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pain feature articles

Why does conventional medical treatment lead to chronic illness?
Published September 18 2012
Concepts: heal, health, symptoms, treatment, illness

Treat pain with homeopathy
Published September 15 2012
Concepts: pain, homeopathy, infection, infections, homeopathic

Natural pain relievers beat Big Pharma drugs
Published September 12 2012
Concepts: pain, natural, Big Pharma, water, cancer

Seven ways that taking ginger can spice up your health
Published September 8 2012
Concepts: ginger, spice, natural, nausea, cancer

Backpacks: Tips to avoid pain and discomfort going back to school
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: backpack, pain, discomfort, child, backpacks

Pregnancy and chiropractic
Published September 3 2012
Concepts: pregnancy, chiropractic, pain, baby, pain relief

Trigger point dry needling
Published September 1 2012
Concepts: trigger points, muscle, pain, people, dry needling

The abs you're forgetting in your workout - Transverse abdominis
Published September 1 2012
Concepts: muscle, workout, transverse abdominis, abdominal muscles, pain

Eliminate gout, arthritis and fibromyalgia pain FAST with 3 natural home remedies
Published August 27 2012
Concepts: arthritis, gout, soda, pain, baking

Acupuncture for osteoarthritic knee pain - It's more effective than conventional biomedicine, research shows
Published August 25 2012
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, knee pain, research, treatment

Where your low back pain is coming from and how to fix it
Published August 21 2012
Concepts: muscle, pain, back pain, low back pain, how to

Drugs: The Epitome of Frustration (Opinion)
Published August 17 2012
Concepts: life, joy, people, body, alcohol

Muscle imbalances cause swayback and lower back pain
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: muscle, muscles, pain, exercise, imbalance

Opiate-based prescriptions declared an epidemic by the CDC
Published July 25 2012
Concepts: epidemic, drug, pain, prescriptions, CDC

Does the bed you sleep in make you sick?
Published July 19 2012
Concepts: sleep, mattress, dust mites, pain, support

Using passion flower for anxiety, pain relief and more
Published July 14 2012
Concepts: passion flower, anxiety, pain, pain relief, natural

Healing Naturally (opinion)
Published June 30 2012
Concepts: body, disease, heal, health, healing

Rheumatoid arthritis yields to the power of nutritional medicine
Published June 16 2012
Concepts: arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, medicine, power, pain

If you only choose one remedy for survival and pain relief, grab some Arnica
Published June 16 2012
Concepts: arnica, pain, remedy, pain relief, natural

Effective alternative treatments for Lyme disease and protection from tick bites
Published June 11 2012
Concepts: disease, lyme disease, alternative, symptoms, natural

The cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care vs. medical care
Published June 11 2012
Concepts: medical, chiropractic, chiropractic care, pain, cost

Vitamins more effective at Type 2 Diabetes treatment than pharmaceuticals
Published June 8 2012
Concepts: diabetes, vitamins, treatment, Type 2 diabetes, diabetes treatment

Benefits of practicing mind body techniques to facilitate a natural labor
Published June 8 2012
Concepts: body, labor, mind, relaxation, natural

Beat chronic back pain naturally
Published May 31 2012
Concepts: pain, back pain, health, chronic back pain, muscles

Treat common childhood ailments with these effective homeopathic remedies
Published May 31 2012
Concepts: child, children, homeopathic, homeopathy, childhood

Killer pain relief
Published May 28 2012
Concepts: pain, aspirin, acetaminophen, natural, death

Best home remedies and natural treatments for poison ivy
Published May 22 2012
Concepts: poison, poison ivy, remedies, home, treatments

Marijuana eases painful MS muscle cramping
Published May 18 2012
Concepts: Marijuana, health, muscle, pain, cannabis

The raw foods diet greatly increased the quality of life of individuals struggling with fibromyalgia
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: raw, diet, quality, raw foods, food

Beat Fibromyalgia naturally
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: Fibromyalgia, food, body, fatigue, natural

Peruvian Amazon plant provides a miracle cure for dental pain
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: Amazon, dental, miracle cure, pain, natural

Natural remedies for migraine headaches
Published May 6 2012
Concepts: migraine, natural remedies, natural, water, headaches

Earthing: A simple (and free) way to reduce pain and inflammation
Published May 5 2012
Concepts: earth, pain, inflammation, Earthing, flow

Kick the migraine headache drug habit - Use foods, spices, home remedies for migraine headache relief
Published April 24 2012
Concepts: migraine, headache, foods, home remedies, home

How to get through natural childbirth free of pain medication
Published April 19 2012
Concepts: birth, pain, natural, childbirth, medication

Trouble in Paradise (Opinion)
Published April 14 2012
Concepts: health, pain, physicians, prescription, WHO

The Feldenkrais Method - Alleviate pain and tension through somatic education
Published April 13 2012
Concepts: Feldenkrais, pain, tension, method, movement

Battlefield acupuncture offers a safer, more effective alternative to dangerous painkiller drugs for soldiers
Published April 12 2012
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, battlefield acupuncture, drugs, alternative

Walgreens targeted in DEA crackdown on prescription painkillers
Published April 12 2012
Concepts: DEA, Walgreens, prescription, drug, pharmacies

IASTM - The new wave in injury resolution without surgery
Published April 6 2012
Concepts: IASTM, injury, treatment, resolution, injuries

Is medicinal herb kratom a safe and effective alternative for treating pain, anxiety and depression?
Published April 6 2012
Concepts: kratom, herb, safe, pain, medicinal

For many patients, cannabis may offer the best medicinal pain relief yet discovered
Published April 6 2012
Concepts: cannabis, pain, pain relief, research, patients

The medicinal benefits of Jamaican Dogwood (Piscidia)
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: Piscidia, medicine, Jamaican Dogwood, medicinal, herb

War veterans prone to drug addiction often prescribed risky painkillers
Published March 30 2012
Concepts: veterans, pain, drug, men, drug addiction

Juicing cannabis miraculously saves lives after physicians declare the battle lost
Published March 30 2012
Concepts: cannabis, juicing, physicians, raw, THC

Nutrition 101: Part 4 - Vitamins (Opinion)
Published March 24 2012
Concepts: vitamins, body, deficiency, fat, nutrition

Nutrition 101: Part 6 - The Spiritual Side (Opinion)
Published March 24 2012
Concepts: God, body, life, spiritual, vegetarian

Forget health-damaging painkillers - Use proven natural remedies and herbs to treat joint pain
Published March 22 2012
Concepts: natural, herbs, herb, natural remedies, sulfur

French pine bark contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that ease symptoms of chronic disorders like arthritis, asthma
Published March 21 2012
Concepts: French pine bark, pycnogenol, anti-inflammatory, symptoms, study

Heart attacks without chest pain more common than thought, especially among women
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: heart, men, chest pain, women, heart attack

Naturally relieve and heal toothaches and tooth infections
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: heal, toothaches, oil, pain, naturally

Improve posture Part II - The lower body
Published March 16 2012
Concepts: posture, pain, improve, sitting, muscle

Easy homemade remedies relieve arthritis and joint pain
Published March 15 2012
Concepts: arthritis, pain, remedies, joint pain, pectin

Statins can cause muscle damage without necessarily exhibiting pain symptoms
Published March 14 2012
Concepts: muscle, pain, damage, statins, muscle damage

