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How to Build Your Financial Safety Net

A NaturalNews Special Report by Mike Adams
Which revenue opportunity is the Health Ranger going to announce in November?
MYSTERY COMPANY? Click here to find out about an upcoming health-related network marketing company Adams will be announcing in November... (and WHY he's not allowed to announce it yet on the home page...)

Table of Contents:
1. Welcome
2. Risky Business
3. State of Bankruptcy
4. Private Sector Money
5. Taking Charge
6. Income Streams
7. Basic Human Drivers
8. Your Magic Combination
9. Giving People What They Want
10. Dating Matters
11. The Five Rules
12. Seven Profitable Solutions
13. Revenue Models That Work
14. The Seventh Method
15. Window of Opportunity
16. Jump to Action
17. The Action Plan
18. Fifteen Resources
19. Effort is Required
20. Feed Your Brain
21. Review and Summary

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The Seventh Method

So far, we've covered six of the seven methods for generating revenue streams. Here's the seventh:

Revenue Method #7: Benefit from word-of-mouth marketing (network marketing)
Startup difficulty: Low
Startup cost: Low
Profit potential: Low to high

The ShopToEarth example we gave above is a hybrid combination of affiliate marketing and network marketing. In the pure network marketing space, there are THREE additional companies we currently recommend. (I'll be posting a full review on each of these three in upcoming feature articles on the website.)

Unlike the network marketing companies of the past, the new wave of health-oriented network marketing companies are redefining the industry. Coupled with visionary leadership, high-quality products and truly innovative compensation plans, this new generation of network marketing companies is providing the tools of health-related financial success to tens of thousands of people.

The real advantages of network marketing include extremely low startup costs stemming from the fact that your e-commerce, product fulfillment, website and promotional materials are already created for you. This eliminates the major hassles of starting your own small business.

The drawback of network marketing companies has, for a long time, been the reluctance on the part of most people to "sell" products or introduce other people to the business, but the highly innovative concepts and compensation structures underlying today's newest network marketing companies tends to overcome those obstacles in ways that might surprise you.

In all, there are four network marketing organizations NaturalNews now supports (our financial involvement, if any, is disclosed below each one):

Moxxor - (Omega-3-rich green-lipped mussel oil)

Moxxor is a brand new network marketing company based on a unique line of marine omega-3 oils grown in pristine aquaculture farms in the fjords of New Zealand. The company is so new, we don't yet have permission to announce it on the home page (that's coming soon), but we've sent emails to a few of our subscribers who wanted to join early, and so far about 220 people have joined the NaturalNews team.

The entire company only has about 500 people so far, so NaturalNews is nearly half the company! This company has a brilliant compensation plan, solid financial backing and a truly remarkable marine omega-3 oil that just blows away all the other sources of omega-3 oils I've ever seen. (According to the research, it's 248 times more potent than salmon oil in terms of its anti-inflammatory properties...)

Read the surprising story on how I met Moxxor at www.NaturalNews.com/000002.html

Financial involvement disclaimer: We receive funds as a Moxxor distributor and plan to use them to expand NaturalNews operations. Enroll at: www.NaturalNews.com/NaturalNewsTeam.asp or read the story above for more details.

Amazon Herb Company - (Rainforest herbs from South America)

AHC is a company I've openly supported for years, even speaking at their annual summit. The company has a superb product line of super-potent rainforest herbs that are simply incredible. Since I'm not involved with the company, I can't recommend a particular signup page for you, but search around for "Amazon Herb Company" if you're interested in enrolling.

Financial involvement disclaimer: We have zero financial involvement with AHC and have never been paid anything to publicize the company (or its products). Their corporate website is www.AmazonHerb.net

Elements for Life - (Superfood products, high-vibration organization)

Elements for Life is a very young, superfood-focused "fractal marketing" company led by true visionaries. It sells hard-core superfood nutrition products like goji berries, HealthForce superfood powders, raw cacao, tonic gold, marine phytoplankton and many others. I first met the founders at the Best Weekend Ever, then again at Raw Spirit Festival, and came to respect their integrity, vision and intelligence. This is the highest-vibration network marketing company I've ever discovered.

NaturalNews joined Elements for Life on October 5, 2008, and immediately donated our entire distributorship to a health freedom fund that helps raise money for the legal defense of those being targeted for censorship or arrest by the FDA. This fund means we receive absolutely no financial compensation from Elements for Life, and 100% of the earnings are redirected to crucial health freedom campaigns that defend your access to nutritional supplements.

Our page: www.NaturalNewsElements.com

Who to contact if you want to learn more:

Steve 800-722-3410 (handles West Coast, Mountain Time and Hawaii)
[email protected]

Lenette Nakauchi 626-419-0766 (handles central time, based in Chicago) [email protected]

Liran Hirschkorn 917-916-2484 (handles NY and East Coast regions) [email protected]

Financial involvement disclaimer: We've donated 100% of our funds to the NaturalNews / Elements for Life Health Freedom Fund. I personally receive nothing from this, nor does NaturalNews.

ShopToEarth - (Hybrid health products shopping portal with network marketing compensation plan)

ShopToEarth doesn't fit the usual model of a network marketing company. Rather than having its own products, ShopToEarth is simply an online shopping portal to products people already purchase anyway: Nutiva, Dr. Bronner's, Delicious Greens, Citrus Magic, Tiger Balm, etc.

It's a really smart system, actually: You simply shop through the ShopToEarth portal, and show others how to shop through that portal (using your unique web URL, of course), and you can start building a very healthy revenue stream that can continue for years. Launched in March of 2008, a whopping 40,000+ distributors are already signed up, and people are earning real money with this program.

We're involved as a distributor, and we're planning on using the funds to support and expand NaturalNews operations. If you want to enroll under the NaturalNews team, go to www.ShopToEarth.net/NaturalNews then click on "My Account" (top right), and then click on "Join Now" (top right). From there, you can enroll as a broker, which will get you your own website URL, and you can start earning revenues immediately when other people purchase health products or enroll from your website.

If you have questions, call Suzy Karasik at 209-710-8299 or email SuzyK at naturalnews dot com.

Financial Disclaimer: NaturalNews is a distributor with ShopToEarth, and we receive revenues just like any other distributor. We plan to put those revenues to use supporting and expanding NaturalNews operations.

NEXT: How much time do you have left before the financial turmoil worsens?

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