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Radiation illness

The most irrational yet effective remedy in the world for radiation illness and its prevention

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 by: Savely Yurkovsky
Tags: radiation illness, remedies, health news

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(NaturalNews) As the radioactive fallout from Japan has officially reached the level of Chernobyl's catastrophe and encroached onto the U.S. and Canada, the EPA, for the lack of a drug to recommend, has been playing the role of psychotherapist - "you are OK, we are OK, don't worry." Even better, the psychotherapeutic arsenal has extended to even silencing this inconvenient issue altogether, thus leaving the public virtually to itself in managing matters.

In a nutshell, the situation is reminiscent of a humorous Russian novel where a billboard posted along the beach waters advised the public that "the business of rescuing drowning citizens lies in the hands of the drowning citizens themselves." Perhaps this was just a prelude to a nowadays popular era of self-help, encouraging one of its more radical versions or,
maybe, the beach authorities were taking the good old evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest to another level but, under the current circumstances, that is how we might view the EPA's position in the radiation matter.

So, being left to the business of rescuing ourselves and our children, what are we to do under the circumstances where radioactive fallout affecting 15 states in the U.S. by now, has been rising by the day and where it has already contaminated the food and water supplies. The level of radioactive iodine-131 that has been recently detected in rainwater in Berkeley, California and Vancouver, Canada was 300 times the legal limit set by the U.S. for drinking water. And, according to radiation expert, Dr. John Price, former member of the Safety Policy Unit and the UK's National Nuclear Corporation,radiation leaks will continue for as long as 50-100 years.

In the meantime, aside from contaminated rainwater in Berkeley and Vancouver, over 2 million gallons of radioactive water released into the ocean from the Fukushima reactor might be flooding the fishing territory of Alaska. Here, too, we will be left to ourselves with guesswork as to how healthy still remains Alaskan seafood, even if labeled 'wild'.

Certainly, had there been a patented pharmaceutical drug to swallow against radiation, the EPA and its foreign counterparts in Canada, Europe and Asia would sound far less reassuring on the matter and would sternly command the citizens to promptly begin the swallowing process. But there are no drugs, and even the much spoken about potassium iodide may protect just against thyroid cancer and only if administered within 24 hours following the exposure. If taken later, it may harm.

Yet, what we have not heard from the EPA, AMA, CDC, NIH and, even less, from 'your doctor' or 'medical experts' on major TV networks, is that there is a good alternative that does exist under the circumstances. The main reason for the silence engulfing this alternative is not only because of its belonging to alternative medicine but, also, because it represents its
most strange and even irrational category. Its name is homeopathy. The list that reflects its seemingly irrational nature, at least for allopathically or pharmaceutically-conditioned minds, is quite impressive, indeed.

It begins with the homeopathic principle "treat same with same" that extends to and even encourages to treat poison with the same poison!

The next irrational premise is that while homeopathic remedies above a certain strength or potency cease having a single molecule of the original substance from which they are prepared, their proponents, nevertheless, maintain that the remedies still possess therapeutic action. Furthermore, the higher the potency is above that level, void of a single molecule, the
stronger, they say, the remedy acts!

The claims defying common sense continue with some remedies registering their medicinal activity even after 200 years since their date of preparation.

Adding further to the assault to one's common sense, the remedies' action may continue for as long as a year following just a single dose. And even that lone dose is not to be swallowed, but just to lie under the tongue until it dissolves. This all flies in the face of pharmaceutical drugs and even natural supplements ways of doing things where these need to be ingested in some hefty doses and on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their effect.

In addition, what really seals homeopathy as taboo of all times for the Big Pharma and its retail distributor - mainstream medicine - is that homeopathic remedies are: able to treat medical conditions which drugs can't, belong to energy medicine versus pharmaceutical-chemical medicine, dirt cheap and even can be prepared by the public itself!

In other words, if one is to look for the worst nightmare for medical business, look no further - this is it. 'Deservingly' so, you will always find homeopathy at the top of the quack medicine list of all of the allopathic experts from MDs to full professors of medicine whose most convincing argument is that the thing is irrational and defies even common sense, itself.

