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weight feature articles

Sufficient sleep is essential to fuel weight loss efforts
Published September 20 2012
Concepts: weight, sleep, weight loss, fuel, hormones

Daily fasting and timing of meals can prevent diabetes and obesity
Published September 11 2012
Concepts: diabetes, fasting, health, meals, prevent diabetes

Five healthy lifestyle modifications that lower hypertension risk by two-thirds
Published September 10 2012
Concepts: hypertension, lifestyle, healthy, health, risk

Win the battle of the bulge with probiotics and green tea
Published September 6 2012
Concepts: green, probiotics, tea, weight, green tea

Dietary proteins signal brain satiety to help prevent overeating and obesity
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: brain, satiety, overeating, proteins, protein

An apple a day keeps diabetes at bay?
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: diabetes, fat, apple, health, obesity

Backpacks: Tips to avoid pain and discomfort going back to school
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: backpack, pain, discomfort, child, backpacks

Obesity accelerates cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease progression
Published September 3 2012
Concepts: cognitive decline, obesity, disease, Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's

Low-carbohydrate diets make you lean and healthy, systematic review shows
Published August 30 2012
Concepts: diets, diet, review, healthy, weight

Lose weight, increase energy and relieve depression by boosting brain chemical dopamine - Here's how to do it!
Published August 29 2012
Concepts: dopamine, brain, weight, increase, energy

Get more sleep and significantly lower your risk of stroke and heart disease
Published August 28 2012
Concepts: sleep, risk, stroke, health, heart

Eat breakfast to avoid diabetes and more
Published August 27 2012
Concepts: breakfast, diabetes, 5, health, study

Toxic byproduct of heat-processed food may contribute to weight gain and diabetes, scientists find
Published August 25 2012
Concepts: diabetes, food, gain, weight, weight gain

Six ways yoga can help you lose weight
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: yoga, body, natural, weight loss, thyroid gland

Fructose promotes hormonal imbalance and weight gain
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: fructose, weight, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, fat

Do you have adrenal fatigue? Learn how to shed pounds and regain your energy naturally
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: energy, cortisol, stress, body, how to

Despite health risks, two new weight loss drugs get FDA approval
Published August 22 2012
Concepts: FDA, health, weight, drug, drugs

Melt away health harming belly fat with a nutrient-rich diet
Published August 20 2012
Concepts: fat, health, belly fat, men, food

'Wheat-belly' 101 - Five clues that your excess weight is caused by gluten
Published August 17 2012
Concepts: wheat, gluten, grains, weight, fat

Four steps to get the butt you've always wanted
Published August 15 2012
Concepts: exercises, butt, train, steps, training

How to conquer a weight-loss plateau
Published August 14 2012
Concepts: food, fat, natural, plateau, health

Maximized Living helps athletes win gold
Published August 14 2012
Concepts: living, athletes, maximized living, health, USA

Repairing your energy homeostasis is key to losing weight
Published August 9 2012
Concepts: leptin, energy, energy homeostasis, diet, 5

Inflammation is a major reason why you can't lose weight
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: inflammation, diet, food, obesity, weight

Low vitamin D coupled with obesity dramatically raises diabetes risk
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, obesity, diabetes, health, 5

Kettlebells for weight loss, conditioning and improved back health
Published August 1 2012
Concepts: weight, weight loss, kettlebells, training, strength

Psyllium husk - Promote weight loss and cleanse your colon
Published August 1 2012
Concepts: psyllium, psyllium husk, weight loss, weight, cleanse

The evolutionary approach to weight loss and good health
Published July 30 2012
Concepts: diet, weight, weight loss, diets, food

Effects of dieting styles finds that some popular choices may actually increase weight related problems
Published July 30 2012
Concepts: diet, blood, sugar, weight, food

Health Ranger interviews health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord about Rawesome raids
Published July 27 2012
Concepts: people, health, government, milk, Health Ranger

Use these supplements to stop cravings, burn fat and energize your workouts
Published July 11 2012
Concepts: fat, supplements, burn fat, cravings, food

Vets increasingly prescribing diet drugs for fat dogs; liposuction use on the rise
Published July 11 2012
Concepts: obesity, diet drugs, diet, man, fat

Anti-obesity vaccine shot offers false promise of staying slim even on a junk food diet
Published July 10 2012
Concepts: obesity, food, junk food, vaccine, weight

Who knew? Compound in apples fights obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease
Published July 8 2012
Concepts: apples, obesity, liver, fatty liver, ursolic acid

FDA approves lorcaserin for weight loss; is wave of heart valve damage imminent?
Published July 6 2012
Concepts: FDA, weight, lorcaserin, weight loss, heart

Weight-loss pharmaceutical that caused tumors in animal studies approved for Lazy America
Published July 4 2012
Concepts: drug, FDA, men, tumors, studies

Higgs boson discovery leads to FDA-approved 'mass reduction' weight loss therapy (satire)
Published July 4 2012
Concepts: weight loss, weight, men, Higgs Boson, therapy

Wanna get fat fast? Stay vitamin D deficient!
Published July 3 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, weight, women, study, fat

Physical activity lowers breast cancer risk by nearly 30 percent
Published June 29 2012
Concepts: cancer, risk, breast cancer, physical activity, physical

Change your gut flora and lose weight
Published June 29 2012
Concepts: gut, gut flora, weight, obesity, weight loss

Want to lose weight? Eliminate fast food
Published June 28 2012
Concepts: food, fast food, gain, weight, brain

Magnesium - The Weight Loss Cure
Published June 3 2012
Concepts: magnesium, insulin, weight, glucose, weight loss

Teenage diabetes more than doubles
Published May 29 2012
Concepts: diabetes, risk, teens, teenage diabetes, research

Obesity trims organ donor rolls
Published May 19 2012
Concepts: obesity, organ donor, health, food, weight

Fighting Fat, Fat, the Water Rat (Opinion)
Published May 19 2012
Concepts: fat, water, food, marketing, health

The best foods to eat for type-2 diabetes
Published May 17 2012
Concepts: diabetes, blood, foods, food, diet

Soda consumption dramatically increases risk of stroke and vascular disease
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: stroke, risk, soda, consumption, diet

Flavonoids from blueberries and other fruits dramatically lower risk of diabetes
Published May 2 2012
Concepts: blueberries, diabetes, risk, flavonoids, health

How the best natural beauty products can help you lose weight
Published April 28 2012
Concepts: products, weight, natural, estrogen, xenoestrogens

The 5 biggest health myths
Published April 25 2012
Concepts: health, fat, saturated fat, natural, myths

Tree nut consumption lowers chronic disease risks and assists successful weight loss
Published April 15 2012
Concepts: disease, tree, weight, health, consumption

How to lose belly fat - real weight loss tips that work
Published April 5 2012
Concepts: weight, weight loss, tips, water, fat

Incredible weight loss hour on Mental Health Exposed with expert guest Jon Gabriel
Published March 29 2012
Concepts: weight, mental health, exposed, mental, weight loss

FDA to approve obesity drug with significant safety risks, scant benefits
Published March 27 2012
Concepts: drug, FDA, safety risks, obesity, safety

Why drinking alcohol makes you fat
Published March 22 2012
Concepts: alcohol, drinking, calories, fat, food

The hidden cause of unexplained weight gain may be poor liver function
Published March 21 2012
Concepts: liver, weight, fat, gain, weight gain

Use the anabolic diet or carb cycling for natural weight loss and muscle gain
Published March 17 2012
Concepts: diet, carb cycling, anabolic diet, weight loss, muscle

Forget diet drugs: Learn how natural vitamin D can help you maintain a healthy weight
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, natural, diet, weight, healthy

Three mind-body causes of weight gain
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: stress, weight, brain, emotional, causes

Boku unveils Matcha Green Tea with extraordinary nutritional profile; 500% more antioxidants than goji berries
Published March 7 2012
Concepts: tea, green, green tea, natural, news

The top 10 best foods for burning belly fat
Published March 7 2012
Concepts: diet, weight, fat, health, foods

Aspartame withdrawal and side effects explained - Here's how to protect yourself
Published March 2 2012
Concepts: aspartame, side effects, withdrawal, WHO, health

Top 5 best exercises to lose belly fat
Published February 26 2012
Concepts: exercise, exercises, weight, body, fat

Evidence shows diet soda is not a healthy weight loss product
Published February 26 2012
Concepts: soda, diet soda, weight, weight loss, evidence

Is there a belly fat diet that really works?
Published February 24 2012
Concepts: diet, weight, fat, belly fat, diabetes

Take artichoke, bean or vinegar supplements as an appetite suppressant for quick weight loss
Published February 17 2012
Concepts: vinegar, weight, supplements, appetite, artichoke

Numerous chemicals linked to difficulty losing weight
Published February 16 2012
Concepts: chemicals, BPA, health, fat, weight

Profits over People: Johnson & Johnson hid studies showing Risperdal drug caused diabetes, says victim
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: diabetes, Risperdal, drug, Johnson & Johnson, profits

Sugar sweetened drinks increase heart disease and diabetes risk in women
Published February 14 2012
Concepts: sugar, risk, heart disease, diabetes, heart

High fiber, low carbohydrate diet dramatically lowers inflammatory disease risk
Published January 31 2012
Concepts: diet, disease, inflammatory disease, fiber, health

How to maintain healthy weight loss
Published January 30 2012
Concepts: weight, health, healthy, diet, how to

Raw food dieting leads to weight loss success
Published January 25 2012
Concepts: food, raw, raw food, weight loss, dieting

Cleansing the skepticism surrounding detoxification diets
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: detoxification, detox, body, health, cleansing

Coffee promotes cortisol production and weight gain
Published January 18 2012
Concepts: cortisol, coffee, weight, weight gain, blood

Researchers detail lifestyle changes that lower cancer risk by forty percent
Published January 18 2012
Concepts: cancer, lifestyle changes, lifestyle, risk, health

Consume healthy snacks for weight loss
Published January 10 2012
Concepts: snack, weight, healthy, snacks, health

Goal setting that sticks every time
Published January 8 2012
Concepts: goal setting, chunking, weight, NLP, achievement

Take the food self-sufficiency pledge as your New Year's resolution
Published December 29 2011
Concepts: food, self-sufficiency, 2012, foods, store

Seaweed fibers boost weight loss
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: fiber, seaweed, weight, food, health

Proteins, not sugar, increase energy expenditure
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: sugar, protein, energy, food, increase

Low vitamin D in children behind current explosion of new diabetes cases
Published December 15 2011
Concepts: children, Vitamin D, diabetes, health, weight

Low body weight in later life associated with increased Alzheimer's disease risk
Published December 9 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's disease, weight, Alzheimer's, life, body

Green tea confirmed as a weight loss nutrient and heart health antioxidant
Published November 15 2011
Concepts: tea, green, weight, green tea, weight loss

Watermelons lower abdominal fat accumulation and reduce heart-clogging arterial plaque
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: water, abdominal fat, watermelon, health, watermelons

