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scientists feature articles

The GMO debate is over; GM crops must be immediately outlawed; Monsanto halted from threatening humanity
Published September 21 2012
Concepts: GMO, Monsanto, human, debate, industry

Are experimental vaccines for soldiers causing premature aging?
Published September 14 2012
Concepts: veterans, soldiers, vaccines, aging, experimental

Scientists discover green tea boosts brain cell production, aids memory
Published September 13 2012
Concepts: tea, green, green tea, brain, memory

Busted! Co-author of Stanford study that bashed organics found to have deep ties to Big Tobacco's anti-science propaganda
Published September 7 2012
Concepts: tobacco, Stanford, study, science, research

Study that sought to disparage health of eggs was authored by scientists with financial ties to Big Pharma
Published September 4 2012
Concepts: study, financial ties, health, eggs, scientists

Toxic byproduct of heat-processed food may contribute to weight gain and diabetes, scientists find
Published August 25 2012
Concepts: diabetes, food, gain, weight, weight gain

Meditation and sex have the same effects on your brain, study shows
Published August 24 2012
Concepts: brain, meditation, sex, SAMe, study

FDA caught running 'paranoid, retaliatory' institutionalized spying ring
Published August 20 2012
Concepts: FDA, spying, drug, WHO, running

Greenland ice more resistant to climate change than feared, study shows
Published August 10 2012
Concepts: ice, Greenland, climate change, study, scientist

Scientists warn that tight, trendy jeans cause 'testicular torsion' (twisted balls)
Published August 8 2012
Concepts: men, twisted balls, testicular torsion, skin, scientists

Komen for the Cure caught in mammography propaganda fraud; scientists blast agenda of deception
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: men, Komen, women, cancer, cure

GMOs cause animals to lose their ability to reproduce, Russian scientists discover
Published August 6 2012
Concepts: GMOs, scientists, infertility, animals, GMO

Dolphins indulge in elite societies and cliques just like humans do, scientists find
Published August 4 2012
Concepts: dolphins, elite societies, humans, scientists, WHO

Now scientists push genetically modified bacteria to fight malaria
Published July 24 2012
Concepts: bacteria, Malaria, parasite, scientists, mosquitoes

FDA caught spying on its own scientists to muzzle whistleblowers
Published July 23 2012
Concepts: scientists, FDA, spying, cancer, the FDA

FDA caught spying on e-mails of its own scientists in huge surveillance operation
Published July 17 2012
Concepts: FDA, scientists, spying, surveillance, emails

Was the discovery of Higgs boson actually the world's most successful experiment in the power of conscious intention?
Published July 10 2012
Concepts: conscious, intention, discovery, scientist, scientists

Former Merck scientists file suit against Merck under False Claims Act
Published June 26 2012
Concepts: Merck, mumps, vaccine, 2012, claims

Gattaca becomes reality as scientists start to screen, abort human babies based on 3,500 'genetic faults'
Published June 11 2012
Concepts: Genetic, babies, human, reality, natural

FDA concerned about risks of Pfizer's experimental arthritis drug
Published May 16 2012
Concepts: arthritis, FDA, men, experimental, risks

S.O.S. alert: Help STOP Out-of-control Science from destroying us all
Published May 11 2012
Concepts: science, human, natural, NaturalNews, scientific

Human race being terminated by 'scientific suicide'
Published May 7 2012
Concepts: science, human, world, scientist, human race

2,000-year old Chinese herbal remedy could be used to treat autoimmune disorders, Harvard scientists find
Published April 24 2012
Concepts: autoimmune disorders, Chinese, herbal, remedy, scientists

Scientists call for global ban on bee-killing pesticides
Published April 23 2012
Concepts: ban, scientists, pesticides, bees, honey bees

The Health Ranger interviews neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock on mandatory vaccine trials, fraudulent vaccine science and vaccine ethics
Published April 20 2012
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, health, Health Ranger, child

Millions against Monsanto: The food fight of our lives
Published April 15 2012
Concepts: food, Monsanto, GMO, Genetic, California

Scientists' hopes for yacon leaf as a treatment for diabetes are crushed due to long-term toxicity
Published April 7 2012
Concepts: yacon leaf, diabetes, rats, tea, diabetic

Dandelion gets scientific acceptance as an antioxidant and "novel" cancer therapy
Published March 31 2012
Concepts: dandelion, cancer, extract, antioxidant, scientific

Swine flu vaccines cause 17-fold increase in narcolepsy, horrified scientists discover
Published March 29 2012
Concepts: narcolepsy, flu, children, increase, scientists

Colloidail silver the perfect mouthwash? Scientists find rinsing mouth with silver treats infections
Published March 17 2012
Concepts: silver, natural, scientists, infection, infections

Japanese scientists invent anti-free speech sound cannon device capable of silencing a person mid-sentence
Published March 7 2012
Concepts: speech, scientists, sound cannon, free speech, technology

When do we get to euthanize the medical ethicists who say murdering newborn babies is good for society?
Published March 2 2012
Concepts: babies, murder, medical, WHO, newborn babies

Arrogant scientists say NY students' neurological symptoms caused by mass hysteria, not chemicals
Published February 7 2012
Concepts: symptoms, mass hysteria, scientists, neurological, news

Scientists prove the healing effects of wheat grass juice and wheat grass extract
Published January 31 2012
Concepts: wheat, wheat grass, juice, wheat grass juice, healing

