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brain feature articles

Tame hunger and cravings with serotonin
Published September 20 2012
Concepts: serotonin, 5, health, hunger, carbohydrates

BPA causes changes to your brain, not just your body
Published September 19 2012
Concepts: BPA, brain, changes, causes, paper

Sheryl Crow says cell phone radiation may have caused her brain tumor
Published September 19 2012
Concepts: cell phone, cell phone radiation, brain, risk, Sheryl Crow

Omega-3 fats from dietary sources lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease
Published September 18 2012
Concepts: omega-3, omega-3 fats, fat, Alzheimer's, health

An Apple A Day
Published September 16 2012
Concepts: apple, apples, organic, fiber, health

Scientists discover green tea boosts brain cell production, aids memory
Published September 13 2012
Concepts: tea, green, green tea, brain, memory

Forget Prozac - Try probiotics to ease anxiety, curb depression and elevate mood
Published September 10 2012
Concepts: antidepressants, probiotics, depression, anxiety, 5

Sugar and high fructose diet slows brain and memory functions
Published September 10 2012
Concepts: sugar, memory, fructose, diet, brain

More than just a gut feeling - How mood and emotions are influenced by the 'second brain'
Published September 8 2012
Concepts: fat, mood, gut, emotions, brain

Mainstream media begins questioning safety of fluoride
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: fluoride, news, water, natural, NaturalNews

Zombified government workers and regulation enforcers use these 'obedience phrases' to demand your compliance
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: regulation, regulations, government, WHO, workers

Dietary proteins signal brain satiety to help prevent overeating and obesity
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: brain, satiety, overeating, proteins, protein

Lose weight, increase energy and relieve depression by boosting brain chemical dopamine - Here's how to do it!
Published August 29 2012
Concepts: dopamine, brain, weight, increase, energy

How they brainwash you in a psych ward
Published August 28 2012
Concepts: drug, WHO, drugs, man, mental

Meditation and sex have the same effects on your brain, study shows
Published August 24 2012
Concepts: brain, meditation, sex, SAMe, study

Back-to-school natural remedy shopping list
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: natural, remedy, NaturalNews, flu, shopping

Yes, fluoride makes you stupid
Published August 20 2012
Concepts: fluoride, brain, children, health, lower IQ

Synthetic artificial butter flavoring chemical promotes development of Alzheimer's disease
Published August 13 2012
Concepts: chemical, Alzheimer's, butter, food, popcorn

For a healthy brain and nervous system - Gotta hava GABA
Published August 13 2012
Concepts: GABA, brain, nervous system, healthy, natural

Big Pharma shifting from deadly chemical drugs to bioelectric implants
Published August 8 2012
Concepts: drugs, chemical, Big Pharma, drug, brain

Interview with Don Tolman, the Whole Food Medicine Cowboy
Published August 8 2012
Concepts: heal, man, Don Tolman, health, Health Ranger

Alzheimer's is really just 'type-3' diabetes, new research shows
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: Alzheimer's, diabetes, research, brain, health

Emotional eating
Published August 4 2012
Concepts: emotional, eating, hunger, food, cake

Chick-fil-A sandwiches contain MSG, HFCS and anti-foaming chemicals; eating them is a sin in the eyes of God
Published August 2 2012
Concepts: Chick-fil-A, MSG, free, food, WHO

Were the Batman murders a covert op?
Published July 27 2012
Concepts: WHO, drug, man, Batman, brain

Cinnamon beats Alzheimers
Published July 27 2012
Concepts: cinnamon, health, blood, Alzheimer's, brain

Understanding the war between nicotine and dopamine helps smokers quit
Published July 27 2012
Concepts: dopamine, nicotine, smoke, 5, smokers

Health basics - Why you should always choose organic
Published July 20 2012
Concepts: organic, food, health, farm, cancer

Common parasite linked to increased risk of suicide and self-harm
Published July 13 2012
Concepts: suicide, parasite, risk, toxoplasmosis, brain

Food pairings may trick the brain into loving the taste of vegetables
Published July 3 2012
Concepts: food, taste, the brain, foods, food pairings

Want to lose weight? Eliminate fast food
Published June 28 2012
Concepts: food, fast food, gain, weight, brain

Eight weeks of mindfulness meditation can rewire the brain and control depression symptoms
Published June 27 2012
Concepts: meditation, brain, the brain, mindfulness, depression

Meditation technique repairs the brain processes that aspartame destroys
Published June 21 2012
Concepts: aspartame, meditation, brain, the brain, health

Dozens of autism brains at Harvard hospital found rotting after freezer failure
Published June 20 2012
Concepts: autism, brains, brain, Harvard, hospital

How a nervous breakdown can lead to treatment that destroys your brain
Published June 12 2012
Concepts: treatment, mental health, nervous breakdown, heal, mental

Study: CT scans raise risk of brain cancer in children
Published June 12 2012
Concepts: cancer, CT scans, brain cancer, risk, radiation

The brain body connection - The first of the four major systems that maintain health
Published June 9 2012
Concepts: serotonin, health, brain, the brain, body

Fructose makes you stupid: Study
Published June 6 2012
Concepts: fructose, rats, diet, learning, study

ADHD: Misdiagnosed and overmedicated
Published June 4 2012
Concepts: adhd, child, medication, medications, children

Cell phones: 50 percent increase in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children
Published May 30 2012
Concepts: tumors, children, health, increase, cancer

Carnosine provide broad-range cellular protection to fight vascular injury and extend lifespan
Published May 28 2012
Concepts: carnosine, injury, protection, health, supplement

Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami as police shoot naked, mindless man literally eating the face off another man
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: zombie, man, police, Miami, apocalypse

Astaxanthin one of the most neuroprotective supplements yet discovered; fat-soluble carotenoids protect the nervous system, brain and eyes
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: astaxanthin, brain, supplements, supplement, oil

Can gardening cure depression?
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: gardening, health, garden, cure, brain

Five things you can do to guard against Alzheimers
Published May 27 2012
Concepts: natural, brain, NaturalNews, life, coconut oil

Fructose makes you stupid; DHA makes you smart
Published May 25 2012
Concepts: fructose, DHA, stupid, brain function, insulin

Drinking high-fructose corn syrup really does make you stupid
Published May 22 2012
Concepts: drinking, corn, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brain

Common ingredient in soft drinks causes damage to brain function
Published May 17 2012
Concepts: brain, soft drinks, HFCS, rats, damage

Pentagon researching 'narrative networks' as way to hijack the brain with false stories
Published May 15 2012
Concepts: brain, people, Pentagon, the brain, research

The Measles Lie, and the ongoing ad campaign disguised as news
Published May 6 2012
Concepts: UK, measles, child, autism, health

The depression industrial complex and the real cause of depression
Published May 1 2012
Concepts: depression, brain, antidepressants, causes, health

Boost your brain with chocolate! Raw chocolate, raw food and happiness with David Wolfe, Steve Adler on Mental Health Exposed
Published April 26 2012
Concepts: raw, health, mental, chocolate, mental health

Mad cow disease detected in U.S. dairy cow; South Korea retailers halt US beef sales
Published April 25 2012
Concepts: beef, mad cow, disease, mad cow disease, prions

Spike in US autism rates linked to high-fructose corn syrup consumption
Published April 22 2012
Concepts: autism, corn syrup, corn, food, rates

As children's brains are being eaten by vaccines, parents urged to ignore the symptoms and 'soothe' their babies
Published April 21 2012
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, babies, brains, parents

Dental x-rays can cause brain tumors
Published April 20 2012
Concepts: dental, X-rays, brain, dental x-rays, health

Chronic stress increases protein brain tangles and Alzheimer's disease risk
Published April 20 2012
Concepts: stress, brain, chronic stress, disease, Alzheimer's

Cell phone radiation and cancer: Just how much more proof do you need?
Published April 18 2012
Concepts: cell phone, radiation, cancer, cell phone radiation, health

5 reasons to start meditating today
Published April 14 2012
Concepts: meditation, reasons, health, stress, 5

The neurofeedback solution for chronic headaches
Published April 14 2012
Concepts: headache, neurofeedback, solution, headaches, health

Health Ranger interviews neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock on MSG and brain-damaging excitotoxins
Published April 13 2012
Concepts: MSG, health, brain, Health Ranger, food

Berries enhance brain signaling to prevent neurodegeneration and cognitive decline
Published April 11 2012
Concepts: brain, berries, fruit, neurodegeneration, health

Traumatic shock - The second mental and emotional cause of cancer
Published April 9 2012
Concepts: cancer, emotional, shock, mental, stress

Eliminating gluten from the diet can relieve brain fog (mental confusion)
Published April 2 2012
Concepts: brain, brain fog, gluten, diet, people

Improve memory loss by using natural alternatives
Published March 29 2012
Concepts: memory, natural, memory loss, brain, improve

More aspartame side effects revealed - headaches, blurred vision, neurological symptoms and more
Published March 28 2012
Concepts: aspartame, side effects, headaches, symptoms, vision

Curcumin found to prevent brain degenerative diseases including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
Published March 28 2012
Concepts: curcumin, brain, protein, Parkinson's, disease

Are trans-fats linked to aggressive behavior?
Published March 28 2012
Concepts: omega-3, acid, men, aggressive, Harvard

Consuming a variety of berries can prevent memory loss and improve cognition
Published March 25 2012
Concepts: berries, memory loss, memory, brain, improve

Seven more tricks your brain is playing on you
Published March 23 2012
Concepts: brain, tricks, life, optimism, people

Vitamin D3 and curcumin synergistically clear brain tangles to help prevent Alzheimer's dementia
Published March 23 2012
Concepts: curcumin, Alzheimer's, vitamin D3, brain, Vitamin D

Medical terrorism in Michigan? Parents forced by the state to poison their child with cancer-causing chemicals
Published March 19 2012
Concepts: child, medical, parents, chemotherapy, children

Low circulating omega-3 fatty acids lead to accelerated brain aging and dementia
Published March 16 2012
Concepts: brain, aging, omega-3, omega-3 fatty acids, brain aging

Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals secrets of MSG toxicity (excitotoxins) in Health Ranger interview
Published March 14 2012
Concepts: MSG, health, brain, food, Russell Blaylock

Aspartame's neurological side effects include blurred vision, headaches, seizures and more
Published March 14 2012
Concepts: aspartame, side effects, neurological, seizures, blurred vision

Gluten attacks the brain and damages the nervous system
Published March 13 2012
Concepts: gluten, neuropathy, free, brain, the brain

Strong scientific evidence shows that eating berries benefits the brain
Published March 11 2012
Concepts: berries, health, scientific evidence, benefits, eating

Three mind-body causes of weight gain
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: stress, weight, brain, emotional, causes

The role of polyunsaturated fatty acids in neurodegeneration
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: fatty acids, acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, PUFAs, energy