FTC issues $22.5 million judgment against supplement companies for making weight loss claims about hoodia
Published November 11 2011
Concepts: FTC, claims, hoodia, supplement, companies

Quinoa nutrition - why quinoa can help you lose weight and improve your health
Published November 10 2011
Concepts: quinoa, nutrition, improve, lose weight, food

Lasting weight loss comes from health and nutrition not 'diet drinks' or 'diet foods'
Published November 9 2011
Concepts: health, weight, food, weight loss, nutrition

Wheat causes weight gain and sickness
Published November 3 2011
Concepts: wheat, weight gain, weight, health, causes

Green tea inhibits extra weight gain and can help prevent obesity
Published October 25 2011
Concepts: tea, weight, green, green tea, gain

Green tea shown to fight obesity
Published October 18 2011
Concepts: tea, green, green tea, food, health

Media hoax exposed: Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign
Published October 16 2011
Concepts: vitamins, study, media, mortality, hoax

Are Americans starting to slim down? Gallup poll shows more normal weight people than overweight
Published October 14 2011
Concepts: weight, americans, people, obesity, shows

Three ways apple cider vinegar benefits weight loss
Published October 1 2011
Concepts: vinegar, weight, apple, apple cider vinegar, benefits

Resveratrol and vitamin D synergistically team to boost metabolism and prevent obesity
Published September 19 2011
Concepts: resveratrol, Vitamin D, metabolism, weight, fat

Five easy ways to restart your metabolism with Ayurveda
Published September 8 2011
Concepts: metabolism, body, powder, toxins, water

Chocolate and cocoa polyphenols vindicated in the war against heart disease
Published September 7 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart, risk, cocoa, health

Starvation and Obesity
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: magnesium, leptin, insulin, obesity, body

Babies forced onto formula feeding because of IV fluids given to their mothers
Published August 15 2011
Concepts: babies, weight, IV fluids, birth, weight loss

Lose weight and improve heart health naturally by walking
Published August 13 2011
Concepts: weight, health, heart, walking, lose weight

Increasing muscle mass, not just losing weight, will help prevent diabetes
Published August 6 2011
Concepts: muscle, weight, muscle mass, losing weight, diabetes

Fake fat potato chips may make you fat
Published July 29 2011
Concepts: fat, olestra, potato chips, weight gain, weight

Study: Drinking diet soda actually causes weight gain, blood sugar spikes
Published July 24 2011
Concepts: sugar, diet, weight, weight gain, soda

Reduce refined dietary carbs to lower body fat and risk of chronic disease
Published July 24 2011
Concepts: fat, diet, body fat, body, risk

A handful of nuts each day may prevent diabetes and associated complications
Published July 21 2011
Concepts: nuts, diabetes, men, prevent diabetes, health

Caralluma cactus contributes to weight loss
Published July 20 2011
Concepts: caralluma, weight, health, weight loss, India

The low-calorie myth: Artificial fat substitutes actually cause weight gain
Published July 14 2011
Concepts: fat, weight, weight gain, food, body

Four principles accelerate fat loss
Published July 13 2011
Concepts: fat, principles, weight, obesity, fat loss

Know the most helpful and harmful foods for weight loss
Published July 8 2011
Concepts: weight, foods, food, gain, harmful

Obese and trying to get pregnant? Fertility treatments might not work for you, suggests study
Published July 7 2011
Concepts: women, obese, treatments, weight, fertility

Olestra fake fat actually increases body fat, says study
Published June 29 2011
Concepts: fat, body fat, olestra, body, food

Healthy in Hollywood? Famous actors often forget health in effort to look thin
Published June 22 2011
Concepts: health, healthy, weight, Hollywood, man

Develop a Retirement Health Plan: It's Never too Early (or too Late)
Published June 12 2011
Concepts: health, retirement, weight, avoid, eating

Blueberries, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols aid weight management goals
Published May 25 2011
Concepts: weight, cocoa, weight management, resveratrol, health

Sleep deprivation may cause weight gain
Published May 25 2011
Concepts: sleep, weight, weight gain, sleep deprivation, men

ALS and Muscular Dystrophy associations recommend sugar to Lou Gehrig's disease patients
Published May 13 2011
Concepts: ALS, sugar, health, disease, research

Abdominal fat linked to increased risk of cardiovascular and Alzheimer`s disease
Published May 6 2011
Concepts: risk, fat, weight, disease, cardiovascular

Melatonin effectively controls weight gain, obesity and associated heart disease
Published May 5 2011
Concepts: melatonin, weight gain, weight, health, obesity

Nutrients in blueberries may hold the key to fat cell formation and natural weight loss
Published April 30 2011
Concepts: fat, blueberries, weight, natural, weight loss

Curcumin Naturally Fights Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer`s Disease and Obesity
Published April 27 2011
Concepts: curcumin, cancer, disease, heart, heart disease

Potent antiviral nutrients are critical to disease prevention and longevity
Published April 26 2011
Concepts: disease, nutrients, health, cancer, prevention

The Dukan Diet is just another dangerous high-protein fad
Published April 25 2011
Concepts: diet, Dukan Diet, dangerous, weight, weight loss

High-fiber diet significantly lowers risk of future heart disease
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: risk, diet, fiber, heart, disease

Use aromatherapy oils to help sagging skin after weight loss
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: skin, oil, weight, aromatherapy, oils

Drinking green tea lowers body weight and reduces fat accumulation
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: tea, green, weight, green tea, fat

Slash colon cancer risk with natural lifestyle and diet
Published April 16 2011
Concepts: cancer, risk, lifestyle, natural lifestyle, colon

An epidemic of sleep apnea
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: sleep, sleep apnea, breath, breathing, epidemic

Green tea fights cancer, free radical damage, aging and obesity
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: tea, aging, green, cancer, green tea

How to lose weight successfully
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: weight, lose weight, diet, how to, food

Responsible TV and Internet advertising needed to reduce childhood obesity
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: food, internet, advertising, kids, child

Study finds hidden ingredient reduces calorie intake leading to weight loss
Published April 11 2011
Concepts: weight, vegetable, study, weight loss, vegetables

High fructose corn syrup increases abdominal fat and insulin resistance
Published April 6 2011
Concepts: fructose, corn, high fructose corn syrup, abdominal fat, sugar

Eskimo study shows power of omega-3s to protect health, even in obese
Published March 31 2011
Concepts: health, omega-3s, study, Eskimos, fat

Five reasons show why not to avoid all grains (Opinion)
Published March 31 2011
Concepts: grains, WHO, whole grain, wheat, whole grains

Gynostemma tea boosts heart health
Published March 19 2011
Concepts: gynostemma, heart, tea, health, blood

Lifestyle therapies prove highly effective in the fight against chronic disease
Published March 16 2011
Concepts: lifestyle, life, health, disease, therapies

Science shows this sweetener makes you fat and damages health
Published March 2 2011
Concepts: sweetener, health, fructose, science, shows

Yes You Can - Prevent weight gain
Published February 25 2011
Concepts: weight, gain, weight gain, protein, food

How sweet it isn't! Cutting through the hype and deception of sugar
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: sugar, aspartame, fructose, sweetener, corn

Cinnamon, ginger and apple cider vinegar are great natural heartburn remedies
Published February 21 2011
Concepts: acid, ginger, vinegar, apple, natural

Lose weight and help prevent hypertension with figs
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: figs, weight, hypertension, lose weight, fruit

Overweight and obese individuals at higher risk for vitamin D deficiency
Published February 15 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, overweight, obese, risk, health

Mainstream media websites promoting Acai Berry Diet weight loss scam with "weird belly fat tips" ads
Published February 10 2011
Concepts: scam, news, acai, acai berry, website

Deceptive all natural front-of-package advertising needs more regulation
Published February 9 2011
Concepts: natural, advertising, health, all natural, healthy

Cinnamon promotes weight and blood sugar control
Published February 2 2011
Concepts: cinnamon, blood sugar, blood, weight, raw

Tonsillectomies cause kids to gain excess weight
Published February 1 2011
Concepts: tonsils, gain, kids, weight, weight gain

Healthy sleep cycles balance hormones and burn fat
Published January 25 2011
Concepts: sleep, hormones, weight, healthy, balance

Reduce childhood obesity by replacing junk food with organic alternatives
Published January 24 2011
Concepts: food, junk food, obesity, health, school

Liver cleanse for easy weight loss
Published January 24 2011
Concepts: liver, weight, cleanse, weight loss, liver cleanse

Use whole body vibration exercise for weight loss, bone density and muscle building
Published January 21 2011
Concepts: body, exercise, whole body vibration, muscle, bone density

Almonds shown to lower the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Published January 18 2011
Concepts: almonds, diabetes, health, risk, cardiovascular

Discover four fantastic benefits of stevia
Published January 15 2011
Concepts: stevia, sugar, smoothie, health, blood

Consumption of rye linked to weight control and vigorous health
Published January 13 2011
Concepts: rye, health, bread, weight, weight control

Obesity may be a factor in vitamin D deficiency
Published January 11 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, obesity, weight, increase, men

Inherent dangers found in the hCG diet
Published January 11 2011
Concepts: diet, men, dangers, women, weight

Lose weight with antioxidant and mineral rich Cacao Chip Nuggets
Published January 10 2011
Concepts: weight, cacao, antioxidant, lose weight, body weight

The top five negative-calorie health foods that burn fat while making you feel full
Published January 4 2011
Concepts: salt, food, foods, calories, health

Lipoic acid and antioxidants lower blood pressure and reduce stroke risk
Published January 4 2011
Concepts: blood pressure, blood, stroke, lipoic acid, antioxidants

Work stress, television viewing, and caffeine promote obesity
Published January 1 2011
Concepts: stress, caffeine, weight, obesity, television

Understand the weight and breast cancer relationship
Published January 1 2011
Concepts: cancer, breast cancer, weight, health, natural

Learn about the unknown weight gain culprit
Published December 31 2010
Concepts: weight, toxins, weight gain, fat, causes

Obesity rate surges - Mediterranean diet essential to natural weight loss efforts
Published December 29 2010
Concepts: weight, diet, obesity, mediterranean diet, weight loss

More teens now turning to weight loss surgery while still eating junk foods
Published December 21 2010
Concepts: weight, teens, surgery, weight loss, weight loss surgery

Protein found key in resolving obesity and depression (Opinion)
Published December 19 2010
Concepts: protein, depression, diet, obesity, weight

Another media mind-bomb misrepresents health
Published December 12 2010
Concepts: health, food, media, diet, foods

Middle-Age Weight Gain - Fight insulin resistance
Published December 8 2010
Concepts: insulin, weight, fat, weight gain, exercise

Professor who lost weight on Twinkies only proves that even nutrition educators can be Ding Dongs
Published December 4 2010
Concepts: weight, diet, nutrition, food, junk food