Afghanistan massacre by U.S. sergeant reveals epidemic of psychiatric drugging of soldiers
Published March 13 2012
Concepts: drug, drugs, Afghanistan, report, military

Why Rx drugs? (opinion)
Published March 13 2012
Concepts: pain, disease, health, problems, junk food

Single mega-dose of vitamin D eases menstrual cramps for up to two months, study reveals
Published March 1 2012
Concepts: Vitamin D, mega-dose, study, menstrual cramps, pain

Got neck pain? New study says chiropractic care and simple home exercises work better than painkillers
Published January 19 2012
Concepts: pain, chiropractic, study, home, exercises

Treating multiple sclerosis
Published January 18 2012
Concepts: magnesium, men, ALS, cannabis, patients

Studies confirm chiropractic treatment prevents heart attacks and lowers blood pressure
Published January 7 2012
Concepts: chiropractic, men, heart, treatment, blood

Discover which foods and chemical additives cause arthritis inflammation, gout and fibromyalgia pain
Published December 30 2011
Concepts: arthritis, gout, foods, health, inflammation

Home remedies relieve tooth and gum pain
Published December 29 2011
Concepts: remedies, home, gums, pain, dental

Seven ways to end joint pain, arthritis and gout using cherries
Published December 24 2011
Concepts: gout, cherries, pain, arthritis, joint pain

Ten tips to cure acid reflux naturally
Published December 21 2011
Concepts: acid, acid reflux, health, cure, stomach

Marijuana cannabinoids - oral and transdermal methods
Published December 17 2011
Concepts: Marijuana, medicine, cannabinoids, pain, cannabis

Exposing the hidden epidemic of crippling, painful neurological adverse effects of antibiotics
Published December 12 2011
Concepts: antibiotic, neurological, epidemic, victims, antibiotics

Natural black birch reduces pain, lowers risk of heart attack
Published November 18 2011
Concepts: pain, black birch, natural, risk, heart

Raw foods fight pain
Published November 10 2011
Concepts: pain, raw, foods, health, food

Using the mind to ease pain and fight disease
Published October 28 2011
Concepts: pain, mind, cancer, mind-body medicine, patients

Conventional medicine ignores root causes of fibromyalgia
Published October 15 2011
Concepts: medicine, causes, Fibromyalgia, conventional medicine, disorder

Meditation nourishes the brain
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: NIH, meditation, brain, increase, emotion

The bioenergetic basis of illness (part I)
Published October 3 2011
Concepts: energy, illness, medicine, physics, chemical

Natural methods to prevent and treat kidney stones
Published September 27 2011
Concepts: natural, acid, corn, methods, herb

Acupuncture and pain relief - Discover how it really works
Published September 15 2011
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, pain relief, brain, research

White House plan to reduce prescription drug abuse falls short
Published September 11 2011
Concepts: drug, abuse, drugs, prescription, white house

SerratioPeptidase is a potent anti-inflammatory enzyme
Published September 4 2011
Concepts: SerratioPeptidase, anti-inflammatory, inflammation, enzymes, living

Ease back pain naturally through inversion therapy
Published August 29 2011
Concepts: inversion, pain, inversion therapy, back pain, WHO

Cherries are an inexpensive natural remedy for pain
Published August 28 2011
Concepts: pain, cherries, natural, remedy, natural remedy

Chronic pain conditions may be caused by repressed anger
Published August 23 2011
Concepts: pain, chronic pain, conditions, medicine, body

Relieve joint and muscle pain, maintain healthy bone density with high doses of vitamin D
Published August 15 2011
Concepts: pain, Vitamin D, muscle, doses, muscle pain

Running from joint pain - Four critical steps necessary for improved performance and recovery
Published August 11 2011
Concepts: running, pain, performance, joint pain, steps

Acupuncture offers relief and prevention for migraine headaches
Published August 2 2011
Concepts: acupuncture, migraine, migraines, relief, headache

Theft is on the rise in a worsening economy
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: economy, theft, crime, cities, robberies

Massage outperforms meds for low back pain, study finds
Published July 25 2011
Concepts: massage, pain, back pain, study, low back pain

Ease pain and boost immunity through chiropractic care
Published July 23 2011
Concepts: chiropractic, pain, immunity, therapy, health

Cannabinoid Medicine
Published July 21 2011
Concepts: medicine, Marijuana, cancer, medical, magnesium

Systemic enzymes work as anti-inflammatory agents
Published July 20 2011
Concepts: enzymes, anti-inflammatory, body, pain, inflammation

Relieve aches and pains with essential oils
Published July 15 2011
Concepts: oil, aches, sage, massage, essential oil

Soothe back pain naturally with various essential oils
Published July 2 2011
Concepts: pain, oil, back pain, oils, essential oils

Magnesium Heals Cipro Damage
Published June 16 2011
Concepts: magnesium, Cipro, antibiotic, antibiotics, health

Marijuana and Radiation Protection
Published June 10 2011
Concepts: oil, hemp, radiation, cancer, hemp oil

Study: Tree bark compound helps reduce severe pain symptoms naturally
Published May 27 2011
Concepts: pain, severe pain, tree bark, tree, symptoms

Cupping Therapy is effective for headaches
Published May 7 2011
Concepts: cupping, headache, therapy, cupping therapy, men

Ease menstrual cramps naturally
Published April 30 2011
Concepts: remedies, menstrual cramps, pain, menstruation, form

Is compassion truly lost? (Opinion)
Published April 28 2011
Concepts: compassion, birds, man, pain, animals

Happy people live healthier, longer lives
Published April 25 2011
Concepts: studies, people, health, longevity, 5

Why chiropractic? (Opinion)
Published April 20 2011
Concepts: medical, disease, health, America, drug

Homeopathy offers permanent body pain relief (Opinion)
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: body, pain relief, home, pain, homeopathy

Use your hands to relieve tension headaches naturally
Published March 24 2011
Concepts: tension, headaches, pain, breath, Chinese

Discover the art of meditation and supercharge your mental abilities
Published March 19 2011
Concepts: meditation, mental, mental abilities, science, pain

Massage therapy has many benefits
Published March 18 2011
Concepts: massage, therapy, massage therapy, WHO, pain

Healing with light energy
Published March 9 2011
Concepts: pain, light, health, healing, treatment

Vitamin D grows hair, prevents the flu and reduces arthritis pain
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, hair, flu, the flu, arthritis

Heartburn and The Heart
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: heartburn, heart, stomach, acid, food

Nearly all drug trials scientifically invalid due to influence of the mind; Big Pharma science dissolves into wishful thinking
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: drug, mind, drugs, patients, science

Popular painkiller could cause patients to commit suicide
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: patients, suicide, pain, WHO, side effects

The Magnesium Chronicles: Part One
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: magnesium, doctor, massage, muscle, headache

Fibromyalgia: science validates homeopathy (again)
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: men, homeopathic, medicine, homeopathy, treatment

Prevent back, neck and shoulder pain from prolonged sitting and bad posture
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: pain, sitting, posture, muscle, massage

Pain-for-profit industry booming
Published February 15 2011
Concepts: pain, drug, drugs, industry, people

Understand the difference between real healing and suppression of disease
Published January 6 2011
Concepts: disease, suppression, healing, drug, homeopathic

Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs
Published December 24 2010
Concepts: GMO, GMOs, government, Wikileaks, conspiracy

Scans prove that acupuncture induces clear metabolic brain changes that eliminate pain
Published December 15 2010
Concepts: acupuncture, brain, changes, pain, chronic pain

