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health care feature articles

Florida chiropractic physicians association sells out to Big Pharma
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: chiropractic, health, heal, Florida, chiropractic physicians

Obamacare, the Great Swindle
Published July 2 2012
Concepts: Obama, Obamacare, tax, health, swindle

Health and corruption: the deadly duo (opinion)
Published June 23 2012
Concepts: health, food, medicine, health care, Monsanto

Five health steps the system does NOT want you to take
Published June 20 2012
Concepts: health, steps, how to, avoid, health care

More details emerge in Obama's secret dealings with Big Pharma during health care overhaul
Published May 23 2012
Concepts: Big Pharma, health care, health, white house, Obama

Appeals court reverses overhaul of veterans healthcare
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: veterans, appeals court, health, mental, mental health

Pfizer and Merck under investigation for colluding with Obama Administration on health care overhaul
Published May 9 2012
Concepts: Obama, Obamacare, Merck, Pfizer, health

Obesity is bankrupting America, disease costs soar
Published May 6 2012
Concepts: obesity, costs, cost, health, obese

Swiss government report declares homeopathy is 'cost effective' in treating patients
Published April 29 2012
Concepts: homeopathic, Swiss, medicine, cost, report

Medical breakthrough? Inviting patients to be involved in their own care
Published April 28 2012
Concepts: medical, NaturalNews, patients, article, medicine

Ten years of Obamacare would cost 1.76 trillon dollars - far more than originally claimed
Published March 22 2012
Concepts: cost, Obamacare, dollars, costs, Obama

Doctors at several Canadian hospitals routinely accepted bribes from patients to expedite surgeries in publicly funded health care
Published March 19 2012
Concepts: health, doctors, hospitals, patients, bribes

Texas doctor accused of largest Medicare, Medicaid fraud scheme in US history
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: fraud, medicare, Medicaid, health, doctor

Arrogant doctors refusing to provide health care services to parents who refuse vaccines
Published February 18 2012
Concepts: doctors, vaccine, WHO, health, vaccines

Physicians going broke because the health care system doesn't work
Published January 11 2012
Concepts: health, physicians, health care, health care system, drug

Protect health freedom at the state level - help pass the Wisconsin Consumer Choice and Wellness Act
Published January 5 2012
Concepts: health, Wisconsin, consumer choice, wellness, freedom

Thanking your doctor
Published December 1 2011
Concepts: health, holistic, health care, testimonials, medical

The epidemic of medical child abuse - and what can be done about it
Published August 26 2011
Concepts: child, drug, children, 5, drugs

Treating cancer integratively
Published August 25 2011
Concepts: treatment, cancer, health, treatments, health care

Obamacare ruled unconstitutional by federal appeals court
Published August 12 2011
Concepts: unconstitutional, federal, government, heal, health

Feds to start directly targeting drug company execs in health care fraud schemes
Published June 10 2011
Concepts: drug, health care fraud, health, health care, companies

Health Care Reform: Revolution or Evolution - The change we need (Part 1 of 3)
Published May 29 2011
Concepts: health, health care, reform, America, Congress

Health care reform: Revolution or evolution - What did we get from the affordable care act? (Part 2 of 3)
Published May 29 2011
Concepts: health, health care, affordable, revolution, medicine

Health care reform: Revolution or evolution - What we can do to control our destiny (Part 3 of 3)
Published May 29 2011
Concepts: health, health care, evolution, revolution, America

Why are emergency rooms disappearing across America?
Published May 22 2011
Concepts: emergency, emergency rooms, health care, health, natural

Obamacare failure now evident as health care costs rise nationwide
Published May 18 2011
Concepts: health, costs, health care costs, cost, Obamacare

My interview with Patch Adams. What's your gesundheit?
Published May 7 2011
Concepts: health, free, interview, hospital, world

Healthier lifestyles are a solution to rising health care costs
Published April 28 2011
Concepts: health, health care, cost, natural, solution

Real health care begins with you
Published April 12 2011
Concepts: fitness, men, health care, food, people

Beyond psychotherapy: Amazing applications of mind-body medicine
Published March 23 2011
Concepts: body, health, psychotherapy, mind-body, mind

The plot to keep you sick (Opinion)
Published March 8 2011
Concepts: food, men, diet, disease, people