Seven tricks your brain is playing on you
Published February 29 2012
Concepts: people, brain, tricks, life, WHO

Toxic compounds from fried foods cause cancer and deteriorate brain health
Published February 28 2012
Concepts: oil, toxic compounds, aldehydes, health, cancer

Western medicine finally recognises meditation as treatment for mental illness
Published February 25 2012
Concepts: meditation, mental, treatment, western medicine, mental illness

Ways to naturally improve your focus and concentration
Published February 24 2012
Concepts: focus, improve, natural, concentration, naturally

Intermittent fasting promotes brain health
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: brain, fasting, food, intermittent fasting, health

Hospitals stored dead children's brains in jars
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: brains, hospitals, Southampton, brain, police

Anesthesia may cause ADHD and Brain Damage
Published February 2 2012
Concepts: adhd, anesthesia, brain, brain damage, children

Exercising your brain proven to help prevent Alzheimer's
Published February 2 2012
Concepts: brain, Alzheimer's, health, 2012, life

Distress - The first mental and emotional cause of cancer
Published January 29 2012
Concepts: stress, emotional, health, cancer, mental

Mass psychogenic illness or brain damage of unknown origin?
Published January 24 2012
Concepts: men, illness, HPV, girls, vaccine

The top three supplements used by the Health Ranger: Vitamin D, astaxanthin and fish oil
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: astaxanthin, fish, health, supplements, Vitamin D

Dealing with Parkinson's Disease
Published January 22 2012
Concepts: magnesium, Parkinson's, men, disease, brain

Diet and specific nutrients prevent brain shrinkage and lower Alzheimer's disease risk
Published January 20 2012
Concepts: brain, nutrients, diet, Alzheimer's, health

Treating multiple sclerosis
Published January 18 2012
Concepts: magnesium, men, ALS, cannabis, patients

Researching genetics as a cause of autism - An expensive attempt to marginalize vaccine causation
Published January 17 2012
Concepts: autism, vaccine, genetics, study, health

Melatonin may prevent Alzheimer's disease - sleep your way to brain health
Published January 16 2012
Concepts: Alzheimer's, disease, melatonin, Alzheimer's disease, sleep

Was teen prodigy Arfa Karim Randhawa's tragic death caused by pesticides or vaccines?
Published January 16 2012
Concepts: 5, pesticides, pesticide, vaccines, NaturalNews

Antioxidant carnosine destroys free radicals
Published January 12 2012
Concepts: carnosine, free, free radicals, antioxidant, aging

Mediterranean diet and reduced calorie intake promote brain health and longevity
Published January 8 2012
Concepts: diet, health, mediterranean diet, brain, brain health

Vitamin B-12 and folic acid prevent memory loss and improve cognition as we age
Published January 6 2012
Concepts: folic acid, memory, memory loss, vitamin B-12, improve

Fisetin from fruits and vegetables protects the aging brain and helps fight cancer
Published January 2 2012
Concepts: fisetin, fruits, brain, cancer, aging

Resveratrol and nuts team to protect the brain and boost cognitive function
Published December 28 2011
Concepts: nuts, brain, resveratrol, the brain, health

Yes, you can prevent Alzheimer's with specific nutrients, say scientists
Published December 27 2011
Concepts: nutrients, Alzheimer's, nutrient, people, brain

Regular fish consumption lowers risk of developing Alzheimer's disease
Published December 26 2011
Concepts: fish, Alzheimer's, risk, consumption, fish consumption

Studies show junk foods change brain chemistry and are addictive like cocaine
Published December 24 2011
Concepts: brain, addictive, brain chemistry, foods, food

Proteins, not sugar, increase energy expenditure
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: sugar, protein, energy, food, increase

Flu shot fantasies: How influenza vaccines halt flu infections (even when they don't)
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: flu, vaccine, vaccines, flu shot, people

Neti pot scare story proves that brain-eating amoeba lurk in public water supplies
Published December 18 2011
Concepts: water, neti pot, amoeba, salt, sinuses

Homeopathic treatment slows progression of Alzheimer's disease
Published December 16 2011
Concepts: treatment, Alzheimer's, homeopathy, homeopathic, disease

Indian study proves that fluoride consumption causes brain, neurological damage
Published December 14 2011
Concepts: fluoride, brain, study, consumption, causes

Study confirms that many survivors of breast cancer chemotherapy treatments suffer from brain damage
Published December 13 2011
Concepts: chemotherapy, brain, cancer, breast cancer, study

Epilepsy Foundation warning shows that television, movies can reprogram brain neurology
Published December 12 2011
Concepts: epilepsy, seizures, warning, television, movies

Low body weight in later life associated with increased Alzheimer's disease risk
Published December 9 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's disease, weight, Alzheimer's, life, body

Autism and vaccines - Study to debunk association rather strengthens association
Published December 8 2011
Concepts: autism, study, vaccines, brain, vaccination

Health Basics: What is Aspartame?
Published December 4 2011
Concepts: aspartame, health, acid, side effects, danger

Arginine lowers total body inflammation to help fight brain cancer
Published December 4 2011
Concepts: inflammation, arginine, cancer, body, brain

Exercises naturally enhance cerebrospinal fluid flow
Published December 3 2011
Concepts: cerebrospinal fluid, exercises, health, flow, naturally

Direct link discovered between eating fish and preventing Alzheimer's disease
Published November 30 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's, fish, brain, Alzheimer's disease, eating

Add 'chemo brain' to the list of chemotherapy side effects
Published November 30 2011
Concepts: chemotherapy, cancer, patients, treatment, brain

Raw foods increase mental performance
Published November 30 2011
Concepts: mental, raw, foods, raw foods, brain

Magnesium improves brain plasticity to ease anxiety and boost cognition
Published November 29 2011
Concepts: magnesium, brain, anxiety, health, cognition

10 outlandish things the 'scientific' controllers have in mind for you in the near future
Published November 23 2011
Concepts: science, government, people, WHO, food

Nutrition and genetics - Diet and breastfeeding affect brain function of child
Published November 22 2011
Concepts: acid, genetics, nutrition, fatty acids, breastfeeding

In stunning show of bureaucratic idiocy, EU directive bans health claim that water prevents dehydration
Published November 20 2011
Concepts: water, dehydration, EU directive, health, brain

New evidence chemotherapy for breast cancer causes brain damage
Published November 15 2011
Concepts: cancer, brain, breast cancer, chemotherapy, women

An apple or two a day may save your brain
Published November 12 2011
Concepts: apple, apples, health, brain, brain health

B vitamins and omega fat ratio are critical to prevent Alzheimer's disease
Published November 6 2011
Concepts: fat, vitamins, Alzheimer's, B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids

Adya Clarity (black mica extract) concerns answered in revealing interview with Roy Dittman, integrative medicine scientist
Published November 2 2011
Concepts: aluminum, men, organic, Adya Clarity, iron

IQ can be increased with mental exercises, lifestyle, diet and supplements
Published November 2 2011
Concepts: IQ, brain, lifestyle, health, diet

THC, found in cannabis, shown to be effective in the treatment of brain tumors
Published October 25 2011
Concepts: treatment, brain, cannabis, cancer, THC

Increase mind power and avoid Alzheimer's with these powerful strategies
Published October 21 2011
Concepts: increase, mind, brain, Alzheimer's, avoid

How to avoid being like the 11 percent of Americans who now take antidepressant drugs every day
Published October 20 2011
Concepts: life, drugs, antidepressant drugs, WHO, americans

Have lots of fruits and veggies to keep your memory
Published October 15 2011
Concepts: fruit, vegetables, fruits, vegetable, veggies

Meditation nourishes the brain
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: NIH, meditation, brain, increase, emotion

Second Brain - Manage your gut and gut flora
Published October 10 2011
Concepts: gut, bacteria, second brain, food, mental

Poor vitamin B-12 status leads to reduced brain volume and cognitive decline
Published October 6 2011
Concepts: brain, brain volume, vitamin B12, vitamin B-12, health

The apple - Boost your brain power with a common almost forgotten fruit
Published October 4 2011
Concepts: apple, juice, brain power, health, apples

Zinc found critical within the brain to improve memory and cognition
Published September 29 2011
Concepts: zinc, memory, brain, improve, the brain

Research says eating walnuts improves critical thinking
Published September 29 2011
Concepts: walnuts, research, eating, brain, cleaning

Low vitamin B12 levels in elders cause brain shrinkage and possible dementia
Published September 28 2011
Concepts: brain, vitamin B12, deficiency, brain shrinkage, research

More evidence Alzheimer's and other dementia can be prevented: save your brain by preventing diabetes
Published September 20 2011
Concepts: dementia, diabetes, Alzheimer's, brain, evidence

Acupuncture and pain relief - Discover how it really works
Published September 15 2011
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, pain relief, brain, research

Omega-3 DHA fat dampens brain inflammation to lower stroke risk, improves cognitive function
Published September 15 2011
Concepts: brain, DHA, stroke, fat, omega-3

Scientists find Gulf War veterans have chronic abnormal blood flow in brains
Published September 14 2011
Concepts: blood flow, war, gulf, veterans, Gulf War

Melatonin plays an important role in healthy digestive and immune function
Published September 12 2011
Concepts: melatonin, gut, sleep, healthy, brain

Prenatal exposure to common chemicals called phthalates linked to brain damage
Published September 8 2011
Concepts: phthalates, prenatal exposure, prenatal, brain, mental

Understand the reason why aluminum is in our vaccines (Opinion)
Published August 25 2011
Concepts: aluminum, vaccines, vaccine, toxic, toxicity

Starvation and Obesity
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: magnesium, leptin, insulin, obesity, body

Maternal raw milk proven superior to pasteurized milk in infant nutrition
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: milk, raw, raw milk, brain, pasteurized

Does nicotine help protect the brain from developing Parkinson's disease?
Published August 17 2011
Concepts: nicotine, brain, Parkinson's, the brain, disease

Poor lifestyle habits in middle age cause brain shrinkage and cognitive decline
Published August 11 2011
Concepts: lifestyle, brain, lifestyle habits, brain shrinkage, health

New research shows dementia is preventable with natural means
Published August 10 2011
Concepts: dementia, natural, research, sleep, shows

Study: Alzheimer's drugs appear to cause severe brain swelling
Published July 31 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's, drugs, drug, brain, Alzheimer's drugs

Head injuries from war and football may increase dementia risk
Published July 29 2011
Concepts: dementia, football, injuries, 5, war

Royal Jelly Powder acts as a brain food
Published July 24 2011
Concepts: royal jelly, brain, powder, food, brain food

The gut strongly influences both physical and mental health
Published July 23 2011
Concepts: gut, health, mental, physical, brain

America conned: Psycho pharma drug pushing empire under fire
Published July 21 2011
Concepts: drugs, mental, America, companies, chemical

