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exercise feature articles

Do the five Tibetans for a long life
Published September 21 2012
Concepts: Tibetan, exercise, yoga poses, spin, rituals

This form of fitness promotes anti-aging characteristics
Published September 8 2012
Concepts: form, anti-aging, exercise, movement, fitness

The abs you're forgetting in your workout - Transverse abdominis
Published September 1 2012
Concepts: muscle, workout, transverse abdominis, abdominal muscles, pain

About that bone scan and the meds that follow…
Published August 15 2012
Concepts: bone, calcium, health, bones, bone density

Cut your sick days with meditation and exercise
Published August 13 2012
Concepts: meditation, exercise, flu, sick days, study

Muscle imbalances cause swayback and lower back pain
Published August 3 2012
Concepts: muscle, muscles, pain, exercise, imbalance

Kettlebells for weight loss, conditioning and improved back health
Published August 1 2012
Concepts: weight, weight loss, kettlebells, training, strength

Lifestyle remedies for the management of asthma
Published July 26 2012
Concepts: asthma, remedies, breathing, lifestyle, exercise

Company tries to claim intellectual property ownership over children's exercises like 'leap frog'
Published July 18 2012
Concepts: exercises, intellectual property, exercise, fitness, ownership

Physical activity lowers breast cancer risk by nearly 30 percent
Published June 29 2012
Concepts: cancer, risk, breast cancer, physical activity, physical

Is too much exercise dangerous for your heart?
Published June 28 2012
Concepts: heart, dangerous, exercise, heal, disease

Jogging in a forest twice as good for you as jogging in a gym
Published June 27 2012
Concepts: exercise, forest, health, mental, depression

The brain body connection - The first of the four major systems that maintain health
Published June 9 2012
Concepts: serotonin, health, brain, the brain, body

Fighting fatigue - top foods, herbs, supplements and tips
Published June 5 2012
Concepts: fatigue, fat, supplements, herbs, foods

Sprinting: The ultimate fat burning exercise
Published May 25 2012
Concepts: fat, sprinting, burning, body, fat burning

Simple exercises to improve your eyesight naturally
Published April 9 2012
Concepts: eye, vision, improve, exercises, presbyopia

Exercise boosts healthy DNA expression within just a few minutes
Published March 23 2012
Concepts: exercise, DNA, DNA expression, health, healthy

Just a few minutes of daily exercise alters DNA to help prevent chronic disease
Published March 16 2012
Concepts: DNA, exercise, health, daily exercise, men

Bye-bye allergy head - Six tips for easy breathing this allergy season
Published March 13 2012
Concepts: breathing, food, allergy, tips, liver

ALERT: California's AB 2109 Would Make Doctors Gatekeepers for Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions!
Published March 11 2012
Concepts: vaccine, doctors, AB 2109, health, beliefs

Improve posture while sitting in your chair
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: posture, poor posture, improve, chair, sitting

The top 10 best foods for burning belly fat
Published March 7 2012
Concepts: diet, weight, fat, health, foods

Combat high blood pressure with yoga exercises
Published March 5 2012
Concepts: yoga, blood, blood pressure, high blood pressure, exercise

Pediatrician's refusal to treat unvaccinated kids: Legal and ethical ramifications
Published February 28 2012
Concepts: vaccine, child, legal, 5, unvaccinated

Top 5 best exercises to lose belly fat
Published February 26 2012
Concepts: exercise, exercises, weight, body, fat

5 ways to successfully turn your home into a prime workout space
Published February 20 2012
Concepts: workout, home, exercise, 5, NaturalNews

Vaccine exemptions: Do they really put others at risk?
Published February 18 2012
Concepts: vaccine, children, child, risk, immunity

Tai chi benefits people with chronic health problems like Parkinsons, arthritis and fibromyalgia
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: Chi, Tai Chi, arthritis, Parkinsons, problems

Spirulina significantly aids allergy sufferers and improves exercise performance
Published January 30 2012
Concepts: spirulina, exercise, allergy, men, AIDS

Choose healthy lifestyle, nutritious food over hormone replacement therapy for menopause symptoms
Published January 22 2012
Concepts: food, HRT, menopause, hormone, healthy lifestyle

Intermittent fasting and high intensity fitness boost HGH
Published January 20 2012
Concepts: fasting, fitness, HGH, intermittent fasting, body

Got neck pain? New study says chiropractic care and simple home exercises work better than painkillers
Published January 19 2012
Concepts: pain, chiropractic, study, home, exercises

Scientists suggest increase walking speeds and outrun the Grim Reaper
Published December 24 2011
Concepts: walking, 5, scientists, increase, men

Blurred vision? Eye doctor myths exposed - learn how to exercise your eye muscles for restoring healthy vision and eliminating prescription glasses
Published December 7 2011
Concepts: eye, muscles, muscle, vision, exercise

Boost testosterone naturally
Published October 29 2011
Concepts: testosterone, men, muscle, fat, exercise

mTOR - Discover the key protein behind muscle building and rejuvenation
Published October 24 2011
Concepts: muscle, protein, insulin, body, exercise

Increase mind power and avoid Alzheimer's with these powerful strategies
Published October 21 2011
Concepts: increase, mind, brain, Alzheimer's, avoid

Teenage smoking is on the rise but the right services can save these young lives
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: smoking, health, teenage smoking, teenager, smoke

Five exercises to boost colon health
Published October 11 2011
Concepts: colon, exercise, exercises, health, increase

Natural hormone rejuvenation for modern women and men
Published October 1 2011
Concepts: hormone, women, hormones, natural, body

Start breath training for exercise
Published August 30 2011
Concepts: breath, training, muscle, breathing, exercise

New research: Moving for just 15 minutes a day can save your life
Published August 16 2011
Concepts: exercise, research, health, risk, men

Find health with your breath - The nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating
Published August 16 2011
Concepts: breath, breathing, blood, nitric oxide, health

Super sports medicine
Published August 14 2011
Concepts: magnesium, sports, performance, medicine, car

New research shows dementia is preventable with natural means
Published August 10 2011
Concepts: dementia, natural, research, sleep, shows

Colorado joins national trend to implement unconstitutional restrictions on vaccine exemptions: your state could be next
Published August 3 2011
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, form, 5, colorado

Try this effective, less dangerous and less time consuming fitness program
Published July 27 2011
Concepts: energy, exercise, dangerous, fitness, consuming

Sport Recovery - Heal from overtraining with proper exercise
Published July 26 2011
Concepts: heal, recovery, exercise, training, physical

Vibration exercise machines improve your lymphatic health
Published June 23 2011
Concepts: exercise, body, lymphatic system, improve, lymph

