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children feature articles

GMO rice illegally tested on Chinese children as part of US-backed research project?
Published September 21 2012
Concepts: rice, Chinese, children, research, vitamin A

Children born to parents who eat GM wheat may DIE before age five, warn scientists
Published September 20 2012
Concepts: wheat, GM wheat, WHO, children, parents

Edible schoolyards and healthy cooking lessons - Growing fresh solutions for childhood obesity
Published September 19 2012
Concepts: school, edible, cooking, garden, healthy

Latest research shows vaccinated children more chronically ill than non-vaccinated
Published September 18 2012
Concepts: children, vaccine, research, vaccinated children, vaccines

The government's demonic strategy against parents of autistic children
Published September 16 2012
Concepts: autism, vaccine, child, parents, government

Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard - What is the world coming to?
Published September 15 2012
Concepts: children, parents, child, kids, society

What vitamins to buy; stop throwing your money away
Published September 14 2012
Concepts: vitamins, food, money, ingredients, supplement

How many of these vaccine facts do you know?
Published September 14 2012
Concepts: vaccine, child, vaccination, children, cases

Children in danger from exposure to common chemicals, new studies confirm
Published September 9 2012
Concepts: children, chemicals, exposure, asthma, chemical

95 percent of American parents sacrifice their young children to the vaccine industry
Published September 6 2012
Concepts: vaccine, children, parents, child, young children

Vaccine pusher Paul Offit wants to take away your vaccine exemption rights
Published September 5 2012
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, Paul Offit, children, vaccine exemptions

Do autistic children have 'starving brains?'
Published September 3 2012
Concepts: children, child, autism, autistic children, medical treatment

Creative ways to get kids to eat healthier
Published August 31 2012
Concepts: kids, health, child, food, milk

Young children more likely to be obese if given antibiotics as babies, study shows
Published August 29 2012
Concepts: antibiotics, study, children, body, exposure

Is McDonald's stalking children online?
Published August 28 2012
Concepts: children, child, McDonald's, email, marketing

Vitamin D supplementation can cut risk of respiratory infections in children by half
Published August 24 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, children, respiratory infections, study, risk

Children with healthier diets are smarter, research proves
Published August 24 2012
Concepts: children, IQ, 5, research, vegetarian

Millions of children's lives are being doomed by unwarranted, off-label antipsychotic drug prescriptions
Published August 20 2012
Concepts: drug, drugs, children, health, antipsychotic drugs

Back to school - Time for drugs?
Published August 20 2012
Concepts: child, children, school, vaccine, parents

Yes, fluoride makes you stupid
Published August 20 2012
Concepts: fluoride, brain, children, health, lower IQ

Destroying children with the cloak of ADHD - Parents need to pay attention
Published August 17 2012
Concepts: adhd, children, parents, kids, diet

Total assault on medical free speech as British authorities threaten vaccine-autism website over its content
Published August 14 2012
Concepts: MMR, autism, vaccine, website, child

Manufacturers bow to demand for healthier cereals, but increase marketing of sugary options to children
Published August 14 2012
Concepts: cereals, children, increase, food, marketing

Parental considerations for eliminating infant and childhood obesity
Published August 10 2012
Concepts: child, obesity, childhood, food, health

The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive?
Published August 10 2012
Concepts: vaccine, food, vaccines, human, chemical

Children who eat healthy diets have a higher IQ, study finds
Published August 9 2012
Concepts: children, WHO, IQ, child, study

Killing children with X-ray images - Death by procedure
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: children, radiation, patients, death, images

Police raid wrong house, kill family dog and make children sit with its bloody corpse
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: raid, family dog, family, children, police

Mainstream media pushes malicious fluoride lie: Fluoride-free bottled water is harming children, they claim!
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: fluoride, water, bottled water, children, news

Guns vs. Drugs - The real cause of violent shooting sprees
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: drugs, guns, gun, drug, shooting

BPA tooth fillings linked to behavior disorders in children
Published August 2 2012
Concepts: BPA, behavior, behavior disorders, tooth fillings, chemical

AstraZeneca's nasal flu vaccine to be given to ALL children in UK
Published August 1 2012
Concepts: flu, flu vaccine, children, child, vaccines

Aurora, Phase 2: Dr. Lynne Fenton, the Batman killer, the drugs and the drug money
Published July 31 2012
Concepts: drug, Prozac, drugs, Lynne Fenton, WHO

Study - When pregnant moms eat more nuts, their kids have fewer allergies
Published July 30 2012
Concepts: nuts, study, child, allergies, children

Protect your child from the dangers of Ritalin - Four Homeopathic remedies to treat ADHD and ADD
Published July 26 2012
Concepts: child, adhd, homeopathic, homeopathic remedies, homeopathy

Exposure to solvent chemicals in the workplace increases birth defect risk in children
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: exposure, birth, birth defects, chemicals, risk

Massive outbreak of whooping cough proves vaccine is ineffective
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: vaccine, whooping cough, WHO, outbreak, cases

'Lead-free' jewelry for children found to be loaded with lead
Published July 24 2012
Concepts: jewelry, children, lead, cadmium, safe

Do your children play outside? You need to know this about radiation risk
Published July 23 2012
Concepts: children, radiation, child, Fukushima, dirt

Candida overgrowth triggers your child's chronic ear infections
Published July 21 2012
Concepts: candida, overgrowth, infection, child, ear infections

Pediatricians or pedophiles? Over 100 children abused by Delaware pediatrician spanning 10 years
Published July 19 2012
Concepts: pediatrician, children, men, child, pediatricians

Exposure to dogs may protect children from asthma
Published July 19 2012
Concepts: children, dogs, child, asthma, exposure

Company tries to claim intellectual property ownership over children's exercises like 'leap frog'
Published July 18 2012
Concepts: exercises, intellectual property, exercise, fitness, ownership

Exclusive: Glaxo whistleblower goes public with shocking details of bribery, marketing fraud and other pharma crimes
Published July 17 2012
Concepts: drug, Glaxo, whistleblower, marketing, GSK

'Nourishing our children' documentary blows away illusions about processed food vs. traditional diets
Published July 13 2012
Concepts: child, children, food, documentary, processed food

Dirt is not dirty
Published July 13 2012
Concepts: dirt, child, children, natural, immune system

Massive Penn State cover-up confirmed - Paterno and others hid the truth of victimized children
Published July 13 2012
Concepts: Paterno, cover-up, Penn State, university, child

'Unknown disease' kills 60 children in Cambodia - Could vaccines have been the cause?
Published July 11 2012
Concepts: children, Cambodia, vaccines, vaccine, disease

Teaching children to cook found pivotal in their ability to make healthy food choices
Published July 11 2012
Concepts: food, children, healthy food, healthy, cooking

How to raise an earth-conscious child
Published July 10 2012
Concepts: children, child, earth, how to, garden

Addictive painkiller OxyContin being tested on U.S. children
Published July 10 2012
Concepts: drug, children, oxycontin, drugs, addictive

Big Pharma criminality no longer a conspiracy theory: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now a matter of public record
Published July 9 2012
Concepts: Merck, fraud, vaccine, WHO, drug

NC Museum of Natural Sciences holds 'Biotechnology Day' for children with presentations by Monsanto
Published July 3 2012
Concepts: natural, biotech, biotechnology, museum, children

Mainstream media, medical journals pushing ADHD drugs for six-year-olds
Published June 29 2012
Concepts: adhd, children, child, drugs, medical journals

Levels of electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to today are billions of times higher than our ancestors
Published June 26 2012
Concepts: exposure, radiation, children, school, exposed

Merck's deceptive new entertainment product campaign pushes drugs like candy on young children
Published June 22 2012
Concepts: children, candy, Merck, Claritin, campaign

Sears worker videotaped children in changing rooms, then uploaded footage to the internet
Published June 21 2012
Concepts: Sears, children, changing rooms, women, news

Managing the gift of ADD/ADHD with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
Published June 21 2012
Concepts: health, mental health, mental, child, news

Facts about homeschooling show promising results
Published June 21 2012
Concepts: school, home, homeschooling, children, facts

DEA agents terrorized the wrong family, including children, after license plate mix-up
Published June 21 2012
Concepts: agents, DEA, license, family, children

Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children
Published June 19 2012
Concepts: children, unvaccinated, vaccinated children, vaccine, disease

Nine-year-old girl's lunch blog shames school and local politicians into making changes
Published June 19 2012
Concepts: school, blog, lunch, food, children

Government report: Many vaccines are expired or improperly stored, putting children at serious risk
Published June 18 2012
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, children, expired, WHO

Seven tips for healthy parenting
Published June 17 2012
Concepts: child, children, tips, healthy, parents

Dr Oz a sellout on vaccines, declares Robert Scott Bell
Published June 16 2012
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, sellout, Dr Oz, article

More false prophets? Texas couple sues psychic, mainstream media over untrue claims of a mass grave at their home
Published June 15 2012
Concepts: mass grave, media, Texas, claims, children

Australian three-year-olds targeted for bogus psychiatric disorders such as sleeping with the light on
Published June 12 2012
Concepts: children, child, health, mental, light

How to get your children to eat more greens
Published June 12 2012
Concepts: children, food, how to, child, kids

Study: CT scans raise risk of brain cancer in children
Published June 12 2012
Concepts: cancer, CT scans, brain cancer, risk, radiation

Vaccine madness: New mumps jab cultured from dog kidneys linked to canine allergies
Published June 7 2012
Concepts: vaccine, mumps, dog, dog kidneys, canine

Dr. Oz caves to Big Pharma, pimps vaccines on public after admitting he does not necessarily even vaccinate his own children with every recommended vaccine
Published June 6 2012
Concepts: children, vaccines, vaccine, news, Big Pharma

School children suffering painful, unnecessary procedures to help greedy dentists meet Medicaid quotas
Published June 5 2012
Concepts: Medicaid, dentist, dentists, dental, children

Modern-day vaccines have their roots in Nazi medical experiments
Published June 4 2012
Concepts: vaccines, Nazi, vaccine, natural, NaturalNews

Flu shots to be pushed onto all children in public schools
Published June 4 2012
Concepts: flu, children, vaccine, ingredients, flu shots

ADHD: Misdiagnosed and overmedicated
Published June 4 2012
Concepts: adhd, child, medication, medications, children

Treat common childhood ailments with these effective homeopathic remedies
Published May 31 2012
Concepts: child, children, homeopathic, homeopathy, childhood

Fact or Fiction: School lunch programs equal child abuse
Published May 31 2012
Concepts: school, health, food, healthy, school lunch

Health benefits of breastfeeding are real - Here's the scientific proof
Published May 30 2012
Concepts: breastfeeding, child, benefits, scientific, health

Cell phones: 50 percent increase in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children
Published May 30 2012
Concepts: tumors, children, health, increase, cancer

Vitamin D in pregnancy may help prevent childhood obesity
Published May 30 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, pregnancy, child, childhood, fat

Before vaccinating your children, demand your doctor sign this form
Published May 29 2012
Concepts: vaccine, safe, doctor, warrant, vaccines

Red alert for humanity: Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations
Published May 24 2012
Concepts: chemical, generation, chemicals, exposure, damage

Gluten sensitivity in mothers linked to mental health issues for the child
Published May 19 2012
Concepts: gluten, sensitivity, schizophrenia, research, gluten sensitivity

At Disney World's 'Living with the Land' exhibit, teaching children about GMO agriculture is a fun activity for the whole family
Published May 14 2012
Concepts: Disney, GMO, children, agriculture, technology

Big Pharma wants you hooked on these six pharmaceuticals for life
Published May 14 2012
Concepts: drug, drugs, Big Pharma, pharmaceuticals, children

Dr. Rashid Buttar talks vaccines on the Robert Scott Bell Show
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: Robert Scott Bell, Rashid Buttar, men, vaccine, vaccines

Action Alert: California legislature passes AB 2109, making it more difficult for parents to opt out of vaccines for their children
Published May 11 2012
Concepts: California, vaccines, AB 2109, parents, children

Save our children from vaccines and conventional school systems
Published May 10 2012
Concepts: children, school, heal, child, vaccines

Study: Children who grow up on family farms and drink raw milk have fewer allergies, autoimmune disorders
Published May 9 2012
Concepts: farm, children, allergies, farms, milk

Chief executive of GAVI wants to 'immunize every kid on earth'
Published May 5 2012
Concepts: GAVI, children, child, vaccination, world

Breast-feeding could contribute to baby gut-health, new study finds
Published May 3 2012
Concepts: gut, health, study, gut health, bacteria

Health 'experts' propose over-the-counter contraceptives for children
Published May 1 2012
Concepts: UK, health, contraceptives, children, pill

USDA to issue new guidelines limiting amount of sugar, salt, and fat in foods sold at public schools
Published May 1 2012
Concepts: health, fat, food, foods, USDA

Vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over a hundred years
Published April 29 2012
Concepts: vaccines, fraud, medical, vaccine, vaccination

Obama administration withdraws farm child labor proposal after wave of internet outrage
Published April 28 2012
Concepts: farm, labor, Obama, Obama administration, children

Don't be misled about sharing your bed with your baby
Published April 27 2012
Concepts: babies, sleep, sleeping, parents, SIDS

Feds criminalizing small family farms under ridiculous 'labor laws' that target children
Published April 27 2012
Concepts: farm, farms, child, government, culture

How to properly choose your children's vitamins
Published April 27 2012
Concepts: vitamins, health, food, supplement, child

Birth defects are one-third more likely in babies conceived with IVF, according to studies
Published April 25 2012
Concepts: IVF, babies, birth, birth defects, risk

Many US hospitals, including children's hospitals, continue to serve McDonald's fast food in their cafeterias
Published April 25 2012
Concepts: hospitals, food, hospital, McDonald's, fast food

Clarification: Breastfeeding isn't porn; it's perfectly natural
Published April 23 2012
Concepts: porn, breastfeeding, child, children, infants

Spike in US autism rates linked to high-fructose corn syrup consumption
Published April 22 2012
Concepts: autism, corn syrup, corn, food, rates

Australian doctors still administering banned flu vaccine to children
Published April 21 2012
Concepts: flu, banned, children, vaccine, doctors

Dental x-rays can cause brain tumors
Published April 20 2012
Concepts: dental, X-rays, brain, dental x-rays, health

The Health Ranger interviews neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock on mandatory vaccine trials, fraudulent vaccine science and vaccine ethics
Published April 20 2012
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, health, Health Ranger, child

Pets are good for child health
Published April 18 2012
Concepts: child, pets, children, dog, health

Unconstitutional New York bills would give children the right to consent to vaccines
Published April 17 2012
Concepts: children, vaccine, child, consent, bills

Dover Air Force Base ordered to restart water fluoridation
Published April 13 2012
Concepts: water, Dover, Air Force base, fluoride, fluoridation

Pregnant women: Are cell phones and laptops safe to use?
Published April 11 2012
Concepts: laptops, cell phones, safe, laptop, cell phone

It's trendy to have cancer: Barbie to roll out 'cancer doll' with bald head, chemo side effects
Published April 11 2012
Concepts: Barbie, cancer, news, children, chemotherapy

Dr. Andrew Wakefield reveals real story behind vaccines, autism and more
Published April 10 2012
Concepts: Andrew Wakefield, vaccines, vaccine, autism, Robert Scott Bell

Donald Trump publicly links vaccines to autism
Published April 6 2012
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, autism, child, children

Vaccine failure admitted: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated
Published April 4 2012
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, WHO, whooping cough, children

78 percent increase in childhood autism rates over past decade coincides with sharp uptick in vaccination schedules
Published April 3 2012
Concepts: autism, vaccine, vaccines, children, rates

Dirty kids are healthy kids - the Hygiene Hypothesis
Published April 3 2012
Concepts: kids, child, disease, research, healthy

FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: vaccines, FDA, mercury, vaccine, thimerosal

Health Basics: The 11 most toxic vaccine ingredients and their side effects
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, form, ingredients, toxic

Swine flu vaccines cause 17-fold increase in narcolepsy, horrified scientists discover
Published March 29 2012
Concepts: narcolepsy, flu, children, increase, scientists

Hospital workers call police to seize newborn baby, throw momma out of the building, assault child with dangerous vaccines
Published March 29 2012
Concepts: hospital, child, baby, police, workers

A hundred Trayvons a day - Why the real murder of blacks is carried out by pharmaceutical companies, vaccines and cancer clinics
Published March 26 2012
Concepts: America, men, cancer, people, blacks

Monsanto wants to brainwash your children with 'Biotechnology Basics Activity Book'
Published March 25 2012
Concepts: children, Monsanto, biotechnology, natural, Roundup

Neurosurgeon issues public challenge to vaccine zealots: Inject yourselves with all shots you say children should get!
Published March 23 2012
Concepts: vaccine, children, vaccines, challenge, immunity

TSA terrorizes wheelchair-bound three-year-old traveling with his family to Disney World
Published March 23 2012
Concepts: TSA, Disney, wheelchair, family, traveling

Attorney challenges pediatrician's attack on vaccine religious exemptions
Published March 21 2012
Concepts: vaccine, child, kids, vaccines, children

Millions of young, simply immature children being misdiagnosed with ADHD
Published March 20 2012
Concepts: children, misdiagnosed, adhd, WHO, diagnosis

Medical terrorism in Michigan? Parents forced by the state to poison their child with cancer-causing chemicals
Published March 19 2012
Concepts: child, medical, parents, chemotherapy, children

How to fight the epidemic of 'picky eating' among your children
Published March 17 2012
Concepts: food, children, epidemic, child, how to

Are fruit juices a healthy alternative to soda?
Published March 15 2012
Concepts: fruit, juices, healthy, juice, fruit juices

Hemp Can Save the World - new music video rocks the 'net with upbeat message about the hemp agricultural revolution
Published March 14 2012
Concepts: hemp, world, seeds, free, save the world

New Jersey children nearly poisoned to death with pharmacy fluoride pills
Published March 13 2012
Concepts: fluoride, pill, pharmacy, children, pills

ALERT: California's AB 2109 Would Make Doctors Gatekeepers for Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions!
Published March 11 2012
Concepts: vaccine, doctors, AB 2109, health, beliefs

Toxic China: Widespread lead pollution is poisoning children
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: lead, china, pollution, children, poisoning

Vermont Legislature: Keep the Vaccine Philosophical Exemption
Published March 8 2012
Concepts: vaccine, 5, vaccines, Vermont, autism

Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law
Published March 8 2012
Concepts: men, mental, children, health, child

Common pesticides double children's risk of ADHD
Published March 6 2012
Concepts: pesticides, children, pesticide, child, adhd

How services like Netflix (in moderation) could help parents break the junk food propaganda stranglehold
Published March 5 2012
Concepts: food, child, propaganda, parents, children

The great government hoax of public safety
Published March 1 2012
Concepts: men, government, safe, safety, public safety

Chiropractic treatments improve sensory-processing disorders
Published February 29 2012
Concepts: chiropractic, natural, NaturalNews, child, SPD

Pediatrician's refusal to treat unvaccinated kids: Legal and ethical ramifications
Published February 28 2012
Concepts: vaccine, child, legal, 5, unvaccinated

Life-threatening infectious disease responds better to homeopathy than allopathic medicine
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: homeopathy, man, homeopathic, disease, medicine

