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Your Body's Amazing Filtration System

Friday, November 21, 2008 by: Prof. Karl West
Tags: physiology, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Our aim should be to understand all of the most pertinent laws of nature and the fascinating forces that are working together to make life possible. Then we should desire to facilitate the forces that work to maintain life as we know it in accordance with those same laws of nature. When we attempt to facilitate natural laws, and we seek to understand and then to work with those laws it is an expression of our faith in nature (or God). The most critical services for renewal of the essential conditions required for healthy cellular function are performed by the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. It is an elementary realization that all degenerative diseases share a diminished capacity of both of these systems to do what only they can do. Each of them involves some level of interference with the role of blood and lymph.

Everything is a process. We know that the basic life process of every healthy cell is virtually identical regardless of what part of the body they constitute. The same basic laws apply to virtually every cell in your body. At the cellular level, the same forces are at work regardless what part of the body you are talking about. If the life process is virtually identical, the healing process for the tissues and organs that those cells comprise is also virtually identical.

If for some reason a part of the body is not maintaining a proper state of regeneration and performing its duties (functioning correctly) the logical thing to do would be to resolve the most critical dilemmas and instigate a regenerative process. In order to try that approach in a way that compliments nature we first need to understand how to facilitate and perhaps stimulate the basic life process. It stands to reason that if the basic life process can be instigated the healing process can also be instigated.

What is the lymphatic system? In a nut shell, the bloodstream acts as the cell environment and ideally the lymphatic system prevents much debris from getting in the way and slowly drowning and poisoning the tissue. Once enough of the tissues become acidic then the vital organs gradually begin to lose their ability to maintain optimal blood. It is your body`s amazing filtration system! Aquarium lovers know that without a filter to constantly renew the quality of the water for the fish, the fish would die swimming in their own acidic, toxic excrement. Now think about many trillions of cells packed tight and close together and every single one of them requiring groceries and waste management services. That presents quite a demand that only approximately 90,000 miles of blood capillaries and an estimated 180,000 to 300,000 miles of lymphatic vessels can fulfill! To our many trillions of cells this is the equivalent comparable to fishes in a fish tank with the most amazing filtration system conceivable. The subject is: simple, basic "groceries and waste management services" for the cells.

Without exception, all diseases share at least some common denominators. In the case of degenerative disease the cell environment becomes degenerative and then the cells degenerate. Since every organism is subject to its environment a negatively impacted internal milieu leads to negatively impacted cells. This means that all degenerative diseases involve ecological dilemmas. This means the name of the degenerative disease hardly tells us more than what part of the body is suffering. Even infectious diseases are not entirely without relation when it comes to the process of degeneration at the cellular level and even genetic diseases involve a degenerative process of the conditions in which the cells live. It is precisely these types of fundamentals that are the most ignored and neglected subjects in the field of medicine.

In the early seventies Dr. C. Samuel West DN, ND, Chemist & Lymphologist became the first person in the world to lecture publicly on the lymphatic system and blood proteins. His main source of research was a combination of the work done by doctors H. S. Mayerson, Arthur C. Guyton, Cecil K. Drinker, Otto H. Warburg, and other scientists from around the world. Since his approach centered around his pre-med background in bio-chemistry this would prove to be an ideal combination. What is very important to understand is that conventional sources of the form of Lymphology that he taught are still non-existent today. The form of Lymphology Dr. West taught is for self-healing. It is not for the practitioner alone, but mainly for the empowerment of all individuals. However, that term is not entirely descriptive of the science that Dr. West taught so in 2005 his son Karl came to realize that the science his father taught is more aptly titled as Cellular Ecology.

Dr. West often said, "Lymphatic vessels parallel your blood vessels everywhere they go. In fact, they are far more extensive." Everywhere you have blood you must have either lymphatic vessels or channels running side by side because the blood leaks its contents. Simply put, the lymphatic system works like a vacuum to remove everything that gets in between your cells so the blood-stream can continue bathing, feeding and oxygenating every cell in your body as efficiently as possible. Every ounce of fluid in the bloodstream is estimated to travel from the bloodstream, to the cells, and back again a staggering eighty times per minute! This adds up to a whopping 240,000 ml per minute in health!