Eight-hundred percent increase in weight-loss surgeries since 2003
Published December 4 2010
Concepts: increase, surgeries, 5, trends, weight

Obtain your natural weight with Vitamin D
Published November 29 2010
Concepts: weight, Vitamin D, health, natural, fat

Antidepressants promote rapid weight gain
Published November 18 2010
Concepts: weight, drug, drugs, antidepressants, gain

Ward off the middle-age bulge with the Mediterranean diet
Published November 18 2010
Concepts: weight, diet, extra pounds, gain, mediterranean diet

The Powerhouse of Nature: Nutrients and Diet Effectively Lower Blood Pressure
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, nutrients, diet, health

Taking Antidepressants can Cause Weight Gain
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: antidepressants, weight, cortisol, weight gain, stress

USDA says to eat more cheese while also supposedly working to fight obesity
Published November 12 2010
Concepts: cheese, dairy, USDA, health, products

Kelp noodles for weight loss? These noodles have just six calories per serving
Published November 11 2010
Concepts: kelp, kelp noodles, calories, weight, food

Prevent and Treat Heart Disease by Optimizing Omega-3 Fats
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: omega-3, fat, heart disease, heart, health

Turn off the lights when you go to bed - Even dim light at night may trigger obesity
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: light, obesity, lights, weight, gain

Omega-3 Fat DHA: Harness the Power and Slash Risk of Diabetes and Brain Aging
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: diabetes, DHA, brain, fat, risk

Coenzyme Q10 Boosts Energy, Promotes Heart Health and Assists Weight Loss
Published October 26 2010
Concepts: energy, health, heart health, weight, heart

Control Blood Sugar to Extend Lifespan and Assist Natural Weight Loss
Published October 25 2010
Concepts: sugar, blood, blood sugar, lifespan, weight

Natural Lifestyle Changes Cut Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk, Assist Weight Loss Goals
Published October 22 2010
Concepts: lifestyle, diabetes, disease, heart, weight

New Study Shows This Common Mistake Leads to Fat Gain
Published October 21 2010
Concepts: sleep, fat, study, 5, shows

Eat Foods with Fat Fighting Ingredients to Lose Weight and Increase Energy
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: foods, fat, weight, increase, lose weight

Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss, Good Health and a Long Life
Published October 14 2010
Concepts: sleep, 5, weight, health, weight loss

How Angela Stokes went from morbid obesity to a fit, thin body with raw foods
Published October 7 2010
Concepts: raw, health, body, Angela Stokes, food

Lowering Triglycerides Assists Weight Loss and Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes
Published October 7 2010
Concepts: triglycerides, disease, heart disease, risk, heart

Study Finds Mid-Life Women Lose Weight by Reading Food Labels
Published October 3 2010
Concepts: reading, weight, study, women, lose weight

Prevent Cancer and Lose Weight Naturally by Limiting Fructose
Published October 1 2010
Concepts: cancer, fructose, weight, lose weight, naturally

Calorie Restriction Extends Lifespan and Promotes Natural Weight Loss
Published September 30 2010
Concepts: lifespan, weight, life, natural, health

Green Tea and DHA: Nutrients Promote Health and Assist Weight Loss
Published September 25 2010
Concepts: green, tea, weight, green tea, fat

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease with Natural Diet and Lifestyle Strategy
Published September 24 2010
Concepts: disease, diet, natural, lifestyle, health

Be careful or you might catch obesity, suggests new study
Published September 22 2010
Concepts: obesity, children, study, weight, antibodies

Resveratrol Prevents Brain and Heart Damage While Assisting Weight Loss
Published September 21 2010
Concepts: resveratrol, weight, heart, heart damage, brain

Control Your Appetite Hormones to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss
Published September 17 2010
Concepts: hormones, weight, appetite, appetite hormones, food

You can change your fat destiny, turn off genetic predisposition to obesity
Published September 16 2010
Concepts: Genetic, fat, genetic predisposition, research, obesity

Ancient 'Paleo' diet key to healthy living and weight loss, some say
Published September 3 2010
Concepts: diet, weight, healthy, healthy living, weight loss

Weight Loss: Boost Your Metabolism Naturally
Published August 31 2010
Concepts: metabolism, weight, health, body, calories

Positive Choices Avoid Chronic Illness
Published August 31 2010
Concepts: choices, health, disease, avoid, healthy

Water before meals helps with weight loss, say researchers
Published August 29 2010
Concepts: water, weight loss, weight, meals, food

Scientists find natural weight loss secret: clinical trial confirms simple no-diet appetite control method really works
Published August 25 2010
Concepts: water, weight, natural, weight loss, scientists

Obesity linked to poor sperm quality
Published August 19 2010
Concepts: sperm, men, sperm quality, obesity, weight

Achieving muscle fatigue, not lifting heavy weights, key to building healthy muscle
Published August 15 2010
Concepts: muscle, muscle fatigue, healthy, weight, weight lifting

Obesity Rises while Dieting Declines
Published August 15 2010
Concepts: dieting, weight, obesity, diet, health

Vitaminwater revealed as non-healthy beverage by Coca-Cola's own lawyers (opinion)
Published August 10 2010
Concepts: water, vitaminwater, Coca-Cola, sugar, health

Eat Walnuts Daily and Improve Cholesterol Profile in Persons with Type II Diabetes
Published August 2 2010
Concepts: walnuts, diabetes, health, cholesterol, diet

Antibiotics May Make Us Fat
Published July 30 2010
Concepts: antibiotic, homeopathic, 5, antibiotics, medicine

Does eating meat lead to weight gain?
Published July 28 2010
Concepts: weight, meat, eating, weight gain, lead

Eat late, gain weight, say some
Published July 23 2010
Concepts: weight, gain, obesity, dinner, meals

Resveratrol revs up metabolism, promotes weight loss in first ever primate study
Published July 21 2010
Concepts: resveratrol, metabolism, weight, weight loss, animals

Being overweight causes memory problems
Published July 21 2010
Concepts: memory, overweight, causes, brain, brain function

Spicy peppers may cause your body to burn more calories
Published July 10 2010
Concepts: peppers, body, calories, capsaicin, chili

Chokeberry extract helps maintain proper weight
Published July 8 2010
Concepts: chokeberry, extract, weight, fruit, berries

Weight Loss Drugs Produce Only Minimal Weight Loss, Even After Taking Them for Years
Published July 1 2010
Concepts: drugs, weight, weight loss, weight loss drugs, produce

Nutrition More Important than Exercise for Weight Loss, Suggests Study
Published June 20 2010
Concepts: weight, exercise, weight loss, women, nutrition

The Right Diet can Reverse Hardening of the Arteries
Published June 15 2010
Concepts: diet, arteries, weight, reverse, hardening of the arteries

Fast for Weight Loss and Detoxification
Published May 15 2010
Concepts: fasting, weight, heal, weight loss, body

Psychiatric Drugs Cause Rapid Weight Gain in Kids
Published May 13 2010
Concepts: weight gain, drugs, weight, drug, psychiatric drugs

Chokeberry extract found to stop weight gain, regulate blood glucose and halt inflammation
Published May 3 2010
Concepts: chokeberry, weight gain, extract, inflammation, weight

FDA to probe risk of weight gain in kids using antipsychotic drugs
Published April 28 2010
Concepts: weight gain, weight, FDA, risk, kids

Soda Tax: Consider the Health Benefit and Paying for Healthcare
Published April 9 2010
Concepts: health, tax, soda, 5, health care

Seaweed could hold key to natural weight loss
Published April 7 2010
Concepts: weight loss, natural, weight, seaweed, food

Latest Study: Diabetes Drugs Do Not Work; Diet and Exercise are Still Best
Published April 7 2010
Concepts: diabetes, exercise, health, diet, drugs

Latest Hong Kong diet craze: Swallow parasitic worms to eat your food for you
Published April 6 2010
Concepts: diet, parasite, worms, parasites, food

Obesity: Trouble is Caused by Eating Quickly
Published April 1 2010
Concepts: eating, obesity, research, weight, food

How to Tone Thighs and Lose Inches for Summer the Natural Way
Published March 24 2010
Concepts: thighs, weight, natural, health, exercise

Weight Watchers says eat at McDonald's to lose weight (opinion)
Published March 14 2010
Concepts: weight, McDonald's, Weight Watchers, lose weight, eating

Overweight Emergency Recruits Threaten Public Safety
Published March 12 2010
Concepts: emergency, overweight, obesity, health, study

Majority of Obese People Fail to Recognize Their Own Obesity
Published March 6 2010
Concepts: obese, people, BMI, adults, obesity

Stay Healthy and Lose Weight with the Health Benefits of Grapefruits
Published March 6 2010
Concepts: fruit, grapefruit, health, lose weight, fruits

Fast food burgers, fried chicken strongly linked to development of type 2 diabetes
Published February 5 2010
Concepts: fast food, WHO, burgers, chicken, women

Sutherlandia or Cancer Bush of South Africa Aids in the Treatment of Wasting Diseases
Published February 4 2010
Concepts: cancer, Africa, AIDS, Bush, cancer bush

Children's Fitness Levels Continue to Decline; Today's Kids are Weak and Unfit
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: fitness, kids, decline, health, children

Use Probiotics to Lose Weight and Treat Illness
Published January 30 2010
Concepts: probiotics, probiotic, weight, health, lose weight

Vitamin D Promotes Weight Loss
Published January 29 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, weight, weight loss, increase, deficiency

Obesity Causes Increased Risk of Kidney Cancer, Kidney Stones, and Stroke
Published January 29 2010
Concepts: obesity, kidney stones, cancer, risk, kidney cancer

Music exposure helps premature babies gain weight and strength naturally, study finds
Published January 24 2010
Concepts: music, premature babies, weight, study, gain

Weight Loss Surgery Can Prove Fatal
Published January 21 2010
Concepts: surgery, weight, weight loss, weight loss surgery, people

Alkalize Your Body to Get Healthy and Reach Your Ideal Weight
Published January 21 2010
Concepts: body, acid, alkalize, healthy, alkalizing

Detox Your Body, Detox Your Life
Published January 17 2010
Concepts: body, detox, health, diet, food

Nutrient-rich, low-calorie diets actually reprogram fat cells to keep the body thin
Published January 17 2010
Concepts: fat, fat cells, body, diets, diet

Number of UK Children Put on Obesity Drugs Soars 1500 Percent in Seven Years
Published January 7 2010
Concepts: drugs, obesity, children, drug, UK

Losing weight cures sleep apnea, scientists discover
Published January 3 2010
Concepts: weight, sleep, sleep apnea, scientists, losing weight

Low Leptin Levels Increase Risk of Age-Related Mental Decline
Published December 27 2009
Concepts: leptin, increase, risk, fat, mental

High-sugar diet alters intestinal bacteria, making losing weight more difficult
Published December 22 2009
Concepts: bacteria, diet, weight, intestinal bacteria, losing weight

