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chocolate feature articles

Cocoa flavanols from dark chocolate halt memory decline during aging
Published August 23 2012
Concepts: flavanols, cocoa, memory, memory decline, chocolate

Cocoa consumption shown to reduce blood pressure
Published August 21 2012
Concepts: cocoa, blood, blood pressure, consumption, chocolate

Chocolate-based fuel and plant fiber car - A new wave of eco-friendly innovation
Published August 17 2012
Concepts: fuel, car, chocolate, fiber, plant fiber

Olympic gymnast promotes chocolate milk riddled with HFCS as 'scientifically proven' workout recovery beverage of choice
Published August 15 2012
Concepts: milk, chocolate milk, chocolate, HFCS, news

Chocolate can improve blood circulation, EFSA rules
Published July 21 2012
Concepts: chocolate, blood circulation, blood, improve, food

Cacao superfood smoothie recipe plus huge discounts on cacao for NaturalNews readers
Published July 6 2012
Concepts: cacao, superfood, NaturalNews, smoothie, discounts

Beat the heat with these dairy-free chocolate pudding pops
Published June 16 2012
Concepts: natural, chocolate, recipes, pudding pops, raw

Dark chocolate shown to protect against heart attack and stroke in at-risk individuals
Published June 13 2012
Concepts: chocolate, stroke, dark chocolate, heart, heart attack

Boost your brain with chocolate! Raw chocolate, raw food and happiness with David Wolfe, Steve Adler on Mental Health Exposed
Published April 26 2012
Concepts: raw, health, mental, chocolate, mental health

Federal antitrust complaint claims Hershey conspired with the world's largest chocolatiers to fix prices in the U.S
Published April 17 2012
Concepts: Hershey, prices, chocolate, claims, federal

Three benefits of dark chocolate that will help you lose weight
Published March 30 2012
Concepts: chocolate, dark chocolate, health, insulin, benefits

Thirteen sensual aphrodisiac foods to improve your sex life
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: sex, aphrodisiac, foods, improve, man

Seven reasons to eat more dark chocolate
Published February 15 2012
Concepts: chocolate, reasons, dark chocolate, cacao, health

Cocoa from dark chocolate lowers risk from colon cancer
Published February 6 2012
Concepts: cocoa, chocolate, dark chocolate, colon, cancer

Rat study throws new light on animal consciousness - rats behave with empathy
Published January 21 2012
Concepts: rats, study, empathy, free, animal consciousness

Health Basics: How do you live to be 110?
Published January 17 2012
Concepts: health, oil, food, chocolate, organic

Add some vitality to your hot chocolate this winter
Published December 31 2011
Concepts: chocolate, hot chocolate, vitality, cacao, winter

Starbucks nutrition shocker - many menu items contain more calories and fat than ice cream
Published December 7 2011
Concepts: calories, fat, Starbucks, ice, nutrition

Chocolate consumption lowers stroke risk and heart disease incidence by a third
Published November 7 2011
Concepts: chocolate, consumption, risk, disease, heart

Chocolate reduces stroke risk in women, study finds
Published October 26 2011
Concepts: chocolate, stroke risk, stroke, women, study

No more child labor chocolate: Halloween candy boycott targets Hershey's
Published October 21 2011
Concepts: Hershey, child, labor, Hershey's, child labor

Denmark taxes avocados, butter, eggs, nuts, chocolate and coconut oil
Published October 13 2011
Concepts: fat, tax, saturated fat, Denmark, coconut

Chocolate and cocoa polyphenols vindicated in the war against heart disease
Published September 7 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart, risk, cocoa, health

Scientists announce amazing findings: chocolate offers huge protection from heart disease and stroke
Published August 30 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart disease, heart, protection, scientists

Discover the amazing health benefits of chocolate
Published August 23 2011
Concepts: health benefits, cacao, health, cocoa, chocolate

The top 20 foods for reversing type-2 diabetes
Published July 11 2011
Concepts: diabetes, natural, news, NaturalNews, health

Hexane may be lurking in the soy protein found in popular food bars
Published June 30 2011
Concepts: protein, soy, soy protein, food, hexane

Cocoa flavanols from dark chocolate improve vision and cognitive function
Published May 27 2011
Concepts: cocoa, flavanols, chocolate, improve, dark chocolate

Three ways to enjoy healthy, natural peanut butter
Published April 12 2011
Concepts: peanut butter, natural, healthy, nuts, health

Dark chocolate is brimming with antioxidants and heart-healthy properties, research finds
Published April 5 2011
Concepts: chocolate, antioxidants, dark chocolate, research, blood

