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heart feature articles

An Apple A Day
Published September 16 2012
Concepts: apple, apples, organic, fiber, health

Should butter be banned?
Published September 16 2012
Concepts: butter, health, fat, doctor, food

What the anti-fish oil study REALLY says (they 'they' don't want you to know)
Published September 15 2012
Concepts: study, omega-3, health, oil, heart attacks

Chemical exposure from common household products linked to heart disease, study finds
Published September 14 2012
Concepts: PFOA, exposure, heart disease, household products, chemical

Vitamin C lowers blood pressure, improves vascular function to lower heart attack and stroke risk
Published September 12 2012
Concepts: blood pressure, blood, vitamin C, stroke, heart

Busted! Co-author of Stanford study that bashed organics found to have deep ties to Big Tobacco's anti-science propaganda
Published September 7 2012
Concepts: tobacco, Stanford, study, science, research

Debunking the cholesterol myth and cultivating true heart health
Published September 7 2012
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, myth, cholesterol myth, diet

Tame high blood pressure with these natural remedies
Published September 5 2012
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, hypertension, coconut, natural

How to stop heart attacks and irregular heart beats in their tracks
Published September 5 2012
Concepts: heart, natural, disease, NaturalNews, cayenne pepper

Is saturated fat really a deadly nutrient?
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, health, heart

Wake up to the benefits of power napping - Boost clarity, happiness and cardiovascular health with this one daily habit
Published September 1 2012
Concepts: health, benefits, happiness, power, naps

Another nail in the coffin for statin drugs - New research finds statins increase artery calcification
Published August 31 2012
Concepts: drugs, natural, heart, statin drugs, health

Since 1950, reliable research has been suppressed to keep Americans in the dark about trans-fatty acids causing cancer and heart attacks
Published August 29 2012
Concepts: fat, food, 5, heart, cancer

Get more sleep and significantly lower your risk of stroke and heart disease
Published August 28 2012
Concepts: sleep, risk, stroke, health, heart

Enjoy the cardiovascular and other health benefits of wholesome nuts
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: nuts, health, benefits, health benefits, almonds

Despite health risks, two new weight loss drugs get FDA approval
Published August 22 2012
Concepts: FDA, health, weight, drug, drugs

Cooking oils 101 - Choosing the best oils for your health
Published August 18 2012
Concepts: oil, health, oils, fat, cooking

Eating grapes significantly improves heart health in men with metabolic syndrome
Published August 18 2012
Concepts: grapes, health, heart, heart health, men

Statin drugs: A sweetheart to die for
Published July 31 2012
Concepts: drug, drugs, heart, statin drugs, cholesterol

Exposure to solvent chemicals in the workplace increases birth defect risk in children
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: exposure, birth, birth defects, chemicals, risk

Strawberries again vindicated in the fight against heart disease, diabetes and cognitive decline
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: strawberries, heart disease, diabetes, heart, health

The jury is in - Olive oil lowers mortality by a quarter and heart disease by nearly one-half
Published July 24 2012
Concepts: oil, olive oil, heart disease, mortality, heart

Chow down to reverse severe heart disease and diabetes with diet
Published July 18 2012
Concepts: heart, diabetes, disease, natural, NaturalNews

Vitamin B6 deficit promotes inflammation, heart disease and cognitive decline
Published July 12 2012
Concepts: disease, inflammation, vitamin B6, heart disease, men

Take control of your stress with HeartMath
Published July 12 2012
Concepts: stress, life, health, biofeedback, heart

The best way to live longer (opinion)
Published July 12 2012
Concepts: health, natural, 5, free, strategies

FDA approves lorcaserin for weight loss; is wave of heart valve damage imminent?
Published July 6 2012
Concepts: FDA, weight, lorcaserin, weight loss, heart

High protein, low carbohydrate diet increases heart disease risk in women
Published June 30 2012
Concepts: protein, diet, disease, heart disease, risk

Is too much exercise dangerous for your heart?
Published June 28 2012
Concepts: heart, dangerous, exercise, heal, disease

Nature offers safe and effective blood thinning alternatives to mainstream drugs
Published June 25 2012
Concepts: blood, natural, health, alternatives, blood thinner

Here's a great idea: Restrict calories and take 20 years off the age of your heart
Published June 24 2012
Concepts: heart, calories, health, calorie restriction, heart health

Fighting obesity requires a radical mindset (Opinion)
Published June 22 2012
Concepts: obesity, mindset, school, kids, lunch

Mediterranean diet not only prevents heart disease and diabetes and improves quality of life
Published June 20 2012
Concepts: diet, mediterranean diet, quality, health, diabetes

Folic acid supplementation improves arterial elasticity to lower heart attack risk
Published June 20 2012
Concepts: acid, folic acid, heart attack, supplementation, heart

Dark chocolate shown to protect against heart attack and stroke in at-risk individuals
Published June 13 2012
Concepts: chocolate, stroke, dark chocolate, heart, heart attack

Latest attack on calcium fails to link mineral to heart attacks
Published June 9 2012
Concepts: calcium, men, supplements, heart, study

Breaking news on Whistleblower lawsuit - coverups, deadly cancers and more linked to the drug Actos
Published June 8 2012
Concepts: cancer, drug, diabetes, lawsuit, news

Cheap calcium supplements can raise risk of a heart attack twofold: Are you at risk?
Published June 7 2012
Concepts: calcium, supplements, heart attack, heart, risk

Rutin flavonoids lower blood clot risk to help prevent stroke and heart attack
Published June 5 2012
Concepts: blood, flavonoids, rutin, heart, stroke

Magnesium - The Weight Loss Cure
Published June 3 2012
Concepts: magnesium, insulin, weight, glucose, weight loss

Black tea lowers deadly triglyceride levels by forty percent to slash heart disease risk
Published May 29 2012
Concepts: tea, heart disease, black tea, heart, health

Killer pain relief
Published May 28 2012
Concepts: pain, aspirin, acetaminophen, natural, death

The risk of a heart attack is on your plate
Published May 20 2012
Concepts: heart, disease, heart attack, risk, heart disease

The vital importance of Coenzyme Q10 for health and longevity
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: CoQ10, health, heart, longevity, cancer

Dr. Rashid Buttar talks vaccines on the Robert Scott Bell Show
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: Robert Scott Bell, Rashid Buttar, men, vaccine, vaccines

Heart-healthy foods that lower blood pressure, reduce symptoms of plaque and improve cardio fitness
Published May 11 2012
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, natural, foods, cardio

Resveratrol vindicated for anti-aging benefits and prevention of heart disease
Published May 9 2012
Concepts: resveratrol, anti-aging, benefits, health, heart

A vegan diet offers relief from inflammatory disease and reduces heart disease risk
Published May 8 2012
Concepts: diet, heart disease, vegan, vegan diet, inflammation

Six natural remedies for acid reflux
Published April 26 2012
Concepts: acid, natural remedies, heartburn, natural, heart

7 medicinal herbs and spices that help lower blood pressure
Published April 26 2012
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, spices, herbs, health

Medical science and herbalists agree: hawthorn berries are a "great heart food"
Published April 26 2012
Concepts: Hawthorn, heart, hawthorn berries, medical, science

The 5 biggest health myths
Published April 25 2012
Concepts: health, fat, saturated fat, natural, myths

Heart disease risks lowered by five lifestyle modifications during youth
Published April 24 2012
Concepts: lifestyle, risk, disease, life, heart

Forget Lipitor and other statin drugs - The top 7 natural remedies to reduce cholesterol levels
Published April 23 2012
Concepts: cholesterol, natural, medicine, rice, natural remedies

Protect your heart with Turmeric
Published April 19 2012
Concepts: heart, curcumin, turmeric, health, NaturalNews

The amazing healing powers of cayenne pepper (capsicum)
Published April 19 2012
Concepts: cayenne, healing, cayenne pepper, heal, powder

5 reasons to start meditating today
Published April 14 2012
Concepts: meditation, reasons, health, stress, 5

Red meat consumption increases risk of death from heart disease and cancer up to twenty percent
Published April 14 2012
Concepts: meat, cancer, risk, red meat, heart disease

Ridiculous announcement claims vaccines for heart attack will be available in a few years
Published April 12 2012
Concepts: heart, vaccine, vaccines, disease, claims

Prominent heart doctor exposes the myths about cholesterol, statins and low fat diets
Published April 10 2012
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, inflammation, heart doctor, myths

Study finds the time of day can increase the risk of dying from sudden cardiac death
Published April 6 2012
Concepts: time of day, risk, study, increase, nature

Heart defibrillators not as safe as your doctor says they are: Study shows multiple deaths caused by faulty wires
Published April 5 2012
Concepts: heart, defibrillators, heart defibrillators, deaths, patients

Sleep duration directly linked to heart disease risk
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: sleep, heart, disease, heart disease, risk

Omega-3 fats lower systemic inflammation to slash cancer and heart disease risks
Published March 30 2012
Concepts: omega-3, fats, inflammation, heart disease, cancer

America is catching on - Soda sales drop dramatically as healthier choices continue to grow
Published March 26 2012
Concepts: sales, soda, choices, America, plummet

Heart surgeon openly admits low-fat diets recommended for years by mainstream medicine actually cause heart disease
Published March 20 2012
Concepts: fat, heart, diets, low-fat diets, health

Vitamin D3 inhibits systemic inflammation to improve heart health markers
Published March 20 2012
Concepts: health, inflammation, Vitamin D, heart health, heart

UK researchers push heart drug as potential 'cure' for racism
Published March 19 2012
Concepts: drug, heart, researchers, UK, racism

Sweetened drinks increase risk of heart disease in men by twenty percent
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: risk, heart disease, heart, increase, men

Heart attacks without chest pain more common than thought, especially among women
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: heart, men, chest pain, women, heart attack

The Department of Homeland Security plans to build a high-risk virus research center in the heart of America
Published March 16 2012
Concepts: risk, research, Kansas, DHS, security

Just one soda per day can cause heart attacks in men
Published March 16 2012
Concepts: heart, soda, sugar, heart attacks, men

Prevent or reverse hardening of the arteries without deadly pharmaceuticals
Published March 15 2012
Concepts: cholesterol, health, arteries, cranberry, juice

Groups push for FDA to require specific labeling of added sugars in foods
Published March 12 2012
Concepts: sugars, sugar, FDA, added sugars, labeling

Coenzyme Q10 can prevent and treat heart disease by attacking multiple metabolic pathways
Published March 9 2012
Concepts: heart disease, heart, health, diet, CoQ10

World renowned heart surgeon renounces mainstream heart health practice
Published March 5 2012
Concepts: health, heart, heart health, disease, fat

Combat high blood pressure with yoga exercises
Published March 5 2012
Concepts: yoga, blood, blood pressure, high blood pressure, exercise

FDA mandates new safety warnings for statin drugs due to risks of memory loss, diabetes and muscle pain
Published March 3 2012
Concepts: drugs, drug, diabetes, statin drugs, natural

Carnosine and lifestyle changes inhibit telomere shortening to lower heart attack risk and extend lifespan
Published March 1 2012
Concepts: carnosine, risk, heart, lifestyle, heart attack

The myth of the 'low-fat' diet, and why consuming healthy fats is vital to your health
Published February 26 2012
Concepts: fat, fats, healthy, health, diet

Broken hearts may actually be able to cause death
Published February 25 2012
Concepts: heart, death, men, broken heart, depression

Foods rich in antioxidants proven to reduce stroke risk levels in women
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: foods, antioxidants, risk, stroke, health

Cholesterol scam: Disinformation slowly unraveling among health professionals
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: cholesterol, health, disinformation, fat, fats

Man goes into cardiac arrest after eating 'Triple Bypass Burger' from Las Vegas restaurant 'Heart Attack Grill'
Published February 18 2012
Concepts: man, eating, restaurant, arrest, cardiac arrest

12 top food choices for a healthy heart
Published February 14 2012
Concepts: health, food, healthy, heart, disease

Sugar sweetened drinks increase heart disease and diabetes risk in women
Published February 14 2012
Concepts: sugar, risk, heart disease, diabetes, heart

Dietary flavonoids lower heart disease and stroke risk by nearly twenty percent
Published February 9 2012
Concepts: heart disease, heart, risk, stroke, stroke risk

Diet soda again linked to heart attacks and strokes - But Diet Coke remains a top supporter of Heart for Truth
Published February 8 2012
Concepts: diet, heart, Coke, soda, diet soda

Prescription heart drugs kill dozens of hospital patients in Pakistan
Published January 30 2012
Concepts: drugs, drug, patients, hospital patients, heart

Banish depression with the tree of happiness
Published January 28 2012
Concepts: tree, men, depression, mental, herb

Fried foods not a heart health risk if you use the right oils, say researchers
Published January 25 2012
Concepts: heart, health, food, study, foods

Spiritual Medicine
Published January 16 2012
Concepts: medicine, spiritual, heart, people, sun

Four easy ways to circulate your lymphatic fluid
Published January 15 2012
Concepts: lymph, massage, oil, NaturalNews, breath

Eating Wisely (Opinion)
Published January 14 2012
Concepts: food, eating, health, foods, meat

Study - statin drugs linked to higher diabetes risk
Published January 12 2012
Concepts: diabetes, study, drugs, statin drugs, statins

Studies confirm chiropractic treatment prevents heart attacks and lowers blood pressure
Published January 7 2012
Concepts: chiropractic, men, heart, treatment, blood

BPA may cause arrhythmia, heart attacks in women
Published January 3 2012
Concepts: BPA, heart, heart attacks, arrhythmia, women

Low-salt diets increase risk of stroke and heart disease, study says
Published December 31 2011
Concepts: heart, stroke, salt, disease, risk

Health Basics: Why are fried foods terrible for your health?
Published December 26 2011
Concepts: food, foods, health, fried foods, oil

The science of vitamin C - The evidence of its beneficial effects on health is undeniable
Published December 1 2011
Concepts: vitamin C, health, evidence, science, study