Breastfeeding: Tips Help Guide New Mothers
Published December 16 2009
Concepts: breastfeeding, mothers, milk, man, tips

When you eat can promote weight loss and fight diabetes, researchers find
Published December 15 2009
Concepts: weight loss, researchers, weight, diabetes, health

As if we're not obese enough, authorities want to raise the daily calorie recommendations
Published December 14 2009
Concepts: health, obesity, obese, calories, weight

Slim-Fast warning: Bacterial contamination leads to nationwide recall of processed "junk" beverage
Published December 5 2009
Concepts: Slim-Fast, recall, contamination, product recalls, milk

Lose Weight with Appetite Suppressing Foods
Published December 3 2009
Concepts: weight, weight loss, food, appetite, appetite suppressing

Why Diets Make You Fat and How to Regulate Weight Naturally
Published December 2 2009
Concepts: fat, diets, weight, health, diet

Phytochemicals in plant-based foods fight obesity and prevent disease, researchers say
Published November 30 2009
Concepts: phytochemicals, foods, disease, researchers, obesity

Debunk Three Harmful Diet Myths
Published November 30 2009
Concepts: diet, harmful, health, cortisol, fat

Juice Fasting Leads to Easy Weight Loss
Published November 25 2009
Concepts: fasting, juice, juice fasting, weight, detoxification

Do Not be Fooled: Observations Find Full Fat Leads to Thinness, Not Fatness (Opinion)
Published November 19 2009
Concepts: fat, milk, natural, calories, health

Wild Burdock Root Cleanses Blood, Clears Acne and Speeds Weight Loss
Published November 18 2009
Concepts: burdock, blood, acne, weight, plants

Chromium prevents diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity
Published November 5 2009
Concepts: chromium, diabetes, insulin, natural, book

Vegetable Juice Helps Promote Weight Loss
Published October 29 2009
Concepts: vegetable, vegetable juice, weight, study, drinking

Vitamin D: How to Determine Your Optimal Dose
Published October 28 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, sun, 5, exposure, sun exposure

Paul Nison Part II: A Story of Going Raw, Immediate Healing as well as Mistakes along the Way
Published October 24 2009
Concepts: raw, food, health, raw food, people

Three Reasons Coconut Oil can Help You Lose Weight
Published October 12 2009
Concepts: coconut, oil, coconut oil, fat, reasons

It is Not Obesity: Inflammation may be Killing You
Published October 1 2009
Concepts: inflammation, fat, body, chemical, food

Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough: The Mediterranean Diet
Published October 1 2009
Concepts: diabetes, diet, Type 2 diabetes, fat, drug

The Myth of Low-Calorie Dieting for Weight Loss Exposed
Published September 30 2009
Concepts: diet, body, dieting, calories, weight

Ani Phyo, Part II: Going Nuts, More Protein, Less Fat and Making Your Own Raw Chips
Published September 24 2009
Concepts: nuts, raw, protein, health, fat

Obesity Linked To Brain Degeneration
Published September 17 2009
Concepts: brain, weight, people, obesity, overweight

Chemicals in Our Diets Produce Fat People
Published September 14 2009
Concepts: chemicals, liver, fat, poison, natural

Brains are Shrinking in the Overweight: A Look at Why
Published September 7 2009
Concepts: chemical, food, chemicals, brains, foods

Learn about the Important Link between Enzymes and Weight Loss
Published September 3 2009
Concepts: enzymes, weight, heal, body, food

Yoga: Research Finds Natural Way to Control Weight, Beat Middle-Age Spread
Published August 19 2009
Concepts: yoga, weight, research, mind, WHO

Magnesium can Help Fight Obesity and Promote Weight Loss
Published August 17 2009
Concepts: magnesium, weight, obesity, food, health

Syndrome X may be Cause of Your Weight Gain, Cravings or Cholesterol Issues
Published August 17 2009
Concepts: Syndrome X, sugar, men, blood, insulin

Hypothyroidism Reaches Epidemic Proportions, Causing Fatigue and Weight Gain
Published August 17 2009
Concepts: thyroid, hypothyroidism, hormone, people, weight

Phthalates Danger: Chemicals in Plastics Put Unborn Babies At Risk
Published August 10 2009
Concepts: phthalates, chemicals, babies, birth, plastics

Coconut Oil Can Promote Weight Loss by Increasing Metabolism Naturally
Published August 10 2009
Concepts: coconut, oil, coconut oil, metabolism, fat

Frederic Patanaude Part I: Raw Food Motivations and Mentors
Published August 6 2009
Concepts: raw, food, raw food, health, diet

Naturally Preventable Metabolic Syndrome May Cause Breast Cancer
Published August 1 2009
Concepts: metabolic syndrome, cancer, breast cancer, risk, naturally

Additive Used in U.S. Meat Production May Be Too Dangerous Even for Codex
Published July 31 2009
Concepts: Paylean, meat, drug, men, animals

Eight Fat Busting Supplements Backed by Science
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: fat, weight, supplements, tea, gain

TV Triggers Deadly Automatic Snacking Behavior
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: food, advertising, snacking, food advertising, child

The Obesity-Hypertension Connection: Your Weight may be Putting You at Risk
Published July 27 2009
Concepts: weight, blood, blood pressure, 5, overweight

Obesity Breakthrough: Citrus Fruit Flavonoid Controls Weight, Causes Fat Loss
Published July 25 2009
Concepts: fat, fruit, weight, citrus, obesity

Radiation Increases Breast Cancer Rates
Published July 23 2009
Concepts: radiation, cancer, breast cancer, problems, cleaning

Breast Cancer Linked to Obesity in Women of All Ages, Leptin Probable Culprit
Published July 20 2009
Concepts: leptin, cancer, breast cancer, obesity, women

Yoga Takes Away Stress, Pounds, Toxins, Cholesterol and Cravings
Published July 18 2009
Concepts: yoga, cholesterol, stress, toxins, diet

Tonsillectomy Linked to Weight Gain in Kids
Published July 12 2009
Concepts: weight, tonsillectomy, gain, weight gain, children

Two Natural Oils Induce Weight Loss, Lower Body Fat
Published July 12 2009
Concepts: fat, oil, body, oils, body fat

Use the Benefits of Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
Published July 12 2009
Concepts: weight, hypnotherapy, lose weight, hypnosis, health

Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body and Reclaim Your Health and Vitality
Published July 9 2009
Concepts: body, health, diet, toxins, weight

Liver Cleansing Brings Health and Detoxification
Published July 7 2009
Concepts: liver, body, health, coffee, cleansing

Obesity as Dangerous to Health as Lifetime of Smoking
Published July 2 2009
Concepts: health, obesity, lifetime, dangerous, life

High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Diabetes: What the Experts Say
Published June 17 2009
Concepts: sugar, Amazon, corn, corn syrup, natural

Learn the Truth about Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss
Published June 13 2009
Concepts: apple, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, weight, weight loss

Turmeric Reduces Weight Gain, Suppresses Fat
Published May 26 2009
Concepts: fat, curcumin, turmeric, gain, weight

FDA Floats Hydroxycut Scare to Discredit Yet Another Supplement Company
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: FDA, Hydroxycut, weight, weight loss, supplement

White Tea May Promote Weight Loss, Reduces Fat Cells
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: fat, tea, white tea, weight, news

New Link Between Colon Cancer and Body Fat Discovered
Published May 5 2009
Concepts: cancer, colon, colon cancer, fat, body

Miracle Cure for Gout and Arthritis Pain? Six Cherries a Day
Published April 21 2009
Concepts: 5, cherries, gout, Amazon, natural

Our Crazy Health World: Roizen and Oz Recommend Irradiated Food, Psych Docs Push Amphetamine Drugs for Weight Loss
Published April 7 2009
Concepts: food, drugs, weight, health, irradiated food

Obesity During Pregnancy Linked to Birth Defects
Published April 5 2009
Concepts: obesity, birth, pregnancy, weight, women

Increasing Fruits and Vegetables Leads to Permanent Weight Loss
Published April 1 2009
Concepts: vegetables, fruits, vegetable, fruits and vegetables, fruit

Eating Meat Kills More People Than Previously Thought
Published March 30 2009
Concepts: meat, eating, 5, cancer, men

A Big Fat Fib: Low-Fat is Not the Answer
Published March 29 2009
Concepts: fat, diet, health, body, fats

Just Being Overweight Shortens Life: Effects of Excess Weight may Match Smoking
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: weight, overweight, study, health, smoking

Just Say No: Low Fat Diets are Not for Children
Published March 25 2009
Concepts: fat, child, children, diet, diets

Increase Complete Protein and Lose Weight
Published March 25 2009
Concepts: protein, body, diet, weight, vegetable

Two Alcoholic Drinks Daily Raise Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Published March 19 2009
Concepts: cancer, pancreatic cancer, risk, health, alcohol

Obesity and Insomnia: Sleep Loss is Linked to Weight Gain
Published March 19 2009
Concepts: sleep, weight, obesity, WHO, increase

The Emperor's Guard: Green Tea Protects the Heart
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: tea, green tea, green, heart, Chi

Many Unaware that Dietary and Lifestyle Choices can Affect Cancer Risk
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: cancer, health, lifestyle, survey, risk

Prenatal Caffeine Consumption Linked to Low Birth Weight Babies
Published March 13 2009
Concepts: caffeine, birth, birth weight, low birth weight, women

Exercise Does Not Hurt Joints: Study Debunks Common Myth
Published March 10 2009
Concepts: exercise, health, study, natural, osteoarthritis

Natural Diabetes Health: Ten Tips for Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: diabetes, blood, tips, living, natural

Four Basic Principles of Healthy Eating and Living
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: water, fat, food, salt, eating

AstraZeneca Suppressed Information about Seroquel Link to Diabetes, Told Sales Reps to Lie
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: drug, diabetes, Amazon, drugs, Astrazeneca

Live a Healthy Life: Ten Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: cholesterol, blood, healthy, blood pressure, health

Childhood Obesity Initiative Is Same Old Story: Looks Good on Paper, But Kids Keep Getting Fatter
Published February 21 2009
Concepts: children, obesity, 5, Amazon, health

"Brown" Fat Cells May Aid in Weight Loss
Published February 18 2009
Concepts: fat, fat cells, brown fat, weight, research

Five Tips for Healthier Pregnancies and Children: Revealed in Recent Studies
Published February 17 2009
Concepts: health, pregnancy, study, natural, women

How to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: chia, raw, food, weight, how to

Excess Body Fat Raises the Risk of Having Cancer
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: fat, cancer, body, food, body fat

Cut Sugary Beverages and Help Fight Against Diabetes Epidemic
Published February 9 2009
Concepts: diabetes, sugar, beverages, diabetic, health

Natural Cure for Bladder Control Problems
Published February 8 2009
Concepts: weight, incontinence, natural, problems, women

Alabama to Start Charging Overweight State Workers $25 More a Month for Health Insurance
Published February 8 2009
Concepts: health, workers, overweight, employees, program

