose (1 Tablespoon 3 times per day) with minimum reaction. The dosage may vary with individual use, depending upon body weight and sensitivity, and taking a little more is not harmful, but might increase diarrhea.

To counter diarrhea, some oleander soup users take over the counter diarrhea control medicine, like Immodium.

Note: It is the author`s very strong belief that the key to avoiding most, if not all, side effects, is extra filtration. See Tips and Advice (http://www.tbyil.com/tips.htm) .

Duration of Dosage:

Once a cell proliferating disease like cancer is stopped, it can return. Continuation of smaller maintenance dosages should be strongly considered.

Prevention/Maintenance Dosage:

One regular dose three times a week (one Tablespoon) forever. It`s easy to make, costs almost nothing (if you live in the south). It is believed that long term usage boosts the immune system, helps prevent many diseases, targets and kills bad cells and only bad cells, and in some cases, leads to weight loss, more energy, and a lower craving for the dietary "sin foods" like ice-cream and cake.

For a Basic Oleander Skin Creme or Lotion:

For a basic skin creme or lotion: Slowly boil the original brew down to a light syrup, condensing the liquid and making it thicker at a less than boiling temperature.

Mix the final syrup with an aloe based hand cream, using one part oleander syrup to three parts hand cream. Used regularly, Dr. Ozel`s patent says this is a good topical cream for pre-cancerous skin cells, age spots, moles, and psoriasis.

When used for psoriasis, it is most effective to mix the concentrated oleander with ozonated olive oil. It works even better if you mix it with ozonated grape seed oil although some people have a skin sensitivity to the more potent ozonated grape seed oil. (Olive oils set like Vaseline after about 4 - 5 days of bubbling ozone through it while grape seed oil takes from 18 - 22 days. It is thus much more saturated with ozone).

Adding DMSO is also recommended.

Final Cautions:

Before you begin taking oleander, as a final cautionary measure, touch a bit of it to your lips. If you notice any numbness or tingling, throw out the extract you have made and find another source of plants. Numbness or tingling is a sign of contamination, most likely by pesticides such as malathion -- a favorite of commercial nurseries and homeowners.

Once again, a reminder that oleander is a very toxic plant when raw and must be prepared exactly according to instructions. Unless you are going to follow the instructions exactly in every respect, including boiling time, filtering and dosage amounts do not even think about making it yourself.

Furthermore, when these instructions were first devised over five years ago, the only options for obtaining an oleander extract were to either get the patented medicine form (Anvirzel) from Salud Integral in Honduras (http://www.saludintegral.hn) at a cost of about $2700 for a three month supply or else make your own. Since then, an excellent product based on this exact "recipe" and also including a lesser amount of the South Africa Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia Frutescens) named Sutherlandia OPC has come on the market as a dietary supplement and is available for only $60 for a one month supply including shipping from (http://www.sutherlandiaopc.com) -- which should put a lab made, controlled quality oleander extract within the reach of just about anyone`s budget.

About the author

Tony Isaacs, is a natural health author, advocate and researcher who hosts The Best Years in Life website for those who wish to avoid prescription drugs and mainstream managed illness and live longer, healthier and happier lives naturally. Mr. Isaacs is the author of books and articles about natural health, longevity and beating cancer including "Cancer's Natural Enemy" and is working on a major book project due to be published later this year. He is also a contributing author for the worldwide advocacy group "S.A N.E.Vax. Inc" which endeavors to uncover the truth about HPV vaccine dangers.
Mr. Isaacs is currently residing in scenic East Texas and frequently commutes to the even more scenic Texas hill country near Austin and San Antonio to give lectures and health seminars. He also hosts the CureZone "Ask Tony Isaacs - featuring Luella May" forum as well as the Yahoo Health Group "Oleander Soup" and he serves as a consultant to the "Utopia Silver Supplement Company".

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