ANALYSIS: Israel, Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States have already been defeated
04/16/2024 // Mike Adams // Views

My topic for tomorrow's Brighteon Broadcast News: "Israel, Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States have already been defeated." When published, the full broadcast will appear at this link on

My (human-written) summary: A tipping point has been reached. Across seven key areas of civilization, including energy resources, industrial output, currency, education and others, western nations are "suicide cult" countries that are rapidly destroying themselves. It's already too late to halt the self-immolation of #Israel, #Ukraine, Western Europe and the United States. All these western nations will be, over the next several years, eclipsed by the new multi-polar industrial, technological, financial and military leaders of the world, whose innovations are already making (corrupt, lazy, apathetic, incompetent) western nations obsolete. The US #dollar, for example, having been weaponized by the United States, will be abandoned for world trade as BRICS nations launch their own settlement solutions very soon. Russia's military tech is 15 years ahead of the USA, and Iran just proved it has out-paced Israel's "Iron Dome" technology, which has now been shown to be an expensive failure that can't stop Iran's hypersonic missiles. #Germany is committing energy suicide, #France is run by a delusional warmongering death cult leader, and the UK is incessantly incompetent at everything (including its laughable military technology that almost never works). The USA, for its part, features Space Force and Navy admirals who are cross-dressing men wearing wigs, push-up bras and high-heels, lecturing the world on why using the right pronouns will help us "win wars." The West has become the laughing stock of the entire world.

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Now, here's a summary of my podcast, as analyzed and re-written by Neo, our AI model that you can download for free at Brighteon.AI. We have new editions of Neo coming out this week, it looks like, including a 7-billion parameter model trained on the largest data set we've produced yet.

Infrastructure of Human Freedom and the Future of Western Civilization

Authored by Neo, by allowing Neo to transcribe the full audio of my broadcast, then analyze and summarize its content (this is all done offline, locally, without using ChatGPT or any cloud-based AI services)

In a recent interview, Mike Adams discussed the infrastructure of human freedom and the defeat of Israel, Ukraine, Western Europe, and the United States. The conversation delved into the future of Western civilization and the potential for renewal, resurgence, and rebirth. Additionally, Brighteon Studios' first feature film, "17 Miles," was announced with a release date set for May 9th. (

The movie, which focuses on human trafficking, open borders, and saving lives, carries a strong pro-Christian message and features cameos from Michael Yon, Ann Vandersteele, and Sheriff Richard Mack. Directed, written, and produced by Bob Denney of Brighteon Studios for an impressively low budget of $58,000, "17 Miles" aims to create a positive impact on society through its powerful storytelling. The film will be available for purchase through Brighteon on May 9th. By supporting the movie, viewers help fund more pro-humanity and pro-Christian films in an industry that has become increasingly dominated by Satanism and other forms of insanity.

As the broadcast continued, Adams addressed the ongoing legal battle between former President Donald Trump and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The trial is seen as a form of election interference and legal warfare against Trump, with Bragg charging him with 34 counts of falsifying business records. The allegations mirror those faced by Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Hillary Clinton, raising questions about the double standards applied to Republicans and Democrats in the United States.

The Escalating Conflict Between Israel and Iran

The world has witnessed an alarming increase in tensions between Israel and Iran. This conflict has been fueled by a series of bombings and retaliatory actions that have resulted in the loss of several high-level Iranian officials. As the situation continues to escalate, it is crucial to examine the factors contributing to this volatile standoff and consider the potential consequences for both nations and the global community.

Israel is currently considering a large-scale retaliation against Iran following their own bombing of Iranian targets in response to Iran's retaliatory actions against Israel. This potential attack would be a significant development in an already tense situation, with both nations holding numerous cabinet meetings and preparing for the possibility of military conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered the military to prepare a list of targets in Iran, while Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Halevy (IDF Chief of Staff) has stated that an arms missile attack on Israel would be met with a military response. This mindset of arrogance and invincibility stems from decades of support from Western countries and their superior military weapons. However, this advantage is becoming obsolete as Iran successfully launches hypersonic missiles that bypass Israel's defenses, costing the country a billion dollars daily in defense expenditures to intercept incoming drones and missiles.