Why chocolate is good for the heart - The scientific evidence
Published March 22 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart, NIH, scientific, article

Mini Minty Chocolate Chunk Muffins are good for the body and mind
Published February 26 2011
Concepts: chocolate, muffins, health, body, powder

Enjoy youthful vitality - Fortify your body with this Chocolate Truffles recipe
Published December 11 2010
Concepts: vitality, chocolate truffles, body, chocolate

Regular chocolate consumption prevents heart disease in older women
Published December 10 2010
Concepts: chocolate, heart, heart disease, consumption, study

Sacred Chocolate bon-bon truffles are topped with rose petals, mango powder and even 24 carat gold
Published December 8 2010
Concepts: chocolate, truffles, sacred chocolate, men, cacao

Find health with five of the top antioxidant foods
Published December 6 2010
Concepts: antioxidant, health, antioxidants, tea, foods

Cacao - An ancient medicine validated by modern science
Published December 3 2010
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, medicine, science, raw

Chocolate can be healthy, as long as it is the right kind
Published November 29 2010
Concepts: chocolate, health, healthy, flavanols, blood

The top 10 superfoods I'm eating every day
Published November 22 2010
Concepts: food, superfood, store, natural, news

Chocolate shown to lower blood pressure better than drugs
Published November 22 2010
Concepts: blood pressure, blood, chocolate, health, cacao

Rejuvenate Plus superfood is high in DNA and RNA with sprouts, chlorella and more
Published November 18 2010
Concepts: superfood, Rejuvenate, green, rejuvenate plus, RNA

Chocolate prices could skyrocket as cocoa farmers leave business
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: cocoa, farmers, chocolate, prices, food prices

Boku Super Food releases first ever nutrition food bar created by healthy people
Published November 9 2010
Concepts: food, Boku, food bar, protein, rice

Cocoa Mojo superfood hot chocolate and my adventure through the Andes (with pictures)
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: cocoa, organic, Cocoa Mojo, NaturalNews, food

Chocolate compounds fight high cholesterol
Published October 19 2010
Concepts: chocolate, cholesterol, health, study, polyphenols

Sugared-up chocolate milk now sold as "infant formula" by Mead Johnson
Published October 14 2010
Concepts: chocolate milk, chocolate, food, child, nutrition

Dark chocolate prevents damage from strokes
Published October 4 2010
Concepts: chocolate, damage, dark chocolate, research, strokes

Enjoy the Secret Health Benefits of Chocolate
Published September 24 2010
Concepts: chocolate, health, health benefits, blood, flavonoids

Original cacao is ancient treasure of chocolate from the Ecuadorian rainforest (updated)
Published September 1 2010
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, Ecuador, food, raw

High cocoa chocolate can prevent cardiovascular illness
Published August 25 2010
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, cardiovascular, natural, sugar

Superfood meal powder review: Garden of Life Raw Meal and Boku Superfood
Published August 17 2010
Concepts: organic, food, superfood, raw, Boku

Flax Meal and Almond Flour Chocolate Cake: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Published August 16 2010
Concepts: flax, health, flour, flax meal, chocolate

New Study: Chocolate during Pregnancy Lowers Risks of Hypertension
Published August 10 2010
Concepts: chocolate, pregnancy, risks, preeclampsia, study

Reduce Hypertension with Chocolate, Beets, Oats and Lavender
Published July 28 2010
Concepts: blood, chocolate, blood pressure, hypertension, home

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure
Published July 9 2010
Concepts: chocolate, blood, blood pressure, dark chocolate, 5

Raw Cacao: Turn Chocolate Cravings into Super Nutrition
Published July 8 2010
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, raw, cravings, heal

New research: chocolate milk beats sports drinks for post-exercise muscle recovery
Published June 17 2010
Concepts: milk, chocolate, chocolate milk, sports, muscle

X-Balance superfood makes a delicious, nutritious chocolate milk drink for adults and kids
Published May 26 2010
Concepts: superfood, X-Balance, powder, milk, chocolate

Chocolate can help prevent strokes
Published May 6 2010
Concepts: chocolate, health, study, strokes, WHO

Chocolate lowers blood pressure and slashes risk of heart disease
Published April 6 2010
Concepts: chocolate, blood pressure, blood, heart, risk

Eating chocolate regularly may prevent strokes
Published March 2 2010
Concepts: chocolate, stroke, eating, strokes, risk

Founders of Boku Superfood and Gnosis Chocolate featured on NaturalNews Talk Hour
Published December 17 2009
Concepts: chocolate, Boku, food, NaturalNews, health