Natural cure discovered for debilitating heart syndrome POTS
Published June 21 2011
Concepts: heart, POTS, exercise, natural, natural cure

Lifestyle movement is more important than exercising
Published May 23 2011
Concepts: exercise, movement, lifestyle, health, life

Scientists discover natural therapies treat COPD
Published May 23 2011
Concepts: COPD, natural therapies, Vitamin D, patients, natural

Overcome diabetic circulation issues
Published May 19 2011
Concepts: circulation, health, oxygen, exercise, diabetic

Part II, Restore and Maintain Good Vision and Eye Health Naturally
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: eye, health, eye health, vision, exercise

Expensive, risky surgery for periphery artery disease pushed by doctors who ignore better alternatives
Published May 5 2011
Concepts: surgery, disease, doctors, periphery artery disease, WHO

Tai Chi is good for your heart
Published May 4 2011
Concepts: Chi, Tai Chi, study, benefits, exercise

Take the versatile approach to better bone health
Published April 29 2011
Concepts: bone, calcium, health, milk, bones

Navy revises vaccine exemption policy and regs by attorney request - twice!
Published April 26 2011
Concepts: Navy, vaccine, regulation, regulations, policy

Slash colon cancer risk with natural lifestyle and diet
Published April 16 2011
Concepts: cancer, risk, lifestyle, natural lifestyle, colon

Oxygenate your body - How to restore oxygen balance and help prevent disease
Published April 16 2011
Concepts: body, oxygen, health, water, balance

New Study - Seniors can literally shake their way to better bone health
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: bone, men, 5, health, study

Real health care begins with you
Published April 12 2011
Concepts: fitness, men, health care, food, people

Bouncing on a rebounder strengthens every cell in the body
Published March 18 2011
Concepts: exercise, strength, rebounding, body, sitting

Exercise-induced cell regrowth critical to reducing stress, improving health
Published March 12 2011
Concepts: stress, exercise, brain, stress reduction, research

Exercise improves leptin and insulin sensitivity
Published February 23 2011
Concepts: leptin, insulin, exercise, hormone, body

Polycystic ovary syndrome breakthrough - Acupuncture and exercise normalize hormones
Published February 22 2011
Concepts: exercise, acupuncture, PCOS, hormones, women

Adults and kids buck depression, anxiety and hyperactivity with exercise
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: exercise, depression, drug, kids, anxiety

Regular exercise increases brain volume, protects against age-related dementia
Published February 18 2011
Concepts: exercise, brain volume, brain, study, regular exercise

Prevent back, neck and shoulder pain from prolonged sitting and bad posture
Published February 16 2011
Concepts: pain, sitting, posture, muscle, massage

Feds blame US health care system, not poor diet and lack of exercise, for widespread heart disease
Published February 7 2011
Concepts: health, health care, heart, health care system, diet

Exercise your cells by rebounding
Published February 5 2011
Concepts: exercise, rebounding, body, benefits, raw

Bike riding commute increases test scores
Published February 5 2011
Concepts: exercise, increase, cognitive function, bike riding, school

Try rebounding for lymphatic health
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: lymph, rebounding, health, flu, lymphatic system

A rebounder is the best exercise for the immune system
Published January 31 2011
Concepts: lymph, exercise, lymphatic system, immune system, lymph system

Use whole body vibration exercise for weight loss, bone density and muscle building
Published January 21 2011
Concepts: body, exercise, whole body vibration, muscle, bone density

Qigong exercise helps kids reduce stress
Published January 14 2011
Concepts: qigong, stress, Chi, exercise, kids

Give yourself a good shake to rejuvenate
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: body, raw, muscle, exercise, whole body vibration

Playgrounds for seniors go worldwide
Published January 2 2011
Concepts: playgrounds, seniors, exercise, news, people

Improve total physical health with the essential building blocks of life
Published January 2 2011
Concepts: health, improve, protein, muscle, physical

Mood Food - Boost serotonin levels with natural treatments
Published December 30 2010
Concepts: serotonin, mood, depression, natural, mood food

Walking beats cancer all by itself (even without pink ribbon fundraisers)
Published December 8 2010
Concepts: cancer, walking, risk, exercise, report

Middle-Age Weight Gain - Fight insulin resistance
Published December 8 2010
Concepts: insulin, weight, fat, weight gain, exercise

Smiling helps prevent aging, wrinkles
Published November 14 2010
Concepts: aging, smiling, muscle, skin, exercise

Step It Up - Study finds Americans fall behind activity levels in other countries
Published October 30 2010
Concepts: steps, americans, study, 5, exercise

How I cured diabetes in five steps, and why one-third of U.S. adults will have diabetes by 2050
Published October 23 2010
Concepts: diabetes, food, americans, adults, America

Surge Training is a Powerful Anti-Oxidant
Published October 23 2010
Concepts: training, exercise, body, train, produce

Three-fourths of Americans obese or overweight by 2020, says alarming report
Published October 10 2010
Concepts: America, health, food, americans, people

Study Finds Mid-Life Women Lose Weight by Reading Food Labels
Published October 3 2010
Concepts: reading, weight, study, women, lose weight

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease with Natural Diet and Lifestyle Strategy
Published September 24 2010
Concepts: disease, diet, natural, lifestyle, health

Mainstream media claims cold virus causes obesity; food choice and exercise make no difference
Published September 20 2010
Concepts: virus, obesity, food, exercise, causes

Stronger Bones - Without Drugs
Published September 14 2010
Concepts: bone, men, risk, 5, health

Exercising in nature boosts mental health
Published September 11 2010
Concepts: mental, nature, exercise, health, improve

Help your elderly parents walk, dance and exercise with this simple, low-cost nutrient
Published August 31 2010
Concepts: elderly, health, Vitamin D, exercise, parents

Harness Your Natural Healing Ability with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Exercise
Published August 28 2010
Concepts: heal, natural, healing, health, exercise

Understand the Meaning of Health, Part II (Opinion)
Published August 11 2010
Concepts: health, exercise, body, Chi, diet

Get Fit with Surge Training
Published August 7 2010
Concepts: training, exercise, testosterone, surge training, form

New Cancer Guidelines Reverse Decades of Advice for Patients to Avoid Exercise
Published July 20 2010
Concepts: cancer, exercise, patients, avoid, reverse

Exercise reduces gallstones
Published July 10 2010
Concepts: exercise, jobs, gallstones, researchers, physical

Increase Strength and Metabolism: Lift Heavier Weights for Fewer Repetitions
Published June 23 2010
Concepts: increase, muscle, strength, exercise, metabolism