Two Important Ways to Lower Risk of Heart Failure
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: heart, risk, failure, heart failure, men

Seven Steps to Gorgeous, Radiant Skin
Published February 2 2009
Concepts: skin, sun, steps, food, botox

Use Hypnosis to Achieve New Year Resolutions
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, mind, conscious, New Year, weight

Snack Your Way to Good Health and Weight Loss with Organic Dried Fruit
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: fruit, health, dried fruit, apple, cancer

Almonds Aid Weight Loss and Lower LDL Cholesterol
Published January 27 2009
Concepts: almonds, fat, diet, weight, study

Weight Gain: A New Reason to Get Smokers to Kick the Habit
Published January 21 2009
Concepts: health, smokers, weight, smoke, natural

Use the Glycemic Index Table to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss
Published January 20 2009
Concepts: weight, glycemic index, healthy, food, blood

Consuming Common Food Additive MSG Increases Risk of Weight Gain
Published January 19 2009
Concepts: MSG, food, brain, weight, the brain

Stay Active and Exercise to Reduce Hunger
Published January 14 2009
Concepts: exercise, workout, weight, appetite, health

Hormones Part III: Optimal Levels of Cortisol, Insulin and Thyroid are Essential to Vibrant Health
Published January 13 2009
Concepts: thyroid, cortisol, hormone, insulin, body

Vigorous Activity Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer in Women
Published January 9 2009
Concepts: cancer, men, breast cancer, women, risk

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Published January 7 2009
Concepts: child, childhood, children, food, obesity

Optimal Levels of Cortisol, Insulin and Thyroid are Essential to Vibrant Health
Published January 6 2009
Concepts: thyroid, cortisol, hormone, insulin, body

Low-Carb Diets Do Not Have to be Stressful or Boring
Published January 3 2009
Concepts: diet, low-carb, protein, diets, food

Sleep May Be the Critical Factor for Weight Loss and Health
Published January 3 2009
Concepts: sleep, weight, carbohydrates, fat, body

Matt Monarch Talks About the Blood Gas Theory and Weight Loss
Published January 1 2009
Concepts: raw, food, diet, blood, raw food

Excessive Weight Gain during Pregnancy Leads to Heavier Teenagers
Published December 30 2008
Concepts: weight, pregnancy, gain, health, natural

Beans: Fabulous Health Benefits, Weight Management and Nutrition at Very Low Cost
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: beans, cancer, men, study, diet

Holiday Weight Gain: Stress, Not Food, is Primary Cause
Published December 24 2008
Concepts: stress, holiday, food, weight, eating

Obesity Decreases Sperm Quality
Published December 24 2008
Concepts: sperm, men, obesity, BMI, weight

CLA Supplements Support Fat Burning and Weight Loss
Published December 19 2008
Concepts: CLA, weight, fat, supplements, CLA supplements

Diets High in Sodium May Lead to Disease and Death
Published December 18 2008
Concepts: sodium, disease, salt, food, lead

Fatty Liver Disease Totally Reversible with Weight Loss
Published December 17 2008
Concepts: liver, fat, disease, fatty liver, fatty liver disease

Hormones May Be Slowing Your Fat Loss
Published December 17 2008
Concepts: progesterone, men, hormone, estrogen, hormones

Weight Problems Influenced by How We Eat
Published December 13 2008
Concepts: eating, weight, problems, weight problems, overeating

High Fiber Diets Support Weight Loss
Published December 10 2008
Concepts: fiber, weight, food, support, high fiber

Overweight Prostate Cancer Sufferers More Likely to Die of the Disease
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: cancer, prostate cancer, Prostate, health, men

Excess Weight in Teen Girls Linked to Internet, Alcohol and Lack of Sleep
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: alcohol, weight, internet, girls, teen girls

Only One Chromium Supplement Helps People with Diabetes
Published December 5 2008
Concepts: chromium, men, supplement, people, diabetes

Ginseng Found Highly Effective for Weight Loss and Diabetes Control
Published December 1 2008
Concepts: ginseng, diabetes, research, weight, weight loss

Healthy Diets are a Key to Wellness
Published December 1 2008
Concepts: diet, diets, health, food, healthy

Upgrade Your Fuel Mix and Personalize Your Diet
Published November 28 2008
Concepts: fuel, nutrition, fat, food, diet

Two Simple Ways to Avoid Weight Gain
Published November 28 2008
Concepts: health, weight, natural, avoid, gain

Nutritionist Jonny Bowden (Part III): Food Supplements and Combinations that Make Sense
Published November 19 2008
Concepts: food, men, health, people, supplements

Raw Food for Your Feline Friend
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: food, raw, raw food, diet, cats

Citrus Extracts Found to Enhance Heart Health in Small Study
Published November 14 2008
Concepts: weight, citrus, health, extract, citrus extracts

Rawvolution: Part II, Tips for Beginning Your Raw Food Lifestyle
Published November 13 2008
Concepts: food, raw, raw food, people, health

Jim Katsoulis Talks About Losing 50 Pounds and Keeping It Off
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: health, people, conscious, mind, weight

Fasting, Losing Weight and Quitting Smoking, with Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Published November 11 2008
Concepts: weight, fasting, heal, people, health

Review of the Best New Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements, Including Pine Nut Oil
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: appetite, natural, food, weight, supplement

Children Pump Clean Water While Playing on the Merry-Go-Round
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: water, children, health, Africa, weight

Surrounding Your Self with Success and Dealing with Negativity
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: people, success, WHO, health, responsibility

Five Ways One Has To Pay the Price for Obesity
Published November 3 2008
Concepts: health, cost, obese, costs, weight

ADD/ADHD: Children and the Effects of Sleep Disorders
Published November 3 2008
Concepts: sleep, health, children, eye, growth hormone

Four Minutes to a More Fit and Healthy Body
Published October 29 2008
Concepts: body, workout, exercise, health, treadmill

Iodine May Be the Critical Mineral for Weight Loss, Energy and Beauty
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: iodine, thyroid, men, deficiency, iodine deficiency

Duke University Study Links Splenda to Weight Gain, Health Problems
Published October 20 2008
Concepts: health, Splenda, study, weight, weight gain

Following Your Intuition When It Comes to Eating for Health
Published October 17 2008
Concepts: raw, food, eating, health, intuition

Consequences of sleep deprivation for teenagers
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: sleep, sleep deprivation, teenagers, school, 5

Diet Sodas Contribute to Childhood Obesity
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: diet, health, sodas, diet sodas, soda

Bad Eating Habits Produce Inflammation and Changes in Behavior
Published October 11 2008
Concepts: eating, food, body, inflammation, produce

Is your poor body image being mirrored by your child?
Published October 11 2008
Concepts: body, body image, children, parents, weight

The Flavor Enhancer MSG Linked to Weight Gain, Obesity
Published October 9 2008
Concepts: MSG, weight, gain, weight gain, flavor

Interview with Sergei Zimin About Modifilan brown seaweed extract
Published October 3 2008
Concepts: seaweed, people, Modifilan, WHO, brown seaweed

Gallstones in the Liver: A Major Health Risk
Published October 3 2008
Concepts: liver, men, body, health, gallstones

Jim Katsoulis Talks About How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life
Published October 1 2008
Concepts: health, people, changes, how to, body

Drinking Milk Does Not Combat Obesity, Experts Conclude
Published October 1 2008
Concepts: weight, experts, dairy, obesity, combat

New Study Reveals Resveratrol Improves Health and Longevity
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: resveratrol, health, study, diet, improve

Resveratrol Improves Health and Longevity in Aging Mice on a High-Calorie Diet
Published September 22 2008
Concepts: resveratrol, health, longevity, aging, diet

Seventy Five Percent of Women Admit to Abnormal Behavior Around Food
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: women, eating, behavior, disorder, diet

Phillip McClusky Talks About Avoiding Gastric Bypass Surgery and Still Losing Weight
Published September 14 2008
Concepts: surgery, food, bypass surgery, health, raw

Author Geoff Thompson on How to Build Health and Success
Published September 12 2008
Concepts: health, world, success, how to, fear

Phillip McClusky Gives Tips on Losing Weight the Healthy Way
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: food, body, weight, health, tips

New Study Indicates DNA Can Be Altered Through Diet and Exercise
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: heal, Chi, DNA, genes, health

How to Regain Control of Your Metabolism
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: thyroid, men, hormone, disease, body

Lose Weight Without Feeling Constantly Hungry
Published September 8 2008
Concepts: food, weight, lose weight, foods, people

The Health Ranger Answers Common Questions About Nutritional Supplements (transcript)
Published September 4 2008
Concepts: health, supplement, food, supplements, people

Motivational Speaker Donna Krech Shares on Celebrating Every Success
Published September 2 2008
Concepts: weight, gain, health, burning, focus

Why Soft Drinks Contribute to Obesity
Published September 1 2008
Concepts: fructose, HFCS, food, sucrose, soft drinks

Obese People to Blame for Accelerating Global Warming?
Published August 30 2008
Concepts: obese, people, food, weight, BMI

Obese Air Passengers May be Charged Fees Based on Body Weight Due to Skyrocketing Fuel Prices
Published August 29 2008
Concepts: weight, fuel, obese, body, body weight

Donna Krech on Key Factors to Changing Your Life and Losing Weight
Published August 29 2008
Concepts: motivation, life, success, weight, people

Broke and Depressed to Fit and Successful by Donna Krech
Published August 27 2008
Concepts: people, WHO, motivation, health, how to

Being Obese Accelerates Growth of Cancers
Published August 27 2008
Concepts: cancer, obese, risk, increase, men

A Recent Study Shows Weight Gain Curtailed With Vitamins
Published August 25 2008
Concepts: study, weight, gain, shows, weight gain

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain
Published August 25 2008
Concepts: weight, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, gain, people

Nutritional Authority David Wolfe Discusses Metabolism and Chocolate
Published August 22 2008
Concepts: food, chocolate, metabolism, cacao, people

Phoenix Gilman Shares Diet Information for Weight Loss and Treating ADHD
Published August 21 2008
Concepts: diet, health, weight, child, weight loss

Strength Training Helps Prevent Type-2 Diabetes
Published August 19 2008
Concepts: training, strength training, strength, weight, muscle

Developing Proper Posture for Walking and Running - An Interview With Danny Dreyer
Published August 19 2008
Concepts: running, Chi, walking, posture, people

Menstruation is a Disease (And Other Ridiculous Myths Believed by Mainstream Consumers)
Published August 5 2008
Concepts: men, menstruation, disease, weight, consumers

Overfeeding Your Child May be Considered a Crime
Published July 29 2008
Concepts: child, weight, obese, overweight, health

Nutritional Authority David Wolfe Shares Important Diet Information
Published July 28 2008
Concepts: food, protein, diet, health, coconut

Chemical Causes of Diabetes: Overeating Is Not the Only Problem
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: diabetes, men, 5, food, chemical