Milk lobby initiates marketing campaign at kids to keep chocolate milk in schools
Published November 12 2009
Concepts: milk, chocolate milk, chocolate, campaign, schools

Ani Phyo Part III: Cacao and Raw Food Desserts
Published September 28 2009
Concepts: food, raw, cacao, health, raw food

Interview with Jan Lovejoy of SGN Nutrition, makers of X-Balance superfoods
Published September 25 2009
Concepts: superfood, nutrition, X-Balance, body, people

Naturally Sweet: Discover the Wholesome Goodness of Carob
Published September 9 2009
Concepts: carob, chocolate, naturally, flavor, food

Discover the Power of Cocoa Powder
Published August 1 2009
Concepts: cocoa, blood, blood pressure, chocolate, power

Resveratrol Found to Treat Fatty Liver Disease
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: resveratrol, liver, fat, fatty liver, chocolate

Chocolate Provides Health Benefits
Published March 20 2009
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, health, benefits, health benefits

Revealed: The Health Ranger's Avocado Chocolate Superfood Smoothie Recipe
Published March 2 2009
Concepts: superfood, smoothie, health, chocolate, avocado

Eat More Chocolate for Health
Published February 21 2009
Concepts: chocolate, raw, health, healthy, raw chocolate

Raw Chocolate: Reasons Why You Should Eat It
Published February 14 2009
Concepts: raw, food, cacao, chocolate, reasons

Chocolate may be Beneficial for Chronic Fatigue
Published January 29 2009
Concepts: chocolate, fatigue, dark chocolate, chronic fatigue, sugar

Consume Super Foods for Super Health and Disease Prevention
Published December 30 2008
Concepts: foods, health, food, disease, berries

Chocolate Really Is Good For You: Studies Prove It
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, studies, stress, study

Improve Your Health and Well-Being with Raw Chocolate
Published November 11 2008
Concepts: chocolate, raw, health, food, improve

A Potent Make-it-Yourself Face Mask for Radiant Skin
Published October 27 2008
Concepts: skin, face, chocolate, face mask, natural

This Halloween, Say No To Candy Containing GM Sugar
Published October 26 2008
Concepts: candy, Halloween, sugar, parents, child

Mood-Enhancing Foods Gain Awareness as Consumer Demand Surges
Published October 11 2008
Concepts: foods, gain, awareness, mood, chocolate

Why Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: cocoa, blood, flavanols, water, men

Processed Cocoa Loses Two-Thirds of Health-Enhancing Alkaloids
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: cocoa, powder, flavanols, quercetin, chocolate

Raw Foodists Arrested for Trafficking Chocolate; Interrogated for "Cacao Crimes"
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: drug, chocolate, men, natural, food

Overcome Helpless Over-Eating With These Healthful Tips
Published September 24 2008
Concepts: health, food, healthy, fat, fruit

Raw Food Product Review: Chocolate Caramel Bars from Righteously Raw
Published September 15 2008
Concepts: raw, chocolate, food, raw food, products

The Frightening Diet of American Cows: Potato Chips, Chocolate and Chicken Manure
Published September 12 2008
Concepts: chocolate, diet, potato chips, chicken, cows

The Health Ranger Answers Common Questions About Nutritional Supplements (transcript)
Published September 4 2008
Concepts: health, supplement, food, supplements, people

A Delicious Super Food Chocolate Cake Recipe
Published August 24 2008
Concepts: food, chocolate, super food, chocolate cake, foods

Studies Prove That Chocolate Is Really Good for You
Published August 22 2008
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, studies, stress, study

Nutritional Authority David Wolfe Discusses Metabolism and Chocolate
Published August 22 2008
Concepts: food, chocolate, metabolism, cacao, people

Interview with Steve Adler, Creator of "Sacred Chocolate" from
Published August 16 2008
Concepts: chocolate, raw, man, food, sugar

Product Reviews of Bear Fruit Bar, FruitFast Bar and Organic Food Bar (transcription)
Published July 16 2008
Concepts: food, organic, man, fruit, food bar

Why Dermatologists Still Deny the Link Between Acne and Diet
Published July 10 2008
Concepts: acne, diet, dermatologists, study, life

Cheap, Processed Chocolate Has Virtually No Health Benefits Due to Lack of Flavanols
Published July 1 2008
Concepts: chocolate, health, benefits, health benefits, heart

Review: Organic Food Bar Offers Exclusive Discount to Natural News Readers on Their Best Food Bars
Published April 22 2008
Concepts: food, food bar, organic, organic food bar, organic food