Nutrition More Important than Exercise for Weight Loss, Suggests Study
Published June 20 2010
Concepts: weight, exercise, weight loss, women, nutrition

Green Exercise Improves Mental Health
Published June 15 2010
Concepts: exercise, green, mental, nature, health

New research: Electropollution can cause diabetes (type-3)
Published June 10 2010
Concepts: diabetes, pollution, EMF, man, study

High-intensity interval training is twice as effective as regular exercise
Published May 23 2010
Concepts: training, interval training, exercise, workout, muscle

Canine Diabetes: Think about Including Natural Remedies
Published May 13 2010
Concepts: diabetes, natural, dog, canine, insulin

Bananas and Raisins: Home Remedies Help Lower Heart Rate
Published May 8 2010
Concepts: heart, heart rate, bananas, remedies, home remedies

NIH panel foolishly insists Alzheimer's can't be prevented (are they demented?)
Published May 7 2010
Concepts: Alzheimer's, health, disease, food, aluminum

How Exercise Relieves Stress and Anxiety
Published May 6 2010
Concepts: stress, exercise, anxiety, regular exercise, causes

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety Naturally
Published April 22 2010
Concepts: stress, anxiety, how to, exercise, health

Physical health leads to good mental health, too
Published April 17 2010
Concepts: mental health, physical, mental, physical health, research

Prevent and Fight Cancer through Correct Nutrition
Published April 15 2010
Concepts: cancer, nutrition, Moringa, tree, Moringa tree

Practice Fun Exercise Routines for Good Health
Published April 14 2010
Concepts: exercise, health, Chi, mind, body

Heal yourself in 15 days with the joy of exercising in nature
Published April 7 2010
Concepts: heal, exercise, healing, natural, NaturalNews

Latest Study: Diabetes Drugs Do Not Work; Diet and Exercise are Still Best
Published April 7 2010
Concepts: diabetes, exercise, health, diet, drugs

Playgrounds for Seniors: A Fun and Practical Idea Gets the Elderly in Motion
Published April 1 2010
Concepts: playgrounds, elderly, the elderly, exercise, Japan

How to Tone Thighs and Lose Inches for Summer the Natural Way
Published March 24 2010
Concepts: thighs, weight, natural, health, exercise

Just Walking Three Times a Week Slashes Death Rate Risk by 60 Percent
Published March 23 2010
Concepts: death rate, exercise, risk, death, walking

New Powerful Three Minute Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Health
Published February 19 2010
Concepts: exercise, brain, memory, the brain, Chi

Exercise can fight aging
Published February 15 2010
Concepts: aging, exercise, telomeres, WHO, athletes

Ten Easy and Natural Ways to Keep Your Brain in Top Shape
Published February 12 2010
Concepts: brain, heal, health, natural, life

Receive Anti-Aging Benefits with Exercise
Published December 30 2009
Concepts: exercise, anti-aging, benefits, telomeres, study

How Regular Exercise can Help with Diabetes
Published December 29 2009
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, blood, regular exercise, sugar

New research: long-term physical activity slows aging on the cellular level
Published December 17 2009
Concepts: aging, physical, telomeres, exercise, physical activity

Cancer researchers announce breakthroughs in natural prostate cancer prevention and treatment
Published December 15 2009
Concepts: cancer, Prostate, prostate cancer, men, research

Rebound on a Mini-Trampoline: Flow Lymph and Fight Disease
Published December 13 2009
Concepts: lymph, rebounding, flow, exercise, lymphatic system

Benefit from Aerobic Exercise
Published December 10 2009
Concepts: exercise, body, toxins, aerobic exercise, oxygen

Debunk Three Harmful Diet Myths
Published November 30 2009
Concepts: diet, harmful, health, cortisol, fat

COPD Treatments: Alternative Measures Ease Symptoms
Published November 26 2009
Concepts: COPD, natural, diet, symptoms, alternative

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs: How to Stop the Pain
Published November 7 2009
Concepts: pain, feet, natural, how to, exercise

Hypnosis and Behavioral Changes Impact the Motivation to Exercise
Published October 31 2009
Concepts: exercise, hypnosis, motivation, changes, physical

Flexibility exercises like Pilates and yoga could prevent, treat stiff arteries
Published October 24 2009
Concepts: flexibility, pilates, yoga, exercises, research

Paul Nison Part II: A Story of Going Raw, Immediate Healing as well as Mistakes along the Way
Published October 24 2009
Concepts: raw, food, health, raw food, people

Exude Confidence by Exercising: Study Says Even a Little Regular Exercise Improves Self-Image
Published October 23 2009
Concepts: exercise, health, regular exercise, study, people

Workout Warriors and Heroin Addicts Not Too Dissimilar, Say Researchers
Published September 30 2009
Concepts: exercise, heroin, heal, health, workout

Make Nutrition and Exercise Your Stress Survival Guide
Published September 20 2009
Concepts: stress, men, valerian, 5, exercise

Evidence Mounts: European Conference Highlights Natural Health Strategies to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
Published September 15 2009
Concepts: natural, cardiovascular, evidence, natural health, strategies

Interview with Kirt Tyson, Former Type-I Diabetic, Featured in "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days"
Published September 11 2009
Concepts: raw, diabetes, raw food, insulin, diet

Exercising During Pregnancy Boosts Baby IQ
Published September 11 2009
Concepts: pregnancy, baby, children, exercise, IQ

Use Common-Sense Lifestyle Tips for Longevity
Published August 29 2009
Concepts: food, body, health, tips, lifestyle

How to Treat Hyperventilation
Published August 21 2009
Concepts: breath, hyperventilation, breathing, how to, exercise

How to Beat and Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally
Published August 14 2009
Concepts: bone, osteoporosis, men, calcium, bones

Frederic Patanaude Part III: Raw Food Tricks, Techniques and Tracking
Published August 13 2009
Concepts: raw, food, raw food, people, tracking

Follow These Six Foundation Principles for Optimum Health and Wellbeing
Published August 7 2009
Concepts: health, principles, optimum health, food, ice

The Six Healing Sounds: Sound Six, The Triple Burner
Published July 17 2009
Concepts: healing, Chi, Chinese, health, heart

New Evidence: Exercise Helps Heart Disease, Increases Survival Better than Angioplasty
Published July 11 2009
Concepts: heart, exercise, disease, heart disease, patients

Make Exercise Easier with Quercetin, Says New Research
Published July 11 2009
Concepts: quercetin, exercise, WHO, research, supplement

Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's Dementia
Published June 23 2009
Concepts: risk, health, Alzheimer's, exercise, disease

Throw a Salsa Party for Summer Fun and Good Health
Published June 21 2009
Concepts: salsa, dancing, health, party, peppers