What greater emphasis on the role of the bloodstream can you get? It literally acts as the cell environment because ideally there is nothing but a void, a vacuous state, where there is no excess fluid being held in the crevices throughout the tissues. This is only possible due to the way that the lymphatic system vacuums everything out and pulls the cells tight and close together, next to the bloodstream. It is that dynamic exchange with circulatory fluids that needs to be restored before a complete regeneration of tissue is possible. Therefore, when the filtration system is backed up circulation becomes impaired and it is at that time that activation of the lymphatic system becomes so important.

Dr. West always taught the why before the how. In other words, he emphasized the scientific basis behind his techniques before he taught people how to do them. He is famous for his theory of Interstitial Lymphatic Occlusion or Trapped Plasma Proteins as the prime cause of all degenerative disease. He was driven by his desire to teach his patients how to heal themselves and so he developed a powerful self help healing technique that 99.9 % of the people can do for themselves called "The Art of Lymphasizing".

What is lymphasizing and how do we activate our lymphatic system?

Lymphasizing is a way of activating the entire lymphatic system dynamically whereas it normally functions quite subtly. It is based in part on some of the ways the lymphatic system is activated by little things that we do everyday. It incorporates bio-electric methods, because Dr. West understood how the circulation throughout the entire vascular tree was made possible due to electrical properties in the blood plasma etc. So most of his techniques are designed with the benefit of a bio-electrical and anatomical perspective of the forces that make life possible in the first place, or in other words; how the body functions and heals itself.

Deep breathing was discovered to be the central propulsion of the entire lymphatic system as a whole by the late Dr. Jack Shields of Santa Barbara, CA. Therefore, yawning is likely at least partially an autonomic response. It was Dr. Zelikovski from Israel who proved that rebounding activated the ultra vast lymphatic vessels. Every time we stretch, flex, and relax our muscles, we activate the lymphatic vessels/pumps. Therefore, every time we walk, jump, run, or swim to the point of deep breathing we activate our system as a whole and the vessels throughout the body.

Certain "Speed-Healing" techniques Dr. West taught are especially unique due to the way they are able to move lymphatics by energetically freeing up the fluids. A favorite is a light, fast stroke (effleurage) based primarily on generating and utilizing bio-electrical properties throughout the overall tissues for the disassociation of trapped plasma proteins etc.

Conventional lymphatic drainage is practitioner oriented. In other words, it is designed to empower the practitioner. It stems from the instruction given by Dr. Emil Vodder and these began by placing a lot of anatomical force on the lymphatic check valves. This can damage them and does little to disassociate the overall extra-cellular fluids.

An example of how understanding the scientific basis behind the techniques pays off is that we begin to get into discoveries that reveal a science to exercise because the secret is not to believe in the "No pain - no gain" slogan. Exercise is a stimulus that provides instruction for stem cells, programs muscles and bones to strengthen but if it is taken too far (like running too far "out of breath") it can cause unnecessary harm. This means that people are inadvertently negating much of the benefits they would otherwise obtain by not cooling down and warming up properly and that if we will listen and respond to the needs of our bodies sufficiently we can get more out of our daily exercise routine.