Garlic oil compound found to offer heart protection
Published November 23 2011
Concepts: heart, garlic, Garlic oil, damage, heart protection

Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA improve insulin resistance and boost cardiovascular health
Published November 22 2011
Concepts: omega-3, insulin resistance, EPA, health, DHA

Crashing into the future
Published November 21 2011
Concepts: man, human, world, men, WHO

Natural black birch reduces pain, lowers risk of heart attack
Published November 18 2011
Concepts: pain, black birch, natural, risk, heart

Nuts may fend off heart disease
Published November 18 2011
Concepts: nuts, heart, serotonin, metabolic syndrome, diet

Green tea confirmed as a weight loss nutrient and heart health antioxidant
Published November 15 2011
Concepts: tea, green, weight, green tea, weight loss

Vitamin C may be effective treatment for heart failure, scientists announce
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: heart, heart failure, vitamin C, patients, treatment

Watermelons lower abdominal fat accumulation and reduce heart-clogging arterial plaque
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: water, abdominal fat, watermelon, health, watermelons

Federal government now says all young children should get cholesterol screenings
Published November 13 2011
Concepts: children, cholesterol, young children, drug, government

Almonds can save your heart and reduce obesity
Published November 9 2011
Concepts: almonds, heart, raw, food, health

Twelve powerful natural items bring better heart health
Published November 8 2011
Concepts: heart, natural, health, blood, healthy

Chocolate consumption lowers stroke risk and heart disease incidence by a third
Published November 7 2011
Concepts: chocolate, consumption, risk, disease, heart

Adya Clarity (black mica extract) concerns answered in revealing interview with Roy Dittman, integrative medicine scientist
Published November 2 2011
Concepts: aluminum, men, organic, Adya Clarity, iron

Iron supplements cause more harm than good
Published October 31 2011
Concepts: iron, men, supplements, iron supplements, supplement

Hawthorne berry improves cardiovascular function
Published October 28 2011
Concepts: Hawthorn, heart, cardiovascular, improve, hawthorne berry

Women with high cholesterol live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes
Published October 26 2011
Concepts: cholesterol, heart attacks, heart, high cholesterol, women

My Ecstasy - connection with nature and thoughts on the modern world
Published October 22 2011
Concepts: medicine, love, nature, ecstasy, connection

Vitamin E tocotrienols protect the heart and prevent metabolic syndrome
Published October 20 2011
Concepts: heart, tocotrienols, vitamin E, health, metabolic syndrome

Why daily low dose aspirin for heart attack protection should be discouraged
Published October 14 2011
Concepts: aspirin, heart, heart attack, natural, protection

Antibiotic widely prescribed for decades has dangerous side effects which can kill
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: side effects, drug, antibiotic, dangerous, dangerous side effects

Eating certain foods alters expression of heart disease genes
Published October 12 2011
Concepts: disease, heart, heart disease, research, eating

The dark side of energy drinks - risking your health for temporary stimulation
Published October 6 2011
Concepts: energy, health, energy drinks, dangerous, ingredients

Omega-3 fats DHA and EPA lower risk of premature death by more than eighty percent
Published September 30 2011
Concepts: omega-3, risk, men, EPA, DHA

Attacking the "root" of Raynaud's Phenomenon
Published September 30 2011
Concepts: blood, calcium, heart, causes, medicine

Olive oil and nuts in diet control heart disease better than dangerous drug therapies
Published September 27 2011
Concepts: diet, heart disease, heart, nuts, drug

Oncologist suggests cancer treatments responsible for Kara Kennedy's death (corrected)
Published September 22 2011
Concepts: cancer, cancer treatments, death, heart, form

Simple and Beautiful Medicine
Published September 17 2011
Concepts: medicine, beautiful, book, iodine, medical

Improve heart health naturally with hawthorn
Published September 14 2011
Concepts: heart, heart health, Hawthorn, improve, naturally

Doctors claim super model could be killing herself with coconut oil
Published September 10 2011
Concepts: coconut, oil, doctors, health, coconut oil

Milk thistle provides a protective shield to the liver, heart and brain
Published September 8 2011
Concepts: liver, milk, milk thistle, heart, health

Chocolate and cocoa polyphenols vindicated in the war against heart disease
Published September 7 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart, risk, cocoa, health

Diet Controversies
Published September 7 2011
Concepts: diet, disease, Bill Clinton, food, event

Scientists announce amazing findings: chocolate offers huge protection from heart disease and stroke
Published August 30 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart disease, heart, protection, scientists

Pregnant Women and Strokes
Published August 23 2011
Concepts: magnesium, men, stroke, women, pregnancy

Starvation and Obesity
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: magnesium, leptin, insulin, obesity, body

Lose weight and improve heart health naturally by walking
Published August 13 2011
Concepts: weight, health, heart, walking, lose weight

Potassium helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and more
Published August 12 2011
Concepts: potassium, heart attacks, heart, strokes, stroke

Unneeded hospital blood tests giving heart attack victims life-threatening anemia
Published August 10 2011
Concepts: blood, hospital, heart, heart attack, anemia

Centering meditation
Published August 6 2011
Concepts: prayer, breath, heart, meditation, mind

Industry-funded study flawed: ADHD, stimulant drugs linked to heart disease and death, says doctor
Published August 2 2011
Concepts: drugs, death, drug, study, children

Seaweeds, a natural source of bioactive peptides, shown to improve heart health
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: natural, heart, health, food, algae

FDA admits heart drug doubles risk of death
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: FDA, heart, drug, risk, patients

Psychiatric disease labeling of children exposed as scam by non-profit group
Published July 26 2011
Concepts: children, labeling, child, disease, drug

Heartworm drugs for pets; Big Pharma's cash cow
Published July 20 2011
Concepts: heart, drugs, pets, drug, worms

Astaxanthin prevents heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's dementia
Published July 19 2011
Concepts: astaxanthin, heart, disease, health, heart disease

AIDS drugs linked to premature aging, dementia, and heart disease
Published July 16 2011
Concepts: drugs, dementia, aging, AIDS, heart

Cardiac society primarily funded by medical stent manufacturers
Published July 13 2011
Concepts: medical, stents, society, patients, WHO

Chantix anti-smoking pill raises risk of heart attacks, says FDA
Published July 11 2011
Concepts: Chantix, heart attacks, heart, risk, pill

Is your medication causing you to suffer from malnutrition?
Published July 7 2011
Concepts: medication, acid, nutrients, medications, body

Meditation cuts risk of heart attacks by 50 percent
Published July 5 2011
Concepts: meditation, heart attacks, heart, risk, men

What's Your Heart's Condition? (Opinion)
Published July 1 2011
Concepts: heart, compassion, food, disease, health

Pine bark, CoQ10 together improve physical fitness and heart health
Published June 24 2011
Concepts: heart, improve, CoQ10, physical, fitness

Natural cure discovered for debilitating heart syndrome POTS
Published June 21 2011
Concepts: heart, POTS, exercise, natural, natural cure

Medication strips your body of vital nutrients, says pharmacist
Published June 21 2011
Concepts: medication, nutrients, body, risk, nutrient

Coconut Oil for Alzheimer's
Published June 17 2011
Concepts: coconut, oil, coconut oil, fat, health

Dodging Radioactive Bullets
Published June 14 2011
Concepts: heart, love, medicine, radioactive, energy

How doctors are bought off by medical device makers
Published June 3 2011
Concepts: medical, doctors, society, patients, money

Disease ridden patients refuse to make lifestyle changes
Published May 31 2011
Concepts: lifestyle, patients, health, life, disease

Cycling twenty miles a week cuts heart disease in half
Published May 28 2011
Concepts: cycling, heart disease, heart, cuts, health

The Mummy's Curse: Clogged Arteries
Published May 21 2011
Concepts: heart, study, clogged arteries, disease, wealthy

The health benefits of phytochemicals
Published May 20 2011
Concepts: health, cancer, men, phytonutrients, food

Proper potassium balance essential to healthy blood pressure and reduced heart attack risk
Published May 18 2011
Concepts: blood pressure, potassium, blood, healthy, sodium

After a heart attack - A healthy heart starts with great nutrition
Published May 18 2011
Concepts: heart, healthy, heart attack, health, food

Low salt diet does not reduce heart disease, study finds
Published May 14 2011
Concepts: salt, study, disease, heart, diet

Omega-3 fatty acids lower heart disease and dementia risk markers
Published May 9 2011
Concepts: risk, omega-3, disease, heart disease, heart

Abdominal fat linked to increased risk of cardiovascular and Alzheimer`s disease
Published May 6 2011
Concepts: risk, fat, weight, disease, cardiovascular

Does eating lots of salt really affect blood pressure?
Published May 6 2011
Concepts: salt, blood, blood pressure, eating, study

Melatonin effectively controls weight gain, obesity and associated heart disease
Published May 5 2011
Concepts: melatonin, weight gain, weight, health, obesity

You have been lied to about cholesterol and fats
Published May 3 2011
Concepts: cholesterol, fat, fats, health, food

Curcumin Naturally Fights Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer`s Disease and Obesity
Published April 27 2011
Concepts: curcumin, cancer, disease, heart, heart disease

Prescription Antacids Can Lead to Severe Magnesium Deficiency
Published April 27 2011
Concepts: magnesium, prescription, antacids, lead, drugs

High-fiber diet significantly lowers risk of future heart disease
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: risk, diet, fiber, heart, disease

Study: Statins cause memory loss, depression
Published April 19 2011
Concepts: statins, memory loss, memory, drug, people

Optimal vitamin D levels and acai fight arterial plaque, lower heart disease risk
Published April 18 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, arterial plaque, health, acai, heart

Multi-Vitamins - Slash heart attack risk by 41% and boost immune function
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: heart, health, risk, heart attack risk, heart attack

An epidemic of sleep apnea
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: sleep, sleep apnea, breath, breathing, epidemic

Aspirin, ibuprofen linked to erectile dysfunction
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: ibuprofen, study, NSAIDs, men, heart

Selenium deficiency increases heart disease and cancer incidence
Published April 13 2011
Concepts: selenium, disease, deficiency, cancer, heart disease

CoQ10 improves hypertension and can prevent congestive heart failure
Published April 12 2011
Concepts: heart, hypertension, CoQ10, health, blood

New antidepressant warning - Prozac and other drugs cause thick arteries, raise heart risk
Published April 6 2011
Concepts: arteries, heart, drugs, Prozac, antidepressants

Dark chocolate is brimming with antioxidants and heart-healthy properties, research finds
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: chocolate, antioxidants, dark chocolate, research, blood

Heart rejuvenation - The secret ingredient
Published April 4 2011
Concepts: heart, rejuvenation, herb, herbs, medicine

Vitamin D is all-natural disease fighter
Published April 4 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, disease, 2010, 2011, fat

This powerful berry should be part of your anti-aging diet
Published March 27 2011
Concepts: anti-aging, health, disease, chokeberry, cancer

Pecans - Their antioxidants prevent heart disease and lower deadly LDL cholesterol levels
Published March 26 2011
Concepts: pecans, cholesterol, heart, disease, heart disease

Think red and take advantage of this functional food to lower heart disease and cancer risk
Published March 25 2011
Concepts: heart disease, cancer, tomatoes, food, heart

Pecans promote heart health, lower cholesterol levels
Published March 24 2011
Concepts: pecans, health, heart health, cholesterol, heart

Slash your risk of heart attack with proven risk reduction strategies
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: heart, health, risk, blood, reduction

Study says safflower oil helps prevent heart disease, reduce inflammation
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: oil, safflower oil, study, disease, heart disease

Why chocolate is good for the heart - The scientific evidence
Published March 22 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart, NIH, scientific, article

Super Omega-3 fat protects the heart and arteries and can prevent blindness
Published March 20 2011
Concepts: heart, DHA, omega-3, arteries, blindness

Gynostemma tea boosts heart health
Published March 19 2011
Concepts: gynostemma, heart, tea, health, blood

Powerful mineral duo lowers blood pressure and improves heart health
Published March 17 2011
Concepts: blood pressure, blood, heart, health, potassium

Diet soda linked to strokes and vascular disorders
Published March 14 2011
Concepts: diet, soda, aspartame, diet soda, strokes

How to prevent heart disease and save billions
Published March 11 2011
Concepts: heart, disease, heart disease, how to, increase

If you want to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke - Get the lead out
Published March 11 2011
Concepts: lead, heart, risk, men, heart attack

Heart Disease - Stop this preventable disease
Published March 10 2011
Concepts: heart, disease, heart disease, homocysteine, health

Whey protein fights fatty liver disease and heart disease
Published March 10 2011
Concepts: liver, protein, fatty liver disease, whey protein, fatty liver

The plot to keep you sick (Opinion)
Published March 8 2011
Concepts: food, men, diet, disease, people

This B vitamin lowers risk of stroke by twenty-five percent
Published March 7 2011
Concepts: stroke, risk, health, folate, heart

Antidepressants may raise risk of heart disease
Published March 2 2011
Concepts: antidepressants, risk, heart, heart disease, SSRI

Deficiency in this essential Omega-6 fat increases risk of heart disease and diabetes
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: fat, GLA, risk, omega-6, health

Heartburn and The Heart
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: heartburn, heart, stomach, acid, food

Savor the heart-healthy benefits of raw almond-cherry cookies with cacao and hemp seed
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: hemp, almonds, cacao, benefits, health

Diet Coke sponsors 'heart health' initiative as if aspartame were good for you
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: diet, Coke, aspartame, health, heart

Drinking diet soda linked to causing heart attack, stroke
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: soda, diet, heart, diet soda, heart attack

Added sugars linked to risk of heart disease in teenagers
Published February 14 2011
Concepts: sugar, sugars, heart disease, added sugars, heart

Eight servings a day of fruits and vegetables keep the doctor away
Published February 11 2011
Concepts: vegetables, fruits, fruits and vegetables, heart, health

A loving, joyful heart shown to encourage vibrant health
Published February 10 2011
Concepts: heart, health, vibrant health, stress, love

