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How the Washington Post smears defenders of liberty with dishonest reporting

2/22/2015 - Political correctness. Allowable thought. Approved perspectives. Permitted speech. The political Left has a number of ways in which it seeks to control what Americans think and what they say, as well as how they perceive certain issues. Such techniques are anathema to our constitutional principles,...

Drifting pesticides sicken 20 farmworkers in Washington

2/17/2015 - A cocktail of pesticides sickened 20 farmworkers in a cherry orchard in Washington last April, according to a newly released report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The workers, 19 of whom were women, were the victims of off-target pesticide drift, an occurrence responsible...

Jonathan Emord and Robert Scott Bell: Obamacare court decision

1/20/2015 - Jonathan Emord joins RSB to rekindle the sacred fire of liberty with breaking news on a major court decision that could cripple Obamacare. (Originally aired on October 5, 2014 on the TheRobertScottBellShow) Robert Scott Bell: What? It's so exciting! The FDA Dragon Slayer joins the family of The Robert...

Washington state threatens to seize baby unless entire family gets flu shot

1/19/2015 3:44:08 PM - One of the worst diseases infecting the very heart of America is the use of force. The use of force allows one group or person control over another. Force is one group taking from another person because they think they have the power to do so. It's a law mandating what everyone must buy while threatening...

Jonathan Emord joins Robert Scott Bell to discuss a pharmaceutical company that's defending its health claims

1/19/2015 - Jonathan Emord joins RSB to discuss how a large pharmaceutical company is attempting to defend itself over health claims of its product -- by using a defense that countless supplement companies have unfairly lost with! (Originally aired on October 12, 2014, on The Robert Scott Bell Show) Don LaFontaine:...

SPECIAL REPORT: Police pre-crime algorithm uses social media posts against you in real time

12/26/2014 - (Story by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton , republished from TruthStreamMedia.com) We have finally reached the moment where Orwell's nightmare in 1984 meets the movie Minority Report. We're living there right now. And, astoundingly, we still hear people saying "Well, I haven't done anything wrong,...

Uranium, arsenic contaminate water at Navajo school

11/15/2014 - A rural Arizona high school comprised mostly of Native American students was heckled and shamed recently for gladly accepting free tickets and travel to a Washington Redskins game, the absurd continuation of an ongoing whine-fest over the use of what a very select few believe to be a racially charged...

Obama Administration controls press-pool reports, determining what information journalists are allowed to share

10/21/2014 - Veteran Washington journalists and reporters, when they are being honest, will tell you that the current administration is the most political in modern history. Everything is about the proper messaging; optics are much more important, and policy is designed around perpetuating Democratic power. What...

Fed up with Washington, almost 1 in 4 Americans support seceding from the union

9/19/2014 10:38:28 AM - Disgust and frustration with Washington is at an all-time high, with a new survey showing that the level of anger is rising steadily with each passing year. The Reuters/Ipsos survey comes right after the narrow rejection of secession from the United Kingdom by Scotland, but that effort has nonetheless...

Mysterious sea star wasting syndrome spreads to public aquariums in Washington State, killing hundreds of creatures

8/18/2014 - Millions of sea stars have vanished from the West Coast over the past year, affecting habitats ranging from Alaska all the way to Mexico, with some deaths even detected off the East Coast. Perhaps one of the most peculiar facts about the event is that both wild and captive sea stars are succumbing...

Washington health officials struggle to find cause of mysterious birth defects

5/30/2014 - Like reaching vines, radioactive waste particles can find a way to disperse from their decades-old storage, spreading into the environment. Sprawling through the soil, silently underfoot, decades-old radioactive waste can meander its way to the surface. Clinging like thorns, these radioactive particles...

Sickness cluster in Washington state tied to pesticide use

5/22/2014 - Agricultural workers, utility crew employees and residents in Washington have been exposed to pesticide applications via numerous "drift events," reported the Yakima Herald-Republic. Roughly 60 people in the region have fallen ill, many reporting difficulty breathing, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting...

Washington governor proposes 1,000% increase in allowable cancer risk from carcinogens in fish

5/20/2014 - Big business and politics often collude to achieve grand economic goals that "benefit the majority." People in positions of power are quick to believe that they know what's best for the collective. Lawmaking is easily persuaded by big money; both power players have an agenda and a ladder to climb. Corporations,...

Surge in babies born without brains in Washington State

3/5/2014 - There is something seriously wrong in the fertile Yakima Valley region of Washington. A surging number of babies are being born with major birth defects, and the reasons why are eluding state health officials. As reported by CNN, a nurse in the area, Sara Barron, was the first to report on a particularly...

Grocery Manufacturers Association sues the state of Washington over GMO labeling fight: GMA more evil than Monsanto

2/17/2014 - Monsanto has for years now been referred to as the most evil and hated company on the planet to those in the know. But before Monsanto, junk food companies were already peddling their wares to Americans and influencing the American diet. Junk food companies are represented by a single entity called...