Alzheimer's and insulin - Identify the hidden connection
Published July 20 2011
Concepts: insulin, diabetes, Alzheimer's, brain, disease

Vitamin D discoveries keep growing -- lack of vitamin D linked to muscle injuries and Alzheimer's disease
Published July 19 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, injuries, muscle, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's disease

Vitamin D influences brain proteins to protect against Alzheimer`s disease
Published July 18 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, brain, brain proteins, protein, health

Meditation halts age-related degeneration throughout entire brain
Published July 15 2011
Concepts: brain, meditation, the brain, brains, men

Air pollution causes harmful physical changes in the brain
Published July 13 2011
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, brain, changes, research

Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, says study
Published July 11 2011
Concepts: fluoride, brain, brain damage, consumption, chemical

City living intensifies brain stress response and increases mental illness risk
Published July 4 2011
Concepts: stress, brain, living, illness, mental

Radiation-induced depression looms on the horizon
Published June 30 2011
Concepts: radiation, depression, free, Horizon, brain

Walnuts are a tasty great source of Omega-3
Published June 22 2011
Concepts: omega-3, walnuts, health, acid, food

How to eat to boost brain function and cut Alzheimer's risk
Published June 20 2011
Concepts: brain, Alzheimer's, diet, health, brain function

Radiation is Already Killing Babies
Published June 17 2011
Concepts: radiation, men, child, children, mercury

Why do professional athletes suffer needlessly from brain and bodily injuries?
Published June 15 2011
Concepts: brain, home, medical, injuries, athletes

Researchers discover link between sugar consumption and mental illness
Published June 12 2011
Concepts: sugar, mental, consumption, mental illness, sugar consumption

Use sage for everyday brain health
Published June 7 2011
Concepts: sage, brain, herb, the brain, cleaning

WHO panel warns that cell phone use may cause cancer
Published June 4 2011
Concepts: cancer, WHO, cell phone, cell phone use, mobile phone

New study finds that anxiety may originate in your gut, not in your head
Published May 25 2011
Concepts: gut, behavior, research, anxiety, bacteria

British woman develops allergy to electricity following chemotherapy treatment
Published May 23 2011
Concepts: chemotherapy, cancer, woman, electricity, allergy

Study on cell phone dangers prompts major call for school bans
Published May 23 2011
Concepts: cell phone, dangers, health, study, school

CDC warns Americans to prepare for zombie apocalypse (really)
Published May 19 2011
Concepts: zombie, CDC, apocalypse, zombie apocalypse, zombies

Florida legislature refuses to regulate mercury in vaccines
Published May 18 2011
Concepts: mercury, vaccines, vaccine, Florida, thimerosal

After a heart attack - A healthy heart starts with great nutrition
Published May 18 2011
Concepts: heart, healthy, heart attack, health, food

Children's brains needlessly exposed to cancer-linked radiation
Published May 9 2011
Concepts: child, children, WHO, brains, radiation

Beat ADHD naturally
Published May 4 2011
Concepts: adhd, brain, food, heal, health

Research finds non-prescription treatments and preventatives help Alzheimer's Disease
Published May 3 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's, research, brain, disease, treatments

SuperFood Omelet helps the brain and body
Published May 3 2011
Concepts: brain, superfood, the brain, choline, spinach

Junk food cravings trigger same brain activity as drug addiction, suggests study
Published May 2 2011
Concepts: food, brain, drug addiction, drug, junk food

Eat fish - But shore up on these nutrients
Published April 29 2011
Concepts: fish, mercury, nutrients, 5, brain

Why children are at a greater risk of toxic overload
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: children, child, toxic, risk, brain

Incurable brain tumor breakthrough - St. John's wort compound discovered as promising treatment
Published April 17 2011
Concepts: treatment, patients, brain, St. John's Wort, glioma

Yeast and chronic inflammation
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: yeast, overgrowth, blood, toxins, men

Memo from your brain: Please excuse this disruption in service
Published April 13 2011
Concepts: brain, mind, people, brain function, research

New antidepressant warning - Prozac and other drugs cause thick arteries, raise heart risk
Published April 6 2011
Concepts: arteries, heart, drugs, Prozac, antidepressants

Cope with brain fog and improve memory naturally
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: memory, brain, improve, brain fog, home

Five easy ways to increase mental acuity, end depression, and prevent or reverse Alzheimer's
Published April 4 2011
Concepts: mental, Alzheimer's, mental acuity, depression, reverse

Beat depression naturally
Published April 1 2011
Concepts: depression, health, brain, natural, food

Disrupting natural sleep-wake rhythms causes behaviour, metabolic changes
Published March 30 2011
Concepts: natural, causes, changes, life, brain

Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu shots to brain damage, autism
Published March 28 2011
Concepts: mercury, brain damage, flu, brain, study

How Life Energy Flow Tai Yi can help remove toxins
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: energy, body, flow, life, toxins

The dose is the poison
Published March 22 2011
Concepts: radiation, radon, cancer, exposure, people

Discover the miraculous mental benefits of Brahmi
Published March 21 2011
Concepts: Brahmi, benefits, mental, brain, herb

New study finds beetroot juice promotes brain health in older adults
Published March 16 2011
Concepts: juice, health, brain, study, brain health

Exercise-induced cell regrowth critical to reducing stress, improving health
Published March 12 2011
Concepts: stress, exercise, brain, stress reduction, research

Stress: good or bad? In your control or out of your control?
Published March 10 2011
Concepts: stress, cancer, Amazon, research, brain

Cell phone use found to affect the glucose metabolism of the brain
Published March 7 2011
Concepts: cell phone, glucose, metabolism, brain, cell phone use

Science shows this sweetener makes you fat and damages health
Published March 2 2011
Concepts: sweetener, health, fructose, science, shows

Cell phone use visibly alters brain cell activity, study finds
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: brain, study, cell phone, cell phone use, brain activity

Vaccines found to activate moron genes that cause further belief in vaccines (satire)
Published February 27 2011
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, moron, brain, genes

Low fat diet missing essential brain nutrients and leads to cognitive decline
Published February 26 2011
Concepts: diet, brain, fat, nutrients, low fat diet

DPT vaccine causes permanent brain damage, 150 seizures a day in young girl
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: vaccine, brain, damage, seizures, brain damage

This amazing nutrient reduces Alzheimer`s plaque formation by ninety percent
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: nutrient, brain, resveratrol, health, disease

Mature brain or Alzheimer's brain - which do you have?
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: brain, Alzheimer's, the brain, research, memory

Poor childhood diet lowers intelligence in later life
Published February 21 2011
Concepts: diet, intelligence, childhood, health, life

Scientists admit dementia not a normal part of aging, refuse to acknowledge known causes
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: aging, dementia, scientists, Alzheimer's, disease

Regular exercise increases brain volume, protects against age-related dementia
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: exercise, brain volume, brain, study, regular exercise

Methyl-B12 and autism - Why you should be using it to treat your child
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: autism, methyl-B12, support, methylation, brain

The face of a poisoned man - the human cost of pesticides
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: pesticide, pesticides, child, children, exposure

Music heals
Published February 10 2011
Concepts: music, therapy, music therapy, depression, brain

Mindfulness meditation benefits and changes brain structures in 8 weeks
Published February 7 2011
Concepts: brain, meditation, changes, mindfulness, the brain

Bike riding commute increases test scores
Published February 5 2011
Concepts: exercise, increase, cognitive function, bike riding, school

Sick Brains in Teens - Is There A Root Cause?
Published February 3 2011
Concepts: disorder, 5, child, children, vaccine

Obtain cellular health with Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Published February 3 2011
Concepts: fat, fatty acids, health, DHA, EPA

Melatonin is a powerful agent in the fight against cancer, dementia and premature aging
Published February 1 2011
Concepts: melatonin, cancer, free, aging, dementia

Chiropractic boosts brain-body coordination
Published January 28 2011
Concepts: chiropractic, stress, increase, the brain, form

Silymarin from milk thistle protects against liver damage and brain aging
Published January 17 2011
Concepts: liver, brain, silymarin, damage, milk thistle

Arsenic shows promise as treatment for deadly brain tumors
Published January 13 2011
Concepts: arsenic, tumors, brain, treatment, shows

How Congress helped created the very mental illness that resulted in the Giffords shooting
Published January 11 2011
Concepts: men, mental, America, health, Congress

Coconut boosts brain function
Published January 11 2011
Concepts: brain, coconut, the brain, oil, coconut oil

Bad posture equals bad health
Published January 10 2011
Concepts: posture, health, body, brain, the brain

Blueberries and grape seed extract shown to rejuvenate the aging brain
Published January 6 2011
Concepts: blueberries, grape seed extract, aging, brain, Rejuvenate

Scientist says animals have spiritual experiences, too
Published January 4 2011
Concepts: animals, spiritual, scientist, brain, consciousness

Take advantage of the full spectrum of vitamin E for maximum disease protection
Published January 3 2011
Concepts: vitamin E, health, disease, form, diet

Beetroot juice lowers risk of Alzheimer`s disease and dementia
Published January 1 2011
Concepts: beetroot, juice, beetroot juice, blood, health

Mood Food - Boost serotonin levels with natural treatments
Published December 30 2010
Concepts: serotonin, mood, depression, natural, mood food

Study: fluoridated water causes brain damage in children
Published December 23 2010
Concepts: fluoride, brain damage, water, brain, causes

Think purple and prevent Alzheimer`s Disease, Parkinson`s and Multiple Sclerosis
Published December 18 2010
Concepts: brain, iron, health, disease, research

Scans prove that acupuncture induces clear metabolic brain changes that eliminate pain
Published December 15 2010
Concepts: acupuncture, brain, changes, pain, chronic pain

Vitamin D deficiency linked to cognitive decline, increased risk of Alzheimer`s disease
Published December 14 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, deficiency, decline, cognitive decline, risk

Memory loss is not a normal part of aging
Published December 13 2010
Concepts: memory, memory loss, aging, brain, dementia

Carnitine, Curcumin and DHA - Nutrient trio boosts brain health and cognition
Published December 13 2010
Concepts: brain, health, brain health, nutrient, DHA

Walking, vitamin E and diet modifications thwart Alzheimer`s disease
Published December 3 2010
Concepts: diet, brain, vitamin E, health, disease

Food for thought: compound in licorice may protect brain cells from Alzheimer's and other diseases
Published November 29 2010
Concepts: brain, estrogen, licorice, brain cells, Alzheimer's

Keep healthy by juggling
Published November 28 2010
Concepts: juggling, healthy, heal, brain, health

A nutritional approach to psychiatry has been marginalized
Published November 26 2010
Concepts: psychiatry, mental, cure, nutrition, food

Menstrual cramps actually change women's brains
Published November 26 2010
Concepts: pain, changes, menstrual cramps, women, research

Pharma researchers working on drug to erase your memories
Published November 23 2010
Concepts: drug, memories, researchers, proteins, memory