Nearly Half of Parents Fail to Realize Their Children are Obese
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: children, child, parents, weight, overweight

Weight Loss Secrets From Certified Trainer Craig Pepin-Donat
Published July 22 2008
Concepts: health, life, people, information, fitness

The Most Potent Intervention Known to Increase Longevity Revealed
Published July 19 2008
Concepts: longevity, life, damage, increase, health

Omega-3-Rich Fish Oils Reduce Weight Gain in Animal Study
Published July 17 2008
Concepts: fish, fat, weight, gain, fish oils

Seven Foods to Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels
Published July 17 2008
Concepts: sugar, blood sugar, blood, foods, weight

Too Much TV Viewing Linked to Weight Gain
Published July 15 2008
Concepts: weight, WHO, food, mind, television

The Importance of a Food Plan and Diary by Expert Jill Fleming
Published July 11 2008
Concepts: people, health, food, food plan, muscle

How to Achieve Weight Loss Results by Nutritionist Jill Fleming
Published July 9 2008
Concepts: weight, health, life, people, weight loss

Registered Dietitian Jill Fleming Gives Advice on Staying Healthy
Published July 8 2008
Concepts: health, body, weight, people, diet

The Mind/Body Connection: Creating the Body You Really Want
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: people, health, life, diet, weight

Being Physically Active More Important Than Being Lean, Says Research
Published June 30 2008
Concepts: weight, fitness, mortality, health, overweight

Change Your Language and Your Body - Think Thin to Be Thin
Published June 30 2008
Concepts: people, body, health, weight, food

Researchers Explore Link Between Obesity and Insomnia
Published June 29 2008
Concepts: sleep, obesity, researchers, 5, health

Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life
Published June 29 2008
Concepts: life, health, weight, people, mind

Counting Nutrients Versus Counting Calories for Weight Loss
Published June 26 2008
Concepts: calories, weight, food, nutrients, super food

Sorbitol Linked to Bowel Problems: Chronic Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain
Published June 19 2008
Concepts: sorbitol, diarrhea, patients, weight, doctors

Review of Global Healing Center: Ozonated Skin Salve, Oxy-powder, Slimirex and Other Revolutionary Health Products
Published June 17 2008
Concepts: health, skin, weight, products, Oxy-Powder

Juice Fasting and Raw Food Knowledge by Author Angela Stokes
Published June 17 2008
Concepts: raw, food, juice, raw food, book

Four Reasons Why Many People Can't Lose Weight
Published June 11 2008
Concepts: weight, health, body, healthy, stress

Raw Food Success Story: How Author Angela Stokes Lost 160 Pounds
Published June 9 2008
Concepts: food, raw, raw food, health, Angela Stokes

Rhio, Raw Food Author and Educator Discusses Her Book 'Hooked on Raw'
Published June 7 2008
Concepts: food, raw, book, raw food, health

Diet and Lifestyle Have a Greater Impact on Health Than Genes
Published June 6 2008
Concepts: lifestyle, diet, health, weight, food

Raw Food Author Angela Stokes on the Importance of a Daily Food Plan
Published June 5 2008
Concepts: food, people, raw, raw food, food plan

75 Percent of Women Admit to Abnormal Behavior Around Food
Published May 28 2008
Concepts: women, eating, behavior, disorder, diet

Fruitarianism and Boot Camp Fitness, Richard Blackman Style
Published May 16 2008
Concepts: people, fruit, fitness, raw, food

Michael T. Murray Interviewed about Weight Loss on the Health Ranger Show
Published May 13 2008
Concepts: health, heal, interview, natural, Health Ranger

'The Best Years In Life' Diet Plan - Reach Your Optimum Weight and Health
Published May 13 2008
Concepts: health, diet, weight, food, diet plan

Transform Yourself From the Inside-Out and Look Your Best Naturally
Published May 11 2008
Concepts: food, raw, body, heal, health

True Body, False Body: the Key to All Health and Happiness
Published May 10 2008
Concepts: body, health, food, life, power

Does Being Overweight Affect One's Job Hunting?
Published April 28 2008
Concepts: overweight, people, research, hunting, bias

Use the Power of the Mind to Improve Your Health and Well Being
Published April 18 2008
Concepts: mind, Chi, health, calm, power

Natural Remedies for Treating Arthritis
Published April 18 2008
Concepts: arthritis, pain, tea, oil, anti-inflammatory

Fat or Skinny, Exercise Keeps You Healthy
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: fat, exercise, weight, overweight, men

ProAlgaZyme Supplement Found to Reduce Body Weight, Blood Glucose Levels in Clinical Trial
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: ProAlgaZyme, metabolic syndrome, blood, supplement, body

Boosting Your Metabolism to Lose Weight: Truth Or Fiction?
Published April 1 2008
Concepts: metabolism, weight, boosting, fat, body

Zyprexa Warnings over Weight Gain, Blood Sugar Elevation
Published March 25 2008
Concepts: Zyprexa, blood, weight gain, weight, blood sugar

Diabetes Prevented Most Effectively with Combination of Aerobic Exercise, Weight Training
Published March 23 2008
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, weight, aerobic exercise, 5

Diabetes Prevented Most Effectively with Combination of Aerobic Exercise, Weight Training
Published March 19 2008
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, weight, aerobic exercise, 5

Dr. Doug Graham - Overcoming Common Issues of the Raw Food Diet (Part 1)
Published March 12 2008
Concepts: raw, food, diet, raw food, health

Healing Illness - A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: cancer, heal, health, man, supplement

The Link Between Obesity, Cancer, and Toxicity (Part 1)
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: cancer, obesity, fat, risk, toxicity

Recent Studies and Age Old Wisdom Point to the Health Benefits of Butter
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: fat, butter, acid, health, fatty acids

Time to Medicate Fido? Pfizer Launches Diet Drug for Dogs
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: drug, diet, Pfizer, diet drug, pets

Diet Sweeteners Can Make You Sick and Fat
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: food, sugar, sweeteners, diet, body

Dr. Carol Look on Using EFT for Limiting Beliefs and the Law of Attraction
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: EFT, people, Law of Attraction, health, focus

Prevent Prostate Cancer by Eating More Vegetables, Less Meat
Published February 25 2008
Concepts: cancer, prostate cancer, Prostate, vegetables, men

Prebiotics Prevent Excessive Weight Gain in Teenagers
Published February 23 2008
Concepts: prebiotics, weight, body, gain, weight gain

Planning to Lose Weight This Year? Supplement With Honey
Published February 21 2008
Concepts: honey, weight, sugar, tea, diet

Antioxidant-Rich Yerba Mate Controls Weight and Prevents Cancer
Published February 15 2008
Concepts: tea, weight, yerba mate, men, cancer

Chemical Used in Non-Stick Cookware Continues to Prove Its Toxicity
Published February 14 2008
Concepts: PFOA, cookware, chemical, non-stick, non-stick cookware

Fatal and Vital Foods - Popular Nutrition Myths Exposed
Published February 7 2008
Concepts: fat, sugar, fats, saturated fat, cholesterol

Making a New Year's Resolution? How About Changing Your Mindset
Published January 15 2008
Concepts: resolution, resolutions, health, WHO, skin

CNN Health Story Promotes Pizza, Ice Cream, Burgers as "Great for Your Waist"
Published January 4 2008
Concepts: health, food, CNN, ice, foods

The 7 Big Health and Fitness Lies About Optimal Health and Weight Loss (Part 3)
Published December 15 2007
Concepts: health, fitness, weight, lies, weight loss

Acomplia weight loss drug may cause psychiatric side effects in 10 percent of users
Published December 11 2007
Concepts: drug, Acomplia, side effects, weight, weight loss

The Effects of Diet and Metabolism on the Body
Published December 9 2007
Concepts: diet, muscle, metabolism, fat, calories

Use Mind Programming to Reach Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals
Published December 5 2007
Concepts: fitness, health, mind, weight, weight loss

The 7 Big Health and Fitness Lies About Optimal Health and Weight Loss (Part 2)
Published November 28 2007
Concepts: fitness, health, weight, weight loss, pain

The 7 Big Health and Fitness Lies About Optimal Health and Weight Loss (Part 1)
Published November 27 2007
Concepts: health, fitness, weight, diet, lies

To Combat Obesity, Find Thinner Friends
Published November 18 2007
Concepts: obesity, combat, weight, overweight, obese

The Nature of Energy-Depleting Thyroid Problems
Published November 6 2007
Concepts: thyroid, energy, leptin, fat, hormone

Capsaicin from chili peppers may help prevent obesity, weight gain
Published November 1 2007
Concepts: chili peppers, capsaicin, chili, weight, obesity

Toxic Chemicals Contribute to Weight Gain
Published November 1 2007
Concepts: toxic, chemicals, weight, toxic chemicals, chemical

Six Principles for Improved Health and Lasting Weight-Loss
Published October 31 2007
Concepts: health, fitness, weight, life, principles

Fad Diets Can Be Ineffective and Dangerous
Published October 30 2007
Concepts: weight, diet, diets, fad diets, people

Orlistat Marketed as Alli is a Big, Fat Lie
Published October 26 2007
Concepts: orlistat, weight, health, fat, fitness

Oprah Raises Awareness on Thyroid Issue
Published October 24 2007
Concepts: thyroid, Oprah, men, stress, health

Going Raw for Weight Loss
Published October 15 2007
Concepts: raw, food, weight, foods, fat

FTC sues Kevin Trudeau over weight loss claims while ignoring Big Pharma monopoly pricing
Published September 21 2007
Concepts: weight, FTC, weight loss, the FTC, drug

Why the Average Physically Inactive Person Should Eat a Mediterranean Diet
Published September 19 2007
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, heal, fats, weight

"Miracle" weight loss drug Alli delivers more than you bargained for (diapers optional)
Published June 21 2007
Concepts: weight, weight loss, Alli, drug, fat

Had weight loss surgery? Take your vitamins to prevent dangerous nutritional deficiencies
Published April 19 2007
Concepts: weight loss, weight, vitamins, surgery, dangerous

Mortgage meltdown kicks in as sub-prime lenders collapse under weight of bad loans
Published March 20 2007
Concepts: mortgage, home, collapse, meltdown, weight

Antipsychotic drugs cause rapid weight gain, abnormal eating behavior
Published March 5 2007
Concepts: weight gain, drugs, weight, antipsychotic drugs, drug

Video gaming with Wii burns significant number of calories, supports weight loss
Published February 24 2007
Concepts: Wii, calories, burns, video, video gaming

Gastric band weight loss surgery now being performed on underage teenagers
Published February 20 2007
Concepts: surgery, health, weight, weight loss, weight loss surgery

Lack of omega-3s can contribute to childhood obesity
Published January 30 2007
Concepts: children, fat, omega-3s, childhood, weight

Potato protein extract may be new leader in weight loss and appetite control
Published January 24 2007
Concepts: potato protein, weight loss, weight, appetite, extract

