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Don Tolman

Interview with Don Tolman, the Whole Food Medicine Cowboy

Wednesday, August 08, 2012 by: NaturalNews
Tags: Don Tolman, Whole Food Medicine Cowboy, interview

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(NaturalNews) Health Ranger: Welcome back to InfoWars Nightly News. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, filling in tonight. And we've got a great interview coming up for you right now, with Don Tolman. He's known as the Whole Food Cowboy. He's an expert in nutrition and natural medicine. And I want to ask him about these zombies and why is there so much substance abuse in America and what can people do to resolve that issue, turning to foods. We're also going to ask him about the cancer industry and some of the scams in the cancer industry, so he joins us by Skype Video. Thank you, Don Tolman, for joining us tonight on InfoWars Nightly News.

Don Tolman: Thank you for being here, Mr. Mike Adams, and having me, I appreciate it.

Health Ranger: It's great to have you on. I know this is your first time here on the InfoWars Nightly News broadcast. So tell the audience, just briefly, a little bit about yourself, please.

Don Tolman: Just basically, I am known as the Whole Food Medicine Man. I spent well over 40 years investigating cultures that are long-lived and basically disease-free. I had lectured at medical symposiums. I'm a little bit of an enemy in their camp because I'm against all pharmaceutical drugs - well, not all, about 98 percent of all pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter prescriptions, and even a lot of different kinds of supplements because foods, plants, are one of the largest keys to our health. And so that's what I'm all about, is helping to spread the message of do-it-yourself self-care.

Health Ranger: Awesome, all right. Well, some people in Miami have been doing it themselves, but they've been doing it with drugs and street drugs. These bath salts turned one guy into a human zombie and he was literally eating the face off of another guy. Now, we have an epidemic of substance abuse in America, but you and I talked about this the other day, that can often be reversed with nutrition and re-mineralization. Can you talk about that, Don? What really works in that realm?

Don Tolman: You know what's interesting, is that it was a brilliant ancient wisdom that when people were stressed, when they were emotionally upset, when they just weren't themselves, that they seemed a little off and even kind of crazy, they would literally tell them that they needed to go nuts. And that's where the word "nuts" comes from. Nut, in the Latin, means "light." When you look at "nutrition," - nut, on the very front of it - "nutrition" means "process of light." And some of the highest concentrations of the photolytic or plant biophotons of nutrition that target the brain and the emotional centers of the brain are what we call nuts. Tree nuts. If you look at a walnut, it's like the brain. There's a part of the brain called the amygdala, which is part of the emotional center. Amygdala in the Latin means "almond." If people would eat almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pecans, if they would just go nuts on those and pig out, it's so fascinating to see how it balances the cognitive process and the neurochemistry of the emotions that are developed in the brain for how we feel and how our emotions affect our behavior. That's literally what the number one thing is to do. That, and a lot of sunshine.

Health Ranger: You know, that's a really good point, Don, because some of what we observe in America today, and even across Europe and Canada and most of the Western world, you know, there's a type of insanity among people. There's also a lot of emotional roller coaster ride going on, there's confusion, there's a lot of fear and then the government preys upon that fear to unleash their agendas of control and enslavement of the population. At the same time, the government is attacking food. For example, you just mentioned almonds. Well, California outlawed the sale of raw almonds I guess what, 2-2 years ago. Now all of the almonds have to be pasteurized, chemically treated, or fumigated in order to be sold. So the government is destroying the food that you're describing as being healing to us. How much does that concern you?

Don Tolman: That breaks my heart. It's very, very shattering. And to stay up on it and to see even the writers that are paid to support the destruction of foods, they scare the puddin' outta people. Even tomatoes, they're nightshade, don't eat 'em, they'll kill ya. And it just goes on and on. They sell millions of books and they get followers, and it's nuts. Then they go into an industry and target it and shut it down. It's terrible what they're doing with the foods.

Health Ranger: But at the same time, Don, they say that all of the processed chemically derived, GMO's, the pesticide-treated food is good for you. So if you drink your dead juice, they say that's good for you. If you have your sugar, you know the Corn Refiners Association says all that high fructose corn syrup is good for you, no problem with that. You know, the soda industry says the aspartame's good for you. Everywhere you go, all these industries have their own chemicals. The GMO industry says, who cares if there's a little pesticide in your corn? Just eat that right up. They always say it's good for you.