Meditation reverses aging in brains
Published November 21 2010
Concepts: meditation, brain, aging, health, the brain

Mainstream medicine strikes again as routine tonsillectomy leaves child brain damaged
Published November 19 2010
Concepts: child, brain, tonsillectomy, mainstream medicine, health

Meditation linked to happiness and positive behavior
Published November 19 2010
Concepts: meditation, happiness, health, brain, mind

Daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health in older adults
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: brain, brain health, beet juice, blood, dementia

Fish oil helps prevent brain damage after stroke
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: damage, fish, oil, fish oil, brain

B Vitamins shown to lower risk of Alzheimer`s Disease
Published November 4 2010
Concepts: risk, B vitamins, disease, diet, health

Daffodil compound fights brain cancer
Published November 3 2010
Concepts: brain, brain cancer, natural, treatment, study

Resveratrol and grape seed extract fight against heart disease, dementia and aging
Published November 2 2010
Concepts: disease, heart disease, heart, grape seed extract, health

Having a big head may protect you from Alzheimer's
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: brain, research, head size, researchers, the brain

Omega-3 Fat DHA: Harness the Power and Slash Risk of Diabetes and Brain Aging
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: diabetes, DHA, brain, fat, risk

Research shows that walking can protect your memory down the road
Published October 26 2010
Concepts: walking, memory, research, shows, Alzheimer's

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
Published October 21 2010
Concepts: fluoride, water, study, fluoridated water, ADA

Follow Natural Steps to Protect Yourself from Dementia
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: natural, steps, brain, life, diet

Plant, herb compound prevents brain inflammation
Published October 18 2010
Concepts: brain, luteolin, herb, inflammation, the brain

Dementia: Look at Startling Costs and Understand Prevention
Published October 18 2010
Concepts: brain, aluminum, fluoride, costs, damage

Do your pets have spiritual experiences?
Published October 16 2010
Concepts: spiritual, pets, animals, brain, spirituality

Cholesterol levels controlled by the brain, not merely by diet, researchers discover
Published October 14 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, brain, cholesterol levels, the brain, researchers

Get your children away from the TV - Physical fitness makes smarter brains
Published October 12 2010
Concepts: children, physical, brain, physical fitness, WHO

When it comes to health knowledge, doctors are surprisingly ignorant
Published October 11 2010
Concepts: health, doctors, doctor, natural, nutrition

Chemotherapy destroys brain tissue, cognitive function
Published October 9 2010
Concepts: chemotherapy, brain, cancer, brain function, natural

Why you should never donate your body to medical science
Published October 7 2010
Concepts: body, medical, lawsuit, brain, the brain

Brain plaques do not cause Alzheimer's (we've been lied to for 20 years)
Published October 2 2010
Concepts: Alzheimer's, brain, form, disease, researchers

Behavior rewards make ADHD drugs obsolete
Published October 2 2010
Concepts: behavior, adhd, drugs, ADHD drugs, children

Depression can be treated with electromagnets (better than drugs)
Published September 25 2010
Concepts: depression, electromagnets, treatment, study, patients

The Hormone Pregnenolone is a Memory Enhancer and Healer
Published September 25 2010
Concepts: pregnenolone, memory, hormone, brain, the brain

Resveratrol Prevents Brain and Heart Damage While Assisting Weight Loss
Published September 21 2010
Concepts: resveratrol, weight, heart, heart damage, brain

Simple technique helps paralyzed stroke victims regain motor function
Published September 14 2010
Concepts: stroke, paralyzed, victims, brain, the brain

Part I: Understand Your Metabolic Type
Published September 6 2010
Concepts: sugar, diet, metabolic type, blood, blood sugar

Yawning is the best medicine for brain health
Published September 4 2010
Concepts: yawning, brain, medicine, sleep, health

Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines
Published September 2 2010
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, flu, scientific, influenza

Compounds in berries improve brain function, reverse aging
Published August 28 2010
Concepts: brain, berries, reverse, improve, aging

Body-Mind Meditation Leads to Rapid, Positive Brain Changes
Published August 27 2010
Concepts: brain, meditation, body, mind, scientists

Scientists report first evidence berries keep brains young, protect from memory loss
Published August 26 2010
Concepts: berries, memory, report, brains, scientists

Benefit from Calorie Restriction and Intermittent Fasting, Part I
Published August 26 2010
Concepts: fasting, intermittent fasting, calorie restriction, health, disease

Electromagnetic pulse can be used to disrupt morality in the human brain
Published August 25 2010
Concepts: electromagnetic pulse, human, brain, people, research

Can drinking alcohol help your brain function?
Published August 23 2010
Concepts: brain, alcohol, wine, drinking, brain function

Women more easily stressed than men
Published August 18 2010
Concepts: men, women, stress, brain, hormone

New cooling therapy to help cardiac arrest patients avoid brain damage
Published August 7 2010
Concepts: patients, brain, therapy, cardiac arrest, avoid

A healthy heart slows brain aging
Published August 5 2010
Concepts: brain, heart, healthy, healthy heart, health

Brains that are relaxed are able to learn and remember better
Published August 3 2010
Concepts: brains, research, brain function, brain, photos

Music benefits the brain, research reveals
Published July 30 2010
Concepts: music, brain, research, the brain, benefits

Methylcobalamin Protects the Brain from Glutamate Damage
Published July 29 2010
Concepts: brain, methylcobalamin, the brain, vitamin B12, toxic

Raw Cacao: Turn Chocolate Cravings into Super Nutrition
Published July 8 2010
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, raw, cravings, heal

Damaged brains rewired by singing
Published July 7 2010
Concepts: brains, brain, singing, the brain, patients

Can you really eat your way to happiness? The mood food connection
Published July 1 2010
Concepts: food, mood, heal, health, happiness

Improve Cognitive Function and Memory with Royal Jelly
Published June 25 2010
Concepts: cognitive function, royal jelly, memory, improve, disease

Missouri hospital subjects brain cancer patients to massive overdose of radiation
Published June 24 2010
Concepts: radiation, hospital, patients, overdose, brain

Evidence mounts on links between cell phones and brain tumors
Published June 20 2010
Concepts: brain, cell phones, cell phone, health, evidence

Know about Common Brain Poisons
Published June 12 2010
Concepts: brain, the brain, blood, sugar, poison

NIH panel foolishly insists Alzheimer's can't be prevented (are they demented?)
Published May 7 2010
Concepts: Alzheimer's, health, disease, food, aluminum

Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US - Part II
Published April 23 2010
Concepts: child, children, drug, drugs, disorder

Alzheimer's drugs cause brain damage and actually worsen memory loss
Published April 21 2010
Concepts: Alzheimer's, brain damage, brain, drugs, memory

Taking a mid-day nap boosts brain power
Published April 19 2010
Concepts: brain, sleep, WHO, brain power, study

Junk Food Found to Deteriorate Pleasure Center of Brain
Published April 12 2010
Concepts: food, junk food, brain, foods, eating

Understand and Prevent Autism with Seven Simple Steps
Published April 5 2010
Concepts: autism, children, body, mercury, child

Pregnancy Brain may be First Sign of EFA Deficiency during Childbearing Years
Published March 18 2010
Concepts: brain, pregnancy, fat, deficiency, men

WHO Says Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumors
Published March 15 2010
Concepts: brain, cell phone use, cell phone, risk, WHO

GABA Reduces Stress
Published March 3 2010
Concepts: GABA, brain, stress, natural, glutamine

Doritos ads represent sick, demented nature of junk food companies and their products
Published February 27 2010
Concepts: Doritos, food, junk food, violence, WHO

Beat and Treat ADD and ADHD without Drugs
Published February 26 2010
Concepts: adhd, health, food, natural, WHO

Oops! Brain cancer patients over-irradiated with miscalibrated radiotherapy machines
Published February 26 2010
Concepts: radiation, cancer, machine, patients, brain

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Heart Disease, Slow Aging and Delay Telomere Shortening
Published February 22 2010
Concepts: omega-3, fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, heart disease, heart

Are mandatory vaccinations acts of violence against children?
Published February 20 2010
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, WHO, people, CDC

Amino acids shown to be effective at treating brain injuries
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: brain, amino acids, BCAAs, supplement, the brain

New Powerful Three Minute Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Health
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: exercise, brain, memory, the brain, Chi

Heal yourself in 15 days by correcting your "nature deficiency" (part nine)
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: heal, nature, healing, natural, health

BPA Plastic Chemical Linked to Aggression, Hyperactivity in Toddlers
Published February 16 2010
Concepts: hyperactivity, BPA, chemical, aggression, plastic

Increase Magnesium Levels for Optimum Brain Functioning
Published February 16 2010
Concepts: magnesium, brain, health, increase, brain function

Thirty-six predictions for the world: 2010 - 2012
Published February 15 2010
Concepts: news, natural, 2012, man, vaccine

Ten Easy and Natural Ways to Keep Your Brain in Top Shape
Published February 12 2010
Concepts: brain, heal, health, natural, life

Polyphenols and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Contribute to Building New Brain Cells
Published February 9 2010
Concepts: polyphenols, fatty acids, diet, polyunsaturated fatty acids, brain

Computer Games may Increase Brain Power and Cure PTSD, Research Shows
Published February 6 2010
Concepts: brain, research, PTSD, increase, computer games

Magnesium found to boost learning and memory
Published February 4 2010
Concepts: magnesium, learning, brain, memory, NaturalNews

Drugs for HIV Infection and AIDS Might Prematurely Age Brains
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: HIV, brain, AIDS, drugs, the brain

Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer, Scientists Warn
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: brain cancer, cell phones, brain, scientists, study

Radiation Therapy Harms the Brain, Causing Memory and Attention Problems
Published February 1 2010
Concepts: brain, therapy, radiation, radiation therapy, memory

Natural form of vitamin E protects the brain after stroke
Published January 22 2010
Concepts: brain, stroke, the brain, vitamin E, form

Nutrients stimulate brain connections, could treat Alzheimer's
Published January 17 2010
Concepts: Alzheimer's, brain, nutrients, nutrient, memory

Alzheimer’s can be prevented through anti-aging therapies, study says
Published January 13 2010
Concepts: anti-aging, study, Alzheimer's, therapies, disease

Use Hypnosis to Study the Effect of Color Processing of the Brain
Published January 8 2010
Concepts: color, hypnosis, study, brain, the brain

Get Saturated: Four Reasons Saturated Fat is Healthy
Published January 4 2010
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, fats, health, reasons

New study: amino acids could heal brain damage
Published January 1 2010
Concepts: brain, amino acids, BCAAs, heal, animals

Brain Fitness should be Alongside All Fitness Protocols
Published December 26 2009
Concepts: brain, fitness, health, physical, men

Green tea nutrients prevent and treat brain disorders
Published December 17 2009
Concepts: brain, green, green tea, nutrients, chemical