Man documents steady weight loss from active Wii video gaming
Published January 23 2007
Concepts: Wii, video, weight, man, weight loss

UK Consumers looking to natural food, not bars or shakes, for weight loss
Published January 19 2007
Concepts: food, weight, consumers, natural, diet

Study: Being overweight can increase risk of death from existing prostate cancer condition
Published January 17 2007
Concepts: cancer, Prostate, prostate cancer, overweight, risk

"Muscle Logic" book introduces revolutionary strength training concepts for building lean body mass
Published January 12 2007
Concepts: training, strength, body, book, strength training

Animal study links yet another health problem with trans fats: an increase in stubborn belly fat
Published January 11 2007
Concepts: fat, health, weight, trans fat, belly fat

FTC sues makers of diet pills for false claims; ignores Big Pharma's false claims
Published January 9 2007
Concepts: claims, FTC, the FTC, false claims, pills

Study: Exercise preserves bone mineral density in dieters
Published January 8 2007
Concepts: exercise, bone, bone mineral density, weight, bone density

Many dieters try to lose weight by reducing calories rather than increasing exercise
Published December 28 2006
Concepts: weight, calories, dieters, lose weight, dieting

Eli Lilly hid side effects of Zyprexa drug, say internal documents leaked to New York Times
Published December 23 2006
Concepts: Zyprexa, drug, Eli Lilly, diabetes, New York

Higher activity levels mean lower risk of breast cancer, safer weight loss, say researchers
Published December 19 2006
Concepts: weight, weight loss, risk, breast cancer, study

From Processed Foods to Natural Wholesomeness
Published December 17 2006
Concepts: food, 5, foods, people, natural

New diabetes drug causes weight gain, bone fractures
Published December 14 2006
Concepts: diabetes, drug, patients, diabetes drug, gain

Double diabetes is a growing health threat among U.S. adults and children
Published December 14 2006
Concepts: diabetes, adults, health, threat, type-2 diabetes

CSPI threatens lawsuit against Coca-Cola for "fraudulent" weight loss claims over Enviga beverage
Published December 11 2006
Concepts: Coca-Cola, Enviga, claims, food, CSPI

Exercise boosts health of obese women even without dieting
Published December 7 2006
Concepts: women, exercise, health, study, obese

Fruit Juice Intake Among Preschool Children Not Associated with Weight (press release)
Published November 22 2006
Concepts: juice, fruit, fruit juice, preschool, children

Exercise works better than cutting calories when trying to lose weight
Published November 21 2006
Concepts: exercise, weight loss, weight, calories, works

Breast-Feeding May Reduce Childhood Obesity (press release)
Published November 20 2006
Concepts: obesity, study, childhood obesity, childhood, diabetes

Weight training does not increase strength but may slow progression in OA patients (press release)
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: strength, patients, training, exercise, weight

Gaining weight between pregnancies could lead to pregnancy complications (press release)
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: weight, pregnancy, complications, gain, increase

Avoiding high-carb processed foods cuts heart disease risk in women by 30 percent
Published November 10 2006
Concepts: heart disease, processed foods, heart, women, risk

Brown seaweed contains promising fat fighter, weight reducer (press release)
Published November 1 2006
Concepts: seaweed, fat, brown seaweed, weight, fucoxanthin

Overweight in early childhood increases chances for obesity at age 12 (press release)
Published October 24 2006
Concepts: child, weight, overweight, children, study

Eating protein boosts hormone that staves off hunger (press release)
Published October 24 2006
Concepts: protein, diet, hormone, hunger, PYY

Americans know junk food causes weight gain, but they eat it anyway
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: food, junk food, weight, americans, gain

Obesity in men linked to infertility (press release)
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: men, health, infertility, weight, obesity

New study seeks to lower diabetes risk in youth (press release)
Published October 17 2006
Concepts: diabetes, study, Type 2 diabetes, health, youth

Obesity leads to more aggressive ovarian cancer, Cedars-Sinai research shows (press release)
Published October 17 2006
Concepts: cancer, ovarian cancer, obesity, research, women

Supplementation with Chromium Picolinate Improves Glycemic Control, Attenuates Weight Gain (press release)
Published October 9 2006
Concepts: chromium, chromium picolinate, diabetes, weight, gain

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (press release)
Published October 9 2006
Concepts: hormone, symptoms, HRT, therapy, hormone replacement therapy

Waist-hip ratio should replace body mass index as indicator of mortality risk in older people (press release)
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: mortality, risk, body, people, BMI

Today's babies are fatter babies (press release)
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: weight, children, Harvard, overweight, babies

Exercise important in reducing size of abdominal fat cells (press release)
Published October 5 2006
Concepts: fat, abdominal fat, exercise, fat cells, diet

Hopes for weight loss drug dashed by failure in human trials
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: weight, drug, weight loss, failure, human

Transforming your beliefs for health, performance and success: A review of The Hypnosis Network
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: hypnosis, program, network, beliefs, form

Exercise accelerates recovery from arthritis surgery
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: arthritis, exercise, recovery, research, surgery

Focus on weight undermines motivation for healthy lifestyle changes among people of all sizes (press release)
Published October 2 2006
Concepts: weight, overweight, men, lifestyle, healthy

Regular multivitamin use near time of conception significantly reduces preeclampsia risk (press release)
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: preeclampsia, multivitamin, risk, women, WHO

Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on devastating health effects of MSG, aspartame and excitotoxins
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: MSG, aspartame, health, cancer, research

Research adds weight to growing pains in children (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: children, pain, child, research, weight

Weight lifting can help overweight teens reduce risk of diabetes (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: weight, diabetes, teens, overweight, risk

Being overweight as a teen associated with premature death in adulthood (press release)
Published September 20 2006
Concepts: overweight, death, premature death, BMI, women

Extra Pounds Mean Higher Health Costs (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: costs, cost, health, BMI, increase

Prepregnancy weight is increasing, bringing greater risk (press release)
Published September 12 2006
Concepts: weight, risk, women, 5, increase

Weight gain may increase risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women (press release)
Published September 11 2006
Concepts: weight, women, breast cancer, risk, gain

Youth Overweight Increases Risk of Bone Fractures, Muscle and Joint Pain (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: overweight, youth, bone, pain, NIH

Weight Loss Improves Bladder Control in Women with Prediabetes (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: diabetes, women, weight, incontinence, bladder

Baby fat not so harmless: Overweight infants lead to obese adults
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: overweight, baby, fat, lead, infants

Higher death rates associated with increasing degrees of obesity, PITT researchers report (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: obesity, death, women, weight, 5

Obesity in Middle Age Linked to Higher Risk of Hospitalization, Death (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: risk, obesity, death, blood pressure, blood

Eating habits of successful weight losers shift (press release)
Published September 1 2006
Concepts: weight, fat, diet, eating, habits

Weighing up new data in research (press release)
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: weight, reduction, disability, research, patients

Obesity in prostate cancer patients predicts cancer recurrence and progression (press release)
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: cancer, Prostate, prostate cancer, obese, obesity

High-Carbohydrate Diet and Weight Gain in Postmenopausal Women (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: diet, weight, women, weight gain, high-carbohydrate diet

Hoodia update: Counterfeit rate reaches 80 percent, but genuine hoodia is still available
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: hoodia, counterfeit, weight loss, hoodia gordonii, sell

Obesity in Middle Age Linked to Higher Risk of Hospitalization, Death (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: risk, obesity, death, blood pressure, blood

Migraines More Common in Overweight Kids (press release)
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: overweight, headache, migraines, kids, migraine

Losing weight by controlling flavor variety (press release)
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: flavor, food, weight, diet, losing weight

Off-label prescribing rampant as doctors give patients amphetamines, psychotropic drugs for weight loss
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: weight, drug, drugs, patients, off-label prescribing

Just a few extra pounds heightens risk of early death
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: weight, risk, premature death, study, weight gain

Adding Weight to Toys May Help Improve Children’s Fitness (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: weight, toys, improve, fitness, child

Obesity May Influence Response to Asthma Medications (press release)
Published August 22 2006
Concepts: asthma, medications, people, influence, medication

Body Mass Index found useless because it does not consider body composition
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: body, weight, body mass index, heart, fat

Teen obesity linked to heart abnormalities (press release)
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: obesity, heart, weight, risk, overweight

Excess pounds may raise ovarian cancer risk (press release)
Published August 16 2006
Concepts: cancer, ovarian cancer, risk, cancer risk, women

Preparation needed as children enter schools already overweight (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: overweight, schools, child, school, Chicago

Obese Americans are poisoned by food supply, concludes UC researcher
Published August 14 2006
Concepts: food, obese, food supply, americans, weight

Weight-bearing Sports Build Bone Strength in Girls (press release)
Published August 14 2006
Concepts: bone, sports, strength, weight, bone strength

Number of overweight babies up 74 percent as obesity skyrockets in expectant mothers
Published August 10 2006
Concepts: overweight, babies, obesity, prenatal health, prenatal nutrition

Reducing Teens’ Intake of Sugary Drinks: Intervention Leads to Weight Loss (press release)
Published August 10 2006
Concepts: weight, weight loss, beverages, teens, children

Sugary drinks lead to weight gain, obesity, say researchers
Published August 9 2006
Concepts: obesity, lead, gain, soft drinks, weight

Overweight Ups Your Diabetes Risk (press release)
Published August 7 2006
Concepts: diabetes, risk, overweight, diabetes risk, disease

Antidepressants Can Increase Diabetes Risk in Certain Cases (press release)
Published August 4 2006
Concepts: diabetes, risk, antidepressants, increase, cases

Researchers develop anti-obesity vaccine as consumers hope for "magic bullet" weight loss miracle
Published August 3 2006
Concepts: vaccine, weight loss, anti-obesity vaccine, weight, researchers

Trans fat leads to weight gain even on same total calories, animal study shows (press release)
Published August 3 2006
Concepts: fat, trans fat, calories, weight, study

Reality gap? Obese Americans claim to follow healthy eating and exercise habits
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: healthy, obese, exercise, health, americans

Obesity raises overall risk of breast cancer: study (press release)
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: cancer, risk, men, study, breast cancer

Oily fish found to help reverse obesity and promote healthy body weight
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: fish, weight loss, body, oil, weight

Making Multiple Lifestyle Changes is Beneficial, Achievable in Lowering High Blood Pressure (press release)
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, high blood pressure, 5, changes

New Weight Control Nasal Spray Uses Hot Peppers, Licorice and Green Tea (press release)
Published July 27 2006
Concepts: weight, weight control, nasal spray, licorice, green tea

Fish oil consumption found to promote healthy weight loss
Published July 27 2006
Concepts: oil, weight, fish, healthy, consumption

Researchers Study Whether Cutting Calories May Help You Live Longer (press release)
Published July 27 2006
Concepts: calorie restriction, study, calories, men, researchers

"Addiction transfer" phenomenon follows weight-loss surgery
Published July 26 2006
Concepts: surgery, addiction, addiction transfer, weight, weight-loss surgery

