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Oceans, Plants, and Humans - Closer Than You Think

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 by: Mike Donkers
Tags: Quinton, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) If you look at our "family tree" you will find that apes are our "parents", plants are our "grandparents", and the sun and sea our "great grandparents".

The ocean as a plasma

Let's start with our great grandmother, the sea. A French doctor by the name of René Quinton discovered as early as 1897 that sea water is 98% identical to blood. Sea water needs an extra molecule of magnesium while blood needs an extra molecule of iron. Other than that they are identical.

According to Quinton ocean water should therefore not be regarded as mere salt water but as a plasma. His theory was that cells have the capacity to regenerate, provided the cells' environment (the blood) makes this possible. All minerals on earth are concentrated in ocean water. Purify the blood with the minerals in sea water and you create the ideal conditions for life. All life on earth comes from the sea and in a healthy, unpolluted sea environment lifeforms have a double life expectancy compared to life on earth – in perfect health.

Quinton diluted ocean water to the exact same proportions as blood and gave sea water injections to stray dogs. He managed to cure them all of any type of disease or ailment. Quinton realized he had stumbled upon something revolutionary. Fortunately his heart was in the right place and he was not out to make money. He set up free clinics across all of France and was able to cure babies of diarrhea (we now know what a simple salt water solution can do to cure diarrhea), but also serious degenerative diseases such as tuberculosis and cholera. With sea water injections he created the conditions necessary for the body to heal itself. Using this ocean plasma he performed successful sea water transfusions in Egypt because then, just like today, there was a shortage of blood for transfusions.

Quinton worked according to a very strict protocol: ocean water was to be collected at least 35 miles from the shore at a depth of 100 feet because of high concentrations there of plants, algae and plankton; it had to be transported cold in vessels made of either glass or food grade plastic; finally it needed to be analyzed for pollution and cold filtered so it could eventually be diluted down to contain the exact same salt content as blood.   

Just imagine blood types and contamination with HIV, hepatitis or any other nasty disease reduced to the past because you are working with a plasma purer than the best quality blood. It is possible. It was at least, until shortly after World War Two. Quinton died in 1925 but there were others who followed in his footsteps and continued to use ocean water therapy. The French government initially recognized Quinton's ocean therapy, but after the second World War American influence grew in Europe and with it the power of a very rich and influential pharmaceutical industry. They managed to have the French government ban Quinton's therapy and effectively put a stop to this method outside of France as well.

There is now, however, an Italian former oncologist (ostracized because of his views) named Tullio Simoncini who can cure cancer using - guess what - injections of sodium bicarbonate, a salt in carbon dioxide. Apparently fungi, parasites, viruses and other pathogens don't like salt. Can you imagine what will happen to these organisms when they are attacked by several salts at the same time such as the ones in ocean water? Why is this therapy being withheld from us? The answer is, of course, there is no money in health, only illness.  

If you want to know more about René Quinton and his method check out the following web pages:


For more information about Dr Simonicini see this page:


Photo synthesis and chlorophyll

Let's look at our great grandfather, the sun, and our grandparents, the plants. Photo synthesis occurs as a result of interaction with sunlight. This creates chlorophyl and it is what makes plants green. This also began in the sea and led to one-celled organisms who were the granddaddies of blue-green algae such as spirulina and a fresh water variety called chlorella. Both algae are known to be very good for the blood because of their high chlorophyll content.

This is no coincidence as chlorophyl is also 98% identical to blood, in the exact same way as sea water - chlorophyl too needs an extra molecule of magnesium and blood an extra molecule of iron. Chlorophyll is also near-identical to hemoglobin, a protein responsible for making red blood cells and carrying oxygen through the blood. It is this oxygen transport that makes chlorophyl so healing, since pathogenic organisms like hiding out in cells by creating an anaerobic (oxygen-starved) environment. Chlorophyll is both oxygen and blood, not just for green plants but also animals and humans. 

If René Quinton viewed sea water as a plasma for this reason, shouldn't we then also see chlorophyl as a plasma? Has anyone ever tried injecting chlorophyl solutions into a human or animal? I wouldn't be at all surprised if we saw equally spectacular results! We know about hydrogen peroxide therapy. Hydrogen peroxide is concentrated oxygen. When this is injected or drunk it makes life pretty miserable for pathogens in an anaerobic environment and has in many cases cured degenerative diseases such as cancer.

This is based on the same principle as Quinton's: improve the environment in which the cells live and your immune system is programmed toward self healing. The oxygen in chlorophyl has this quality and so do the minerals in sea water. This is because both come from the same "primordial soup". I believe this principle goes beyond mere oxygen and minerals. You are adding life information and life energy to your cells. This primal information acts as a key which activates the cells to literally go back to basics. Regeneration instead of degeneration.

Degenerative damage which occurs during your lifetime can be undone in whole or in part in this lifetime. You don't have to accept the "it's genetic" myth doctors tell you when you have cancer, diabetes or some other "life-long" disease. This turns you into a powerless, life-long victim - and customer! - of a commercial system aimed at keeping you sick through toxic "therapies" such as chemotherapy which will only weaken your immune system instead of strengthen it. And don't think only the heavy therapies are toxic: tear out all information about the side effects of medicines from the 3,000 page Physicians' Desk Reference and you're left with 150 pages!