Fluoride Causes Premature Births, Brain Degradation, Bone Loss, Cancer and Hormone Disruption
Published December 9 2009
Concepts: fluoride, cancer, bone, premature births, brain

Study Reveals Stronger Muscles Lead to Better Brain Function
Published December 5 2009
Concepts: study, brain, muscles, brain function, lead

How to Slow Aging and Prevent Alzheimer's
Published November 24 2009
Concepts: aging, brain, L-carnitine, form, Alzheimer's

Traffic fumes may cause dementia
Published November 23 2009
Concepts: dementia, traffic fumes, traffic, brain, disease

Juggle to Improve Your Brain
Published November 18 2009
Concepts: brain, the brain, improve, learning, juggling

World Health Organization Says Cell Phones can Cause Brain Cancer
Published November 10 2009
Concepts: brain, cell phone, health, cell phones, cancer

New research: resveratrol improves diabetes by affecting the brain
Published November 7 2009
Concepts: resveratrol, diabetes, natural, the brain, NaturalNews

What's really in that burger? E.coli and chicken feces both allowed by USDA
Published November 6 2009
Concepts: chicken, cows, disease, mad cow, beef

High Protein Diets may Lead to Brain Shrinkage
Published November 1 2009
Concepts: protein, brain, diet, diets, Alzheimer's

Learning to use the internet could help elders avoid dementia
Published October 31 2009
Concepts: internet, brain, the internet, learning, avoid

Fly High with Fat: Student Pilots Demonstrate Why Fat is Crucial to Health
Published October 26 2009
Concepts: fat, health, pilots, diet, brain

Omega-3s beat depression
Published October 20 2009
Concepts: omega-3, fat, depression, acid, natural

Diabetes reduces brain function
Published October 20 2009
Concepts: diabetes, brain, sugar, research, the brain

Children exposed to harmful radiation from unnecessary CT scans
Published October 12 2009
Concepts: children, radiation, child, exposed, harmful

Bogus Science: Medical "Fact" About Aging Brains Shrinking is Wrong
Published October 10 2009
Concepts: brain, aging, brains, health, medical

Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine
Published October 7 2009
Concepts: vaccine, news, brain, NaturalNews, cancer

New Danger: Medical Industry Pushes Brain Scans for Healthy
Published October 7 2009
Concepts: brain, medical, brain scans, medical industry, health

Herbs and Natural Foods Maintain Optimum Brain Function
Published October 5 2009
Concepts: brain, foods, food, natural, brain function

Hypnosis is Used in Study of Emotions
Published October 3 2009
Concepts: emotions, emotion, hypnosis, study, research

How to Stay Sharp as a Tack
Published October 2 2009
Concepts: men, 5, memory, brain, WHO

Pesticides Cause Childhood Brain Cancers
Published September 28 2009
Concepts: brain, pesticides, childhood, child, cancer

The State or Non-State of Hypnosis: Debate Continues
Published September 26 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, debate, consciousness, brain, research

Pesticides Cause Parkinson's Disease
Published September 25 2009
Concepts: pesticides, pesticide, disease, Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease

Aluminum is Potential Cause of Thirty-Five Million with Dementia Worldwide
Published September 22 2009
Concepts: aluminum, dementia, people, food, brain

Scientists Use Post-Hypnotic Suggestion on the Stroop Effect
Published September 22 2009
Concepts: brain, scientists, color, the brain, America

Obesity Linked To Brain Degeneration
Published September 17 2009
Concepts: brain, weight, people, obesity, overweight

Hypnosis Impacts the Amygdala
Published September 11 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, the brain, research, body, emotion

Brains are Shrinking in the Overweight: A Look at Why
Published September 7 2009
Concepts: chemical, food, chemicals, brains, foods

Insect repellent DEET is toxic to brain cells
Published September 6 2009
Concepts: DEET, insect repellent, brain, chemical, toxic

The Rumsfeld Plague: Aspartame Brings Horror (Opinion)
Published August 15 2009
Concepts: aspartame, man, diet, drug, harm

Hypnosis Leads to Heightened Brain Waves and Levels of Consciousness
Published August 15 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, brain, consciousness, states, hypnotherapy

Depression: Detoxification Outweighs Drugs
Published August 10 2009
Concepts: serotonin, depression, detoxification, drugs, natural

Caffeine May Prevent and Help Reverse Alzheimer's Disease
Published August 2 2009
Concepts: caffeine, Alzheimer's, disease, Alzheimer's disease, reverse

Vitamin D, Green Tea and Cocoa Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Published August 2 2009
Concepts: disease, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's disease, tea, green

Avoid Brain Plaque with a Toothbrush
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: health, natural, mouthwash, brain, avoid

Marijuana Has Anti-Cancer Properties
Published July 25 2009
Concepts: Marijuana, research, anti-cancer, researchers, brain

Music Possesses an Amazing Healing Power
Published July 21 2009
Concepts: music, heal, healing, brain, patients

Learn All About Sleep and Its Connection with Your Immune System (Opinion)
Published July 17 2009
Concepts: sleep, men, immune system, heal, health

Mind-Body Connection Part I: Our Thoughts can Affect our Health
Published July 15 2009
Concepts: connection, mind-body connection, mind-body, form, mind

Learn about the Physical Causes of Depression
Published July 7 2009
Concepts: depression, body, physical, causes, health

Taurine Keeps Immune Systems Strong and Protects Organs
Published July 3 2009
Concepts: taurine, research, blood, chemotherapy, heart

Vitamin B12 Protects the Heart, Mind, Eyes and More
Published June 30 2009
Concepts: vitamin B12, heart, mind, eyes, blood

Permanent Posture Change is the Key to Freedom from Chronic Pain
Published June 26 2009
Concepts: pain, chronic pain, posture, freedom, treatment

Use Hypnosis to Better Understand Brain Functioning
Published June 24 2009
Concepts: brain, hypnosis, the brain, study, research

Prenatal Vitamins Prevent Hydrocephalus - A Common Baby Brain Birth Defect
Published June 21 2009
Concepts: brain, birth, vitamins, prenatal vitamins, baby

High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Diabetes: What the Experts Say
Published June 17 2009
Concepts: sugar, Amazon, corn, corn syrup, natural

Should Judge Sotomayor's Diabetes Preclude Her from the U.S. Supreme Court?
Published June 9 2009
Concepts: health, Supreme Court, food, Sotomayor, mind

Cottonseed Nutrient Halts Growth of Brain Cancer Tumors
Published June 5 2009
Concepts: cancer, brain, cottonseed, brain cancer, research

Foods and Vitamins that Improve Memory and Natural Brain Function
Published May 27 2009
Concepts: brain, the brain, improve, natural, memory

Astaxanthin is Age and Disease Defying Miracle Nutrient from Microalgae
Published May 22 2009
Concepts: astaxanthin, cancer, research, disease, damage

Inexpensive Magnesium Proves Impressive at Protecting the Brain
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: magnesium, brain, treatment, rhythm, heart

Spinach Knocks Out Cancer and Boosts Brain Power
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: spinach, cancer, brain, food, health

Your Mind is Your Best Weapon against Any Flu
Published May 8 2009
Concepts: mind, flu, heal, virus, meditation

Protect Yourself from MSG and Aspartame Excitotoxicity
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: MSG, aspartame, excitotoxin, toxins, food

Residential Pesticides Linked to Childhood Brain Cancer
Published April 29 2009
Concepts: brain, pesticides, childhood, pesticide, exposure

Diabetes Increases Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
Published April 2 2009
Concepts: diabetes, Alzheimer's, sugar, blood sugar, blood

Ginkgo Reduces Brain Damage from Stroke by 50 Percent
Published April 2 2009
Concepts: brain, ginkgo, stroke, damage, brain damage

Music can Restore Vision after Stroke
Published March 29 2009
Concepts: music, vision, patients, stroke, awareness

Psychiatry Still Uses Electroshock Therapy on Children
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: therapy, electroshock therapy, electroshock, psychiatry, brain

Justice Ginsburg Should be Removed from the U.S. Supreme Court Following "Chemo Brain" Effects of Chemotherapy (opinion)
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: chemotherapy, health, justice, decision, people

Blueberries Lower High Cholesterol and Boost Cardiovascular Health
Published March 17 2009
Concepts: 5, berries, heal, cholesterol, Amazon

Researchers Speculate Alzheimer's is New Diabetes Type
Published March 9 2009
Concepts: diabetes, Alzheimer's, insulin, disease, brain

Boost Your Memory with Brain-Boosting Supplements
Published February 25 2009
Concepts: 5, supplement, memory, brain, disease

Another Blow to Magic Bullet Drugs: Statins Impair Brains
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: cholesterol, statins, brain, health, the brain

Hormone Replacement Therapy Linked to Brain Shrinkage
Published February 23 2009
Concepts: therapy, hormone, brain, hormone replacement, hormone replacement therapy

The Beat Goes On: Achieve Inner Peace with Binaural Beats
Published February 14 2009
Concepts: brain, peace, inner peace, the brain, conscious

Age-Related Changes in the Brain Slowed With Fitness
Published February 14 2009
Concepts: brain, the brain, Alzheimer's, changes, WHO

Key Nutrients Help Maintain Brain Function throughout Lifetime
Published February 13 2009
Concepts: brain, nutrients, supplement, nutrient, DHA

Yoga Alleviates Postpartum Depression
Published February 9 2009
Concepts: yoga, stress, depression, hormone, stress hormones

The Powerful Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Diseases of Inflammation: The Experts Speak
Published February 4 2009
Concepts: omega-3, fat, Amazon, acid, inflammation

The Effects of Weather on Health and How to Prepare
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: health, weather, sun, people, brain

Hormones Part II: Four Minor Hormones have Major Consequences in the Body
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: body, hormone, men, HGH, melatonin

Hormone Replacement Therapy Makes Brains Shrink
Published January 21 2009
Concepts: hormone, therapy, women, brains, brain

DHA: A Proven Breakthrough for Pre-Mature Babies
Published January 20 2009
Concepts: DHA, mental, diet, health, brain

Consuming Common Food Additive MSG Increases Risk of Weight Gain
Published January 19 2009
Concepts: MSG, food, brain, weight, the brain

HRT Drugs Shrink Women's Brains
Published January 19 2009
Concepts: drugs, shrink, HRT, men, HRT drugs

Hormones Part I: Hormonal Balance is the Key to Vibrant Health for Women
Published January 16 2009
Concepts: men, hormone, women, estrogen, hormones

Botox Injections Can Leak Botulism Toxin Into the Brain, Warn Scientists
Published January 9 2009
Concepts: brain, botox, the brain, botulism, injections

Book Review: The Ultramind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman Teaches Consumers How to Beat Depression, Anxiety and Brain Fog
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: brain, health, book, solution, nutrition

Four Minor Hormones have Major Consequences in the Body
Published January 7 2009
Concepts: body, hormone, men, HGH, melatonin