Examining the Properties of Chocolate and Cacao for Health
Published February 7 2008
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, raw, 5, raw cacao

Chocolate for Valentine's Day? This Year, Choose Real Cacao Superfoods, Not Processed Chocolate Candy
Published February 6 2008
Concepts: chocolate, health, cacao, superfoods, raw cacao

Healthy Superfood Gift Baskets Launched by Transition Nutrition
Published December 13 2007
Concepts: raw, Himalayan, health, Transition Nutrition, salt

Super Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season
Published November 28 2007
Concepts: food, 5, holiday, chocolate, news

Topics Covered at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2007
Published November 25 2007
Concepts: heart, blood, exercise, scientific, chocolate

NaturalNews publishes discount codes on nutritional products from top formulators
Published November 8 2007
Concepts: NaturalNews, discount, products, news, health

Health Ranger report from the Raw Spirit Festival 2007, Sedona, Arizona
Published October 12 2007
Concepts: raw, food, festival, foods, spirit

Dark chocolate flavonoids reduce high blood pressure
Published August 22 2007
Concepts: blood, chocolate, cocoa, flavonoids, dark chocolate

Cacao stabilizes blood sugar; chocolate may actually help diabetics
Published August 2 2007
Concepts: blood sugar, chocolate, cacao, blood, diabetes

Raw, "empowered" chocolate products launched by Empowered Foods; full review of sensational product line
Published June 5 2007
Concepts: chocolate, food, foods, raw, products

Hershey's launches new antioxidant chocolate products with emphasis on health
Published April 5 2007
Concepts: chocolate, Hershey's, antioxidant, products, Hershey

Chocolate raw foods roundup: The best new chocolate superfood bars revealed
Published March 29 2007
Concepts: raw, chocolate, food, superfood, organic

Chocolate found to reduce risk of miscarriage
Published December 11 2006
Concepts: chocolate, risk, miscarriage, pregnancy, healing foods

Chocolate lovers rejoice: 2007 to produce an abundant cocoa crop
Published November 30 2006
Concepts: cocoa, chocolate, produce, 5, crop

Dark chocolate found to help prevent blood clots in Johns Hopkins study
Published November 16 2006
Concepts: chocolate, blood, blood clots, dark chocolate, flavonoids

Plant sterols in Mars chocolate bars lowers cholesterol
Published November 9 2006
Concepts: chocolate, plant sterols, Mars, health, chocolate bars

Chocolate companies found World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) to support sustainable cocoa production in West Africa
Published October 13 2006
Concepts: chocolate, cocoa, support, world, companies

Interview: Amazing Grass' Brandon Burt talks about Kidz SuperFood and nutrition for children
Published October 13 2006
Concepts: nutrition, child, children, food, taste

Hershey's to finally introduce chocolate products made with real cacao
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: cacao, chocolate, Hershey's, products, milk

Heart-healthy compound in chocolate identified (press release)
Published August 31 2006
Concepts: cocoa, chocolate, WHO, health, study

Heal Your Heart with Wine and Chocolate (press release)
Published August 18 2006
Concepts: heart, men, women, heal, chocolate

Kitchen Cupboard or Medicine Cabinet? (press release)
Published August 4 2006
Concepts: medicine, kitchen, chocolate, cholesterol, tea

Heartburn sufferers shouldn't be too quick to reach for the antacids; heartburn medications do more harm than good
Published July 25 2006
Concepts: heartburn, heart, food, stomach, acid

Amazon Herb Company earns top recommendation: Top distributors and products listed
Published July 19 2006
Concepts: Amazon, herb, Amazon herb, products, Amazon Herb Company

Chocoholics rejoice; study shows that the flavanols in cocoa can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer
Published May 26 2006
Concepts: cocoa, heart disease, heart, cancer, chocolate

Instant quinoa - an interview with Christina Mueller from the AltiPlano Gold Company
Published November 4 2005
Concepts: quinoa, protein, gold, AltiPlano Gold, interview

Taste inflation revealed: why sugar, salt and fragrance make you stupid
Published October 18 2005
Concepts: taste, food, sugar, salt, inflation

Interview with Ruth Shamai of Ruth's Hemp Foods
Published July 17 2005
Concepts: hemp, people, WHO, Canada, protein

Cocoa is loaded with anti-cancer phytochemicals and compounds, says research
Published November 19 2003
Concepts: phytochemicals, cocoa, chocolate, anti-cancer, amazon herbs

Chocolate is actually a powerful herb used for thousands of years as a healing agent
Published November 8 2003
Concepts: chocolate, herb, healing, cacao, cocoa

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