Magnesium can improve heart health and prevent heart attack deaths (Opinion)
Published February 8 2011
Concepts: magnesium, heart, health, heart attack, heart health

Feds blame US health care system, not poor diet and lack of exercise, for widespread heart disease
Published February 7 2011
Concepts: health, health care, heart, health care system, diet

Call it vegetable or fruit - This functional food prevents heart disease
Published January 26 2011
Concepts: food, heart, fruit, disease, heart disease

Olive oil, green leafy vegetables prevent heart disease
Published January 3 2011
Concepts: heart, green, vegetables, oil, heart disease

Change diet and lower risk of heart disease by over eighty percent
Published December 30 2010
Concepts: diet, heart, disease, heart disease, risk

Magnesium slashes risk of sudden heart failure in women
Published December 28 2010
Concepts: magnesium, men, diet, heart, heart failure

Charlotte Gerson to reveal advanced solutions for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer in live webcast event
Published December 25 2010
Concepts: cancer, disease, event, Charlotte Gerson, diabetes

Good and bad fats - How to select the right kind of cholesterol
Published December 22 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, fats, fat, oil, protein

Super nutrient duo carnosine and carnitine attacks disease
Published December 16 2010
Concepts: carnitine, carnosine, health, disease, protein

Heart disorder rises 200 percent in Australia over last 15 years
Published December 11 2010
Concepts: heart, Australia, disorder, research, hospital

Regular chocolate consumption prevents heart disease in older women
Published December 10 2010
Concepts: chocolate, heart, heart disease, consumption, study

Cayenne Pepper - Stop a heart attack fast
Published November 30 2010
Concepts: cayenne, heart attack, heart, cayenne pepper, wellness

Statin drugs are over prescribed in healthy people who have no evidence of heart disease
Published November 18 2010
Concepts: heart, drugs, people, WHO, event

Eating apples helps prevent heart disease
Published November 10 2010
Concepts: apples, apple, heart, eating, health

Prevent and Treat Heart Disease by Optimizing Omega-3 Fats
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: omega-3, fat, heart disease, heart, health

Natural nutritional approach lowers blood pressure, no drugs necessary
Published November 2 2010
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, natural, diet, drugs

Resveratrol and grape seed extract fight against heart disease, dementia and aging
Published November 2 2010
Concepts: disease, heart disease, heart, grape seed extract, health

Huge push is now on to screen kids for high cholesterol and put them on cholesterol drugs
Published November 1 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, screening, high cholesterol, child, children

Magnesium slashes risk of sudden cardiac death and naturally lowers blood sugar
Published November 1 2010
Concepts: magnesium, blood, risk, death, health

Mother's diet raises risk of birth defects
Published October 29 2010
Concepts: diet, risk, birth, heart, fat

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits Fertility and Treats Heart Disease and Arthritis
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: oil, fertility, evening primrose oil, heart, disease

Coenzyme Q10 Boosts Energy, Promotes Heart Health and Assists Weight Loss
Published October 26 2010
Concepts: energy, health, heart health, weight, heart

Eat Almonds and Walnuts to Promote Heart Health and Prevent Diabetes
Published October 22 2010
Concepts: health, heart, heart health, diet, almonds

Natural Lifestyle Changes Cut Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk, Assist Weight Loss Goals
Published October 22 2010
Concepts: lifestyle, diabetes, disease, heart, weight

Take garlic oil to maintain a healthy heart
Published October 21 2010
Concepts: garlic, oil, Garlic oil, healthy, heart

Drinking tea cuts risk of heart disease by one-third
Published October 20 2010
Concepts: tea, heart, risk, disease, drinking

Vitamin C and Pomegranate Effectively Prevent and Treat Heart Disease
Published October 15 2010
Concepts: heart, vitamin C, heart disease, pomegranate, blood

Reduce and Avoid Dangerous High Blood Pressure Naturally
Published October 14 2010
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, high blood pressure, avoid, health

Prevent heart disease with quality multivitamins
Published October 8 2010
Concepts: heart disease, heart, multivitamin, quality, WHO

Garlic oil shows protective effect against heart damage in diabetics
Published October 7 2010
Concepts: heart, garlic, oil, Garlic oil, heart damage

Lowering Triglycerides Assists Weight Loss and Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes
Published October 7 2010
Concepts: triglycerides, disease, heart disease, risk, heart

Vitamin D Cuts Cancer and Heart Disease Risk by Up to Fifty Percent
Published September 29 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, disease, risk, heart disease, cancer

Processed meat causes heart disease, diabetes
Published September 27 2010
Concepts: meat, processed meat, heart, heart disease, diabetes

Urban pollution found to raise blood pressure
Published September 24 2010
Concepts: pollution, blood, blood pressure, research, air pollution

Have you noticed mainstream health news getting crazier lately?
Published September 24 2010
Concepts: health, news, health news, mainstream media, vaccine

News coverage about a flawed omega-3 study reveals truth about media's inaccurate health reporting
Published September 21 2010
Concepts: omega-3, study, heart, omega-3s, research

Resveratrol Prevents Brain and Heart Damage While Assisting Weight Loss
Published September 21 2010
Concepts: resveratrol, weight, heart, heart damage, brain

Vitamin C Prevents Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes and Heart Disease
Published September 20 2010
Concepts: vitamin C, cancer, heart, stroke, diabetes

Natural Supplements Reduce Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease
Published September 16 2010
Concepts: heart, supplements, risk, diabetes, blood

Sleep Deprivation Increases Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease
Published September 16 2010
Concepts: sleep, diabetes, sleep deprivation, risk, heart

Mainstream media now citing ridiculous junk science to discredit omega-3s
Published September 1 2010
Concepts: media, mainstream media, food, junk science, omega-3

Eating more good fats really does reduce your risk of heart disease
Published August 28 2010
Concepts: fats, heart, fat, saturated fat, risk

Cinnamon extract reduces risk of diabetes and heart disease
Published August 27 2010
Concepts: diabetes, cinnamon, heart, extract, risk

Heart Disease: Understand the Difference between Truth and Myth, Part I
Published August 21 2010
Concepts: fat, heart, cholesterol, saturated fat, myth

Heart Disease: Understand the Difference between Truth and Myth, Part II
Published August 21 2010
Concepts: fat, particles, heart, myth, fats

Drug widely Used in Bypass Surgery Raises Specter of Contamination
Published August 19 2010
Concepts: drug, surgery, bypass surgery, risk, CJD

Cholesterol Level Predicts Heart Disease Risk in Young Adults
Published August 18 2010
Concepts: heart disease, heart, risk, cholesterol, health

Study linking calcium to heart attack risk flawed, says doctor
Published August 16 2010
Concepts: calcium, study, heart, flawed, risk

Pistachios are Heart Healthy Antioxidants
Published August 11 2010
Concepts: pistachios, healthy, heart, health, antioxidants

A healthy heart slows brain aging
Published August 5 2010
Concepts: brain, heart, healthy, healthy heart, health

Heart failure breakthrough: placebo controlled study shows major improvement with acupuncture
Published August 5 2010
Concepts: heart, heart failure, acupuncture, study, placebo

Pricey heart disease screening program virtually useless
Published August 2 2010
Concepts: screening, disease, program, heart, heart disease

Vitamin D prevents heart disease, too
Published July 28 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, heart disease, heart, risk, health

Accused murderer receives liver organ transplant while others wait to die
Published July 27 2010
Concepts: liver, organ transplant, organs, WHO, industry

Antioxidants help arteries stay healthy in people at risk for heart disease
Published July 22 2010
Concepts: antioxidants, arteries, antioxidant, risk, heart

Avandia fraud explained: Why Big Pharma keeps lying about its drugs (opinion)
Published July 21 2010
Concepts: Avandia, drug, GSK, FDA, the FDA

Drugs to Prevent Abnormal Heart Rhythms Actually Cause Them
Published July 21 2010
Concepts: heart, drugs, rhythm, heart rhythms, drug

New Cancer Guidelines Reverse Decades of Advice for Patients to Avoid Exercise
Published July 20 2010
Concepts: cancer, exercise, patients, avoid, reverse

Selenium Defies FDA Mandate by Preventing and Curing Heart Failure
Published July 20 2010
Concepts: selenium, heart, heart failure, FDA, mandate

Saturated Fat is Not a Health Hazard (Opinion)
Published July 16 2010
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, health, acid, health hazard

High-glycemic carbohydrates lead to heart disease
Published July 2 2010
Concepts: carbohydrates, heart, lead, men, risk

Childhood cancer survivors have 10 times greater risk of heart disease (because radiation damages the heart!)
Published June 18 2010
Concepts: cancer, risk, childhood cancer, radiation, childhood

New research: Electropollution can cause diabetes (type-3)
Published June 10 2010
Concepts: diabetes, pollution, EMF, man, study

Cayenne: Ten Reasons Why this Spicy Herb Should be Used as a Daily Tonic
Published June 9 2010
Concepts: cayenne, herb, heal, health, reasons

Naturally Prevent and Remove Dangerous Arterial Plaque
Published May 21 2010
Concepts: food, naturally, blood, foods, cholesterol

Natural health news gets nuttier: research shows eating nuts lowers cholesterol
Published May 20 2010
Concepts: nuts, news, natural, research, cholesterol

Processed meat raises risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer
Published May 19 2010
Concepts: meat, processed meat, heart disease, risk, diabetes

An Underactive Thyroid may be Cause of Your High Cholesterol
Published May 19 2010
Concepts: thyroid, cholesterol, hypothyroidism, health, underactive thyroid

Another Way the FDA Wants to Keep You Unhealthy (Opinion)
Published May 8 2010
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, health, food, drug

Bananas and Raisins: Home Remedies Help Lower Heart Rate
Published May 8 2010
Concepts: heart, heart rate, bananas, remedies, home remedies

Diabetes drugs warning: they cause heart problems
Published May 7 2010
Concepts: heart, diabetes, drugs, diabetes drugs, drug

New research shows grapes reduce risk for heart disease and diabetes
Published May 6 2010
Concepts: heart, research, grapes, disease, heart disease

Women given useless and dangerous HRT drugs to prevent heart disease
Published May 4 2010
Concepts: women, drugs, heart, HRT, HRT drugs

Aspirin Myth Busted: It Does Not Prevent Cardiovascular Disease Deaths At All
Published May 4 2010
Concepts: aspirin, cardiovascular, disease, cardiovascular disease, risk

Eat brown rice to prevent high blood pressure, lower heart attack risk
Published May 3 2010
Concepts: rice, high blood pressure, blood, brown rice, heart

Activated Charcoal Fights Heart Disease in Kidney Patients
Published April 30 2010
Concepts: activated charcoal, disease, heart, heart disease, rats

Heal and Prevent Heart Disease with Nutrition, Part IV
Published April 29 2010
Concepts: heart, heal, blood, disease, nutrition

Heal and Prevent Heart Disease with Nutrition, Part III
Published April 28 2010
Concepts: heart, nutrition, disease, heart disease, food

Heal and Prevent Heart Disease with Nutrition, Part II
Published April 27 2010
Concepts: heart, disease, nutrition, heart disease, health

Confirmed Again: Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Cuts Risk of Heart Failure
Published April 19 2010
Concepts: risk, diet, heart, lifestyle, healthy

Why You Need to Know about the Health Benefits of Super Food Natto
Published April 16 2010
Concepts: natto, health, aspirin, food, benefits

Happiness prevents heart disease
Published April 15 2010
Concepts: heart, happiness, people, heart disease, life

Heal and Prevent Heart Disease with Nutrition, Part I
Published April 15 2010
Concepts: heart, disease, nutrition, health, drug

It is Official: Diabetes Drug Avandia Causes Heart Attacks
Published April 13 2010
Concepts: drug, Avandia, heart, diabetes, diabetes drug

Transplanted organs impart memories onto recipients
Published April 8 2010
Concepts: memories, heart, organs, murder, WHO

Prostate cancer drug boosts heart disease risk
Published April 6 2010
Concepts: cancer, heart, Prostate, prostate cancer, heart disease

Chocolate lowers blood pressure and slashes risk of heart disease
Published April 6 2010
Concepts: chocolate, blood pressure, blood, heart, risk

Leading heart surgeon calls for ban on butter
Published March 29 2010
Concepts: heart, fat, ban, butter, heart surgeon

Just Walking Three Times a Week Slashes Death Rate Risk by 60 Percent
Published March 23 2010
Concepts: death rate, exercise, risk, death, walking

Does Cholesterol Really Matter?
Published March 15 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, drug, men, drugs

Over 130,000 cases of diabetes now linked to soda consumption, HFCS
Published March 10 2010
Concepts: soda, disease, diabetes, consumption, sodas

Prostate cancer therapy can increase risk of heart disease and death
Published March 4 2010
Concepts: cancer, Prostate, increase, risk, therapy

Paxil Birth Defect Trial: Battle of the Experts
Published March 2 2010
Concepts: Paxil, studies, birth, Glaxo, study

Added Sugar can Wreak Havoc on Your Health
Published March 1 2010
Concepts: sugar, added sugar, health, fructose, sugars

High Homocysteine Levels Predict Heart Attacks: B12 will Lower Homocysteine
Published February 24 2010
Concepts: homocysteine, heart, blood, disease, risk

GlaxoSmithKline deliberately hid evidence of Avandia harm, says Senate report
Published February 23 2010
Concepts: Avandia, FDA, drug, the FDA, evidence

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Heart Disease, Slow Aging and Delay Telomere Shortening
Published February 22 2010
Concepts: omega-3, fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, heart disease, heart

Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy Doubles Heart Defect Risk of Newborn
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: risk, heart, antidepressants, pregnancy, increase

Paxil Birth Defect Litigation - First Trial A Bust for Glaxo
Published February 17 2010
Concepts: Paxil, birth, 5, drug, studies

Gluten Intolerance Leads to Cancer, Heart Disease and Death, Research Shows
Published February 12 2010
Concepts: gluten, disease, gluten intolerance, cancer, research