Low-Carb Diets Do Not Have to be Stressful or Boring
Published January 3 2009
Concepts: diet, low-carb, protein, diets, food

Report Shows Long Term Use of Cell Phones Linked to Brain Tumors
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: report, brain, children, cell phones, shows

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Shrinks Brain
Published December 23 2008
Concepts: alcohol, brain, men, consumption, alcohol consumption

Replication of Milgram's Shocking Experiments Proves 70 Percent of People will Torture Others if Ordered
Published December 22 2008
Concepts: people, man, WHO, experiments, brain

The Latest Brainless Idea: Brain Drugs for Healthy People
Published December 16 2008
Concepts: drugs, brain, health, drug, natural

Lipoic Acid Leads the Pack of Antioxidants that Protect Youth and Slow Aging
Published December 16 2008
Concepts: acid, lipoic acid, body, research, antioxidant

Acupuncture Proven to have an Effect beyond Placebo, Harvard Study Concludes
Published December 11 2008
Concepts: acupuncture, placebo, study, Harvard, changes

Studies Provide New Hope for Alzheimer's Patients
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: Alzheimer's, studies, dementia, research, news

Impact of Food on Mood
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: food, serotonin, brain, mood, foods

Study Examines Importance of DHA for Brain Development in Children
Published November 26 2008
Concepts: DHA, study, brain, children, supplement

Researchers Find Natural Help for Arthritis and Parkinson's Disease: Curry Spice and Grapes
Published November 20 2008
Concepts: grapes, natural, arthritis, spice, Parkinson's

Three Possible Health Dangers of Long-Term Cell Phone Use
Published November 14 2008
Concepts: health, cell phone, cancer, risk, children

New Mad Cow Test Heightens Fears
Published November 13 2008
Concepts: disease, vCJD, mad cow, blood, meat

The Root Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Explained
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: people, fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, causes

Scientists Develop Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer's Disease
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: Alzheimer's, blood, scientists, blood test, disease

Antidepressants Linked to Brain Lesions in Elderly
Published November 2 2008
Concepts: antidepressants, brain, researchers, study, risk

Nutritionist Jonny Bowden (Part I): Tips to Control Emotional Eating and Cravings
Published October 27 2008
Concepts: cravings, eating, health, emotional, food

Human Brain Seeks Real Calories; Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Overeating
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: brain, calories, artificial sweeteners, human, human brain

Television May Be Doing Your Thinking
Published October 18 2008
Concepts: television, brain, thinking, form, information

Review of Revolutionary Direct Sales Companies: Moxxor, Elements for Life, ShopToEarth and Amazon Herb Company
Published October 16 2008
Concepts: men, Moxxor, natural, life, ShoptoEarth

Boku Superfood Launches Enhanced Superfood Formula; Earns Editor's Choice Recommendation
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: food, organic, superfood, Boku, Boku Superfood

Cancer Drug Causes Permanent Brain Damage
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: brain, cancer, drug, causes, chemotherapy

Bad Eating Habits Produce Inflammation and Changes in Behavior
Published October 11 2008
Concepts: eating, food, body, inflammation, produce

Music Therapy Helps Patients Recover Brain Function Following Stroke
Published October 10 2008
Concepts: music, brain, brain function, therapy, patients

Meditation Practice Can Boost Compassion for Living Beings
Published October 10 2008
Concepts: meditation, compassion, emotion, living, brain

Weed Killer Chemicals Linked to Brain Cancer
Published October 8 2008
Concepts: brain, men, chemicals, women, weed killer

Brain Exercises Really Do Boost Mental Function
Published September 27 2008
Concepts: mental, brain, exercises, brain exercises, tests

Important Resources for Those With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Published September 27 2008
Concepts: people, health, Attention Deficit Disorder, brain, summit

Eight Superfoods for Health and Beauty From Your Local Grocery Store
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: cancer, health, food, superfoods, men

Aspartame Consumption Again Linked to Degeneration of Brain Neurons
Published September 25 2008
Concepts: aspartame, brain, consumption, research, lead

Suicide Risk Increases With Medication, Not Just Anti-Depressants
Published September 23 2008
Concepts: drug, drugs, medication, risk, suicide

Music Shown to Facilitate the Development of Neurons in the Brain
Published September 23 2008
Concepts: music, brain, men, the brain, research

Red Clover Blocks Neurological Damage From MSG
Published September 22 2008
Concepts: red clover, love, food, MSG, damage

Kids Thrive on Full Fat Organic Milk
Published September 20 2008
Concepts: fat, organic, fats, diet, milk

Surprising Facts and Symptoms About Attention Deficit Disorder
Published September 17 2008
Concepts: people, symptoms, health, facts, brain

Aspartame: Is the Sweet Taste Worth the Harm?
Published September 17 2008
Concepts: aspartame, FDA, studies, the FDA, taste

Healthy Foods That Promote Restful Sleep
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: food, foods, tryptophan, healthy, brain

Is It Beneficial to Fast One Day a Week?
Published September 14 2008
Concepts: muscle, body, muscles, fat, water

The Significance of Emotions Behind the Disease Process
Published September 13 2008
Concepts: disease, emotions, cancer, university, brain

Human Behavior and Emotions Altered by Scents
Published September 13 2008
Concepts: human, health, emotions, brain, behavior

Celery and Green Peppers Reduce Inflammatory Response in the Brain
Published September 12 2008
Concepts: luteolin, celery, peppers, green, brain

Grape Seed Extract May Reduce Cognitive Decline of Alzheimer's Disease
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: Alzheimer's, extract, grape seed extract, disease, cognitive decline

Deep Brain Stimulation Inexplicably Restores Vivid Memories
Published September 6 2008
Concepts: brain, memory, researchers, man, disease

Prominent Neurosurgeons Fear Cell Phone Use Causes Brain Tumors
Published August 29 2008
Concepts: brain, cell phone, cell phone use, fear, causes

Stop the Signs of Aging Naturally With a Healthful Approach to Food
Published August 25 2008
Concepts: food, life, heal, aging, herb

The Mind-Body Connection: Our Thoughts Can Heal Us (PT 2)
Published August 23 2008
Concepts: heal, brain, mind, mind-body, health

U.S. Surgeon Murders Patient to Harvest Organs for Waiting Recipient
Published August 22 2008
Concepts: organs, donation, death, brain, donations

Scientific Revelation: Age Related Decline Is Not Inevitable
Published August 21 2008
Concepts: health, men, decline, scientific, brain

Phoenix Gilman Shares Diet Information for Weight Loss and Treating ADHD
Published August 21 2008
Concepts: diet, health, weight, child, weight loss

Slaughterhouse Workers Suffer Neurological Destruction From Inhaling Pig Brain Particles
Published August 21 2008
Concepts: brain, slaughterhouse, neurological, workers, destruction

Mobile Phone Radiation to Unleash Epidemic of Brain Tumors
Published August 20 2008
Concepts: mobile phone, brain, radiation, epidemic, mobile phones

Author of 'Diet Failure-The Naked Truth' on Why Diets Fail
Published August 18 2008
Concepts: brain, chemical, health, diet, diets

Do You Want Happiness, Improved Intelligence and Better Memory?
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: exercise, happiness, intelligence, brain, the brain

Why Standing on Your Head May Improve Your Health
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: improve, health, blood, brain, hair

Are You Right or Left Brain Dominant?
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: brain, WHO, knowledge, disease, imagination

Avoid Sugar and Caffeine - Natural Energy Boosters That Work
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: energy, sugar, natural, avoid, caffeine

The Mind-Body Connection: Fear Manifests in Many Diseases (Part 1)
Published July 19 2008
Concepts: fear, mind-body, cancer, mind, stress

Taking Steps to Prevent Dementia in Old Age Is an Important Consideration
Published July 15 2008
Concepts: dementia, steps, old age, brain, disease

Single Brain Neurons are Smarter Than You Think
Published July 13 2008
Concepts: brain, research, the brain, researchers, information

20-Year Study: Lead Linked to Violent Crime and Shrinks the Brain
Published July 10 2008
Concepts: lead, study, crime, 5, blood

Study Shows Meditation Lowers Stress
Published July 6 2008
Concepts: meditation, study, stress, mind, mental

Call for Brain Scans of Presidential Candidates to Detect Mental Health Problems
Published July 6 2008
Concepts: brain, brain scans, health, mental, presidential candidates

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part I)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: body, water, pain, dehydration, brain

Flawed St. John's Wort Study on ADHD Failed to Use Active Form of Herbal Extract
Published June 13 2008
Concepts: study, herb, men, drug, adhd

Can Technology Improve Your Memory?
Published June 12 2008
Concepts: memory, brain, technology, improve, mind

Is Fat, Tired and Depressed a New Medical Syndrome?
Published June 12 2008
Concepts: heal, heart, form, brain, people

Top Psychiatric Researcher Dr. Biederman Caught Lying about $1.6 Million in Drug Money; Performed Medical Experiments on Children
Published June 10 2008
Concepts: child, drug, children, medical, experiments

Green Tea Compounds Prevent Memory Loss From Lack of Oxygen
Published June 6 2008
Concepts: tea, green tea, green, memory, memory loss

Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit
Published June 5 2008
Concepts: mercury, FDA, the FDA, dentist, men

Meta-Medicine: New Innovations in Mind-Body Healing Techniques
Published June 4 2008
Concepts: medicine, disease, healing, mind-body, brain

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript)
Published May 30 2008
Concepts: child, children, brain, drug, drugs

Did Statin Drugs Cause Senator Ted Kennedy's Brain Tumor?
Published May 22 2008
Concepts: natural, statin drugs, NaturalNews, brain, NaturalPedia

Aerobic Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Power in Older Adults
Published May 18 2008
Concepts: exercise, brain, aerobic exercise, memory, power

Rosemary Can Protect the Brain From Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease
Published May 13 2008
Concepts: rosemary, brain, the brain, Alzheimer's, dementia

Brain Surgeons Can't Tell Left from Right: Third Operating Mistake on Wrong Side of Patient's Head
Published May 12 2008
Concepts: brain, hospital, surgeons, medical mistakes, surgery

Listening to Music Accelerates Recovery From a Stroke
Published May 8 2008
Concepts: music, stroke, recovery, brain, patients

Nutrasweet - A Look at the History of Deception Behind Its Marketing (Part 2)
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: aspartame, FDA, the FDA, study, NutraSweet

Astaxanthin: The Little-Known Miracle Nutrient for Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Athletic Endurance and More
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: astaxanthin, natural, health, benefits, Vitacost

Folate and Vitamin B-12: Two Nutrients Critical for Brain Health
Published April 30 2008
Concepts: folate, vitamin B-12, brain, acid, deficiency

An Overview of How Stress Kills and How to Develop Your StresSkills
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: stress, body, heal, men, mind