Deep Breathing Exercises Can Improve Your Life
Published June 10 2009
Concepts: breathing, breath, deep breathing, improve, exercises

Only 7.5 Minutes of Exercise a Week Needed for Diabetes Prevention
Published May 29 2009
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, researchers, men, health

Poor Diet, Low Exercise Leads to Breast Cancer in Later Years
Published May 4 2009
Concepts: cancer, breast cancer, diet, exercise, risk

Exercise Benefits Heart Failure Patients
Published April 24 2009
Concepts: heart, failure, heart failure, exercise, health

Pilates Effective in Treating Low Back Pain
Published April 19 2009
Concepts: pilates, pain, back pain, low back pain, exercise

Reduce Headaches with Regular Exercise
Published April 16 2009
Concepts: exercise, headaches, migraine, headache, study

Good Dietary and Lifestyle Health Habits can Drastically Cut Cancer Risk
Published April 15 2009
Concepts: cancer, health, lifestyle, healthy, dietary

Moderate Exercise Protects Against Breast Cancer and Death from All Causes
Published April 13 2009
Concepts: exercise, cancer, breast cancer, death, women

Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk
Published April 10 2009
Concepts: cancer, risk, breast cancer, exercise, cancer risk

Take Ten Steps for a Cancer-Free Life, Part II
Published April 8 2009
Concepts: cancer, men, people, life, sun

Physical Activity Improves Longevity: It is Never Too Late to Start
Published March 25 2009
Concepts: physical activity, physical, health, men, study

Many Unaware that Dietary and Lifestyle Choices can Affect Cancer Risk
Published March 18 2009
Concepts: cancer, health, lifestyle, survey, risk

Lifestyle Changes Decrease Inflammation
Published March 17 2009
Concepts: inflammation, foods, changes, lifestyle, diet

Exercise Does Not Hurt Joints: Study Debunks Common Myth
Published March 10 2009
Concepts: exercise, health, study, natural, osteoarthritis

Vigorous Exercise Protects Against Cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Published March 3 2009
Concepts: health, exercise, risk, cataracts, natural

Help Depression Through Exercise
Published March 2 2009
Concepts: depression, exercise, symptoms, women, program

Tips to Bring More Health to Your Life
Published February 28 2009
Concepts: health, sleep, tips, alcohol, exercise

Natural Diabetes Health: Ten Tips for Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Published February 27 2009
Concepts: diabetes, blood, tips, living, natural

How to Slash World Cancer Rates By 90 Percent: Healthy Foods, Exercise and Vitamin D
Published February 26 2009
Concepts: cancer, 5, men, heal, Amazon

Seven Tips for Healthier Hearts
Published February 25 2009
Concepts: health, heart, natural, men, risk

Live a Healthy Life: Ten Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: cholesterol, blood, healthy, blood pressure, health

Exercise and Clean Diet Boosts Cellular Longevity
Published February 19 2009
Concepts: exercise, diet, life, research, lifestyle

Exercise Boosts Mental Performance in Adults with Memory Problems
Published February 17 2009
Concepts: exercise, adults, mental, memory, mental performance

Depression and Migraines Eased With Exercise and Relaxation
Published February 7 2009
Concepts: exercise, migraine, migraines, depression, women

The Effects of Weather on Health and How to Prepare
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: health, weather, sun, people, brain

Two Important Ways to Lower Risk of Heart Failure
Published February 3 2009
Concepts: heart, risk, failure, heart failure, men

Yoga Proven to Help Back Pain
Published January 28 2009
Concepts: yoga, pain, back pain, people, medication

Stay Active and Exercise to Reduce Hunger
Published January 14 2009
Concepts: exercise, workout, weight, appetite, health

How to Enhance Sexual Libido Naturally
Published January 12 2009
Concepts: libido, sex, stress, how to, improve

Include Regular Exercise to Improve Health and Detoxify the Body
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: exercise, regular exercise, improve, health, detoxify

Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Mother and Child
Published January 8 2009
Concepts: exercise, heart, pregnancy, benefits, heart rate

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Published January 7 2009
Concepts: child, childhood, children, food, obesity

Preliminary Clinical Trial Shows Grapeseed Extract in Moxxor Reduces Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress
Published January 6 2009
Concepts: Moxxor, exercise, extract, grapeseed extract, antioxidant

Doctors Fail to Inform Patients of the Importance of Exercise
Published January 5 2009
Concepts: cancer, patients, doctors, exercise, colon

Exercise Improves Health of Elderly with Dementia
Published December 19 2008
Concepts: exercise, elderly, health, WHO, women

Get Moving, Avoid Pain and Amputation: Exercise Can Beat Peripheral Arterial Disease
Published December 19 2008
Concepts: exercise, pain, disease, heal, blood

Eight Weeks to a Healthier Lifestyle Revisited
Published December 13 2008
Concepts: heal, health, stress, life, food

Exercise Shown to Benefit Even Heart Failure Patients
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: heart, exercise, failure, heart failure, health

Marine Omega-3 Oils: Readers Report Breakthrough Pain Relief with Moxxor
Published December 2 2008
Concepts: Moxxor, pain, natural, NaturalNews, health

Your Body's Amazing Filtration System
Published November 21 2008
Concepts: lymph, blood, man, heal, body

Exercise Shown to Help Prevent Cancer
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: exercise, cancer, therapy, risk, hormone

Important Resources for Learning How to Gain More Flexibility
Published November 18 2008
Concepts: flexibility, book, health, how to, gain

Exercising Just Once a Week Can Raise Life Expectancy of Coronary Heart Disease Patients
Published November 16 2008
Concepts: health, disease, heart, exercise, men

Prevent Fatty Liver Disease with Exercise
Published November 11 2008
Concepts: liver, disease, fatty liver, fatty liver disease, exercise

Natural Therapies for Asthma
Published November 10 2008
Concepts: asthma, breath, therapies, natural, breathing

Review of the Best New Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements, Including Pine Nut Oil
Published November 7 2008
Concepts: appetite, natural, food, weight, supplement

Yoga More Effective Than Other Forms of Exercise in Treating Diabetes
Published November 4 2008
Concepts: yoga, exercise, diabetes, insulin, stress

Chi: The Basis of True Health
Published November 2 2008
Concepts: Chi, heal, health, energy, body

Four Minutes to a More Fit and Healthy Body
Published October 29 2008
Concepts: body, workout, exercise, health, treadmill

Green-Lipped Mussels Omega-3 Oils Join Moxxor, NaturalNews
Published October 28 2008
Concepts: Moxxor, natural, news, NaturalNews, health