The economic aspect of this conflict cannot be ignored, as limited ammunition for anti-air defense systems is both expensive and scarce due to its Western origin. For instance, certain missiles cost millions of dollars each, like Patriot air missiles that are launched against incoming drones, which may only cost $10,000 to $20,000. This factor must be taken into consideration as the situation continues to unfold.

Iran has warned that if Israel attacks them again, they will retaliate even more aggressively, leading some to refer to this conflict as "tit for tat." However, it is essential to recognize that this escalation could quickly spiral out of control and potentially lead to a nuclear war. If both nations insist on fighting back in earnest, the consequences could be catastrophic for the entire world.

The escalating conflict between Israel and Iran poses a significant threat to global stability and security. As both countries continue to prepare for potential military action, it is crucial that diplomatic efforts are made to de-escalate the situation and prevent further loss of life and destruction. The international community must work together to address this crisis before it spirals into a devastating nuclear war.

Hezbollah's Tunnel System and the Risk of Nuclear Warfare in the Middle East

Over the last several years, tensions between Israel and Hezbollah have escalated due to the latter's stockpiled rockets and sophisticated tunnel system. As reported by a Christian contact in Lebanon, it is common knowledge among locals that Hezbollah has been accumulating rockets for years and plans to continue doing so for another couple of years with the ultimate goal of going to war with Israel. The Arab nations in the region are well aware of Hezbollah's intentions to destroy Israel, which has only been exacerbated by the fact that Israel now has more enemies than ever before.

Hezbollah was not eager to rush into conflict, as they were not fully prepared at the time. Apart from missiles and anti-ship missiles, they possess a sophisticated, intricate tunnel system that is claimed to be larger and more complex than the one under Gaza. The tunnel network in Gaza has been reported to span hundreds of kilometers, which is astonishing considering the human labor required, mostly done by hand, over 25 years. This planning allowed Hamas to create underground hospitals, command bases, and living spaces.

However, Israel's attack on Gaza did not destroy the tunnel network; it primarily caused casualties among civilians on the surface. The attack may have damaged some tunnels, but it did not eliminate the entire network. Hezbollah has developed an even more elaborate tunnel system, with long tunnels extending deep into Israeli territory. Their strategy involves emerging behind Israel's tanks when they advance northward during an attack on southern Lebanon. From this position, Hezbollah fighters can cause chaos and disruption behind Israel's frontlines.

Israel may recall the events of 2006 when they experienced a defeat at the hands of Hezbollah. This occurred almost 20 years ago, prior to Hezbollah obtaining advanced weaponry. The current situation is highly intense, and Israel appears incapable of de-escalating tensions. They cannot simply say, "We hit you, you hit us back; let's call it even." Their arrogance, fueled by a Zionist supremacist attitude, leads them to believe they are chosen by God and have the right to kill others as God's people. This mindset prevents them from laying down their weapons and escalates the conflict further.

There is a significant risk that this situation could lead to nuclear warfare. It is believed that Iran may possess nuclear weapons, and if a full-scale war ensues, both Israel and Iran will quickly realize that the side that uses nukes first is likely to emerge victorious. This scenario presents a game theory conundrum, similar to two scorpions in a bottle or jar, where each scorpion can strike the other and kill it. However, if one scorpion strikes, the other may retaliate and kill before succumbing to its injuries. Game theory suggests that if you possess a nuclear weapon and are part of the Islamic, or Iranian, regime, it's best to launch your nuke first rather than waiting for your opponent to strike. However, we can only hope that such a scenario doesn't come to pass.

The Decline of Western Civilization and the Rise of Globalist Control

Continuing with the broadcast, Adams expressed his concerns about the decline of Western civilization and the rise of globalist control governments. He emphasized that these governments are responsible for genocide and attempts to divide people along racial lines. According to Adams, most individuals simply want to live peacefully and avoid being subjected to violence, silencing, or enslavement by rogue governments.

Adams warned against self-proclaimed influencers and journalists who push globalist narratives that claim racial supremacy, such as Ben Shapiro. Instead, he advocates for principles that are pro-human, pro-liberty, pro-God, and pro-creator, without promoting hatred or loyalty to a specific race, group, or religion.