With this in mind we can understand why Bioterrain Exercise (B.E.) is a proper approach to exercising (terms coined by Karl J. West). The following is a very short summary of how to apply Bioterrain Exercise by Prof. West:

"The goal of Bioterrain Exercising is to maintain a state of abundant oxygenation and alkalinity while at the same time you gradually push yourself towards ample triggering of a strengthening response for the bones, muscles, ligaments, as well as the entire vascular tree. The first phase is called the Positive Stress Mode of "B.E." and it entails placing your body under a certain degree of strain; only that which is required to help initiate deep breathing. The second phase is called the Lymphatic Fitness Mode and this is when you back off of the strain so to ensure that the lymphatic system is able to compensate for all the particulates that have filtered from the bloodstream into the spaces between the cells and you wait until you "catch your breath". Each time you "catch your breath" you can push yourself once more to the point of deep breathing. Once you have done both the first and second phases, you simply repeat them over and over again; however, in the first phase, instead of waiting until your body demands deep breathing it is a good idea to begin breathing in advance to prevent a build up of too much lactic acid etc. Remember; each time you are in the Lymphatic Fitness Mode wait until you are "in breath" again. By exercising in this manner you reduce the risk of damaging the tissues, or vessels and over time the lymphatic terminals and blood capillaries both become better prepared to deal with the demands of heavy physical exertion. Always remember though; that pain is a sign of oxygen deficiency, lactic acid, acidity and more importantly of tissue damage. If you follow these techniques properly you end up with more energy than you had when you started."

Moving on, we need to understand that the plasma portion of the blood consists mainly of blood proteins, sodium and magnetically attracted water molecules. Albumin, the tiniest and most abundant plasma protein is mainly what holds the sodium and therefore also the water in the bloodstream. Under normal circumstances the plasma portion of the blood filters, and escapes from the blood capillaries into the spaces in between the cells. It is the magnetic attraction to water than enables these particulates to form tiny streams flowing in between the cells towards the lymphatic terminals. Once these particulates are outside of the capillaries they immediately constitute the extra-cellular fluid and cannot be reabsorbed by the returning blood flow called the veins. Therefore, this form of filtration constitutes a literal separation from the bloodstream that would be permanent were it not for the lymphatic system.

In review, the fluids of the vascular tree go from being blood plasma to extra-cellular fluid, where ideally it will become lymphatic fluid, will then be purified, and finally returned back to the bloodstream once again. The cycle must continue as long as we are alive…What makes the lymphatic system so vital is that only the lymphatic system can remove extra-cellular fluid from the spaces around the cells. So ideally the extra-cellular fluid becomes lymphatic fluid where it will be purified and dumped back into the bloodstream where it ultimately belongs. However, things are not always ideal…

As a result of stress (negative emotions), shock, poison, injury, or heavy physical exertion the blood plasma constituents can escape the bloodstream more rapidly than usual. This is often marked by a dry mouth, thirst, and loss of energy. It is at this time that compensating by activating the lymphatic system and even working directly with the lymphatic vessels throughout the body more dynamically becomes extremely important.

To understand how life is made possible at the cellular level there are a few questions that people should begin asking themselves: What are the optimal conditions for cells? What alters these conditions most rapidly or commonly? What can we do to maintain or renew the optimal conditions for the cells? It helps to fully understand the blood-lymph relationship in order to sufficiently answer those questions!

For Dr. C. Samuel West, the cause of degenerative disease had to be something that directly interfered with the basic life process. This explains why he was so impressed by matters of circulation. This also means that for anything to fit into his map of things he would have to understand how it impacted the cellular respiration or i.e. the simultaneous generation of "POWER" as he put it. In his words, "Every cell generates power that enables each organ, each gland, and each part of the body to function properly." It is amazing to realize that each of the most vital qualities produced by the cell is produced simultaneously as part of the first law of life at the cellular level; that of cellular respiration.

Each healthy cell produces a field of electrons that end up coating the external surface of its entire membrane. This field is the likely reason living tissue and likewise healthy cells have the amazing ability to negate decay or free radical pathology. All electrons have the same negative charge and therefore create "mother nature`s rubber baby buggy bumpers" or in scientific terms; zeta-potential. It is this "slipping plane" that is all that prevents the entire circulation throughout the entire vascular tree from seizing up in just a moment.

