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Back pain

Heal Back Pain With Supplements, Medication and Nutrition

Friday, July 25, 2008 by: Kevin Gianni
Tags: back pain, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Fountain of Youth Summit, which can be found at (http://fountainofyouthworldsummit.com) . In this excerpt, Jesse Connone shares on supplements, medication and nutrition for back pain.

The Fountain of Youth World Summit with Jesse Connone co-founder of the Healthy Back Institute.

Kevin: What kinds of supplements are good for back pain or joints or anything that's muscular like that?

Jesse: In the case of internal inflammation or systematic inflammation... again the body is in this constant state of inflammation and is preventing the body from healing. A recent study on heart disease found that, I believe that is almost 50%, just shy of 50% of people who died from heart attack didn't have clogged arteries. And what they found is, these people did have systematic inflammation. So they have this inflammation in their blood and in the case of heart attack what they found is the inflammation caused a little piece of plaque that they did have in their arteries to kind of pop like popcorn. And basically they found that the higher the level of inflammation in the body, the more this tends to happen. And this inflammation causes the plaque to pop and basically that damages the artery. And in a split second you are gone.

And the way to kind of offset that and try to reduce this inflammation in your body is by making sure that you are eating healthy. So avoiding foods that trigger inflammation, avoiding chemicals and pesticides and toxins and also supplementation. So there are herbs and enzymes that go into the body and counter balance that if you will. And you know there are lots of different herbs, many that have been used for thousands of years in other countries like India and Asia that go into the body and have this counter balancing effect.

Kevin: Is there anything specific that most people could benefit from regardless of their back pain or anything?

Jesse: Yeah! Absolutely there is a whole list of nutritional supplements but what we found is people typically get better results, it's easier, if they just take a single formula that has multiple
ingredients in it.

Kevin: O.k.

Jesse: Because there are lots of ingredients that have these positive effects on inflammation and pain naturally which is great. But to take four, five, or six of these things and
experiment to find the ones that work for you can be expensive and time consuming and difficult.

Kevin: Sure

Jesse: Yeah, actually we use several different brands over the years. In working with so many different people what we have found is... what we have done actually is that we take in something that we knew would help people or thought might help people. So we tested it with our people and we would test all these different brands of supplements and all these different brands of equipment, all these different types of treatments over the years. And we try to find what works the best. So we spend almost the last two or three years testing different types of formula for people with pain, and we found numerous different ones that worked. But we typically had, again, a little bit of combining that I talked about.

Kevin: Right!

Jesse: "Take this one and this one this time of day, and this one on an empty stomach." It was a bit confusing so we actually finally created our own.

Kevin: Oh Really! O.k.

Jesse: Just this past year. And it's called Lifeline Plus and again it's a combination of herbs and enzymes that worked naturally to reduce inflammation and pain. And while we're on the subject of inflammation, one of the real big dangers that's so common among people who have back pain is that they are taking prescriptions that fake Non-steroid or anti-inflammatory activities.

Kevin: Right!

Jesse: And you probably heard from many different people that lots of the drugs are dangerous and many of them are pulled off the market because they have killed so many people. And finally, the government put enough pressure on them to finally pull the drug. The problem is a lot of these people are in so much pain; again, they are not getting what we have talked about tonight, they are not getting the thorough evaluation, nobody is talking to them about physical dysfunction and muscle imbalances. They are not doing these specific targeted exercises, stretches and various treatments based on their situation so they are constantly in pain. And they need to take something, or they feel they need to take something rightfully so they are taking muscle relaxants both prescription and over-the-counter and fakes. That's the problem because you shouldn't take them ever. I personally don't take them anymore. I took them 10 years ago before I knew anything really about health. And I would take them whenever I would have a flair up of back pain or shoulder pain or knee pain you know. I use to be into heavy duty weight lifting and body building so you know what comes with that is lots of injuries.

Kevin: Sure!

Jesse: So I was always taking stuff -- prescription and over-the-counter.

Kevin: Really? O.k.

Jesse: And now that I have spent the last ten years in the health and fitness field I found that these things are dangerous, they kill people. And even if it doesn't kill you, it will be causing internal damage that you can't see. You know, if you are taking something like Tylenol, slowly it is beating up your insides, then you start to bleed internally. You can't see that.

Kevin: Or you can't feel it. What do you say to them?

Jesse: I say, "you can but it may take some changes in what you are doing".

Kevin: Yeah!