Menstrual cramps actually change women's brains
Published November 26 2010
Concepts: pain, changes, menstrual cramps, women, research

Birth Interventions Impair the Ability of a Baby to Breastfeed
Published November 15 2010
Concepts: baby, birth, breastfeeding, milk, pain

Abuse of prescription drugs rises 400 percent in 10 years
Published November 11 2010
Concepts: abuse, prescription, drugs, prescription drugs, drug

Common painkiller drugs lead to male infertility
Published November 10 2010
Concepts: painkiller drugs, pain, lead, women, drug

Tai Chi relieves pain and improves overall health
Published November 10 2010
Concepts: Chi, Tai Chi, pain, health, study

How to Naturally Cure Calcification and Joint Pain in Dogs and Other Pets
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: pain, joint pain, cure, dogs, naturally

MSM - Offers many health benefits
Published November 5 2010
Concepts: MSM, pain, health, supplement, body

Curcumin, Boswellia and Holy Basil - Relieve arthritis pain naturally
Published November 2 2010
Concepts: arthritis, Boswellia, pain, basil, arthritis pain

Many doctors still prescribe drugs instead of effective therapies for chronic back, neck pain
Published October 29 2010
Concepts: drugs, doctors, therapies, pain, neck pain

Ginger effectively relieves even severe muscle pain, new research shows
Published October 8 2010
Concepts: ginger, pain, muscle pain, muscle, research

What You Need to Know about Vitamin D
Published October 8 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, health, cancer, pain, natural

Acetaminophen Linked to Asthma
Published October 7 2010
Concepts: asthma, acetaminophen, natural, pain, increase

Genetically engineered salmon, if approved by FDA, could destroy the salmon industry
Published October 6 2010
Concepts: salmon, FDA, the FDA, GE salmon, food

Using Medical Imaging to Diagnose Back Pain is Most Often Worthless
Published September 22 2010
Concepts: pain, back pain, medical imaging, medical, health

Natural Options Help Combat and Relieve Scleroderma
Published September 22 2010
Concepts: natural, scleroderma, health, combat, pain

Obtain Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy by Using Natural Remedies
Published September 20 2010
Concepts: neuropathy, natural, peripheral neuropathy, relief, heal

Marijuana better than pharmaceuticals at treating chronic pain, improving mood
Published September 4 2010
Concepts: pain, Marijuana, chronic pain, pharmaceuticals, patients

Mind-Body Study Finds Positive Results for Women Suffering with Fibromyalgia
Published August 25 2010
Concepts: study, therapy, women, Fibromyalgia, results

Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of Massage
Published August 20 2010
Concepts: benefits, massage, natural, health, pain

Pharmacists, doctors are the new drug dealers who flood the streets with addictive pills
Published August 8 2010
Concepts: drug, prescription, WHO, doctors, prescription drug

Natural Treatment and Home Remedies Relieve Insect Stings and Bites
Published August 7 2010
Concepts: natural, home, home remedies, insect stings, natural treatment

The Discomfort and Pain of Menstrual Cramps can be Avoided Naturally
Published July 30 2010
Concepts: pain, natural, menstrual cramps, oil, treatment

Natural Solutions Relieve and Eliminate Joint Pain
Published July 21 2010
Concepts: natural, pain, joint pain, remedies, natural solutions

Fifty Thousand Cured of Epidemic Nerve Disorder with Vitamin Supplements
Published July 6 2010
Concepts: epidemic, neuropathy, vitamins, disorder, heal

Live Naturally with Herbs: Healing Properties of Arnica
Published July 2 2010
Concepts: arnica, healing, properties, naturally, herb

Find Five Natural Effective Burn Remedies Right in Your Home
Published June 29 2010
Concepts: burns, remedies, ice, natural, water

Natural Sunburn Remedies Help Relieve Pain and Heal Your Skin
Published June 18 2010
Concepts: sunburn, sun, heal, remedies, natural

Assess Side Effects of Joint Health Supplements
Published June 18 2010
Concepts: health, supplements, heal, joint health, pain

Heal and Soothe Burns and Prevent Scarring with Natural Home Remedies
Published June 7 2010
Concepts: burns, heal, natural, scarring, home

Three Homeopathic Treatments Help Acid Reflux Symptoms and GERD
Published June 4 2010
Concepts: acid, symptoms, acid reflux, homeopathic, men

Canine Hip Dysplasia: Relief can be found in Natural Remedies
Published June 3 2010
Concepts: dog, natural, hip dysplasia, dogs, canine

Common Herbal Tinctures Offer Natural Hemorrhoid Relief without Laser Surgery or Banding
Published June 1 2010
Concepts: home, tinctures, relief, pain, natural

Lavender Alleviates Symptoms of Migraine Headaches
Published May 22 2010
Concepts: migraine, lavender, headache, symptoms, migraines

Grapes Offer Natural Cures for Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief
Published May 17 2010
Concepts: grapes, gout, arthritis, pain, relief

Use Noni for Pain Relief
Published May 12 2010
Concepts: noni, pain, pain relief, fruit, natural

Easy Home-care Remedies Treat Fibromyalgia Joint Pain
Published May 2 2010
Concepts: pain, Fibromyalgia, joint pain, remedies, home

Be Aware of the Most Common Over-the-Counter and Prescribed Killer Drugs
Published April 30 2010
Concepts: acetaminophen, drugs, pain, liver, drug

Use Natural Remedies for Endometriosis
Published April 29 2010
Concepts: natural, natural remedies, endometriosis, heal, health

Acupuncture could relieve period pain
Published April 24 2010
Concepts: acupuncture, treatment, pain, menstrual pain, WHO

Relieve Dysmenorrhea Pain with Acupuncture
Published April 22 2010
Concepts: dysmenorrhea, acupuncture, pain, treatment, Chi

Heal yourself in 15 days by listening to your body's informative symptoms
Published April 19 2010
Concepts: heal, symptoms, body, healing, health

Qi Stimulation without Needles: Acupressure Brings Healing
Published April 12 2010
Concepts: acupressure, Qi, body, treatment, heal

Studies Reveal Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Dogs with Osteoarthritis
Published March 29 2010
Concepts: dogs, dog, omega-3, omega-3 fatty acids, studies

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) Provides an Alternative Non-Drug Treatment
Published March 23 2010
Concepts: therapy, alternative, health, treatment, depression

Placebo Effect Breakthrough: It's Not Just in the Mind. It Actually Alters Physiological Response of the Spine
Published March 19 2010
Concepts: placebo, placebo effect, men, pain, healing

Use Infrared Heat for Pain Relief and Other Health Benefits
Published March 18 2010
Concepts: pain relief, health, pain, natural, heal

Use Natural and Alternative Help for Fibromyalgia
Published March 14 2010
Concepts: natural, Fibromyalgia, alternative, heal, health

Corydalis Yan Hu Suo can Help Stop Seizures, Treat Parkinson's and Manage Pain
Published March 11 2010
Concepts: herb, seizures, Parkinson's, Chinese medicine, herbal

How to Manage Migraines with Nutrients, Herbs and Relaxation Techniques
Published March 9 2010
Concepts: migraines, relaxation, migraine, breathing, herbs

Prevention and Natural Treatment Help Acid Indigestion and Stomach Ulcers
Published February 18 2010
Concepts: stomach, acid, natural, ulcers, ulcer

