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sex feature articles

Another TSA screener arrested on child porn possession
Published September 21 2012
Concepts: TSA, child, child porn, arrest, child pornography

Free IVF for same sex couples and women over 40 under new NHS guidelines
Published September 15 2012
Concepts: NHS, sex, SAMe, same sex couples, IVF

Criminal UK government threatens to raid Ecuadorian embassy in act of war to kidnap Julian Assange
Published August 25 2012
Concepts: UK government, Ecuador, UK, act of war, raid

Meditation and sex have the same effects on your brain, study shows
Published August 24 2012
Concepts: brain, meditation, sex, SAMe, study

Vaccine shills now pushing Gardasil jab on teens who don't even have sex
Published August 22 2012
Concepts: vaccine, Gardasil, WHO, HPV, sex

Chick-fil-A sandwiches contain MSG, HFCS and anti-foaming chemicals; eating them is a sin in the eyes of God
Published August 2 2012
Concepts: Chick-fil-A, MSG, free, food, WHO

Pediatricians or pedophiles? Over 100 children abused by Delaware pediatrician spanning 10 years
Published July 19 2012
Concepts: pediatrician, children, men, child, pediatricians

Fenugreek: nature's aphrodisiac
Published May 30 2012
Concepts: fenugreek, health, men, testosterone, herb

Priest that was fired on sex abuse allegations now happily works for the TSA
Published May 29 2012
Concepts: TSA, abuse, priest, sex abuse, sex

The Ultimate Conspiracy: Eugenics and population control (opinion)
Published May 18 2012
Concepts: population control, population, eugenics, sex, health

Survey: Married women overwhelmingly dissatisfied with sex life
Published May 12 2012
Concepts: men, sex, women, life, marriage

TSA continues to hire child porn criminals
Published April 18 2012
Concepts: TSA, child, child porn, sex, Boston

Six signs that your relationship may end suddenly
Published April 1 2012
Concepts: relationship, signs, men, life, sex

Maca enhances libido, increases sperm count, and reduces post-menopausal symptoms
Published March 18 2012
Concepts: maca, men, sex, libido, sperm count

Bladderwrack is a safe alternative to GMO soy to support women's health
Published February 29 2012
Concepts: Bladderwrack, soy, women, alternative, safe

Thirteen sensual aphrodisiac foods to improve your sex life
Published February 22 2012
Concepts: sex, aphrodisiac, foods, improve, man

Mass psychogenic illness or brain damage of unknown origin?
Published January 24 2012
Concepts: men, illness, HPV, girls, vaccine

Healthy Sex
Published January 23 2012
Concepts: sex, medicine, Chi, health, life

Orgasm Inc. film review: Big Pharma's disease mongering targets women's sexual behavior
Published January 1 2012
Concepts: film, Orgasm, sex, disease, disease mongering

FBI's new definition of rape ensnares TSA agents as serial rapists
Published December 8 2011
Concepts: rape, men, women, TSA, definition

The HPV vaccine - what do you really know about it?
Published October 14 2011
Concepts: vaccine, DNA, HPV, virus, Merck

Jerry Brown legalizes 12-year-old children giving 'consent' to Gardasil vaccine injections, but bans tanning beds for those under 18
Published October 10 2011
Concepts: vaccine, children, child, Jerry Brown, Gardasil

Doctors discover female reproductive system growing inside abdomen of Indian man admitted to hospital for stomach pains
Published August 20 2011
Concepts: hospital, doctors, stomach, organs, sex

Spice up your sex life with this simple curry spice
Published June 25 2011
Concepts: sex, spice, curry, life, fenugreek

Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals - how drug companies exploit female sexual dysfunction for profit
Published May 21 2011
Concepts: companies, drug, dysfunction, drug companies, sexual dysfunction

Drug injection delays puberty
Published April 22 2011
Concepts: drug, child, sex, drugs, children

HPV - The bad-girl of STDs
Published April 11 2011
Concepts: HPV, men, women, cancer, sex

New study - You can literally spice up your love life with spices
Published April 9 2011
Concepts: study, sex, spice, natural, life

The smell of pumpkin is a real turn-on for men
Published February 5 2011
Concepts: pumpkin, smell, arousal, men, research