How to Prevent Premature Aging with Antioxidants
Published October 27 2008
Concepts: oil, free, antioxidant, fat, antioxidants

Jesse Connone Talks About Treating the Symptoms and Fixing the Problem of Back Pain
Published October 24 2008
Concepts: pain, body, heal, people, physical

Eight Natural Ways To Prevent Cold and Flu
Published October 21 2008
Concepts: Chi, body, energy, flu, Chinese

Having a Positive Mindset Can Make Diet and Exercise Easier
Published October 20 2008
Concepts: health, fitness, people, diet, exercise

The Importance of a Daily Wellness Routine
Published October 15 2008
Concepts: exercise, wellness, spirit, spiritual, health

Just One Week of Exercise Boosts Function of Insulin-Producing Beta Cells in Pancreas
Published October 8 2008
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, insulin, sensitivity, risk

How to Stay Healthy in the Computer Era (Part 1)
Published October 6 2008
Concepts: eye, muscle, muscles, eyes, pain

Giles Wily Talks About Flexibility, Stretching, Restoration and Recuperation
Published October 2 2008
Concepts: stretching, flexibility, muscle, body, people

The 4 Most Common Excuses for Not Getting Fit
Published October 1 2008
Concepts: excuses, people, exercise, physical, benefits

Jim Katsoulis Talks About How to Make Positive Changes in Your Life
Published October 1 2008
Concepts: health, people, changes, how to, body

Important Resources for Those With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Published September 27 2008
Concepts: people, health, Attention Deficit Disorder, brain, summit

Golf Your Way to a Longer Life
Published September 22 2008
Concepts: life, natural, physical, men, study

Running Towards Health - Study Shows Running Also Benefits Older Persons
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: health, study, running, runners, exercise

Ten Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: exercise, body, sugar, blood, blood sugar

Five Principles for Lifelong Blood Sugar Regulation
Published September 16 2008
Concepts: sugar, blood, blood sugar, heal, glucose

Exercise During Teen Years Reduces Future Breast Cancer Risk by 23 Percent
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: exercise, cancer, breast cancer, risk, cancer risk

Long Duration or Short Burst Exercising - Deciding Which Is Best for Health and Fat Loss
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: exercise, fat, training, muscle, fitness

The Health Ranger Answers Common Questions About Nutritional Supplements (transcript)
Published September 4 2008
Concepts: health, supplement, food, supplements, people

Diabetes 101: Solving the Diabetes Problem (Part 4 of 4)
Published September 3 2008
Concepts: insulin, diabetes, resistance, insulin resistance, health

Swimming in Warm Water Eases Fibromyalgia Pain
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: Fibromyalgia, water, exercise, swimming, pain

Do You Want Happiness, Improved Intelligence and Better Memory?
Published August 17 2008
Concepts: exercise, happiness, intelligence, brain, the brain

Treating the Symptoms and Fixing the Problem of Back Pain
Published August 12 2008
Concepts: pain, body, heal, people, physical

Even Moderate Exercise Greatly Extends Men's Lives, Research Shows
Published August 11 2008
Concepts: research, exercise, men, risk, 5

Why Short Workouts Work Best: Build a Better Body in Less Time
Published August 5 2008
Concepts: workouts, workout, body, exercise, fat

Wealth Beyond Reason: Abundance, Prosperity and Well-Being
Published July 16 2008
Concepts: wealth, health, people, abundance, Law of Attraction

Exercise Slashes Lung Cancer Risk by 45 Percent in Former Smokers
Published July 15 2008
Concepts: cancer, risk, lung cancer, exercise, smoke

What You Should Know About Gyms and Fitness Equipment by Craig Pepin Donat
Published July 14 2008
Concepts: health, people, fitness, fitness equipment, life

The Importance of a Food Plan and Diary by Expert Jill Fleming
Published July 11 2008
Concepts: people, health, food, food plan, muscle

Yoga: An Alternative Treatment for Depression
Published July 10 2008
Concepts: yoga, exercise, treatment, physical, alternative

Registered Dietitian Jill Fleming Gives Advice on Staying Healthy
Published July 8 2008
Concepts: health, body, weight, people, diet

One of the Ten Best Health Books Ever Written
Published July 6 2008
Concepts: health, heal, book, health books, exercise

Review: SunWarrior Protein Wins Editor's Choice Award for Raw, Vegan, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate
Published July 1 2008
Concepts: protein, sun, SunWarrior, natural, food

Strong Body, Strong Bones - Six Steps to Prevent Osteoporosis
Published July 1 2008
Concepts: men, bone, bones, body, calcium

Do Pharmaceuticals Make You Healthy? Health Ranger Announces $10,000 Health Challenge to Big Pharma
Published June 20 2008
Concepts: health, drug, challenge, drugs, food

NSI Synergy Multivitamins Earn Coveted "Editor's Choice" Award for Making Quality Nutrition Affordable
Published June 18 2008
Concepts: men, multivitamin, supplement, quality, form

Four Reasons Why Many People Can't Lose Weight
Published June 11 2008
Concepts: weight, health, body, healthy, stress

Laugh Your Way to Wellness With a New Yoga Trend
Published June 10 2008
Concepts: laughter, yoga, heal, health, wellness

Athlete Brendan Brazier Speaks on Capital Hill on Health and Diet Issues
Published June 4 2008
Concepts: health, food, people, diet, raw

Raw Foods That Increase Athletic Performance, by Triathlete Brendan Brazier
Published June 3 2008
Concepts: raw, food, body, foods, people

Aerobic Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Power in Older Adults
Published May 18 2008
Concepts: exercise, brain, aerobic exercise, memory, power

Fruitarianism and Boot Camp Fitness, Richard Blackman Style
Published May 16 2008
Concepts: people, fruit, fitness, raw, food

Transform Yourself From the Inside-Out and Look Your Best Naturally
Published May 11 2008
Concepts: food, raw, body, heal, health

Astaxanthin: The Little-Known Miracle Nutrient for Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Athletic Endurance and More
Published May 6 2008
Concepts: astaxanthin, natural, health, benefits, Vitacost

Research Reveals Natural Ways to Help Reduce Arthritis Pain
Published April 28 2008
Concepts: arthritis, natural, pain, research, exercise

An Overview of How Stress Kills and How to Develop Your StresSkills
Published April 23 2008
Concepts: stress, body, heal, men, mind

Update: Why Mixed Martial Arts Training is Good for Children (opinion)
Published April 12 2008
Concepts: Chi, children, child, martial arts, training

Fat or Skinny, Exercise Keeps You Healthy
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: fat, exercise, weight, overweight, men

Using the Power of the Sun to Improve Eyesight and Boost Immunity
Published April 8 2008
Concepts: sun, eye, eyes, heal, health