Back Pain: Use Natural Cures that Really Work
Published February 4 2010
Concepts: pain, back pain, natural, natural cures, water

Drugs like Tylenol can be contaminated with mold and chemicals
Published January 18 2010
Concepts: drugs, drug, wood, Tylenol, recall

Do Statin Drugs Cause Vitamin D Deficiency?
Published January 8 2010
Concepts: Vitamin D, drugs, statin drugs, cholesterol, drug

Learn How Chlorella Relieves Arthritis and Joint Pain
Published January 8 2010
Concepts: chlorella, arthritis, health, pain, joint pain

Common Pain Medication Accelerates Growth of Cancer Tumors
Published January 7 2010
Concepts: pain, cancer, morphine, pain medication, drug

Ear Infections: Use a Home Remedy of Garlic Juice
Published December 18 2009
Concepts: garlic, juice, health, bacteria, home

Ancient herbal mint remedy is effective, safe pain reliever, new study finds
Published December 16 2009
Concepts: pain, mint, herbal, study, remedy

After conventional breast cancer treatments, half of women have lingering, long-term pain
Published December 10 2009
Concepts: pain, women, cancer, treatments, chronic pain

Foot Reflexology Massage Relieves Stress and Back Pain
Published December 4 2009
Concepts: reflexology, stress, pain, back pain, massage

A cup of Brazilian mint tea relieves pain as well as aspirin, but without the harmful side effects
Published November 28 2009
Concepts: tea, pain, mint, aspirin, mint tea

FDA Warns on Overdose Risk for Darvon and Darvocet Painkillers
Published November 27 2009
Concepts: FDA, overdose, risk, painkillers, drug

Common Pain Medication Fuels Cancer Growth
Published November 27 2009
Concepts: cancer, pain, pain medication, patients, opiates

Ear acupuncture eases back pain in pregnant women
Published November 25 2009
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, back pain, treatment, ear acupuncture

Drugs used in the young for mood disorders, pain and epilepsy may cause adult psychiatric disorders
Published November 17 2009
Concepts: drugs, disorders, epilepsy, mood, pain

Hypnosis Brings Benefits during Pregnancy and Childbirth
Published November 16 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, women, pregnancy, childbirth, labor

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs: How to Stop the Pain
Published November 7 2009
Concepts: pain, feet, natural, how to, exercise

In Sixteen States and Counting: Drugs Kill More People than Auto Accidents
Published October 11 2009
Concepts: drug, death, drugs, states, deaths

New Research: Yoga Better Than Western Medicine for Back Pain
Published September 8 2009
Concepts: yoga, pain, medicine, western medicine, back pain

Discover the Pain of Vitamin D Deficiency
Published September 3 2009
Concepts: pain, Vitamin D, deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, chronic pain

Natural Therapies: Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
Published August 31 2009
Concepts: men, man, natural, health, sleep

Hypnosis Going Mainstream: Doctors Urged to Use Hypnosis to Alleviate Patient Pain During Some Procedures
Published August 23 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, pain, doctors, society, body

Juice It Up!
Published August 19 2009
Concepts: juice, heal, health, cherries, cabbage

Lifestyle Changes Help Those with Arthritis
Published August 19 2009
Concepts: arthritis, inflammation, body, pain, lifestyle

New Trials Support the Effectiveness of Cupping Therapy
Published August 19 2009
Concepts: cupping, therapy, cupping therapy, effectiveness, pain

Use Hypnoanalgesic Techniques with Pain Patients
Published August 19 2009
Concepts: pain, hypnosis, studies, form, hypnotherapy

Magnet Therapy Works as a Healing Tool
Published August 14 2009
Concepts: magnets, healing, magnet therapy, works, pain

Chinese Herbs Treat Endometriosis Better Than Western Medicine
Published August 12 2009
Concepts: endometriosis, Chinese, herbs, Chinese herbs, 5

Reduce Pain and Anxiety for Dental Patients Using Hypnotherapy
Published August 11 2009
Concepts: dental, anxiety, fear, pain, therapy

Fish Oil Relieves Joint and Back Pain, Reducing Need for NSAIDs
Published August 10 2009
Concepts: pain, fish, oil, fish oil, back pain

Nutrition: A New Paradigm in Pain Relief is Here
Published August 8 2009
Concepts: pain, magnesium, Vitamin D, chronic pain, relief

Secrets to Fast Healing
Published August 7 2009
Concepts: heal, pain, healing, therapy, NFL

Learn about the Importance of the Classic Chinese Six Flavor Tea Pill
Published August 4 2009
Concepts: herb, Chinese, tea, flavor, herbs

Vitamins and Chinese Herbs Prove More Effective than Drugs for Endometriosis
Published July 30 2009
Concepts: Chinese, treatment, herbs, Chinese herbs, endometriosis

Learn How to Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain with Apple Cider Vinegar
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: apple, pain, vinegar, joint pain, apple cider vinegar

Kidney Stones: A Squeeze of Lemon Juice Prevents the Most Painful Condition Known to Man
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: juice, kidney stones, lemon, lemon juice, pain

Go to the Source of the Problem: Arthritis is Built-Up Toxicity in the Joints
Published July 11 2009
Concepts: arthritis, pain, body, toxicity, toxic

Permanent Posture Change is the Key to Freedom from Chronic Pain
Published June 26 2009
Concepts: pain, chronic pain, posture, freedom, treatment

Ease Excruciating Earaches Naturally
Published June 16 2009
Concepts: natural, earache, oil, event, garlic

Vitamin D Reduces Back Pain and Osteoporosis
Published June 13 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, pain, back pain, bone, supplement

Use Hypnotherapy to Treat Postoperative Pain and Anxiety
Published June 12 2009
Concepts: pain, surgery, anxiety, hypnotherapy, children

Hypnotherapy Shown to Reverse Pain
Published June 7 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, hypnotherapy, pain, reverse, heal

Lifestyle Changes will Help Endometriosis and Fibroids
Published June 7 2009
Concepts: endometriosis, women, fibroids, estrogen, lifestyle changes

Use Hypnotherapy to Reduce Pain and Nausea in Cancer Patients
Published June 3 2009
Concepts: cancer, pain, nausea, hypnotherapy, hypnosis

Acupuncture Relieves Lower Back Pain Better Than Traditional Treatments
Published May 22 2009
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, colon, health, back pain

The Benefits of Using Hypnosis in a Pediatric Setting
Published May 20 2009
Concepts: hypnosis, child, children, benefits, behavior

Hypnosis Helps Pain Caused by Breast Cancer
Published May 13 2009
Concepts: cancer, pain, hypnosis, breast cancer, therapy

Acupuncture Beats Western Medicine for Treating Low Back Pain
Published May 11 2009
Concepts: acupuncture, medicine, western medicine, health, research

The Role of Self-Hypnosis in Children Experiencing Pain
Published April 30 2009
Concepts: children, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, pain, therapy

Relieve Trigeminal Neuralgia with Acupuncture
Published April 26 2009
Concepts: acupuncture, men, Chi, treatment, pain

Miracle Cure for Gout and Arthritis Pain? Six Cherries a Day
Published April 21 2009
Concepts: 5, cherries, gout, Amazon, natural

Effective Natural Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Published April 21 2009
Concepts: arthritis, therapy, cupping, treatment, rheumatoid arthritis

Chrysin is Natural Alternative to Toxic Breast Cancer Drugs
Published April 21 2009
Concepts: cancer, chrysin, drug, estrogen, body