Drug used for male pattern baldness makes men impotent, grows man boobs
Published January 17 2011
Concepts: men, drug, baldness, male pattern baldness, man

Sacred Chocolate bon-bon truffles are topped with rose petals, mango powder and even 24 carat gold
Published December 8 2010
Concepts: chocolate, truffles, sacred chocolate, men, cacao

TSA accused of sexual molestation of passengers and pilots
Published November 10 2010
Concepts: TSA, body, the TSA, molestation, scanner

Men who take Viagra have 200 percent increased risk of sexually transmitted disease
Published October 30 2010
Concepts: men, WHO, STD, risk, viagra

Common chemicals causing sex changes in animals
Published October 27 2010
Concepts: sex, chemicals, changes, sex changes, fish

Big Pharma trying to convince women they need to feel sexual desire all the time so they'll buy "female Viagra"
Published October 24 2010
Concepts: women, drug, Big Pharma, sex, sexual dysfunction

Quickly Relieve and Eliminate Painful Urinary Tract Infections
Published September 28 2010
Concepts: infection, urinary tract, infections, bladder, bacteria

HIV-positive man accused of exposing others to HIV seeks to overturn prison sentence because his viral load is so small
Published May 8 2010
Concepts: HIV, man, HIV-positive, sex, victims

New psychiatric disorders flag normal human behaviors as "diseases"
Published March 2 2010
Concepts: disorder, disorders, disease, WHO, human

Big Pharma Fabricates "Female Sexual Dysfunction" to Sell More Drugs
Published February 26 2010
Concepts: sex, Big Pharma, sell, drugs, women

Acupuncture improves sex drive and decreases hot flashes
Published January 28 2010
Concepts: acupuncture, sex drive, heal, sex, study

AIDS: The great medical con, explained by David Icke
Published January 12 2010
Concepts: AIDS, HIV, men, immune system, man

BPA exposure causes erectile dysfunction and other male sexual problems
Published November 25 2009
Concepts: BPA, man, exposure, dysfunction, erectile dysfunction

The AIDS myth exposed: Why experts are challenging conventional AIDS mythology
Published October 29 2009
Concepts: AIDS, natural, HIV, immune system, book

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part I
Published July 16 2009
Concepts: drug, drugs, report, mothers, treatment

Maca Restores Sexual Health without Raising Hormone Levels
Published June 9 2009
Concepts: maca, men, hormone, sex, health

Turn off the Lights for Healthier Sex Organs
Published May 24 2009
Concepts: lights, sex, cancer, body, melatonin

Sexual Functioning in Men can be Fully Restored Naturally
Published May 7 2009
Concepts: men, testosterone, rats, body, chrysin

Educator Lori Steiner Talks about Aging and Bioidentical Hormones
Published April 23 2009
Concepts: men, hormone, hormones, aging, health

Five Reasons You Can Thank Yoga for Better Sex
Published April 23 2009
Concepts: yoga, sex, reasons, health, men

Drug-Induced Fish: Hormone Causes Tilapia to Undergo Sex Change
Published April 6 2009
Concepts: fish, hormone, sex, tilapia, men

Psychiatric Hospital Operates Like Prison, with Sex Abuse and Violent Assaults
Published April 1 2009
Concepts: hospital, sex, patients, sex abuse, form

Scientists Warn Against Testosterone Patch to Boost Female Libido
Published March 5 2009
Concepts: testosterone, sex, testosterone patch, women, scientists

Sexual Dysfunction Study Reveals Poor Hormonal Health in Women and Men
Published January 30 2009
Concepts: sex, men, women, dysfunction, sexual dysfunction

Regular Sex Improves Health and Doubles Life Expectancy
Published January 22 2009
Concepts: sex, health, men, life, WHO

How to Enhance Sexual Libido Naturally
Published January 12 2009
Concepts: libido, sex, stress, how to, improve

Hormones Part VI: Low Testosterone in Men Linked to Huge Increase in Risk of Death
Published January 12 2009
Concepts: men, testosterone, hormone, hormones, Prostate

Genital Herpes May be Reversed with Natural Medicine
Published December 18 2008
Concepts: herpes, genital herpes, natural, virus, sex

Beware of Lethal Personal Care Products and Protect Your Children This Christmas
Published December 10 2008
Concepts: products, man, personal care, personal care products, deodorant