The primary source of "energy" is the fuel for what Dr. West called the sodium-potassium pump (soon after entitled in Guyton`s Textbook of Medical Physiology) and he referred to "the pumps in every cell" as a kind of hydro-electric generator of "power" for our bodies to function properly. His prerequisite education in bio-chemistry was the drawing board he used to piece together every other of the most significant discoveries he would find from then on. It is for this reason that the form of lymphology he developed has so more to teach than massage. So in 2005, his son Karl began declaring that it is the foundation of Cellular Ecology.

Prof. Karl J. West has long stated that the study of the lymphatic system is focused primarily on matters of circulation and filtration. He realized of course that most people are already aware of the value of eating right, good nutritional supplementation and detoxifying their body. In 2003, he simply began using short titles (as in a course of study) for those principles: 1) Assimilation and 2) Excretion/Elimination. More emphasis may be needed on the fact that circulation is critical because oxygen is critical, and therefore the blood-lymph relationship is critical for the continued renewal of the conditions in which cells live; yet when we add more understanding with regard to the relationship between the life process and cell environment we will naturally want to address that of assimilation and excretion etc.

Therefore in 2005, Prof. West aptly identified the following: 1) Assimilation, 2) Circulation 3) Filtration and 4) Excretion/Elimination as "the Prime Ecological Variables" and coined these terms for a new asset of the missing discipline of Cellular Ecology. These constitute the "bulls-eye" for the most significant goal of true health care modalities. In the case of any disease, each and every one of those variables needs to be acknowledged and any dilemmas pertaining to them need to be resolved. For example, burdens of assimilation or "body burdens" directly affect the bloodstream, every vital organ that maintains homeostasis, and the immune system etc.; requiring excretion/elimination. For another example, impaired filtration equals impaired circulation over time etc. These are just examples of how we can address each variable in a similar fashion.

Once Prof. West announced the identification of the Prime Ecological Variables on the International Academy of Lymphology`s online discussion forum a friend of his called his attention to a similar type of Antoine BéChamp`s own variables that he had presented to his scientific peers nearly two-hundred years prior. They are: 1) Digestion, 2) Assimilation, 2) Dis-assimilation and 4) Excretion. (Circulation and Filtration was missing but it`s amazingly similar). Karl then began to learn just some of the history involving BéChamp vs. Pasteur.

As the story goes, Antoine had discovered all that Louis would later be credited for, because Pasteur was barely more than a plagiarist, according to those who have researched the subject by visiting the French academies - namely Ethyl Hume (for one).

Through BéChamp`s highly impressive career he had proven the cell environment as the ultimate determinant for the most prevailing form of organism. He had discovered that we have either aerobic or anaerobic life forms depending on the breeding ground or "terrain", and that these organisms would become either beneficial or virulent depending on a number of different types of environmental stimuli i.e. in particular the acid/alkaline conditions. In other words, he discovered what common sense should tell us; the fact that there is an ideal breeding ground for aerobes and conversely there is a breeding ground only suitable for anaerobes.

We can be sure there have been many great scientists since his time that have proven in one way or another that surviving in an abundantly oxygenated internal milieu requires metabolic efficiency for every cell therein. We can identify the concepts that become quite obvious as a result of BéChamp`s theories as pertaining to cellular ecology.

Due to the feud between Louis and Antoine it seems likely that Antoine lacked a degree of collaboration with Claude Bernard and others with whom Claude was associated with in their day. There were some European counterparts that had been discovering (exploring) the Lymphatic System at that time. After all, it was Claude who stated:

"The living organism does not really exist in the milieu exterior…but in the liquid milieu interior formed by the circulating organic liquid which surrounds and bathes all the tissue elements; this is the lymph or plasma…which is diffused through the tissues and forms the ensemble of the intercellular liquids and is the basis of all local nutrition and the common factor of all elementary exchanges."

This indicates that there must have been some international collaboration with regard to the lymphatic research of their day. Though surely even Claude Bernard lacked the kind of insight that was gained in the thirties and sixties and the benefit of the blood protein research we have today. Thanks to Ethyl Hume it is getting to be a very popular quote of Pasteur that on his death-bed Louis finally admitted, "Claude Bernard was right; the terrain is everything!" Louis was indirectly admitting that Antoine was right, but such an admission must have been difficult due to the fact that they had been bitter enemies for many years.