Heart transplants lead to skin cancer
Published February 11 2010
Concepts: skin, cancer, skin cancer, patients, heart

Cheap B vitamin beats Big Pharma's Zetia cholesterol drug
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, Zetia, niacin, heart, health

Teens may be at Risk for Premature Heart Disease
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: teens, cholesterol, heart, risk, health

Aspirin is Dangerous and Should Not Be Used
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: aspirin, dangerous, medical, body, heart

Yoga Reduces Inflammation and Improves Heart Health
Published February 1 2010
Concepts: yoga, inflammation, heart, men, benefits

Avoid or Stop the Smoking Habit and the Chemicals Inhaled
Published February 1 2010
Concepts: chemicals, smoking, risk, avoid, smoking habit

New study confirms bisphenol A found in plastic is linked to heart disease
Published January 18 2010
Concepts: BPA, plastic, heart, study, bisphenol A

Merck Sat on Data Showing Vioxx Risks for Years Before Pulling Drug
Published January 15 2010
Concepts: Vioxx, Merck, drug, risks, form

Alcohol Sharply Reduces Risk of Heart Disease in Men
Published January 14 2010
Concepts: alcohol, heart disease, heart, risk, men

Broccoli Protects Your Arteries
Published January 6 2010
Concepts: broccoli, vegetable, vegetables, sulforaphane, heart

Get Saturated: Four Reasons Saturated Fat is Healthy
Published January 4 2010
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, fats, health, reasons

Defibrillators Found Useless in Saving Women's Lives
Published January 3 2010
Concepts: defibrillators, women, heart, useless, failure

Vitamin K2 Helps Prevent Heart Disease and Osteoporosis
Published December 30 2009
Concepts: vitamin K, vitamin K2, heart, health, disease

Risk of suicide and heart attacks goes up when men are told they have prostate cancer
Published December 29 2009
Concepts: men, Prostate, cancer, suicide, prostate cancer

Meditation Reduces Heart Disease Deaths
Published December 24 2009
Concepts: heart disease, meditation, heart, health, study

More Evidence Supports the Importance of Vitamin D in Heart Disease Prevention
Published December 24 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, disease, heart disease, heart, disease prevention

Big Pharma kills yet another celebrity: Brittany Murphy on multiple prescriptions at time of death
Published December 21 2009
Concepts: drugs, health, natural, drug, Brittany Murphy

One heart attack results in medical imaging scans equivalent to 725 chest X-rays
Published December 15 2009
Concepts: heart, medical imaging, medical, heart attack, radiation

Antipsychotic drugs can cause heart disease
Published December 14 2009
Concepts: drugs, drug, antipsychotic drugs, heart, heart disease

C-Reactive Protein Screening Found Virtually Useless
Published December 11 2009
Concepts: protein, c-reactive protein, screening, disease, risk

Merck ignored evidence for four years that Vioxx had deadly heart risks
Published December 8 2009
Concepts: Vioxx, Merck, heart, drug, evidence

Vitamin D prevents heart disease
Published December 7 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, disease, men, heart, heart disease

Meditation slashes risk of heart attack, stroke and death in heart disease patients by half
Published December 3 2009
Concepts: heart attack, heart, meditation, risk, stroke

100 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday
Published November 26 2009
Concepts: heal, health, natural, healthy, food

Vitamin D prevents heart disease
Published November 25 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, men, disease, heart, natural

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn explains how to reverse heart disease on the NaturalNews Talk Hour
Published November 12 2009
Concepts: heart disease, NaturalNews, heart, natural, how to

How partially-hydrogenated oils and trans fats destroy your health
Published November 10 2009
Concepts: fat, fats, trans fat, trans fats, natural

Babies Receive Heart Transplants Instead of Vitamin D Treatment
Published November 6 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, heart, deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, calcium

Potassium normalizes high blood pressure
Published November 6 2009
Concepts: potassium, blood, blood pressure, natural, men

Chromium prevents diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity
Published November 5 2009
Concepts: chromium, diabetes, insulin, natural, book

How magnesium prevents heart disease
Published November 4 2009
Concepts: magnesium, heart, natural, disease, men

Keep Your Heart Strong and Healthy with Traditional Chinese Medicine
Published October 28 2009
Concepts: heart, Chinese, green, Traditional Chinese, healthy

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer increases risk of fatal heart problems
Published October 23 2009
Concepts: cancer, Prostate, heart, risk, hormone

Omega-3s beat depression
Published October 20 2009
Concepts: omega-3, fat, depression, acid, natural

Natural remedies for acid reflux disease (GERD)
Published October 19 2009
Concepts: acid, acid reflux, natural, disease, cure

Suzy Cohen Part I: A Pharmacist Discovers Dangers and Limitations of Prescription Drugs
Published October 15 2009
Concepts: drug, drugs, pharmacist, medication, Suzy Cohen

Capsaicin could stop a heart attack in progress, scientists find
Published October 14 2009
Concepts: heart, capsaicin, heart attack, scientists, cayenne

Scientist, 94, goes after the FDA for misleading trans fat food labels
Published October 11 2009
Concepts: fat, trans fat, food, FDA, fats

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent and Even Reverse Heart Disease
Published October 7 2009
Concepts: heart, fat, avoid, disease, lifestyle

Vitamin C Provides Powerful Health Benefits
Published October 6 2009
Concepts: health, vitamin C, colon, health benefits, research

Resveratrol, the miracle nutrient to prevent heart disease
Published October 2 2009
Concepts: resveratrol, heart, disease, heart disease, natural

The Invaluable Benefits: Meditate and Open the Heart
Published September 17 2009
Concepts: heart, breath, meditation, focus, breathing

Book Review: The Heart of Health reveals 14 key principles for unlocking lifelong health and vitality
Published September 17 2009
Concepts: health, heal, heart, book, principles

Fish Oil Benefits Even After Heart Attack, New Study Finds
Published September 16 2009
Concepts: heart, fish, study, omega-3, heart attack

Evidence Mounts: European Conference Highlights Natural Health Strategies to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
Published September 15 2009
Concepts: natural, cardiovascular, evidence, natural health, strategies

The Biggest Killer of the West: Learn the Risk Factors for Heart Disease
Published September 15 2009
Concepts: heart, risk, disease, heart disease, WHO

Routine Consumption of Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes "A Big Lie"
Published September 14 2009
Concepts: aspirin, risk, heart, people, event

Cayenne Pepper and a Vegetarian Recipe Bring Heart Health
Published September 10 2009
Concepts: cayenne, heart, vegetarian, cayenne pepper, recipe

Greatest Health Risk Isn’t Cancer or Heart Disease; It’s Lack of Exercise
Published September 7 2009
Concepts: health, risk, cancer, heart disease, men

Doctors Give Rat Poison to Heart Patients for Fifty Years
Published September 2 2009
Concepts: poison, patients, doctors, medical, heart patients

CT Scans Cause Cancer
Published August 31 2009
Concepts: CT scans, radiation, cancer, men, risk

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part V
Published August 28 2009
Concepts: men, risk, women, WHO, drug

Another Danger from High Glycemic Foods: Research Shows They Damage Arteries
Published August 25 2009
Concepts: foods, research, damage, shows, heart

Warning: Imaging Tests Can Damage Kidneys, Increase Stroke and Heart Attack Risk
Published August 21 2009
Concepts: damage, tests, stroke, heart attack, heart

Cayenne Pepper is the King of Herbs
Published August 18 2009
Concepts: cayenne, cayenne pepper, King, health, heart

Karen Knowler Part II: Journaling, Coaching and Learning to Love Raw Food
Published August 18 2009
Concepts: food, raw, raw food, people, love

Syndrome X may be Cause of Your Weight Gain, Cravings or Cholesterol Issues
Published August 17 2009
Concepts: Syndrome X, sugar, men, blood, insulin

Proton Pump Inhibitors to Treat GERD Cause Heartburn Problems
Published August 13 2009
Concepts: heartburn, acid, GERD, drug, proton pump inhibitors

Resveratrol - The Miracle Nutrient for Cancer, Cholesterol and Longevity
Published August 12 2009
Concepts: resveratrol, Amazon, cancer, natural, wine

Tomato Pill Found to Reverse Heart Disease
Published August 11 2009
Concepts: heart, pill, reverse, news, disease

Hospital Laboratory Testing Fails to Detect Most Magnesium Deficiencies
Published August 5 2009
Concepts: magnesium, hospital, body, testing, laboratory

C-Reactive Protein Test for Heart Disease Found Useless - Researchers
Published August 4 2009
Concepts: heart, disease, heart disease, CRP, protein

Human Heart Regenerates Cells Automatically: One Percent Each Year
Published August 2 2009
Concepts: heart, human, heart cells, researchers, 5

Additive Used in U.S. Meat Production May Be Too Dangerous Even for Codex
Published July 31 2009
Concepts: Paylean, meat, drug, men, animals

Side Effects of Mental Illness Drugs Cause Sudden Death
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: drugs, illness, mental, medication, medications

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part II
Published July 27 2009
Concepts: disorder, health, disease, 5, mothers

High Glycemic Foods Damage Arteries
Published July 27 2009
Concepts: foods, high glycemic foods, damage, heart, sugar

The Obesity-Hypertension Connection: Your Weight may be Putting You at Risk
Published July 27 2009
Concepts: weight, blood, blood pressure, 5, overweight

Milk Protein Linked to Autism, Schizophrenia, Diabetes and Heart Disease
Published July 24 2009
Concepts: milk, cows, diabetes, protein, autism

Music Possesses an Amazing Healing Power
Published July 21 2009
Concepts: music, heal, healing, brain, patients

Warning: Imaging Tests Can Damage Kidneys, Increase Stroke and Heart Attack Risk
Published July 20 2009
Concepts: damage, tests, stroke, heart attack, heart

Infants Regularly Given Adult Doses of Heart Disease Drugs
Published July 20 2009
Concepts: errors, child, medication, heart, doses

The Six Healing Sounds: Sound Six, The Triple Burner
Published July 17 2009
Concepts: healing, Chi, Chinese, health, heart

Meeting of Berry Experts Reveals New Benefits for Cancer, Heart Disease and More
Published July 16 2009
Concepts: heart, disease, cancer, benefits, heart disease

The Junk Food Dilemma Calls for a Change in Mindset (Opinion)
Published July 15 2009
Concepts: food, sugar, junk food, mindset, heart

New Evidence: Exercise Helps Heart Disease, Increases Survival Better than Angioplasty
Published July 11 2009
Concepts: heart, exercise, disease, heart disease, patients

Taurine Keeps Immune Systems Strong and Protects Organs
Published July 3 2009
Concepts: taurine, research, blood, chemotherapy, heart

Vitamin B12 Protects the Heart, Mind, Eyes and More
Published June 30 2009
Concepts: vitamin B12, heart, mind, eyes, blood

Learn How to Keep Your Heart Healthy with Co-Enzyme Q10
Published June 23 2009
Concepts: heart, CoQ10, how to, healthy, supplement

Throw a Salsa Party for Summer Fun and Good Health
Published June 21 2009
Concepts: salsa, dancing, health, party, peppers

Fats to Avoid: The Polyunsaturated Oil Epidemic
Published June 18 2009
Concepts: oil, oils, fat, fats, health

Dr. Doug Graham Part II: No Need to Take Notes on the 80/10/10 Diet
Published June 7 2009
Concepts: diet, fat, food, health, protein

Daniel Hauser and the Side Effects of Cancer Treatments for Hodgkin's Disease
Published June 4 2009
Concepts: cancer, men, treatment, radiation, side effects

Common Irregular Heartbeats are Completely Normalized by Taurine and Arginine
Published June 4 2009
Concepts: taurine, heart, arginine, people, acid

Canola Oil is Another Victory of Food Technology over Common Sense
Published June 2 2009
Concepts: oil, canola, canola oil, rapeseed, food

New Evidence: PPI Stomach Acid Drugs Cause Pneumonia
Published May 31 2009
Concepts: acid, drugs, drug, medication, 5

Laugh Your Way to Health
Published May 22 2009
Concepts: laughter, humor, health, research, video

What You Should Know About Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: molasses, blackstrap molasses, sugar, health, food

Inexpensive Magnesium Proves Impressive at Protecting the Brain
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: magnesium, brain, treatment, rhythm, heart

Pre-Eclampsia Linked to Increased Heart Disease in Mother
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: pre-eclampsia, disease, heart disease, heart, risk

Support Heart Health Inexpensively
Published May 18 2009
Concepts: heart, health, cayenne, tea, blood

Massive Decline in Coronary Deaths in Iceland Due Mostly to Natural Health Strategies
Published May 13 2009
Concepts: Iceland, health, heart, deaths, natural

Sexual Functioning in Men can be Fully Restored Naturally
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: men, testosterone, rats, body, chrysin

Build Natural Co Q-10 in Your Body
Published May 6 2009
Concepts: natural, herb, heart, man, body

Sweetened Beverage Intake Raises Heart Disease Risk in Women
Published May 2 2009
Concepts: beverages, risk, heart, disease, health

Studies Show the Benefits of Breastfeeding
Published May 1 2009
Concepts: colon, risk, health, studies, cancer

Sunflower Seeds are Answer from Nature to Antidepressant Drugs
Published April 30 2009
Concepts: seeds, sunflower seeds, sun, body, nature

Fish Oil and Fatty Fish Protect Men from Heart Failure
Published April 26 2009
Concepts: heart, men, fish, heart failure, fatty fish

Ubiquinol: Boost Energy Levels and Overall Health with Best Form of Co Q 10
Published April 26 2009
Concepts: form, energy, supplement, health, heart

Breastfeeding Protects Hearts of Mothers
Published April 24 2009
Concepts: breastfeeding, heart, women, baby, heart disease

Exercise Benefits Heart Failure Patients
Published April 24 2009
Concepts: heart, failure, heart failure, exercise, health

Pass the Java: The Healthy Side of Coffee
Published April 22 2009
Concepts: coffee, health, healthy, disease, study