Vaccine exemptions: Do they really put others at risk?
Published February 18 2012
Concepts: vaccine, children, child, risk, immunity

Arrogant doctors refusing to provide health care services to parents who refuse vaccines
Published February 18 2012
Concepts: doctors, vaccine, WHO, health, vaccines

Taxpayers slapped with $32 billion bill to pay for TSA molestation of their children and seniors
Published February 17 2012
Concepts: TSA, taxpayers, molestation, travel, children

Ron Paul reintroduces Parental Consent Act, prohibiting federal funding for psychiatric screening of children
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: child, parental consent, screening, psychiatric screening, health

U.S. schoolchildren now subjected to sack lunch searches by government agents who enforce nutritional insanity
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: school, child, lunch, children, government

Babies fed solid foods more likely to develop healthy eating habits
Published February 14 2012
Concepts: food, foods, child, health, healthy

Eugenics alert: Oncologists now pushing toxic chemotherapy for pregnant women
Published February 14 2012
Concepts: chemotherapy, eugenics, oncologists, women, pregnant women

USA censorship on the rise as YouTube censors video critical of government; Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch
Published February 13 2012
Concepts: video, YouTube, government, news, TSA

The 10 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency you need to recognize
Published February 10 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency, symptoms, disease, cancer

Government overhaul of school lunch program will not affect the rising rate of obesity in children
Published February 10 2012
Concepts: obesity, government, health, school, children

Roughhousing with your kids keeps them emotionally intelligent, ethical and physically fit
Published February 10 2012
Concepts: children, child, kids, play time, life

Breastfeeding absolutely vital for strengthening the developing lungs of children, research finds
Published February 9 2012
Concepts: lungs, breastfeeding, children, research, asthma

Anesthesia may cause ADHD and Brain Damage
Published February 2 2012
Concepts: adhd, anesthesia, brain, brain damage, children

GSK fined measly $90,000 by Argentine court for killing 14 babies in illegal vaccine trials; drug giant actually appealing
Published January 31 2012
Concepts: GSK, vaccine, babies, vaccine trials, illegal

Health lifestyle changes are being used by many parents as first-line ADHD treatment
Published January 26 2012
Concepts: parents, health, lifestyle, adhd, child

High fructose corn syrup linked to cardiovascular disease in children, teens
Published January 24 2012
Concepts: fructose, children, health, disease, cardiovascular disease

Avoid antibiotics - There are alternatives
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: antibiotics, infections, infection, avoid, children

Health insurance company preys upon the poor with junk food reward program for vaccinating your baby
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: child, health, vaccine, food, vaccines

LA school district students would rather starve than eat healthy menu items
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: school, students, healthy menu, health, healthy

Low vitamin D levels linked to depression in children
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: depression, Vitamin D, children, men, risk

Was teen prodigy Arfa Karim Randhawa's tragic death caused by pesticides or vaccines?
Published January 16 2012
Concepts: 5, pesticides, pesticide, vaccines, NaturalNews

Snoop Dogg's marijuana drug bust highlights idiocy of the failed War on Drugs
Published January 10 2012
Concepts: drug, Marijuana, drugs, war, DEA

Sugary drink ads target black and Latino children and teens
Published December 28 2011
Concepts: children, Latino, sugar, teens, marketing

The top 10 health freedom stories of 2011
Published December 28 2011
Concepts: news, natural, NaturalNews, food, raw

Fish makes infants less vulnerable to allergies
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: fish, infants, children, risk, 5

Consumer Wellness Center invests in the nutritional future of children through cash awards from its 2012 Nutrition Education Grant Program
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: nutrition, wellness, education, Consumer Wellness Center, consumer wellness

Canadian judge rules SSRI antidepressants like Prozac can cause children to commit murder
Published December 18 2011
Concepts: children, Prozac, judge, murder, drug

Saga of 12-year-old foster boy reveals state's psychiatric drug abuse of children
Published December 16 2011
Concepts: drug, child, abuse, children, drugs

Low vitamin D in children behind current explosion of new diabetes cases
Published December 15 2011
Concepts: children, Vitamin D, diabetes, health, weight

Film review: Consuming Kids - a must-see documentary for all parents
Published December 14 2011
Concepts: child, children, film, kids, documentary

CDC establishes vaccine 'task forces' in local communities to intimidate parents of unvaccinated children, coerce them into compliance
Published December 11 2011
Concepts: vaccine, CDC, parents, children, communities

Picky eater children more prone to allergies due to food repetition, suggest studies
Published December 10 2011
Concepts: children, allergies, food, allergy, foods

Hallmark now distributing vaccine shot compliance cards targeting newborns across America
Published December 9 2011
Concepts: vaccine, Hallmark, vaccines, newborns, child

New research finds possible reason for obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics in kids: lack of vitamin D
Published December 6 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, diabetes, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, research

Medical mafia in Australia to force parents to medicate ADHD children
Published November 29 2011
Concepts: Australia, medical, drug, adhd, parents

Study: Children drink same amount of soda regardless of whether or not it is available at school
Published November 24 2011
Concepts: children, soda, school, SAMe, study

Your baby monitor may not be protecting your child
Published November 24 2011
Concepts: baby, baby monitor, children, child, EMF

Nutrition and genetics - Diet and breastfeeding affect brain function of child
Published November 22 2011
Concepts: acid, genetics, nutrition, fatty acids, breastfeeding

Trickle-down tyranny - why ordinary people in positions of local power are adopting tactics of tyrants
Published November 22 2011
Concepts: people, tyranny, America, trickle-down tyranny, ice

Protecting our children's health on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour
Published November 17 2011
Concepts: NaturalNews, child, children's health, children, autism

The CDC betrays the public trust
Published November 17 2011
Concepts: men, vaccine, CDC, child, WHO

Beat seasonal allergies naturally (opinion)
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: allergies, seasonal, seasonal allergies, naturally, foods

How to treat colds naturally
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: colds, form, how to, flu, herb

Federal government now says all young children should get cholesterol screenings
Published November 13 2011
Concepts: children, cholesterol, young children, drug, government

Six reasons to homeschool your children
Published November 10 2011
Concepts: school, home, children, child, reasons

Potential loophole in vaccine law could mandate vaccines in children during declared emergency
Published November 7 2011
Concepts: quarantine, health, children, emergency, vaccine

Truth comes out: 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic 'deaths' of children were actually caused by MRSA
Published November 7 2011
Concepts: children, child, flu, MRSA, H1N1

Government response to ongoing Fukushima radiation? Deafening silence
Published November 4 2011
Concepts: Fukushima, radiation, nuclear, government, 2011

Saying no to fluoride
Published November 3 2011
Concepts: fluoride, water, people, men, report

Understand and treat hyperactivity naturally
Published November 1 2011
Concepts: child, hyperactivity, children, behavior, adhd

Shock vaccine study reveals influenza vaccines only prevent the flu in 1.5 out of 100 adults (not 60% as you've been told)
Published October 27 2011
Concepts: vaccine, flu, vaccines, study, 5

Federal government wants to jab healthy children with untested anthrax vaccine just to see if it works
Published October 26 2011
Concepts: vaccine, Anthrax, children, healthy, federal

Finnish government to cover lifetime of medical costs for children permanently injured by swine flu vaccine
Published October 24 2011
Concepts: flu, children, swine flu, government, costs

Media pushes 'success' of experimental GSK malaria vaccine while ignoring deadly side effects
Published October 23 2011
Concepts: vaccine, Malaria, GSK, media, experimental

My Ecstasy - connection with nature and thoughts on the modern world
Published October 22 2011
Concepts: medicine, love, nature, ecstasy, connection

Protect our children - Teach them how to avoid the onslaught of STD vaccinations
Published October 17 2011
Concepts: children, child, STD, vaccination, vaccinations

Regulation gone wild: European children to be prohibited from blowing up balloons, playing with party whistles
Published October 14 2011
Concepts: children, regulation, party, safety regulations, regulators

Stop the Walgreens flu shot harassment! Employees rewarded with iPads for meeting vaccination recruitment goals?
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: flu, Walgreens, vaccine, flu shot, vaccines

Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: children, unvaccinated, unvaccinated children, health, disease

Natural Solutions for Autism on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: autism, solutions, child, NaturalNews, children

Did Merck buy off California legislators who voted to pass AB499 vaccination consent bill?
Published October 12 2011
Concepts: California, legislators, Merck, consent, WHO

Jerry Brown legalizes 12-year-old children giving 'consent' to Gardasil vaccine injections, but bans tanning beds for those under 18
Published October 10 2011
Concepts: vaccine, children, child, Jerry Brown, Gardasil

Conclusive link now admitted: swine flu vaccine causes chronic nervous system disorders
Published October 8 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, WHO, harm, flu

Study: Vegetarian diet may help children stay fit, avoid obesity
Published October 8 2011
Concepts: diet, children, vegetarian, vegetarian diet, meat

Shy children now candidates for dangerous psychiatric drugs
Published October 5 2011
Concepts: children, dangerous, drug, shy children, disorder

Bad for baby - Hazardous hidden chemicals lurk in the personal care products of children
Published October 5 2011
Concepts: baby, products, skin, chemicals, personal care

Warning to parents: Anesthesia used in surgical procedures for babies and toddlers causes learning disabilities
Published October 3 2011
Concepts: anesthesia, child, learning, children, toddlers

The root cause of crime (Opinion)
Published October 1 2011
Concepts: crime, WHO, people, crimes, wealth

CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program
Published September 28 2011
Concepts: vaccine, CDC, child, vaccines, immunization

Humane pediatrics and autism
Published September 28 2011
Concepts: vaccine, autism, child, children, pediatrics

What the vaccine industry won't admit about the dangers of vaccination
Published September 23 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, dangers, medicine, men

US pediatrician doctor raped dozens of children, toddlers and called it medical care
Published September 21 2011
Concepts: pediatrician, doctor, medical, children, toddlers

Pharma-backed legislation to allow secret vaccinations of children without parental consent about to become law in California
Published September 20 2011
Concepts: parental consent, children, vaccinations, legislation, vaccine

Technology can seriously damage your health
Published September 19 2011
Concepts: world, 5, people, technology, damage

Prenatal exposure to common chemicals called phthalates linked to brain damage
Published September 8 2011
Concepts: phthalates, prenatal exposure, prenatal, brain, mental

BMJ had secret financial ties to Merck during publication of articles attacking Wakefield
Published September 7 2011
Concepts: vaccine, Merck, BMJ, medical, financial ties

Investigation panel concludes U.S. government conspired with doctors to commit murderous medical experiments in Guatemala
Published September 1 2011
Concepts: medical, experiments, vaccine, medical experiments, government

Nearly half of children living in Fukushima region have radioactive iodine in their thyroid glands
Published August 31 2011
Concepts: thyroid, iodine, radioactive iodine, radioactive, Fukushima

NaturalNews exposes secret vaccine industry ties and military involvement with Institute of Medicine, reveals fatal conflicts of interest at IoM
Published August 29 2011
Concepts: vaccine, man, vaccines, news, NaturalNews

Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems
Published August 28 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, report, medical, natural

The epidemic of medical child abuse - and what can be done about it
Published August 26 2011
Concepts: child, drug, children, 5, drugs

BMJ admits that fraud claim against Dr. Andrew Wakefield has no basis in fact
Published August 25 2011
Concepts: Andrew Wakefield, BMJ, vaccine, fraud, medical

Pregnant women now being dosed with toxic chemotherapy drugs
Published August 24 2011
Concepts: chemotherapy, cancer, women, pregnancy, pregnant women

What they won't admit about measles outbreaks: Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated
Published August 22 2011
Concepts: measles, WHO, MMR, outbreak, vaccination

Starvation and Obesity
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: magnesium, leptin, insulin, obesity, body

Boost the IQ of your child with natural diet and lifestyle (Opinion)
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: child, natural, diet, IQ, lifestyle

Indictment of vaccine researcher demands review of published scientific conclusions
Published August 17 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccination, children, scientific, review

Study: Children who take antibiotics more prone to contracting 'superbugs'
Published August 16 2011
Concepts: antibiotics, WHO, children, antibiotic, MRSA

Twisted web of lies in Godboldo Case: Big Pharma, multiple agencies, judge, DHS all profit from child abduction
Published August 15 2011
Concepts: child, Big Pharma, drug, children, judge

UNICEF using African refugee crisis to target 300,000 Kenyan children for vaccination
Published August 13 2011
Concepts: children, child, UNICEF, health, vaccines

Natural remedies help eczema sufferers (Opinion)
Published August 12 2011
Concepts: eczema, natural remedies, natural, oil, children

Pediatricians trying to obliterate parent's right to refuse vaccinations for children
Published August 11 2011
Concepts: vaccinations, vaccination, pediatricians, vaccine, child

Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo found in neglect for refusing to medicate daughter with psychiatric drugs
Published August 11 2011
Concepts: child, daughter, Maryanne Godboldo, detroit, neglect

Industry-funded study flawed: ADHD, stimulant drugs linked to heart disease and death, says doctor
Published August 2 2011
Concepts: drugs, death, drug, study, children

Guide to Pesticides in Produce - EWG releases new edition
Published July 29 2011
Concepts: pesticide, pesticides, NIH, produce, organic

Vitamin D deficiency causes mental disorders in children
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, deficiency, mental disorders, mental, vitamin D deficiency

Psychiatric disease labeling of children exposed as scam by non-profit group
Published July 26 2011
Concepts: children, labeling, child, disease, drug

Dangerous levels of lead found in many garden hoses
Published July 25 2011
Concepts: lead, garden, soil, water, dangerous

Gates Foundation partner forces vaccines on Malawian children at gunpoint, arrests parents
Published July 23 2011
Concepts: gunpoint, children, vaccines, child, health

The mass overmedication of foster children with psychiatric drugs
Published July 22 2011
Concepts: children, child, foster children, overmedication, prescription

US pediatrician suggests government should take obese children away from their parents
Published July 19 2011
Concepts: children, child, obese, parents, food

Ten-year-old boy hangs himself after taking Ritalin and Prozac
Published July 18 2011
Concepts: ritalin, child, health, adhd, drug

Antidepressant use during pregnancy linked to increased risk of autism
Published July 18 2011
Concepts: pregnancy, risk, autism, health, safe

US pediatrician suggests government should take obese children away from their parents
Published July 18 2011
Concepts: children, child, obese, food, parents

Junk food ads on TV strongly influence children's eating habits
Published July 16 2011
Concepts: food, children, junk food, health, food ads

7 reasons schools should NOT mandate vaccines
Published July 14 2011
Concepts: vaccine, child, vaccines, children, 5

TSA lied: Agency still molesting young children after promising officials it would stop
Published July 12 2011
Concepts: young children, TSA, security, King, lawmakers

Cruel Medical Radiation
Published July 7 2011
Concepts: radiation, cancer, women, medicine, patients

Reduce your exposure to cancer-causing petrochemicals
Published July 5 2011
Concepts: exposure, chemicals, products, cancer, pesticide

Diabetic Ignorance
Published July 4 2011
Concepts: diabetes, diabetic, medicine, book, disease

Japan to give dosimeters to children living near Fukushima
Published July 4 2011
Concepts: Japan, children, dosimeters, radiation, living

The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines
Published June 29 2011
Concepts: SV40, cancer, virus, vaccine, polio

TSA claims it will soon stop molesting little children, but not adults, veterans or senior citizens
Published June 24 2011
Concepts: TSA, children, the TSA, claims, adults

Psychiatrists with corrupt pasts found working in juvenile justice facilities and doping children
Published June 24 2011
Concepts: men, psychiatrists, justice, juvenile justice, child

Minimizing Vaccine Side Effects
Published June 23 2011
Concepts: vaccine, pets, oil, fish, vaccination

Radiation is Already Killing Babies
Published June 17 2011
Concepts: radiation, men, child, children, mercury

Health experts announce 5 ways to protect children from toxic chemicals
Published June 17 2011
Concepts: children, health, toxic, experts, health experts

Greedy medical specialists refuse to treat most children with serious health problems if they have public insurance
Published June 15 2011
Concepts: children, insurance, health, child, medical

Genesis Today donates truckloads of superfruit beverages to children in need
Published June 14 2011
Concepts: Genesis Today, beverages, children, juice, superfruits

Stealth Vaccine Laws Allow Children to Consent to Vaccines
Published June 12 2011
Concepts: child, consent, children, laws, vaccine

Children are dissociated from the natural world due to focus on internet, Xbox and TV
Published June 6 2011
Concepts: children, nature, natural, world, focus

78 percent of Pakistani children with polio were given polio vaccines
Published June 2 2011
Concepts: polio, Pakistan, vaccine, children, cases

Doctors needlessly prescribe one million antibiotics a year to children with asthma
Published May 29 2011
Concepts: antibiotics, children, doctors, asthma, antibiotic

Psych doctors took money from drug companies to medicate children in juvenile jails
Published May 26 2011
Concepts: drug, children, companies, drug companies, doctors

Vaccine rights attorney responds to school vaccine contest
Published May 25 2011
Concepts: vaccine, school, contest, vaccines, 5

The dangers of artificial food colors
Published May 25 2011
Concepts: food, color, 5, food color, health

Are american children to be used in medical experiments to test anthrax vaccine?
Published May 24 2011
Concepts: vaccine, children, Anthrax, men, medical experiments

CPS involved in child trafficking? Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter
Published May 24 2011
Concepts: child, CPS, daughter, Maryanne Godboldo, child protective services

Florida legislature refuses to regulate mercury in vaccines
Published May 18 2011
Concepts: mercury, vaccines, vaccine, Florida, thimerosal

Government vaccine compensation payouts prove autism link
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: autism, vaccine, government, vaccines, study

Readers stunned to learn that conventional scientists don't believe in mind, spirit, free will or consciousness
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: mind, science, conscious, human, free

GM soy destroying children
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: soy, GM soy, GMO, food, organic

NC school district to give away iPod, laptop to children who participate in vaccination contest
Published May 9 2011
Concepts: vaccine, iPod, school, WHO, vaccination

Children's brains needlessly exposed to cancer-linked radiation
Published May 9 2011
Concepts: child, children, WHO, brains, radiation

Do your children need nutritional supplements? Part II
Published May 7 2011
Concepts: children, child, supplement, kids, food

High levels of cadmium found in jewelry for children
Published May 5 2011
Concepts: jewelry, cadmium, health, children, toxic

ADD and ADHD symptoms can be a sign of excess sugar and boredom
Published May 2 2011
Concepts: sugar, adhd, child, symptoms, children

Hypocritical pediatricians push for stricter chemical laws at the same time they inject babies with toxic vaccines
Published April 30 2011
Concepts: chemical, toxic, chemicals, SAMe, laws

Excessive computer use linked to illicit behavior in children, say researchers
Published April 30 2011
Concepts: behavior, children, study, 5, television

Detroit mother's heroism sends message to all parents: Say "no" to child drugging
Published April 26 2011
Concepts: child, drug, detroit, children, Risperdal

Napolitano says TSA inappropriately touching a 6-year-old was completely professional
Published April 25 2011
Concepts: TSA, Napolitano, children, security, child

Why children are at a greater risk of toxic overload
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: children, child, toxic, risk, brain

Three new studies reveal children are dumbed down by pesticide exposure in womb
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: pesticide, exposure, children, intelligence, studies