U-M study: Too much TV could put extra pounds on your preschooler (press release)
Published July 18 2006
Concepts: child, children, weight, overweight, study

Korean Pine Nut Oil Boosts Appetite Suppressors Up To 60% For 4 Hours (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: men, fat, appetite, pine nut oil, nutrition

Coca-Cola rewards program may be hazardous for children, says weight loss instructor
Published July 14 2006
Concepts: Coca-Cola, program, weight, children, weight loss

Exercise reverses unhealthy effects of inactivity (press release)
Published July 13 2006
Concepts: exercise, physical, training, weight, WHO

Advice for Overweight Moms: Lose Weight Before Having A Baby (press release)
Published July 7 2006
Concepts: weight, overweight, baby, lose weight, pregnancy

Dairy industry ridiculously claims milk prevents type 2 diabetes based on distorted study (opinion)
Published July 6 2006
Concepts: milk, diabetes, industry, dairy, dairy industry

Exercise pioneer Kathy Smith discusses the importance of strength training for overall health and posture
Published July 5 2006
Concepts: exercise, strength training, strength, health, weight

Can Acupuncture Help Weight Loss? (press release)
Published July 3 2006
Concepts: weight, acupuncture, weight loss, treatment, body

More than just genetics: Lifestyle choices impact GI health (press release)
Published June 30 2006
Concepts: men, breakfast, health, patients, research

Doctor prescribes weight loss pills to woman with giant abdominal cyst
Published June 30 2006
Concepts: doctor, woman, pills, weight, weight loss pills

Acomplia weight loss drug launches in UK
Published June 29 2006
Concepts: Acomplia, drug, weight, weight loss, appetite

Sleeping less linked to weight gain (press release)
Published June 29 2006
Concepts: weight, gain, women, weight gain, sleep

Researchers determine the top 10 factors that contribute to obesity
Published June 27 2006
Concepts: weight, researchers, people, gain, weight gain

Hoodia gordonii update: Honest sellers, safety information and weight loss realities
Published June 12 2006
Concepts: hoodia, weight loss, weight, medicine, hoodia gordonii

The Honest Food Guide empowers consumers with independent information about foods and health
Published May 25 2006
Concepts: food, foods, health, people, disease

Alli weight loss drug has disgusting side effects and may block fat-soluble vitamins
Published May 17 2006
Concepts: drug, weight loss, Alli, weight, side effects

Bariatric surgery kills 5 percent of patients: Weight loss surgery takes deadly toll
Published March 22 2006
Concepts: surgery, bariatric surgery, weight, people, food

Hoodia fraud: Counterfeit hoodia gordonii weight loss pills dominate the market
Published February 21 2006
Concepts: hoodia, companies, industry, counterfeit, WHO

Alleviate backpack-induced back pain with the convenient, spine-friendly BackTPack
Published January 17 2006
Concepts: backpack, back pain, backtpack, hiking, travel

Blaming dietary sodium for high blood pressure is too simplistic; the real problem may be mineral deficiencies
Published December 14 2005
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, salt, sodium, high blood pressure

Diet Pill Supplement Scam: Two-Thirds of Hoodia Gordonii Pills Sold In the United States Are Counterfeit
Published August 30 2005
Concepts: hoodia, hoodia gordonii, supplement, pill, supplements

Why weight loss requires strength training, even in women and seniors
Published August 27 2005
Concepts: body, muscle, fat, weight, training

Bone density sharply enhanced by weight training, even in the elderly
Published August 6 2005
Concepts: bone, weight, training, strength, train

Conjugated Linoleic Acid for weight loss: it's no magic diet pill
Published July 29 2005
Concepts: CLA, weight, conjugated linoleic acid, fat, diet

Losing weight with appetite suppressing drugs, herbs and macronutrients
Published July 6 2005
Concepts: appetite, appetite suppressant, weight, appetite control, appetite suppressants

DHEA for weight loss: miracle drug or unproven experiment?
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: DHEA, men, hormone, weight, body

Diabetes and Hispanic Americans: more than just genetics
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: diabetes, America, americans, hispanics, risk

How iodine accelerates weight loss by supporting the thyroid gland
Published June 25 2005
Concepts: thyroid, iodine, weight, thyroid gland, gain

Questioning the safety of synthetic human growth hormone (HGH)
Published June 8 2005
Concepts: HGH, hormone, body, fat, men

American Diabetes Association peddling nutritional nonsense while accepting money from manufacturer of candy and sodas
Published June 1 2005
Concepts: sugar, diabetes, blood, insulin, food

PYY3-36 appetite control nasal spray may be effective, yet still misused by consumers
Published April 17 2005
Concepts: drug, Merck, Nastech, appetite control, appetite

Hoodia gordonii helps for weight loss, but isn't a miracle solution
Published April 6 2005
Concepts: hoodia gordonii, hoodia, weight loss, weight, appetite suppressant

Consumer Alert: Hoodia Gordonii weight loss pills scam exposed by independent investigation
Published March 26 2005
Concepts: hoodia, Pure Hoodia, investigation, news, NaturalNews

Trim Spa weight loss supplement is formulated with effective ingredients
Published March 1 2005
Concepts: Trim Spa, weight, weight loss, sugar, food

How to (not!) get fat in five easy steps
Published February 7 2005
Concepts: food, fat, body, foods, weight

Walking the talk: the true story of my transformation from obesity and chronic disease to outstanding health
Published January 20 2005
Concepts: heal, health, pain, body, nutrition

Five appetite control foods that suppress cravings without adding calories
Published January 20 2005
Concepts: food, calories, appetite, foods, hunger

The unauthorized history of Coca-Cola (satire)
Published January 14 2005
Concepts: coca, cola, Coca-Cola, soft drinks, calcium

The health effects of drinking soda - quotes from the experts
Published January 8 2005
Concepts: soft drinks, calcium, diet, food, phosphorus

Healing with water: the work of "water cure" pioneer Dr. Batmanghelidj
Published January 6 2005
Concepts: water, body, disease, health, soft drinks

Independent investigation reveals trusted sources for buying hoodia gordonii pills for weight loss
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: hoodia, weight, water, weight loss, hoodia gordonii

Consumer alert: con artists sell counterfeit hoodia gordonii as bogus weight loss pills
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: hoodia, weight loss, sell, weight, hoodia gordonii

Hoodia gordonii is no miracle weight loss pill, health investigation reveals
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: hoodia, weight, weight loss, pill, hoodia gordonii

Milk won't help you lose weight, says dairy industry critic Robert Cohen
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: milk, dairy, hormone, dairy industry, weight

Hoodia Gordonii emerges as natural appetite suppressant with weight loss potential
Published November 29 2004
Concepts: hoodia, weight, weight loss, natural, hoodia gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii holds promise as natural appetite suppressant
Published November 22 2004
Concepts: hunger, hoodia, food, appetite, appetite suppressant

Consumer interest in hoodia gordonii skyrockets, but can it really help with weight loss?
Published November 22 2004
Concepts: weight, hoodia, hoodia gordonii, people, lose weight

Low-carb vs. low-fat diet debate distracts from the real weight loss solution
Published November 16 2004
Concepts: foods, processed foods, diet, processed food, low-carb

Acomplia diet drug shows real promise for sustained weight loss, but only if you keep taking it
Published November 9 2004
Concepts: weight loss, diet drug, weight, Acomplia, diet

How can I regain my appetite and gain some weight?
Published October 17 2004
Concepts: appetite, gain, loss of appetite, exercise, weight

The top four superfood products for optimum health and disease prevention / reversal; recommended by Mike Adams
Published August 12 2004
Concepts: food, disease, foods, superfood, health

The Palm Springs Diet Promises to Help You Lose Weight, But Does It Really Work?
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: diet, Palm Springs Diet, weight, chitosan, lose weight

Weight Loss Centers Are Popular, But Do They Really Work?
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: weight, weight loss, people, health, weight loss centers

Anti-Obesity Activists Fight For Fat Acceptance; Here's Where They're Right and Wrong On Issues of Obesity
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: obesity, anti-obesity, discrimination, disease, body

Do CLA supplements help you lose weight and prevent breast cancer?
Published August 3 2004
Concepts: CLA, supplements, supplement, cancer, breast cancer

Osteoporosis remains undiagnosed in millions of Americans; here's how to beat the disease with nutrition, exercise and sunlight
Published July 31 2004
Concepts: bone, body, osteoporosis, sun, bone mass

Gastric bypass surgery should be a last resort, not a choice of convenience
Published July 30 2004
Concepts: surgery, gastric bypass, gastric bypass surgery, surgical procedures, weight

Diabetics advised to avoid caffeine; new study shows radical blood sugar effects
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: caffeine, blood sugar, diabetics, blood, study

Are you a weight loss / diet pills / liposuction junkie?
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: weight, food, foods, diet pills, body

High protein diet good for your health, good for weight loss, says startling new research
Published July 23 2004
Concepts: protein, diet, high protein, protein diet, high protein diet

Gastric bypass sugery leaves patient at critical 87 pounds, dying from malnutrition
Published July 21 2004
Concepts: gastric bypass, losing weight, gastric bypass sugery, surgery, bad medicine

Appetite stimulating hormone decreases following gastric bypass surgery
Published July 13 2004
Concepts: appetite, hormone, gastric bypass, brain chemistry, health

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose may actually promote obesity and weight gain, says research
Published July 1 2004
Concepts: sucralose, aspartame, obesity, soft drinks, sweeteners

Calcium emerging as key nutrient for weight loss; coral calcium supplements can help you lose weight
Published June 30 2004
Concepts: calcium, calcium supplements, coral calcium, weight loss, weight

CLA supplements shown to reduce body fat and increase lean body mass; study examines effects of this healthy oil
Published June 10 2004
Concepts: fat, CLA, body, oil, healthy

Milk industry claims cow's milk results in weight loss; bad science meets dishonest marketing
Published May 25 2004
Concepts: milk, weight, cow's milk, weight loss, industry

Chiropractic and acupuncture help with back pain, but a real cure requires flexibility and strength training
Published May 17 2004
Concepts: pain, back pain, strength, train, flexibility

Diet pills make comeback with ephedra-free weight loss supplements
Published May 10 2004
Concepts: pills, weight, diet, weight loss, diet pills

Many people approach physical fitness for cosmetic reasons; but real strength training is about body, mind and spirit, not good looks
Published May 9 2004
Concepts: strength, body, fitness, people, reasons

Losing weight is easy when you're no longer hungry: scientists search for the biochemical keys
Published January 5 2004
Concepts: weight, scientists, losing weight, hoodia, appetite

Losing weight starts with taking responsibility for your actions
Published November 10 2003
Concepts: weight, responsibility, losing weight, disease, obesity

Calling obesity a disease is a ploy to generate profits
Published November 9 2003
Concepts: disease, obesity, calling obesity a disease, weight, body

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