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Why do professional athletes suffer needlessly from brain and bodily injuries?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by: Savely Yurkovsky, MD
Tags: athletes, injuries, health news

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(NaturalNews) We all have addictions - some to sweets, others to sports. For me, as for many of us, it's the latter. The 'good' reason for this is that sports offers us great fun to watch and it helps us to relax - a winning combo that is hard to beat. Strangely enough, the longer we are being immersed in having fun and relaxation, the more we experience surges of palpitations and in blood pressure, face contortions and heartburn, notwithstanding bursts of tribal-like sounds and words for which we could or should be arrested under the different circumstances.

Other by-products of the winning combo are: insomnia, depression, rage, overconsumption of foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages which all too often follow competition outcomes considered as unfavorable to our guys. A depleted financial budget due to hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent on tickets, sports channels and related paraphernalia is another part of this fun and relaxation endeavor.

However, the main subject of our discussion here is the other participants of sports enterprise and who frequently become its even bigger victims than ourselves - the professional athletes. Quite a few of them, particularly participants of contact sports such as football, hockey, boxing and basketball, often become seriously injured or even permanently crippled on the job. One type of these serious injuries has reached an epidemic proportion particularly among NFL and NHL players and continues being extensively covered in the media. It is brain concussions.

Just a recent report published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal listed as many as 599 registered concussions among NHL players, only over a seven-year period. This is close to 100 concussions annually.

Among NFL players, the number is much higher. Just the last year from the pre-season and only through half the season of 2010 has already registered 154 concussions. This is an increase of 21 percent in their number over the same period in 2009 and NFL's own figure for the average event is some 175 concussions per season.

A study of 1,090 surveyed former NFL players in the year 2000 found that over 600 of them had sustained at least one concussion in their careers and 26% had endured three or more. Although brain concussions are easy to receive in or outside of sports, they are much harder to shake off. Even a minor upper body commotion following a seeming recovery from concussion has been known to promptly re-aggravate neurological symptoms. These may lead to cumulative and severe brain damage. And there is no actual medical test to establish what or when the complete recovery even is.

Within only some three week period during the 2009 NBA season, Boston Celtics' forward Brian Scalabrine had quickly accumulated three concussions with each stemming only from relatively minor impact. NHL superstar Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburg Penguins, after being sidelined for three months following a brain concussion, fell ill again by re-aggravation even through a mere pre-game warm-up skating this past April. He has yet to recover.

Many professional athletes not only had to sacrifice with their ability to make a living by retiring earlier as the result of brain injuries, but were left to themselves to suffer their crippling debilities for years to come. Among these are impairments in memory, concentration, speech, depression, headaches and other neurological problems.

Dementia has been registered 19 times more among active or retired football players between the ages of 30 and 50 than the national average. NHL pro of the Boston Bruins, Mark Savard, has had his playing career suspended indefinitely this season while he is experiencing serious memory lapses and even difficulty finding the right words as the result of hits to the head. The famous quarterback of the 1990's, Chicago Bears' Jim McMahon, has practically become a mental invalid due to severe memory loss for the same reasons.

Football players from age 30 and up to 50 were 19 times more likely to be diagnosed with a memory disorder or dementia than the national average. Former players over 50 were diagnosed with dementia-related illness at a rate of 5 times the national average. But the actual number of the overall casualties is likely even much higher since very recently the NFL has suspended its in-house study of the long-term effects of concussions in retired players.

Another recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina in 2007, has found 20% depression among the studied 595 retired NFL players who reported three or more concussions. A tragic example of unbearable consequence of severe depression is the recent suicide by the former all-pro defensive back, Dave Duerson, who took his life on February 17th. His brain autopsy showed the same trauma-induced brain pathology that has been also found in more than 20 deceased players.

Deservingly, brain injuries among professional athletes have recently received a special hearing at the U.S. Congress. There, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel, stated in his testimony that "concussions are serious matter and that they require special attention and treatment."

It is certainly a good statement, yet, in light of a whole host of crippling and, often, permanent brain problems in so many active and retired athletes, it begs the question how special or good these treatments really are.

The sobering truth here is that the most 'special' treatment prescribed by our leading neurologists is as special as chicken soup for colds. Concretely, it is old-fashioned rest. How good or effective has it been? You may judge this yourself by reviewing the just aforementioned statistics which have led to the congressional hearings.

Is there a better treatment to offer to injured athletes and lay public who have suffered brain and other injuries? The answer is yes. Has this treatment been documented in professional medical peer review literature? Yes, it has. The positive outcome of its study has met scientific rigor, it was double-blind and conducted by none less than Harvard Medical School. In addition, this treatment has proven itself effective and for as long as 200 years in clinical practice.