Drug injection delays puberty
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: drug, child, sex, drugs, children

Vibrant babies and children - Embrace a balanced live food diet for growing bodies
Published April 17 2011
Concepts: diet, food, children, child, raw

National Gardening Month - Ten reasons to grow your own food
Published April 17 2011
Concepts: gardening, garden, food, National Gardening Month, reasons

The Maryanne Godboldo question: When do parents have the right to shoot back against state-sponsored kidnappers?
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: Maryanne Godboldo, WHO, action, gun, child

Detroit SWAT team assaults African American mom who refused to medicate her daughter with antipsychotic drugs
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: daughter, WHO, child, SWAT, medication

Responsible TV and Internet advertising needed to reduce childhood obesity
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: food, internet, advertising, kids, child

Children exploited for profit using fictitious mental disorders
Published April 7 2011
Concepts: children, child, adhd, drug, mental

Apple pectin used for radiation protection after Chernobyl
Published April 6 2011
Concepts: pectin, apple, apple pectin, radiation, protection

Fresh spinach too dangerous for children, says microbiologist
Published April 2 2011
Concepts: spinach, dangerous, children, bacteria, E. coli

Mainstream media and Institute of Medicine miss mark in reducing childhood obesity (Opinion)
Published April 2 2011
Concepts: obesity, child, food, childhood, media

British doctors illegally prescribe ADHD drugs to children as young as four
Published April 1 2011
Concepts: children, drugs, adhd, ADHD drugs, doctors

New study supports link between diet and ADHD
Published March 30 2011
Concepts: diet, adhd, study, children, 5

Vegan parents charged in death of baby raised on mother's milk; facing 30 years in prison
Published March 29 2011
Concepts: vegan, baby, parents, diet, food

Nuclear Situation Not Safe
Published March 29 2011
Concepts: radiation, nuclear, Japan, men, safe

Heal autism from the inside out
Published March 29 2011
Concepts: autism, heal, child, healing, children

More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of doing business
Published March 24 2011
Concepts: vaccine, babies, vaccines, cost, Japan

Popular characters on food packaging may determine taste preferences of children
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: children, food, taste, packaging, food packaging

Study: 700,000 people, mostly children, end up in ER every year for pharmaceutical drug poisoning
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: drug, children, poison, people, poisoning

Provide a safer, healthier Easter with homemade egg dyes and other healthy tips
Published March 20 2011
Concepts: eggs, oil, Easter, health, healthy

Cartoon characters manipulate how kids make food choices
Published March 19 2011
Concepts: children, food, cartoon, kids, cartoon characters

A Nuclear Nightmare Approaches as Japan Situation Worsens
Published March 18 2011
Concepts: Japan, nuclear, men, radiation, safe

Iodine for Radiation Exposure: Practical Solutions You Need to Know
Published March 16 2011
Concepts: iodine, radiation, radioactive, thyroid, form

Sesame Street promotes incorrect nutritional advice (Opinion)
Published March 16 2011
Concepts: food, foods, superfoods, health, Sesame Street

The Decade of Vaccines - Bill Gates continues his attempt to gain support
Published March 15 2011
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, Bill Gates, child, health

A single homeopathic medicine converts a skeptical doctor
Published March 15 2011
Concepts: homeopathy, home, medicine, homeopathic, homeopathic medicine

Probiotics help children with constipation, colds and belly aches
Published March 14 2011
Concepts: probiotics, constipation, children, probiotic, colds

Prenatal, perinatal and postnatal antibiotics may threaten the health of your child
Published March 14 2011
Concepts: antibiotics, antibiotic, health, gut, child

Study: Living on a farm helps prevent asthma, allergies
Published March 7 2011
Concepts: asthma, farm, living, farms, children

Japan halts vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi after deaths of four children
Published March 7 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, child, deaths, children

Vaccine Epidemic book a powerful weapon in fighting back against pro-vaccine propaganda
Published March 4 2011
Concepts: vaccine, book, epidemic, children, vaccine epidemic

More proof of hygiene theory - exposure to microbes help kids breathe better
Published March 3 2011
Concepts: asthma, exposure, kids, children, hygiene theory

The mercury poisoning of our bodies and planet
Published March 1 2011
Concepts: mercury, toxic, poisoning, medicine, autism

Local and organic food, farming: Here's the gold standard
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: food, organic, farm, chemical, fertilizer

Vaccines found to activate moron genes that cause further belief in vaccines (satire)
Published February 27 2011
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, moron, brain, genes

Low vitamin D linked to allergies in children
Published February 27 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, allergies, children, allergens, allergy

Respen-A and Autism - An Important Treatment To Consider For Anyone On The Autism-Spectrum
Published February 26 2011
Concepts: Respen-A, autism, treatment, therapy, serotonin

The hidden tyranny: children diagnosed and drugged for profit
Published February 24 2011
Concepts: children, drugs, child, disorder, adhd

Why fevers can actually be good for you
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: fever, fevers, child, infection, health

U.S. Supreme Court denies parents of vaccine damaged children their right to seek justice
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: vaccine, children, child, parents, government

Supreme Court and Pharmaceutical Terrorism
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: vaccine, men, Supreme Court, medicine, child

Junk food can lead to lower IQ in children
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: food, IQ, junk food, foods, diet

Poor childhood diet lowers intelligence in later life
Published February 21 2011
Concepts: diet, intelligence, childhood, health, life

Ten ways public school destroys free thinking (Opinion)
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: school, free, thinking, child, children

Food affects behavior
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: food, child, diet, adhd, children

Preschoolers watch too much TV
Published February 19 2011
Concepts: child, preschoolers, children, school, television

Elimination diet results in significant improvement of ADHD symptoms
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: adhd, diet, children, results, improvement

Vaccine philosophical exemptions: A moral and ethical imperative
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, 5, disease, man

The face of a poisoned man - the human cost of pesticides
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: pesticide, pesticides, child, children, exposure

Take vitamin D during pregnancy for your baby
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, pregnancy, baby, 5, child

New book: Vaccine Epidemic becomes best seller
Published February 15 2011
Concepts: vaccine, epidemic, book, vaccine epidemic, health

Pediatricians warn about seizures from energy drinks, but not vaccines
Published February 14 2011
Concepts: pediatricians, energy, vaccines, energy drinks, child

Homeopathy for children's emotional health
Published February 14 2011
Concepts: child, emotional, WHO, children, homeopathy

Probiotics improve health of children, but AAP plays it down with skepticism
Published February 11 2011
Concepts: probiotics, children, health, probiotic, improve

CF light bulbs a serious health hazard to women and children due to mercury content
Published February 10 2011
Concepts: mercury, health, light bulbs, light, women

Pesticides inhibit proper childhood development
Published February 10 2011
Concepts: children, pesticides, childhood, exposure, problems

Science journal admits that vaccinating adults against whooping cough may be a total waste of money
Published February 9 2011
Concepts: adults, whooping cough, science, waste, WHO

Dr Andrew Wakefield speaks on the structure of scientific revolutions: Vaccines, viruses and evolution
Published February 9 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, scientific, science, WHO

Candy bars recalled after tests reveal lead contamination
Published February 9 2011
Concepts: lead, candy, candy bars, tests, toxic

Iron, folic acid supplements during pregnancy make kids smarter
Published February 8 2011
Concepts: acid, folic acid, supplements, pregnancy, intelligence

Infant death rate falls after drug companies stop selling cough medicines for children under two
Published February 7 2011
Concepts: children, child, medicines, cough medicines, companies

Bike riding commute increases test scores
Published February 5 2011
Concepts: exercise, increase, cognitive function, bike riding, school

Popular infant juices loaded with toxic fluoride
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: juices, toxic, fluoridation, news, water

Conversation With a Medical Student
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: vaccine, medical, child, children, vaccines

Sick Brains in Teens - Is There A Root Cause?
Published February 3 2011
Concepts: disorder, 5, child, children, vaccine

Are MMR vaccines dangerous for children? Dr Suzanne Humphries urges parents to get informed
Published February 2 2011
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, Suzanne Humphries, dangerous, news

NaturalNews exclusive: International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting report
Published February 1 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, child, NaturalNews, children

Tonsillectomies cause kids to gain excess weight
Published February 1 2011
Concepts: tonsils, gain, kids, weight, weight gain

Doctors in training taught to physically violate unconscious patients (explicit)
Published January 30 2011
Concepts: medical, patients, students, doctors, unconscious

President Obama's TSA betrays constitution
Published January 28 2011
Concepts: TSA, heal, Constitution, President, children

Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts
Published January 26 2011
Concepts: child, BMJ, Brian Deer, medical, vaccine

Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud
Published January 26 2011
Concepts: BMJ, vaccine, Dr Wakefield, autism, medical

Vaccine Wars Continue
Published January 24 2011
Concepts: vaccine, report, children, medicine, medical

Flu vaccine causing infant seizures; FDA to investigate
Published January 21 2011
Concepts: vaccine, seizures, FDA, flu, flu vaccine

Seasonal flu vaccine fairy tale rapidly collapsing as the truth comes out
Published January 18 2011
Concepts: vaccine, flu, flu vaccine, vaccines, seasonal

Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines
Published January 17 2011
Concepts: vaccines, Bill Gates, babies, vaccine, children

Homeopathic treatment for ear infections is superior to antibiotic treatment and placebo
Published January 15 2011
Concepts: homeopathic, treatment, home, ear infections, antibiotic

Eating together as a family reduces chances of drug and smoking addiction in kids
Published January 14 2011
Concepts: family, eating, drug, addiction, child

In wake of Giffords shooting, the mere act of questioning the government now being demonized
Published January 9 2011
Concepts: men, government, people, violence, Giffords

Breastfed babies make stronger, healthier adolescents
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: babies, child, children, breastfeeding, muscle

Scientists uncover truth about fluoride and other water contaminants
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, drinking, chromium, health

Vitamin supplements could save children from measles and diarrhea deaths
Published January 6 2011
Concepts: measles, children, diarrhea, vitamin A, supplements

Fluoride means lower IQs and more mental retardation
Published January 6 2011
Concepts: fluoride, children, water, mental, village

Study: Children exposed to far too much radiation from imaging scans
Published January 5 2011
Concepts: children, radiation, exposed, child, CT scans

Federal disability program induces child drugging in low-income families
Published January 4 2011
Concepts: child, drug, children, drugs, drugging

Pesticides used in California 'salad bowl' growing region destroying health of workers, children
Published January 2 2011
Concepts: pesticides, child, workers, children, health

More than 25 percent of children now on chronic prescription medications
Published December 31 2010
Concepts: children, prescription, drug, drugs, medication

Thimerosal-free childhood vaccines still suspect in autism
Published December 30 2010
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, autism, childhood, childhood vaccines

Junk science alert: researchers declare alternative therapies dangerous to children based on scant evidence
Published December 28 2010
Concepts: children, therapies, alternative, child, researchers

Iron, folic acid supplementation during pregnancy results in children with better motor skills
Published December 27 2010
Concepts: acid, folic acid, children, pregnancy, supplementation

Children around the world benefit from Consumer Wellness Center nutrition grants
Published December 23 2010
Concepts: nutrition, children, program, wellness, food

Study: fluoridated water causes brain damage in children
Published December 23 2010
Concepts: fluoride, brain damage, water, brain, causes

People often mistake sugary sports drinks as healthy
Published December 21 2010
Concepts: sports, sports drinks, healthy, health, sports drink

FDA reconsidering safety of mercury fillings, but panel may be rigged from the start
Published December 15 2010
Concepts: mercury, mercury fillings, FDA, safe, toxic

Antibiotics are not needed for ear infections in children
Published December 15 2010
Concepts: antibiotics, infections, ear infections, infection, antibiotic

General Mills cuts sugar content in children's cereals but still uses GMOs
Published December 13 2010
Concepts: General Mills, sugar, cereals, health, food

Parents can't seem to figure out right medicine dosage for their children
Published December 11 2010
Concepts: medicine, parents, children, child, researchers

Obama administration urges armed forces, public school children to eat as much Gulf seafood as possible
Published December 9 2010
Concepts: gulf, seafood, Gulf seafood, armed forces, school

Lack of vitamin D makes kids fat
Published December 7 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, kids, obesity, fat, body

High levels of lead and cadmium found in the drinking glasses of children
Published December 6 2010
Concepts: lead, cadmium, drinking, glass, drinking glasses

Sesame Street rolls out superfood muppets sponsored by Merck
Published December 5 2010
Concepts: Sesame Street, food, superfood, SAMe, muppets

Poor labeling on children's medications causing overdoses
Published December 2 2010
Concepts: medicine, medicines, children, medications, labeling

One million children misdiagnosed with ADHD
Published December 1 2010
Concepts: children, adhd, misdiagnosed, child, 5

Psychiatric researcher pleads guilty to research fraud
Published November 29 2010
Concepts: research, guilty, Paxil, fraud, child

Mother of Gardasil victim becomes health activist
Published November 29 2010
Concepts: Gardasil, health, rosemary, vaccine, children

Soda pop industry branded baby bottles with soft drink logos
Published November 28 2010
Concepts: soda, bottles, baby, baby bottles, bottle

Cough, cold medicines could kill your child
Published November 23 2010
Concepts: medicines, children, medicine, cold medicines, products

Fast-food companies aggressively target kids, says comprehensive study
Published November 23 2010
Concepts: food, companies, kids, marketing, study

Younger schoolchildren more likely to be falsely diagnosed with ADHD
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: schoolchildren, child, younger, adhd, WHO

Baby milk formula makes children fat, study finds
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: baby, milk, fat, study, children

Educated families increasingly refusing vaccinations
Published November 15 2010
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, intelligence, children, studies

Statins prove useless, ineffective in children with lupus
Published November 13 2010
Concepts: children, statins, useless, drugs, Lupus

Thousands of Indonesian children and babies are chain smokers
Published November 11 2010
Concepts: children, smoking, child, babies, Indonesia

Happy Meal ban may not do much to actually cure obesity
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: Happy Meal, ban, obesity, cure, children

Drugging the children in America: 84 percent of ADHD kids put on medication
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: child, children, adhd, drug, drugs

Quarter of children with sleep problems being medicated with psych drugs
Published November 8 2010
Concepts: children, sleep, child, medicated, problems

(Part II) Whole grain toxicity - Phytic acid causes mineral deficiencies (Opinion)
Published November 6 2010
Concepts: phytic acid, heal, whole grain, toxicity, mineral deficiencies

TSA agents gone wild: fondling little children, planting cocaine in passenger bags and more
Published November 5 2010
Concepts: TSA, agents, TSA agents, cocaine, children

In UK, sodas with artificial colors to carry hyperactivity warning
Published November 5 2010
Concepts: hyperactivity, colors, artificial colors, UK, sodas

Vaccination rates fall among better educated families even while CDC keeps pushing vaccine quackery
Published November 5 2010
Concepts: vaccine, flu, Vitamin D, vaccines, vaccination

Some parents use pharmaceuticals to abuse their children
Published November 5 2010
Concepts: abuse, drug, child, pharmaceuticals, parents

San Francisco passes law banning toys in Happy Meals
Published November 4 2010
Concepts: toys, children, San Francisco, food, meals

Flame retardant chemicals lead to mentally retarded children
Published November 3 2010
Concepts: children, Flame, chemicals, flame retardant, flame retardant chemicals

Diabetes rises 1% among U.S. children and teens following Halloween candy blitz (satire)
Published November 1 2010
Concepts: Halloween, children, diabetes, child, holiday

Huge push is now on to screen kids for high cholesterol and put them on cholesterol drugs
Published November 1 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, screening, high cholesterol, child, children

Researchers suggest alternative to banning junk food
Published October 30 2010
Concepts: food, researchers, alternative, healthy, ban

Coming soon to Europe: Chewable cholesterol drugs for children (like candy)
Published October 29 2010
Concepts: children, cholesterol, drugs, cholesterol drugs, drugs for children

Parents with poor dietary habits pass down disease to their children
Published October 23 2010
Concepts: food, parents, health, disease, dietary habits

Tax Dollars Help Agribusiness-Chemical Coalition Lie about Pesticides
Published October 23 2010
Concepts: pesticide, pesticides, tax dollars, health, tax

ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
Published October 21 2010
Concepts: fluoride, water, study, fluoridated water, ADA

Cartoon characters alter kids' perception of taste of processed food
Published October 20 2010
Concepts: cartoon, cartoon characters, taste, food, child

Is asthma just a symptom of vitamin D deficiency?
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, asthma, children, researchers, study

Kids drinks frequently contaminated with lead
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: lead, 5, kids, products, children

Pfizer ends trial after widespread overdosing of children with psych drug
Published October 18 2010
Concepts: Pfizer, children, drug, FDA, child

Too much TV, computer can ruin your child's mental health
Published October 16 2010
Concepts: children, mental, WHO, television, mental health

Get your children away from the TV - Physical fitness makes smarter brains
Published October 12 2010
Concepts: children, physical, brain, physical fitness, WHO

McDonald's recalled children's cups loaded with toxic cadmium
Published October 9 2010
Concepts: cadmium, toxic, McDonald's, children, toys

Eating hamburgers linked to asthma
Published October 8 2010
Concepts: asthma, hamburgers, eating, children, research

Guatemalan STD medical experiments were just one crime in a long history of medical-government collusion to use humans as guinea pigs
Published October 2 2010
Concepts: men, 5, news, experiments, NaturalNews

Behavior rewards make ADHD drugs obsolete
Published October 2 2010
Concepts: behavior, adhd, drugs, ADHD drugs, children

Kids Reap Yoga Benefits Too
Published October 2 2010
Concepts: yoga, kids, child, children, benefits

Chemical pesticides linked to ADHD in children
Published October 1 2010
Concepts: adhd, pesticides, pesticide, chemical, children

Huge rise in prescription drug use among children
Published September 28 2010
Concepts: drug, children, increase, prescription, prescription drug

Schoolchildren have access to milk and sugary drinks at lunch, but not water
Published September 25 2010
Concepts: water, lunch, school, milk, schoolchildren

Be careful or you might catch obesity, suggests new study
Published September 22 2010
Concepts: obesity, children, study, weight, antibodies

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming generation of youth left behind
Published September 22 2010
Concepts: children, Lady Gaga, youth, WHO, support

Mainstream media claims cold virus causes obesity; food choice and exercise make no difference
Published September 20 2010
Concepts: virus, obesity, food, exercise, causes

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming poverty generation of youth left behind
Published September 20 2010
Concepts: children, Lady Gaga, WHO, youth, support

Vitamin D proven far better than vaccines at preventing influenza infections
Published September 16 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, influenza, vaccines, vaccine, flu

Your dentist may be poisoning your children
Published September 8 2010
Concepts: BPA, dentist, dental, poisoning, children

Americans drowning in prescription drugs
Published September 4 2010
Concepts: drug, health, drugs, americans, prescription

Study shows fluoride may not help teeth at all
Published September 1 2010
Concepts: fluoride, study, teeth, fluoridation, shows

75 percent of black and Hispanic children deficient in vitamin D
Published September 1 2010
Concepts: children, Vitamin D, Hispanic children, study, researchers

Finland suspends H1N1 vaccines after children suffer narcolepsy from vaccinations
Published August 28 2010
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, children, narcolepsy, H1N1