Omega-3s - Fish Oils, Flaxseed Oil and Prostate Cancer - What do the Experts Say?
Published April 20 2009
Concepts: cancer, omega-3, Amazon, Prostate, oil

Western Diet Responsible for One-Third of Heart Attacks
Published April 19 2009
Concepts: diet, heart, food, Western diet, foods

Common Table Grapes Reduce Blood Pressure, Repair Heart Damage
Published April 11 2009
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, grapes, heart, repair

Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Heart Rhythm Problems
Published April 10 2009
Concepts: heart, rhythm, drugs, drug, news

Beta-Blocker Drugs Cause 400 Percent Increase in Heart Attacks
Published April 2 2009
Concepts: heart, drugs, WHO, patients, increase

Buckwheat: Gluten-Free Grain Substitute Offers Complete Vegetarian Protein
Published April 2 2009
Concepts: wheat, buckwheat, WHO, bacteria, grains

Resveratrol is "Nature's Medicine" for Cancer, Heart Disease and Much More
Published April 1 2009
Concepts: resveratrol, Amazon, natural, cancer, book

Increasing Fruits and Vegetables Leads to Permanent Weight Loss
Published April 1 2009
Concepts: vegetables, fruits, vegetable, fruits and vegetables, fruit

Red Meat Eaters More Likely to Die from Cancer or Heart Disease
Published April 1 2009
Concepts: meat, cancer, meat eaters, red meat, men

Statins Cause Heart Attacks in Some Users
Published March 30 2009
Concepts: heart, statins, heart attacks, cholesterol, research

Eating Meat Kills More People Than Previously Thought
Published March 30 2009
Concepts: meat, eating, 5, cancer, men

Daily Aspirin Useless in Preventing Heart Attacks in Diabetics
Published March 29 2009
Concepts: aspirin, heart, heart attacks, useless, research

Depression may Cause Heart Disease and Related Death
Published March 28 2009
Concepts: heart, depression, disease, health, heart disease

Keep Aging Parents Happy, Healthy and Independent with Bioidentical Hormones
Published March 23 2009
Concepts: hormone, men, hormones, aging, WHO

Dispel the Myths: High Cholesterol is Not to Blame for Heart Disease
Published March 20 2009
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, high cholesterol, disease, heart attack

Drug for Heart Disease Causes Heart Attack and Stroke
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: drug, cholesterol, heart, causes, heart disease

The Emperor's Guard: Green Tea Protects the Heart
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: tea, green tea, green, heart, Chi

Blueberries Lower High Cholesterol and Boost Cardiovascular Health
Published March 17 2009
Concepts: 5, berries, heal, cholesterol, Amazon

Traffic may Trigger Heart Attacks
Published March 17 2009
Concepts: traffic, heart, heart attack, risk, research

Paylean: Drug in Conventionally Raised Meat Linked to Cancer and Heart Disease
Published March 17 2009
Concepts: Paylean, drug, produce, farm, meat

Adderall: Deadly Drug Treats Bogus Disease
Published March 16 2009
Concepts: drug, child, Adderall, children, adhd

Dispel the Myths: The Real Scoop on Saturated Fat
Published March 16 2009
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, health, heart, diet

Genetic Screening No Use in Predicting Heart Attack Risk
Published March 15 2009
Concepts: risk, Genetic, heart, screening, heart attack

Potassium-Sodium Ratio is Crucial for Heart Health
Published March 11 2009
Concepts: sodium, heart, potassium, health, study

Antidepressants Linked to Sudden Death in Women
Published March 10 2009
Concepts: death, heart, antidepressants, depression, sudden death

Eat Like the Mediterraneans and Lower Risk of Metabolic Syndrome and Cognitive Impairment
Published March 8 2009
Concepts: diet, risk, metabolic syndrome, mediterranean diet, fat

Americans Exposed to Atomic Bomb Levels of Radiation through Medical Imaging, CT Scans, Mammograms
Published March 4 2009
Concepts: radiation, 5, cancer, Amazon, news

Four Basic Principles of Healthy Eating and Living
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: water, fat, food, salt, eating

Newer Antipsychotic Drugs Raise Fatal Heart Attack Risk
Published February 25 2009
Concepts: drugs, heart, heart attack, antipsychotic drugs, risk

Seven Tips for Healthier Hearts
Published February 25 2009
Concepts: health, heart, natural, men, risk

Break Out the Coconut Oil: It is Good for You
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: coconut, oil, coconut oil, health, disease

Live a Healthy Life: Ten Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: cholesterol, blood, healthy, blood pressure, health

Blackcurrant Juice and Orange Juice Give Heart Health a Boost
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: health, juice, vitamin E, heart, study

Six Sounds to Heal and Cure: Sound Four, The Heart Sound
Published February 20 2009
Concepts: heart, heal, Chi, healing, Chinese

Milk Products may Destroy Antioxidant Benefits in Fruits, Vegetables and Grains
Published February 19 2009
Concepts: milk, tea, antioxidant, polyphenols, benefits

Red Grapes "Wonder Cure" for High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure
Published February 17 2009
Concepts: cholesterol, diet, blood, grapes, red grapes

Low-Dose Aspirin Not Answer for Heart Health
Published February 17 2009
Concepts: aspirin, heart, blood, drug, health

Magnesium is Vital for Good Health
Published February 9 2009
Concepts: magnesium, 5, calories, men, heart

Traffic Pollution Bad for the Heart
Published February 5 2009
Concepts: health, traffic, natural, pollution, heart

The Powerful Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Diseases of Inflammation: The Experts Speak
Published February 4 2009
Concepts: omega-3, fat, Amazon, acid, inflammation

The Effects of Weather on Health and How to Prepare
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: health, weather, sun, people, brain

Two Important Ways to Lower Risk of Heart Failure
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: heart, risk, failure, heart failure, men

Handwriting Reveals Risk of Heart Disease
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: heart, handwriting, risk, patients, disease

Sexual Dysfunction Study Reveals Poor Hormonal Health in Women and Men
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: sex, men, women, dysfunction, sexual dysfunction

Almonds Aid Weight Loss and Lower LDL Cholesterol
Published January 27 2009
Concepts: almonds, fat, diet, weight, study

Eating Apples Benefits the Heart
Published January 23 2009
Concepts: apples, health, apple, natural, benefits

Inhaler Drugs Increase Risk of Heart Attacks, Death
Published January 22 2009
Concepts: drugs, risk, inhaler, increase, heart

Deadly Bio-Weaponry Build Up Comes to the Heart of the U.S.
Published January 22 2009
Concepts: men, disease, plum, war, virus

Improve Cardiovascular Health Naturally
Published January 16 2009
Concepts: health, cardiovascular, cardiovascular health, fat, oil

Incompetent Bosses Raise Risk of Heart Disease and Related Death
Published January 15 2009
Concepts: heart, health, disease, risk, men

AIDS Drugs Boost Risk of Heart Attacks
Published January 12 2009
Concepts: AIDS, heart, risk, drugs, AIDS drugs

Hormones Part VI: Low Testosterone in Men Linked to Huge Increase in Risk of Death
Published January 12 2009
Concepts: men, testosterone, hormone, hormones, Prostate

Exploring Metabolic Syndrome X
Published January 11 2009
Concepts: insulin, glucose, resistance, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome

Will Dr. Sanjay Gupta Disclose His Financial Ties to Big Pharma? (opinion)
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: health, harm, financial, financial ties, America

Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Mother and Child
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: exercise, heart, pregnancy, benefits, heart rate

Beans: Fabulous Health Benefits, Weight Management and Nutrition at Very Low Cost
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: beans, cancer, men, study, diet

Six Sounds to Heal and Cure: The Liver Sound, Number Three
Published December 24 2008
Concepts: liver, heal, Chi, energy, health

Omega-3: Protect Your Heart With These Miracle Fats
Published December 22 2008
Concepts: heart, fat, men, acid, fish

A Severe Heart Attack Found More Deadly for Women
Published December 17 2008
Concepts: men, heart, heart attack, women, hospital

Are Statins Causing Rising Rates of Heart Failure?
Published December 17 2008
Concepts: natural, NaturalNews, rising, rates, heart

Low Thyroid Increases Risk of Death from Heart Attack by Seventy Percent
Published December 17 2008
Concepts: thyroid, hormone, heart, men, death

Modern Medicine Hilariously Claims Credit for Reduction in Heart Disease Deaths
Published December 16 2008
Concepts: heart, medicine, death, death rate, disease

Children and Teenagers Found to Have Arteries of Middle Aged Adults
Published December 16 2008
Concepts: children, health, arteries, natural, 5

High Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels Linked to Heart Disease
Published December 15 2008
Concepts: blood, sugar, blood sugar, heart, insulin

Lack of Vitamin D Ups Heart Risk
Published December 12 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, heart, UPS, risk, health

Low-Dose Mercury Exposure From Fillings, Vaccines and Fish Linked to Heart Disease
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: mercury, exposure, vaccines, heart, fish

Wine Boosts Omega-3s for Healthier Heart, Study Finds
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: wine, study, heart, omega-3s, alcohol

Low Thyroid Hormone Increases Risk of Death from Heart Attack by Seventy Percent
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: thyroid, hormone, heart, men, death

The Amazing Heart Normalizing Action Of Dan Shen
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: heart, herb, Dan Shen, herbal, action

Six Heaing Sounds to Heal and Cure: Sound One
Published December 7 2008
Concepts: heal, Chi, man, energy, body

Exercise Shown to Benefit Even Heart Failure Patients
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: heart, exercise, failure, heart failure, health

Eighteen Overlooked Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: blood, cortisol, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, body

Eight Simple Methods to Alleviate Insomnia
Published November 29 2008
Concepts: sleep, Chi, health, body, heart

Study Shows Peanut Protein Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Published November 27 2008
Concepts: protein, heart, risk, study, shows

Lack of Vitamin D Increases Risk of Death
Published November 24 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, risk, health, death, natural

Arsenic in Water at EPA Approved Standards Linked to Heart Disease
Published November 24 2008
Concepts: water, arsenic, EPA, standards, heart

Joyful Music is Powerful Heart Medicine, Researchers Find
Published November 23 2008
Concepts: music, medicine, heart, blood, health

Study Shows Green Tea Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Published November 21 2008
Concepts: tea, green, green tea, study, heart

Magnesium: The Lamp of Life
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: magnesium, insulin, medicine, life, DHEA

Drug to Protect Surgery Patients Causes Strokes
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: patients, surgery, heart, surgery patients, strokes

Energy Enzyme CoQ10
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: CoQ10, energy, supplement, body, form

Exercising Just Once a Week Can Raise Life Expectancy of Coronary Heart Disease Patients
Published November 16 2008
Concepts: health, disease, heart, exercise, men

Citrus Extracts Found to Enhance Heart Health in Small Study
Published November 14 2008
Concepts: weight, citrus, health, extract, citrus extracts

Chocolate Really Is Good For You: Studies Prove It
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, studies, stress, study

Big Pharma's New Mass-Drugging Agenda Pushes Statin Drugs for Healthy People
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: drug, harm, drugs, medical, statin drugs

Excess Calcium Intake Can Raise Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: calcium, men, cardiovascular, risk, women

Niacin May Lower the Risk of Heart Disease
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: niacin, heart, cholesterol, risk, research

The Importance of Antioxidants in Fruits and Vegetables
Published November 5 2008
Concepts: antioxidants, fruits, antioxidant, free, vegetables

Serious Complications and Death Linked to Heart Imaging Drugs
Published November 5 2008
Concepts: heart, death, complications, FDA, agents

Air Pollution Has Negative Effects on Heart Health
Published November 4 2008
Concepts: heart, pollution, health, air pollution, natural

Nicotine Levels in Toenail Clippings Reveal Risk of Heart Disease
Published November 1 2008
Concepts: nicotine, heart, risk, disease, heart disease

Study Finds Grapes Offer a Bunch of Ways to Help Hearts
Published October 31 2008
Concepts: grapes, study, heart, rats, blood

Study Shows Chinese dietary supplement Xuezhikang Lowers Risk of Heart Attack
Published October 26 2008
Concepts: risk, study, heart, supplement, Chinese

Magnesium Deficiency Prevention
Published October 24 2008
Concepts: magnesium, deficiency, minerals, magnesium deficiency, body

Flu Shots Leave Heart Failure Patients at Risk for Infection
Published October 24 2008
Concepts: heart, heart failure, patients, flu, vaccine

Spices: A Wealth of Health Benefits that Make Food Taste Great
Published October 23 2008
Concepts: spice, health, spices, antioxidant, benefits

Home Defibrillators Found Medically Useless in Saving Lives
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: defibrillators, home, useless, heart, research

Eight Natural Ways To Prevent Cold and Flu
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: Chi, body, energy, flu, Chinese

How to Have a Heart Attack: Keep Eating the Western Diet
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: heart, eating, risk, diet, heart attack

Balance Sodium with Potassium for Good Health
Published October 20 2008
Concepts: potassium, men, sodium, diet, balance

Macadamia Nuts Taste Great And Keep You Heart Healthy
Published October 18 2008
Concepts: nuts, macadamia nuts, diet, cholesterol, acid

Osteoporosis Drug Fosamax Doubles Risk of Life-Threatening Heart Condition
Published October 16 2008
Concepts: drug, osteoporosis, risk, Fosamax, heart

Turn Deep Breathing Into A Second Heart
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: Chi, breath, breathing, health, heart

Beta Blockers Used in Heart Surgery Increase Death Rate by One-Third
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: heart, beta blockers, surgery, increase, heart surgery

Boku Superfood Launches Enhanced Superfood Formula; Earns Editor's Choice Recommendation
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: food, organic, superfood, Boku, Boku Superfood

Three Different Ways to Lower Your Risk of Heart Failure
Published October 9 2008
Concepts: food, risk, diet, 5, mortality

Prescription Drugs Useless at Reducing Heart Disease Risk for the Obese
Published October 9 2008
Concepts: disease, risk, heart, drugs, heart disease

