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Nutrition kicks the cigarette fix

Thursday, August 08, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: nutrition, cigarettes, addiction

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(NaturalNews) How can someone wean themselves off nicotine by infusing the proper nutrition that kills the cravings, replenishes a depleted system, and helps bring back positive feelings and experiences associated with smoking? How is this done? From Maca to Mucuna, to alkalizing the body, nutrition is the yellow brick road for quitting smoking for good. In fact, the little "pep" smokers get from nicotine can easily be replaced with natural remedies, if the smokers only knew how, but hardly any cessation programs even mention nutrition, herbs or tinctures, and when they do, it's only "touch and dismiss," so the smokers don't really ever research it, try it, or succeed with it. There is a method that has proven results, and quitting smoking isn't just about ending a nicotine fix, it's about reclaiming your healthy life and helping everyone around you that has to deal with second hand and yes, third hand smoke.

In case you weren't aware, second hand smoke kills 600,000 people worldwide every year. (http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com). Add to that a newfound mutagenic known as third hand smoke, which is toxic residue from cigarette smoke that adheres to practically every surface, including hair, skin, clothing, carpeting, ceilings, furniture and paint. Plus, it becomes increasingly dangerous over time. I've personally seen a ceiling turn completely yellowish-brown from a smoker who filled a single room with exhaled tar and pesticide at 2 packs a day for one year. Living in conditions like this affect the body's ability to detoxify at all, and this leads to major nutrient deficiencies for anyone spending time in that environment.

Superfoods "Dynamic Duo" ends the nicotine cravings

The key to quitting smoking and never lighting up again, or even ever wanting to, is to combine superfoods and behavior modification, and then you can escape cigarettes! And just what is the "Dynamic Duo Secret" to killing the cravings and escaping the nicotine prison? Well, without the "nic" patch, the pills, the gum, or electronic cigarettes, what other option is out there besides cold turkey, which only works for about 5% of those who attempt it? The dynamic duo "M&M" entails supplementing with Maca and Mucuna, two superfood/powder supplements most people have never even heard of, much less consumed. Superfood enthusiasts know all about the incredible nutritional powers of Maca. Grown in the high Andes mountains of Peru, Maca is packed with proteins, tannins and complex alkaloids, and can be added to any smoothie. (http://www.naturalnews.com) Where do you get high quality Maca? Mike Adams recommends this superfood and sells it at the Natural News Store online. (http://store.naturalnews.com). Most health food stores carry it also.

Mucuna is the amazing herbal adaptogen

Then you have Mucuna, also known as velvet bean, which is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers worldwide who have the will to quit smoking but just can't clip that "nic-fix." Mucuna helps the weaning smoker balance out mood swings and dampen or even remove withdrawal symptoms
(http://www.naturalnews.com). This amazing herbal adaptogen is also a potent herbal aphrodisiac! An Indian herb also known as buffalo beans, the pod is simply ground up into a powder and put into capsules to help regulate dopamine efficiency in the body. This is where most smokers fall off the "cold turkey" attempts, because their dopamine levels are low or even non-existent without nicotine. Infuse Mucuna and they feel like they just took a drag, except this is all natural, so bye-bye cancer sticks! Mucuna is even known to treat Parkinson's disease. There is excellent research on this: (http://www.secrets-of-longevity-in-humans.com). So where do you get high quality Mucuna? Puritan's Pride, of course. (http://www.puritan.com)

Alkalize the body and quit smoking in 14 days

Finally, smokers, you will never return to smoking once you alkalize your body. It is well documented that the typical contemporary Western food "regimen" can put you in a state of "metabolic acidosis." What's the escape from this disease-inclined state of existence? Organic fruits and vegetables are the answer. Get off meat, milk, gluten, grease and sugar and get a vegetable juicer and a smoothie "bullet" blender. Prolonged metabolic acidosis leeches calcium and magnesium from your bones and can lead to osteoporosis, kidney stone formation and kidney damage. This switch over to a plant and fruit based regimen provides instant energy, vitality, and detoxification. Also, drink only spring water or water that has been treated through reverse osmosis. Never drink tap water! Learn how to beat fatigue and stress by alkalizing. Get wise and alkalize: (http://www.planetnaturopath.com)

Finally, where do you combine chemical knowledge, behavior modification and Superfood nutrition in a one hour instructional video that teaches you how to stop smoking in 14 days or less, naturally? This can be simple. Don't make it complicated. Watch the free preview of 14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally presented by Mike Adams on NaturalNewsTV: (http://premium.naturalnews.tv).

This is the break you've been waiting for. Let nutrition kick your cigarette fix, because when you kill the urge to smoke, you cut the habit naturally. Also, if you are not a smoker yourself, but you know someone who wants to quit, make sure they know about the dynamic duo, Maca and Mucuna. "Sanity" and good health for all smokers is just a click away!

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