Prevent Childhood Leukemia
Published August 28 2010
Concepts: childhood, leukemia, children, risk, turmeric

Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures
Published August 27 2010
Concepts: vaccine, children, child, vaccines, flu

Millions of children misdiagnosed with ADHD for being younger than their classmates
Published August 23 2010
Concepts: adhd, children, misdiagnosed, younger, child

Big Business Fights Against the Health of Children
Published August 20 2010
Concepts: health, business, children, Big Business, food

Vaccines destroy the lives of children in China
Published August 19 2010
Concepts: vaccines, children, vaccine, child, china

Too much technology late at night disturbs sleep schedule for children
Published August 15 2010
Concepts: sleep, technology, children, sleeping, problems

Antidepressants do nothing for children with autism
Published August 13 2010
Concepts: children, antidepressants, autism, child, drug

Child Cholesterol: Lower without Drugs
Published August 13 2010
Concepts: child, children, health, parents, obesity

Some experts say barefoot is best for small children
Published August 11 2010
Concepts: barefoot, experts, children, feet, walking

Summertime Increases the Risk of Plantar Warts, Especially for Children
Published August 8 2010
Concepts: warts, plantar warts, children, summertime, risk

Experts warn parents against allowing children to become computer addicts
Published August 8 2010
Concepts: children, parents, experts, computer addicts, health

Mass. governor signs improved nutrition bill
Published August 5 2010
Concepts: nutrition, signs, children, nutrition bill, school

Modern Western diet leads to allergies in children
Published August 5 2010
Concepts: allergies, diet, bacteria, Western diet, children

Women: Before getting pregnant, check out your man's diet
Published August 3 2010
Concepts: men, Genetic, man, WHO, sperm

Flu vaccine push already underway; first batch causes seizures in children
Published July 31 2010
Concepts: vaccine, flu, seizures, children, vaccines

Antibiotics May Make Us Fat
Published July 30 2010
Concepts: antibiotic, homeopathic, 5, antibiotics, medicine

High cholesterol in children may drop naturally on its own over time
Published July 20 2010
Concepts: cholesterol, children, high cholesterol, naturally, WHO

US military says school lunches are a threat to national security
Published July 19 2010
Concepts: school, military, threat, school lunches, US military

Rats fed junk food pass down cancer risk through multiple generations of offspring
Published July 14 2010
Concepts: cancer, food, rats, junk food, cancer risk

Teach Children Gardening and Give Them a Natural Head Start in Life
Published July 12 2010
Concepts: gardening, children, garden, natural, health

Flu Vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO -- all exposed by Richard Gale and Gary Null
Published July 2 2010
Concepts: flu, vaccine, CDC, health, WHO

Baby making industry creating children with malformations, parents not told of risks
Published July 1 2010
Concepts: children, baby, parents, industry, natural

McDonald's threatened with lawsuit over toys in Happy Meals
Published June 28 2010
Concepts: toys, McDonald's, meals, children, lawsuit

ADD and ADHD Drugs Skyrocket in Use by Sixty-Five Percent in Britain
Published June 23 2010
Concepts: drugs, adhd, drug, ADHD drugs, children

Clementine Art, the natural alternative to toxic art supplies
Published June 19 2010
Concepts: natural, child, alternative, children, toxic

Tamiflu Drug Causes Nightmares in One in Five Children
Published June 14 2010
Concepts: Tamiflu, nightmares, drug, causes, children

Letting babies swim in chlorinated pools harms their health for life
Published June 4 2010
Concepts: pools, health, babies, children, chlorine

New Study Finds Pesticides Double Risk of ADHD in Our Children
Published June 3 2010
Concepts: adhd, study, pesticides, pesticide, child

Dirty, contaminated beef fed to children through school lunch programs
Published June 1 2010
Concepts: food, meat, safe, beef, produce

Pediatrician molested more than 100 children while state medical board did nothing
Published May 27 2010
Concepts: children, medical, medical board, pediatrician, state medical board

Two-year-old toddlers being dosed up with antipsychotic drugs
Published May 21 2010
Concepts: children, toddlers, drug, psychiatric drugs, health

Pig virus contaminates rotavirus vaccines, but FDA says no problem
Published May 20 2010
Concepts: virus, vaccine, vaccines, FDA, rotavirus

Natural Treatment Helps Hair Loss in Children
Published May 18 2010
Concepts: hair, hair loss, child, natural, children

Psychiatric Drugs Cause Rapid Weight Gain in Kids
Published May 13 2010
Concepts: weight gain, drugs, weight, drug, psychiatric drugs

Influenza vaccine sends children into convulsions
Published May 12 2010
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, children, flu, influenza

Companies exploiting socially-networked children to push junk food like drug dealers
Published May 10 2010
Concepts: children, food, junk food, companies, drug

Recalled children's Tylenol products were knowingly contaminated, says FDA
Published May 6 2010
Concepts: FDA, children, the FDA, products, drug

Children's Tylenol recalled over tiny particles and out-of-control manufacturing processes
Published May 2 2010
Concepts: Tylenol, recall, child, children, products

Milk thistle herb protects liver from damage caused by chemotherapy
Published April 25 2010
Concepts: milk thistle, liver, milk, damage, herb

Good health is no accident
Published April 24 2010
Concepts: health, cancer, child, cure, disease

Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US - Part I
Published April 23 2010
Concepts: child, children, drug, infants, disorder

Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers in the US - Part II
Published April 23 2010
Concepts: child, children, drug, drugs, disorder

Poor children more likely to be put on antipsychotic drugs
Published April 15 2010
Concepts: children, drug, antipsychotic drugs, research, Medicaid

Seasonal flu vaccines increase risk of pandemic H1N1 flu, stunned scientists discover
Published April 8 2010
Concepts: vaccine, flu, vaccines, WHO, pandemic

Expectant mothers reduce diabetes risk in newborns by eating more vegetables
Published April 7 2010
Concepts: diabetes, risk, mothers, vegetable, diabetes risk

Understand and Prevent Autism with Seven Simple Steps
Published April 5 2010
Concepts: autism, children, body, mercury, child

What pregnant mothers eat affects the skin health of newborns
Published April 3 2010
Concepts: health, mothers, WHO, skin, pregnant mothers

90 Percent of Parents Want to Know More About Alternative Medicine, Survey Reveals
Published April 1 2010
Concepts: parents, medicine, survey, alternative, alternative medicine

Playgrounds for Seniors: A Fun and Practical Idea Gets the Elderly in Motion
Published April 1 2010
Concepts: playgrounds, elderly, the elderly, exercise, Japan

Pharma Planning to Dump Experimental and Controversial Vaccines in Public Schools
Published March 29 2010
Concepts: school, vaccine, vaccines, child, health

Antibiotics Linked to Increased Risk of Birth Defects
Published March 23 2010
Concepts: birth, risk, antibiotics, birth defects, women

Third Hand Smoke Poses a New Hazard
Published March 19 2010
Concepts: smoke, third hand smoke, smoker, smoking, WHO

ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Linked to Phthalate Exposure of Mother
Published March 12 2010
Concepts: phthalates, exposure, disorder, adhd, children

Consider a Few Things about Dr. Wakefield, the GMC and the Autism-Vaccine Link
Published March 10 2010
Concepts: autism, study, vaccine, Dr. Wakefield, news

Common Painkiller Acetaminophen Linked to Asthma
Published March 9 2010
Concepts: acetaminophen, asthma, children, increase, WHO

90 Percent of African American Children Deficient in Vitamin D
Published March 7 2010
Concepts: children, Vitamin D, 5, research, health

Report reveals that one percent of US children, and growing, have autism
Published March 6 2010
Concepts: autism, children, report, child, neurotoxic chemicals

Vaccine Study Shows Higher Rates of Chest Infections
Published March 3 2010
Concepts: vaccine, study, rates, shows, pneumonia

New psychiatric disorders flag normal human behaviors as "diseases"
Published March 2 2010
Concepts: disorder, disorders, disease, WHO, human

Choking on Hot Dogs? It's not the shape, it's the ingredients
Published February 24 2010
Concepts: meat, choking, dog, dogs, hot dogs

Rates of chronic health problems in children soar
Published February 24 2010
Concepts: health, children, child, problems, health problems

Breastfeeding Could Save The Lives Of 1.3 Million Children a Year
Published February 24 2010
Concepts: breastfeeding, children, breast milk, WHO, infant health

Epigenetics: Chemicals Turn Genes On and Off at the Wrong Times
Published February 23 2010
Concepts: chemicals, genes, changes, Genetic, children

Are mandatory vaccinations acts of violence against children?
Published February 20 2010
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, WHO, people, CDC

Texas ordered to destroy five million blood samples illegally taken from babies without consent
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: blood, blood samples, babies, Texas, health

Heal yourself in 15 days by correcting your "nature deficiency" (part nine)
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: heal, nature, healing, natural, health

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky joins NaturalNews Talk Hour: Holistic healthcare for children
Published February 18 2010
Concepts: NaturalNews, holistic, healthcare, health, Lawrence

Almost Six Hundred Thousand Kids have Adverse Events to Prescription Drugs Each Year
Published February 17 2010
Concepts: prescription, events, drugs, prescription drugs, adverse events

ADHD symptoms caused by lead exposure, new study claims
Published February 16 2010
Concepts: lead, adhd, exposure, child, symptoms

BPA Plastic Chemical Linked to Aggression, Hyperactivity in Toddlers
Published February 16 2010
Concepts: hyperactivity, BPA, chemical, aggression, plastic

Online Advertising Easily Influences Teens to Eat More Junk Food
Published February 14 2010
Concepts: advertising, teens, online advertising, children, food

Margarine Consumption Linked to Lower IQ of Children
Published February 12 2010
Concepts: margarine, IQ, consumption, intelligence, children

Over Half a Million U.S. Kids Per Year Suffer Health Reactions From Drugs
Published February 11 2010
Concepts: children, drug, side effects, kids, health

Dogs Think Similarly to Young Children and Can Learn Words, Counting Skills and More
Published February 10 2010
Concepts: dogs, dog, young children, human, intelligence

Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys; A statement by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey
Published February 6 2010
Concepts: vaccine, Jenny McCarthy, monkeys, statement, autism

Big Pharma executive murders 8-year-old son with Xanax and Ambien (opinion)
Published February 6 2010
Concepts: harm, Big Pharma, murder, child, children

Watching television causes aggressive behavior in young children
Published February 5 2010
Concepts: child, children, television, aggressive behavior, aggressive

Air Pollution Can Reduce a Child's IQ
Published February 5 2010
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, exposure, IQ, research

Ideal Diet in the UK has Horrible Food Combining
Published February 4 2010
Concepts: food, health, lunch, UK, diet

Children's Fitness Levels Continue to Decline; Today's Kids are Weak and Unfit
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: fitness, kids, decline, health, children

Food industry continues to market junk food to children
Published January 27 2010
Concepts: food, junk food, children, child, food industry

Have a Kid and Lower Your Blood Pressure
Published January 22 2010
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, birth, health, children

U.S. Government Wants Farmers to Dump Heavy Metals on Fields
Published January 20 2010
Concepts: government, farmers, heavy metals, poison, U.S. government

Lead Levels Previously Considered "Safe" Now Found to Harm Children
Published January 12 2010
Concepts: children, lead, child, lead levels, harm

Tobacco smoke causes behavior problems in children
Published January 9 2010
Concepts: smoke, behavior problems, behavior, tobacco, children

Number of UK Children Put on Obesity Drugs Soars 1500 Percent in Seven Years
Published January 7 2010
Concepts: drugs, obesity, children, drug, UK

Children Need More Dirt to be Healthy
Published January 2 2010
Concepts: dirt, children, bacteria, inflammation, health

2009 in review: A year of FDA censorship, Big Pharma crimes and celebrity drug deaths
Published January 1 2010
Concepts: natural, news, NaturalNews, vaccine, health

Ritalin Linked With Sudden Death of Children
Published December 30 2009
Concepts: ritalin, child, sudden death, children, drugs

Autism has Reached Crisis Proportions
Published December 29 2009
Concepts: autism, natural, child, crisis, heal

Organic Milk Linked to Lower Rates of Allergies, Asthma and Eczema
Published December 27 2009
Concepts: organic, allergies, milk, organic milk, asthma

The season for sharing: Christmas brings gifts to the people of Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Published December 26 2009
Concepts: Christmas, people, Vilcabamba, gifts, berries

Our Toxic World: Nine-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed With Dementia
Published December 22 2009
Concepts: toxic, children, form, dementia, disease

New research: natural exposure to everyday germs may protect kids from disease as adults
Published December 21 2009
Concepts: disease, exposure, research, germs, natural

H1N1 vaccine liquidation sale now on: Hurry while supplies last!
Published December 18 2009
Concepts: vaccine, H1N1, vaccines, H1N1 vaccine, WHO

Big Pharma paid $500,000 to Chicago psychiatrists who used children as guinea pigs
Published December 18 2009
Concepts: WHO, Chicago, psychiatrists, Seroquel, children

160,000 U.S. Children Had Cosmetic Surgery in 2008
Published December 14 2009
Concepts: children, surgery, cosmetic surgery, child, eye

Dr. Jane Goodall speaks with NaturalNews about sustainable living and teaching children about the future of life on Earth
Published December 11 2009
Concepts: Jane Goodall, NaturalNews, sustainable living, children, life

Cereal ads found to promote childhood obesity
Published December 4 2009
Concepts: cereals, childhood, child, sugar, children

One in Six Children Clinically Obese Before Starting Primary School
Published December 1 2009
Concepts: children, obese, obesity, weight, risk

100 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday
Published November 26 2009
Concepts: heal, health, natural, healthy, food

Probiotics Prevent Colds and Flu
Published November 25 2009
Concepts: probiotics, colds, flu, probiotic, placebo

Acetaminophen Linked to Asthma in Children and Adults
Published November 24 2009
Concepts: asthma, acetaminophen, 5, study, children

GPS tracking devices for kids getting cheaper
Published November 24 2009
Concepts: gps, child, tracking, GPS tracking, tracking devices

TV exposure linked to aggressive behavior in young children
Published November 20 2009
Concepts: aggressive behavior, child, aggressive, exposure, television

Probiotics reduce food allergies, skin reactions
Published November 18 2009
Concepts: probiotics, food allergies, probiotic, food, skin

Milk lobby initiates marketing campaign at kids to keep chocolate milk in schools
Published November 12 2009
Concepts: milk, chocolate milk, chocolate, campaign, schools

Probiotics found to reduce eczema and skin allergies
Published November 11 2009
Concepts: probiotics, probiotic, eczema, skin, allergies

Superfood Profile: Discover the Many Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil
Published November 9 2009
Concepts: liver, oil, cod liver oil, health, heal

Misleading Media Denies Connection between Mercury and Autism
Published November 6 2009
Concepts: mercury, blood, autism, media, study

Babies Receive Heart Transplants Instead of Vitamin D Treatment
Published November 6 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, heart, deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, calcium

Vaccines for the rich! Wall Street gets H1N1 vaccine bailout while school children told to wait
Published November 6 2009
Concepts: vaccine, Wall Street, vaccines, H1N1, people

Brooklyn girl winds up in hospital after being injected with H1N1 swine flu vaccine without parental permission
Published November 4 2009
Concepts: flu, child, hospital, swine flu, school

Parents: Send this note to your school principal to protect your child from swine flu vaccinations
Published November 4 2009
Concepts: child, school, flu, swine flu, vaccine

Doctor Exposed Hundreds of Children to TB
Published November 3 2009
Concepts: children, doctor, exposed, disease, patients

Prenatal exposure to BPA in plastics makes young girls aggressive
Published November 3 2009
Concepts: BPA, exposure, girls, plastics, prenatal

Fraudulent "Smart Choices" food labeling program crumbles as food manufacturers flee scrutiny (opinion)
Published November 2 2009
Concepts: food, program, labeling, nutrition, companies

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part VI
Published October 31 2009
Concepts: mercury, flu, vaccine, child, children

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part Five
Published October 30 2009
Concepts: vaccine, flu, child, swine flu, 5

The Bitter Side of a Sweet Treat: Giving Candy to Kids may Lead to Violent Crimes
Published October 29 2009
Concepts: child, children, candy, study, sugar

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part Four
Published October 27 2009
Concepts: flu, vaccine, research, news, swine flu

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume Part 3
Published October 23 2009
Concepts: flu, swine flu, child, report, Tamiflu

Profit Drive Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume - Part 2
Published October 22 2009
Concepts: flu, death, report, swine flu, vaccine

Consider the Questionable Efficacy of Flu Vaccines (Opinion)
Published October 21 2009
Concepts: flu, vaccine, vaccines, influenza, vaccination

Children exposed to harmful radiation from unnecessary CT scans
Published October 12 2009
Concepts: children, radiation, child, exposed, harmful

Epidemic of Fever Phobia: The Facts on Why Fever is Your Friend
Published October 10 2009
Concepts: fever, home, homeopathic, medicine, flu

Historical Data Shows Vaccines are Not what Saved Us
Published October 9 2009
Concepts: Chi, heal, 5, vaccination, vaccine

Vaccines cause autism: Supporting evidence
Published October 6 2009
Concepts: vaccines, autism, vaccine, natural, child

Autism rates double in children as vaccines poison an entire generation
Published October 6 2009
Concepts: vaccines, autism, vaccine, children, child

John Travolta says son was autistic: Vaccines, religious freedom and celebrity privacy
Published October 6 2009
Concepts: John Travolta, vaccines, WHO, autism, vaccine

Warning: Epilepsy Drug Harms Babies' IQ
Published October 1 2009
Concepts: drug, epilepsy, children, women, research

Pesticides Cause Childhood Brain Cancers
Published September 28 2009
Concepts: brain, pesticides, childhood, child, cancer

UK Children Brainwashed into MMR Vaccine Support Through Manipulation of Academic Exams
Published September 25 2009
Concepts: vaccine, MMR, children, MMR vaccine, UK

CDC Lead Levels Cause Learning and Social Problems
Published September 23 2009
Concepts: lead, child, problems, children, lead levels

Huge California study concludes soda consumption undeniably linked to obesity
Published September 23 2009
Concepts: soda, consumption, health, soda consumption, study

"Smart Choices" food label is marketing fraud; Tufts University involvement questioned (opinion)
Published September 22 2009
Concepts: nutrition, food, Tufts University, child, sugar

Home Pesticides Linked to Childhood Cancers
Published September 19 2009
Concepts: pesticides, cancer, pesticide, childhood, home

Exercising During Pregnancy Boosts Baby IQ
Published September 11 2009
Concepts: pregnancy, baby, children, exercise, IQ

Moms' Exposure to Air Pollution Lowers Children's IQ
Published September 4 2009
Concepts: exposure, pollution, environment, air pollution, health

Eleni Prokopeas speaks out on vaccines and a cure for autism in NaturalNews interview
Published August 31 2009
Concepts: NaturalNews, natural, vaccines, autism, cure

Historical facts about the dangers (and failures) of vaccines
Published August 29 2009
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, 5, WHO, vaccination

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part V
Published August 28 2009
Concepts: men, risk, women, WHO, drug

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part IV
Published August 27 2009
Concepts: men, depression, drug, disease, website

Antidepressant Commonly Prescribed for Autism Found Utterly Useless
Published August 26 2009
Concepts: autism, children, symptoms, placebo, drug