Scientists created bird flu superbug that could set off next global pandemic
Published January 31 2012
Concepts: flu, superbug, research, scientists, bird flu

FDA hacked into private Gmail accounts of its own whistleblower scientist using covert spy technology
Published January 31 2012
Concepts: FDA, men, the FDA, whistleblower, whistleblowers

Scientists admit non-stick cookware and fluorine compounds cause vaccines to fail
Published January 29 2012
Concepts: vaccines, non-stick cookware, PFCs, non-stick, scientists

Cigarette tobacco leaves are genetically engineered to produce pesticides
Published January 22 2012
Concepts: tobacco, genetically engineered, Roundup, tobacco leaves, cigarettes

Are UN soldiers responsible for bring deadly cholera superbug to the Americas? Scientists say yes
Published January 15 2012
Concepts: cholera, UN soldiers, scientists, superbug, Haiti

Busted! Scientists leave out data to produce bogus findings
Published January 5 2012
Concepts: BMJ, scientists, produce, clinical trials, research

Scientists suggest increase walking speeds and outrun the Grim Reaper
Published December 24 2011
Concepts: walking, 5, scientists, increase, men

Mainstream science validates healing properties of plants
Published December 20 2011
Concepts: plants, properties, healing, medicinal, science

White tea, witch hazel proven by scientists to reduce inflammation and fight cancer
Published December 17 2011
Concepts: inflammation, tea, witch hazel, research, scientists

Strawberries can counter the negative effects of alcohol
Published December 14 2011
Concepts: strawberries, alcohol, digestive system, natural, stomach

Scientists deliberately remove natural compounds from grapefruits to accommodate pharmaceuticals that cause negative interactions
Published December 3 2011
Concepts: natural, furanocoumarins, fruit, grapefruits, scientists

Vitamin C may be effective treatment for heart failure, scientists announce
Published November 14 2011
Concepts: heart, heart failure, vitamin C, patients, treatment

Biotech's dirty tricks exposed in new documentary: 'Scientists Under Attack'
Published October 7 2011
Concepts: GMO, GMOs, scientist, corn, food

BPA exposure before birth linked to breast cancer
Published October 5 2011
Concepts: BPA, exposure, cancer, DES, birth

Nobel prize-winning physicist quits society over global warming scam
Published September 20 2011
Concepts: global warming, society, physics, scientists, man-made

Exposed: California officials manipulated safety data on methyl iodide, ignored scientist warnings against approving deadly strawberry chemical
Published September 16 2011
Concepts: methyl iodide, California, strawberries, toxic, chemical

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines
Published September 15 2011
Concepts: vaccine, virus, viruses, Dr Maurice Hilleman, vaccines

Scientists find Gulf War veterans have chronic abnormal blood flow in brains
Published September 14 2011
Concepts: blood flow, war, gulf, veterans, Gulf War

Cancer breakthrough: scientists discover harmless bacteria in soil kills cancer tumors
Published September 5 2011
Concepts: cancer, bacteria, soil, scientists, natural

Science Gone Wrong: Bioengineered animal proteins used to make bulletproof humans
Published August 31 2011
Concepts: human, skin, science, Silk, scientists

Scientists announce amazing findings: chocolate offers huge protection from heart disease and stroke
Published August 30 2011
Concepts: chocolate, heart disease, heart, protection, scientists

Scientists discover natural substance fights superbugs and food poisoning -- coriander oil
Published August 30 2011
Concepts: food, superbugs, oil, natural, coriander oil

New hope for Alzheimer's disease: scientists find way to make brain-saving compound found in rare moss
Published August 26 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's, scientists, medicine, natural, disease

Oncologists are Confused
Published August 26 2011
Concepts: cancer, medical, research, mercury, disease

Scientists respond to overuse of agricultural chemicals by genetically engineering crops to produce their own fertilizer
Published August 24 2011
Concepts: fertilizer, crops, natural, crop, produce

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg pushing to eliminate conflict of interest laws, allow paid drug company shills to fill advisory positions
Published August 18 2011
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, drug, conflict of interest, laws

Scientists hyping 'universal' flu shot to perpetuate vaccine scam
Published August 2 2011
Concepts: flu, vaccine, flu shot, natural, flu vaccine

Scientists clone genetically-modified dog that 'glows' when given antibiotic
Published July 29 2011
Concepts: dog, scientists, dogs, researchers, human

A real Planet of the Apes? UK scientists secretly grew human-animal hybrids in laboratory experiments
Published July 23 2011
Concepts: scientists, human, UK, human-animal hybrids, laboratory

Scientists from around the world decry proposed human trials of GM wheat
Published July 15 2011
Concepts: human, scientists, world, GMO, experimental

Superbug horror -- scientists discover gonorrhea superbug that defies all known antibiotics
Published July 12 2011
Concepts: superbug, gonorrhea, superbugs, men, scientists

Scientists find a mass of synthetic chemicals in every glass of milk
Published July 8 2011
Concepts: milk, chemicals, hormone, glass, calcium

Scientists propose growing fake meat in labs to cut 'emissions'
Published July 4 2011
Concepts: meat, fake meat, scientists, environment, laboratories

The true story of SV40, the cancer-causing virus hidden in polio vaccines
Published June 29 2011
Concepts: SV40, cancer, virus, vaccine, polio

