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Fluoride lawsuits start and may grow massively

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 by: Kim Evans
Tags: fluoride, lawsuits, health news

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(NewsTarget) Isn`t it odd that a substance that is claimed to reduce tooth decay actually causes white spotted, yellow, brown teeth and even pitted teeth? The truth is, even for what fluoride is purported to do, it doesn`t work very well. The other truth is, dental fluorosis, or these spots or pitted teeth, is a sign of fluoride poisoning, and according to the CDC, dental fluorosis now affects 41 percent of adolescents. The sad thing about fluoride poisoning is that it goes far beyond the damage to our teeth. Consuming fluoride negatively affects our brains and bones, and fluoride has even been found to make us statically less intelligent. It`s implicated in dozens of serious diseases, and the only bright side is that consumers and the public are starting to fight back.

A lawsuit was recently filed against two companies offering water products with fluoride marketed toward children, and they're being sued for damage caused by the fluoride. The Plaintiff, a 13-year old girl, has severe dental fluorosis, and the cost to cover her white spotted teeth with veneers, over her lifetime, may be more than $100,000. Her parents actually bought the fluorinated water because it was marketed to be good for teeth - and the fluorinated water was 90 percent of the water the girl drank as a baby and young child. But you can see for yourself what happened. http://www.nidellaw.com/press/Front.png

"In this case, a photo really is worth a thousand words," says plaintiff`s attorney Nidel pointing to a photo of the girl`s teeth.

Unfortunately there aren`t also pictures of how much of her intelligence quotient this girl lost and what further impact that will have on her life: whether it`s in income lost due to lost intelligence, kidney damage, bone damage, cancer or just in personal unhappiness. Her mother says she is extremely self conscious about her smile.

The bottled water she drank regularly contained .08 percent fluoride, which is about the same amount that municipalities add to public water supplies. The attorneys for the case think it`s just the tip of the iceberg for fluoride related lawsuits.

It also turns out that even though these parents thought that the fluoride would benefit their daughter, the dental industry has long known otherwise.

According to a firm working to end the fluoridation of our water supply, "Dental industry representatives have long fretted in their professional journals that fluoride providers could one day face legal actions for harm caused by ingested fluorides... There were also warnings in dental and other publications that fluorides could potentially cause bone disorders, kidney harm, and thyroid impairment."

Attorney Nidel also adds, "We`re at the beginning of what looks to be an absolutely enormous wave of new fluoride litigation. There are so many harmed teenagers with fluorosis. We have the government`s own data to prove that. Potentially millions with fluorosis will want to talk to an attorney, and believe me, plaintiff attorneys and the plaintiffs` bar are beginning to educate themselves about all this."

It`s a sad thing that we have to step up and fight just not to be poisoned these days, but it`s good to see consumers fighting the battle. The city of New York may be getting on board with the ending of this massive public poisoning, and legislation has been introduced to stop fluoridation of the city`s water supplies.


About the author

Kim Evans is a natural health writer and author of Cleaning Up! The Ultimate Body Cleanse. Cleaning Up! offers deep cleansing and using methods in this book, people have gotten rid of dozens of different types of health problems, as well as just losing excess weight, thinking more clearly, and feeling better.

Kim's next book chronicles events in her life that happen to match patterns in the Bible. She's also found three places in the Bible that tell us its about these patterns and even asking you to match them.
Here's a little from the upcoming book...
In Isaiah 22:20, it says, "And it must occur in that day that I will call my servant, namely Eliakim." But, because these prophecies are cryptic and they aren't meant to be understood until they are understood, it's only the last three letters.
A few lines later, it says, "From the land of Kittim it has been revealed to them."
Here, you just take out any three middle letters, and again, it's the name of the person bringing you this message, or the sacred secret of the prophecy. Actually, if you take those two passages, Kim is about the only name you can get from both of them.
In Numbers 1:1 1:18, it's talking about "the family" and mentions Pagiel. It also twice mentions February 1st, (Kim's birthday) and then says that the youngest is 20 years old. Kim's little sister Paige is currently 20 years old.
In Chronicles 1 11:20 it mentions the brother of Joab and then in the same sentence uses the word brandishing. Kim's middle name is Jo and her older sister's name is Brandi. There are other patterns to her sisters too but these sort of mention them by name.
Of course, it helps if you know that there is a magical spiritual reality available that comes deep cleansing and often major dietary upgrades. It's also why Jesus was teaching the same thing, if you find his teachings in the Essene Gospel of Peace. In this text, he even says things like, "You'll never see the father unless you clean your colon." But, this is paraphrased...
In the Bible Jesus says things more like, happy are those who wash their robes, as they can enter the tree of life. The tree of life is elsewhere explained as God's paradise. He also said, first clean the inside of the cup and then the outside will also be clean.
Kim's book Cleaning Up! is here http://www.cleaningupcleanse.com. You can also preorder The Sacred Prophecies Have Been Fulfilled
here. It shouldn't be long.

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