Sea Minerals

More people die or get ill each year from western drugs or vaccinations than any other cause. Did you know that the legal definition of the word "medicine" is not something that cures but something that suppresses the symptoms of an illness? This automatically makes any real cures illegal! You probably also weren't aware of a UN organization called Codex Alimentarius (Latin for "food law") in which no less than 173 countries participate and they will officially make vitamins, minerals, herbs and non-GMO crops illegal as of December 31, 2009. Would you put your life and health in the hands of these "experts" in toxicology?

If there are no doctors willing to administer the therapies of Quinton and Simoncini but instead simplified versions such as salt water solutions and infusions based on sodium chloride we will have to start taking in the sea minerals and chlorophyl ourselves. Given the fact that thanks to the Codex Alimentarius we will all be forced to eat empty, dead and processed foods as of 2010 it seems a good idea to start working on some healthy alternatives. Starting with your own vegetable garden.

To improve your soil the first thing you need to do is to stop spraying chemicals made by the same companies that also make the drugs. Isn't that interesting? The very industry that manufactures artificial fertilizers also produces the medicines. First they make you sick with food coming from toxic soils, then they give you the drugs to help make you better. This system is called problem-reaction-solution: first they create the problem, followed by a reaction from the public, then they offer the solution to the problem that they themselves created. Politicians also like working according to this age-old principle.

Break away from this system and grow your own vegetables and fruits using sea minerals. If sea water is a plasma that contains life information and energy then it also has the capacity to heal your soil, enabling you to grow plants of unlimited health. You will notice you won't have to use pesticides as the plant-eating bugs will not touch healthy plants. They are the garbage men of nature and they are here to teach you an important lesson: the more insects are eating your plants, the worse the quality of your soil. The trick is to improve the resistance of the plants and soil instead of declaring war on the bugs with chemicals which will only weaken your plants and soil. Do you see the analogy between plants and humans here? No wonder chemical companies also make drugs!

Since chlorophyl is also a plasma, which chlorophyl-rich crop is best for ocean growing? It has been said before: cereal grasses such as wheat grass, barley grass, rye grass and oat grass. You don't have a garden? No problem, it can be grown on your balcony or even indoors, although indirect sunlight in the outside air is better.

You can also choose to mineralize yourself daily by making your own Sole. This is a concentrated sea water solution. If you want to learn how to ocean grow plants or make Sole just email me. You can also choose to buy sodium-poor Ocean Minerals made by an Aussie farmer named Gerry Amena. You can buy them here:


Find out more about Gerry Amena here:


We are all one

Humans and animals have a genetic relationship of no less than 98% with green plants and sea water. Sea water covers 70% of the earth's surface. What's the most common green plant on the 30% land mass we live on? Grass. The very matter covering the earth most often overlooked by humans is what may end up saving us!

If we free ourselves from our grain culture and start covering the earth again with ocean grown green stuff our agricultural soils will start to heal again. Grass and clover will hold the soil in place, the cattle will get their natural feed and we can once again eat healthy plants and animals. Green plants also have a cooling effect on the earth as they fixate nitrogen and carbon in the soil. Where do you think all that oil, gas and coal came from? They don't call it fossil fuels for nothing!  

What's good for the sea is good for the earth is good for the plants is good for the animals is good for us. We are all one. A good example is pH-value. Sickness is acidification. A neutral pH is 7. Above it is alkaline, or basic. Below 7 is acidic. Our blood is perfectly healthy at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4. The sea has a more or less neutral pH. With ocean water you therefore not only alkalize the soil when you grow crops with it, but also yourself when you use it as a food supplement.

Soils and plants thrive at a more or less neutral pH. So do we, the variations are minimal. We are all one. The sea isn't just water. The earth isn't just sand or clay. Plants aren't just plants. We are talking about our ancestors here and we all need the same thing. If our pH drops far below 7 we become acidic and unhealthy and sick. Green leafy vegetables are basic (alkaline) foods. It is probably wise to alkalize our blood, the environment of our cells, by consuming ocean grown green leafys and supplementing with ocean minerals at least once a day.

Life contains genetic information which always finds its way no matter what we may do to this planet. Mankind is the only one of Mother Nature's children that goes against her will. We pollute, deforest, even spread radioactivity by deploying weapons containing depleted uranium. Our mother is not impressed – shortly after atomic bombs had fallen on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed or sickened all human and animal life plants started to grow right through the radioactivity. We are only doing this to ourselves, the earth will keep going no matter what.

This stupidity is all a result of physical and mental sickness. There is another way, however. Currently 95% of the world's population consists of sheeple. Only 5% are independent, free thinkers. With the right foods based on the same information which gives nature its unbridled force and its capacity for self healing we can reverse the numbers so only 5% of us don't get it (guess what they will be eating!). We can then finally decide to elect wise, authentic leaders and break away from our individualism to find out that we humans are also one and refuse to be played against each other any longer. Be good to nature and nature will be good to you.

About the author

Mike Donkers is an English teacher from the Netherlands who started taking care of his own health in October 2006 because doctors couldn't help him. His interest in the connection between food and health has led to more in-depth research, particularly in the role sea minerals can have in the regeneration of cells. He is also a self-taught guitarist and singer. He is the songwriter and frontman of his own band, The Mellotones (www.nubluz.com).

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