Chemotherapy Treatment of Children Multiplies Risk of Cancer Later in Life
Published August 24 2009
Concepts: cancer, risk, treatment, chemotherapy, children

Suicide Prevention Drug Pushing Racket - Part II
Published August 21 2009
Concepts: suicide, drug, 5, men, report

Home Pesticides Linked to Childhood Cancers
Published August 18 2009
Concepts: pesticides, cancer, pesticide, childhood, home

FDA Declares Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safe for All
Published August 11 2009
Concepts: mercury, FDA, the FDA, dental, mercury fillings

Phthalates Danger: Chemicals in Plastics Put Unborn Babies At Risk
Published August 10 2009
Concepts: phthalates, chemicals, babies, birth, plastics

Magnesium Deficiency Linked to ADD and ADHD in Children
Published August 6 2009
Concepts: magnesium, child, children, adhd, food

Hypnosis Offers Benefits in the Treatment of ADHD
Published August 5 2009
Concepts: adhd, therapy, treatment, hypnosis, disorder

Vitamin D Deficiency Reveals an Instant Health Care Reform Solution
Published August 4 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, health, deficiency, health care, reform

Matt Monarch Part II: Raising Children Raw and Breastfeeding
Published August 1 2009
Concepts: raw, food, diet, child, raw food

Americans are Victims of Undeclared War that Makes Universal Healthcare Unaffordable
Published August 1 2009
Concepts: food, people, healthy, disease, war

Anesthesia in Young Kids Leads to Learning Disabilities (because chemicals harm the brain)
Published July 30 2009
Concepts: learning, anesthesia, learning disabilities, kids, chemicals

TV Triggers Deadly Automatic Snacking Behavior
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: food, advertising, snacking, food advertising, child

Pfizer to Pay Tens of Millions for Deaths of Nigerian Children in Drug Trial Experiment
Published July 24 2009
Concepts: Pfizer, children, drug, deaths, Nigeria

Air Pollution Linked to Low IQ in Children
Published July 24 2009
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, IQ, research, cleaning

Research Shows Children are Critically Susceptible to Pesticides
Published July 21 2009
Concepts: children, child, pesticide, research, shows

Infants Regularly Given Adult Doses of Heart Disease Drugs
Published July 20 2009
Concepts: errors, child, medication, heart, doses

Study Finds Melatonin Reduces Delirium after Operations in Children
Published July 18 2009
Concepts: melatonin, study, child, anxiety, operations

Flu Shots Put Children in the Hospital
Published July 13 2009
Concepts: flu, children, child, vaccine, asthma

Two-Thirds of Parents Still Feeding Their Babies Dangerous Cough Medicines
Published July 13 2009
Concepts: parents, children, babies, dangerous, health

Tonsillectomy Linked to Weight Gain in Kids
Published July 12 2009
Concepts: weight, tonsillectomy, gain, weight gain, children

Children and Pregnant Women Targeted in U.S. Swine Flu Mass Vaccination Program
Published July 10 2009
Concepts: flu, vaccine, swine flu, vaccines, virus

ADHD Drugs Proven Absolutely Useless for Children - Plus, They Stunt Growth
Published July 9 2009
Concepts: drugs, children, adhd, child, ADHD drugs

Disease Mongering Galore: Panel Says ALL Teens Should be Screened for "Depression"
Published July 9 2009
Concepts: teens, depression, disease, screening, disease mongering

Breastfeeding Babies Boosts Academic Achievements, GPA
Published July 1 2009
Concepts: breastfeeding, babies, achievements, study, school

Vaccine Expert Reveals What You Should Know Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve
Published July 1 2009
Concepts: flu, vaccine, health, child, vaccines

Battle Autism with Bentonite Clay
Published June 26 2009
Concepts: clay, autism, environment, child, toxins

SSRIs Prescribed for Autistic Children Make Them Worse
Published June 17 2009
Concepts: children, child, autism, SSRIs, drug

Lead is in Everyday Products
Published June 16 2009
Concepts: lead, products, children, lunch, jewelry

Ritalin ADHD Drug Linked to 500 Percent Increased Risk of Sudden Death in Children
Published June 16 2009
Concepts: drug, child, adhd, children, risk

Children with Epilepsy Helped with Natural Ketogenic Diet
Published June 15 2009
Concepts: epilepsy, children, diet, child, natural

The Corruption Continues: FDA Approves Antidepressants for Children, Even After Revelations of Bribery
Published June 13 2009
Concepts: children, FDA, forest, drug, antidepressants

Use Hypnotherapy to Treat Postoperative Pain and Anxiety
Published June 12 2009
Concepts: pain, surgery, anxiety, hypnotherapy, children

FDA Approval of Antipsychotics for Children Mirrors Bayer, AMA Approvals of Heroin as Cough Medicine for Children
Published June 11 2009
Concepts: children, heroin, drug, FDA, Bayer

Packaging Chemical Linked to Childhood Obesity
Published June 11 2009
Concepts: chemical, packaging, childhood, phthalates, health

USA Patriot Act Defines Chemotherapy Pushers, CPS Aggressors as Terrorists
Published June 10 2009
Concepts: child, chemotherapy, children, CPS, Patriot Act

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Multiple Sclerosis in Children
Published June 7 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, multiple sclerosis, research, children, deficiency

Popular Psychiatric and Seizure Drug Depakote Found Dangerous
Published May 29 2009
Concepts: drug, study, child, women, children

Self-Hypnosis Helps Children Overcome Migraines
Published May 29 2009
Concepts: children, migraine, child, self-hypnosis, migraines

The Survival of Billy Best Proves Cancer Doctors Wrong about Daniel Hauser
Published May 26 2009
Concepts: cancer, Billy Best, news, NaturalNews, doctors

Allergy Sufferers: Clean Your Nose
Published May 22 2009
Concepts: allergy, children, neti pot, allergies, natural

The Benefits of Using Hypnosis in a Pediatric Setting
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, child, children, benefits, behavior

The Quackery of Chemotherapy, Gunpoint Medicine and the Disturbing Fate of 13-Year-Old Daniel Hauser
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: medicine, gunpoint, chemotherapy, gun, child

Shock Diagnosis: Young Kids Now Being Diagnosed with Kidney Stones
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: kidney stones, shock, kids, child, men

Tonsil Removal as Treatment for Hyperactivity?
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: treatment, child, sleep, removal, children

Treat ADHD with Hypnosis
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: adhd, hypnosis, neurofeedback, child, form

Don't Give Children Cough and Cold Medicines, Warn Health Watchdogs
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: children, medicines, child, health, cold medicines

Nurture Your Child with Nutrition the Vegan Way
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: child, vegan, nutrition, diet, food

Cognitive Effects and Dietary Restrictions May Soon Ease for PKU Sufferers
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: PKU, restrictions, dietary, child, diet

Be Informed: Information about the Swine Flu and the Flu Vaccine
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: flu, the flu, swine flu, flu shot, information

Government Thinks Drugs are the Answer
Published May 10 2009
Concepts: drugs, child, government, children, adhd

New Vaccines Required for Texas Students
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, man, Texas, students

New Studies Reveal the Medicinal Benefits of Honey
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: honey, studies, benefits, medicinal, Manuka honey

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Improves Autism
Published May 2 2009
Concepts: oxygen, therapy, ATM, hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen therapy

Speech of Ron Paul, Introducing the Parental Consent Act
Published May 2 2009
Concepts: mental, child, health, children, consent

Hypnosis Therapy Helps Pediatric Cancer Patients
Published May 1 2009
Concepts: cancer, child, hypnosis, children, therapy

The Role of Self-Hypnosis in Children Experiencing Pain
Published April 30 2009
Concepts: children, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, pain, therapy

Smoking during Pregnancy may Cause Aggression in Children
Published April 24 2009
Concepts: smoking, pregnancy, aggression, child, children

Researchers Accidentally Discover Link between Vinyl Flooring and Autism
Published April 23 2009
Concepts: children, autism, vinyl flooring, researchers, study

Vitamin D Levels in Kids are So Low that Rickets is Back with a Vengeance
Published April 23 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, rickets, kids, children, bone

U.S. Judge Received Kickbacks for Sentencing Children to Juvenile Detection Centers
Published April 22 2009
Concepts: judge, children, kickbacks, detection, child

Use Herbal Remedies for ADHD
Published April 20 2009
Concepts: herbal, adhd, remedies, herbal remedies, treatment

The Mother's Act - Mandatory Screening of Moms for Depression is Like a Bad Movie Rerun
Published April 20 2009
Concepts: men, drug, drugs, depression, disorder

FDA Conspires with Cold Medicine Manufacturers to Keep Selling Dangerous Products to Four Year Olds
Published April 19 2009
Concepts: FDA, products, dangerous, medicine, cold medicine

Pediatricians Finally Admit Children Need More Vitamin D
Published April 17 2009
Concepts: children, Vitamin D, pediatricians, child, sun

New Chapter, Vitacost and Consumer Wellness Center Team Up to Donate Nutrition to Schoolchildren
Published April 15 2009
Concepts: nutrition, Vitacost, natural, news, Everykid

How to Ensure Proper Vitamin D in Children
Published April 15 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, Ensure, children, how to, sun

Study Finds New Hazard in Third-Hand Smoke
Published April 14 2009
Concepts: smoke, third-hand smoke, study, hazard, health

Painful Kidney Stones Becomes a Growing Trend in Kids
Published April 12 2009
Concepts: kidney stones, children, health, diet, men

Alternative Therapies Safely Help Kids
Published April 12 2009
Concepts: alternative, therapies, Chi, alternative therapies, kids

Drinking Water Could Curb Obesity
Published April 11 2009
Concepts: water, health, drinking, drinking water, calories

Anesthesia Linked to Children's Behavioral Disorders
Published March 28 2009
Concepts: anesthesia, children, WHO, study, research

Sunshine Crucial for Pregnant Women and Health of Newborns
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: health, women, sunshine, pregnant women, sun

NaturalNews Publishes Revealing Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Author of "Saying No to Vaccines"
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, NaturalNews, interview, Sherri Tenpenny

Maryland May Ban Artificial Food Colors
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: food, ban, Maryland, artificial food, children

Just Say No: Low Fat Diets are Not for Children
Published March 25 2009
Concepts: fat, child, children, diet, diets

Hospitals Are Breeding Grounds for Superbugs
Published March 23 2009
Concepts: antibiotic, superbug, bugs, natural, Amazon

Prevent Myopia, Part III: Research Supports Prevention
Published March 19 2009
Concepts: myopia, research, eye, WHO, eyes

Adderall: Deadly Drug Treats Bogus Disease
Published March 16 2009
Concepts: drug, child, Adderall, children, adhd

Number of Young Girls on Diabetes Drugs Skyrockets 147 Percent
Published March 16 2009
Concepts: drugs, increase, girls, diabetes, diabetes drugs

Chef Susan Teton Campbell Part III: Feed Children Healthy
Published March 15 2009
Concepts: foods, health, children, chef, healthy

The Quality of Your Health can Depend on Where You Live
Published March 12 2009
Concepts: health, child, quality, healthy, food

Psychiatric Drug Use of German Shooter Confirmed: Kretschmer Withdrawing from Depression Treatment
Published March 12 2009
Concepts: Kretschmer, drug, school, WHO, school shootings

Shootings in Germany, Alabama Underscore Violent Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications
Published March 11 2009
Concepts: antidepressants, 5, Amazon, book, suicide

Six Baby Bottle Manufacturers Quietly Agree to Remove Bisphenol-A (BPA) from Baby Bottles
Published March 9 2009
Concepts: 5, BPA, AMA, bottle, Amazon

Obesity Isn't Genetic, It's Taught: Kids Learn Food Habits From Parents
Published March 9 2009
Concepts: food, children, food habits, Genetic, kids

Cold Ointments with Menthol Pose Risk to Children
Published March 9 2009
Concepts: Menthol, ointments, risk, child, health

Processed Meats Raise Leukemia Risk, Vegetables Lower It
Published March 8 2009
Concepts: leukemia, risk, vegetables, processed meats, meat

Asthma Risk in Children Raised by Traffic Pollution Exposure of Pregnant Mothers
Published March 6 2009
Concepts: asthma, pollution, health, children, exposure

Children Eat Their Veggies When Parents Do
Published March 2 2009
Concepts: parents, children, child, vegetable, veggies

Fast-Food is Unhealthy Option for Growing Children and Teenagers
Published February 23 2009
Concepts: food, children, health, salt, child

Childhood Obesity Initiative Is Same Old Story: Looks Good on Paper, But Kids Keep Getting Fatter
Published February 21 2009
Concepts: children, obesity, 5, Amazon, health

Consumer Wellness Center Awards $1,000 Nutrition Grant to California Elementary School
Published February 16 2009
Concepts: nutrition, wellness, school, Consumer Wellness Center, consumer wellness

The Flawed Theory Behind Vaccinations, and Why MMR Jabs Endanger Your Child's Health
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, immune system, man, human

Why Vaccinations Harm Children: Health Experts Sound Off
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: natural, Amazon, vaccination, vaccinations, heal

Infants and Children Save Themselves from Drowning
Published February 6 2009
Concepts: children, child, infants, drowning, water

Consumer Wellness Center Awards Nutrition Grant to Florida Non-Profit Delivering Nutrition Education to Economically Disadvantaged Youth
Published February 5 2009
Concepts: nutrition, wellness, consumer wellness, Consumer Wellness Center, education

Senate Passes Health Insurance Bill for Children
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: health, insurance, health insurance, Senate, children

FTC Calls for Healthier Food Choices for Children
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: food, FTC, choices, children, marketing

Hypnosis and its Role on Children with Chronic Headaches
Published February 2 2009
Concepts: headache, headaches, children, hypnosis, therapy

Olympian Michael Phelps Caught Smoking Bong, Media Pressured to Kill Photos
Published January 31 2009
Concepts: smoking, media, news, world, Michael Phelps

Consumer Wellness Center Awards Nutrition Grant to Aid Economically Disadvantaged Teenage Mothers
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: nutrition, wellness, Consumer Wellness Center, consumer wellness, child

Fire Retardant Chemical Found in Children at Three Times the Level of Their Parents
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: children, child, chemical, chemicals, adults

BBC Blasted for Refusing to Air Plea for Humanitarian Aid for Gaza Victims
Published January 27 2009
Concepts: humanitarian aid, BBC, human, war, child

ADHD Drugs Cause Hallucinations in Children; Psychiatry Pushes Hallucinogenic Drugs for Profit
Published January 27 2009
Concepts: drug, drugs, children, child, adhd

Americans Drug Their Children with 300 Percent More Psychotropic Meds
Published January 21 2009
Concepts: children, child, drug, states, United States

Lyme Disease: A National Health Crisis Now Sweeping across the Country
Published January 20 2009
Concepts: disease, lyme disease, health, men, ticks

Vicks VapoRub May Harm Children: Researchers Recommend Natural Treatments
Published January 15 2009
Concepts: VapoRub, researchers, natural, heal, treatments

Hypnosis Reduces Anxiety in Children Undergoing Invasive Medical Procedures
Published January 14 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, children, child, medical, anxiety

Media Exposure Has Adverse Impact on Children's Health
Published January 11 2009
Concepts: health, media, natural, exposure, child

Three Studies on the Health Benefits of Living Near Greenery
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: health, green, child, children, living

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Published January 7 2009
Concepts: child, childhood, children, food, obesity

Eating While Watching TV Increases Total Caloric Intake
Published January 7 2009
Concepts: eating, research, television, children, researchers

Consumer Wellness Center Announces $1000 Nutritional Grant Award for Corvallis "Farm to School" Program
Published January 5 2009
Concepts: wellness, consumer wellness, school, food, Consumer Wellness Center

Toxic Dangers to Children from Third-Hand Smoke
Published January 5 2009
Concepts: smoke, third-hand smoke, toxic, children, health

Excessive Weight Gain during Pregnancy Leads to Heavier Teenagers
Published December 30 2008
Concepts: weight, pregnancy, gain, health, natural

Pediatricians Demand Annual Flu Shots for Infants as Vaccine-Pushing Doctors Descend into Extremist Quackery
Published December 30 2008
Concepts: vaccine, child, vaccines, doctors, children

Childhood Constipation: A Bigger Health Problem Than We Think
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: health, natural, constipation, child, childhood

Report Shows Long Term Use of Cell Phones Linked to Brain Tumors
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: report, brain, children, cell phones, shows

Celebrities are Smarter than "Skeptical Scientists" When it Comes to Health Literacy
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: chemical, health, scientist, food, scientific

New Study Shows Vitamin K Important For Juvenile Bone Development
Published December 18 2008
Concepts: bone, vitamin K, health, study, children

Children and Teenagers Found to Have Arteries of Middle Aged Adults
Published December 16 2008
Concepts: children, health, arteries, natural, 5

Urge Nickelodeon/ Viacom to Stop Marketing Junk Food to Children
Published December 15 2008
Concepts: child, food, children, marketing, junk food

How to Prevent and Treat Head Lice Naturally
Published December 15 2008
Concepts: lice, head lice, how to, child, tea

Teaching and Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy
Published December 13 2008
Concepts: child, food, children, kids, health

Kids Wildly Out of Touch with Natural World, BBC Survey Reveals
Published December 12 2008
Concepts: world, natural, children, survey, touch

Beware of Lethal Personal Care Products and Protect Your Children This Christmas
Published December 10 2008
Concepts: products, man, personal care, personal care products, deodorant

Poor Families Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12 Babies Die
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: vaccine, drug, babies, vaccine trials, companies

Coconut Oil: A Natural Remedy for Pneumonia
Published December 9 2008
Concepts: coconut, child, oil, children, coconut oil

Environmentally Conscious Decoration Ideas
Published December 5 2008
Concepts: holiday, tree, conscious, home, light

Study Shows Misleading Health Claims on Food for Children
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: food, health, claims, study, shows

Studies Prove that Obesity has Nothing to do with Bad Genes
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: obesity, food, studies, foods, sugar

Environmental Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: holiday, gifts, environmental, love, environment

Why You Need Extra Vitamin D during the Flu Season
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: flu, Vitamin D, 5, vaccine, the flu

FDA Reluctantly Admits Mercury Fillings Have Neurotoxic Effects on Children
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: mercury, FDA, mercury fillings, the FDA, dental

Health Ranger Offers Thirty-One Predictions for 2009 - Health, Economy, Terrorism and More
Published December 1 2008
Concepts: men, health, harm, predictions, food

Hypnotherapy and its Role on Boys with Nocturnal Enuresis
Published November 30 2008
Concepts: hypnotherapy, boys, bedwetting, treatment, child

How Media Drives Obesity in Children and Simple Counter Tactics
Published November 28 2008
Concepts: child, children, obesity, media, health

Children Who Eat with Family Enjoy Better Health as Adults
Published November 27 2008
Concepts: family, WHO, children, health, eating

Lessen Your Baby's Toxic Load (Part 3): Skin and Bath Products
Published November 27 2008
Concepts: skin, products, baby, toxic, ingredients

Film Review: GenerationRx Documents Chemical Abuse of Children by Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Psychiatry
Published November 26 2008
Concepts: film, children, industry, chemical, drug

Study Examines Importance of DHA for Brain Development in Children
Published November 26 2008
Concepts: DHA, study, brain, children, supplement

