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Part II, Toxicity and Your Child: What Every Parent Needs to Know about the Solutions

Monday, October 11, 2010 by: Megan Rostollan
Tags: toxicity, child, health news

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(NewsTarget) Toxicity is a problem for all of us today. We are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis. The effects of those toxins present themselves in a host of complaints including allergies, asthma, developmental delays, obesity, and more. These are problems that are affecting us as well as our children. Now before you throw up your hands in defeat, lamenting that you`ll never be able to protect your child`s health, take heart! There is much you can do to improve your child`s chances of growing into a happy, healthy adult.

As much as 2/3 of a woman`s toxic load is passed on to her child in utero. Prior to conception, consider seeking out the help of a knowledgeable health-care provider to detoxify. But what if you already have a child?

A health and cost-saving alternative to disposable diapers is to go back to what your grandparents used: cloth. Though the initial cost is higher than disposables, over the diaper-wearing lifetime of your child you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars and probably save on medical bills, too! Most quality cloth diapers will last through 2 children. Cloth diapers are also a superior choice for the environment over disposables which sit in landfills, never breaking down.

Breastfeeding is possibly the most health protective decision you can make for your baby. (And don`t forget there are health benefits for mom, too, such as decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, reduced risk of osteoporosis, and a swifter return to pre-pregnancy weight, as well as slowing the return of menses which can aid in natural child-spacing). This is especially true if you have had a chance to detoxify prior to conception. Infant formulas are inferior for your baby's health, and especially dangerous due to their likelihood of being contaminated by various chemicals. If you are in the small minority of women who cannot breastfeed even after consulting with lactation specialists, making your own formula at home is safer and healthier than commercial formulas. Breastfeeding has many additional health benefits besides protecting your child from toxins (1).

As more parents are becoming aware of the dangers to the health of their children, it is increasingly easier to find healthy alternatives for all of your baby`s needs. Organic infant clothing and bedding can be found at specialty boutiques and online. Another health-protective option is to consider keeping your infant in your own bed, especially if you have a natural-fiber or organic mattress. Bed-sharing is safe and health protective when performed properly, but should never be done if your bed is small, or you or your partner are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or are otherwise impaired (2).

Food sources can also be problematic once your child is weaned. All parents want to be sure their children are eating vegetables, but what are you to do when even the vegetables are no longer safe due to being heavily sprayed with chemicals? Shopping organic as often as possible is ideal. If you think you cannot afford it consider going over your household budget for other areas to cut back on. When money is still tight, keep in mind the most and least heavily sprayed fruits and vegetables (3) and shop accordingly. Look into local farms and markets as sources of fresh, pastured eggs and non-antibiotic treated meats (ideally grass-fed and organic), as well as fresh organic produce.

Lastly when it comes to infant hygiene products think "organic"! There are many gentle baby care lines available today that do not contain carcinogenic or other harsh, damaging chemicals.


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About the author

Megan Rostollan is a Certified Family Herbalist and works with her husband David, a private natural health and nutrition consultant (www.reforminghealth.com). She is also the author of a blog which can be found at NaturalHousewifery.com. Her areas of greatest interest include women's reproductive and prenatal health, as well as organic and green living and dietary and lifestyle changes.

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