Bee Pollen: A Powerful Sex Drive Enhancer
Published November 12 2008
Concepts: sex, pollen, bee pollen, sex drive, life

Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga
Published October 22 2008
Concepts: sex, yoga, body, sex life, improve

What Is a Women to Do When It Comes to Hormones?
Published September 12 2008
Concepts: hormone, women, hormones, body, progesterone

Seven Superfoods for a Healthy Sex Life
Published September 10 2008
Concepts: sex, superfoods, healthy, libido, food

Studies Show That Maca Boosts Sex Drive
Published August 29 2008
Concepts: maca, sex, libido, studies, increase

A Healthy Heart Equals a Healthy Sex Life
Published August 16 2008
Concepts: heart, sex, healthy, healthy heart, health

The Condition of Your Mouth Can Reveal a Lot About Your Sex Life
Published August 13 2008
Concepts: sex, life, sex life, health, disease

Pumpkin Seeds Shown to Boost Sex Drive
Published August 11 2008
Concepts: sex, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, zinc, Prostate

Study Shows That the Birth Control Pill Lowers Libido
Published June 17 2008
Concepts: pill, birth, birth control, study, sex

The Most Essential Nutrients for a Strong Sex Drive
Published June 5 2008
Concepts: sex, nutrients, body, life, hormone

Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Sexual Tonic Herbs
Published June 4 2008
Concepts: herb, tonic, sex, herbs, Chi

Matt Monarch on Over Eating, Energy, Sex and Love on a Raw Food Diet
Published May 14 2008
Concepts: raw, food, eating, raw food, energy

Ten Super Foods to Boost Your Libido
Published April 11 2008
Concepts: sex, foods, men, increase, libido

Maine Middle School May Drug 11 Year Old Girls with Birth Control Patches
Published April 3 2008
Concepts: school, birth, birth control, Maine, drug

New Understanding of the Role of Testosterone in Women
Published March 28 2008
Concepts: testosterone, estrogen, women, life, sex

Men with Chronic Heart Failure Can Still Have Sex without Dying, Say Medical Researchers
Published March 11 2008
Concepts: heart, men, heart failure, sex, medical

The Link Between Obesity, Cancer, and Toxicity (Part 1)
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: cancer, obesity, fat, risk, toxicity

Use Selenium and Zinc to Ward Off Cancer and Boost Immunity
Published February 28 2008
Concepts: selenium, health, zinc, cancer, Chi

Governor Schwarzenegger Backed Immoral Sex Pheromone Spraying Continues...
Published February 8 2008
Concepts: men, chemical, human, heal, chemicals

MTV: Smut-Peddlers or Eco-Activists? Make Up Your Mind
Published December 8 2007
Concepts: MTV, 5, world, television, war

Absurd vaccine marketing calls for cervical cancer vaccinations for young boys!
Published August 29 2007
Concepts: cancer, vaccinations, vaccine, sex, cervical cancer

Cancer vaccines, little girls and the dirty business of Texas politics
Published February 6 2007
Concepts: vaccines, girls, vaccine, Texas, cancer

Lawmakers attempt to push mandatory sex disease vaccinations onto 11 year old girls
Published January 24 2007
Concepts: disease, mandatory, lawmakers, sex, vaccinations

Parents fights to save 9-year-old girls from mandatory HPV vaccinations
Published January 11 2007
Concepts: HPV, girls, parents, mandatory, vaccinations

Psychiatrist pressured five patients into radical sex changes after one office visit
Published October 20 2006
Concepts: patients, sex changes, psychiatrist, sex, man

Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham discusses healthy herbs that naturally increase sex drive without lethal side effects
Published August 11 2006
Concepts: sex, Chris Kilham, medicine, Hot Plants, sex drive

AOL search data reveals disturbing details about users
Published August 9 2006
Concepts: AOL, men, man, WHO, free

Advertising trains people to behave like lab rats
Published July 18 2005
Concepts: advertising, sex, people, behavioral conditioning, train

DHEA for weight loss: miracle drug or unproven experiment?
Published June 27 2005
Concepts: DHEA, men, hormone, weight, body

Viagra use causes infertility, says study; statins interfere with sex hormones
Published May 18 2004
Concepts: viagra, statins, sex, causes, infertility

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