A doctor of cellular ecology will always first seek to understand the most critical extra-cellular dilemmas, and then consider what is needed to maintain and renew the optimum conditions of which the organisms are subject.

Why not declare that the father of Cellular Ecology is Antoine BéChamp? Records prove he was a far more accomplished scientist than Pasteur and the real genius of his time. Louis Pasteur ("the father of modern medicine") succeeded in promoting mainly the cytolitic approach for "curing" disease and much of what has resulted/transpired since is arrogance against nature (or God). He was not nearly the scientist (or man of faith) that BéChamp was but unfortunately he successfully passed himself off as the first to disprove "spontaneous generation". According to Ethyl Hume, author of BéChamp vs. Pasteur, there is ample evidence to show that Pasteur only stole this credit that belonged to Antoine BéChamp.

At an awards ceremony intended to honor Pasteur, BéChamp showed up with the intention of exposing Louis as a fraud. Once Louis noticed him in the audience he succeeded in humiliating Antoine after referring to all those who still believed in the theory of spontaneous generation as fools, because he then accused BéChamp of being one of those that still believed in that embarrassing theory. Antoine was outraged and came to his feet in the middle of the audience and issued a challenge similar to the following: "Sir, I challenge you to prove that you had prior claim of disproving spontaneous generation!" As the story goes, all that Pasteur had to do was turn his back and walk off the stage. The news papers referred to Antoine as an old fool who dared challenge the genius of Pasteur.

The truth is Pasteur may not even have understood BéChamp`s true beliefs related to the way organisms that are normally quite beneficial have a tendency to adapt by changing into virulent forms when the "bio-terrain" becomes degenerative. This is called the Theory of Pleomorphism and in our day Dr. Robert Young (and perhaps others) have videotaped the phenomena using his microscopes and film equipment, "I have seen this change under the microscope take place with red blood cells transforming into bacteria, then yeast and finally mold, in a compromised acidic environment."

At the time when Pasteur succeeded in "pulling the rug out from under" BéChamp many were attempting to profit by the sale of various biologicals and serums. There is little doubt that nearly all of those products were completely worthless. Yet when modality is the God of industry science just gets in the way. Pasteur helped to ensure that anything having to do with cellular ecology would be trampled upon by the pharmaceutical industry to a great extent over the next 200 years.

The erroneous assumption that the immune system or that genetic determinism is entirely to blame stems from a terrific hole in the germ theory model that was created when those that stood to benefit managed to bury the remainder of BéChamp`s illustrious work. It is admittedly the mindset of Pasteurian Allopathic Medicine that is responsible for the status quo or ruling consensus of our day, so we might even begin referring to this period as the Pasteurian Medical Dark Ages.

What other mindset or paradigm would be superior?

How about a mindset that results from understanding the following: The simple fact that every living organism is subject to its environment; that if the environment becomes degenerative, the cells may also degenerate; that if the environment is continually renewed, for any number of living cells those cells may benefit from such renewal. It is logical to conclude that any degradation of the conditions necessary for healthy cellular function produces a breeding ground for organisms that are designed to break down dead flesh. How about a paradigm that is devoid of arrogance and competition against nature (or God)? How about beginning with the most significant; common denominators, and working our way out from there?

These facts may prompt us to wonder; how many hours, days, weeks, months, or years out of the lives for each great scientist throughout history, equally deserving of a Nobel Prize, was spent researching at least some aspect of cellular ecology? Is it so easy for mere servants of our monopolistic, oppressive medical system to ignore matters of such importance in the interest of protecting their phony careers?

Since practically every college on earth would go broke if they could not promise profitable careers in exchange for all the usual tuition fees, we could continue to end up with a lot of people burying their heads in the sand if not for our ability to reason with them. The divinity within each of us compels us to share the truth regardless of the consequences mainly once we come to understand and trust the truth.