Chief scientists continue to ignore science by promoting GMOs
Published June 15 2011
Concepts: GMOs, science, report, GMO, scientists

National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society skewered in new book by leading cancer expert
Published June 14 2011
Concepts: cancer, NCI, ACS, men, prevention

Scientists issue urgent warning about danger of common drug combination taken by millions
Published June 3 2011
Concepts: drug, scientists, warning, danger, report

Scientists push to implement edible RFID tracking chips in food
Published June 3 2011
Concepts: food, RFID, edible, scientists, tracking

Maybe you aren't doomed to cancer or other diseases because of your genes; scientists find risk research is inaccurate
Published June 1 2011
Concepts: research, disease, risk, cancer, genes

Scientists reverse stance on sun and cancer: Now they admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer
Published May 27 2011
Concepts: sun, skin, sunlight, Vitamin D, cancer

Research bees stolen from scientists trying to test effects of pesticides
Published May 26 2011
Concepts: bees, research, scientists, pesticides, theft

Scientists discover natural therapies treat COPD
Published May 23 2011
Concepts: COPD, natural therapies, Vitamin D, patients, natural

TSA backscatter radiation safety tests were rigged
Published May 17 2011
Concepts: TSA, the TSA, radiation, tests, machine

Scientists discover new method by which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics
Published May 14 2011
Concepts: bacteria, antibiotic, antibiotics, scientists, method

Wave of sick, injured Gulf fish has scientists questioning whether BP disaster to blame
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: fish, gulf, BP, scientists, disaster

Readers stunned to learn that conventional scientists don't believe in mind, spirit, free will or consciousness
Published May 12 2011
Concepts: mind, science, conscious, human, free

Scientists say forget osteoporosis drugs - Natural approach builds strong bones safely
Published May 5 2011
Concepts: bone, bones, natural, osteoporosis, scientists

Scientists create new 'organic' solar cells using thin layer of gold
Published April 29 2011
Concepts: gold, solar cells, solar cell, scientists, organic

Discovery by Israeli scientists may lead to development of 'green' pesticides
Published April 24 2011
Concepts: bacteria, scientists, discovery, lead, pesticides

Betrayal of a Nation: Why U.S. health authorities are keeping you vitamin D deficient and who stands to gain
Published April 23 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, America, WHO, scientist, deficiency

Cancer-causing strawberry pesticide under review: Tell EPA to ban methyl iodide now!
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: methyl iodide, pesticide, EPA, ban, California

New documentary investigates war being waged by biotechnology companies against scientists who expose the truth about GMOs
Published April 17 2011
Concepts: scientists, biotechnology, documentary, WHO, companies

Scientists warn that drugs of the future will be designed specifically to control the human mind
Published April 15 2011
Concepts: drugs, drug, human, future, scientists

Scientists successfully generate electricity using freshwater and saltwater
Published April 14 2011
Concepts: electricity, water, scientists, naturally, voltage

Scientists discover way to create "green" cars from fruit fibers
Published April 11 2011
Concepts: fruit, cars, plastics, scientists, car

Scientists develop smart phone device that lets users detects their own cancer tumors
Published April 9 2011
Concepts: cancer, scientists, cancer tumors, method, Boston

Scientists issue urgent world-wide warning on bacteria with superbug gene
Published April 8 2011
Concepts: bacteria, superbug, scientists, warning, water

The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk
Published April 4 2011
Concepts: human, milk, produce, cows, breast milk

Scientists deliberately create 127 hybrid viruses from H1N1, then warn they are dangerous
Published March 9 2011
Concepts: viruses, hybrid viruses, H1N1, virus, scientists

Scientists say higher vitamin D intake will slash cancer, MS, and diabetes risk by half
Published March 2 2011
Concepts: Vitamin D, cancer, risk, scientists, diabetes

Alzheimer's breakthrough: scientists discover omega-3s override the bad gene causing Alzheimer's
Published February 25 2011
Concepts: Alzheimer's, scientists, news, omega-3s, natural

Scientists admit dementia not a normal part of aging, refuse to acknowledge known causes
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: aging, dementia, scientists, Alzheimer's, disease

Climate change scientists call for food rationing to reduce carbon emissions
Published February 17 2011
Concepts: food rationing, carbon, food, scientists, climate change

GM chicken - Scientists create flu-resistant chickens that may end up on your dinner table
Published February 13 2011
Concepts: chicken, chickens, scientists, GM chicken, dinner

Pharmacogenomics, the next frontier in medicine?
Published February 11 2011
Concepts: drug, medicine, science, Genetic, drugs

Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Supports Science of Homeopathy
Published February 4 2011
Concepts: homeopathy, homeopathic, 5, medicine, research

Warning: Scientists discover mad cow disease-causing prions infect through air
Published January 27 2011
Concepts: prions, mad cow, scientists, disease, animals

Dutch scientists push for bugs to replace meat as food source
Published January 26 2011
Concepts: food, bugs, meat, scientists, insects

Forget earthquakes, California faces massive super storm that could destroy 25 percent of homes
Published January 20 2011
Concepts: California, super storm, earthquakes, flood, scientists

Why most natural disasters aren't natural at all
Published January 16 2011
Concepts: natural, disaster, flood, home, natural disaster

Weather control is no myth: Scientists engineer thunderstorms over Abu Dhabi
Published January 13 2011
Concepts: weather, weather control, scientists, Abu Dhabi, engineer