Diabetes Prevented Most Effectively with Combination of Aerobic Exercise, Weight Training
Published March 23 2008
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, weight, aerobic exercise, 5

Diabetes Prevented Most Effectively with Combination of Aerobic Exercise, Weight Training
Published March 19 2008
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, weight, aerobic exercise, 5

Dr. Carol Look on EFT and Changing the Energy That Blocks Your Success
Published March 15 2008
Concepts: EFT, people, energy, health, Chi

Healing Illness - A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: cancer, heal, health, man, supplement

Whole Body Detoxification (Part 2): Fasting
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: body, heal, fasting, cleansing, water

Time to Medicate Fido? Pfizer Launches Diet Drug for Dogs
Published March 7 2008
Concepts: drug, diet, Pfizer, diet drug, pets

Finding Happiness the Natural Way
Published March 6 2008
Concepts: body, raw, mood, natural, heal

Prevent Prostate Cancer by Eating More Vegetables, Less Meat
Published February 25 2008
Concepts: cancer, prostate cancer, Prostate, vegetables, men

Whole Body Detox (Part 1): Lymphatic Cleansing With Rebound Exercise
Published February 25 2008
Concepts: lymph, body, exercise, cleansing, rebounding

Job Stress Increases Risk of Chronic Heart Disease
Published February 24 2008
Concepts: stress, heart, heart disease, job stress, risk

Medication-Free Therapies Proven Successful in ADHD Treatment
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: adhd, child, therapies, children, exercise

A Holistic Strategy Against Cancer
Published February 13 2008
Concepts: cancer, heal, healing, body, holistic

Recognizing the Signs of Stress From Exercise Over-Exertion
Published February 6 2008
Concepts: stress, brain, training, signs, exercise

Prevent Cancer By Letting Go of Excess Fire Energy (Acidity)
Published December 28 2007
Concepts: Chi, body, Chinese, energy, cancer

Lies of the Health and Fitness Industry Exposed
Published December 10 2007
Concepts: health, fitness, industry, disease, people

The Easier Way to Cleanse and Get Your Dream Body
Published November 29 2007
Concepts: health, body, shower, men, cleanse

Even a little exercise has significant health benefits, study shows
Published November 28 2007
Concepts: exercise, health, study, health benefits, men

The 7 Big Health and Fitness Lies About Optimal Health and Weight Loss (Part 2)
Published November 28 2007
Concepts: fitness, health, weight, weight loss, pain

Exercise: The Miracle Antidepressant Drug?
Published November 27 2007
Concepts: exercise, health, mood, mental, disorder

Topics Covered at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2007
Published November 25 2007
Concepts: heart, blood, exercise, scientific, chocolate

Follow Your Heart to Better Health and Performance
Published November 17 2007
Concepts: heart, health, brain, changes, stress

The Nature of Energy-Depleting Thyroid Problems
Published November 6 2007
Concepts: thyroid, energy, leptin, fat, hormone

New Fitness Guidelines for Promoting a Healthy Heart
Published November 2 2007
Concepts: heart, healthy, fitness, exercise, healthy heart

A bowl of cereal just as good for exercise recovery as expensive sports drinks
Published October 29 2007
Concepts: exercise, sports, recovery, exercise recovery, expensive

Very few Americans take care of their health: Diet and exercise lacking
Published September 21 2007
Concepts: exercise, men, diet, americans, women

"Miracle" weight loss drug Alli delivers more than you bargained for (diapers optional)
Published June 21 2007
Concepts: weight, weight loss, Alli, drug, fat

If you exercise, be sure to increase your uptake of nutritional supplements and superfoods
Published June 7 2007
Concepts: exercise, supplement, supplements, nutrition, body

Product review: The Pilates Allegro Reformer is a phenomenal machine for strength, flexibility and coordination training
Published April 20 2007
Concepts: pilates, machine, men, strength, body

Exercise shown to powerfully decrease cigarette cravings
Published April 4 2007
Concepts: exercise, physical exercise, symptoms, cravings, withdrawal

Liposuction on the rise as many women shun exercise and dieting
Published January 30 2007
Concepts: liposuction, cosmetic surgery, exercise, women, body

"Muscle Logic" book introduces revolutionary strength training concepts for building lean body mass
Published January 12 2007
Concepts: training, strength, body, book, strength training

Animal study links yet another health problem with trans fats: an increase in stubborn belly fat
Published January 11 2007
Concepts: fat, health, weight, trans fat, belly fat

Study: Exercise preserves bone mineral density in dieters
Published January 8 2007
Concepts: exercise, bone, bone mineral density, weight, bone density

Many dieters try to lose weight by reducing calories rather than increasing exercise
Published December 28 2006
Concepts: weight, calories, dieters, lose weight, dieting

Santa beats diabetes with nutrition and exercise just in time for Christmas
Published December 25 2006
Concepts: diabetes, nutrition, exercise, Christmas, sugar

Higher activity levels mean lower risk of breast cancer, safer weight loss, say researchers
Published December 19 2006
Concepts: weight, weight loss, risk, breast cancer, study

"The Flip" is an owner's manual for harmonious and healthy living in the 21st century
Published December 18 2006
Concepts: world, people, living, healthy, healthy living

Santa Claus boosts exercise habit to beat type-2 diabetes before Christmas
Published December 15 2006
Concepts: diabetes, type-2 diabetes, Santa Claus, nutrition, health

Just 60 minutes of activity a day cuts colon cancer
Published December 15 2006
Concepts: colon, cancer, colon cancer, cuts, exercise

Exercise boosts health of obese women even without dieting
Published December 7 2006
Concepts: women, exercise, health, study, obese

Prescribe exercise for older adults for better health (press release)
Published November 22 2006
Concepts: exercise, health, adults, prescription, physical

Exercise works better than cutting calories when trying to lose weight
Published November 21 2006
Concepts: exercise, weight loss, weight, calories, works

Resveratrol, the phytonutrient in red wine, doubles exercise endurance in animal research
Published November 17 2006
Concepts: red wine, exercise endurance, resveratrol, exercise, phytonutrients

Weight training does not increase strength but may slow progression in OA patients (press release)
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: strength, patients, training, exercise, weight

Exercise prior to hip and knee replacement reduces need for inpatient rehabilitation (press release)
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: exercise, patients, strength, surgery, arthritis

Children's exercise boosted by fitness device that locks on to Playstation controller
Published November 8 2006
Concepts: Playstation, exercise, fitness, children, video games

U.S. government to launch official exercise guidelines to combat rampant obesity among population
Published November 1 2006
Concepts: government, exercise, obesity, U.S. government, health