Are only the most profitable modalities suitable to fuel "a fascist industrial complex"?

It is getting to be a well recognized fact that the greatest innovations come from outside the system. The problem is that so many people lack the courage or the means to stand outside the consensus and challenge the status quo and this is not good for science. It is apparent that it is a rare person in America who can even question "authority" due to what could be called "misplaced parental syndrome", because the government is viewed as a guardian by so many. In this regard many would warn us to leave their security blankets alone. Therefore, the science of Cellular Ecology will likely remain a missing discipline without a hearty grass roots movement placing emphasis on educating the general public in regards to these and many more related matters.

The inability for today`s medical practitioners to think primarily in terms of pro-biotics, pro-nature, or pro-cell-life mainly stems from the simple fact that there is more money to be made in "death care" than in health care; a conclusion we are finding more and more evidence to support these days. Therefore many have felt the need to identify the psycho-social-economic equation that puts us all at risk: we are talking about the simple fact that most investors` typically only care about whether they made a profit or not when they wake up in the morning. When love is in the equation (brothers and sisters) we shouldn`t fear; however, it has become far too apparent that love is not in that equation. Therefore any realization that the acidic, anoxic, anaerobic milieu is a breeding ground resulting in repeated infection seems to continually escape those that dictate changes in medical protocol. How blockages (of circulation or conductivity) occur, how toxins accumulate, and what can be done to eliminate them throughout the body is not given adequate consideration.

How do you enable the body to heal itself? Here is a rhyme to sum it all up, "All you got to do is renew the milieu!" It means, "Renew the conditions for the cells". That is how you enable the basic life process. It`s finding the intended original operation of the body to be the solution to degenerative disease. What a novel approach (sarcasm intended)!

The response of organisms with regard to various stimuli they receive is viewed uniquely as a doctor of cellular ecology. The paradigm that would have resulted from BéChamp would have required a consideration to the bioterrain as the ultimate determinant and would have resulted in a far more accurate characterization of disease. He would have lead the world into prevention, reversal and elimination of disease rather than pinning our collective hopes on fictional magic bullet cures that can never manifest in any period of time, as we have and continue to be promised by those that are profiting from medical research for reasons that are only obvious to a cellular ecologist. Is there any intelligence in acting upon the body regardless of the true circumstances surrounding its demise?

As for the reasons that people donate to those that are supposed to be seeking the answers without ever asking how that money will be used, without asking for any accountability, that is another matter regarding sociological phenomenon of epic proportions.

Can we "cure" a naturally occurring condition? One could soundly proclaim there is no cure for natural death. However, it also stands to reason that to the extent a disease is degenerative that there is much we can do in relieving pain by resolving the ecological dilemma`s (for example by eliminating blockages and inflammation) thereby effectually reversing the death process to a degree so that regeneration occurs faster than degeneration for a period of time. Can`t we prevent, reverse and eliminate at least that much?

If we get into studying colloidal biology or the electro-magnetic terrain that enables particulates to slip freely through thousands of miles of capillaries every minute and for plasma particulates to slip freely though an even greater distance of lymphatic channels and interstitial spaces etc we find the most significant area of study with regard to "curing" disease there could ever be. You want "Star Trek" like healing? That is what is in store for us when we break free of the bonds of conventional thought and dare to step outside of the consensus on issues that really matter.

Remember that there is a tremendous tendency for conventional thought to be ruled by industry instead of science, especially when a corporate-government mass-media mind-manipulation agenda is parading about. The incredibly vast droves of "sheeples" are too easily fooled into thinking that "authority figures" must not be questioned for us to waste too much time discussing the matter with them. After all, who doesn`t enjoy a good pair of "rose-colored glasses"? Yet if you are like many of the other readers of these highly informative newsletters, and you have become equally afflicted with an insatiable appetite for truth that lays "outside the box", you have no doubt been labeled "a radical" and we are on the same team. The good news is that we can be far more grounded in our "radical" thinking and proven to be even more rational than the average "sheeple". A solid foundation and a wise perspective is our rod of iron. Take heart, for the truth will eventually surface and the light thereof will shine forth in all its glory.