Why, then, is it not being used? Is it because it is prohibitively expensive or difficult to administer? None of the above - it is dirt cheap and very simple. Is it full of dangerous side-effects? None in this case. This treatment name is homeopathy and its efficacy in brain injuries was reported in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation as long as a dozen years ago, in December of 1999. Other studies demonstrated the efficacy of homeopathy through as many as 49 clinical trials in trauma injuries.

Why and how does one justify this avoidance? Aren't doctors supposed to use all of the sound and safe means available to them to help their patients? Ideally, yes, but our real world is often less ideal than we are expected to believe. Here is the explanation for this oversight of a doctor who has a rather unique set of credentials as it concerns our subject.

Ronald Lawrence, MD, a conventional doctor with sub-specialty in neuro-psychiatry and homeopathy was, at the time, a medical school faculty member and president of the American Medical Athletic Association. In his foreword section to a book on homeopathic treatment of sports injuries, he was quite blunt as to the reasons why homeopathy eludes doctors' training and, automatically, becomes a black hole in their medical practice.

The reasons are: homeopathy is not a pharmaceutical but is an energy medicine modality, it is very cheap and its remedies can't come close to the blockbuster money-making prowess of patented drugs. As the consequence, for the last 100 years, homeopathy was academically excised from conventional doctors' training and specifically imbedded into their minds as quackery.

The formal and single reason for the latter is that it violates some law of chemistry and pharmacology which, in reality, is completely irrelevant and meaningless to the scientific validity of homeopathy. The reason being that it is based on and is validated by physics, with physics being a more fundamental or important science than chemistry and its based pharmacology. So, "sorry" to both the public and athletes, but corporate American medicine has better things to consider than curing you guys with dirt cheap homeopathics.

However, besides the use of known specialized homeopathic remedies for head and body injuries, there is another very effective homeopathic approach here that is based on a mechanism of brain and body injuries that is little known to even top neurologists. The discovery of this mechanism has everything to do with the fact that the human body is primarily a living energy system with the latter offering another great advantage over conventional medicine, besides the clinical efficacy of homeopathy over drugs.

This also concerns the utilization of alternative medical diagnostic tests which can connect directly with our cells energy and information systems. Why is it important or better than conventional diagnostic tests?

This is for the main reason that tuning into energetic information of our cells allows to overcome the greatest deficiency of conventional medicine, its inability to test internal organs for the true causes of all chronic diseases. Instead, it has settled for matching many secondary biochemical abnormalities produced by these unknown primary causes of chronic diseases, with hundreds of drugs which merely attempt to suppress these lab abnormalities such as cholesterol or inflammation markers and others.

In the process, countless tests, procedures, surgeries and drugs follow. The end result is failure in curing any chronic disease while generating such astronomical healthcare costs that our politicians and economists deem fiscally as unsustainable.

The alternative energetic diagnostic method, known as bioresonance testing, has overcome these biochemical lab deficiencies and is based on the same general principle as the famous lie detector test. In the latter, one interrogates through words and evaluates the response through a brain wave pattern.

In bioresonance testing, one interrogates through physical contact with special vials which contain homeopathically-prepared energy-information content of internal organs, including the brain and, also, of morbid agents which are known to invade human bodies. The body's response, positive or negative, is measured through the muscle reaction of a patient. Through a properly designed system of bioresonance interrogation, one can also determine specific morbid agents such as environmental toxins or infectious agents, radioactive particles which might be lodged in internal organs.

These agents can be released from the body through homeopathic remedies, too. Medical research and clinical practice contains studies which validate both bioresonance testing and the ability of homeopathic remedies to release toxicological, infectious, radioactive and other disease-producing agents.

Why is this important for brain injuries? In my clinical experience utilizing bioresonance testing, I have found that 100% of all poorly healing brain and body injuries are due to the injury site absorbing toxicological agents such as mercury or lead. Is there a good reason for this? The reasons for this are quite logistical. For one, 100% of modern population, according to the EPA, has been found to be filled with some hundred toxic chemicals, starting from infancy. And the second well-known reason is that the site of injury always pools in more blood in order to seal the wound and promote healing.

However, with more blood, more toxic agents present in our bodies such as mercury, lead, arsenic or pesticides may arrive to the injury site, too. And whenever this is the case, these toxins disrupt physiologic healing processes in the site while turning it into a lingering wound. These wounds result in chronic or recurrent brain impairment or chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, locked elbow, plantar fascitis or any other.