Scientists uncover truth about fluoride and other water contaminants
Published January 8 2011
Concepts: water, fluoride, drinking, chromium, health

Radiation scientists agree TSA naked body scanners could cause breast cancer and sperm mutations
Published December 3 2010
Concepts: radiation, body, scanner, TSA, cancer

Genetically Modified Potatoes: Scientists Unleash New Monster
Published November 16 2010
Concepts: Genetic, genetically modified, food, scientists, food supply

Scientists develop GMO plant that produces pharmaceutical drugs
Published November 14 2010
Concepts: scientists, natural, GMO plant, GMO, plants

Feds reject complaints of FDA misconduct in medical device approvals
Published November 13 2010
Concepts: FDA, misconduct, medical, complaints, feds

Beware of GMOs: Genes Remain a Mystery to Scientists
Published November 8 2010
Concepts: genes, Genetic, foods, cleaning, scientists

Scientists discover new value in wisdom teeth that could one day save your life
Published November 7 2010
Concepts: wisdom, teeth, wisdom teeth, stem cells, scientists

Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder caused by virus? Get ready for honeybee vaccines
Published October 8 2010
Concepts: honey, bees, virus, honeybees, vaccine

Scientists astounded: 83-year-old man lives without food, water
Published September 12 2010
Concepts: food, scientists, man, health, study

Scientists discover way to recharge laptops and cell phones with soda pop and vegetable oil
Published September 11 2010
Concepts: energy, scientists, cell phones, laptops, vegetable

Scientists develop fuel cells powered by urine
Published September 7 2010
Concepts: fuel, fuel cells, urine, scientists, water

Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines
Published September 2 2010
Concepts: vaccine, vaccines, flu, scientific, influenza

Body-Mind Meditation Leads to Rapid, Positive Brain Changes
Published August 27 2010
Concepts: brain, meditation, body, mind, scientists

Scientists discover unique way to more than double antioxidant content in ordinary potatoes
Published August 26 2010
Concepts: antioxidant, scientists, antioxidants, potatoes, study

Scientists report first evidence berries keep brains young, protect from memory loss
Published August 26 2010
Concepts: berries, memory, report, brains, scientists

Scientists find natural weight loss secret: clinical trial confirms simple no-diet appetite control method really works
Published August 25 2010
Concepts: water, weight, natural, weight loss, scientists

Scientists say salmonella helps immune system to destroy cancer cells
Published August 18 2010
Concepts: cancer, salmonella, scientists, immune system, body

Scientists discover that radiation causes breast cancer (gee, really?)
Published August 18 2010
Concepts: cancer, radiation, breast cancer, risk, scientists

Scientists discover how polyphenols in green tea may protect health of diabetics
Published August 17 2010
Concepts: tea, green tea, green, health, EGCG

Scientists stunned as bee populations continue to decline
Published August 16 2010
Concepts: scientists, bee populations, decline, bees, world

Monsanto: The world's poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit
Published July 30 2010
Concepts: Monsanto, 5, food, farm, farmer

Scientists discover olive oil directly impacts genes to halt inflammation
Published July 27 2010
Concepts: oil, olive oil, genes, scientists, inflammation

90 percent of scientists backing Avandia diabetes drug had financial ties to drug companies
Published July 23 2010
Concepts: Avandia, drug, financial, diabetes, diabetes drug

New Cancer Causing Agent from Household Products Found in our Water
Published July 1 2010
Concepts: cancer, household, products, water, research

Scientists discover how red wine and green tea polyphenols stop prostate cancer
Published June 24 2010
Concepts: prostate cancer, tea, green, green tea, wine

Millions of patients should never be prescribed antidepressants, scientists say
Published June 16 2010
Concepts: patients, antidepressants, scientists, drugs, serotonin

How crazy can it get? Scientists propose sun block for the entire planet to save it
Published June 5 2010
Concepts: scientists, sun, solar radiation, geoengineering, university

Scientists find walnuts fight prostate cancer
Published April 15 2010
Concepts: walnuts, Prostate, prostate cancer, scientists, diet

BPA hormone disruptor now contaminates Earth's oceans, scientists warn
Published April 13 2010
Concepts: BPA, plastic, oceans, scientists, hormone

Seasonal flu vaccines increase risk of pandemic H1N1 flu, stunned scientists discover
Published April 8 2010
Concepts: vaccine, flu, vaccines, WHO, pandemic

NIH researchers are up-front about their support from drug companies, right? Wrong!
Published April 1 2010
Concepts: drug, researchers, NIH, companies, drug companies

MRSA superbugs actually caused by widespread antibiotics use in the 1960s
Published March 31 2010
Concepts: antibiotics, MRSA, superbugs, antibiotic, antibiotics use

The Scientific Fraud Pandemic: Few Honest Scientists Remain, Part II
Published March 30 2010
Concepts: scientific, fraud, scientists, scientific fraud, science

Scientists cannot figure out why type 1 diabetes is rising three percent every year
Published March 26 2010
Concepts: diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, rising, scientists, autoimmune disorders

The Scientific Fraud Pandemic: Few Honest Scientists Remain, Part I
Published March 21 2010
Concepts: scientific, fraud, scientists, 5, scientific fraud

Scientists reveal negative impact of Roundup Ready GM crops
Published March 11 2010
Concepts: Roundup, Roundup Ready, soil, scientists, crops