Bayer Withdraws Heart Surgery Drug from U.S. Market Following New Study Results Revealing Harm
Published October 9 2008
Concepts: drug, surgery, heart, Bayer, study

How to Stay Healthy in the Computer Era (Part 2)
Published October 8 2008
Concepts: heal, health, food, blood, healthy

ADHD Drugs May Pose Danger to Children with Heart Conditions
Published October 7 2008
Concepts: heart, children, adhd, drugs, ADHD drugs

Pycnogenol Reduces Heart Disease Risk in Diabetics
Published October 2 2008
Concepts: pycnogenol, risk, heart, disease, heart disease risk

Eight Superfoods for Health and Beauty From Your Local Grocery Store
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: cancer, health, food, superfoods, men

Poor Sleep and Lack of Sleep Can Cause Elevated Blood Pressure in Adolescents
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: sleep, blood, blood pressure, hypertension, health

Second Biological Law: a Discovery Not Yet Accepted by Conventional Medicine
Published September 25 2008
Concepts: discovery, heart, disease, medicine, blood

Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Your Risk of Strokes Drastically
Published September 25 2008
Concepts: health, stroke, healthy, lifestyle, strokes

How a Stressful State Leads to Chronic Fatigue (Part 1)
Published September 20 2008
Concepts: stress, fatigue, body, chronic fatigue, fat

Research Links Plastics Containing Bisphenol A to Heart Disease and Diabetes
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: BPA, health, plastics, disease, plastic

Long Duration or Short Burst Exercising - Deciding Which Is Best for Health and Fat Loss
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: exercise, fat, training, muscle, fitness

Heart Attack Victim Hounded for $5 Health Insurance Co-Pay While Laying on Gurney
Published September 14 2008
Concepts: heart, heart attack, insurance, health, health insurance

Hackers Easily Override Heart Monitors, Delivering Potentially Deadly Shocks to Heart
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: heart, heart monitors, hackers, security, researchers

Study Shows That Impotency May Be a Sign of Heart Disease
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: heart, men, study, disease, impotency

Flow Forms and Putting Water Into Perspective by Iain Trousdell
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: water, form, flow, heart, perspective

New Study Shows Fish Oil Supplement Aids Heart Failure Patients
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: heart, failure, heart failure, oil, fish

Deadly Side Effects of Heart Surgery Drug Trasylol Confirmed in New Studies
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: drug, heart surgery, heart, side effects, death

Erectile Dysfunction Raises Red Flag for Heart Disease
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, heart, men, disease

The Health Ranger Answers Common Questions About Nutritional Supplements (transcript)
Published September 4 2008
Concepts: health, supplement, food, supplements, people

Natural Newsbeat: Omega-3's Really Work, Big Pharma Loopholes and Perfume Danger for Expectant Mothers
Published August 31 2008
Concepts: natural, drug, news, Big Pharma, perfume

Vegan Diet Reduces Risk of Arthritis, Heart Attack and Stroke
Published August 29 2008
Concepts: diet, vegan, arthritis, risk, heart

Resveratrol Has Anti-aging and Anti-Cancer Properties, Linked to Cardiovascular Health
Published August 26 2008
Concepts: resveratrol, health, research, properties, cardiovascular

Studies Prove That Chocolate Is Really Good for You
Published August 22 2008
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, studies, stress, study

Cardiac Patients Recover Better With Heart Surgery Nutrition
Published August 20 2008
Concepts: heart, surgery, heart surgery, patients, glutathione

Researchers Discover How Niacin Ups HDL, Lowers Heart Attack Risk
Published August 18 2008
Concepts: niacin, heart, cholesterol, researchers, UPS

A Healthy Heart Equals a Healthy Sex Life
Published August 16 2008
Concepts: heart, sex, healthy, healthy heart, health

Marine Phytoplankton is Next Revolutionary Superfood for Disease Prevention and Extraordinary Health
Published August 14 2008
Concepts: phytoplankton, marine phytoplankton, ocean, food, disease

A Healthy Mouth Equals a Healthy Body
Published August 10 2008
Concepts: disease, gum disease, health, dentist, heart

The Summer Fruits of Good Health - Antioxidants Explained
Published August 8 2008
Concepts: antioxidants, fruits, health, antioxidant, vegetable

Getting to the Heart of Women's Health
Published August 8 2008
Concepts: men, health, heart, women, hormone

Low Vitamin D Intake Boosts Heart Attack, Stroke Risk by 60 Percent
Published August 6 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, heart, risk, heart attack, stroke

Lancet Pushes Statin Drugs for All Diabetics, Regardless of Heart Condition
Published August 5 2008
Concepts: heart, diabetes, drugs, diabetics, statin drugs

Eating Broccoli Reduces Risk of Heart Attack
Published August 4 2008
Concepts: broccoli, heart, eating, risk, rats

A Happy Marriage Boosts Heart Health, Researchers Discover
Published August 3 2008
Concepts: marriage, health, researchers, blood, blood pressure

Chronic Work Stress Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease
Published August 1 2008
Concepts: stress, heart, risk, work stress, people

Debating Pescatarianism: To Fish or Not to Fish for a Protein Source
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: fish, diet, vegetarian, health, environment

Avandia Study Shows 60 Percent Increase in Heart Failure Risk Among Diabetics who Take the Drug
Published July 28 2008
Concepts: Avandia, study, heart, risk, WHO

Chemical Causes of Diabetes: Overeating Is Not the Only Problem
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: diabetes, men, 5, food, chemical

Fasting One Day a Month Causes Significant Reduction in Clogged Arteries
Published July 23 2008
Concepts: fasting, causes, reduction, heart, heart disease

Review: Zyflamend Supplement for Inflammation; Tips on Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Herbs
Published July 22 2008
Concepts: herb, heal, inflammation, food, Zyflamend

Product Reviews of Bear Fruit Bar, FruitFast Bar and Organic Food Bar (transcription)
Published July 16 2008
Concepts: food, organic, man, fruit, food bar

Overweight Children Show Increased Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes
Published July 14 2008
Concepts: children, heart, risk, heart attacks, overweight

Candida Conundrum: Is It Really Allergies?
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: candida, water, heal, body, food

The Politics of National Health Care Reform: Why no Popular Presidential Candidate can Solve Our Health Care Crisis (transcript)
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: health, disease, people, men, drug

Cheap, Processed Chocolate Has Virtually No Health Benefits Due to Lack of Flavanols
Published July 1 2008
Concepts: chocolate, health, benefits, health benefits, heart

Dissecting a Study Disproving Vitamin B's Role in Preventing Heart Disease
Published June 30 2008
Concepts: heart, study, blood, supplement, vitamins

Heart Disease: The Number One Killer in America Starts in Childhood
Published June 26 2008
Concepts: heart, health, cholesterol, children, America

ADHD Drugs Pose Heart Health Risks to Children
Published June 25 2008
Concepts: adhd, heart, drugs, ADHD drugs, risks

Blood Transfusions Increase Risk of Heart Attack and Death
Published June 23 2008
Concepts: blood, heart, increase, patients, heart attack

How to Stop the Self-Sabotaging Thoughts in Your Head by Byron Katie
Published June 22 2008
Concepts: emails, people, health, how to, life

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part I)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: body, water, pain, dehydration, brain

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part II)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: kidneys, acid, body, urine, uric acid

Was Tim Russert Killed by Heart Medication?
Published June 14 2008
Concepts: heart, Tim Russert, disease, medication, health

Western Diet of Meat, Refined Grains and Diet Soda Linked to Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome
Published June 12 2008
Concepts: diet, soda, disease, grains, heart

Is Fat, Tired and Depressed a New Medical Syndrome?
Published June 12 2008
Concepts: heal, heart, form, brain, people

Disaster Results From Artificial Blood Testing on Unsuspecting People
Published June 4 2008
Concepts: blood, FDA, the FDA, results, artificial blood

The truth behind the headlines about antioxidants and vitamins
Published June 4 2008
Concepts: headlines, antioxidants, harm, drug, pharmaceuticals

The Mediterranean Diet Reduces Mortality From All Causes
Published June 3 2008
Concepts: diet, mediterranean diet, mortality, fat, oil

Eating Nuts Greatly Reduces Your Risk of Heart Attack and Cancer
Published May 28 2008
Concepts: nuts, eating, risk, heart, acid

The Energetic Contamination of Beef Products (Transcript)
Published May 24 2008
Concepts: meat, cows, human, people, beef

Barley Beta-Glucan Fiber Lowers Coronary Heart Disease Risk
Published May 20 2008
Concepts: fiber, soluble fiber, cholesterol, men, barley

Are Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Safe for Your Daughter and Son?
Published May 17 2008
Concepts: drugs, heart, anti-inflammatory, heart attack, anti-inflammatory drugs

American Heart Association Certified Foods Still Allowed to Contain Trans Fatty Acids
Published May 13 2008
Concepts: heart, foods, American Heart Association, food, fat

Astaxanthin: The Little-Known Miracle Nutrient for Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Athletic Endurance and More
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: astaxanthin, natural, health, benefits, Vitacost

A Plan for Living a Long and Healthy Life (Part 2)
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: cancer, heal, health, oil, fruit

Whole Grains Consumption Cuts Heart Failure Risk in Men by 29 Percent
Published May 5 2008
Concepts: heart failure, heart, risk, grains, whole grains

In Danger of Having a Heart Attack? Speed Recovery Before It Happens
Published May 5 2008
Concepts: heart, heal, recovery, trauma, injury

Gluten-Free Vegan Diet May Protect Arthritis Patients From Heart Attack
Published May 5 2008
Concepts: diet, arthritis, vegan, vegan diet, gluten-free

A Pomegranate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Published May 1 2008
Concepts: pomegranate, juice, cancer, fruit, seeds

Living Life to the Fullest: Interview With Dorit, Raw Foods Chef and Educator
Published April 28 2008
Concepts: raw, body, living, life, people

Heart Medication Use Skyrockets in Young Adults as Disease Mongering Continues
Published April 24 2008
Concepts: medication, heart, disease, adults, young adults

An Overview of How Stress Kills and How to Develop Your StresSkills
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: stress, body, heal, men, mind

The Candida and Fungus Among Us
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: candida, bacteria, health, sugar, healthy

Indole-3-Carbinol Nutrient in Broccoli Protects the Heart, Balances Cholesterol
Published April 22 2008
Concepts: broccoli, indole-3-carbinol, heart, nutrient, cardiovascular

Adequate Amounts of Omega-3 Oil May Help Prevent Heart Disease
Published April 21 2008
Concepts: acid, omega-3, oil, fat, food

Heart Drug Trasylol Pulled From Market After 50 Percent Increase in Death Rate Discovered
Published April 20 2008
Concepts: drug, heart, death, increase, FDA

Natural Painkillers and Strong Antioxidants Found in Tart Cherries
Published April 17 2008
Concepts: cherries, natural, antioxidants, painkillers, tart cherries

Your Cells Are on Fire - And So Is Your Heart
Published April 14 2008
Concepts: consciousness, heart, vitality, light, power

Interview: Greg Kunin from Ola Loa reveals the health secrets of drinkable vitamins
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: people, body, WHO, Ola Loa, form

Does Cholesterol Matter? Only if You're on a Cholesterol-Lowering Drug
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, disease, drug, heart disease

Are You Destined for Diabetes?
Published April 9 2008
Concepts: diabetes, sugar, blood, blood sugar, men

Curcumin Reduces Heart Enlargement and May Prevent Heart Failure
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: heart, curcumin, heal, heart enlargement, research

Ending the Cholesterol-Heart Disease Myth
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, disease, fat, heal

Natural Approaches for the Prevention of Oral Cancer and Periodontal Disease
Published April 3 2008
Concepts: mercury, men, disease, cancer, magnesium

Have You Seen Those Misleading Lipitor Ads?
Published March 27 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, heart, Lipitor, drug, misleading

Taking a Closer Look at the Inuit Paradox and Cardiovascular Disease
Published March 21 2008
Concepts: diet, disease, fat, cardiovascular, omega-6

Omega-6 fatty acids found to be dietary cause of depression, heart disease
Published March 18 2008
Concepts: omega-6, depression, fatty acids, heart, omega-6 fatty acids

Men with Chronic Heart Failure Can Still Have Sex without Dying, Say Medical Researchers
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: heart, men, heart failure, sex, medical

Fatty Acid Blood Tests Help Assess Risk for Heart Disease
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: acid, omega-3, risk, blood, fatty acids

The Cholesterol Battle: How to Win It Naturally
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, food, fat, diet, foods

Recent Studies and Age Old Wisdom Point to the Health Benefits of Butter
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: fat, butter, acid, health, fatty acids

Review Finds the Herb Hawthorn Can Boost Heart Health
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: heart, Hawthorn, review, herb, patients

Are Lower LDL Levels Always Beneficial?
Published March 3 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, drug, heart, health, drugs

Drug-Coated Stents Boost Death Rate by Over 400% in Heart Attack Patients
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: stents, drug-coated stents, heart, heart attack, death

Reports of Diabetes Drug Side Effects Triple after Publication of Study
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: drug, drug side effects, diabetes, Avandia, diabetes drug

If You Are a Wine Drinker, Here Are Facts You Should Know
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: wine, chemical, alcohol, chemicals, men

Coenzyme Q10 Is A Vital Energy Nutrient
Published February 24 2008
Concepts: CoQ10, energy, form, heart, muscle

Job Stress Increases Risk of Chronic Heart Disease
Published February 24 2008
Concepts: stress, heart, heart disease, job stress, risk

Oral Contraceptives Blamed for Stroke and Heart Attack Risk
Published February 22 2008
Concepts: heart, men, stroke, women, contraceptives

Trial Results for the Cholesterol Blocker Zetia Have Not Been Revealed
Published February 15 2008
Concepts: Zetia, cholesterol, FDA, drug, results

Vitamin E Supplements Reduce Risk of Blood Clots in Women
Published February 14 2008
Concepts: vitamin E, blood, blood clots, risk, supplements