Pilates Effective in Treating Low Back Pain
Published April 19 2009
Concepts: pilates, pain, back pain, low back pain, exercise

Bowen Therapy is Holistic, Non-Invasive and Effective
Published April 17 2009
Concepts: pain, therapy, treatment, man, Bowen therapy

Reduce Headaches with Regular Exercise
Published April 16 2009
Concepts: exercise, headaches, migraine, headache, study

Essential Oils Offer Many Health Benefits
Published April 13 2009
Concepts: oils, essential oils, oil, pain, benefits

Ginger Reduces Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy and Relieves Menstrual Pain
Published April 2 2009
Concepts: ginger, cancer, pain, vomiting, nausea

X-Rays, MRI Scans Useless for Back Pain
Published March 22 2009
Concepts: MRI, MRI scans, useless, pain, back pain

Chronic Pain in Women Linked with Low Levels of Vitamin D
Published March 19 2009
Concepts: pain, chronic pain, women, Vitamin D, research

Severe Allergic Reactions to Hair Dyes are on the Rise
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: hair, products, PPD, color, toxicity

A Listing of the Twenty-One Fabricated Studies by Dr. Scott Reuben
Published March 15 2009
Concepts: pain, studies, surgery, medical, drug

Vitamin B12 Effective Against Canker Sores
Published March 10 2009
Concepts: vitamin B12, natural, health, study, remedies

Routine Imaging Scans for Lower Back Pain Found to be Unnecessary
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: pain, back pain, health, natural, lower back pain

Understand the Role of Therapy: A New Old Perspective
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: heal, body, healing, symptoms, pain

FDA Recommends Ban of Painkiller after Fifty Years
Published February 13 2009
Concepts: FDA, ban, pain, drug, the FDA

Tests for Most Low-Back Pain Are Worthless
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: pain, tests, health, back pain, patients

Depression and Migraines Eased With Exercise and Relaxation
Published February 7 2009
Concepts: exercise, migraine, migraines, depression, women

The Powerful Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Preventing Diseases of Inflammation: The Experts Speak
Published February 4 2009
Concepts: omega-3, fat, Amazon, acid, inflammation

New Book Reveals Why Your Dental Fillings, Earrings, Wristwatch and Jewelry May be the Hidden Cause Behind Chronic Pain and Muscle Weakness
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: pain, muscle, book, jewelry, body

Treat Endometriosis Holistically
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: endometriosis, symptoms, pain, estrogen, women

Treat Fibromyalgia with Hypnotherapy
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: Fibromyalgia, therapy, hypnotherapy, men, report

Yoga Proven to Help Back Pain
Published January 28 2009
Concepts: yoga, pain, back pain, people, medication

Lyme Disease: A National Health Crisis Now Sweeping across the Country
Published January 20 2009
Concepts: disease, lyme disease, health, men, ticks

Antioxidants Relieve Pancreatitis Pain
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: pain, antioxidants, pancreatitis, antioxidant, patients

Detoxify Naturally from Methadone
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: methadone, addiction, drug, withdrawal, detoxify

Chronic Pain and Fatigue Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency
Published January 6 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, pain, fatigue, chronic pain, WHO

Modern Birth Control: Blessing or Barbarism?
Published January 5 2009
Concepts: men, birth, man, method, pill

Spicy Food Can Prevent and Heal Disease
Published January 3 2009
Concepts: food, spicy food, heal, foods, cancer

Optimism Helps Reduce Cancer Pain and Fatigue
Published January 1 2009
Concepts: cancer, pain, optimism, health, cancer pain

Replication of Milgram's Shocking Experiments Proves 70 Percent of People will Torture Others if Ordered
Published December 22 2008
Concepts: people, man, WHO, experiments, brain

Get Moving, Avoid Pain and Amputation: Exercise Can Beat Peripheral Arterial Disease
Published December 19 2008
Concepts: exercise, pain, disease, heal, blood

Acupuncture Proven to have an Effect beyond Placebo, Harvard Study Concludes
Published December 11 2008
Concepts: acupuncture, placebo, study, Harvard, changes

Managing Migraines Naturally
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: migraine, migraines, pain, avoid, alternatives

Marine Omega-3 Oils: Readers Report Breakthrough Pain Relief with Moxxor
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: Moxxor, pain, natural, NaturalNews, health

Seven Techniques for Overcoming Migraine Headaches
Published November 24 2008
Concepts: Chi, migraine, Chinese, headache, body

Researchers Find Natural Help for Arthritis and Parkinson's Disease: Curry Spice and Grapes
Published November 20 2008
Concepts: grapes, natural, arthritis, spice, Parkinson's

Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain with Yoga Therapy
Published November 17 2008
Concepts: yoga, arthritis, pain, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis pain

Meditation Benefits for Those with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
Published November 16 2008
Concepts: meditation, benefits, stress, fatigue, chronic fatigue

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs
Published November 10 2008
Concepts: drug, drugs, prescription, prescription drugs, illegal

Inner Cell Balance: Simplicity of Tissue Salts
Published November 2 2008
Concepts: salt, tissue salts, body, problems, fat

Listening to Your Body and EFT
Published October 30 2008
Concepts: body, EFT, emotion, pain, physical

Using Hypnotherapy to Treat Children with Functional Abdominal Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Published October 30 2008
Concepts: pain, hypnotherapy, children, abdominal pain, 5

Hypnosis Compared to Stress Reducing Strategy in Burn Patients
Published October 28 2008
Concepts: hypnosis, stress, anxiety, pain, patients

Jesse Connone Talks About Treating the Symptoms and Fixing the Problem of Back Pain
Published October 24 2008
Concepts: pain, body, heal, people, physical

Laser acupuncture effective against headaches in children
Published October 13 2008
Concepts: laser, headaches, headache, children, treatment

Using Hypnotherapy as a Treatment for Non-Cardiac Chest Pain
Published October 10 2008
Concepts: hypnotherapy, pain, treatment, chest pain, study

How to Stay Healthy in the Computer Era (Part 1)
Published October 6 2008
Concepts: eye, muscle, muscles, eyes, pain

Giles Wily Talks About Flexibility, Stretching, Restoration and Recuperation
Published October 2 2008
Concepts: stretching, flexibility, muscle, body, people

Rick Wilkes Talks About the Power Behind the Self Improvement Technique EFT
Published September 29 2008
Concepts: body, energy, EFT, power, health

Acupuncture and Its Slow Acceptance in Mainstream Science Circles
Published September 19 2008
Concepts: men, 5, medicine, acupuncture, science

Roses May Provide Nature's Most Effective Pain Reliever
Published September 17 2008
Concepts: hips, rose hips, pain, Bush, arthritis

The Addictive Nature of the Pain Killer OxyContin - One Man's True Story
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: man, pain, oxycontin, car, addictive

The Principles and Practices of Transdermal Therapy
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: skin, medicine, magnesium, pain, absorption

Rosehip Supplement Eases Arthritis Pain Better than Painkiller Meds
Published August 31 2008
Concepts: arthritis, pain, supplement, arthritis pain, osteoarthritis

Swimming in Warm Water Eases Fibromyalgia Pain
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: Fibromyalgia, water, exercise, swimming, pain

Jesse Connone, of The Healthy Back Institute, Shares Why Back Pain Occurs
Published August 16 2008
Concepts: pain, people, back pain, muscle, health