Jesse: And here's the thing with the medication. It's easier to take this super powerful drug then it is to eat healthy, to drink water, to do these exercises and stretches and to take personal supplements that maybe are not as strong as a drug. And just like everything in life people want easy, the easy pill.

Kevin: Yeah!

Jesse: Just like if you have seen in Staples -- here in the United States we got this Staples Office Supplies and they sell the easy button. Well people want things easy, like people will take pills to lose weight, pills to get rid of their pain, pills to grow this, pills to do that. It is a problem and it is a challenge and there are some people we just can't get through. They'll keep taking the drugs and eventually they are out of problems. I sent an email recently about the dangers of NSAIDS and, other than the couple of dozen attached emails I got from doctors questioning my story and my fax about the dangers of these drugs, we got dozens of emails from people who have personally lost friends and family members because of them.

Kevin: Wow!

Jesse: Yeah! One lady lost a 7-year old daughter who was on anti-inflammatory prescription drugs.

Kevin: Wow!

Jesse: Another person, another lady lost her husband. I mean literally we received probably about a dozen emails from our email list of people who have lost family members and friends. You know, physically killed by the drug. And again that's just a very small sample of the billions of people that are out in the world and the millions and millions of people who have taken this drug.

Kevin: Right!

Jesse: And so again you can get pain relief with drugs, it is less work. But what do you want? Do you want to do it the safe way? That may take a little bit more effort, but it will keep you alive. And it will keep you healthy. Do you want a quick fix drug that will slowly kill or maybe quickly kill you?

Kevin: You may never know.

Jesse: Right! Well in some cases that's a big challenge.

Kevin: I think it is a fantastic thing that you have such a great client database, that you could do some of these tests. What other sort of test is there or what are some other different studies that you have done that were pretty telling about back pain that you would like to share?

Jesse: Yeah we have a lot of surveys of our customers and our non-customers. We just have over 400,000 people that are currently on our email list. And around 40,000 customers. And both of those groups of people we have done lots of research with. Lots of surveys and results. And also we have done some of the informal studies. I would say the biggest one or most surprising was one that I mentioned earlier about nutrition and the impact it has on people and their pain.

Kevin: Right!

Jesse: I knew nutrition was important but I didn't think it was something that would jump out on the survey results. I thought it was something that would really be identified, but I knew it was important in my gut.

Kevin: Sure, it was something like maybe you can identify but there will be other factors that will be involved as you said.

Jesse: Right! Right! Yeah exactly, yeah we were able to physically see that there was a distinct correlation between the number of people who ate unhealthy fast food and big infrequent meals and their pain level being more intense and them having more frequent bouts of pain and of longer duration. You know, suffering from pain for longer time periods versus the people who ate... who tended to eat healthier more frequent meals of smaller portions.

Kevin: Wow!

Jesse: So it was very interesting to see, it just goes to show you that as for everything there was never one factor.

Kevin: Right!

Jesse: And so in the case of back pain there is never going to be one thing that does it all for you. There will be one thing that will get you to the 90% pain free zone. For instance, I will give you an example here, most of the people who use our back pain system, they do the physical part. They do the evaluation, they find their physical dysfunction. They find their muscle imbalances. And they work on those. And within just days, it doesn't take a lot of time but usually a couple of weeks, they are 90% pain free. And for them that is such an improvement, that they stopped there.

Kevin: Yeah!

Jesse: They don't do the mental and emotional part that we talked about and that we teach them. They don't do the internal part, the nutrition, the water and, you know, the supplementation and inevitably what happens is they also stopped the physical part. They do the program long enough to make them feel better. And once they feel better they say, "oh yeah this is great, back to my life." So then the pain comes back. And that's why we created the concept of dimension before and our healing formula. And that is to educate people that there are these three distinct areas. Internal, External and Mental/Emotional that you need to be aware of, that you need to pay attention to, that you need to address, if you really want to get relief. You want the pain to stay away, you want to stay pain free.

Kevin: Wow! That sounds like you have a good holistic package and we are running out of time now and I want to thank you for coming on board.

To read the rest of this transcript as well as access more information by health experts on abundance, optimum health, and longevity just like Jesse Connone, please visit (http://fountainofyouthworldsummit.com) .

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Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author and speaker. He has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries learn how to take control of their health--and keep it. To view his popular internet TV Show "The Renegade Health Show" (and get a free gift!) with commentary on natural health issues, vegan and raw food diets, holistic nutrition and more click here.

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