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Magnesium Helps Heal Cipro Damage

Monday, June 13, 2011 by: Dr. Carolyn Dean
Tags: health news, Natural News, nutrition

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(NaturalNews) Even though I've been hearing magnesium miracle stories for a decade, here's a magnesium testimonial from a reader of my blog that amazed even me.

First of all, I have to set the stage. Many of you may not know that a certain family of antibiotics called flouroquinolone causes muscle and tendon damage. We take an antibiotic hoping it will kill a bacteria that's infecting us. We might expect some digestive problems with antibiotics -but tendon and muscle damage doesn't enter our heads -and unfortunately doesn't enter the heads of most doctors!

I've edited the following information from a website called Antibiotics.org. http://www.antibiotics.org/ discussing the dangers of fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

In July 2008, the FDA imposed a black box warning on Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and many other flouroquinolone antibiotics due to the serious side effect of tendon rupture causing long-term disability. A horrible irony is that Cipro is often prescribed post-op for tendon repair!

Here is a more complete list of side effects:

Tendonitis, Tendon Rupture, Tendon, Ligament, Joint and Muscle Damage, Vision Damage, Hearing Loss, Taste Perversion, Peripheral Neuropathy (Tingling, burning sensation), Insomnia, Nightmares, Anxiety Attacks, Depersonalization, Cognitive Disorders, Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Blood and Endocrine Disorders, Severe Psychotic Reactions, Suicidal Thoughts or Actions Gastrointestinal Damage.

Drug interactions make the risk of injury with fluoroquinolones even higher. So the side effects could be even worse if you take a fluoroquinolone at the same time you are taking corticosteroids (Prednisone, Flovent, Nasarel, Azmacort, Advair Disku, Methylprednisolone Dospak, Elocon Cream, Desoximetasone Cream, and Sterapred) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs - Motrin, Pamprin, Aleve, Advil, and Ibuprofen).
?It's estimated that tens of thousands of people are damaged by quinolone antibiotics each year, and unfortunately most are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Misdiagnosis of these antibiotics can be called fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid diseases, myositis, heart problems or neuropaties of every severity and kind.

The effects of quinolone antibiotics are cumulative. Each person has a unique threshold of tolerance that once surpassed creates symptoms corresponding to various disorders, with long-lasting and permanent damage. Most people are exposed to quinolones through taking them as a drug prescription or through food consumption (most poultry and beef treated with these drugs).

The antibiotics.org website has some suggestions on how to overcome the effect of fluoroquinolones. But I have something to add from a reader of my blog who used magnesium to overcome the effects of Cipro on her body.

Here is her story:

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me my life back. In December 2008 I had a bladder infection and was given Cipro. On the medication I actually felt worse and mid-course was switched to a different antibiotic. The muscle pain was intolerable and the trouble with urination seemed to worsen.

Long story short and six different antibiotics along with another round of Cipro over a period of two months, I had so much groin and hip pain, I was unable to walk. It felt like my insides were tearing with each step. For two years through extensive testing with blood work, CT, MRI, and x-ray, the doctors could not determine the cause. I was diagnosed with Dysesthesia and put on anti-inflammatory drugs, and sent to Physical Therapy. PT changed nothing.

I personally took charge and headed off to an Acupuncturist, and private Yoga lessons. This helped, but still walking was unbearable at times. Not being satisfied with my diagnosis, I was constantly researching.

When my mother had a similar experience with Cipro, I began researching the side effects and came to believe it was the culprit all along affecting my muscles.

The problem was, what to do now? In my research I found Dr. Jay Cohen's site and he described how magnesium had helped some of his patients suffering from Cipro side effects. So I started researching magnesium and it's benefits which led me to you.

Having used magnesium pills years ago which gave me diarrhea even with the smallest dose, I decided to purchase Angstrom Magnesium suggested on your site. Within a week I noticed the pain was lessening allowing me to walk for longer periods at a time, but I didn't trust it just yet. I thought it was too soon for it to have worked so well.

Before this going to the store was impossible. By the time I got out of the car and walked to the store, I was done for. I could not go any farther. My life was limited and I refused to use a wheelchair just yet! But now it was changing.

I was scheduled for a Pain Medicine appointment where they were going to inject my abdomen with anesthesia to see if they could stop the pain. But after being on the Angstrom for two weeks and feeling a noticeable improvement, I pushed the appointment into the next month. When the appointment came up again, I canceled it. I no longer needed the treatment and still don't.

The Angstrom was doing its job! I have to tell you that I am completely mobile after being on Angstrom for 3 ? months! I am still not completely healed but if it doesn't get better than this I am happy with it. I can live with it. But after receiving your blog today in which you state that magnesium healing can take up to six months or more I am encouraged that I may be completely healed.

I still have a tightness in the gluteus maximus muscle but it is not enough to stop me from moving. I am hopeful that in time this too will subside. The thing that amazes me, and shocks me, is not one of the doctors I saw ever suggested that magnesium deficiency could be the problem. Even when I expressed to my doctor that I was having excruciating leg cramps, it was not suggested.

Of course a blood panel was done and in my opinion I was on the very low end of the scale just 0.4 above the lowest average for magnesium levels. It was considered an acceptable level so magnesium not prescribed. And at that time I had no idea that magnesium could be a culprit in muscle spasms and was so important for muscle function. But after reading what you had to say about it on your site, I figured I had nothing to lose.?

I am so grateful to have found your site!! You have pulled me from the brink of despair and given me my life back. I never thought I would walk again and after two years, I was losing hope. I am only 56 which for me is too young to spend the rest of my life incapacitated with no explanation for it. As my husband and I are getting closer to retirement, I can now look forward to actively taking part in it. Thank you for giving of your wisdom in the creation of your website. It truly is a gift."

About the author:
About the Author:
Carolyn Dean MD ND is The Doctor of the Future�. She is a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor in the forefront of the natural medicine revolution since 1979.
She is working on several patents on novel products including the iCell in RnA Drops. Dr. Dean is a leading expert in magnesium and she has created a picometer, stabilized-ionic form of magnesium, called ReMag that's 100% absorbed at the cellular level and non-laxative making it one of the only magnesiums that can be taken in therapeutic amounts with no side effects. ReLyte is her multiple mineral product that is also completely absorbed at the cellular level and contains the 9 minerals necessary for supporting proper thyroid function. RnA Drops help make perfect cells via RNA through Chromosome 14 affecting DNA. ReNew, which is highly concentrated RnA Drops is a powerful skin serum and ReAline is a safe detox formula with methylated B's, l-taurine and dl-methionine (the precursor to glutathione), all available at www.RnAReSet.com
Dr. Dean is the author/coauthor of 33 health books (print and eBooks) and 106 Kindle books including The Magnesium Miracle, Death by Modern Medicine, IBS for Dummies, IBS Cookbook for Dummies, The Yeast Connection and Women's Health, Future Health Now Encyclopedia, Death by Modern Medicine, Everything Alzheimers, and Hormone Balance.
She is on the Medical Advisory Board of the non-profit educational site - Nutritional Magnesium Association (www.nutritionalmagnesium.org).
Dr. Dean has a free online newsletter and a valuable online 2-year wellness program called Completement Now! at www.drcarolyndean.com/fhn. She also runs a busy telephone consulting practice and has a weekly radio show Mondays at 4pm PST on www.achieveradio.com. Find out more at www.drcarolyndean.com, www.drcarolyndeanlive.com, www.RnAReSet.com, and www.howionic.com.

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