Obama declares state governors will enforce health care bill whether they like it or not
Published March 4 2011
Concepts: Obama, health care, states, health, Constitution

Is It Time to Make Health Freedom a Constitutional Right?
Published February 28 2011
Concepts: medicine, treatment, freedom, health freedom, therapy

Why Wisconsin's economic protests will only spread as health care costs bankrupt the states
Published February 21 2011
Concepts: health, health care, states, health care costs, medical

Feds blame US health care system, not poor diet and lack of exercise, for widespread heart disease
Published February 7 2011
Concepts: health, health care, heart, health care system, diet

With Obamacare ruled unconstitutional; states embrace limits on federal power
Published February 2 2011
Concepts: federal, government, states, Obama, Obamacare

Obama administration issues hundreds of health care exemption waivers to friends
Published February 2 2011
Concepts: waivers, Obama, health, health care, Obama administration

Tenth Amendment Center helps states challenge unconstitutional health care bill
Published January 27 2011
Concepts: states, health care, health, tenth amendment, unconstitutional

U.S. House repeals Obama health care reform
Published January 20 2011
Concepts: health, health care, Congress, people, corporations

Wyoming bill would make it illegal to enforce Obamacare
Published January 13 2011
Concepts: Wyoming, illegal, states, health, health care

New York owes $200 billion in retiree health care costs - but there's no money
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: health, health care costs, health care, New York, retiree health care

If given a fair choice, most consumers would choose alternative medicine over conventional health care
Published January 5 2011
Concepts: health, consumers, car, medicine, free

Health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord speaks out about Obama health care, the US Constitution, and the Supreme Court
Published December 15 2010
Concepts: health, health freedom, health care, Constitution, Jonathan Emord

In pushing Obama health care, Nancy Pelosi dismisses authority of US Constitution
Published December 14 2010
Concepts: Constitution, health, Obama, authority, news

Obama's health care scheme ruled unconstitutional
Published December 13 2010
Concepts: health, Constitution, health care, AMA, government

US life expectancy continues to plummet, but not because of inadequate health care
Published December 12 2010
Concepts: health, health care, life, food, life expectancy

Sick care systems unaffordable to governments of the world
Published December 9 2010
Concepts: unaffordable, health, health care, governments, sick care

Health care bankrupting California as Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency
Published December 6 2010
Concepts: health, California, Schwarzenegger, health care, disease

Bipartisan healthcare exemption legislation first of many to challenge Obamacare
Published November 21 2010
Concepts: health, legislation, health care, challenge, healthcare

Your Medicare Contributions are being Pilfered by Sick Care
Published November 11 2010
Concepts: medicare, health, fraud, health care, seniors

David Wolfe speaks out about diabetes, foods and health care in exclusive video interview
Published November 8 2010
Concepts: video, David Wolfe, foods, health, diabetes

Federal Health Care Nullification Act overturns nationalized health care
Published November 5 2010
Concepts: health, federal, nullification, health care, states

Dr Joel Fuhrman dares to speak out about medicine, health care bankruptcy and nutritional cures in this exclusive video
Published November 4 2010
Concepts: health, video, medicine, heal, interview

With Pelosi out, incoming House Speaker John Boehner promises to repeal Obamacare
Published November 3 2010
Concepts: health, repeal, John Boehner, Obamacare, health care

How the 2010 election results will affect health care and health freedom
Published November 3 2010
Concepts: health, freedom, government, health care, health freedom

Health industry pandering to Republicans to reverse portions of health care bill
Published November 3 2010
Concepts: health, industry, Republicans, health care, reverse

Drug industry in bed with Harry Reid (and paying for his campaign ads)
Published October 24 2010
Concepts: industry, drug industry, drug, campaign, Harry Reid

Vote NO for Congress - why Congress has failed the People on health care, debt and freedom
Published October 18 2010
Concepts: people, Congress, America, health, Washington

Three-fourths of Americans obese or overweight by 2020, says alarming report
Published October 10 2010
Concepts: America, health, food, americans, people

Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population
Published October 1 2010
Concepts: vaccines, vaccine, world, people, population

Obama health care reform imposes 3.8% tax on all income from home sales and home rental income (update 2)
Published September 25 2010
Concepts: health, tax, home, health care, sales