Discovery of the God Module Results in New Field of Science: Neurotheology
Published April 19 2008
Concepts: brain, God, the brain, spiritual, results

Vitamin D: The Silver Bullet Against Chronic Disease for African Americans
Published April 16 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, supplement, sun, research, disease

Using the Power of the Sun to Improve Eyesight and Boost Immunity
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: sun, eye, eyes, heal, health

Ending the Cholesterol-Heart Disease Myth
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, disease, fat, heal

Diet May Be the Key to Prevention and Treatment of Brain Tumors
Published April 2 2008
Concepts: brain, diet, prevention, brain tumor, treatment

Illness Affecting Meat Packing Employees Stump Medical Experts
Published March 13 2008
Concepts: employees, meat, brain, symptoms, meat packing

Diet Sweeteners Can Make You Sick and Fat
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: food, sugar, sweeteners, diet, body

Finding Happiness the Natural Way
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: body, raw, mood, natural, heal

MOTHERS Act Seeks to Drug Expectant Mothers with Antidepressants to "Treat" Postpartum Depression
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: drug, mothers, drugs, MOTHERS Act, expectant mothers

Raise Your Child's IQ With Adequate Amounts of DHA
Published February 24 2008
Concepts: DHA, fish, IQ, brain, child

Medication-Free Therapies Proven Successful in ADHD Treatment
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: adhd, child, therapies, children, exercise

Illinois Shooter was Treated with Psych Meds Prior to Shooting Rampage
Published February 17 2008
Concepts: mind, drug, shooting, men, medication

The Omega-3 Fatty Acid DHA Confirmed to Deter Alzheimer's
Published February 15 2008
Concepts: DHA, acid, omega-3, disease, brain

Nutrition Secrets “They” Don't Want You to Know About
Published February 11 2008
Concepts: nutrient, body, nutrients, Chi, food

Examining the Properties of Chocolate and Cacao for Health
Published February 7 2008
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, raw, 5, raw cacao

The Right Type of Fats for Health and Longevity
Published February 7 2008
Concepts: oil, omega-3, fat, fish, acid

Recognizing the Signs of Stress From Exercise Over-Exertion
Published February 6 2008
Concepts: stress, brain, training, signs, exercise

Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: cancer, body, heal, men, disease

Chiropractic is Health Care, Not Disease Care
Published January 24 2008
Concepts: heal, chiropractic, disease, body, health care

Week in Review: Cloned Meat, Scientific Fraud and Mandatory Organ Harvesting from (Nearly) Dead Patients
Published January 18 2008
Concepts: drug, drugs, organ harvesting, WHO, meat

The Marvels of Brown Seaweeds on the Human Body
Published January 16 2008
Concepts: 5, men, seaweed, fat, human

NAC as a Natural Treatment for Cocaine Addiction?
Published January 14 2008
Concepts: cocaine, treatment, natural, natural treatment, study

Mobile Phones Linked to Brain Tumors after Long Term Use
Published January 11 2008
Concepts: mobile phones, brain, tumors, brain tumors, study

RIAA Declares Using Brain to Remember Songs is Criminal Copyright Infringement (satire)
Published December 31 2007
Concepts: RIAA, copyright, brain, copyright infringement, song

Cell Phone Radiation Triggers Measurable Brain Cell Changes in Mere Minutes
Published December 29 2007
Concepts: radiation, changes, cell phone radiation, brain, cell phone

Stress, Prescription Medications, and Alzheimer's Disease
Published December 28 2007
Concepts: stress, Alzheimer's, medications, brain, disease

Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: men, 5, man, news, NaturalNews

Radiation for Brain Cancer Reduces Brain Function in Children
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: radiation, cancer, brain function, brain, brain cancer

Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins Had Been "Treated" For ADHD, Depression
Published December 6 2007
Concepts: drug, drugs, men, child, children

The Gullible Jennifer Garner Flu Shot Campaign
Published November 20 2007
Concepts: flu, vaccine, health, the flu, child

Follow Your Heart to Better Health and Performance
Published November 17 2007
Concepts: heart, health, brain, changes, stress

People who fidget more likely to be thin, researchers discover
Published November 15 2007
Concepts: researchers, WHO, people, brain, body

How to generate happy brain chemistry right this instant
Published November 9 2007
Concepts: brain, brain chemistry, how to, mind-body medicine, body

The Nature of Energy-Depleting Thyroid Problems
Published November 6 2007
Concepts: thyroid, energy, leptin, fat, hormone

The nutrition secret behind The Secret
Published August 9 2007
Concepts: intention, food, power, foods, nervous system

Ritalin stunts growth of children; long-term risk to children's health unknown
Published July 23 2007
Concepts: children, child, ritalin, drug, adhd

After a cancer diagnosis: Crucial questions to consider about chemotherapy vs. naturopathic cancer treatments
Published April 26 2007
Concepts: cancer, medicine, heal, chemotherapy, health

Omega-3 fatty acids found to restructure brain matter tied to positive mood and emotions
Published April 3 2007
Concepts: omega-3, mood, fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, brain

Chronic back pain linked to physical changes in the brain
Published March 1 2007
Concepts: pain, back pain, chronic back pain, changes, physical

Selenium intake prevents loss of brain function as we age
Published February 25 2007
Concepts: selenium, brain, brain function, cognitive function, study

Mobile phones boost brain tumor risk by up to 270 percent on side of brain where phone is held
Published February 22 2007
Concepts: risk, brain tumor, brain, brain tumors, mobile phones

Scientists discover the brain has ability to repair itself
Published February 21 2007
Concepts: brain, the brain, repair, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease

New mind probe technology could be used to interrogate the public
Published February 12 2007
Concepts: technology, mind, brain, medical ethics, invasion of privacy

Intense video gaming actually strengthens your eyesight
Published February 9 2007
Concepts: video, eyesight, video gaming, improve, eye

Folic acid supplements found to significantly enhance memory function
Published January 24 2007
Concepts: acid, folic acid, men, supplements, memory

Brain bleeding from use of anticoagulant increasing since the 1990s, researchers report
Published January 16 2007
Concepts: bleeding, warfarin, anticoagulant, brain, patients

What's on your mind for dinner, cow brains?
Published January 14 2007
Concepts: brain, meat, people, WHO, brains

Surgeons "maimed" brain damaged child to "convenience" caregivers, health advocate charges
Published January 10 2007
Concepts: child, caregivers, health, brain, medical ethics

From Processed Foods to Natural Wholesomeness
Published December 17 2006
Concepts: food, 5, foods, people, natural

Chemotherapy causes brain shrinkage, study finds
Published November 29 2006
Concepts: brain, chemotherapy, brain shrinkage, patients, study

Researchers: Humpback whales found to share high IQ brain cells with humans
Published November 28 2006
Concepts: whales, brain, IQ, brain cells, researchers

Calorie Restriction in Non-Human Primates May Prevent, Reduce Alzheimer’s Neuropathology (press release)
Published November 13 2006
Concepts: calorie restriction, Alzheimer’s, school, study, research

Industrial chemicals causing pandemic of brain disorders in children
Published November 8 2006
Concepts: chemicals, brain, industrial chemicals, chemical, brain disorders

Electrical stimulation of brain improves memory, study finds
Published November 7 2006
Concepts: brain, memory, study, electrical stimulation, sleep

Prenatal vitamins may reduce risk of brain tumors in children (press release)
Published November 6 2006
Concepts: children, vitamins, tumors, brain, risk

Omega-3 fatty acids boost cognitive function, learning in elderly patients
Published November 3 2006
Concepts: omega-3 fatty acids, omega-3, cognitive function, elderly, patients

Pesticide exposure could increase risk of early onset of Parkinson's disease (press release)
Published November 2 2006
Concepts: Parkinson's, disease, pesticide, Parkinson's Disease, exposure

Curcumin in curry helps boost brain function, study finds
Published October 27 2006
Concepts: curry, curcumin, study, brain, brain function

Experimental stem cell treatment caused brain tumors in rats
Published October 27 2006
Concepts: stem cell, treatment, brain tumors, Parkinson's Disease, brain

Typical Diet Deficient in Nutrient Linked to Infant Brain Development, Memory (press release)
Published October 26 2006
Concepts: choline, food, men, nutrient, diet

Music -- the key to feeling good? (press release)
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: music, brain, emotions, project, research

Hormone-replacement therapy harms hearing, study finds (press release)
Published October 24 2006
Concepts: women, WHO, HRT, study, therapy

Radiation overdose kills teen cancer patient
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: radiation, overdose, cancer, treatment, cancer treatments

Study shows link between morbid obesity, low IQ in toddlers (press release)
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: IQ, child, study, research, children

Stress significantly hastens progression of Alzheimer's disease (press release)
Published October 18 2006
Concepts: Alzheimer's, stress, disease, Alzheimer's disease, brain

Study links lead exposure to brain cancer in adults (press release)
Published October 16 2006
Concepts: lead, exposure, cancer, brain, study

Resveratrol in red wine protects the brain from stroke damage
Published October 16 2006
Concepts: red wine, resveratrol, brain, stroke, the brain

Electrical stimulation restores some speech in brain-damaged man
Published October 16 2006
Concepts: man, speech, electrical stimulation, brain, WHO

Exercise helps sustain mental activity as we age, may prevent dementia-like illnesses (press release)
Published October 10 2006
Concepts: exercise, brain, mental, studies, review

Chemotherapy found to cause permanent brain damage, loss of memory
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: chemotherapy, brain, brain damage, cancer, cancer treatments

Ultrasound affects embryonic mouse brain development (press release)
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: ultrasound, brain, mouse, human, Yale

UNC study shows ingredient commonly found in shampoos may inhibit brain development (press release)
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: study, brain, shampoos, shows, university

The top five foods for beating depression
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: depression, foods, food, brain, acid

Groundbreaking research highlights myriad health benefits of flavanol-rich cocoa (press release)
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: cocoa, research, health, men, blood

Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on devastating health effects of MSG, aspartame and excitotoxins
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: MSG, aspartame, health, cancer, research

Avastin cancer drug may cause brain bleeding, warns FDA
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: avastin, drug, cancer, Genentech, bleeding

Penn researchers examine the effects of meditation on early cognitive impairment (press release)
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: meditation, brain, researchers, the brain, study

Prenatal vitamins reduces risk of brain tumors in newborns
Published September 22 2006
Concepts: brain, vitamins, tumors, risk, brain tumors

Long-term ibuprofen regimen after brain injury worsens cognition in animal study (press release)
Published September 22 2006
Concepts: ibuprofen, brain, injury, brain injury, study

Music lessons boost memory, brain function of children
Published September 21 2006
Concepts: music, memory, lessons, brain, children

Nicotine exposure during development leads to hearing problems (press release)
Published September 20 2006
Concepts: nicotine, exposure, problems, study, research