Don Tolman: Yeah, it's so bizarre because the food industry is being taken over by the pharmaceutical industry. Even the Department of Agriculture is funded by the FDA, which is funded by the pharmaceutical industry and so there you have it. And there's really just two kinds of sugars, generally, that they even know about. There's large sugars, large molecular size, and then there's small. All small sugars are refined and/or chemically synthesized, like aspartame and things. And when you take that kind of sugar into your body, the molecular size is so small, it crosses through the blood-brain barrier, sets it into chaos, and the pancreas freaks out and the two mega-hormones, which the pancreas develops and puts into the bloodstream, it starts to produce insulin which is meant to make you lethargic and lay down layers of fat to protect the nerves because you're in chaos. And sugars, chemicals, sweeteners, they all cause that. The large molecules in fruit, which they also classify as sugar, goes through the blood-brain barrier so slowly yet releases glucagon which gives you energy and cognitive function that is unreal. Fruits target the brain and the emotions in a most beautiful way. And yet they target and attack fruit.

Health Ranger: (laughs) Yeah, it's incredible. Now, one of the amazing trends that has happened here at the InfoWars studios is that many members of the InfoWars team, including Alex Jones himself, including Aaron Dykes and many others, have really been turned on to minerals, they've been turned on to nutrition, they've been turned on to the phytonutrients. They've been consuming products, and Aaron Dykes lost something like 80 or 90 lbs., has more energy, has better performance, Alex Jones has more energy; this whole team here-and of course I have a background, you know, I used to be borderline diabetic, borderline obese-the whole team here is getting turned onto nutrition. And I understand that your expertise is in helping people really understand how they can heal themselves. Tell us a little bit about what you do to help people.

Don Tolman: The biggest thing that people need to understand is that Nature's complex; so complex that science openly admits they understand maybe 2 percent of the cellular functions of the human body. There are 10,000 trillion cells that make up the body and they understand less than 2 percent. And when it comes to plants, they understand even less. And what people need to understand is that every plant on the face of this Earth has every nutritional component that science has ever labeled, studied, tried to concentrate to put in pills, in capsules, vitamin pills, mineral pills. And yet the way they do that is they grind up rocks and tell you it's a mineral pill.

Health Ranger: (laughs) That's right.

Don Tolman: Cells don't identify with rock minerals, they're fossilized.

Health Ranger: No, what I do, I take concentrated sea water and I spray it on my sprouts and then I sprout grasses and seeds and they soak up the sea water, and that's my mineral supplement, that's how I get minerals. What do you do?

Don Tolman: I love that. What I do is I eat fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds and grains and whenever I go swimming in the ocean, I'll actually swallow some. (laughs)

Health Ranger: (laughs) Yeah, inevitably.

Don Tolman: And, so yeah, that's really, really brilliant. Even grass, they now know that grass, just any old grass, any different kind, contains all 200,000 identifiable proteins, every mineral, every vitamin. No plant lacks in anything. It just has those nutritional components, which they've labeled in different concentrations.

Health Ranger: Oh, it's incredible. The grass will absorb 90+ trace minerals and macrominerals and will make them bioavailable. But I don't want anyone to get turned off if they're not into health, I want our listeners and viewers to understand why this matters: it's because patriots and those who are true Americans and those who want to be here and be part of the peaceful revolution of moving our society forward, #1 you gotta be alive, so you can't have a heart attack, we can't have you dying of cancer and diabetes, and #2 you gotta have a presence of mind. How are you going to be able to be aggressive, how are you going to be able to communicate, how are you going to be able to have the passion in your heart and connect with the other patriots and connect with the movement of freedom and liberty if you're sitting in a hospital bed somewhere? That's why this matters, everybody. Your comments, Don.

Don Tolman: You know, that was brilliant because anciently, the five-pointed star was a symbol of the human body. When you stand on both feet with them spread out and your arms wide, you actually have five aspects showing up in the body and anciently the phrase was "Citius Altius Fortius Socius Moneta which meant "swifter mentally, higher emotionally, stronger physically, and then socially based on trust." That was the ancient Olympic creed and then they got rid of two of them and they just use "Citius Altius Fortius" in the Olympics today. But in the day of Pythagoras, it was all five. And if people would simply get back to the understandings of life and where it comes from and what supports it, and liberty, our freedoms, our Constitutional rights and civil liberties, and the pursuit of happiness. Originally, it didn't mean to pursue happiness; what it meant was when you're happy, what is it that you, personally, want to pursue? What is your passion, what is your joy? So, to me, that's what this revolution is all about.