Blagojevich, political corruption and health care reform
Published August 19 2010
Concepts: corruption, health, Congress, political corruption, WHO

Sen. Harry Reid key player in Big Pharma's control over Washington
Published August 12 2010
Concepts: Big Pharma, men, Washington, Harry Reid, money

Chart reveals insanity of new health care bill
Published August 9 2010
Concepts: chart, health, health care, federal, mandates

Qliance company ditches health insurance and offers direct, affordable care to patients
Published July 29 2010
Concepts: health, insurance, affordable, health insurance, patients

US scores dead last in global health survey
Published July 6 2010
Concepts: health, global health, report, health care, USA

WHO to tax your internet usage to fund vaccines in third-world countries
Published June 24 2010
Concepts: WHO, tax, vaccines, world, health

Cutting salt in manufactured foods could save the U.S. $32 billion a year in health care costs
Published June 23 2010
Concepts: salt, foods, health, food, health care

Less Health Care Results in Better Health
Published June 14 2010
Concepts: health, medical, health care, risk, results

Small businesses threatened with 1099 tax form tyranny provision in health care bill
Published May 24 2010
Concepts: business, 1099, tax, small business, form

Resignation of top Pharma lobbyist reveals deep corruption of health care reform process
Published May 12 2010
Concepts: reform, health, health care, resignation, health care reform

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills
Published April 27 2010
Concepts: government, medication, health, health care, medical

The 10 biggest health care lies in America
Published April 21 2010
Concepts: health, disease, medicine, health care, lies

If mainstream medicine really works, why are Americans so unhealthy?
Published April 12 2010
Concepts: medicine, mainstream medicine, health, americans, America

Soda Tax: Consider the Health Benefit and Paying for Healthcare
Published April 9 2010
Concepts: health, tax, soda, 5, health care

The real health reform solution: A Health Freedom Zone in America
Published March 29 2010
Concepts: America, health freedom, natural, states, disease

Health care dictatorship: A crime against America
Published March 23 2010
Concepts: health, health care, medicine, America, disease

Health care reform bill dooms America to Pharma-dominated sickness and suffering
Published March 22 2010
Concepts: health, America, health care, people, reform

Dr. Julian Whitaker speaks out about health freedom and natural health in NaturalNews interview
Published March 13 2010
Concepts: health, health freedom, natural, NaturalNews, America

Health reform bill steals from the young to cover sick care costs of the elderly
Published February 25 2010
Concepts: health, costs, reform, people, health reform

Review of Health Ranger's predictions from 2008
Published January 18 2010
Concepts: health, predictions, food, review, reform

America Must Reform Its Food Industry or Go Broke With Health Care Costs: Michael Pollan
Published January 15 2010
Concepts: health, health care, reform, food, industry

As an American, I refuse to buy mandatory health insurance that supports corrupt conventional medicine
Published January 4 2010
Concepts: health, insurance, America, government, health care

Obesity Will Cost U.S. $344 Billion a Year in Health Care Costs
Published January 4 2010
Concepts: obesity, health, cost, health care, health care costs

2009 in review: A year of FDA censorship, Big Pharma crimes and celebrity drug deaths
Published January 1 2010
Concepts: natural, news, NaturalNews, vaccine, health

Big Pharma's advertising adds to health care costs and endangers public health
Published December 11 2009
Concepts: advertising, costs, health, drug, health care

Nutrition Can Save America! Special report issued by
Published November 24 2009
Concepts: America, health, nutrition, report, special

Why U.S. Companies Are Broke: Health Care Costs Rising Another 9 Percent in 2010
Published November 24 2009
Concepts: health, costs, health care, health care costs, rising

Sick-care industry responsible for 8 percent of US carbon emissions
Published November 13 2009
Concepts: carbon, industry, environment, health, health care

Direct Democracy - Why the American People must disband Congress
Published November 9 2009
Concepts: people, Congress, democracy, direct democracy, laws

Twelve better uses for the 1,990-page health care reform bill (satire)
Published November 8 2009
Concepts: health, health care, reform, health care reform, paper

Massive US health care reform bill contributing to deforestation: 1,990 pages and 19.6 pounds of paper
Published November 8 2009
Concepts: health, health care, reform, health care reform, paper

Why Health Care Costs are So High (Opinion)
Published November 7 2009
Concepts: health, health care, costs, health care costs, food