All of these linger, in spite of anti-inflammatory or analgesic drugs, cortisone shots, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or other treatments. I have cured many such chronic conditions based on bioresonance diagnosis and homeopathic treatment. In case of brain injuries, the prescribed rest can neither remove these toxic agents nor make brain cells to forget their acquired 'Achille's heel'. Yet, when these lodged-in toxic agents are apprehended and then removed homeopathically, quite miraculously, even decade-long chronic ailments disappear.

I have presented a few brain injury cases, cured homeopathically, in my book and even have had the 'pleasure' of first-hand experience in the matter. Some years ago, after I was almost killed by an SUV driven at racetrack speed by a severely intoxicated driver, my head and neck felt severed from one another with indescribable pain in each. An orthopedist recommended neck surgery, his drugs I refused for the fear of side-effects and absent curative power, physical therapy made things worse and chiropractic adjustments did not last.

This energy medicine system cured completely and promptly. The only 'side-effect' of this was no lawsuit against and no financial rewards from the 'good fellas' car insurance company, for otherwise imminent long-term pain, suffering and disability.

Another personal misgiving in the field concerned my dachshund, the breed that is known for its long and injury-prone backs. Following a jump from the couch, his spine went as his rear legs became paralyzed. I was not home at the time and the dog ended up being treated overnight with steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs at the vet clinic. He was discharged as completely "recovered" to only have the paralysis completely reoccur upon his return home. Just one dose of the homeopathic remedy Natrum Sulphuricum - one of the premiere remedies for spine and brain injuries - has cured within hours and for good.

A few comments to some of the aforementioned toxic agents, mercury and lead and why their propensity to lodge in the brain, with or without brain injury is particularly high. The presence of mercury in our bodies is practically universal. This is primarily due to numerous generations being poisoned by mercury amalgam fillings and, lately, by contaminated seafood. With mercury's ability to cross the placenta and segregate in mother's breast milk, as confirmed by scientific studies, intoxication of whole populations is practically guaranteed.

Also, many athletes, especially African Americans, growing up in poverty and frequenting medicaid dental clinics, could not avoid having mercury fillings since early childhood, nor could their mothers. Lead, too, is still ubiquitous in the old inner city buildings through drinking water containing lead in water pipes and lead residing in old wall paint. These are the very buildings in which many NFL and NBA minority players grew up.

Accidentally, both mercury and lead are known to cause all of the aforementioned symptoms associated with brain injuries and even more serious brain pathologies. One of the studies has positively correlated antisocial and criminal behavior, no question brain-related, with blood lead levels in the inner city population in both the mothers and offspring.

One autopsy study has directly correlated the concentration of mercury in the brain with a number of mercury fillings while yet another study has found mercury as the toxin highest in concentration present in the brains of deceased Alzheimer's patients.

Perhaps, in view of this information, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's emphasis on good treatment needs to be looked at from a somewhat broader perspective.

About the author:
Savely Yurkovsky, MD received his medical degree from II Moscow State Medical Institute in 1975. He completed his training in internal medicine and cardiovascular medicine in the U.S., is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has been in private practice since 1984. Having become disenchanted with the outcomes of conventional medicine in chronic diseases, he has evolved a new medical system which is founded in scientific principles used by exact sciences, including pertinent human energy principles. This unique bio-energetic medical system has produced a number of documented reversals in serious chronic diseases. His founded teaching organization, "SYY Integrated Health Systems, Ltd." is dedicated to sharing this medical system under the concept of FCT - Field Control TherapyR. Since 1999, he has taught this curriculum extensively, in the U.S. and Europe, to medical doctors and other health care professionals with special emphasis on energy-based diagnostic and therapeutic modalities aimed particularly at toxicological, biological, infectious or nuclear agents. He also presented his work at the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. His book, published in the aftermath of 9/11, "Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare - Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones: The Power of Digital Medicine" is an excellent illustration of both the scientific basis and effective practical means to combat the ravages of acute and chronic conditions in our toxic world. It was endorsed by prominent scientists and medical professionals including Mehmet Oz, MD from Columbia University Medical School and Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, Ph.D., of Stanford University and its tenets presented at the annual Bio-Terrorism conference with affiliation to the Homeland Security Office. Dr. Yurkovsky has been nominated for the prestigious Bravewell Leadership Award for, among other criteria, "significant contributions to the field of medicine" and "compelling vision for the future of medicine" and he has published numerous articles in professional journals concerning treatment with his method of a variety of medical conditions affecting children and adults.
At the present time, he is authoring the book, "Autism and ADHD - An Inescapable Epidemic. Whose Child is Next? True Roots and Solutions", and completing his DVD project, "The power of missing knowledge: An explanation for failures of conventional and alternative medicine in chronic and degenerative disease. An introduction to FCT".

Website: www.yurkovsky.com Email: [email protected]

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