Anonymous supporters to march on Washington Nov. 5 wearing Guy Fawkes masks

10/29/2013 - For a candidate who promised to bring America's warring political factions together, Barack Obama's government sure does generate a lot of protesting. One demonstration being planned for Nov. 5 will feature people associated with Anonymous, a loose confederation of online "hacktivists" who plan to...

Media whores become Washington prostitutes: TIME mag editor to join Obama administration

9/19/2013 - The symbiotic relationship between the so-called "professional media class" and the ruling class in the Obama administration continues to grow, this time as the top editor for TIME magazine, Richard Stengel, leaves his post of seven years for the State Department. Per Politico: If confirmed, Stengel...

DEA raids Washington medical marijuana clinics

8/24/2013 - Last November, shortly after voters in Colorado and Washington State approved measures legalizing marijuana use in their states, President Barack Obama - who has admitted to smoking pot in the past - signaled that the federal government did not have much interest in pursuing the matter, despite the...

Millions against Monsanto: On the Road to Victory

7/19/2013 - "The harder they come the harder they fall, one and all." Jimmy Cliff, reggae classic After enjoying a year of maximum profits, record stock prices, the defeat of a major GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling campaign in California, pro-industry court decisions, and a formidable display of...

Washington rejects restriction on honeybee-killing garden pesticide despite evidence of its deadliness

6/25/2013 - Faceless, nameless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., are once again demonstrating their ignorance of an issue by refusing to take a necessary action that literally could have an impact on the health and well-being of millions of Americans. Officials at the Department of Agriculture are refusing to...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

5/12/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

5/6/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Deadly Nuclear waste leaking from nation's largest nuclear storage facility in Washington State

5/4/2013 - "Hanford Determines Double-Shell Tank Leaked Waste From Inner Tank." This headline on a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) press release from last October is bigger news than it first appeared. For the first time, the massive storage tanks built to hold some of the most radioactive nuclear waste in the...

More than 250 employees axed from Washington nuclear power facility leaking 1,000 gallons per year of radioactive waste

3/28/2013 - Federal budget cuts have prompted the layoff of at least 235 workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southern Washington, a massive 586-square-mile storage site for radioactive waste located near Richland. But according to the Associated Press (AP), aging underground storage tanks at the facility...

Stand with Rand meme goes mega-viral across net as citizens get fed up with Obama's lawlessness

3/10/2013 - Patriotic Americans fed up with the growing lawlessness of the Obama administration and the opposition party's chronic inability to counter him got a huge shot in the arm the evening of March 6, when Sen. Rand Paul took to the floor of the Senate to stand up for the Constitution. As "senior" members...

Washington state launches groundbreaking 'Label It Wa' grassroots GMO labeling campaign

2/13/2013 - The state of Washington appears to be leading the charge these days in the fight for honest food labeling, as two new pieces of legislation are now being considered that would require the labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in food. I-522, also known as The People's Right to Know Genetically...

Washington state seeks to nullify NDAA's 'indefinite detention' provision

2/12/2013 - A states' rights organization says a group of lawmakers in Washington state are considering bipartisan legislation that would block any attempt by the federal government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens or lawful resident aliens without providing them their Fifth Amendment due process rights, under...

GMO labeling proposal headed to ballot in Washington state

1/10/2013 - The fight is not over to get "Frankenfood" labeled, as roughly 350,000 signatures have been successfully delivered to the Secretary of State's office in Washington state petitioning for a ballot measure that would require the labeling of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). According to The Spokesman-Review,...

GMO food fight: Round two 2013

1/9/2013 - On November 6, in the wake of one of the most expensive and scurrilous smear campaigns in history, six million voters scared the hell out of Monsanto and Big Food Inc. by coming within a razor's edge of passing the first statewide mandatory labeling law for genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Prop...

Pot gets legalized in Washington as more cannabis health benefits are confirmed

12/29/2012 - In a U.S. premiere, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes has been legalized in the states of Washington and Colorado. Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Seattle to celebrate the event, but not everyone is happy with the change. The new law sparked controversy as it allows the possession...

Crowds gather in downtown Seattle to celebrate historic marijuana legalization in Washington state

12/14/2012 - Washington state made more history on December 6 when it became the first American state to officially legalize the recreational use of marijuana. As reported by Reuters, Initiative 502 became law at the stroke of midnight that day, prompting hundreds of excited Washingtonians to gather at the downtown...

United Nations threatens Colorado, Washington state over marijuana decriminalization laws

11/29/2012 - Likely empowered by a U.S. administration that favors the kind of nanny state politics a ruling global entity would no doubt embrace, the head of the United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board feels comfortable telling federal officials they should move to challenge measures in Colorado and...

Hundreds of marijuana possession cases already dismissed in Washington

11/15/2012 - There is a legal showdown brewing between the federal government and two states whose residents voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana earlier this month, as local prosecutors in one of those states - Washington - have already begun dismissing hundreds of cases involving persons who were caught...