Salt Content in Processed Foods Linked to Higher Soda Consumption, Hypertension and Obesity
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: salt, consumption, hypertension, children, processed foods

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Arsenic In Your Environment
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: arsenic, organic, safe, how to, curcumin

Teens and Toxic Skin Care: A Parent's Responsibility
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: skin, products, toxic, teens, body

Young Children Now Being Targeted For Statin Drug Use
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: children, drug, young children, cholesterol, risk

Food Allergies among Children in the US on the Rise
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: food, allergies, children, food allergies, child

Three Possible Health Dangers of Long-Term Cell Phone Use
Published November 14 2008
Concepts: health, cell phone, cancer, risk, children

Lessen Your Baby's Toxic Load ( Part 2): Clothing
Published November 13 2008
Concepts: toxic, child, chemical, children, clothing

New Study Shows Pregnant Women Benefit from Mediterranean Diet
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: shows, women, diet, pregnant women, mediterranean diet

Big Pharma's New Mass-Drugging Agenda Pushes Statin Drugs for Healthy People
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: drug, harm, drugs, medical, statin drugs

FDA Set to Approve Deadly Enbrel Drug for Children - Update1
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: drug, FDA, children, the FDA, psoriasis

Pharmaceuticals in the Water: Why Medication Contamination is a Danger to Our Health and the Environment (transcript)
Published November 10 2008
Concepts: water, harm, pharmaceuticals, chemical, people

Father Doesn't Know Best When It Comes to the Kids, Says Canadian Court
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: child, kids, parents, WHO, children

There Is No Such Thing as the West Nile Virus
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: virus, disease, people, heal, poison

Harvard Psychiatrists Hide Millions of Dollars Received from Drug Companies
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: Harvard, drug, research, researchers, NIH

Children Pump Clean Water While Playing on the Merry-Go-Round
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: water, children, health, Africa, weight

More Children on Drugs Than Ever: Chronic Prescriptions Increase Dramatically
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: increase, prescriptions, drugs, medication, study

Can Obama's Win Lead to Meaningful Health Care Reform? 13 Urgent Suggestions for a Healthy USA
Published November 5 2008
Concepts: health, men, Obama, health care, drug

NaturalNews, Consumer Wellness Center Announce $5,000 in Nutrition Grants to Aid Schoolchildren
Published November 4 2008
Concepts: nutrition, wellness, natural, health, Consumer Wellness Center

ADD/ADHD: Children and the Effects of Sleep Disorders
Published November 3 2008
Concepts: sleep, health, children, eye, growth hormone

Pollution Increases Allergies in Children
Published November 1 2008
Concepts: pollution, allergies, child, children, living

Halloween Warning: Candy Made in China May be Contaminated with Toxic Melamine
Published October 31 2008
Concepts: candy, Halloween, melamine, toxic, child

Using Hypnotherapy to Treat Children with Functional Abdominal Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Published October 30 2008
Concepts: pain, hypnotherapy, children, abdominal pain, 5

Safety of Kids Cough and Cold Medicines Questioned
Published October 27 2008
Concepts: medicines, child, kids, health, cold medicines

This Halloween, Say No To Candy Containing GM Sugar
Published October 26 2008
Concepts: candy, Halloween, sugar, parents, child

Nutritionist, Chef and Author (Part I): Challenging What You Think You Know about Nutrition
Published October 24 2008
Concepts: milk, health, cholesterol, raw, diet

Farm-To-School Programs Grow Students’ Appreciation for Locally Grown Food
Published October 20 2008
Concepts: school, schools, farm, lunch, program

Television May Be Doing Your Thinking
Published October 18 2008
Concepts: television, brain, thinking, form, information

Diet Sodas Contribute to Childhood Obesity
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: diet, health, sodas, diet sodas, soda

Breastfeeding Boosts IQ of Newborns
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: breastfeeding, IQ, children, research, researchers

Laser acupuncture effective against headaches in children
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: laser, headaches, headache, children, treatment

Is your poor body image being mirrored by your child?
Published October 11 2008
Concepts: body, body image, children, parents, weight

Merck's Combination Children's Vaccine Linked to Convulsions
Published October 10 2008
Concepts: vaccine, children, vaccines, MMR, study

Plastic Outrage - Children in Danger from Bisphenol A
Published October 8 2008
Concepts: natural, NaturalNews, plastic, danger, children

ADHD Drugs May Pose Danger to Children with Heart Conditions
Published October 7 2008
Concepts: heart, children, adhd, drugs, ADHD drugs

Is Cartoon Character Advertising Making American Kids Fat?
Published October 3 2008
Concepts: child, advertising, children, cartoon, food

City Streets with Trees Reduce Asthma in Children Living Nearby
Published October 3 2008
Concepts: trees, asthma, children, living, rates

Mobile Phone Use While Pregnant Causes Neurological Problems in Babies
Published October 2 2008
Concepts: mobile phone, problems, children, neurological, neurological problems

Position Child Safety Seats in Center of Back Seat to Reduce Risk of Injury by 43 Percent
Published September 27 2008
Concepts: child, car, safety, injury, risk

Poor Sleep and Lack of Sleep Can Cause Elevated Blood Pressure in Adolescents
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: sleep, blood, blood pressure, hypertension, health

Psychotropic Drug Use Soars in UK Teens
Published September 26 2008
Concepts: UK, children, increase, drug, drug use

Thousands of Families Sue Over Vaccine Link to Autism
Published September 25 2008
Concepts: vaccine, children, autism, vaccines, claims

Kids Who Play in the Dirt Have Stronger Immune Systems
Published September 23 2008
Concepts: dirt, WHO, kids, children, health

UK Lawmaker Seeks to Deny Education to Children Who Aren't Vaccinated
Published September 23 2008
Concepts: children, UK, WHO, education, vaccination

Teach Your Children the Hidden Meanings Behind Junk Food Advertisements
Published September 22 2008
Concepts: children, child, food, advertising, junk food

The Dangers Versus the Benefits of Raw Milk: The Truth Exposed
Published September 19 2008
Concepts: milk, raw, raw milk, benefits, dangers

Arthritis Drugs May be Causing Cancer in Children
Published September 18 2008
Concepts: cancer, drugs, arthritis, arthritis drugs, FDA

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Explains Why Some Children Fail
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: child, children, school, WHO, schools

Nurses Exposed to Toxic Cleaning Chemicals in Hospitals; Cancer Risk Elevated
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: nurses, nurse, exposed, chemicals, toxic

Curcumin Tempers Arsenic Toxicity Through DNA Repair
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: arsenic, curcumin, DNA, organic, toxicity

Kids Pricked for Profit: The Financial Ties of Vaccine Promoters to Big Pharma
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: vaccine, financial, WHO, news, financial ties

Toxins in the Bodies of Newborns Lead to a Contaminated Generation
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: chemical, chemicals, blood, newborns, toxins

Natural Newsbeat: Bisphenol A, Fire Retardants and Needle-Dumping Dentists
Published September 8 2008
Concepts: news, bisphenol A, child, fire retardants, natural

Teens Should Increase Vitamin D Intake by 1000 Percent to Avoid Deficiency, Say Researchers
Published September 8 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, deficiency, children, increase, teens

Culture Shock: The USA vs. South America; Fiction vs. Reality
Published September 3 2008
Concepts: America, Ecuador, food, South America, people

Lead Exposure Causes Violent Crime in Children
Published September 3 2008
Concepts: lead, lead exposure, crime, causes, violent crime

Dennis Quaid's Children Nearly Killed by Heparin Drug
Published September 1 2008
Concepts: Heparin, children, blood, hospital, errors

Are You Giving Your Child a Daily Dose of Toxins?
Published August 28 2008
Concepts: child, car, children, toothpaste, products

Canadian Government Pressured to Ban Junk Food Ads
Published August 28 2008
Concepts: food, ban, health, child, government

Honey Is a Natural Alternative to Harmful Cough Medicines
Published August 28 2008
Concepts: honey, natural, cough medicines, alternative, bacteria

Bisphenol A Chemical in Plastic Bottles Harms Children, Feds Conclude
Published August 27 2008
Concepts: bisphenol A, children, chemical, plastic, bottles

Millions of U.S. Children are Vitamin D Deficient, Warn Researchers
Published August 26 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, children, deficiency, research, researchers

Olympian Phelps Serves as "Ambassador" to McDonald's, Introducing Chinese Children to American Junk Food
Published August 21 2008
Concepts: children, McDonald's, food, child, Michael Phelps

Too Much TV Makes Your Kids Obese, Researchers Find
Published August 21 2008
Concepts: researchers, child, children, kids, obese

Intelligent, Informed Parents Are Refusing to Give Their Children Vaccines
Published August 20 2008
Concepts: parents, children, vaccine, child, vaccination

Vaccines Found to Cause Diabetes in Children
Published August 19 2008
Concepts: diabetes, child, vaccines, vaccine, children

Children as Big Pharma Guinea Pigs: 98 Percent of Drug Trials on Children Have no Safety Checks
Published August 18 2008
Concepts: drug, drug trials, children, safety, child

Health Canada Suggests Lowering Fluoridation Levels to Protect Children's Teeth
Published August 18 2008
Concepts: fluoride, health, Canada, fluoridation, Health Canada

Prenatal Mediterranean Diet Cuts Risk of Asthma, Allergies in Children
Published August 7 2008
Concepts: diet, asthma, mediterranean diet, allergies, risk

Organic Similac: Formula for Obesity?
Published August 6 2008
Concepts: infant formula, organic, baby, health, sugar

Road Pollution Blamed for Higher Allergy Risk in Kids
Published August 3 2008
Concepts: risk, pollution, children, allergy, traffic

Junk Food Advertising to Children Banned in UK
Published August 2 2008
Concepts: children, child, food, junk food, advertising

Chlorine Chemicals in Swimming Pool Send Children to the Hospital
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: chlorine, swimming, children, chemicals, people

Cold Medicines Hospitalize 7,000 Children Each Year
Published July 29 2008
Concepts: children, medication, cold medicines, medications, researchers

Children at Risk From Current Low Vitamin D Recommendations
Published July 28 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, children, health, risk, recommendations

Chemical Causes of Diabetes: Overeating Is Not the Only Problem
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: diabetes, men, 5, food, chemical

Nearly Half of Parents Fail to Realize Their Children are Obese
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: children, child, parents, weight, overweight

Homeopathy Proven Better Than Conventional Medicine for Eczema
Published July 24 2008
Concepts: homeopathy, child, medicine, improve, study

Now Doctors Want to Drug Grade Schoolers With Statins
Published July 24 2008
Concepts: drug, children, doctors, cholesterol, health

Kids Living Near Nuclear Power Plants Have Much Higher Rates of Cancer
Published July 22 2008
Concepts: nuclear, power, nuclear power, cancer, living

GlaxoSmithKline Continues Vaccine Trial Even After 12 Babies Die
Published July 21 2008
Concepts: vaccine, babies, GlaxoSmithKline, WHO, health

Honey Better Than Cough Medicine For Soothing Kids' Cough Symptoms
Published July 21 2008
Concepts: honey, medicine, children, cough medicine, treatment

Nigeria Issues Arrest Warrants for Top Pfizer Officials After Drug Experiments Conducted on Children
Published July 18 2008
Concepts: Pfizer, drug, arrest, warrants, drug experiments

Food Choice During Pregnancy Shapes Lifelong Taste Preferences of Baby
Published July 16 2008
Concepts: food, taste, children, pregnancy, food choice

Remove Food Additives From Hyperactive Children's Diets, Experts Suggest
Published July 15 2008
Concepts: food, food additives, children, experts, diets

Overweight Children Show Increased Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes
Published July 14 2008
Concepts: children, heart, risk, heart attacks, overweight

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Good for 'Newborn' Prostitutes and Drug Users, but Who Else?
Published July 11 2008
Concepts: vaccine, 5, hepatitis, hepatitis B, drug

20-Year Study: Lead Linked to Violent Crime and Shrinks the Brain
Published July 10 2008
Concepts: lead, study, crime, 5, blood

Homeopathic Alternatives to Antibiotics
Published July 9 2008
Concepts: homeopathic, medicine, homeopathy, disease, people

Therapeutic Healing Vest for Children With Autism, ADHD, Anxiety
Published July 8 2008
Concepts: adhd, autism, healing, children, mental

Cholesterol Disease Mongering Reaches New Low with Statin Drug Push For 8-Year-Olds
Published July 8 2008
Concepts: drug, child, children, health, disease

The Politics of National Health Care Reform: Why no Popular Presidential Candidate can Solve Our Health Care Crisis (transcript)
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: health, disease, people, men, drug

TV Violence a Threat to Public Health
Published July 2 2008
Concepts: violence, threat, TV violence, aggression, children

Heart Disease: The Number One Killer in America Starts in Childhood
Published June 26 2008
Concepts: heart, health, cholesterol, children, America

ADHD Drugs Pose Heart Health Risks to Children
Published June 25 2008
Concepts: adhd, heart, drugs, ADHD drugs, risks

Gitmo For U.S. Children: Center for Retarded Kids Uses Electroshock Therapy
Published June 23 2008
Concepts: shock, school, children, electroshock, students

Ocean Water Spray Halts Children's Cough and Cold Symptoms; Cold Medicine Doesn't
Published June 21 2008
Concepts: children, water, ocean, ocean water, symptoms

Soft Drink Companies Under Increasing Pressure to Halt Marketing to Kids
Published June 18 2008
Concepts: companies, marketing, soft drink companies, children, products

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: school, microchipping, children, program, parents

Flawed St. John's Wort Study on ADHD Failed to Use Active Form of Herbal Extract
Published June 13 2008
Concepts: study, herb, men, drug, adhd

Alliance for Human Research Protection Condemns Psychiatric Researchers for Lack of Integrity and Hidden Financial Ties
Published June 11 2008
Concepts: man, child, children, drug, human

Top Psychiatric Researcher Dr. Biederman Caught Lying about $1.6 Million in Drug Money; Performed Medical Experiments on Children
Published June 10 2008
Concepts: child, drug, children, medical, experiments

Vitamin A and Zinc Provide Resistance to Malaria
Published June 10 2008
Concepts: vitamin A, zinc, Malaria, resistance, study

Rhio, Raw Food Author and Educator Discusses Her Book 'Hooked on Raw'
Published June 7 2008
Concepts: food, raw, book, raw food, health

Walgreens Sued Over Infant Death Due to Cold Medicine (Correction)
Published June 6 2008
Concepts: medicine, Walgreens, cold medicine, death, child

Mercury Fillings Shattered! FDA, ADA Conspiracy to Poison Children with Toxic Mercury Fillings Exposed in Groundbreaking Lawsuit
Published June 5 2008
Concepts: mercury, FDA, the FDA, dentist, men

The ADHD Scam and the Mass Drugging of Schoolchildren (Transcript)
Published May 30 2008
Concepts: child, children, brain, drug, drugs

Autism Risk Linked to Distance From Power Plants
Published May 29 2008
Concepts: mercury, autism, risk, Texas, power

Pure Water, Pure Consciousness: Finding a Water Filter That Works
Published May 28 2008
Concepts: water, consciousness, health, pure water, medicine

The Energetic Contamination of Beef Products (Transcript)
Published May 24 2008
Concepts: meat, cows, human, people, beef

The Ongoing Food Coloring Controversy in the UK
Published May 12 2008
Concepts: food, color, man, form, food coloring

So-Called Education Intentionally Dumbs Down Americans
Published May 11 2008
Concepts: school, education, child, America, health

Strong Boundaries Create Secure Children
Published May 10 2008
Concepts: child, how to, children, safe, world

Breastfeeding Raises IQ of Babies with DHA-Producing Gene Variant
Published May 9 2008
Concepts: IQ, babies, breastfeeding, children, WHO

The Importance of Staving Off a Magnesium Deficiency
Published May 9 2008
Concepts: magnesium, food, men, medicine, deficiency

Chemical Additives and Their Effects on Children
Published May 9 2008
Concepts: chemical, chemical additives, children, toxic, nerve cells

Mainstream Vaccination Support: Another Chapter in an Old Story
Published April 30 2008
Concepts: 5, drug, man, safe, health

New Legislation Calls for Government Ownership of DNA
Published April 29 2008
Concepts: government, DNA, research, ownership, legislation

New Evidence Links Mercury Emissions to Rates of Autism
Published April 29 2008
Concepts: mercury, autism, emissions, rates, sources

Medical Mix Ups Are All Too Common for Children
Published April 25 2008
Concepts: children, hospital, medical, UPS, study

How to Beat and Prevent the Avian Flu and Other Influenzas
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: flu, tea, oil, 5, herb

True Hope for Bipolar Disorder Sufferers?
Published April 21 2008
Concepts: men, supplement, disorder, health, man

Cough and Cold Syrups: Why Bother?
Published April 16 2008
Concepts: child, children, news, natural, coughs

FDA Approves Prescription Proton Pump Inhibitor Drug for 1-11 Year Olds
Published April 15 2008
Concepts: child, acid, stomach, stomach acid, drug

FDA Openly Allowed Marketing of Dangerous Cold Medicines to Infants and Children
Published April 14 2008
Concepts: medicines, FDA, cold medicines, children, marketing

Update: Why Mixed Martial Arts Training is Good for Children (opinion)
Published April 12 2008
Concepts: Chi, children, child, martial arts, training

Should Kids Compete in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Bouts?
Published April 11 2008
Concepts: martial arts, kids, Mixed Martial Arts, child, children

Protecting Our Children From Toxic Toys
Published April 11 2008
Concepts: toys, children, chemical, safe, toxic

Xylitol - Is It Safe or Effective?
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: xylitol, heal, health, safe, 5

Are You Destined for Diabetes?
Published April 9 2008
Concepts: diabetes, sugar, blood, blood sugar, men

Confident Parents Raise Confident Children
Published April 9 2008
Concepts: child, parents, parenting, children, WHO

Survey: 98% Say Parents Should Have Right to Refuse Vaccination of Children
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, heal, parents, vaccination

Natural Approaches for the Prevention of Oral Cancer and Periodontal Disease
Published April 3 2008
Concepts: mercury, men, disease, cancer, magnesium

Interview with Alan Friedman from Good Cause Wellness about Antioxidants, Agave Nectar and Chia Seeds
Published March 31 2008
Concepts: products, men, health, chia, food

The Lifelong Ravages of Poverty
Published March 30 2008
Concepts: poverty, America, WHO, child, children

Tracing Pesticides in Children From Ingestion to Elimination
Published March 28 2008
Concepts: pesticides, pesticide, children, child, food

Psycho-Educational Assessments Can Reveal Children's Hidden Strengths
Published March 26 2008
Concepts: child, school, education, children, information

The End of Antibiotics
Published March 26 2008
Concepts: antibiotic, antibiotics, infection, bacteria, infections

The Secret to Healing Miracles: How to Make Herbs Work Every Time
Published March 14 2008
Concepts: herb, heal, herbs, healing, how to

Plan To Spray Toxic Biological Chemicals Over San Francisco Announced
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: chemical, people, chemicals, heal, safe

The End of Antibiotics and the Rise of Iodine as an Effective Alternative
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: antibiotic, antibiotics, infection, bacteria, iodine

Recent Studies and Age Old Wisdom Point to the Health Benefits of Butter
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: fat, butter, acid, health, fatty acids