Treating the Symptoms and Fixing the Problem of Back Pain
Published August 12 2008
Concepts: pain, body, heal, people, physical

Drug Companies Push New Medications for Fibromyalgia Via Disease Mongering Campaigns
Published August 7 2008
Concepts: Fibromyalgia, drug, disease, companies, drug companies

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Shots Cause Intense Pain; Girls Fainting
Published August 1 2008
Concepts: pain, vaccine, girls, cervical cancer, cervical cancer vaccine

Heal Back Pain With Supplements, Medication and Nutrition
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: pain, people, health, back pain, inflammation

Review: Zyflamend Supplement for Inflammation; Tips on Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Herbs
Published July 22 2008
Concepts: herb, heal, inflammation, food, Zyflamend

How pH Levels and Acidity Relate to Heartburn
Published June 27 2008
Concepts: acid, esophagus, heartburn, acidity, pH levels

Author Byron Katie and Founder of 'The Work' Shares Her Strategy
Published June 25 2008
Concepts: heal, health, life, cancer, people

Osteoporosis Drugs Found to Cause Severe Pain in Muscles, Joints and Bones
Published June 17 2008
Concepts: pain, severe pain, drugs, osteoporosis, osteoporosis drugs

Acupuncture Reduces Pain Associated With Head and Neck Cancer
Published June 17 2008
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, cancer, treatment, patients

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part II)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: kidneys, acid, body, urine, uric acid

The Dangers of Dehydration (Part I)
Published June 16 2008
Concepts: body, water, pain, dehydration, brain

Lasik Surgery Results in Worse Vision and Never-Ending Pain
Published June 3 2008
Concepts: Lasik, surgery, vision, results, WHO

The Role of Hypnosis in Reducing Anxiety Before and After Surgery
Published May 30 2008
Concepts: hypnosis, anxiety, pain, medical, hypnotherapy

Aspirin Sold as a Wonder Drug for All That Ails, But Falls Far Short
Published May 21 2008
Concepts: aspirin, risk, drug, cancer, study

Are Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Safe for Your Daughter and Son?
Published May 17 2008
Concepts: drugs, heart, anti-inflammatory, heart attack, anti-inflammatory drugs

Mainstream Vaccination Support: Another Chapter in an Old Story
Published April 30 2008
Concepts: 5, drug, man, safe, health

Research Reveals Natural Ways to Help Reduce Arthritis Pain
Published April 28 2008
Concepts: arthritis, natural, pain, research, exercise

Natural Remedies for Treating Arthritis
Published April 18 2008
Concepts: arthritis, pain, tea, oil, anti-inflammatory

Prevent and Heal Disease With Chilies
Published April 15 2008
Concepts: food, heal, disease, chili, foods

Capsaicin from Chili Peppers May Work as Potent Dental Anesthetic
Published April 11 2008
Concepts: capsaicin, chili, chili peppers, dental, pain

A New Vitamin D Deficiency Test That Can be Done at Home
Published April 11 2008
Concepts: Vitamin D, sun, skin, cancer, deficiency

Chinese Herbs Relieve Menstrual Pain Better than Drugs or Acupuncture
Published April 9 2008
Concepts: menstrual pain, Chinese, drugs, herbs, Chinese herbs

Curing IBS Without Medication, A Personal Journey
Published April 2 2008
Concepts: IBS, medication, stress, food, pain

If Our Breasts Were Speaking, What Would They Say to Us?
Published March 30 2008
Concepts: health, homeopathic, emotional, pain, cancer

Study Shows Hypnosis Is Beneficial in the Treatment of Pain
Published March 30 2008
Concepts: hypnosis, study, treatment, shows, pain

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 4): The Coffee Enema
Published March 30 2008
Concepts: coffee, body, detoxification, water, coffee enema

Acupuncture Reduces Post-Surgery Pain While Reducing Need for Pain Drugs
Published March 26 2008
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, patients, surgery, 5

Natural Cures for Joint Pain Allow for Side Effect-Free Pain Relief
Published March 13 2008
Concepts: pain, natural, glucosamine, joint pain, cures

Finding Happiness the Natural Way
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: body, raw, mood, natural, heal

FDA Posts MedWatch Side Effect Alert for Osteoporosis Drugs
Published February 20 2008
Concepts: FDA, osteoporosis, bisphosphonates, the FDA, pain

The Benefits of Hypnosis and Imagery in Athletes
Published February 4 2008
Concepts: hypnosis, athletes, benefits, pain, hypnotherapy

The Role of Hypnotherapy in Pediatric Cancer Patients
Published January 29 2008
Concepts: cancer, hypnosis, child, pain, hypnotherapy

Acupuncture Reduces Back Pain Better than Drugs, Exercise
Published January 7 2008
Concepts: acupuncture, pain, back pain, drugs, medicine

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 5: Superior nutrition for pet health
Published December 30 2007
Concepts: men, form, vitamin C, heal, pets

Hypnosis Found to Ease Breast Cancer Pain, Boost Recovery Speed
Published December 28 2007
Concepts: cancer, hypnosis, cancer pain, breast cancer, women

Electrical Stimulation Can Help to Heal Bites and Stings
Published December 14 2007
Concepts: electrical stimulation, heal, treatment, shock, form

Studies Show Hypnotherapy Eases Dental Anxiety
Published December 10 2007
Concepts: dental, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, studies, fear

Arachnoiditis - The Risk You Take When Opting for Spinal Surgery
Published December 10 2007
Concepts: Arachnoiditis, risk, doctor, doctors, disease

The 7 Big Health and Fitness Lies About Optimal Health and Weight Loss (Part 2)
Published November 28 2007
Concepts: fitness, health, weight, weight loss, pain

A Quick Lesson in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Published November 19 2007
Concepts: emotional, emotional freedom, Emotional Freedom Technique, pain, body

30-Day Supply of Cherry Concentrate Supplements for Every NaturalNews Reader in the U.S.
Published November 13 2007
Concepts: cherries, health, NaturalNews, supplement, news

Yoga shown to reduce pain, fatigue in women with breast cancer
Published October 10 2007
Concepts: yoga, women, pain, fatigue, cancer

For Successful Healing, Cancer Must Be Treated as a Multi-System Disease
Published September 11 2007
Concepts: cancer, blood, herb, body, liver

FDA approves pill that stops periods; is womanhood a disease? (opinion)
Published May 24 2007
Concepts: men, FDA, drug, pill, women

The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions
Published May 21 2007
Concepts: aloe, aloe vera, aloe vera gel, blood, cancer

Chronic back pain linked to physical changes in the brain
Published March 1 2007
Concepts: pain, back pain, chronic back pain, changes, physical

Medicinal marijuana significantly reduces pain from peripheral neuropathy, say scientists
Published February 25 2007
Concepts: Marijuana, pain, medicinal, drug, peripheral neuropathy

Pharmaceutical companies hope to offer "smokable" drugs for pain, anxiety
Published February 7 2007
Concepts: drugs, companies, pain, drug, anxiety

Exotic Cures: Devilís Claw is Godís Gift for Back and Muscle Pain
Published February 5 2007
Concepts: muscle, back pain, herb, healing herbs, bladder

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of "Pain Free 1-2-3," discusses natural pain management, without dangerous drugs
Published January 3 2007
Concepts: pain, natural, people, free, medication

Astonished researchers report capsaicin injections cure Type 1 diabetes in mice
Published December 22 2006
Concepts: diabetes, capsaicin, Type 1 diabetes, researchers, cure