Before we address all of these seemingly irrational points concerning homeopathy, we need to come to grips with one plain and lesser known truth. This truth is that science does not operate on common sense... Nor, and contrary to tabloids and general media, science is phased by impressive names or the supporting majority. These have little to do with the very
nature of science that is alien to proverbial wedding generals and even seeks to protect itself against them.

This is for the very mundane reasons that there is no expert-authority who can be trusted with absolute knowledge or be immune to bias or conflict of interests. For these, among other reasons, science operates only on the essence of presented facts and phenomena of nature. Suffice it to say that even the greatest scientist of all, Einstein, made mistakes which were
not initially apparent in his time of glory.

What is the essence of scientific facts and phenomena underlying homeopathy? Let us begin with treating poison with the same poison, heat with heat, cold with cold, and so on. Certainly, this concept flies in the face of our allopathically-cultivated minds in Western societies which, akin to Pavlovian dogs, have been conditioned to reach out to drugs or even natural substances which work on the principle of opposite or anti-.

We all are well familiar with: anti-fever, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertension, anti-fungal, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, among the endless list. Just check the medical sales manual, known as the PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference). However, what we are less familiar with is that this very concept - anti - is dubious and that is why it has completely
failed in the care of chronic diseases.

Let us begin with testing this defying common sense homeopathic principle of 'same' by resorting to one of the methods of scientific reasoning that seeks to undermine one's logic by approaching it through its opposite and, possibly, absurd side. Absurd is deemed if it contradicts well-established scientific theories. Here are two questions to test the issue:

1. Has there been a polar bear whose ancestors had to use electric blankets or hot water bottles in order to survive arctic winters for countless millenniums? No.

2. How about a camel whose forebears had used ice packs and soda machines to survive scorching heat and waterless deserts for as many millenniums? No ancestry with such aids ever existed.

So, what is the essential scientific principle in play here that also is at the very core of evolution concerning all species, including mankind? As already established, survival of the species is based on their adaptational abilities to their environment, however hostile. It covers excessive radiation, too, and if you manage to adapt, you stay, if you can't, you go. We will revisit and explain this - how adding more radiation delivers therapeutic adaptation.

In the next irrational issue - 'there is nothing there' - or the remedy being void of physical substance, the allopaths, in the heat of "scientific" zeal, ended up contradicting themselves. Here, they are referring to the fact that homeopathic remedies due to their preparation process consisting of multiple dilutions do lose, chemically speaking, their original
substance above potency 23X that corresponds to the 23rd consecutive dilution cycle.

Yet, concurrently, they use another argument to defeat homeopathy that it is irrational to add more of the same poison through the remedy to the body that already contains it. The logistical conflict is that if there is 'nothing there', in the first place, why worry about adding 'more' poison? How can nothing add more of anything?

The simple answer here is that their 'scientific' arguments are based on two handicaps which are germane to humanity - ignorance and bias. Specifically, they ignore that the entire homeopathic preparation, besides dilution cycles, consists also of concomitant mechanical agitation. Unfortunately, allopathic training is void of knowledge of physics that explains
how this mechanical agitation imprints specific energy and information contents. These fundamental entities - energy and information - lie at the very base of the laws of nature. This also concerns the very basics of human physiology that has been deemed by physics as primarily an energy and information driven system.

That is why Nobel laureate in Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Ph.D., even being a biochemist by training, warned that reducing the human body to mere biochemical-pharmaceutical soup while ignoring its primary energetic nature reduces it to dead meat.

That is also the reason why Harvard biology Professor Edward O. Wilson quipped, in his book, "Consilience, The Unity of Knowledge", that conventional training in biology and medicine leads their graduates to viewing the string theory in physics as having something to do with violins. With the string theory being a unified- or 'Theory of everything', based on the energy principle that all matter in the universe, including human cells, vibrates like string waves at its core.