New York abandons swine flu vaccine mandate for health care workers, blames vaccine shortage
Published October 23 2009
Concepts: vaccine, New York, health, mandate, flu

Swine Flu Vaccine Mandate for NY Health Care Workers Halted by Judge's Restraining Order
Published October 16 2009
Concepts: vaccine, flu, health, flu vaccine, workers

Will real health reform ever happen in America?
Published October 5 2009
Concepts: health, food, reform, health care, America

Read this, Senators: Taiwan's universal health care system provides full coverage for $21 a month - why can't we?
Published September 30 2009
Concepts: health, health care, Taiwan, America, health care system

Why NaturalNews opposes Obama's health care "reform" plan: a statement of principles
Published September 29 2009
Concepts: health, health care, reform, people, America

Americans threatened with jail time, huge fines for refusing to buy health insurance (update 1)
Published September 28 2009
Concepts: health, insurance, health insurance, people, America

Huge California study concludes soda consumption undeniably linked to obesity
Published September 23 2009
Concepts: soda, consumption, health, soda consumption, study

Pfizer pleads guilty to felony crime in fraudulent marketing of Bextra, pays billions in fines
Published September 2 2009
Concepts: Pfizer, fraud, Bextra, health, crime

Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory "decontaminations"
Published August 28 2009
Concepts: health, public health, WHO, quarantine, vaccine

Health Care Reform: How It Should Look
Published August 28 2009
Concepts: health, health care, reform, health care reform, people

Setting the people up to die: A conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies
Published August 26 2009
Concepts: flu, Vitamin D, men, natural, influenza

Ten Things That Are Missing from Obama's Health Care Reform Debate
Published August 20 2009
Concepts: health, drug, health care, food, harm

Miserable Health Care System in U.S. Traps People in Lousy Jobs
Published August 18 2009
Concepts: health, insurance, people, health care system, health care

Vitamin D Deficiency Reveals an Instant Health Care Reform Solution
Published August 4 2009
Concepts: Vitamin D, health, deficiency, health care, reform

Should We Tax Sodas and Junk Food to Pay for Health Care?
Published August 3 2009
Concepts: tax, health, soda, sodas, food

What's Really in Obama's Health Care Reform Bill - A Plain English Translation
Published July 30 2009
Concepts: health, government, health care, reform, health care reform

Boku Super Food Giveaway Aims to Put Potent Nutrition in the Hands of Every NaturalNews Reader
Published July 28 2009
Concepts: Boku, food, organic, health, superfood

Why Obama's Health Care Reform Bill Will Destroy U.S. Jobs and Devastate the Economy
Published July 17 2009
Concepts: health, health care, America, people, jobs

U.S. Senate Health Committee Passes Health Care Reform Bill that will Bankrupt America
Published July 15 2009
Concepts: health, health care, America, reform, health care reform

"Sick Care" America Resorts to Borrowing Money to Pay for Disease
Published June 23 2009
Concepts: health, money, America, disease, borrowing money

U.S. Health Care Plan to Cost $1.5 Trillion - But Who's Counting?
Published June 11 2009
Concepts: health care, cost, 5, reform, President

Cell Phones Spreading Superbugs in Hospitals
Published May 14 2009
Concepts: MRSA, infection, hospital, cell phones, superbugs

Taiwan Surpasses U.S. on Key Achievements: Health Care, High Speed Rail and Fiscal Responsibility
Published April 26 2009
Concepts: Taiwan, America, health, world, health care

Historic U.S. Government Summit on Integrative Medicine Convenes
Published April 24 2009
Concepts: health, medicine, summit, integrative medicine, homeopathic

Health Freedom Groups Join in Launch of Grassroots Health Revolution Petition
Published February 24 2009
Concepts: health, revolution, freedom, health care, petition

Sweeping New Health Insurance System Proposed for U.S. Residents
Published February 21 2009
Concepts: health, insurance, health insurance, AMA, Amazon

Ten Sobering Predictions About the Aftermath of the Economic Stimulus Bill
Published February 13 2009
Concepts: debt, money, economic stimulus, WHO, people

Economic Stimulus Bill Mandates $954 Million for Vaccinations, $545 Million for "Genomics Programs"
Published February 12 2009
Concepts: health, economic stimulus bill, economic stimulus, vaccinations, program