GlaxoSmithKline deliberately hid evidence of Avandia harm, says Senate report
Published February 23 2010
Concepts: Avandia, FDA, drug, the FDA, evidence

Don't forget to eat blueberries: Scientists find they help memory
Published February 12 2010
Concepts: blueberries, scientists, memory, NaturalNews, research

Scientists May Have Uncovered Why Antidepressants Cause Suicidal Behavior
Published February 9 2010
Concepts: antidepressants, drug, drugs, health, serotonin

Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer, Scientists Warn
Published February 2 2010
Concepts: brain cancer, cell phones, brain, scientists, study

Israeli Scientists Show DNA Evidence Can be Fabricated
Published January 29 2010
Concepts: DNA, evidence, scientists, Genetic, blood

New evidence shows selenium and omega-3s prevent colon cancer
Published January 25 2010
Concepts: cancer, colon, selenium, research, evidence

Pesticides are killing birds, bees, and bats by the millions
Published January 18 2010
Concepts: pesticides, bees, pesticide, bats, birds

Are AIDS / HIV tests a hoax? Documentary footage features conversations with Drs. Niel Constantine and Robin Weiss
Published January 7 2010
Concepts: AIDS, HIV, scientific, documentary, tests

Scientists discover how Cordyceps mushrooms fight cancer
Published January 4 2010
Concepts: cancer, cordyceps, scientists, mushrooms, research

Losing weight cures sleep apnea, scientists discover
Published January 3 2010
Concepts: weight, sleep, sleep apnea, scientists, losing weight

Scientists find turmeric and black pepper spices may prevent breast cancer
Published December 30 2009
Concepts: piperine, cancer, turmeric, curcumin, black pepper

Scientists create protein to help probiotics work more effectively
Published December 4 2009
Concepts: protein, probiotics, scientists, research, probiotic

Shocking truth about AIDS exposed on World AIDS Day with "House of Numbers" un-cut footage
Published December 1 2009
Concepts: AIDS, WHO, film, vaccine, industry

ClimateGate scandal demonstrates intellectual protectionism of modern scientists
Published November 30 2009
Concepts: scientist, scientists, scientific, ClimateGate, science

Scientists Find Prostate Cancer Biopsies Often Not Needed
Published November 23 2009
Concepts: Prostate, cancer, men, prostate cancer, biopsies

Drugs used in the young for mood disorders, pain and epilepsy may cause adult psychiatric disorders
Published November 17 2009
Concepts: drugs, disorders, epilepsy, mood, pain

Stop and Kill Cancer Cells: Chrysanthemums could Hold the Key, Chinese Scientists Find
Published November 14 2009
Concepts: cancer, scientists, Chinese, Chrysanthemum, human

Young boys need abundant omega-3s for strong bones, scientists find
Published November 10 2009
Concepts: bone, bones, omega-3s, boys, scientists

Genes Have "No Clinical Relevance" in Predicting Disease, Scientists Admit
Published November 9 2009
Concepts: disease, Genetic, risk, genes, scientists

Women with breast cancer have low vitamin D levels, scientists discover
Published November 4 2009
Concepts: cancer, Vitamin D, breast cancer, women, scientists

Exposure to Earlier Flu Viruses Provides Many with Natural Immunity to H1N1, Scientists Find
Published October 27 2009
Concepts: H1N1, flu, immunity, viruses, virus

Flexibility exercises like Pilates and yoga could prevent, treat stiff arteries
Published October 24 2009
Concepts: flexibility, pilates, yoga, exercises, research

Scientists find lack of vitamin K could cause age-related diseases
Published October 18 2009
Concepts: vitamin K, scientists, disease, nutrient, NaturalNews

Capsaicin could stop a heart attack in progress, scientists find
Published October 14 2009
Concepts: heart, capsaicin, heart attack, scientists, cayenne

Green Tea could Naturally Prevent and Treat Osteoporosis, Scientists Say
Published October 8 2009
Concepts: tea, green, green tea, osteoporosis, bone

Conventional Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Really Works to Ease Cancer Treatment Symptoms
Published October 6 2009
Concepts: treatment, cancer, cancer treatment, homeopathy, scientists

Scientists Document How Manuka Honey Fights Superbugs
Published October 5 2009
Concepts: honey, Manuka honey, scientists, bacteria, MRSA

Traditional Plant Medicine Could Cure H1N1 Flu Virus, Chinese Scientists Find
Published October 2 2009
Concepts: flu, medicine, H1N1, scientists, virus

Scientists Around the World Condemn FDA for Declaring BPA is Safe
Published October 2 2009
Concepts: BPA, FDA, world, scientists, safe

Australians Create New Super Vegetables with Forty Percent More Antioxidants (Opinion)
Published September 26 2009
Concepts: antioxidants, vegetables, health, antioxidant, news

Scientists Use Post-Hypnotic Suggestion on the Stroop Effect
Published September 22 2009
Concepts: brain, scientists, color, the brain, America

One in Seven Scientists Say Colleagues Fake "Scientific" Study Results
Published August 17 2009
Concepts: research, scientists, study, researchers, WHO

New Easter Island Mystery: Scientists Say Natural Compound on Island Extends Lifespan
Published August 11 2009
Concepts: Easter, scientists, Easter Island, natural, aging

Caffeine May Prevent and Help Reverse Alzheimer's Disease
Published August 2 2009
Concepts: caffeine, Alzheimer's, disease, Alzheimer's disease, reverse