This is why renowned allopathic medical experts often mislead the public through the media concerning their recommendations on many medical matters, because the 'high' opinions are confined only to chemical-pharmaceutical medicine. It is to emphasize exactly how scientists can deceive that Harvard philosophy and physics professor, Thomas Kuhn, illustrated in his
historic work, "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions", where a renowned professor of chemistry misled an audience with his 'correct' answer. Yet, according to physics, the answer was false.

And since physics, not chemistry or pharmacology, is established as the most fundamental science of all, homeopathic remedies which have been validated by physicists, as full-fledged energetic substances, do not even require recognition of chemists-pharmacologists.

That is why Professor William Tiller of Stanford University, the former chairman of the department of Materials Science, the very science that determines scientific properties of substances, finds homeopathic remedies scientifically legitimate. And so does Nobel laureate British physicist Brian Josephson.

So, homeopathic remedies, by virtue of their energetic content, render allopathic reasoning of 'nothing there' as senseless because there is energy and information there. Furthermore, the human body as an innate bio-energetic system, is highly attuned to indicated homeopathic remedies.

These destroy another allopathic argument of 'why add more poison to the body laden with the same poison?' Firstly, there is no actual poison in the remedy but only its energetic imprint. The key difference is that extra physical poison would, obviously, poison the body further. Yet, introducing its much weaker version in the way of its energetic imprint-signal allows the poisoned body to receive the specific stimulus to mobilize the necessary physiologic reserves in order to release the actual poison.

Returning to our examples with the eternal adaptation journey of polar bears and camels to harsh environments, the homeopathic stimulus-signal sets forth the body's adaptational physiologic reserves into fast-forward mode. That is why scientific research does confirm the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in successful detoxification of numerous toxins from the body, among these: lead, mercury, arsenic, pesticides and radiation.

That is why homeopathic remedies prepared off radiation allowed me to neutralize radiation illness in patients exposed to the Chernobyl fallout. One of these was an Oscar-winning director for filming a documentary there. The treatment was effective on many people, years later in 1996, sickened by the radiation leak from the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island.

While Homeland Security has spent billions of dollars on stockpiling pharmaceuticals against terrorist acts using means of mass destruction, most of these will be, at best, palliative, e.g., bandaid-like drugs and vaccines, untested for safety or effectiveness. Even government analysts have deemed this state of "preparedness" as a mirage.

The reasons are that there are no drugs against chemical or nuclear warfare, or dirty bombs, there are no effective drugs against viruses, and storing antibiotics against the unknown bacteria is anybody's guessing game. The vaccines against anthrax, smallpox and other infections risk becoming biological warfare themselves due to poor safety testing and individual
intolerance by many people. Many of our veterans afflicted with the Gulf War Syndrome claim to have been damaged by vaccines.

Speaking of radiation illness, according to the book "Osama's Revenge", the worst may be yet to come, even without Bin Laden, since dirty bombs or nuclear suitcases are alleged already to be in the hands of terrorist cells in the United States. This threatens any major American city, particularly as more rogue nations or corrupt governments continue to acquire nuclear
weapons or materials. This was the very subject of the international conference, at the head of states level, including our president, convened in Washington last year.

Yet, how many emergency rooms will be able to handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of deathly ill visitors, in the event? And what will they specifically offer them for radiation illness? Proverbial backrubs? So, the public, conditioned to have trust in the mighty American healthcare will swiftly face the stark reality of the aforementioned beach sign where the matter of self-rescuing will be the matter of utter survival.

So, the real question is not if, but how exactly we should use homeopathy in order to protect ourselves and our children. Specifically, we must know how to prepare homeopathic remedies from contaminated food, water, air, and from intoxicated bodily fluids. In addition, one needs just a few dropper glass bottles and a clean water supply stored in advance. By serially diluting and mechanically agitating contaminated material, one will gradually, in a matter of minutes, as presented in detail in homeopathic books, including mine, turn the poisonous material into its energetic antidote.