A Holistic Approach to Treating the Symptoms of Diverticulitis
Published December 21 2006
Concepts: symptoms, diverticulitis, food, holistic, fiber

Ruptured disk surgery as effective as doing nothing, study finds
Published November 23 2006
Concepts: surgery, study, patients, back surgery, back pain

Weight training does not increase strength but may slow progression in OA patients (press release)
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: strength, patients, training, exercise, weight

French researchers torture mice to study effects of painkillers
Published November 15 2006
Concepts: pain, researchers, torture, study, research

Pain mapping software helps patients describe pain to doctors with 3-D graphics
Published November 10 2006
Concepts: pain, patients, software, doctors, doctor

Acupuncture proven to successfully treat arthritis pain in German study
Published October 31 2006
Concepts: arthritis, acupuncture, pain, arthritis pain, treatment

MDs Use New Drug-Free Acupressure Technique to Relieve Chronic and Acute Pain, Often in Minutes (press release)
Published October 30 2006
Concepts: pain, EFT, acupressure, chronic pain, free

Fibromyalgiaís New Foe: High-Tech Medical Device Shows Increasing Efficacy for the Debilitating Symptoms of FMS (press release)
Published October 26 2006
Concepts: medical, symptoms, treatment, pain, patients

Common painkillers linked to heart attack and stroke, research finds
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: painkillers, heart, heart attack, stroke, research

Mind over matter (press release)
Published October 16 2006
Concepts: mind, mind over matter, pain, chronic pain, university

'Mint' pain killer takes leaf out of ancient medical texts (press release)
Published October 12 2006
Concepts: pain, medical, skin, chemicals, mint

Acupuncture Reduces Chronic Neck Pain; Massage Benefits Still Unclear (press release)
Published October 11 2006
Concepts: massage, acupuncture, review, treatment, pain

Naturopathic Care and Low Back Pain (press release)
Published October 9 2006
Concepts: pain, back pain, low back pain, life, study

Naturopathic Care Proves Beneficial for TMD Pain (press release)
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: pain, medicine, naturopathic medicine, WHO, physicians

Rainforest herb Sarsaparilla is nature's medicine for joint pain and organ detoxification
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: Sarsaparilla, herb, pain, joint pain, medicine

Prescription pain killers involved in more drug overdose deaths than cocaine or heroin in the US (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: drug, pain, deaths, overdose, cocaine

Research adds weight to growing pains in children (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: children, pain, child, research, weight

Water Aerobics Reduces Sick Leave for Pregnant Women (press release)
Published September 19 2006
Concepts: women, water, pregnant women, aerobics, pain

Effectiveness of acupuncture for back pain increases with time
Published September 15 2006
Concepts: back pain, acupuncture, effectiveness, treatment, Chinese medicine

Youth Overweight Increases Risk of Bone Fractures, Muscle and Joint Pain (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: overweight, youth, bone, pain, NIH

Expectations of Pain: I Think, Therefore I Am (press release)
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: pain, brain, the brain, research, study

Heat halts pain inside the body (press release)
Published September 5 2006
Concepts: pain, body, molecular, King, relief

Low-level heat wrap therapy safely reduces low back pain and improves mobility in the workplace (press release)
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: pain, back pain, low back pain, therapy, workplace

Ancient Chinese technique of cupping offers pain relief without drugs or surgery
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: cupping, pain, Chinese, medicine, body

Journal Corrects Vioxx Article to Reflect Short-Term Heart Risk (press release)
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: Vioxx, risk, article, heart, study

Weighing up new data in research (press release)
Published August 29 2006
Concepts: weight, reduction, disability, research, patients

Vertebroplasty heals fractures but may cause others, Mayo Clinic study finds (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: fractures, study, patients, risk, bone

Cognitive therapy as good as physical rehabilitation to treat chronic lower back pain (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: treatment, pain, physical, back pain, therapy

Magnetic Stimulation May Ease Migraine Pain (press release)
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: migraine, headache, study, magnetic stimulation, pain

Art therapy can reduce pain and anxiety in cancer patients (press release)
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: patients, therapy, cancer, pain, cancer patients

Ancient medicine rediscovered: Cooling compounds ease chronic pain
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: medicine, pain, chronic pain, medicinal herbs, study

Cherry Juice Reduces Muscle Pain Induced by Exercise (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: juice, muscle, exercise, pain, muscle pain

Acupressure Relieves Low Back Pain (press release)
Published August 21 2006
Concepts: pain, acupressure, low back pain, disability, physical

Major Study Confirms Effectiveness & Safety of Tibetan Remedy for Vascular Pain (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: pain, safety, remedy, study, effectiveness

Natural pine bark extract relieves muscle cramp and pain in athletes and diabetics (press release)
Published August 15 2006
Concepts: muscle, pycnogenol, pain, athletes, natural

Using Biofeedback to Diagnose and Treat Vaginal Pain (press release)
Published August 14 2006
Concepts: pain, biofeedback, treatment, 5, patients

Student-Led Research Suggests Video Games Play Role in Pain Relief (press release)
Published August 14 2006
Concepts: pain, research, video, video games, pain relief

The dark history of modern medicine: U.S. surgeons routinely operated on babies without anesthesia
Published August 10 2006
Concepts: men, surgeons, cotton, surgery, babies

Exercise and Diet Program Improves Damaged Nerves and Reduces Pain (press release)
Published July 26 2006
Concepts: diet, exercise, pain, program, patients

Heartburn sufferers shouldn't be too quick to reach for the antacids; heartburn medications do more harm than good
Published July 25 2006
Concepts: heartburn, heart, food, stomach, acid

Pain Relievers and Alcohol -- A Potentially Risky Combination (press release)
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: pain, alcohol, pain relievers, medication, risk

Music Quiets Pain After Surgery (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: music, pain, surgery, review, patients

Herbals Effective for Low-Back Pain in the Short Term, Studies Find (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: pain, studies, herbal, medical, back pain

Most People With Arthritis Donít Get Enough Exercise (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: arthritis, people, exercise, pain, physical

Deaths From Accidental Prescription Drug Overdose on Rise in New Mexico (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: drug, deaths, prescription, prescription drug, overdose

Merck litigation strategy - destroy expert witnesses
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: Merck, Vioxx, drug, risk, heart

Acupressure can prevent brain shrinkage in back pain sufferers (press release)
Published July 12 2006
Concepts: pain, back pain, acupressure, brain, brain shrinkage

Heat therapy works as effective painkiller, researchers discover
Published July 5 2006
Concepts: pain, researchers, works, therapy, heat therapy

New Roots of Chronic Pain Discovered: Clear the Emotions, Clear the Pain (press release)
Published July 3 2006
Concepts: pain, EFT, chronic pain, emotional, Fibromyalgia

Listening to music can reduce chronic pain and depression by up to a quarter (press release)
Published July 1 2006
Concepts: pain, music, depression, chronic pain, report

ST. John's Wort relieves bladder pain in animal models (press release)
Published June 29 2006
Concepts: bladder, pain, St. John's Wort, supplement, researchers

Heat-generating dogs treat fibromyalgia pain in humans
Published June 23 2006
Concepts: dog, dogs, Fibromyalgia, pain, train

Big Pharma is developing drugs for the most distressing disease of all: Life
Published June 22 2006
Concepts: drug, disease, drugs, heal, health