Coenzyme Q10 A Vital Energy Nutrient
Published February 12 2008
Concepts: CoQ10, energy, form, heart, muscle

Soda Consumption Linked to Heart Disease
Published February 4 2008
Concepts: soda, heart, consumption, soda consumption, metabolic syndrome

Why Merck Lost Its 3rd Bid to Sell Mevacor Over the Counter
Published February 4 2008
Concepts: Mevacor, Merck, 5, risk, study

Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: cancer, body, heal, men, disease

Diabetes Drug Danger Alert: Avandia Linked to Heart Trauma
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: diabetes, heart, drug, natural, diabetes drug

Boku Super Food: An Astonishing New Premium Superfood Product Reviewed by the Health Ranger
Published January 30 2008
Concepts: food, superfood, Boku, health, heal

High-dose copper reverses heart enlargement
Published January 18 2008
Concepts: copper, heart, human, study, safe

FDA Collaboration with Big Pharma Raises Eyebrows
Published January 17 2008
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, drug, health, diet

Heart Disease and the Aborted Trial of a Drug to Raise HDL
Published January 8 2008
Concepts: cholesterol, protein, proteins, disease, liver

Price Comparison of Foods Containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Published January 4 2008
Concepts: foods, nuts, omega-3, food, health

Bottom Line Blurs Veterinary Practices
Published January 3 2008
Concepts: animals, drug, heart, rabies, vaccination

Krill Oil Dramatically Lowers C-Reactive Protein
Published January 2 2008
Concepts: krill, oil, CRP, krill oil, c-reactive protein

Prevent Cancer By Letting Go of Excess Fire Energy (Acidity)
Published December 28 2007
Concepts: Chi, body, Chinese, energy, cancer

Stress, Prescription Medications, and Alzheimer's Disease
Published December 28 2007
Concepts: stress, Alzheimer's, medications, brain, disease

The Cause of Heart Disease: High Cholesterol or Excess Calcium?
Published December 17 2007
Concepts: 5, heart, cholesterol, calcium, disease

The Statin Scam Marches On
Published December 12 2007
Concepts: health, vitamin E, drug, statins, cardiovascular

Breathing and Its True Role in Our Life, Health and Longevity
Published December 12 2007
Concepts: health, Chi, life, heal, energy

High Cost of Energy: Study Shows Energy Drinks Can Be Harmful
Published December 11 2007
Concepts: energy, energy drinks, heart, health, shows

Grocery Store Key for Future Cancer and Heart Medicine
Published December 11 2007
Concepts: cancer, heart, store, future, polyphenols

Truth Publishing Launches "The Secret of Juice Feasting" Audio CD Set
Published December 11 2007
Concepts: juice, Juice Feasting, disease, phytonutrients, publishing

New "Juice Feasting" Emerging as Phytonutrient-Rich Disease-Fighting Nutritional System
Published December 11 2007
Concepts: juice, vegetable, men, Juice Feasting, disease

The Great Fat Debate - Why Virgin Coconut Oil Is Best
Published November 30 2007
Concepts: fat, oil, coconut, saturated fat, coconut oil

Topics Covered at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2007
Published November 25 2007
Concepts: heart, blood, exercise, scientific, chocolate

Follow Your Heart to Better Health and Performance
Published November 17 2007
Concepts: heart, health, brain, changes, stress

Chemotherapy Effective Against Cancer, but at What Cost?
Published November 15 2007
Concepts: cancer, chemotherapy, CNN, patients, health

Emerging Risk Factors Revealed by the Framingham Heart Study
Published November 8 2007
Concepts: homocysteine, heart, men, risk, disease

Device for the Early Detection of Heart Disease
Published November 8 2007
Concepts: heart, early detection, doctor, cholesterol, drug

Diesel pollution clogs arteries, raises risk of heart disease
Published November 5 2007
Concepts: heart, pollution, risk, arteries, diesel pollution

New Fitness Guidelines for Promoting a Healthy Heart
Published November 2 2007
Concepts: heart, healthy, fitness, exercise, healthy heart

Study Indicates Diet Soda Increases Heart Disease Risk
Published October 21 2007
Concepts: soda, heart, study, heart disease, diet

Public Comment Date Announced for Sale of Behind the Counter Drugs
Published October 18 2007
Concepts: cholesterol, FDA, drugs, Lipitor, statins

EPA omega-3 oils protect the heart in people with high cholesterol
Published August 29 2007
Concepts: EPA, heart, omega-3, oils, omega-3 oils

NaturalNews readers demand retractions from major media outlets over erroneous reporting of antioxidant study
Published August 16 2007
Concepts: antioxidant, media, study, news, AMA

Natural Vitamin E Dramatically Reduces Heart Disease
Published August 16 2007
Concepts: natural, NaturalNews, heart, natural vitamin E, NaturalPedia

Antioxidants, bad science and failure of the press to tell the truth
Published August 14 2007
Concepts: media, mainstream media, women, WHO, vitamins

FDA refuses to pull dangerous diabetes drug Avandia, even knowing it will kill thousands
Published August 1 2007
Concepts: FDA, drug, Avandia, diabetes, the FDA

More Research Highlights the Broad Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oils and Fatty Fish
Published July 19 2007
Concepts: fish, omega-3, men, health, research

Eating more flavonoids extends lifespan, reduces heart disease
Published July 19 2007
Concepts: heart, disease, flavonoids, lifespan, eating

How to Tone Your Blood Vessels and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
Published July 7 2007
Concepts: blood, 5, heart, dysfunction, men

Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to heart defects in newborns
Published June 8 2007
Concepts: vitamin B12, heart, heart defects, deficiency, study

The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions
Published May 21 2007
Concepts: aloe, aloe vera, aloe vera gel, blood, cancer

Neurological disease names sound complex, but they often share a common cause
Published April 30 2007
Concepts: disease, cancer, ALS, neurological, chemical

Whole-grain breakfast cereal slashes heart attack risk by 22 percent
Published March 25 2007
Concepts: heart, WHO, breakfast, breakfast cereals, risk

Heart disease rates in U.S. vary by region, education level
Published February 27 2007
Concepts: disease, heart, heart disease, education, rates

The health care reform legislation that Congress should pass, but won't
Published February 15 2007
Concepts: health, drug, food, health care, disease

Thai government sets aside patent law to produce generic AIDS, heart disease drugs
Published February 8 2007
Concepts: drug, produce, Thailand, AIDS, government

Air pollution increases risk of heart disease and stroke, study says
Published February 8 2007
Concepts: heart disease, heart, air pollution, study, risk

Grape juice as good for the heart as red wine, new research suggests
Published February 6 2007
Concepts: red wine, juice, grape juice, heart, research

Pharmaceutical television advertising is a grand hoax
Published January 30 2007
Concepts: drug, the FDA, drug companies, America, pharmaceuticals

Studies show reishi mushrooms benefit people stricken with a variety of ailments, from high blood pressure to AIDS
Published January 25 2007
Concepts: reishi, cancer, herb, mushrooms, blood

Doctors advise blood thinners for heart stent patients; health advocate decries both
Published January 23 2007
Concepts: patients, blood, blood thinners, heart, doctors

Red meat consumption heightens heart disease risk in diabetics
Published January 23 2007
Concepts: red meat, disease, risk, heart disease, heart

Parkinson's drugs found to pose severe risk of damage to heart valves
Published January 15 2007
Concepts: Parkinson's, heart, risk, damage, drugs

Statin drugs expose patients to dangerous, debilitating side effects
Published January 8 2007
Concepts: Lipitor, drug, drugs, cholesterol, patients

FDA panel on stent safety includes six doctors with strong financial ties to stent manufacturers; FDA waives ethics rules
Published December 14 2006
Concepts: FDA, financial, the FDA, financial ties, doctors

Pfizer seeks FDA approval to prescribe Celebrex to toddlers as young as 2
Published December 1 2006
Concepts: Pfizer, Celebrex, FDA, toddlers, FDA approval

Taking Paxil during pregnancy causes heart defects in fetuses, warn obstetricians
Published December 1 2006
Concepts: Paxil, heart, pregnant women, SSRIs, heart defects

Folic acid proven to prevent heart disease and stroke in study
Published November 27 2006
Concepts: acid, folic acid, stroke, heart, disease

Anemia drug found to cause fatal heart attacks and strokes
Published November 23 2006
Concepts: anemia, drug, heart, heart attacks, patients

American Heart Association opposes New York trans fats ban
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: trans fats, New York, heart, health, American Heart Association

Painkillers—New and Old—Increase the Risk for Heart Attack (press release)
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: heart, risk, heart attack, NSAIDs, aspirin

Angioplasty useless for most heart attack patients, study finds
Published November 15 2006
Concepts: heart, patients, heart attack, study, angioplasty

Merck's Vioxx replacement drug found to cause cardiovascular complications
Published November 14 2006
Concepts: drug, Arcoxia, Merck, Vioxx, heart

Avoiding high-carb processed foods cuts heart disease risk in women by 30 percent
Published November 10 2006
Concepts: heart disease, processed foods, heart, women, risk

Prostate Cancer Treatment Increases Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease (press release)
Published November 7 2006
Concepts: cancer, men, prostate cancer, Prostate, risk

Blood pressure, cholesterol drugs being widely overprescribed, UK doctors warn
Published October 31 2006
Concepts: drugs, cholesterol, blood, doctors, UK

Common painkillers linked to heart attack and stroke, research finds
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: painkillers, heart, heart attack, stroke, research

Lowering Blood Pressure: Take a Walk -- Or Better, Four (press release)
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, hypertension, heart, 5

Researchers discover new juice extraction technique for heart-healthy sea buckthorn superfruit
Published October 23 2006
Concepts: juice, sea buckthorn, researchers, cholesterol, superfruits

Pomegranate juice protects diabetics from heart disease
Published October 18 2006
Concepts: pomegranate, juice, pomegranate juice, heart, diabetics

Psoriasis correlated with heightened heart attack risk
Published October 12 2006
Concepts: psoriasis, heart, heart attack, heart attack risk, research

FDA approves heart health claim for canola oil
Published October 11 2006
Concepts: oil, health, canola, heart, canola oil

Medical myths explained: Why health researchers mistakenly think one disease causes another
Published October 11 2006
Concepts: disease, causes, heart, nutrition, health

Black tea found to protect against heart disease, chronic stress
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: tea, heart, stress, black tea, disease

Meals high in saturated fat impair 'good' cholesterol's ability to protect against clogged arteries (press release)
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: fat, saturated fat, arteries, meals, research

Pecans found to lower risk of heart disease, reduce LDL oxidation
Published September 29 2006
Concepts: heart, disease, pecans, heart disease, risk

Tomato extract helps reverse "sticky" blood, improves heart health
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: extract, heart, tomatoes, blood, men

Message to older adults: embrace, don't fear the effects of sensible exercise (press release)
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: exercise, heart, blood, men, study

Food labels should list all fats to help cut heart disease, say experts (press release)
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: fat, food, fats, heart disease, heart

Jefferson scientists show 'miracle' cancer drug Gleevec can be toxic to the heart (press release)
Published September 26 2006
Concepts: heart, drug, Gleevec, cancer, toxic

CoQ10 improves cardiovascular health of heart patients
Published September 22 2006
Concepts: CoQ10, heart, health, men, cardiovascular

Couch Potatoes Who Start Exercising After 40 Can Still Stave Off Heart Disease (press release)
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: disease, heart, WHO, heart disease, potatoes

Prostate cancer drugs cause heart disease, diabetes
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: prostate cancer, drugs, Prostate, heart, heart disease

Researchers Show How Air Pollution Causes Heart Disease (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: 5, disease, pollution, researchers, air pollution

Green tea found to significantly reduce risk of death, heart disease
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: tea, green tea, green, heart, risk

Fish oil prevents potentially deadly decline in heart rate variability (press release)
Published September 12 2006
Concepts: heart, oil, heart rate, fish oil, fish

"Miracle" cancer drug Glivec found to cause heart cell death, heart failure
Published September 11 2006
Concepts: Glivec, heart, drug, cancer, death

Moderate exercise may delay congestive heart failure, CU-Boulder study suggests (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: study, exercise, heart, failure, heart failure

While scientists clash over the dangers of ADHD drugs, the U.S. government does nothing to protect children
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: adhd, drugs, drug, ADHD drugs, child

News Tip: Heavy Stress Plays Hefty Role in Heart Disease (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: stress, heart, disease, heart disease, news

Omega-3 fatty acids outperform automated external defibrillators in saving lives from heart attacks
Published September 1 2006
Concepts: defibrillators, omega-3 fatty acids, omega-3, heart, automated external defibrillators

Fat overload kills mammalian cells — key culprit identified (press release)
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: fat, death, research, medicine, protein

Celebrex doubles risk of heart attacks, has 'no role' in treating colon cancer
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: Celebrex, heart, risk, colon, patients

Larger Waistline Linked to Increased Risk for Heart Disease in Women (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: women, heart, risk, disease, heart disease

Work Stress Leads to Heart Disease and Diabetes (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: stress, work stress, heart disease, heart, diabetes

Eggs Aren't the Dietary Demons They're Cracked Up to Be (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: eggs, dietary, cholesterol, heart, eating

Journal Corrects Vioxx Article to Reflect Short-Term Heart Risk (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: Vioxx, risk, article, heart, study

Neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman talks about the fraud of ADHD and the poisoning of U.S. children
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: child, adhd, drug, disease, children

Pomegranate juice shows stunning results in reducing heart disease risk factors, even for diabetics
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: juice, pomegranate, pomegranate juice, sugar, heart

Thiamin deficiency common in hospitalized heart failure patients (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: heart failure, heart, patients, deficiency, study

People who restrict calories have 'younger' hearts (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: people, diet, WHO, calories, study

Caffeine limits blood flow to heart muscle during exercise (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: flow, blood, caffeine, blood flow, heart

Comedy films boost blood flow to the heart (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: flow, blood, blood flow, heart, film

