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Soluble zeolite breakthrough? CytoDetox hydrolyzed clinoptilolite lab tests at ZERO lead in diluted solution

12/1/2015 - As part of my continued investigation into zeolite composition and zeolite products, I've just completed an elemental analysis of a zeolite liquid product called CytoDetox. Natural News readers may recall that I sounded the alarm on lead and aluminum in "micronized" zeolite powders, encouraging people...

Zeolite truths, myths, benefits and exaggerations... explosive interview with zeolite expert blows the lid on what's REAL vs. BOGUS

11/4/2015 - Want to know what's REAL vs. BOGUS when it comes to zeolites? I've just completed an explosive interview with Clayton Thomas who confirms many of my recent findings while adding new information you've probably never heard before. Are zeolites useful for environmental remediation and decontamination?...

GHC's Zeotrex so far the cleanest zeolite-containing liquid formula tested... Near zero lead confirmed with four samples via ICP-MS

11/3/2015 - Continuing with our laboratory testing revelations on zeolites, we've now moved into testing new batches of zeolite liquids. For most zeolite liquids, I am consistently seeing lead concentrations from 0.11ppm to 0.22ppm. However, GHC's "Zeotrex" liquid formula is only showing 8ppb, or 0.008ppm....

Are you detoxing, or RE-toxing? Zeolite consumers urinate out the same metals found in the zeolites they just swallowed... then they repeat daily

11/2/2015 - While most of the natural products industry produces very healthful, nutritious products that help prevent disease in millions of people, the "detox branch" of the industry is rather sketchy. There's no better example of that than the zeolite marketers who claim zeolites function as "oral chelators"...

Zeolites, heavy metals and aluminum: Most scientific studies examine wastewater treatment or soil remediation, not human dietary consumption

11/2/2015 - Based on my recent articles revealing the composition and function of zeolites, some readers are asking questions to gain a deeper understanding of what zeolites are made of, how they work, and where they don't work. Below, I present three of the most common questions, along with informative answers. As...

Zeolite detox myths busted: In lab tests, zeolites do NOT bind with aluminum, lead, uranium, mercury or cadmium... only CESIUM

11/2/2015 - Much of what we've all been told about zeolites over the years is a myth. Sadly, even articles published on Natural News have inadvertently repeated this myth, although I am now directing staff to update all zeolite articles on Natural News to reflect the latest scientific findings I'm releasing on...

Health Ranger issues zeolite challenge: Drop your zeolites for 28 days and see if you feel BETTER

10/30/2015 - I want to thank all the readers who participated in the outpouring of support following my publishing of laboratory test results for zeolites. As I wrote yesterday, off-the-shelf zeolites are composed of remarkably high concentrations of lead (10, 20, 40 or even 60 ppm) and strikingly higher concentrations...

The truth about zeolites, aluminum and lead: Health Ranger reveals potential dangers and clinical applications of zeolites in exclusive science revelations airing today on TalkNetwork.com

10/29/2015 - All zeolites contain high concentrations of aluminum and lead. But when zeolites are in granular form, these elements aren't digestible in the human body because intact, granular zeolites pass through your digestive tract like tiny rocks. However, when zeolites are "micronized" and ground into a...

Zeolites contain high levels of lead and aluminum: Health Ranger publishes lab test results after being threatened with legal action by manufacturer

10/29/2015 - After publishing a short story yesterday that warned about high lead and aluminum levels in zeolites (while also pointing out the clinical use of zeolites for blocking cesium-137), I awoke today to a stream of legal threats from a zeolite manufacturer who didn't like what I had to say. I'm used to...

How to reduce your toxic heavy metal load simply and cheaply

1/29/2015 - We're bombarded with heavy metals from the chemicals in our environment that began in the 20th Century and proliferated exponentially since WWII. Of those estimated 50,000 chemicals used by consumers, industry, and agriculture 300 have been tested by the EPA, with restrictions placed on only five....

Japanese government set to borrow additional $30 bn for Fukushima costs

11/14/2013 - The price tag for the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan just jumped $30 billion. The Japanese government has recently announced a new borrowing spree to increase cleanup funds of the dilapidated area from $50 billion to $80 billion. This will increase cleanup spending by over 35 percent as the...

Zeolites: the natural detoxifyer

5/10/2012 - Zeolite is a naturally forming microporous, aluminosilicate mineral combination that is found in rock deposits around the world. Zeolite comes from the Greek word for 'boiling stones' as they emit steam when heated. Zeolites have a very strong affinity for pulling out toxic debris from water, clothing,...

Zeolites useful for removing radiation from the body

5/3/2011 - Following the recent catastrophic tsunami that hit Japan, the nuclear reactor explosion from Fukushima Japan nuclear plant is blasting deadly radiation into the environment and poisoning human bodies. The victims need immediate protection or they can become deathly ill with nausea and vomiting, diarrhea,...

Zeolite may prove useful for detoxification following radiation exposure

3/29/2011 - As we watched the situation develop in Japan, the fears we held for decades with regards to possible nuclear fallout scenarios felt as close as a heart beat. The potentiality of future exposure to radiation is both real and frightening. In this universe we share the same air, and it is only varying...

Top Ten Natural Ways to Remove Heavy Metals

8/20/2009 - Toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and uranium are pervasive in much of the environment. While it may not be possible to completely avoid exposure there are many safe, organic and affordable products that help detoxify and eliminate these toxins from the body. This article will...

Protect Yourself from Poisons in the Sky

5/14/2009 - There are ways to protect oneself from chemtrail toxins and rid oneself of toxins that are in them. Most of the methods of detoxing chemtrail poisons are very workable for virtually all toxic metals, regardless of their source. In case you`re fairly new to the subject of chemtrails, or wish to find...

Natural Cellular Defense removes heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals from body - study

8/1/2006 - Natural Cellular Defense is a natural zeolite-based substance that is being increasingly studied for its near-miraculous ability to bind with heavy metals and toxic chemicals, removing them from the body. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., is leading the research on the use of Natural Cellular Defense to remove...

Natural Cellular Defense and zeolite - is it the next big thing in nutritional therapies for cancer and chronic disease?

12/1/2005 - You may not believe what you're about to read. Early indications are that this could be a significant breakthrough in nutritional medicine, cancer treatments and heavy metals detoxification. If early reports are to be believed, it far surpasses even the most miraculous cancer drugs from the world of...

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