It is important for everyone to understand that the science of Lymphology taught by Dr. C. Samuel West has been used as a catalyst for the rebounding industry, and various other products that are good for promoting lymphatic function since the seventies. It did not come from formal colleges or universities but from a growing number of dedicated individuals since he began his lecturing in 256 cities per year for seven-teen years, during the mid seventies.

As a bio-chemist, Dr. West was very focused on the life process and its relationship to the cell environment. So this places him into the same category as others like Antoine BéChamp, Otto Warburg, Gaston Naessens, Gunther Enderlein, Alexis Carrel, and a great many great others (see Cellular Ecology Hall of Fame founded by K. West). Until going on four years ago the title of Lymphology was the best anyone had proposed for this science. Now that Prof. Karl J. West has more aptly identified the science that his father taught we realize that Lymphology is the foundation of Cellular Ecology.

Still there is more that needs characterization and inclusion before we can do justice to the science of how the body heals itself. Much of what happens to provide instructions or to "program" bone, muscle (or tissue) to strengthen, and much of what beckons stem cells, or initiates the scavenging action of the immune system has to do with various stimuli that calls for certain programming within the cells. It is the Cellular Programming. If we integrate the variables pertaining to that subject we find ourselves placed alongside the likes of Dr. Robert Becker author of The Body Electric and Dr Richard Gerber author of Vibrational Medicine and another great many great others.

In lymphology we find a door to the future; a future that "a great many great others" have only imagined and we have yet to see materialized. Lymphology is mainly the beginning, the rock solid timeless foundation of an even more sophisticated approach; that of cellular ecology. It provides a scientific basis for most every healing art in the world (including those that seek to utilize the power of the mind). Lymphology is to a cellular ecologist what basic math was to Einstein. It is long over due, but institutional nonetheless. It has been since the creation; even since we were tied to our mother`s blood and lymphatic systems through our umbilical cord while in the womb, and yet it is still waiting with infinite patience to emerge from obscurity.

Cellular ecology remains largely in the future. It is an elegant, elaborate, and highly sophisticated science that results in even more self empowerment continuing over an entire lifetime of learning and progression. There is no end to our process of learning in sight, but we can say with absolute certainty that the primary goal of modern medicine should be to "renew the internal milieu" when it comes to any degenerative disease. Do the researchers who are spending billions of our dollars every year even know this? Everyone who is truly advancing the field of health care will be involved in some way or another with either of the variables pertaining to that process.

Is it possible that we may clearly delineate more appropriate protocol for inpatient hospital care in general, once we identify enough of the processes and principles involved in how the body functions and heals itself? Can we revolutionize the industry of hospital care to the point that we free ourselves of medical experimentation and more? Will the drug industry ever be properly restrained? We may start with the following terms: 1) Cellular Ecology & 2) Cellular Programming/Instruction. Together they constitute a new science called Bioterrainology (also coined by Prof. Karl J. West).

Only time will tell whether the gradual education and awakening of the general public, and continuing discoveries of vital importance in the field of natural healing will provide enough motive for the ruling majority to finally revolutionize the field of health care and public health education. For now, we may continue following in the footsteps of "a great many great others" in honor of nature (or God). Some of us will continue to stand upon the shoulders of genius` past and present in pursuit of beneficial health care revolution with what may prove to be the most essential approach to health care ever defined: the newly emerging science of Bioterrainology...

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About the author

Prof. Karl West is the current President of the International Academy of Lymphology; originally founded by Dr. C. Samuel West.
You may visit htp://www.ial.org to subscribe to 7 Free Introductory Lessons.
"The divinity within compels each of us to spread the truth and the light we have come to know and trust. Let us be EMPOWERED and united in our hearts and minds for the equal manifestation of all our virtuous dreams: 'A Healer in Every Home'."

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