Soy component linked to heart health benefits (press release)
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: soy, heart, heart health, health benefits, blood

Potassium-enriched salt may cut heart risks (press release)
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: salt, potassium, heart, risks, men

Baby boomer obesity surpasses seniors, new study shows (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: baby, health, seniors, obesity, shows

Heart risks from Vioxx happen much earlier than believed, says Queen’s researcher (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: Vioxx, heart, risks, risk, heart attack

Heart Attack, Osteoporosis Linked in Men Over 50 (press release)
Published August 22 2006
Concepts: men, heart, osteoporosis, bone, heart attack

Interview with Dr. Dennis Goodman on how to naturally lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol
Published August 21 2006
Concepts: men, cholesterol, people, WHO, Dr. Dennis Goodman

Angioplasty overkill? Financial incentives may be driving surgeons to massively over-treat heart patients
Published August 21 2006
Concepts: angioplasty, surgeons, financial, financial incentives, heart

Teen obesity linked to heart abnormalities (press release)
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: obesity, heart, weight, risk, overweight

NSAIDs Pose Death Risk for Heart-Attack Patients (press release)
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: NSAIDs, patients, risk, death, heart

Body Mass Index found useless because it does not consider body composition
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: body, weight, body mass index, heart, fat

Research Links Soy Protein with Heart Health (press release)
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: soy, protein, soy protein, heart, health

Heal Your Heart with Wine and Chocolate (press release)
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: heart, men, women, heal, chocolate

Jury finds Merck negligent in Vioxx trial, awards $50 million to retired FBI agent
Published August 17 2006
Concepts: Merck, Vioxx, FBI, awards, heart

Drinking coffee found to trigger heart attacks
Published August 16 2006
Concepts: coffee, heart, risk, drinking, drinking coffee

Radiation of left breast during cancer treatment causes coronary artery disease
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: cancer treatment, radiation, cancer, coronary artery disease, radiation therapy

Herceptin cancer drug causes heart damage in 28 percent of patients
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: drug, Herceptin, heart, cancer, damage

Lowering Cholesterol Early in Life Protects Against Heart Disease Later (press release)
Published August 14 2006
Concepts: cholesterol, disease, heart, heart disease, life

Consumer demand for cholesterol lowering products skyrockets (press release)
Published August 9 2006
Concepts: cholesterol, health, food, products, foods

High Blood Sugar Can Be Deadly After Heart Attack (press release)
Published August 8 2006
Concepts: blood, blood sugar, high blood sugar, heart, heart attack

Chant 'Om' for Better Heart Health (press release)
Published August 7 2006
Concepts: heart, health, meditation, heart health, study

Half of Americans will have pre-diabetic condition (press release)
Published August 7 2006
Concepts: diabetes, americans, risk, blood, patients

Raising "good" cholesterol cuts heart disease risk (press release)
Published August 3 2006
Concepts: heart, risk, cholesterol, raising, cardiovascular

Meditation may improve cardiac risk factors in patients with coronary heart disease (press release)
Published August 3 2006
Concepts: meditation, heart, patients, disease, heart disease

Implantable defibrillators save lives but may increase heart failure risk (press release)
Published August 3 2006
Concepts: heart, failure, heart failure, patients, WHO

Making Multiple Lifestyle Changes is Beneficial, Achievable in Lowering High Blood Pressure (press release)
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, high blood pressure, 5, changes

Fish oils protect heart by regulating rhythm, electrical activity
Published July 25 2006
Concepts: fish, heart, regulating, oils, rhythm

Heartburn sufferers shouldn't be too quick to reach for the antacids; heartburn medications do more harm than good
Published July 25 2006
Concepts: heartburn, heart, food, stomach, acid

Children need 90 minutes of daily exercise to stave off future heart trouble
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: children, exercise, heart, future, daily exercise

Cancer drug Gleevec damages heart, say researchers
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: Gleevec, cancer, heart, drug, patients

Cancer drugs cause serious heart damage in nearly 75 percent of long-term patients
Published July 20 2006
Concepts: heart, cancer, damage, drugs, heart damage

Migraine with "aura" linked with heart disease risk
Published July 19 2006
Concepts: migraine, heart, heart disease, migraines, men

Exercise beats heart disease, even if started late in life
Published July 18 2006
Concepts: heart, disease, heart disease, exercise, physical

Merck litigation strategy - destroy expert witnesses
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: Merck, Vioxx, drug, risk, heart

Diabetes, asthma, heart disease share biochemical pathway due to rogue aP2 protein
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: asthma, disease, heart, heart disease, protein

Type of Stress, Not Duration, Key to Heart Enlargement (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: heart, stress, blood, heart enlargement, researchers

High Doses of Statins Carry Dangers, Swedish Report Says (press release)
Published July 14 2006
Concepts: statins, doses, report, heart, dangers

Calorie restriction appears better than exercise at slowing primary aging (press release)
Published July 11 2006
Concepts: aging, calorie restriction, exercise, life, people

New Method Simultaneously Reduces 6 Heart Disease Risk Factors (press release)
Published July 10 2006
Concepts: EFT, disease, heart, risk, heart disease

Good news for menopausal women: You can avoid hot flashes by changing your diet
Published July 3 2006
Concepts: men, hot flashes, soy, estrogen, food

Common painkillers associated with increased risk of first hospital admission for heart failure (press release)
Published July 1 2006
Concepts: heart, failure, heart failure, hospital, risk

Vioxx heart risk starts earlier than previously reported; New England Journal of Medicine publishes corrections to previous Vioxx research
Published June 27 2006
Concepts: Vioxx, heart, medicine, risk, study

New trans fat dietary guidelines proposed by American Heart Association, but AHA fails to suggest consumers should avoid all trans fatty acids
Published June 20 2006
Concepts: fat, American Heart Association, AHA, consumers, heart

Qigong Master Kenneth Cohen shares the secrets of qigong and energetic healing
Published June 19 2006
Concepts: Qi, qigong, Chi, healing, body

Good news for menopausal women: You can avoid hot flashes by changing your diet
Published June 7 2006
Concepts: men, hot flashes, soy, food, estrogen

Chocoholics rejoice; study shows that the flavanols in cocoa can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer
Published May 26 2006
Concepts: cocoa, heart disease, heart, cancer, chocolate

The Honest Food Guide empowers consumers with independent information about foods and health
Published May 25 2006
Concepts: food, foods, health, people, disease

Interview with Jon Barron of Baseline Nutritionals on herbal healing, the bird flu and alternative health
Published April 24 2006
Concepts: people, health, flu, doctor, form

Disease Economy: How the United States economy runs on "treating" chronic disease
Published April 4 2006
Concepts: disease, economy, people, Disease Economy, health

Shattering the false philosophy and junk science of conventional medicine
Published March 30 2006
Concepts: heal, health, drug, disease, drugs

New England Journal of Medicine accuses Merck of deleting important Vioxx information from study
Published February 15 2006
Concepts: Merck, Vioxx, study, heart attack, heart

Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood
Published February 7 2006
Concepts: oil, liver, cod liver oil, 5, men

The mineral selenium proves itself as powerful anti-cancer medicine
Published January 4 2006
Concepts: selenium, cancer, men, heal, event

Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils
Published January 2 2006
Concepts: brain, fat, acid, DHA, omega-3

Folic acid deficiencies are widespread; here's why nearly everyone needs more folate
Published December 29 2005
Concepts: acid, folic acid, men, folate, 5

Blaming dietary sodium for high blood pressure is too simplistic; the real problem may be mineral deficiencies
Published December 14 2005
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, salt, sodium, high blood pressure

Conflicts of interest: How Big Pharma influences the FDA's drug approval process at the expense of public safety
Published December 13 2005
Concepts: drug, the FDA, Big Pharma, drug approval, advisory panel

Interview with Dr. Decker Weiss about Earth's Promise nutritional powders from Enzymatic Therapy
Published December 12 2005
Concepts: Earth's Promise, heart, green, greens, people

Interview with "Kevala" Karen Parker, master raw foods chef
Published November 29 2005
Concepts: food, raw, foods, people, Kevala

Where's the health in health care reform?
Published October 14 2005
Concepts: health, heal, people, WHO, health care

The hidden dangers of caffeine: How coffee causes exhaustion, fatigue and addiction
Published October 11 2005
Concepts: caffeine, fatigue, coffee, stress, sugar

Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically unjustified and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits
Published October 7 2005
Concepts: surgery, men, medical, form, 5

The truth about medical journals, and how drug companies exert heavy influence over published scientific articles
Published October 3 2005
Concepts: medical, drug, medical journal, medical journals, companies

The Organic Food Bar packs a nutritional punch in portable form
Published September 26 2005
Concepts: food, food bar, health, organic, protein

The FDA Exposed: An Interview With Dr. David Graham, the Vioxx Whistleblower
Published August 30 2005
Concepts: drug, FDA, the FDA, drugs, people

Leaked documents show Merck knew of Vioxx dangers, yet hid them for years
Published August 6 2005
Concepts: Vioxx, Merck, risk, cardiovascular, research

Lutein boosts eye health, preventing cataracts and macular degeneration
Published July 30 2005
Concepts: lutein, men, cancer, food, health

Interview with Dr. Ray Strand, author of Death by Prescription and Releasing Fat
Published July 20 2005
Concepts: drug, people, drugs, health, medication

The FDA, Vioxx, and crimes against humanity
Published July 18 2005
Concepts: FDA, drug, the FDA, risk, Vioxx

The Cure Con: how you're being deceived by charities that claim to be racing for the cure for cancer and other chronic diseases
Published July 17 2005
Concepts: cancer, cure, disease, money, drug

Sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and type II diabetes
Published July 7 2005
Concepts: sugar, diabetes, fat, high-fructose corn syrup, blood

DHEA for weight loss: miracle drug or unproven experiment?
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: DHEA, men, hormone, weight, body

Lessons of abundance: be a river, not a dam
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: flow, money, WHO, people, abundance

The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity
Published June 13 2005
Concepts: poison, toxic, food, chemical, drug

Product review: AstaFactor Salmon Essentials with salmon oil and astaxanthin
Published June 8 2005
Concepts: health, salmon, sun, nutrition, Salmon Essentials

American Diabetes Association peddling nutritional nonsense while accepting money from manufacturer of candy and sodas
Published June 1 2005
Concepts: sugar, diabetes, blood, insulin, food

Q&A: How to reduce high blood pressure and restore healthy cholesterol levels with natural health
Published May 28 2005
Concepts: cholesterol, cholesterol levels, health, avoid, healthy

Why corporate America should drop its dress code and exchange business suits for comfortable clothing
Published May 28 2005
Concepts: business, people, business suits, employees, WHO

Depression and mental disorders can be prevented and treated with simple healing foods
Published April 7 2005
Concepts: food, foods, mental, health, healing

Everyday groceries contain ingredients that cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases
Published February 20 2005
Concepts: disease, food, ingredients, everyday groceries, cancer

MacNut Oil from Nature's Way makes heart-healthy oil available to mainstream grocery shoppers
Published February 15 2005
Concepts: oil, macadamia nut oil, health, macadamia nuts, fat

The Cleveland Clinic battles with McDonald's over fast food in hospitals
Published January 30 2005
Concepts: McDonald's, food, fast food, health, hospital

Acomplia drug hype reveals mythology of prescription drugs, shortcut philosophy of American culture
Published January 4 2005
Concepts: drug, mythology, Acomplia, health, prescription drugs

Q&A: How to unclog your arteries without surgery or drugs
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: oil, fat, food, arteries, oils

Milk and dairy products cause heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis -- interview with Robert Cohen
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: milk, dairy, heart disease, dairy products, cow's milk

Q&A: How do I avoid atherosclerosis and improve cardiovascular health? What if I have been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse?
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: avoid, health, cardiovascular, heart, intravenous chelation

Study reveals why COX-2 inhibitors cause heart attacks and other dangerous side effects
Published November 21 2004
Concepts: drug, heart, heart attacks, dangerous, study

Arthritis drug Bextra found to promote heart attacks and strokes
Published November 10 2004
Concepts: arthritis drug, Bextra, Pfizer, heart, heart attacks

Astaxanthin sources revealed: super antioxidant eases arthritis pain, joint pain, sore muscles and protects against heart disease
Published November 6 2004
Concepts: astaxanthin, arthritis pain, Cyanotech, sources, antioxidant

Merck caught in scandal to bury Vioxx heart attack risks, intimidate scientists and keep pushing dangerous drugs; Vioxx lawsuits now forming
Published November 6 2004
Concepts: Vioxx, drug, Merck, drugs, the FDA

American Heart Association's advice on antioxidant supplements helps people avoid heart disease by dying younger (satire)
Published August 22 2004
Concepts: heart, disease, people, heart disease, supplements

Heart Failure Drug Found To Have Killed Thousands, Injured Tens of Thousands; Yet Doctors and the FDA Continue To Support It
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: drug, heart failure, the FDA, doctors, herb

Follow American Heart Association Advice and Die From Heart Disease
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: AHA, heart, American Heart Association, the AHA, heart disease

American Heart Association's Advice on Vitamin E and Antioxidants is Terrible Advice, Highly Distorted, and Prone to Actually Cause Heart Disease
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: vitamin E, the AHA, food, heart, nutrition

Dietary fat is necessary for absorption of vitamins, nutrients and phytochemicals from fruits and vegetables
Published July 28 2004
Concepts: fat, nutrients, oil, salad dressing, fats

Blueberries, cranberries, strawberries all contain powerful phytochemicals that fight cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and more
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: berries, phytochemicals, color, cranberries, disease

Western diets cause strokes, says American Heart Association
Published July 3 2004
Concepts: strokes, western diets, chronic disease, Western diet, heart

New research shows green tea fights cancer, heart disease, cholesterol and obesity
Published December 11 2003
Concepts: cholesterol, green tea, green, heart disease, cancer

Bad science takes 17 years to uncover the obvious (and misses the real point, too)
Published November 6 2003
Concepts: bad science, heart, disease, heart disease, study

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