Regular exercise cuts eye disease risk by 70 percent
Published November 1 2006
Concepts: eye, exercise, risk, eye disease, regular exercise

Regular aerobic exercise significantly reduces markers of increased colon-cancer risk in men (press release)
Published October 30 2006
Concepts: exercise, men, colon, risk, cancer

A walk a day keeps the colds away, study finds
Published October 27 2006
Concepts: exercise, colds, study, physical exercise, research

Ancient Eastern Exercise Cures Osteoporosis (press release)
Published October 19 2006
Concepts: osteoporosis, exercise, cures, Qi, energy

A Serving of Exercise After That Saturated Fat (press release)
Published October 17 2006
Concepts: fat, exercise, saturated fat, 5, physical

Exercise helps sustain mental activity as we age, may prevent dementia-like illnesses (press release)
Published October 10 2006
Concepts: exercise, brain, mental, studies, review

Exercise important in reducing size of abdominal fat cells (press release)
Published October 5 2006
Concepts: fat, abdominal fat, exercise, fat cells, diet

Protein-added sports drinks don't boost performance during exercise, study finds (press release)
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: sports, exercise, performance, study, protein

Exercise accelerates recovery from arthritis surgery
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: arthritis, exercise, recovery, research, surgery

Research finds vigorous exercise equals better academics (press release)
Published October 3 2006
Concepts: exercise, research, physical, school, students

Message to older adults: embrace, don't fear the effects of sensible exercise (press release)
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: exercise, heart, blood, men, study

Exercise in Itself Improves Blood Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes (press release)
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, blood, Type 2 diabetes, blood glucose

Exercise Better Than Ergonomics to Treat Upper-Body Work Injuries (press release)
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: exercise, injuries, review, ergonomics, complaints

Low-intensity exercise does little to improve fitness
Published September 26 2006
Concepts: exercise, improve, program, walking, fitness training

Exercise in Itself Improves Blood Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: exercise, diabetes, blood, Type 2 diabetes, blood glucose

Weight lifting can help overweight teens reduce risk of diabetes (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: weight, diabetes, teens, overweight, risk

Short bursts of intense exercise just as healthy as long-duration exercise
Published September 21 2006
Concepts: exercise, healthy, exercise physiology, health strategies, exercise intensity

An exercise of the will (press release)
Published September 20 2006
Concepts: exercise, cancer, study, physical, life

Simple Lifestyle Changes May Improve Cognitive Function and Brain Efficiency (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: brain, improve, lifestyle, health, cognitive function

Exercise found to extend lives of women with breast cancer
Published September 12 2006
Concepts: women, breast cancer, exercise, report, research

Moderate exercise improves survival rates for colon cancer survivors (press release)
Published September 12 2006
Concepts: cancer, exercise, colon, colon cancer, survival

Exercise Can Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Treatment (press release)
Published September 11 2006
Concepts: exercise, cancer, treatment, cancer treatment, side effects

Exercise Can Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Treatment (press release)
Published September 8 2006
Concepts: exercise, cancer, treatment, cancer treatment, side effects

Moderate exercise may delay congestive heart failure, CU-Boulder study suggests (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: study, exercise, heart, failure, heart failure

UQ researchers show traditional Chinese exercises can help combat diabetes (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: diabetes, exercises, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, researchers

New study finds that older Americans may improve memory by exercising their brains and bodies (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: memory, improve, study, brain, americans

Caffeine limits blood flow to heart muscle during exercise (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: flow, blood, caffeine, blood flow, heart

Exercise Reduces Risk for Dementia by 30% to 40%, New Study Finds (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: dementia, exercise, study, risk, WHO

Fish Oil Reduces Airway Inflammation Caused by Exercise-Induced Asthma (press release)
Published August 28 2006
Concepts: asthma, oil, fish, fish oil, medication

Walking three times weekly slows decline from peripheral artery disease (press release)
Published August 25 2006
Concepts: walking, exercise, study, research, decline

Study: Exercise helps speed wound healing in older adults (press release)
Published August 24 2006
Concepts: exercise, adults, healing, study, heal

Cherry Juice Reduces Muscle Pain Induced by Exercise (press release)
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: juice, muscle, exercise, pain, muscle pain

It's Never Too Late to Work Out (press release)
Published August 21 2006
Concepts: exercise, men, 5, resistance, training

Exercise improves mental state of individuals with physical disabilities (press release)
Published August 11 2006
Concepts: physical, disabilities, exercise, physical disabilities, mental

Reality gap? Obese Americans claim to follow healthy eating and exercise habits
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: healthy, obese, exercise, health, americans

Physical education is key to improving a child's confidence, brainpower and long-term health
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: child, physical, children, physical education, sports

Oily fish found to help reverse obesity and promote healthy body weight
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: fish, weight loss, body, oil, weight

Researchers Study Whether Cutting Calories May Help You Live Longer (press release)
Published July 27 2006
Concepts: calorie restriction, study, calories, men, researchers

Exercise and Diet Program Improves Damaged Nerves and Reduces Pain (press release)
Published July 26 2006
Concepts: diet, exercise, pain, program, patients

Children need 90 minutes of daily exercise to stave off future heart trouble
Published July 24 2006
Concepts: children, exercise, heart, future, daily exercise

Exercise in childhood and adolescence may stave off osteoporosis (press release)
Published July 20 2006
Concepts: bone, exercise, osteoporosis, girls, physical

Step by step, cancer patients use exercise to feel better (press release)
Published July 19 2006
Concepts: exercise, cancer, patients, cancer patients, radiation

Exercise beats heart disease, even if started late in life
Published July 18 2006
Concepts: heart, disease, heart disease, exercise, physical

Type of Stress, Not Duration, Key to Heart Enlargement (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: heart, stress, blood, heart enlargement, researchers

Most People With Arthritis Don’t Get Enough Exercise (press release)
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: arthritis, people, exercise, pain, physical

Exercise reverses unhealthy effects of inactivity (press release)
Published July 13 2006
Concepts: exercise, physical, training, weight, WHO

Exercise Essential for the Health of Your Arteries (press release)
Published July 11 2006
Concepts: arteries, exercise, health, blood, atherosclerosis

Calorie restriction appears better than exercise at slowing primary aging (press release)
Published July 11 2006
Concepts: aging, calorie restriction, exercise, life, people

Health is a result of action, not luck: Principles for achieving optimum health
Published July 7 2006
Concepts: health, heal, results, WHO, people

Exercise, Diet May Protect Against Colorectal Cancer (press release)
Published July 7 2006
Concepts: cancer, diet, colorectal cancer, exercise, study