Can this whole thing be really that simple, effective and cheap? Just two years ago, the Cuban counterpart of the NIH undertook the largest experiment in the world engaging 2.5 million people in mass homeopathic vaccination, using one of the methods presented in my book. Its target was a deadly infection, leptospirosis, affecting millions of people in Cuba annually. The epidemic sickens and kills by causing meningitis, heart and multiple organ failure and where, even following conventional vaccinations, thousands of people still fall ill and some die. The study turned out to be a stunning success with no death and practically, no illness.

The immune response to homeopathic vaccine occurred much faster and it was ten-fold cheaper than conventional vaccine. It was distributed much faster, too, without overloading medical facilities. Again, on all accounts - cheap, effective and easy to consume by the public itself - it is the worst nightmare for the corporate multi-trillion dollar medical enterprise.
Furthermore, a well-conducted impressive scientific study like this puts the entire allopathic approach to healthcare upside-down on its head as it proves that human bodies can respond very well to effective and inexpensive energy medicine.

Due to all of these inconvenient truths, the study, instead of being all over both professional and lay media news for its scientific implications of historical proportions, is nowhere to be found, except for some obscure European homeopathic journal. So, do not expect Dr. Gupta to carry it on CNN any time soon. As the study head author, Gustavo Bracho, MD, shared
with me, all of the conventional medical peer review journals which received the study have refused to publish it. For the lack of finding scientific flaws, the journals have simply advised the study authors to "send it to a better journal" (?!)

On the other side of the coin, the premiere medical peer-review journals, which are quoted on news daily, earn up to a million dollars, from drug companies for marketing reprints, off just a single published positive drug study. Homeopathy is not an easy pill to swallow for the great majority in the business of medical science and pharmaceutical products.

Even a few open-minded medical scientists are well aware of this and are either unable to receive grants for homeopathic research or just feel intimidated. Just very recently, Nobel laureate in medicine, Professor Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, published a remarkable study validating the homeopathic principle, yet he refrained from using the word
'homeopathy' and has referred to the tested remedies just as 'high dilutions'. Yet, in our personal communication, he confirmed the homeopathic nature of these dilutions.

So, dear reader, under the circumstances as we are left virtually to ourselves in managing this as well as future radiation and other medical affairs, we should more than ever come to fully reflect on this funny Russian beach sign: "The business of rescuing drowning citizens lies in the hands of the drowning citizens themselves."

About the author:
Savely Yurkovsky, MD received his medical degree from II Moscow State Medical Institute in 1975. He completed his training in internal medicine and cardiovascular medicine in the U.S., is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has been in private practice since 1984. Having become disenchanted with the outcomes of conventional medicine in chronic diseases, he has evolved a new medical system which is founded in scientific principles used by exact sciences, including pertinent human energy principles. This unique bio-energetic medical system has produced a number of documented reversals in serious chronic diseases. His founded teaching organization, "SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd." is dedicated to sharing this medical system under the concept of FCT - Field Control TherapyR. Since 1999, he has taught this curriculum extensively, in the U.S. and Europe, to medical doctors and other health care professionals with special emphasis on energy-based diagnostic and therapeutic modalities aimed particularly at toxicological, biological, infectious or nuclear agents. He also presented his work at the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. His book, published in the aftermath of 9/11, "Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare - Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine" is an excellent illustration of both the scientific basis and effective practical means to combat the ravages of acute and chronic conditions in our toxic world. It was endorsed by prominent scientists and medical professionals including Mehmet Oz, MD from Columbia University Medical School and Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, Ph.D., of Stanford University and its tenets presented at the annual Bio-Terrorism conference with affiliation to the Homeland Security Office. Dr. Yurkovsky has been nominated for the prestigious Bravewell Leadership Award for, among other criteria, "significant contributions to the field of medicine" and "compelling vision for the future of medicine" and he has published numerous articles in professional journals concerning treatment with his method of a variety of medical conditions affecting children and adults.
At the present time, he is authoring the book, "Autism and ADHD - An Inescapable Epidemic. Whose Child is Next? True Roots and Solutions", and completing his DVD project, "The power of missing knowledge: An explanation for failures of conventional and alternative medicine in chronic and degenerative disease. An introduction to FCT".

Website: www.yurkovsky.com Email: [email protected]

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