Health Ranger: Well, the other thing, historically, remember that even the American Revolution only required a small percentage of the population. It doesn't matter if, let's say 95 percent of the population really are zombies who can't think for themselves, who are programmed, who are propagandized, who are just completely mentally unaware, that doesn't really matter as long as we've got 5 percent who are awake, who are informed, who are nourished, whose brains are functioning so that they can get to the frontlines just like the team is doing right now at Bilderberg, and they can be effective. And nutrition is the key to freedom. That's the point I'm trying to make here, and I know you agree with it, go ahead.

Don Tolman: I do, and that's the 100 monkey effect, it hits critical mass. If 5 percent of us can get involved in our own self-care, knowledge and understanding and a simplicity of common sense and embracing the physics of nature around us, because that's where health and life comes from. Life doesn't come from doctors and pharmacies; health doesn't come from doctors and pharmacies. It comes from the autogenic self-healing system. And if there's just a few of us that can embrace this, it'll hit critical mass and it'll spread like a wildfire and that's what makes me excited.

Health Ranger: It is. I'm excited about it too. Where do you live, Don? What kind of cowboy are you? Tell us.

Don Tolman: (laughs) Well, I tell people I'm Utahrded but not a moron. (laughs)

Health Ranger: (laughs) Because you're from Utah, is that what you're saying?

Don Tolman: Yeah, that's it. I live in Park City, Utah, way up in the high-up mountains where the Sundance Film Festival takes place every year. The Winter Olympics happened here in 2002. Athletes, entertainers in every industry come here all year round.

Health Ranger: Do you have issue with the Utah government then? You use the word Utahrded. What do you mean by that? (laughs) I'm curious.

Don Tolman: Well, what I mean by that is, it's interesting, because in the state of Utah, they have the highest incidence of teenage suicide. They have the highest use of painkiller addictions in the state of Utah. They have the highest group, per capita, of people on Prozac, Zoloft, other psychotropic medical drugs. And so as I got in here and moved here because my wife was born and raised right here in Park City, and what I love about Park City is different from the entire state of Utah in every way. And that's why I tell people I'm from Park City, California. (laughs)

Health Ranger: (laughs) I see. Very interesting.

Don Tolman: There's freedom here, and I love that. We have beautiful air, wonderful water from our own well, sunshine something like 231 days a year minimum, and I just love it here. Very healthy.

Health Ranger: Very good, and Don, I gotta tell you, what turned me on to your information, and you've got a book and you didn't even ask me to plug it, but it's called "FDR: The Farmaceudical Desk Reference," but "farm" is spelled F-A-R-M; that's what I liked about it, it's not a chemical, it's food. In 20 seconds, can you tell us what that's all about?

Don Tolman: Yeah, "The Farmacist Desk Reference," which is Volume 3, is a synopsis, it's a summation, in common language, of all seven of the body's systems, from the brain, nervous system, respiratory, integumentary (which is the skin and how it's tied together), you know, all seven body systems, the anatomy as well as the physiology, in a way that people will understand their bodies in such a common sense way that no doctor, no pharmacy will ever be able to lie to them again about what they need.

Health Ranger: Awesome.

Don Tolman: You will understand the top 13 foods that are medicinals from nature that target those systems. And then there's another book, you'd flip it over and go the other way, and it's "Medisins and Pharmaceutikills" and it's an expose, out of their own medical publications, of the dangerousness and the harm that they are doing and legally getting away with.

Health Ranger: I love your information, Don. In fact, I want to ask you to send a copy of that book to Alex Jones because I think he'd be really turned on by it. I think he would love it, and I'll contact you after the show to do that. But I want to thank you for joining us today. You've been awesome. Keep up the teaching, keep up the patriotism, and help nourish the patriots who are going to be part of this movement for liberty and freedom. Keep it up, man.

Don Tolman: Thank you, Mike, and you keep up what you do, I love you, man. Thanks!

Health Ranger: You bet. Take care.

All right, that was Don Tolman, everybody. Website, www.TheDonTolman.com

The Whole Food Medicine Cowboy, really cool guy. I hope to meet him in person someday, but I've been turned on to his website. His information is very good stuff there. You know what I love about the entire patriot movement, the liberty movement, you know, the cowboys are into nutrition now and this is an exciting movement because, for all the reasons we mentioned, that you gotta be healthy if you want to be part of the future. So that's what we're all about here at InfoWars.com. All right, that's the show for tonight, hope you enjoyed it. A lot of breaking news here. This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, filling in for Alex Jones tonight. It's been my pleasure bringing you this information. Stay free, stay healthy, and we might be able to create a better future together, so stay tuned at InfoWars.com for more breaking news on the Bilderberg situation and check out InfoWars.com for articles that will keep bring you this news in the hours and days ahead. Take care.

Source: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=ED51BDD7941414730D3CF68A851CB5D4

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