Obama Tries to Sneak Major Health Care Reform Into Economic Stimulus Bill
Published February 12 2009
Concepts: natural, NaturalNews, health, reform, economic stimulus

Minnesota Lobbyists and Senators Face Off over Health Bill
Published February 12 2009
Concepts: health, health care, Minnesota, insurance, lobbyists

Halt the Economic Stimulus Bill! Sweeping Health Care Power Grab Taking Place with No Debate
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: health, health care, economic stimulus, power, power grab

Big Brother Health Care Provisions Slipped Into Economic Stimulus Bill
Published February 10 2009
Concepts: health, health care, government, America, doctor

VA Strains to Meet the Needs of our Veterans
Published February 5 2009
Concepts: veterans, claims, health, increase, WHO

Ending the Atrocities of the FDA; Life Extension Urges Immediate Petition Action for Health Freedom
Published February 4 2009
Concepts: FDA, drug, 5, the FDA, drugs

Modern Medicine, Part I: How Healing Illness Became Managing Illness
Published January 27 2009
Concepts: medical, medicine, men, FDA, drug

Average Retired Couple Will Pay $376,000 Out-of-Pocket for Health Care Costs, Warns Report
Published January 20 2009
Concepts: risk, health, health care, costs, health care costs

Retired Couples Urged to Set Aside $225,000 to Cover Health Care Costs
Published January 14 2009
Concepts: health, health care, 5, costs, retirement

Dr. Deitch Part II: Take Responsibility for Your Health and the Health Care Account
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: health, people, dollars, insurance, responsibility

Dr. Jason Deitch Part I: Problem Issues that Need Healing in the Health Care System
Published December 24 2008
Concepts: health, people, wellness, health care, health care system

Two Good Reasons to Reconsider Scans, such as CT and MRI
Published December 5 2008
Concepts: health, tests, natural, medical, study

Your Body's Amazing Filtration System
Published November 21 2008
Concepts: lymph, blood, man, heal, body

US Accounts for Forty-Five Percent of Worldwide Pharmaceutical Spending
Published November 20 2008
Concepts: health, prices, drug, health care, harm

Can Obama's Win Lead to Meaningful Health Care Reform? 13 Urgent Suggestions for a Healthy USA
Published November 5 2008
Concepts: health, men, Obama, health care, drug

Nurses Exposed to Toxic Cleaning Chemicals in Hospitals; Cancer Risk Elevated
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: nurses, nurse, exposed, chemicals, toxic

Life Expectancy Drops For Many Americans as Health Care Failures Mount
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: life, health, life expectancy, health care, americans

The Five Best Ways to Succeed With a Physical Rehabilitation Program
Published September 8 2008
Concepts: heal, health, program, physical, healing

To Save on Health Care Costs, Counties Refuse to Hire Smokers
Published September 5 2008
Concepts: health, health care, costs, health care costs, cost

The 5 Best Ways to Succeed With a Physical Rehabilitation Program
Published August 31 2008
Concepts: heal, health, program, physical, healing

Runaway Health Care Spending to Further Deepen U.S. National Debt
Published August 24 2008
Concepts: health, health care, health care spending, states, 5

Should the FDA Regulate Tobacco? Health Freedom Advocate Says Criminalizing Cigarettes is a Mistake
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: cigarettes, tobacco, people, FDA, health

The Politics of National Health Care Reform: Why no Popular Presidential Candidate can Solve Our Health Care Crisis (transcript)
Published July 3 2008
Concepts: health, disease, people, men, drug

Illegal Immigrants Create Far Lower Health Care Cost Burden than Previously Assumed
Published May 23 2008
Concepts: health, illegal, health care, cost, illegal immigrants

McCain's Proposed Health Care Plan - Millions Will Lose Insurance Coverage
Published May 23 2008
Concepts: health, health care, insurance, companies, americans

Minorities Are Not Satisfied With Their Health Care
Published April 10 2008
Concepts: health, America, patients, health care, Africa

Hillary Clinton's Universal Health Care Plan: Buy Health Insurance or Else!
Published February 7 2008
Concepts: health, health care, health insurance, people, WHO

Chiropractic is Health Care, Not Disease Care
Published January 24 2008
Concepts: heal, chiropractic, disease, body, health care