Scientists Discover Vitamin C can Halt Diabetes Damage
Published July 8 2009
Concepts: diabetes, vitamin C, scientists, therapy, insulin

Shocker: Medical Research Frequently Bogus
Published July 8 2009
Concepts: research, medical, scientist, medical research, scientists

FDA Scientists Warn About Bleeding Risk of Bayer's Blood-Thinning Drug
Published June 30 2009
Concepts: FDA, bleeding, risk, FDA scientists, drug

American Medical Association Promoted Tobacco, Cigarettes in its Medical Journal
Published June 12 2009
Concepts: tobacco, medical, research, men, smoking

Forensic Scientists Working on Technology to Render Face Photos Solely from DNA Left At Crime Scene
Published May 24 2009
Concepts: face, DNA, crime, scientists, photos

Astaxanthin is Age and Disease Defying Miracle Nutrient from Microalgae
Published May 22 2009
Concepts: astaxanthin, cancer, research, disease, damage

Scientists Developing Memory-Erasing Drug
Published May 15 2009
Concepts: scientists, drug, memories, research, researchers

White Tea May Promote Weight Loss, Reduces Fat Cells
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: fat, tea, white tea, weight, news

Chlorella can Replace a Closet Full of Expensive Supplements
Published April 28 2009
Concepts: chlorella, cancer, body, blood, immune system

Ubiquinol: Boost Energy Levels and Overall Health with Best Form of Co Q 10
Published April 26 2009
Concepts: form, energy, supplement, health, heart

Can Government Scientists Save the Planet by Nuking Yellowstone National Park to Halt Global Warming?
Published April 8 2009
Concepts: Yellowstone National Park, sun, scientists, government, atmosphere

Drink Red Wine and Keep Breasts, Livers and Brains Healthy
Published March 26 2009
Concepts: wine, red wine, polyphenols, resveratrol, ethanol

Keep Aging Parents Happy, Healthy and Independent with Bioidentical Hormones
Published March 23 2009
Concepts: hormone, men, hormones, aging, WHO

FDA Scientists Accuse Agency of Corruption, Intimidation
Published March 12 2009
Concepts: scientists, FDA, FDA scientists, corruption, medical

Scientists Allege Fraud in 1984 HIV/AIDS Papers
Published March 6 2009
Concepts: scientists, fraud, HIV, AIDS, paper

Scientists Warn Against Testosterone Patch to Boost Female Libido
Published March 5 2009
Concepts: testosterone, sex, testosterone patch, women, scientists

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fights Breast Cancer, Scientists Discover
Published February 16 2009
Concepts: cancer, oil, olive oil, breast cancer, extra virgin

The Higgs Boson Particle Isn't a Particle - Why the Search for Subatomic Particles is an Illusion
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: article, universe, particles, Higgs Boson, physics

Modern Medicine, Part I: How Healing Illness Became Managing Illness
Published January 27 2009
Concepts: medical, medicine, men, FDA, drug

FDA Scientists Describe Corruption to Obama Transition Team
Published January 14 2009
Concepts: FDA, scientists, Obama, FDA scientists, corruption

FDA Scientists Accuse Own Administration of Corruption, Intimidation and Scientific Censorship
Published January 12 2009
Concepts: FDA, scientists, the FDA, scientist, FDA scientists

Celebrities are Smarter than "Skeptical Scientists" When it Comes to Health Literacy
Published December 28 2008
Concepts: chemical, health, scientist, food, scientific

Scientists Find Natural Help for Treating Colds
Published December 15 2008
Concepts: symptoms, flu, scientists, natural, research

Latest GMO Research: Decreased Fertility, Immunological Alterations and Allergies
Published December 4 2008
Concepts: corn, GMO, fertility, research, protein

FDA Scientists Revolt Against Corrupt Food and Drug Administration Officials
Published November 24 2008
Concepts: FDA, scientists, the FDA, drug, medical

There Is No Such Thing as the West Nile Virus
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: virus, disease, people, heal, poison

Scientists Develop Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer's Disease
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: Alzheimer's, blood, scientists, blood test, disease

Eat Too Fast And You’ll Pack On Pounds, Scientists Find
Published October 26 2008
Concepts: eating, scientists, men, food, health

Scientists Uncover the Mechanism for Antioxidant Prevention of Blindness
Published October 3 2008
Concepts: prevention, scientists, antioxidant, antioxidants, mitochondria

New Generation of Drug-Producing GM Crops Could Threaten Food Supply and Devastate US Farmers
Published September 11 2008
Concepts: crops, crop, food, GM crops, food supply

Scientists Warn Against Sudden Shift to Biofuels; Climate May be Harmed, not Helped
Published August 20 2008
Concepts: biofuels, biofuel, scientists, food, 5

Vibrational Medicine: Scientists Kill Viruses by Blasting them with Resonant Frequencies
Published August 14 2008
Concepts: viruses, virus, scientists, researchers, laser

Scientists Discover Exactly How Cranberry Juice Fights Infections
Published August 7 2008
Concepts: juice, cranberry, cranberry juice, bacteria, scientists

Scientists Genetically Engineer "Super Carrot" Rich in Calcium
Published August 1 2008
Concepts: calcium, engineer, scientists, researchers, carrots