Marijuana decriminalized in Washington and Colorado as voters reject police state 'War on Drugs'

11/7/2012 - Here's some good news in the election results: Voters in Washington and Colorado have decriminalized small quantities of marijuana for recreational use. This is an attempt to end the insane waste of law enforcement resources on small-time pot users who pose no threat to society. Although I'm personally...

Washington could soon become first state to (sort of) legalize retail sale of marijuana

10/23/2012 - The state of Washington could soon make history as the first U.S. state to legalize the sale of marijuana at the retail level, albeit with some very serious restrictions and heavy control by the state government. CBS Seattle reports that, if Initiative 502 passes on November 6, Washingtonians over the...

Washington beekeeper reports state's first case of 'zombie bees' that fly around erratically before suddenly dropping dead

10/3/2012 - A backyard beekeeper from Washington state says it was his own curiosity that first led him to the discovery that a relatively uncommon, but highly deadly, parasite had infected and killed off some of his honey bees. And according to the Seattle Times, Mark Hohn's unexpected observation of this unusual...

Washington Post partners with Chinese government to publish pure propaganda

3/24/2012 - It's bad enough with supposedly unbiased news outlets in the U.S. shill for one political ideology over another, but when an American newspaper becomes an advocate for a foreign rival, that's over the line. That's the opinion, at least, of a number of journalists and media experts who are questioning...

Senator pushes for GMO labeling in Washington State

1/17/2012 - Regardless of whether the Republicans or Democrats occupy the White House, federal regulatory officials continue to disregard concerns about genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), and stonewall all efforts to mandate proper GMO labeling. As a result, individual states are having to craft their own GMO...

Spontaneous social media revolution erupts, thousands say 'f*&% you' to Washington

7/26/2011 - Users of the popular social media site Twitter know that "trending" topics, or popular topics that are being "tweeted" about often on the site, are typically accompanied by "hash tags" that help better categorize and popularize them. Tweets about natural health, for instance, may contain "#naturalhealth"...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

7/8/2011 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Japan radiation detected in at least 15 states and in milk samples in Washington state

3/30/2011 11:37:15 PM - Radioactive isotopes unique to the Fukushima disaster are now being detected in at least 15 US states, according to recent reports from CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/03/28/radiation.us/index.html). And the Associated Press (AP) has issued a report claiming that milk samples taken in Washington...

With Obamacare ruled unconstitutional; states embrace limits on federal power

2/2/2011 - Federal Judge Roger Vinson ruled this week that the "individual mandate" portion of Obama's health care reform was unconstitutional, dealing a significant blow to the Obama administration's desire to force government-run health insurance on the entire U.S. population. Department of Justice spokespeople...

Vote NO for Congress - why Congress has failed the People on health care, debt and freedom

10/18/2010 - Ah, election season is upon us again, and the nation -- ever in dire need of some new disorder to treat with drugs -- is suffering from electile dysfunction. Nobody seems to know which political party or congressional candidates might lead us out of the national mess we're in today, with debt spiraling...

Sen. Harry Reid key player in Big Pharma's control over Washington

8/12/2010 - Corruption in Washington is nothing new. Lobbyists for special interests have been padding the pockets of amoral politicians for longer than most of us have been alive, and they've been doing so with the help of a controlled media that rarely presents the facts without shrouding them in terms of "left"...

Washington is Powerless to Stop the Coming Economic Depression

11/14/2008 - The U.S. is in the grip of fear. People are so worried about the collapse of the economy that they've stopped going to the mall, and they're cutting every expense they can think of to save money for the hard times ahead. They've even stopped going to Starbucks. Bankers too have pulled their purse strings...

Bailout, or Blowout? Financial "Rescue" Plan Turns into Mad Spending Spree

10/3/2008 - As the United States of America stands on the verge of irrecoverable bankruptcy, U.S. Senators have decided to orchestrate a final "blowout" spending spree by dressing up the financial bailout plan with so much bloated pork that no lawmaker can resist its lure. The so-called "rescue plan" (renamed from...

Lip Balm Bends Light, Defies Laws of Physics, Announces Washington Post

4/28/2008 - A new "sunlight scare story" report in the Washington Post claims that lip balm "attracts the sun's rays to the lips." This is certainly news to everybody who thought light traveled in a straight line. Apparently, lip balm can now alter the laws of physics and cause light to bend like, say, a planet...

Urgent: Stop the National Uniformity for Food Act (H.R. 4167) before it wipes out hundreds of food safety labeling laws

3/4/2006 - Keep up the pressure on your lawmakers to stop passage of H.R. 4167, a bill heavily supported by junk food manufacturers that would -- believe it or not -- make it ILLEGAL for States to protect their citizens from food products containing heavy metals, cancer causing chemicals, aspartame and other dangerous...

Communities which have Rejected Fluoridation Since 1990

2/28/2006 - "In about 60% of 2000 referenda held in the U.S. since 1950, fluoridation has been voted down." -- Zev Ramba, Washington Bureau Editor of AGD Impact (the publication of the Academy of General Dentistry). Quoted in the Chemical & Engineering News (8/1/88). "Avoid a referendum. The statistics are that...

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