MOTHERS Act Seeks to Drug Expectant Mothers with Antidepressants to "Treat" Postpartum Depression
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: drug, mothers, drugs, MOTHERS Act, expectant mothers

Chemicals in Baby Products Linked to Reproductive Problems in Children
Published March 4 2008
Concepts: products, baby, chemicals, problems, baby products

Re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act and Its Hidden Agenda
Published March 4 2008
Concepts: school, child, schools, students, states

A School Program for Kids in the Garden and Kitchen
Published March 4 2008
Concepts: garden, kitchen, program, school, kids

Doctors Interrogate Children as Informants on Parents' Behavior
Published March 3 2008
Concepts: children, doctors, doctor, medical ethics, report

$74.5 Million Set for the Spraying of Toxic Chemicals Over San Francisco
Published March 3 2008
Concepts: chemical, people, chemicals, safe, heal

DNA and Mitochondrial Time Bombs: Uranium and Mercury
Published March 3 2008
Concepts: uranium, diabetes, mercury, cancer, insulin

Nutrition Provides Key to Preventing Needless Deaths of Kids World-Wide
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: nutrition, deaths, health, kids, children

School Lunch in the Era of Processed Food: To Buy or Not to Buy?
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: school, food, lunch, child, health

Raise Your Child's IQ With Adequate Amounts of DHA
Published February 24 2008
Concepts: DHA, fish, IQ, brain, child

Debating the Cause of Autism: Genes vs. Nutrition
Published February 22 2008
Concepts: autism, genes, mercury, disease, children

Advocate Group Urges Ban on Junk Food Marketing to Children
Published February 21 2008
Concepts: marketing, food, drug, ban, children

A Deeper Look Into Autism Research as New Avenues Open Up
Published February 21 2008
Concepts: research, autism, child, children, researchers

Early Exposure To Bacteria Helps Create Stronger Immune Systems
Published February 20 2008
Concepts: bacteria, exposure, children, allergies, immune system

Hawaiian Doctor Kills Anti-Aspartame Bill, Condemning Hawaiian Children to Drink Neurotoxic Sweetener
Published February 20 2008
Concepts: aspartame, doctor, children, Hawaii, chemical

Obese Children Often Suffer From Iron Deficiency, Causing Behavioral Problems
Published February 20 2008
Concepts: iron, iron deficiency, children, obese children, child

Forty-Fold Increase in Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis in Children over Last Decade
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: children, disorder, diagnosis, bipolar disorder, increase

Medication-Free Therapies Proven Successful in ADHD Treatment
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: adhd, child, therapies, children, exercise

Illinois Shooter was Treated with Psych Meds Prior to Shooting Rampage
Published February 17 2008
Concepts: mind, drug, shooting, men, medication

Building a Child's Immunity the Natural Way
Published February 15 2008
Concepts: vaccine, immunity, child, vaccines, flu

Private Study Links Vaccinations to Neurological Disorders
Published February 14 2008
Concepts: study, child, children, neurological, vaccinations

Governor Schwarzenegger Backed Immoral Sex Pheromone Spraying Continues...
Published February 8 2008
Concepts: men, chemical, human, heal, chemicals

Childhood Vaccinations Hoax - Not Effective and at Worst, Harmful
Published February 8 2008
Concepts: disease, vaccination, vaccinations, death, vaccine

The Right Type of Fats for Health and Longevity
Published February 7 2008
Concepts: oil, omega-3, fat, fish, acid

Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt)
Published February 1 2008
Concepts: cancer, body, heal, men, disease

American Academy of Pediatrics Unleashes Hysterical Attack on Fictional Television Show about Vaccine / Autism Link
Published January 31 2008
Concepts: vaccine, child, children, autism, vaccines

WiFi and EM Radiation - The Rest of the Autism Story
Published January 31 2008
Concepts: child, children, autism, radiation, metals

Vaccination Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 3)
Published January 31 2008
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, child, children, heal

Natural Tooth Cure for Curing Cavities and Preventing Root Canals
Published January 30 2008
Concepts: tooth decay, heal, food, teeth, dental

Eat Better to Live Better - 5 Steps for Preventing Childhood Obesity
Published January 29 2008
Concepts: child, food, children, habits, 5

Food Additives Found to Cause Hyperactivity in Children
Published January 29 2008
Concepts: hyperactivity, children, food, sodium benzoate, food additives

Children's Report Cards: McDonald's New Marketing Platform
Published January 29 2008
Concepts: McDonald's, child, school, report, children

The Role of Hypnotherapy in Pediatric Cancer Patients
Published January 29 2008
Concepts: cancer, hypnosis, child, pain, hypnotherapy

Consumers Advocate Group Urges Ban on Marketing to Children
Published January 24 2008
Concepts: marketing, drug, ban, children, consumers

Inadequate Nightly Sleep Linked to Overweight Children
Published January 23 2008
Concepts: sleep, child, children, overweight, increase

Chemical Additives - Are They Slowly Killing Our Children?
Published January 17 2008
Concepts: toxic, children, food, chemical, chemical additives

All Jacked Up: The Explosive Junk Food Documentary the Food Companies Hope You Never See
Published January 17 2008
Concepts: film, food, junk food, documentary, movie

Immunization Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 1)
Published January 16 2008
Concepts: vaccine, polio, measles, immunization, children

Detoxify to Lower Your Body Burden
Published January 12 2008
Concepts: body, lead, chemical, detoxify, detox

Mobile Phones Linked to Brain Tumors after Long Term Use
Published January 11 2008
Concepts: mobile phones, brain, tumors, brain tumors, study

Study "Disproving" Mercury-Autism Link Published in Journal with Financial Ties to Vaccine Manufacturers
Published January 9 2008
Concepts: vaccine, study, vaccines, mercury, autism

Antidepressants, Bipolar Disorder and the Chemical Enslavement of Humankind by Drug Companies
Published January 8 2008
Concepts: drug, chemical, antidepressants, disease, child

Kevin Miller's New "Generation Rx" Documentary Exposes Mass Betrayal of Children by FDA, Big Pharma
Published January 8 2008
Concepts: film, children, drug, FDA, generation

Thousands Exposed to Poison by Government's Aerial Spraying
Published December 31 2007
Concepts: men, chemical, heal, human, health

Fluorescent Lighting in Schools Found to Give Children Headaches
Published December 29 2007
Concepts: schools, lighting, children, fluorescent lighting, light

Victoria Boutenko Shares How Her Family Went Raw
Published December 18 2007
Concepts: raw, food, raw food, family, Boutenko

Vaccines Exposed: A Hidden Crime Against Our Children
Published December 18 2007
Concepts: vaccine, child, vaccines, children, heal

Why Doctors are Idiots: 150 Years of Disatrous Advice on Children's Health (satire)
Published December 15 2007
Concepts: doctors, doctor, child, health, children

Radiation for Brain Cancer Reduces Brain Function in Children
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: radiation, cancer, brain function, brain, brain cancer

Vaccination Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 2)
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: illness, germs, body, disease, vaccination

Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: men, 5, man, news, NaturalNews

Forced Vaccinations = Crimes Against Children
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: child, children, health, vaccination, vaccine

Simple Recipes for Children’s Cough, Cold and Flu Syrups
Published December 12 2007
Concepts: tea, child, honey, lemon, herb

MTV: Smut-Peddlers or Eco-Activists? Make Up Your Mind
Published December 8 2007
Concepts: MTV, 5, world, television, war

The CDC Reports Lead May Poison Kids at Lower Levels
Published December 7 2007
Concepts: lead, child, CDC, kids, blood

Psychotropic Drug Prescriptions to Children Skyrocket 400 Percent in Ten Years
Published December 7 2007
Concepts: children, prescriptions, drug, drug prescriptions, drugs

McDonald's Marketing Focused on Children, New Report States
Published December 7 2007
Concepts: McDonald's, food, children, report, marketing

Omaha Shooter Robert Hawkins Had Been "Treated" For ADHD, Depression
Published December 6 2007
Concepts: drug, drugs, men, child, children

8,000 Toxic Waste Sites Ignored by EPA; Massive Lead Contamination at Shooting Ranges
Published December 6 2007
Concepts: lead, shooting, poison, lead contamination, shooting ranges

California's Life-Giving Raw Milk Will Become Illegal March 2008
Published November 28 2007
Concepts: milk, raw, raw milk, heal, health

Renegade School Board Member Educates Parents on ADHD Alternatives
Published November 26 2007
Concepts: adhd, drug, parents, child, children

Mercury Does Not Belong in Light Bulbs or Vaccines
Published November 21 2007
Concepts: mercury, health, light, form, organic

The Gullible Jennifer Garner Flu Shot Campaign
Published November 20 2007
Concepts: flu, vaccine, health, the flu, child

Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guard
Published November 19 2007
Concepts: children, child, WHO, Maryland, parents

Prenatal consumption of apples, fish shown to prevent asthma in children
Published November 16 2007
Concepts: fish, apples, asthma, consumption, children

Industrial Chemicals Lead to a Toxic Body Burden
Published November 16 2007
Concepts: chemicals, body, chemical, industrial chemicals, toxic

China manufacturers lace children's toys with liquid ecstasy
Published November 15 2007
Concepts: toys, china, consumers, consumer safety, Ron Paul

Dissecting a Thimerosal Study
Published November 14 2007
Concepts: study, thimerosal, child, children, WHO

Medical Tyranny in Maryland: Parents Threatened With Jail Time for Not Vaccinating Children
Published November 14 2007
Concepts: parents, vaccinations, Maryland, health, children

Widespread vitamin D deficiency in UK leaves children at risk of rickets, cancer
Published November 11 2007
Concepts: rickets, Vitamin D, children, risk, UK

The Real Medical Problem of Children in the Developing World
Published November 10 2007
Concepts: children, world, child, medical, honey

Cold medicine scam finally exposed after decades of harming children
Published November 7 2007
Concepts: medicine, drug, cold medicine, FDA, medicines

Halloween sugar, food additives and the commercialization of holidays
Published October 30 2007
Concepts: food, candy, Halloween, food additives, sugar

ADDitives and ADHD: A Comprehensive Look
Published October 26 2007
Concepts: child, problems, food, ingredients, children

Governor Schwarzenegger Backs Aerial Biochemical Spraying That Harms Children
Published October 25 2007
Concepts: chemical, men, people, child, heal

Children at Risk of Liver Disease Caused by Processed Foods
Published October 25 2007
Concepts: food, foods, liver, children, disease

Reading, Writing and Nutrition: The Foundation to a Child’s Education
Published October 23 2007
Concepts: children, nutrition, study, Indonesia, education

Junk Food Ads, Fast Food Increasing Teen Obesity
Published October 9 2007
Concepts: food, child, school, obesity, junk food

Foods That Cure Asthma and Allergies
Published October 8 2007
Concepts: asthma, foods, cure, children, vegetables

Photo shows beer promotions at McDonald's restaurant (humor)
Published September 28 2007
Concepts: McDonald's, beer, restaurant, shows, signs

Ground-Breaking Study Links Food Additives to Hyperactivity in Children
Published September 27 2007
Concepts: food, study, food additives, hyperactivity, child

Kellogg announces major shift in marketing manufactured food products to children
Published September 24 2007
Concepts: marketing, products, food, food products, children

Vitamin D deficiency extremely common during pregnancy; most children born vitamin D deficient
Published September 18 2007
Concepts: Vitamin D, pregnancy, deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, women

Lunchables Jr. Targeted at “On-the-Go” 3-5 Year Olds
Published September 18 2007
Concepts: Kraft, fat, children, health, snack

Is Diabetes Caused by Pharmaceuticals?
Published September 12 2007
Concepts: diabetes, drug, drugs, harm, child

Top 20 things that are more dangerous to children than lead paint in Mattel toys
Published September 5 2007
Concepts: child, children, chemical, lead, toxic

Health news from a parallel universe (satire)
Published August 24 2007
Concepts: universe, health, news, health news, food

Omega-3 supplements rapidly eliminate ADD, ADHD and bipolar disorder in children
Published August 15 2007
Concepts: adhd, disorder, omega-3, bipolar disorder, nutrition

Ritalin stunts growth of children; long-term risk to children's health unknown
Published July 23 2007
Concepts: children, child, ritalin, drug, adhd

Mediterranean diet makes allergies vanish in children
Published June 4 2007
Concepts: allergies, diet, mediterranean diet, child, children

Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood blasts TV promotion of junk foods to children
Published May 8 2007
Concepts: food, childhood, children, campaign, foods

Parents fail to recognize when their children are obese
Published April 30 2007
Concepts: children, parents, health, healthy, alternative

Zinc supplements save the lives of children
Published April 24 2007
Concepts: zinc, supplements, zinc supplements, children, nutritional supplements

Animals are smarter than humans when it comes to feeding their children (opinion)
Published April 6 2007
Concepts: children, food, humans, health, milk

Children routinely prescribed adult medications never approved for use in children
Published April 4 2007
Concepts: children, medications, drug, children's health, medication

Junk food giants form "task force" that claims to combat child obesity
Published March 30 2007
Concepts: food, combat, junk food, form, food giants

Cold medicines harm children's health, charge pediatric doctors
Published March 27 2007
Concepts: child, health, harm, medicines, children

Lindane pesticide banned by the EPA, but still allowed by FDA in children's products
Published March 27 2007
Concepts: lindane, shampoo, pesticide, FDA, banned

Global warming will directly impact childrens' health with increase in fevers, emergency visits
Published March 19 2007
Concepts: global warming, health, increase, childrens' health, emergency

Breast-fed children have better vision, study says
Published February 19 2007
Concepts: children, study, vision, breastfeeding, DHA

The health care reform legislation that Congress should pass, but won't
Published February 15 2007
Concepts: health, drug, food, health care, disease

Adults living with children eat more fat than adults who live without
Published February 3 2007
Concepts: children, fat, adults, WHO, living

Household dust exposes families, children to toxic levels of brain-damaging flame retardants
Published January 31 2007
Concepts: household, toxic, children, Flame, infant health

Lack of omega-3s can contribute to childhood obesity
Published January 30 2007
Concepts: children, fat, omega-3s, childhood, weight

Cold medications proving deadly to infants
Published January 22 2007
Concepts: medications, children, medication, infant health, over the counter medicines

Poor nutrition leaves 200 million children "intellectually stunted"
Published January 11 2007
Concepts: children, poor nutrition, malnutrition, children's health, 5

Panel votes to extend antidepressant black box warning to children and teens
Published January 4 2007
Concepts: warning, the FDA, antidepressants, drug, children

Taking fish oil supplements in late pregnancy boosts baby's brainpower, study finds
Published January 2 2007
Concepts: fish, fish oil, supplements, pregnancy, fish oil supplements

Survey: Some clinics offer embryo selection to create children with genetic defects
Published December 30 2006
Concepts: embryo selection, Genetic, children, screening, child

Death sentence for medics accused of giving hundreds of children HIV
Published December 27 2006
Concepts: death, children, nurses, medical ethics, HIV

Suburban kids heavier than city kids, study finds
Published December 27 2006
Concepts: kids, study, obesity epidemic, suburban sprawl, children

Whole grains, fish lower asthma risk in children
Published December 18 2006
Concepts: asthma, fish, grains, WHO, children

Doctors prescribing antidepressants, antipsychotic medications to infants under the age of one, says psychiatrist
Published December 13 2006
Concepts: antipsychotics, drug, doctors, antidepressants, medications

Pediatricians call for ban on junk food advertising to children
Published December 12 2006
Concepts: food, pediatricians, junk food, advertising, ban

Corporations are bombarding children with ads that boost obesity, poor nutrition
Published December 8 2006
Concepts: children, obesity, corporations, junk food marketing, advertising

Fast food restaurants at children's hospitals influence parents to feed their families unhealthy meals
Published December 6 2006
Concepts: children's hospitals, food, parents, fast food, restaurants

UK consumer group reveals junk food companies' misleading ad tactics
Published November 29 2006
Concepts: junk food, children, UK, misleading, marketing

Fruit Juice Intake Among Preschool Children Not Associated with Weight (press release)
Published November 22 2006
Concepts: juice, fruit, fruit juice, preschool, children

Neurotoxic chemicals causing "silent pandemic" of preventable disabilities in children
Published November 20 2006
Concepts: chemicals, industrial chemicals, disabilities, neurotoxic chemicals, child

Study finds 1 in 523 children and adolescents have diabetes (press release)
Published November 20 2006
Concepts: diabetes, children, study, youth, Type 2 diabetes

Children's exercise boosted by fitness device that locks on to Playstation controller
Published November 8 2006
Concepts: Playstation, exercise, fitness, children, video games

Industrial chemicals causing pandemic of brain disorders in children
Published November 8 2006
Concepts: chemicals, brain, industrial chemicals, chemical, brain disorders

Can a Vitamin Treat Multiple Sclerosis? (press release)
Published November 6 2006
Concepts: nicotinamide, children, research, hospital, treatment

Prenatal vitamins may reduce risk of brain tumors in children (press release)
Published November 6 2006
Concepts: children, vitamins, tumors, brain, risk

California officials announce plan to inject infants with mercury-laced vaccines
Published November 3 2006
Concepts: California, child, infants, children, flu vaccine shots

OHSU research demonstrates possible health risks for children born to overeating mothers (press release)
Published November 2 2006
Concepts: research, diet, health, mothers, children

'Wait-and-see' approach for treating ear infections substantially reduces use of antibiotics (press release)
Published November 1 2006
Concepts: antibiotics, antibiotic, ear infections, prescription, parents

Babies at risk from meth use by expectant mothers
Published October 31 2006
Concepts: meth, babies, risk, methamphetamines, drug

Breastfeeding improves mental health of infants
Published October 30 2006
Concepts: health, mental, mental health, breastfeeding, infant health

Child-centered marketing causing kids to carry unhealthy food habits into adulthood
Published October 30 2006
Concepts: child, children, marketing, food, caffeine

Don't spook kids by giving nutrient-lacking candy this Halloween
Published October 30 2006
Concepts: sugar, kids, candy, Halloween, shock

Data lacking on psychiatric drugs for kids (press release)
Published October 30 2006
Concepts: treatment, drugs, treatments, psychiatric drugs, kids

Children conceived with help of infertility treatments more likely to suffer from autism
Published October 27 2006
Concepts: fertility, children, treatments, problems, infertility

FTC demands junk food companies disclose money spent marketing to children
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: food, marketing, companies, FTC, children

Overweight in early childhood increases chances for obesity at age 12 (press release)
Published October 24 2006
Concepts: child, weight, overweight, children, study

Low vitamin E intake during pregnancy can lead to childhood asthma (press release)
Published October 23 2006
Concepts: vitamin E, pregnancy, asthma, children, childhood asthma

Ritalin stunts growth of preschoolers; 40 percent develop side effects
Published October 20 2006
Concepts: preschoolers, ritalin, drug, child, children

Commercial Alert Blasts PBS Online Ad Plan (press release)
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: children, website, culture, information

Study shows link between morbid obesity, low IQ in toddlers (press release)
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: IQ, child, study, research, children

Vitamin D supplements should be given to Asian children for two years from birth (press release)
Published October 18 2006
Concepts: Vitamin D, supplements, children, birth, deficiency

Better after-school snack choices boost nutrition for low-income kids, UC Davis research confirms (press release)
Published October 17 2006
Concepts: snack, school, fruit, nutrition, kids