Chemical Causes of Diabetes: Overeating Is Not the Only Problem
Published July 25 2008
Concepts: diabetes, men, 5, food, chemical

Scientists Discover Sea Buckthorn Herb Protects Liver From Toxins
Published July 9 2008
Concepts: liver, herb, sea buckthorn, scientists, health

Beyond Lycopene: Scientists Study Health Benefits of Phytoene and Phytofluene From Tomatoes
Published June 27 2008
Concepts: health, cancer, health benefits, study, scientists

DNA: Toppling the Evolutionary 'Tree of Life'
Published June 22 2008
Concepts: form, information, Chi, man, DNA

When Sci-Fi Meets Reality: Scientists Create Virus to Fight Cancer
Published June 14 2008
Concepts: virus, scientists, cancer, movie, news

World's Species Going Extinct Faster than Scientists Thought
Published June 6 2008
Concepts: Chi, man, heal, life, earth

Leading Scientists Are Pushing for Politics to Be Removed From Research
Published May 20 2008
Concepts: scientists, research, politics, scientific, safety

Genetically Modified Organisms – A Dangerous Experiment
Published May 14 2008
Concepts: organic, GMO, food, genetically modified, Monsanto

What Is the Chemical Industry's Influence at the EPA?
Published May 12 2008
Concepts: chemical, influence, EPA, rice, scientist

Scientists Synthesize "Super" Curcumin Molecules to Fight Cancer
Published May 1 2008
Concepts: curcumin, cancer, scientists, chemical, colorectal cancer

Scientists Agree That EMFs Pose a Threat to Your Health
Published April 22 2008
Concepts: EMFs, EMF, power, microwave, threat

Merck Caught in Massive Scientific Fraud as In-House Authors were Disguised as Independent Scientists (opinion)
Published April 18 2008
Concepts: Merck, fraud, scientific fraud, drug, scientific

Scientists Find Blueberries Reverse Age Related Memory Deficits
Published April 17 2008
Concepts: memory, blueberries, scientists, reverse, research

Vitamin C: There May Be a Modern Chronic Deficiency
Published April 11 2008
Concepts: vitamin C, disease, man, men, health

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Rising Much Faster than Predicted, Scientists Warn
Published April 4 2008
Concepts: carbon, scientists, rising, CO2, carbon dioxide

EPA, American Chemistry Council Conspire to Remove Toxicologist Deborah Rice from Panel on Flame Retardant Safety
Published March 4 2008
Concepts: EPA, chemical, rice, the EPA, deca

Engineering Warfare: A Close Look at Biological and Chemical Warfare
Published February 20 2008
Concepts: men, virus, man, agents, viruses

Scientists Find How Bacteria in Cows' Milk May Cause Crohn's Disease
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: milk, bacteria, disease, cows' milk, herb

Manufacturing Disease in the Name of Science
Published February 19 2008
Concepts: virus, disease, men, viruses, cancer

Scientists Say Do More, Not Less, for Better Concentration
Published February 11 2008
Concepts: scientists, focus, research, concentration, claims

Killer Cold Virus: It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature
Published December 11 2007
Concepts: virus, Genetic, engineer, viruses, adenovirus

Is Modern Medicine Founded on Error?
Published December 7 2007
Concepts: medicine, disease, germs, modern medicine, germ theory

In U.S., science is distorted to promote political and corporate agendas
Published September 7 2007
Concepts: science, NASA, cancer, drug, cure

Scientists and Professionals Lash Out Against Water Fluoridation
Published September 4 2007
Concepts: water, fluoride, scientists, fluoridation, health

Doctors, American Medical Association hawked cigarettes as healthy for consumers
Published July 25 2007
Concepts: medical, tobacco, research, men, industry

Scientists issue urgent warning over global mercury contamination of fish
Published May 23 2007
Concepts: mercury, scientists, mercury contamination, warning, mercury emissions

Scientists discover the brain has ability to repair itself
Published February 21 2007
Concepts: brain, the brain, repair, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease

American Enterprise Institute allegedly offers bribes to scientists for disputing UN climate change report
Published February 15 2007
Concepts: climate change, scientists, report, bribes, bribery

Scientists find evidence that global warming could be causing an "evolution explosion"
Published January 22 2007
Concepts: climate change, scientists, global warming, evidence, seeds

Scientists genetically modify animal clones to survive factory farming conditions
Published January 18 2007
Concepts: factory farming, Genetic, clones, scientists, farm

Bush Administration to screen all scientific research by US Geological Survey
Published December 22 2006
Concepts: Bush Administration, scientific, research, Bush, scientific research

By 2040, there will be no ice left at the North Pole, scientists predict
Published December 19 2006
Concepts: North Pole, ice, scientists, water, climate change

NASA announces surveyor spacecraft may have found evidence of flowing water on Mars
Published December 6 2006
Concepts: water, Mars, NASA, evidence, life on mars

Widespread vitamin D deficiency may be cause of post-Winter flu outbreaks, scientists suggest
Published December 1 2006
Concepts: flu, Vitamin D, outbreaks, winter, vitamin D deficiency

Coalition of EPA scientists calls for agency to regulate carbon dioxide emissions
Published December 1 2006
Concepts: EPA, emissions, scientists, carbon, carbon dioxide

The discovery of DNA variability, holographic blueprints and the symphony of life
Published November 23 2006
Concepts: man, human, DNA, genes, discovery