Bird brains shrink from exposure to contaminants (press release)
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: exposure, brains, DDT, brain, shrink

Simple Lifestyle Changes May Improve Cognitive Function and Brain Efficiency (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: brain, improve, lifestyle, health, cognitive function

Hearing loss from chemotherapy underestimated (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: hearing loss, chemotherapy, toxicity, children, study

Prescription drugs are connected to school shootings and other violence, yet more drugs are touted as the solution
Published September 11 2006
Concepts: drugs, drug, child, people, health

New study finds that older Americans may improve memory by exercising their brains and bodies (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: memory, improve, study, brain, americans

Chemical used in food containers disrupts brain development (press release)
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: BPA, brain, estrogen, chemical, food

Expectations of Pain: I Think, Therefore I Am (press release)
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: pain, brain, the brain, research, study

Magnetic Therapy May Help Stroke Recovery (press release)
Published September 1 2006
Concepts: stroke, therapy, magnetic therapy, recovery, treatment

Electromedicine for Parkinson's disease: Deep brain stimulation works better than drugs
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: brain, Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease, works, electromedicine

Fitness counteracts cognitive decline from hormone-replacement therapy (press release)
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: fitness, therapy, hormone, decline, women

Neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman talks about the fraud of ADHD and the poisoning of U.S. children
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: child, adhd, drug, disease, children

Age-Related Memory Improvement Linked with Consumption of Apple Products (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: apple, apple juice, memory, consumption, diet

Vitamin B3 Variant Reverses Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Mice (press release)
Published August 22 2006
Concepts: alcohol, nicotinamide, vitamin B3, ethanol, brain

Queen’s-led network looks at fetal alcohol syndrome with goal of minimizing life-long learning problems (press release)
Published August 22 2006
Concepts: alcohol, research, problems, learning, network

Calorie Restriction May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (press release)
Published August 8 2006
Concepts: Alzheimer’s, disease, calorie restriction, brain, study

Ultrasound warning: procedure may harm babies' brains
Published August 8 2006
Concepts: ultrasound, brain, harm, expectant mothers, research

Research shows that seeds and nuts are "brain foods" that can also stabilize your mood
Published August 7 2006
Concepts: nuts, brain, seeds, food, men

A sweet solution for Alzheimer's disease? (press release)
Published August 3 2006
Concepts: Alzheimer's, inositol, disease, Alzheimer's disease, human

Physical education is key to improving a child's confidence, brainpower and long-term health
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: child, physical, children, physical education, sports

Natural Cellular Defense removes heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals from body - study
Published August 1 2006
Concepts: zeolite, natural, people, toxins, body

Blueberry, strawberry extracts found to protect brain from radiation damage
Published July 13 2006
Concepts: brain, radiation, extract, rats, superfoods

Acupressure can prevent brain shrinkage in back pain sufferers (press release)
Published July 12 2006
Concepts: pain, back pain, acupressure, brain, brain shrinkage

New Antioxidant May Help Prevent AIDS Dementia (press release)
Published July 10 2006
Concepts: dementia, antioxidant, AIDS, stress, oxidative stress

Gut Brain Therapy™ an Innovative Approach to Natural Migraine Prevention (press release)
Published July 3 2006
Concepts: brain, migraine, gut, prevention, natural

UCLA study finds that simple lifestyle changes may improve cognitive function and brain efficiency (press release)
Published June 30 2006
Concepts: brain, study, improve, lifestyle, cognitive function

Cell phone signals impact brain physiology
Published June 26 2006
Concepts: cell phone, brain, harm, report, harmful

Psychiatry and disease mongering: Road Rage Disorder is latest spontaneously "discovered" disease
Published June 13 2006
Concepts: disease, drug, disorder, drugs, psychiatry

Do Antidepressants Cure or Create Abnormal Brain States? (PLoS Medicine)
Published June 12 2006
Concepts: drug, antidepressants, drugs, depression, patients

Ambien sleeping pills linked to bizarre sleep walking behavior, including unconscious driving of vehicles and wild hallucinations
Published June 8 2006
Concepts: Ambien, sleep, drug, sleeping pills, driving

Natural breakthrough for blood sugar control: Glucotor supplement clinically proven to reduce blood sugar as well as diabetes drugs, without the side effects
Published June 1 2006
Concepts: 5, study, reduction, sugar, blood

The Honest Food Guide empowers consumers with independent information about foods and health
Published May 25 2006
Concepts: food, foods, health, people, disease

Unsafe snacks? New "Natural" Doritos contains yeast extract
Published April 19 2006
Concepts: yeast, MSG, extract, yeast extract, food

Experts say antidepressant drugs cause suicides instead of preventing them
Published April 10 2006
Concepts: Prozac, suicide, drug, drugs, antidepressants

Achieve optimum mental health by supplementing deficient brain chemicals instead of resorting to dangerous antidepressant drugs
Published March 23 2006
Concepts: men, brain, mood, supplement, brain chemicals

The collapse of health and the downfall of the U.S. economy (preview)
Published March 20 2006
Concepts: health, drug, economy, heal, disease

Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965)
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: men, 5, human, experiments, study

Emerging technology is not the answer to the world's social and economic problems
Published February 15 2006
Concepts: technology, emerging technology, world, WHO, people

New research shows adults -- not just kids -- are capable of learning new languages
Published February 12 2006
Concepts: learning, brain, adults, foreign language, the brain

Omega-3-rich flax seeds provide much-needed nutrition for optimal mental health
Published January 26 2006
Concepts: flax, flax seeds, flaxseed, omega-3, mental

Essential fatty acid phosphatidylserine (PS) is powerful prevention for memory loss, Alzheimer's and dementia
Published January 9 2006
Concepts: Phosphatidylserine, men, brain, improve, memory

The Mad Hatter Syndrome: mercury and biological toxicity
Published January 6 2006
Concepts: mercury, amalgams, toxic, body, health

Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils
Published January 2 2006
Concepts: brain, fat, acid, DHA, omega-3

Folic acid deficiencies are widespread; here's why nearly everyone needs more folate
Published December 29 2005
Concepts: acid, folic acid, men, folate, 5

How Acetyl-L-Carnitine prevents Alzheimer's disease and dementia while boosting brain function
Published December 7 2005
Concepts: car, carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine, brain, Alzheimer's

Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, raw foods pioneer and founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
Published November 29 2005
Concepts: people, food, life, WHO, heal

New Mexico activists hope to achieve an unprecedented ban on aspartame
Published November 20 2005
Concepts: aspartame, ban, man, Mexico, New Mexico

FDA accused of suppressing drug safety information (commentary)
Published October 14 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, FDA, the FDA, people

The hidden dangers of caffeine: How coffee causes exhaustion, fatigue and addiction
Published October 11 2005
Concepts: caffeine, fatigue, coffee, stress, sugar

The link between aspartame and brain tumors: What the FDA never told you about artificial sweeteners
Published September 22 2005
Concepts: aspartame, brain, tumors, brain tumors, brain tumor

The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your child's health
Published September 22 2005
Concepts: vaccine, mercury, thimerosal, child, vaccines

Psychiatric Drugs: Chemical Warfare on Humans - interview with Robert Whitaker
Published August 27 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, people, mental, brain

The link between monosodium glutamate (MSG) and obesity
Published July 9 2005
Concepts: obesity, MSG, excitotoxin, food, excitotoxins

Losing weight with appetite suppressing drugs, herbs and macronutrients
Published July 6 2005
Concepts: appetite, appetite suppressant, weight, appetite control, appetite suppressants

Aspartame promotes grand mal seizures, say health experts
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: aspartame, seizures, health, brain, grand mal seizures

Questioning the safety of synthetic human growth hormone (HGH)
Published June 8 2005
Concepts: HGH, hormone, body, fat, men

The accelerating decline of health in America: how an entire population lost its marbles
Published May 29 2005
Concepts: people, health, population, drug, society

Will that facelift get you a pay raise? Cosmetic surgery and your career
Published May 26 2005
Concepts: brain, men, health, brain function, brain exercise

Gene therapy and genetic engineering: the future of medicine?
Published May 19 2005
Concepts: Genetic, heal, war, engineer, gene therapy

General Mills takes leadership step in switching to whole grain breakfast cereals
Published May 16 2005
Concepts: General Mills, whole grain, sugar, nutrition, grains

Laughter is good medicine for reducing stress, enhancing brain chemistry
Published April 28 2005
Concepts: laughter, oxygen, body, stress, chemical

The unauthorized history of Coca-Cola (satire)
Published January 14 2005
Concepts: coca, cola, Coca-Cola, soft drinks, calcium

The health effects of drinking soda - quotes from the experts
Published January 8 2005
Concepts: soft drinks, calcium, diet, food, phosphorus

Group of doctors accuses drug companies of inventing fictitious diseases to sell more prescription drugs
Published December 15 2004
Concepts: drug, disease, drug companies, fictitious diseases, prescription

Treating insomnia / sleep disorders with herbs and nutrition
Published October 19 2004
Concepts: sleep, sleep disorders, caffeine, herbs, insomnia

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, has a simple cause: poor nutrition and food additives
Published August 19 2004
Concepts: food, hyperactivity, children, nutrition, disorder

Medical researchers remain baffled at attempts to treat obesity with appetite suppressing hormones like PYY
Published August 3 2004
Concepts: appetite, obesity, food, foods, researchers

Gastric bypass surgery should be a last resort, not a choice of convenience
Published July 30 2004
Concepts: surgery, gastric bypass, gastric bypass surgery, surgical procedures, weight

The big Bush handout to pharmaceutical companies: mandatory mental health screening for entire U.S. population
Published July 23 2004
Concepts: mental health, mental, prescription drugs, Bush, drug

Obesity, lack of green vegetables and avoidance of mental exercise cause Azheimer's, dementia
Published July 20 2004
Concepts: green vegetables, exercise, green, brain exercises, lifestyle choices

The Top Ten Technologies: #10 Superlearning Systems
Published July 14 2004
Concepts: learning, men, superlearning, child, brain

The Top Ten Technologies: #8 Computer / Human Interface Systems
Published July 14 2004
Concepts: technology, human, mouse, technologies, movement

Appetite stimulating hormone decreases following gastric bypass surgery
Published July 13 2004
Concepts: appetite, hormone, gastric bypass, brain chemistry, health

FDA bans cosmetic makers from using brain and spinal cord tissue as protection from mad cow disease
Published July 12 2004
Concepts: spinal cord, mad cow disease, mad cow, brain, FDA

Nanotechnology has a dark side: nanoparticles shown to cause brain damage
Published May 28 2004
Concepts: nanotechnology, nanoparticles, brain, nanotech, fish

Brain controlled robotic arm experiment moves to humans next
Published November 6 2003
Concepts: brain, humans, WHO, people, human

One step closer to brain-controlled human / computer interfaces
Published October 13 2003
Concepts: brain, human, how to, machine, brains

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