Interview: Amazing Grass' Brandon Burt talks about Kidz SuperFood and nutrition for children
Published October 13 2006
Concepts: nutrition, child, children, food, taste

Exposure to PCBs may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines in children (press release)
Published October 12 2006
Concepts: exposure, children, PCBs, vaccines, effectiveness

Dentists, Pediatricians Advise Parents on Children and Soft Drinks (press release)
Published October 11 2006
Concepts: children, soft drinks, parents, pediatricians, health

Childhood obesity caused by 'toxic environment' of Western diets, study says (press release)
Published October 11 2006
Concepts: child, children, obesity, diets, food

Medication errors affect children's leukemia treatment (press release)
Published October 10 2006
Concepts: errors, medication, medication errors, patients, leukemia

Today's busy children aren't getting enough play time, warn pediatricians
Published October 9 2006
Concepts: children, play time, report, parents, playtime

Today's babies are fatter babies (press release)
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: weight, children, Harvard, overweight, babies

Unmasking nutrition's role in genes and birth defects (press release)
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: birth, birth defects, copper, genes, research

Children and teens taking antidepressants might be more likely to attempt, complete suicide (press release)
Published October 5 2006
Concepts: suicide, children, antidepressants, teens, medication

Socially isolated children may become unhealthy adults (press release)
Published October 5 2006
Concepts: children, adults, health, social isolation, risk

EPA may approve neurotoxic pesticide that harms children
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: pesticide, EPA, the EPA, pesticides, scientist

One-third of U.S. kids physically unfit
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: kids, children, physical, physical fitness, school

Nine million children left uninsured by America's health care system
Published September 29 2006
Concepts: health, children, health care, uninsured patients, universal health care

ADHD drug push targets entire families; children and parents both on amphetamines
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: drug, adhd, children, parents, drugs

Honey helps problem wounds (press release)
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: honey, heal, bacteria, hydrogen peroxide, treatment

Research adds weight to growing pains in children (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: children, pain, child, research, weight

Canada warns ADHD drug takers over "psychiatric events"
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: adhd, drug, Canada, ADHD drugs, medication

Music lessons boost memory, brain function of children
Published September 21 2006
Concepts: music, memory, lessons, brain, children

UC Researchers Develop and Test Prevention Program for Childhood Obesity (press release)
Published September 21 2006
Concepts: program, obesity, researchers, prevention, childhood obesity

Study supports 'urgent' need for worldwide ban on lead-based paint (press release)
Published September 20 2006
Concepts: paint, lead, study, ban, 5

Research Documents Children’s Exposure to Pesticides (press release)
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: exposure, research, pesticides, pesticide, children

ADHD linked to prenatal lead exposure, secondhand smoke
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: adhd, lead, exposure, prenatal, lead exposure pushing ADHD drugs with front-page, celebrity-endorsed "Amazon survey"
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: adhd, ADHD drugs,, Amazon, drug

Tenfold increase in Ritalin prescriptions for ADHD children sets off U.K. investigation
Published September 18 2006
Concepts: adhd, children, ritalin, child, increase

Hearing loss from chemotherapy underestimated (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: hearing loss, chemotherapy, toxicity, children, study

Prescription drugs are connected to school shootings and other violence, yet more drugs are touted as the solution
Published September 11 2006
Concepts: drugs, drug, child, people, health

Chronic Middle Ear Infections Linked to Resistant Biofilm Bacteria; Groundbreaking Study Makes Definitive Statement Against Use of Antibiotics to Treat Children With Chronic Otitis Media (press release)
Published September 8 2006
Concepts: children, child, bacteria, media, infections

Groups Demand Immediate Halt to Food Uses of Fluoride-Based Pesticide; National Academy of Sciences Finding That Tap Water Limits Are Unsafe Spells Trouble for Fluoride in Food; EPA Seeks Comments (press release)
Published September 8 2006
Concepts: fluoride, EPA, food, pesticide, water

Youth Overweight Increases Risk of Bone Fractures, Muscle and Joint Pain (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: overweight, youth, bone, pain, NIH

International taskforce calls for global ban on junk food advertising to children to combat obesity epidemic
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: food, obesity, children, junk food, ban

Tufts professor chews on the nutrition-oral health connection (press release)
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: children, health, dental, connection, obesity

Even lactose-intolerant children should keep drinking milk, insists American Academy of Pediatrics
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: children, milk, dairy products, dairy, children's health

While scientists clash over the dangers of ADHD drugs, the U.S. government does nothing to protect children
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: adhd, drugs, drug, ADHD drugs, child

Commonly recommended sedative does not improve infant sleep (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: sleep, child, parents, children, improve

DDT in mothers linked to developmental delays in children, UC Berkeley study finds (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: DDT, children, child, study, mothers

Published September 5 2006
Concepts: study, children, links, research, consumerism

The Flavor of Marketing to Kids (press release)
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: flavor, smoke, cigarettes, kids, marketing

Neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman talks about the fraud of ADHD and the poisoning of U.S. children
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: child, adhd, drug, disease, children

Anthroposophic Lifestyle Reduces Risk of Youth Allergies (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: lifestyle, risk, youth, allergies, children

Getting the Kids Hooked on Starbucks (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: Starbucks, kids, coffee, child, WHO

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Announces 14 Research Grants to Prevent Childhood Obesity; Studies Will Look at Impact of School Food Policies, School Food Environments (press release)
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: food, school, research, obesity, school food

Prenatal Pesticide Exposure May Lead to High Blood Pressure and a Decreased Neurological Ability to Copy Shapes In Childhood (press release)
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: exposure, pesticide, children, blood pressure, pesticide exposure

Ads for Unhealthy Foods May Explain Link Between Television Viewing and Overweight in Children (press release)
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: television, overweight, children, foods, food

Whole Grain Foods Are Simple Way to Fight Childhood Obesity (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: WHO, whole grain, foods, grains, obesity

Migraines More Common in Overweight Kids (press release)
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: overweight, headache, migraines, kids, migraine

Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy could reduce osteoporosis in children (press release)
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: Vitamin D, children, pregnancy, supplementation, osteoporosis

Omega-3 fatty acids may help kids with depression (press release)
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: omega-3, fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, depression, children

Medicinal Herbs Popular Choice For Babies And Kids Among WIC Clinic Clients (press release)
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: herb, herbs, child, children, herbal

Adding Weight to Toys May Help Improve Children’s Fitness (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: weight, toys, improve, fitness, child

Concentrated animal feeding operations near schools may pose asthma risk (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: asthma, school, study, schools, risk

TeenScreen - Normal Kids Labeled Mentally Ill
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: drug, child, children, TeenScreen, drugs

New study: Pine bark extract reduces ADHD symptoms in children (press release)
Published August 17 2006
Concepts: adhd, children, study, pycnogenol, child

Proposed Changes to Obesity Guidelines May Harm Children in the US (press release)
Published August 17 2006
Concepts: obesity, children, changes, harm, drug

Preparation needed as children enter schools already overweight (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: overweight, schools, child, school, Chicago

Fluoridated beverage consumption and dental fluorosis: There's a connection (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: fluoride, beverages, fluorosis, dental, children

Benzene in Some Soft Drinks Prompts Call for Halt on Sales in Schools (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: benzene, soft drinks, schools, sales, school

Antidepressants and Risk of Suicidal Thoughts, Behaviors in Children (press release)
Published August 9 2006
Concepts: risk, children, suicidal thoughts, patients, antidepressants

Children must get more playtime outdoors or face health crisis, scientists warn
Published August 8 2006
Concepts: playtime, children, health, face, crisis

WIC food voucher program updated to include fruits, veggies and whole grains
Published August 8 2006
Concepts: program, food, men, fruits, veggies

Heavy kids show signs of metabolic syndrome (press release)
Published August 4 2006
Concepts: metabolic syndrome, signs, kids, children, risk

Physical education is key to improving a child's confidence, brainpower and long-term health
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: child, physical, children, physical education, sports

Altered Breast Tissue Development in Young Girls Linked to Pesticides (press release)
Published August 1 2006
Concepts: girls, pesticides, pesticide, WHO, breast tissue

Investment in cleaner household energy yields major health and economic benefits (press release)
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: health, energy, household, fuel, men

CEO of Seventh Generation explains the benefits of natural cleaning products to health and home
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: products, chemical, generation, health, home

Pesticide industry plotted Bush human testing policy; meeting with OMB staff laid out exemptions for experiments on children
Published July 26 2006
Concepts: pesticide, testing, meeting, industry, human

Soda Deal for Schools Is Weak on Marketing and Enforcement, Says Commercial Alert (press release)
Published July 25 2006
Concepts: schools, school, marketing, soda, children

Commercial Alert Statement on FTC-HHS Report on Food Marketing to Children (press release)
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: food, report, food marketing, children, marketing to children

Children need 90 minutes of daily exercise to stave off future heart trouble
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: children, exercise, heart, future, daily exercise

Perception of Self Motivates Obese Children To Make Changes (press release)
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: children, changes, obese, obese children, child

Number of children and teens treated with antipsychotics increases sharply (press release)
Published July 21 2006
Concepts: children, antipsychotics, medications, mental, disorder

Infant bone growth and maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy influence future fracture risk (press release)
Published July 21 2006
Concepts: bone, Vitamin D, risk, pregnancy, child

Three-year-old children receiving dentures; rotten teeth due to diet now striking infants
Published July 20 2006
Concepts: diet, children, teeth, health, dental

Physical activity linked to improved glucose control in children with type 1 diabetes (press release)
Published July 20 2006
Concepts: physical activity, physical, glucose, diabetes, Type 1 diabetes

U-M study: Too much TV could put extra pounds on your preschooler (press release)
Published July 18 2006
Concepts: child, children, weight, overweight, study

Coca-Cola rewards program may be hazardous for children, says weight loss instructor
Published July 14 2006
Concepts: Coca-Cola, program, weight, children, weight loss

Autism rates surge, say UK researchers
Published July 14 2006
Concepts: autism, UK, rates, increase, children

Fast food giants prey on parents' gullibility to sell unhealthy food to children
Published July 13 2006
Concepts: McDonald's, child, food, children, fast food

The forced poisoning of Abraham Cherrix, the tyranny of modern medicine, and state-sponsored assaults on health freedom
Published July 12 2006
Concepts: medicine, men, cancer, treatment, health

Passive TV viewing related to children's sleeping difficulties (press release)
Published July 12 2006
Concepts: sleep, sleeping, children, program, exposure

Complementary, Alternative Medicine Use High and Varied in Treating Middle Ear Infection in Israeli Children (press release)
Published July 7 2006
Concepts: children, medicine, child, alternative, treatment

Medicine at gunpoint: Seattle mother arrested for "kidnapping" her own baby to seek alternative treatments
Published June 30 2006
Concepts: medicine, child, baby, drug, health

Vitamin D deficiency on the rise in children as rickets cases surge
Published June 26 2006
Concepts: Vitamin D, children, rickets, cases, deficiency

Junk food, cereal and snacks increasingly marketed to children through "pester power"
Published June 26 2006
Concepts: child, children, food, pester power, parents

The Honest Food Guide empowers consumers with independent information about foods and health
Published May 25 2006
Concepts: food, foods, health, people, disease

Whistleblowers wanted: Truth Publishing seeks insiders to speak out about drug companies, health insurance and conventional medicine
Published May 24 2006
Concepts: drug, companies, medicine, drug companies, health

Outrage! Preschoolers used as guinea pigs in psychotropic drug tests
Published May 18 2006
Concepts: drug, child, children, disease, preschoolers

Uncontrolled federal spending, encouraged by voters, to drive U.S. government into bankruptcy
Published May 17 2006
Concepts: voters, government, federal, children, china

Interview with Corinna Benoit of Nordic Naturals on all-natural cod liver oil
Published May 4 2006
Concepts: liver, fish, oil, Nordic Naturals, cod liver oil

Experts say antidepressant drugs cause suicides instead of preventing them
Published April 10 2006
Concepts: Prozac, suicide, drug, drugs, antidepressants

Human medical experimentation in modern times: How immigrants, poor people, minorities and children are modern-day guinea pigs for Big Pharma (part one)
Published March 7 2006
Concepts: men, human, form, medical, drug

Human medical experimentation on children: The exploitation of poor children by Big Pharma (part two)
Published March 7 2006
Concepts: children, child, ACS, 5, drug

The human medical experimentation comparison chart: Nazi Germany vs. present-day Big Pharma
Published March 7 2006
Concepts: medical, Nazi, human, medical experimentation, Nazi Germany

Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965)
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: men, 5, human, experiments, study

Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1965-2005)
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: men, man, research, human, 5

Environmental groups petition EPA to retract fluoride pesticide tolerances on food
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: fluoride, EPA, pesticide, environmental, food

Human rights alert: Coca-Cola suppliers buy materials from El Salvador companies that practice child labor
Published February 27 2006
Concepts: child, child labor, El Salvador, Coca-Cola, human rights

TMAP, medication algorithm horrors, and the drugging of our children
Published February 21 2006
Concepts: TMAP, drug, mental, Big Pharma, medication

New research shows adults -- not just kids -- are capable of learning new languages
Published February 12 2006
Concepts: learning, brain, adults, foreign language, the brain

Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood
Published February 7 2006
Concepts: oil, liver, cod liver oil, 5, men

Pledge of Allegiance hijacked by Big Pharma (satire)
Published January 26 2006
Concepts: Big Pharma, pledge of allegiance, children, hijacked, schoolchildren

Health Ranger hails CPSI effort to stop Kellogg Co. from marketing junk food to children
Published January 19 2006
Concepts: food, health, junk food, CSPI, marketing

State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter, and force her through chemotherapy against her will
Published January 3 2006
Concepts: men, parents, Texas, treatment, chemotherapy

Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils
Published January 2 2006
Concepts: brain, fat, acid, DHA, omega-3

Commercial Alert vs. USDA: How one non-profit is fighting to eliminate junk food from America's schools
Published December 6 2005
Concepts: junk food, school, child, the USDA, junk food advertisers

Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, raw foods pioneer and founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
Published November 29 2005
Concepts: people, food, life, WHO, heal

Combat childhood asthma naturally with the Buteyko breathing method
Published October 25 2005
Concepts: buteyko, asthma, childhood asthma, breathing, method

Where's the health in health care reform?
Published October 14 2005
Concepts: health, heal, people, WHO, health care

FDA accused of suppressing drug safety information (commentary)
Published October 14 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, FDA, the FDA, people

"Vending Machine" documentary looks to expose childrens' junk food habits in public schools
Published October 10 2005
Concepts: food, junk food, kids, health, documentary

The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your child's health
Published September 22 2005
Concepts: vaccine, mercury, thimerosal, child, vaccines

Dr. Mary Ann Block teaches alternatives to mainstream ADHD treatments for children and adults
Published September 20 2005
Concepts: child, adhd, the Block Center, children, Mary Ann Block

The FDA Exposed: An Interview With Dr. David Graham, the Vioxx Whistleblower
Published August 30 2005
Concepts: drug, FDA, the FDA, drugs, people

Psychiatric Drugs: Chemical Warfare on Humans - interview with Robert Whitaker
Published August 27 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, people, mental, brain

The raw (and ugly) truth about the war on drugs
Published August 15 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, legal, war, people

Asthma explained by common allergy to milk and dairy products
Published August 4 2005
Concepts: milk, asthma, diet, allergy, dairy

Interview with Jennifer Mattox, founder of Faerie Films and director of school nutrition documentary "Vending Machine"
Published July 18 2005
Concepts: school, food, kids, Faerie Films, film

The Cure Con: how you're being deceived by charities that claim to be racing for the cure for cancer and other chronic diseases
Published July 17 2005
Concepts: cancer, cure, disease, money, drug

'Do not email' registries for parents begin in July in two states
Published June 29 2005
Concepts: spam, email, parents, child, anti-spam legislation

Diabetes and Hispanic Americans: more than just genetics
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: diabetes, America, americans, hispanics, risk

Big Tobacco and Big Pharma: same tactics, different chemicals
Published June 7 2005
Concepts: drug, people, harm, drugs, disease

Lack of basic nutrition creates generation of criminals; prison system society
Published March 31 2005
Concepts: nutrition, criminals, child, food, behavior

Mass drugging of schoolchildren remains dark secret of public education, psychiatry
Published March 7 2005
Concepts: drug, child, children, drugs, school

The unauthorized history of Coca-Cola (satire)
Published January 14 2005
Concepts: coca, cola, Coca-Cola, soft drinks, calcium

Soft drink company marketing tactics: the experts sound off
Published January 8 2005
Concepts: Coca-Cola, marketing, soft drink companies, child, coca

The health effects of drinking soda - quotes from the experts
Published January 8 2005
Concepts: soft drinks, calcium, diet, food, phosphorus

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread among U.S. population, expectant mothers are deficient and giving birth to deficient infants
Published January 1 2005
Concepts: Vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency, expectant mothers, birth, giving birth

Mandatory mental health screening program would dose pregnant women with prescription drugs that cause birth defects
Published November 29 2004
Concepts: drugs, pregnant women, mental, prescription, drug

Big Tobacco racketeering charges mirror pharmaceutical industry crimes
Published November 21 2004
Concepts: drug, drugs, companies, tobacco, drug companies

Prozac may stunt bone growth in children, new research suggests
Published November 13 2004
Concepts: children, Prozac, bone, drug, drugs

Asthma is a false disease caused by chronic dehydration and body's drought management efforts, says doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: asthma, chronic dehydration, water, drought, drought management

Senior FDA officials suppressed initial findings on suicide link to antidepressant drugs
Published August 22 2004
Concepts: FDA, WHO, suicide, children, suppressed

The FDA finally admits antidepressant drugs cause suicidal tendencies in children
Published August 22 2004
Concepts: the FDA, drugs, drug, antidepressant drugs, children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, has a simple cause: poor nutrition and food additives
Published August 19 2004
Concepts: food, hyperactivity, children, nutrition, disorder

Vaccines found to contain mercury; are vaccinations safe?
Published August 8 2004
Concepts: mercury, vaccinations, vaccines, vaccine, mercury poisoning

Schoolchildren Are Increasingly Dosed With Both Ritalin and Anti-Psychotic Drugs, Says New Research
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: anti-psychotic drugs, ritalin, children, adhd, behavioral disorders

Anti-drug vaccination plan could immunize people from effects of cocaine, heroin and nicotine
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: vaccination, cocaine, heroin, drug, vaccinations

Is obesity during pregnancy child abuse?
Published July 19 2004
Concepts: child, pregnancy, obesity, unborn children, expectant mothers

The Top Ten Technologies: #10 Superlearning Systems
Published July 14 2004
Concepts: learning, men, superlearning, child, brain

FDA conceals evidence showing antidepressant drugs cause children to commit suicide
Published May 28 2004
Concepts: FDA, drugs, children, drug, antidepressant drugs

Ritalin stunts growth of children, says study
Published May 25 2004
Concepts: children, ritalin, child, disease, adhd

FDA bans andro supplements, but won't ban prescription drugs that cause children to commit suicide
Published May 5 2004
Concepts: FDA, drugs, children, supplements, ban

Television programs teach children poor nutritional habits
Published January 17 2004
Concepts: children, television, food, foods, disease

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