Scientists discover how bird flu can mutate into form deadly to humans
Published November 20 2006
Concepts: form, H5N1, flu, scientists, bird flu

Scientists to combine human, bovine embryos into human-cow hybrid
Published November 7 2006
Concepts: human, research, scientists, embryonic stem cells, stem cell

Scientists discover new bird flu strain that evades all vaccines and eradication measures
Published October 31 2006
Concepts: flu, H5N1, bird flu, scientists, flu strain

Ozone hole is now larger than North America, scientists warn
Published October 25 2006
Concepts: ozone, scientists, North America, scientist, environmental pollutants

Hormone-replacement therapy harms hearing, study finds (press release)
Published October 24 2006
Concepts: women, WHO, HRT, study, therapy

Scientists Learn More About How Roughage Keeps You “Regular” (press release)
Published October 13 2006
Concepts: scientists, injury, food, repair, research

EPA may approve neurotoxic pesticide that harms children
Published October 4 2006
Concepts: pesticide, EPA, the EPA, pesticides, scientist

Bush Administration blocks scientific report on global warming
Published September 28 2006
Concepts: Bush Administration, report, scientific, Bush, climate change

Jefferson scientists show 'miracle' cancer drug Gleevec can be toxic to the heart (press release)
Published September 26 2006
Concepts: heart, drug, Gleevec, cancer, toxic

While scientists clash over the dangers of ADHD drugs, the U.S. government does nothing to protect children
Published September 6 2006
Concepts: adhd, drugs, drug, ADHD drugs, child

Gecko feet inspire scientists to create micro-fiber adhesive
Published August 23 2006
Concepts: fiber, feet, researchers, biomimetics, scientists

GM rice invades food supply; scientists baffled over source
Published August 21 2006
Concepts: rice, food, food supply, crop, scientists

Children must get more playtime outdoors or face health crisis, scientists warn
Published August 8 2006
Concepts: playtime, children, health, face, crisis

Vitamin D and Flavonoids Examined for Impact on Breast and Ovarian Cancer (press release)
Published July 27 2006
Concepts: cancer, Vitamin D, breast cancer, risk, flavonoids

FDA's own scientists report pattern of intimidation, censorship and scientific fraud that undermines public safety
Published July 21 2006
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, scientists, scientific, censorship

Merck litigation strategy - destroy expert witnesses
Published July 17 2006
Concepts: Merck, Vioxx, drug, risk, heart

Seaweed extract blocks HPV cervical cancer virus, scientists discover
Published July 14 2006
Concepts: HPV, cervical cancer, extract, seaweed extract, carrageenan

World's frog species face extinction due to pollution and climate change, scientists warn
Published July 7 2006
Concepts: frog species, extinction, pollution, climate change, scientists

Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965)
Published March 6 2006
Concepts: men, 5, human, experiments, study

New research shows adults -- not just kids -- are capable of learning new languages
Published February 12 2006
Concepts: learning, brain, adults, foreign language, the brain

Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils
Published January 2 2006
Concepts: brain, fat, acid, DHA, omega-3

Conflicts of interest: How Big Pharma influences the FDA's drug approval process at the expense of public safety
Published December 13 2005
Concepts: drug, the FDA, Big Pharma, drug approval, advisory panel

The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your child's health
Published September 22 2005
Concepts: vaccine, mercury, thimerosal, child, vaccines

As cold fusion events demonstrate, modern science is ruled by conformity, not the search for scientific truth
Published August 7 2005
Concepts: scientific, cold fusion, science, medicine, WHO

DHEA as cancer fighter
Published August 2 2005
Concepts: DHEA, cancer, men, supplement, hormone

Chlorella as a powerful defense against cancer
Published June 14 2005
Concepts: chlorella, cancer, green, food, algae

FDA censorship, suppression of its own scientists is routine, survey reveals
Published February 27 2005
Concepts: FDA, the FDA, drug, scientists, scientist

The cure for cancer already exists as key protein in healthy human tissues, stunned scientists discover
Published November 8 2004
Concepts: cancer, cure, human, the cure for cancer, cancer prevention

Merck caught in scandal to bury Vioxx heart attack risks, intimidate scientists and keep pushing dangerous drugs; Vioxx lawsuits now forming
Published November 6 2004
Concepts: Vioxx, drug, Merck, drugs, the FDA

Bush Administration Censors Scientists In Order to Promote A Distorted, Politically Motivated Scientific View
Published August 7 2004
Concepts: Bush Administration, Bush, scientists, scientific, health

Mad cow disease research breakthrough: scientists recreate prions in the lab
Published August 3 2004
Concepts: prions, mad cow disease, mad cow, research, scientists

Extremophiles flourish on Earth, hint at life on Mars
Published July 12 2004
Concepts: life, extremophiles, earth, Mars, red planet

Scientists find way to safely and cheaply store hydrogen fuel
Published January 8 2004
Concepts: hydrogen, store, scientists, storage, Chicago

Now even scientists say broccoli can cure cancer, not just prevent it
Published January 7 2004
Concepts: cancer, broccoli, cure, foods, scientists

Losing weight is easy when you're no longer hungry: scientists search for the biochemical keys
Published January 5 2004
Concepts: weight, scientists, losing weight, hoodia, appetite

Scientists continues to blame genes for cancer
Published November 18 2003
Concepts: genes, cancer, scientists, causes of cancer, cancer genes

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