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If leftists can nullify voting and immigration laws, can conservatives nullify election results?


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(NaturalNews) America has degraded into a rule of law free-for-all, where literally anything goes as long as it meets certain political correctness requirements. It's now okay, for instance, to break immigration laws if you're entering the U.S. illegally from another country, but not okay for citizens to buy and sell raw milk in many areas because it's "dangerous." And it's socially acceptable to take deadly pharmaceutical drugs if your doctor prescribes them, but not okay to consume natural healing substances like THC (cannabis) and psilocybin (mushrooms).

Particularly with immigration, the political "left" is currently going hog-wild over reasonable calls to enforce federal immigration laws following a recent illegal immigrant murder case in San Francisco, declaring anyone who wishes for immigrants to enter the U.S. the legal way a racist. It's the same thing they're doing with the Confederate battle flag, of course, which is another no-no topic that, should you support preserving this piece of American history, will also land you in the racist category.

The U.S. has become so obsessed with destroying itself from the inside, in fact, that more than 200 cities across the country have now declared themselves to be "sanctuary cities," which is just a politically correct way of saying that these cities have chosen not to enforce immigration laws and instead allow illegal immigrants access to rights and benefits that only American citizens are entitled to under the law.

This bleeding-heart mentality that America has an endless supply of resources to support anyone and everyone who wishes to cross our borders at any time, in violation of the law, is absurdly short-sighted. Such a mindset fails to recognize the long-term financial and economic consequences of flooding one's own country with countless "undocumented" immigrants who have unlimited access to welfare benefits, drivers licenses, housing, and other resources.

Nearly every sovereign nation on the planet has reasonable immigration laws in place to protect its own people and cultural identity - every nation except for the U.S., of course, which is now just a massive welfare office for whoever might show up on its doorstep. Illegal immigrants are apparently even allowed to vote now, with The Washington Post (WP) reporting that more than 14 percent of non-citizens sampled in both 2008 and 2010 self reported that they were registered to vote

Conservatives have right to nullify illegal actions by liberals

Since the law is apparently no longer relevant on these issues, at the behest of the political left, is the right now entitled to do whatever is expedient for its own interests? Will conservatives now have the opportunity to just nullify election results at will, for instance? The election process is clearly rigged anyway, after all, with Project Veritas Action having confirmed back in 2014 that voter fraud is "the normal way of doing business" in many areas.

Who's to say that conservative voters aren't justified in waltzing right into congressional chamber sand declaring that fraudulently elected officials aren't legitimate? If the political left can get away with essentially nullifying the law by openly violating it, then why can't the political right nullify the left's misgivings?

We're living in very interesting times, where "presidents" shamelessly violate the law and act as dictators, and where laws meant to protect American citizens are being trampled on at will to promote the interests of non-citizens. Something has to give, as all this corruption, law-breaking, and fascist cronyism can only go on for so long until anarchy breaks out, or worse.






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