The Coming Financial Collapse of America (and Why Today's Market Bloodbath is Only a Small Taste of Things to Come...)
Published January 22 2008
Concepts: money, 5, America, debt, financial

Will Doctors Shut Down In-Store Clinics or Let the Market Decide?
Published October 1 2007
Concepts: health, doctors, health care, solution, WHO

California Group of Small Business Owners Proposes New Tax for Health Care
Published September 7 2007
Concepts: health, California, health care, business, tax

The hoax of modern medicine: Seven facts you need to know
Published September 4 2007
Concepts: drug, health, car, health care, disease

This July 4th, declare your independence from America's failed health care system
Published July 7 2007
Concepts: health, heal, medicine, health care, disease

Nurses launch national "Scrubs for SiCKO" campaign to endorse universal health care following Michael Moore's film
Published July 2 2007
Concepts: health, health care, nurses, nurse, campaign

Why Michael Moore's SiCKO is a health care documentary every American must see
Published June 19 2007
Concepts: health, America, health care, health care system, Sicko

U.S. health care reform? Status quo profits handsomely the way things are
Published March 18 2007
Concepts: health, health care, profits, doctors, patients

Health care spending in United States to double over 10 years as "sick care" industry bankrupts America
Published March 8 2007
Concepts: health care, health, states, United States, industry

The quackery of modern medicine (opinion)
Published March 3 2007
Concepts: medicine, health, drug, quackery, sick care

The health care reform legislation that Congress should pass, but won't
Published February 15 2007
Concepts: health, drug, food, health care, disease

Patients rarely discuss alternative medicine with doctors, study finds
Published February 12 2007
Concepts: medicine, doctors, doctor, alternative medicine, patients

Companies turn to in-house health clinics to control skyrocketing health care costs
Published January 20 2007
Concepts: health, health care, companies, health clinics, health care costs

America's health care system suffers from an "Epidemic of Diagnoses," say cancer docs
Published January 15 2007
Concepts: health, health care, cancer, disease, health care system

Oregon Senator proposes universal health care for all Americans
Published December 22 2006
Concepts: health, health care, universal health care, Oregon, America

Integrative Medicine Comes of Age: An Interview with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier
Published December 11 2006
Concepts: health, medicine, integrative medicine, interview, world

Medical tourism flourishing in Philippines while U.S. health care costs skyrocket
Published October 31 2006
Concepts: medical, health care costs, Philippines, health, tourism

Health care costs are bankrupting employers, employees, surveys find
Published October 27 2006
Concepts: health, health care costs, health care, cost, employers

Two new studies show blacks continue to receive inferior health care compared to whites
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: health, health care, blacks, studies, study

Two-fifths of US adults report experiencing unsafe, wasteful or poorly coordinated health care (press release)
Published October 11 2006
Concepts: health, health care, adults, report, medical

Nine million children left uninsured by America's health care system
Published September 29 2006
Concepts: health, children, health care, uninsured patients, universal health care

Health care costs skyrocket in United States, threatening to bankrupt national economy
Published September 27 2006
Concepts: health, health care, costs, states, United States

VeinViewer gives health care workers "X-Ray vision" into skin of patients
Published September 26 2006
Concepts: workers, health, health care workers, health care, skin

Medical identity theft on the rise as health care desperation leads to crime
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: medical, identity theft, medical identity theft, health, ID theft

Medication Errors Injure 1.5 Million People and Cost Billions of Dollars Annually (press release)
Published September 25 2006
Concepts: medication, drug, errors, health, report

U.S. healthcare system "dangerous" compared with two dozen industrialized nations
Published September 21 2006
Concepts: health, healthcare, healthcare system, report, health care

Medicare payments to doctors to be slashed; AMA panics as more doctors drop Medicare patients
Published September 8 2006
Concepts: medicare, doctors, AMA, health care, health

46.6 million Americans now have no health insurance: Uninsured gap widens
Published August 30 2006
Concepts: health, americans, insurance, health care, health insurance

Top Hospital Suppliers Announce Safer Non-PVC Medical Devices at CleanMed (press release)
Published August 2 2006
Concepts: medical, health, medical devices, hospital, health care

Hospital Purchasing Group Signs Deal with Major Organic Food Distributor (press release)
Published July 20 2006
Concepts: food, health, organic, organic food, hospitals