Women's pain and discomfort from premenstrual syndrome may be lessened by diet changes and natural health remedies
Published June 14 2006
Concepts: premenstrual syndrome, women, PMS, natural, symptoms

Natural Health Solutions for Bursitis (preview)
Published March 17 2006
Concepts: bursitis, health, natural, natural health, solutions

Health Roundup: Side effects, generic drugs and glucosamine sleight of hand (satire)
Published March 10 2006
Concepts: drug, drugs, side effects, glucosamine, generic drugs

Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood
Published February 7 2006
Concepts: oil, liver, cod liver oil, 5, men

Alleviate backpack-induced back pain with the convenient, spine-friendly BackTPack
Published January 17 2006
Concepts: backpack, back pain, backtpack, hiking, travel

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center: your gateway to healing and personal transformation at many levels
Published December 18 2005
Concepts: heal, food, foods, life, healing

The common cold is no match for natural healing therapies: minerals, herbs and foods stave off colds and flus
Published October 24 2005
Concepts: common cold, the common cold, men, colds, infection

The hidden dangers of caffeine: How coffee causes exhaustion, fatigue and addiction
Published October 11 2005
Concepts: caffeine, fatigue, coffee, stress, sugar

Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically unjustified and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits
Published October 7 2005
Concepts: surgery, men, medical, form, 5

Why weight loss requires strength training, even in women and seniors
Published August 27 2005
Concepts: body, muscle, fat, weight, training

The raw (and ugly) truth about the war on drugs
Published August 15 2005
Concepts: drug, drugs, legal, war, people

Leaked documents show Merck knew of Vioxx dangers, yet hid them for years
Published August 6 2005
Concepts: Vioxx, Merck, risk, cardiovascular, research

How to achieve exercise success, even if you can't stand to exercise
Published July 25 2005
Concepts: exercise, people, health, success, physical

Nutritional products from New Chapter and other health innovators
Published July 11 2005
Concepts: health, products, New Chapter, drug, cancer

Revealed: which fruit and vegetable juices alleviate arthritis pain without drugs or surgery
Published June 9 2005
Concepts: arthritis, arthritis pain, men, juice, vegetable

Big Tobacco and Big Pharma: same tactics, different chemicals
Published June 7 2005
Concepts: drug, people, harm, drugs, disease

Surgery can cause fibromyalgia; chiropractic care can effectively treat it, says Dr. Whitcomb
Published June 5 2005
Concepts: patients, Fibromyalgia, chiropractic care, treatment, chiropractic

How to end cruelty to people, animals and nature, and create a world without war and environmental destruction
Published April 2 2005
Concepts: cruelty, man, nature, war, animals

Alternative medicine is often practiced with the limited mindset of conventional medicine
Published March 7 2005
Concepts: medicine, alternative medicine, patients, health, acupuncture

With COX-2 decision, no longer any doubt about FDA corruption and U.S. drug racket
Published February 18 2005
Concepts: drug, FDA, the FDA, safe, COX-2 inhibitors

Walking the talk: the true story of my transformation from obesity and chronic disease to outstanding health
Published January 20 2005
Concepts: heal, health, pain, body, nutrition

Mental health, Seasonal Affective Disorder, osteoporosis greatly improved by exposure to natural sunlight, vitamin D supplements
Published January 1 2005
Concepts: Vitamin D, Seasonal Affective Disorder, osteoporosis, natural sunlight, seasonal

Eliminate back pain with the Swopper chair that promotes active sitting
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: chair, pain, Swopper, back pain, Swopper chair

Fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids allow patients to ditch Vioxx and other anti-inflammatory drugs
Published November 14 2004
Concepts: fish oils, fish, anti-inflammatory, fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids

Astaxanthin sources revealed: super antioxidant eases arthritis pain, joint pain, sore muscles and protects against heart disease
Published November 6 2004
Concepts: astaxanthin, arthritis pain, Cyanotech, sources, antioxidant

Potent antioxidant Astaxanthin shows promise as anti-inflammatory for arthritis, joint pain, back pain, muscle soreness and carpal tunnel syndrome
Published October 25 2004
Concepts: astaxanthin, arthritis, Cyanotech, anti-inflammatory, joint pain

Q & A: Are there any situations in which pharmaceuticals and medications are okay to use?
Published October 12 2004
Concepts: pharmaceuticals, pain, doctor, life, drug

Joint pain, back pain, arthritis cause by chronic dehydration, says doctor
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: back pain, chronic dehydration, arthritis, water, body

Healing with water, not drugs: exclusive interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Published October 11 2004
Concepts: water, pain, dehydration, healing, interview

Tylenol introduces candy-like pain medication with strong minty taste and instant cooling effect
Published August 22 2004
Concepts: Tylenol, candy, pain, taste, pain medication

Arthritis creams merely mask symptoms and offer no long-term relief, study shows
Published August 3 2004
Concepts: arthritis, arthritis creams, pain, painkillers, symptoms

Long-term use of Tylenol (acetaminophen) found to cause kidney damage, says new study
Published July 27 2004
Concepts: painkillers, kidney damage, pain, acetaminophen, the FDA

Chiropractic and acupuncture help with back pain, but a real cure requires flexibility and strength training
Published May 17 2004
Concepts: pain, back pain, strength, train, flexibility

Back pain creates heavy economic burden on the U.S. economy
Published January 17 2004
Concepts: pain, back pain, health care costs, train, strength

New Research Shows That Fish Feel Pain
Published October 27 2003
Concepts: fish, research, shows, animal rights, pain

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"Your newsletter is even better than books I've paid for!" - S. Knudson

"I can't thank you enough for sharing this for free. It's been a godsend..." - C. Nicholas

"Every day, I forward the NaturalNews Insider to probably five friends, and they love it!" - C. Engel

"... there's at least one really good article for me to read every day, and I read it and follow it." - N. Post

"I'm still not sure why you don't charge $79 a year for this like all the other health newsletters..." - M. White

"Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have a special place in my prayers for your gift of this newsletter." - O. Davenport

"As a nutritionist and naturopath, I love your website. Mike Adams is spot on..." - A. Dunev, B.S., C.N., PhD

"I credit huge amounts to NaturalNews, which has provided me with education, humor, and courage to step away from the established medical assumptions which have actually been making me worse all these years." - A. O'Neal

"I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter. I am an RN case manager and I regularly share the information I learn from your site with my patients. Thank you for doing such fine work." - L. Smith

"Your site is so interesting! I love what you have to say in every area. The articles on the real estate bubble are very clear and, I believe, right on target (thank goodness I own my house free and clear and don't have a second one). Your nutrition stuff is always excellent too, and the political stuff is so fun and right on "target". Keep up the great work!" - T. Miller

"Thank you for all the time and effort that's gone into the CWRC and NaturalNews sites, I've spent the last two weeks or so plowing through them, and have come out the other side much more educated, and motivated to start paying a lot more attention to my own health." - Conrad

"Outstanding work! It has helped me to organize my confused ideas about many health topics, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Doctors I have visited do not like to spend the time educating you. I have only learned through your many written articles. I copy them to my Word files for future reference and study. Congratulations and thanks for your help!" - C. Noguera

"Thanks for all the wonderful information which I constantly receive. I am so sated with knowledge at the moment, I am euphoric." - C. Tinder-Smith

"I subscribe to your newsletter and forward them to friends and family. I'm always thankful for reading anything that is written in the best interest of people as opposed to big companies." - L. Harter

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