Exercise pioneer Kathy Smith discusses the importance of strength training for overall health and posture
Published July 5 2006
Concepts: exercise, strength training, strength, health, weight

UCLA study finds that simple lifestyle changes may improve cognitive function and brain efficiency (press release)
Published June 30 2006
Concepts: brain, study, improve, lifestyle, cognitive function

Qigong Master Kenneth Cohen shares the secrets of qigong and energetic healing
Published June 19 2006
Concepts: Qi, qigong, Chi, healing, body

The FDA declares regulatory authority over gravity; bans trampolines and exercise machines (satire)
Published May 19 2006
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, exercise, health, authority

Shattering the false philosophy and junk science of conventional medicine
Published March 30 2006
Concepts: heal, health, drug, disease, drugs

Gore warns Americans over Bush lawlessness, tyranny
Published January 19 2006
Concepts: men, power, President, America, Congress

Blaming dietary sodium for high blood pressure is too simplistic; the real problem may be mineral deficiencies
Published December 14 2005
Concepts: blood, blood pressure, salt, sodium, high blood pressure

Why weight loss requires strength training, even in women and seniors
Published August 27 2005
Concepts: body, muscle, fat, weight, training

Bone density sharply enhanced by weight training, even in the elderly
Published August 6 2005
Concepts: bone, weight, training, strength, train

How to achieve exercise success, even if you can't stand to exercise
Published July 25 2005
Concepts: exercise, people, health, success, physical

Interview with Dr. Ray Strand, author of Death by Prescription and Releasing Fat
Published July 20 2005
Concepts: drug, people, drugs, health, medication

The Cure Con: how you're being deceived by charities that claim to be racing for the cure for cancer and other chronic diseases
Published July 17 2005
Concepts: cancer, cure, disease, money, drug

Diabetes and Hispanic Americans: more than just genetics
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: diabetes, America, americans, hispanics, risk

Questioning the safety of synthetic human growth hormone (HGH)
Published June 8 2005
Concepts: HGH, hormone, body, fat, men

American Diabetes Association peddling nutritional nonsense while accepting money from manufacturer of candy and sodas
Published June 1 2005
Concepts: sugar, diabetes, blood, insulin, food

Q&A: How to reduce high blood pressure and restore healthy cholesterol levels with natural health
Published May 28 2005
Concepts: cholesterol, cholesterol levels, health, avoid, healthy

Will that facelift get you a pay raise? Cosmetic surgery and your career
Published May 26 2005
Concepts: brain, men, health, brain function, brain exercise

Even 5-10 minutes of daily physical activity can improve health
Published April 28 2005
Concepts: physical activity, physical, walking, physical exercise, 5

The truth on losing abdominal body fat - forget the diet hype, here's how it really works
Published April 18 2005
Concepts: fat, body, body fat, diet, store

Distorted research claims exercise is bad for you
Published March 15 2005
Concepts: exercise, research, nutrition, physical exercise, body

Trim Spa weight loss supplement is formulated with effective ingredients
Published March 1 2005
Concepts: Trim Spa, weight, weight loss, sugar, food

How to lower high cholesterol naturally without prescription drugs
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: cholesterol, health, prescription, drug, food

Eliminate back pain with the Swopper chair that promotes active sitting
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: chair, pain, Swopper, back pain, Swopper chair

How do I keep my blood sugar down without taking insulin or medications?
Published October 19 2004
Concepts: sugar, blood sugar, blood, insulin, food

How can I regain my appetite and gain some weight?
Published October 17 2004
Concepts: appetite, gain, loss of appetite, exercise, weight

Q&A: How do I reduce high cholesterol with the least amount of time, money and effort? (part 2)
Published October 13 2004
Concepts: cholesterol, health, high cholesterol, garlic, cinnamon

Wheelchair-bound fitness icon proves that anyone can be healthy through exercise and nutrition
Published August 7 2004
Concepts: exercise, fitness, physical fitness, healthy, human spirit

Hardening of the Arteries Shown to be Significantly Slowed by Diet and Exercise
Published August 7 2004
Concepts: hardening of the arteries, fat, diet, cardiovascular health, oil

The Palm Springs Diet Promises to Help You Lose Weight, But Does It Really Work?
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: diet, Palm Springs Diet, weight, chitosan, lose weight

Osteoporosis remains undiagnosed in millions of Americans; here's how to beat the disease with nutrition, exercise and sunlight
Published July 31 2004
Concepts: bone, body, osteoporosis, sun, bone mass

Sedentary lifestyle causes more deaths than smoking, says study
Published July 28 2004
Concepts: physical, body, physical exercise, physical activity, men

How to lower your cholesterol absolutely free (no prescription required)
Published July 28 2004
Concepts: cholesterol, food, foods, drug, drugs

Diabetics who engage in regular physical exercise are one-third less likely to die, research shows
Published July 27 2004
Concepts: exercise, physical exercise, diabetics, physical, research

Are you a weight loss / diet pills / liposuction junkie?
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: weight, food, foods, diet pills, body

How statin drug makers lie to consumers in magazine ads
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: drug, cholesterol, drugs, consumers, prescription drugs

Coming wave of Alzheimer's patients threatens to bankrupt U.S. health care system, says leading Alzheimer's doctor
Published July 23 2004
Concepts: health care system, Alzheimer's, health, health care, patients

Obesity, lack of green vegetables and avoidance of mental exercise cause Azheimer's, dementia
Published July 20 2004
Concepts: green vegetables, exercise, green, brain exercises, lifestyle choices

The Atkins Diet Food Guide Pyramid, Part 4: The Importance of Exercise
Published July 18 2004
Concepts: exercise, diet, low-carb diet, Food Guide Pyramid, physical exercise

Diet, nutrition and exercise choices revealed as major factor in cancer rates for women
Published July 8 2004
Concepts: cancer, choices, nutrition, exercise, cancer prevention

Study: physical exercise prevents cancer (but only if you actually do it)
Published May 18 2004
Concepts: cancer, exercise, physical, physical exercise, WHO

Diabetic epidemic on the rise: cases of diabetes to more than double in the United States, pharmaceutical industry drools over potential profits
Published May 12 2004
Concepts: diabetes, diabetic, industry, epidemic, pharmaceutical industry

Combination of diet and physical exercise required for healthy knee joints; neither one works alone
Published May 7 2004
Concepts: exercise, diet, physical, healthy, physical exercise

Flawed study says you can eat all you want, avoid exercise, and still lose weight
Published January 30 2004
Concepts: study, exercise, flawed, avoid, diet

High carbohydrate diets and lack of exercise to blame for obesity epidemic
Published January 16 2004
Concepts: obesity, exercise, diets, toddlers, oil

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