San Francisco approves universal health care coverage
Published July 19 2006
Concepts: health, San Francisco, health care, universal health care, program

New Study Shows Need for a Major Overhaul of How United States Manages Chronic Illness (press release)
Published July 6 2006
Concepts: hospital, illness, chronic illness, patients, health

Minnesota takes steps to recognize complementary, alternative medicine; huge health care cost savings expected
Published July 6 2006
Concepts: Minnesota, medicine, health care, health, alternative

New Medicaid rule may deny health care to millions of poor Americans
Published June 30 2006
Concepts: Medicaid, health, health care, public health, citizens

Health care economics: Diseases are too profitable to prevent or cure
Published June 27 2006
Concepts: health, disease, doctor, people, drug

San Francisco's experiment with universal health care unpopular with businesses
Published June 22 2006
Concepts: San Francisco, business, universal health care, news, insurance

Pretend medicine: Let's play doctor!
Published April 21 2006
Concepts: drug, heal, health, disease, medicine

The collapse of health and the downfall of the U.S. economy (preview)
Published March 20 2006
Concepts: health, drug, economy, heal, disease

The story of $100 billion: A mysterious number that may explain what's wrong with America
Published February 27 2006
Concepts: car, cost, 5, health, America

Where's the health in health care reform?
Published October 14 2005
Concepts: health, heal, people, WHO, health care

Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically unjustified and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits
Published October 7 2005
Concepts: surgery, men, medical, form, 5

Beating cancer -- how to take charge of your cancer cure and outlive the lies of the cancer industry
Published September 18 2005
Concepts: cancer, heal, food, health, disease

The great direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising con: how patients and doctors alike are easily influenced to demand dangerous drugs
Published July 31 2005
Concepts: drug, advertising, drugs, prescription, companies

Where's the health in health reform?
Published July 1 2005
Concepts: health, drug, health care, drugs, disease

Ten Lies About Health Your Doctor Taught You
Published May 5 2005
Concepts: NaturalNews, health, drug, cancer, drugs

Rising popularity of medical tourism reveals deterioration of U.S. healthcare system
Published April 21 2005
Concepts: healthcare, medical, health, hospital, United States

Why we should bar smokers from taxpayer-funded health care coverage
Published March 6 2005
Concepts: health, people, smoking, smoke, health care

The health insurance problem is not an insurance problem, it is a health problem
Published February 2 2005
Concepts: health, people, insurance, health insurance, drug

Dramatic reduction in national rates of diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and depression are possible with simple exposure to sunlight or vitamin D supplements
Published January 1 2005
Concepts: Vitamin D, cancer, sunlight, exposure, sun

Why more people are ditching their MDs and switching to naturopathic physicians
Published December 29 2004
Concepts: health, body, naturopathic physician, doctor, physicians

How to slash national health care costs by 90% through education, nutrition, and a ban on junk food marketing
Published December 5 2004
Concepts: food, health, nutrition, foods, disease

Drug companies engage in massive health care fraud, but are never held accountable
Published August 19 2004
Concepts: drug, fraud, health, companies, health care

Skyrocketing health care costs make U.S. employers non-competitive in the global marketplace
Published August 8 2004
Concepts: health, health care, health care costs, health insurance, health care system

Hospital Superbugs Prove Deadly; Over-Prescription of Antibiotics Contributes to the Problem
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: antibiotics, superbugs, hospital, infectious disease, superbug infections

More Employees Unable To Receive Health Insurance Coverage Through Their Employers; Prevention, Not Disease Treatment, Is The Answer
Published August 6 2004
Concepts: health, employers, insurance, health insurance, employees

Obesity epidemic threatens to bankrupt U.S. economy and threaten financial stability of the world
Published July 26 2004
Concepts: health, obesity, obesity epidemic, U.S. economy, financial

Coming wave of Alzheimer's patients threatens to bankrupt U.S. health care system, says leading Alzheimer's doctor
Published July 23 2004
Concepts: health care system, Alzheimer's, health, health care, patients

Health care fails everyone, not just seniors
Published November 10 2003
Concepts: health care, health, doctor, medical, harm

The health insurance disaster continues
Published October 7 2003
Concepts: health, insurance, health insurance, disaster, health care

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