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Heart attack

In Danger of Having a Heart Attack? Speed Recovery Before It Happens

Monday, May 05, 2008 by: Glen Gordon MD
Tags: heart attack, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) A perfect example of designed trauma, surgery will be redefined by energy medicine if used wisely before the incision is made. Few surgeons know of this advance even though designed electromagnetic pulsed therapy (DEPTH) devices are FDA approved in plastic surgery to diminish pain and swelling, the tip of the iceberg for this revolutionary therapy and its ability to reduce pain and increase healing postoperatively.

DEPTH can be employed hours to several days before surgery to stimulate wound healing by increasing DNA's output by restorative genes. Trauma and surgery share a common pathway to tissue death known as ischemia-reperfusion injury and robust evidence exists to show that DEPTH protects tissues against cell death better than any drug available today. Whether cutting a vessel as in surgery or closing it off in stroke or heart attack, they share common issues with trauma where compression or swelling also shuts off blood supply. Bottom line: most bad events we experience are associated with loss of blood supply and formation of chemicals known as free radicals, which is gradually followed by re-supply of blood or reperfusion that can cause even more widespread mayhem, i.e. the reperfusion sweeps the free radicals into the vascular system.

Free radicals can mean death to organs remote from the injury like the brain or heart if they are returned to the circulation too rapidly. In something of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't", the lethal ability of free radicals is starkly represented by a young combat trauma surgeon's experience in Iraq that I recently heard, "these guys code on us (die) just about the time we seem to be getting them back". We must stabilize these dangerous chemicals before they are released into the circulation, which drugs can't do because drug delivery to tissue with no blood supply is an oxymoron; you can't get there from here! DEPTH technology, which uses low frequency RF signals speeds the neutralizing energy into any space or depth like the body isn't there.

Protecting against civilian trauma is one aspect of DEPTH, but imagine protecting soldiers from combat trauma before the battle with a single 20-30 minute treatment. If they are injured, we repeat 20-30 minute treatments every 2-3 hours after injury to chemically stabilize them as they await care in advanced trauma care centers. While our sons and daughters are seen with amazing speed in Iraq, they receive only symptomatic treatment including fluids for blood loss, and little to none to stop the underlying free radical chemical changes that destabilize and stun their organs and tissues that kills them.

Free radicals are called "oxidants" and DNA produces protein antioxidants to stop them, e.g. superoxide dismutase, catalase, and peroxidase; "ase" tells us these are enzymes and proteins, and DEPTH technology can flood them with energy and information at any depth in the body to put them into overdrive to convert these killer chemicals to water and carbon dioxide, which is where they were meant to go before the wheels came off... DEPTH does this so well that two highly respected investigators at Stanford University calculated it could increase antioxidant efficiency a hundredfold, and the sooner applied the better the results.

Along with other scientists, Dr. Reba Goodman and I stimulated Heat Shock Protein 70, spoken of as a "chaperone protein" because it protects cells from dying in Ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI). A perfect example of IRI is a large vessel heart attack like the Left Anterior Descending artery, which deprives such a large part of the heart of its blood supply that it is called "The Widowmaker" and carries a mortality rate of 80-90% in nearly all mammal species. A group of Dr. Goodman's colleagues treated white rats just before tying off the above artery and only 20% of them died. Can you imagine what that could mean to the 60% of victims who are reported not to have completed their heart attack when they first receive medical attention?

Another killer is stroke, which has a similar final pathway to tissue death as does traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. Neurosurgeon Dr. Gary Steinberg and colleagues of Stanford University salvaged 70% of brain tissue in rabbits that was lost without treatment, only this time treatment started immediately after tying off the middle cerebral artery, a killer in any language. Once again, we see the fallacy of using drugs that would do little even if they could be delivered, and the beauty of DEPTH technology that can save cells from dying anywhere in the body including through the skull. Remember also, World Health Organization convened a council of scientists from around the world to review the safety of DEPTH technology and they reported it "free of adverse side effects".

Having completed this side trip through heart attack and stroke where safe, non-invasive DEPTH technology holds immeasurable value, let's revisit wound healing, Acute wounds, which heal best include fractures and incisions, but chronic skin ulcers and non-union fractures, which fail to heal for months, also respond. Acute fractures and incisions heal 4-6 times faster with appropriately designed electromagnetic pulsed therapy, which is spelled out to showcase the difference between effect and efficacy. The better the pulse design, the faster the healing and the greater the tensile strength of the wound. Appropriately treated and tested, differences in wound strength and rate of healing are apparent on day three after an incision, and with appropriate pulse design fractures within the ankle are reported healed in under two weeks.

The devil is in the details of "appropriate" design. Scientists include the craziest frequencies and field strengths in their studies and then trumpet, "see, I told you this was all smoke and mirrors". The Danes are a very pragmatic lot, and two Danish engineers compared three vital pulse components between successful and failed studies. No surprise, they reported there was no comparison. Buyers beware; know what you are buying and demand a money back guarantee. If a manufacturer won't stand behind his product, you probably don't want to stand in front of it.

About the author

Considered a senior scientist in the field of pulsed electromagnetic field technology Dr Gordon speaks internationally on this topic. Beginning in 1980, he has accumulated the largest clinical experience in the United States in treating human illness and injury.
An admirer of Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, Dr Gordon agrees with her that, "man made solutions imposed upon the natural balance of things diminish the experience of mankind". He sees drugs and surgery reflective of such man-made solutions and has been a pioneer in establishing the universal force of electromagnetism as "the natural balance of things" in tissue restoration after injury and illnes.

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