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Four Steps To Take Now To Reduce Environmental Illnesses in Your Home (press release)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 by: NewsTarget
Tags: health news, Natural News, nutrition

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Environmental hazards in your home, workplace or your childís school could be the cause of a wide range of common medical problems as well as the source of many ailments, according to Bruce Bley, founder of environmental consulting firm BCB Associates.

Mysterious headaches that only occur on weekends and nose bleeds, nausea or rashes that occur after the new puppy or kitten is brought home or after moving into a newly constructed house could be an environmental illness symptoms. Many of all family health problems today could be reduced by eliminating toxins from our homes. This includes contact with toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the nutrients we put into our bodies and the things that come in contact with our skin. Symptoms of environmental illness are difficult to diagnose and are often mistaken for other medical problems. A more holistic approach is to treat the environment, hopefully avoiding the need to ever have to treat the patient.

According to Mr. Bley there are four suggested steps you can take now to protect your family:

1. Clean your air. Use an air purifier. You need to treat all three areas of indoor air pollution- particulates, odors/fumes and surface microbials/molds. Home ventilation systems, HEPA filters and room deodorizing dispensers donít do it. Plus, eliminate the need for expensive replacement filters or dispensers by treating the air more effectively, electronically.

2. Treat your water. Use a water purifier. Why buy expensive bottled water if you can install an effective water purification system, either whole-house or counter top model. Once again, a filtration system is not enough. You want a system that can treat the water effectively, but inexpensively, eliminating chlorine, fluoride, copper, lead and styrene (from the water containers), germs and organisms as well as suspended matter.

3. Use all natural nutrients. Incorporate a line of proven, and medically accepted nutritional supplements that are all-natural, enzyme based and that have an efficient delivery system to ensure health and vitality. Promote a family exercise program. If a family member is overweight, encourage them to use a proven board certified weight-loss product/program that provides the needed emotional and psychological support, as well as nutritional support.

4. Eliminate surface irritants and toxins. Many conditions other than eye and skin irritations and allergies can be transmitted by coming in contact with the skin. New carpeting, cleaning solutions, detergent residue, laundry techniques and mold and microbials on surfaces can all be the cause of headaches, dizziness and flu-like symptoms. Our skin is porous and will absorb toxins slowly over time.

You can reduce mysterious family illness and sick building syndrome. Treat the cause- avoid the ailment. Eliminate environmental illness in your home.

BCB Associates is a group of individuals, professionals and companies working together to disseminate information and supply products and services that address environmental issues in todayís home and workplace. We are interested in establishing and maintaining communication with individuals, qualified local professionals and companies involved in indoor environmental issues and appreciate your comments and input.

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