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Top 10 vulnerable moments that send former smokers back to cigarettes

Heavy metals

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(NaturalNews) Most former smokers know the feeling of needing a cigarette in order to deal with a certain situation, and if they can work their way through that initial craving, then it's possible to remain a healthier individual. As such, a person can add years to their life, which likely would not have been the case if they started smoking again.

Why is it that some people are able to maintain their ability to stop smoking while those who once quit -- even for a long while -- choose to resume the unhealthy habit? Undoubtedly, the answers vary by personal circumstance, but one thing is certain: most former smokers need help as they begin the process of stopping so that they can become a non-smoker for good.

Therefore, it's important to be mindful of vulnerable moments that can easily trigger a former smoker to start puffing again.

Top 10 situations that drive former smokers back to the bad habit

1. Something stressful happens and it's freaking you out.

2. You're at a bar, with a drink in hand, and nearby someone is smoking your old brand.

3. A triple whammy: you find yourself in the same place you frequently smoked, in the same situation and with the same friends or coworkers who still smoke and offer you one.

4. You cave in, refusing to recall how unhealthy (and ostracized) you were as a smoker.

5. You're on vacation and "all bets are off" when it comes to eating and "luxury" habits.

6. You discover you have an illness and/or develop the "we're all going to die anyway" mentality.

7. You're going through relationship difficulties.

8. You're making more money so you can afford cigarettes now.

9. You've tried medications like Chantix or Zyban, but the anxiety and nightmares are unbearable.

10. Everyone around you is negative, so you cope by lighting up.

Heavy metals lurk in popular cigarettes

In the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, researched numerous cigarette brands to test their heavy metal levels. His findings, which involved a process that can detect heavy metals down to parts per billion (ppb) concentrations, revealed significant lead in all cigarettes tested.

In fact, Adams found more lead in the most popular cigarettes than he found in most brands of rice protein based on research published last year. This is scary because cigarette smoke is inhaled into the lungs which provides a direct pathway for lead to enter the bloodstream. High levels of lead and aluminum are significant sources of heavy metals poisoning.

Just how much lead are we talking about?

According to the findings, American Spirit (Full Bodied) has 466 ppb, Marlboro (Gold) has 483 ppb and Camel (Filtered) has 606 ppb.

When it comes to aluminum, those same brands have 246,938 ppb, 230,400 ppb and 257,907, respectively. Of course, there are many more brands with heavy metals and health-harming chemicals; be sure to check out the entire list for all the details.

Adams also found arsenic in many cigarettes. Add in some mercury from flu shots and between the two, what have you got? A body brimming with heavy metal poisons. How do you quit a heavy metal poisoning habit? Refuse vaccinations, yes, but also quit smoking.

The Americans who smoke should realize there's a way out. It begins with recognizing the aforementioned vulnerability moments, possessing a knowledge of just how toxic cigarettes are and then getting help with a beneficial program to help you quit.

How to alkalize the body and quit smoking in 14 days

You will never return to smoking once you alkalize your body.

It is well documented that the typical contemporary Western food "regimen" can put you in a state of metabolic acidosis. To escape from this disease-inclined state, turn to a daily habit of organic fruits and vegetables. Refrain from consuming meat, milk, gluten, animal fat and sugar.

A prolonged state of metabolic acidosis leeches calcium and magnesium from your bones. This can eventually cause osteoporosis, kidney stone formation and even kidney damage. Switching to a plant-based diet can restore your body to an alkaline state that will help it heal and boost its energy.

Also, if you or a loved one is tempted to return to smoking, tell them about an amazing 60-minute video course that combines chemical knowledge with behavior modification. It discusses the importance of superfood nutrition and teaches you how to stop smoking in 14 days or less, naturally.

The health benefits obtained from quitting smoking -- and staying smoke-free -- are much better than the momentary relief found by taking a drag during a stressful time or from the feel-good memories of lighting up in a familiar location.

Don't become vulnerable; be strong and stay healthy. You can do it.

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