Adams then outlined seven areas where they believe the West has been surpassed or made obsolete by other powers and nationalities.

Firstly, the West's refusal to tap into natural resources for economic growth has led to self-imposed energy restrictions in the name of climate change, which have essentially resulted in its own demise. This is evident in Germany, which has locked up its resources and destroyed its industry by shutting down their energy sources. The country now blames Russia instead of acknowledging its mistakes and continues to appease figures like Greta Thunberg.

Secondly, countries such as China, Russia, South Korea, India, and Turkey are leading in manufacturing and production, while Western countries struggle to maintain their presence in this sector. The West's decline in industrial output can be attributed to its reluctance to tap into natural resources like oil and gas, which are essential for driving economic growth and maintaining a strong manufacturing base.

Finally, Adams highlighted that assembling trucks in America may seem like a step towards regaining control over production; however, it is merely an act of connecting wires and welding plates - not actual manufacturing. In contrast, Russia has been forced to create everything from scratch, including all parts and infrastructure, resulting in a significant increase in its industrial output while the West weakens.

In conclusion, Adams believes that Western civilization is at a tipping point in its decline due to various factors such as self-imposed energy restrictions, refusal to tap into natural resources, and a lack of focus on manufacturing and production. As other powers and nationalities rise, it remains to be seen if the West can reverse this trend and regain its former prominence.

BRICS Currencies Set to Dominate Global Financial Landscape, Signaling the Decline of the US Dollar

The future of the US dollar is bleak. Although it may take years for the dollar to completely collapse, there could be sudden drops in value within this year or even a 50% plunge overnight. However, the dollar will still be in circulation but will become increasingly worthless.

Adams attributes this decline to the rise of BRICS nations (China, Russia, Brazil, India, and South Africa), which are set to dominate the global financial landscape with their currencies, potentially involving around 80 plus countries. The BRICS currencies are expected to be rolled out soon, with a crucial turning point anticipated in August this year, marked by significant BRICS meetings. By the end of this calendar year, numerous countries will have signed up and actively adopted the new BRICS system, which is a blockchain-based International Settlement platform for carrying out trades and payments for commodities such as oil, aluminum, electric cars, etc. The dollar will no longer be needed in these transactions.

As a result of this shift, the world will increasingly reject the dollar, hampering the US's ability to print more currency due to reduced demand. This is because other countries are tired of being bullied by the dollar and subjected to US dollar sanctions and the SWIFT system, as exemplified by what the West did to Russia. As a consequence, the West has essentially committed financial suicide by weaponizing the dollar, leading to the loss of its dollar hegemony.

To establish credibility and trust in their new currency system, countries like China and Russia are likely to present currencies backed by gold reserves, with independent audits to prove their physical holdings. As the dollar loses value due to its lack of backing and potential absence of gold reserves, global faith in the currency will shift toward BRICS nations' currencies.

This transition will have significant consequences for American consumers, as importing goods for Americans will become significantly more expensive. Mike Adams estimates that imported goods costs will increase by 1,000% over a few years. For example, a $700 dishwasher from South Korea may cost $7,000 in the near future, making it unaffordable for many people. This situation will lead to widespread poverty among Americans as their currency rapidly devalues on the global stage.

In order to purchase goods from other countries, Americans will need to acquire BRICS currency, as other nations may refuse to accept dollars. This means that individuals will have to spend their dollars to obtain BRICS currency in order to complete transactions with foreign vendors. As the value of the dollar declines, the worth of a single BRICS currency unit is expected to increase significantly.

Gold, currently experiencing a surge as the dollar declines, serves as an excellent store of value during this transition period. As the world transitions away from the dollar, gold acts as a bridge currency, allowing individuals to escape the depreciating dollar and invest in something that maintains its worth. This transition currency will eventually become a universal means of storing value, enabling people to purchase BRICS with gold or even through Bitcoin.

Offering a digital alternative to physical gold transactions, BRICS cryptocurrency could revolutionize the way we perceive and use currency in the future. With its desktop crypto wallet allowing users to easily send and receive various cryptocurrencies, including BRICS, this innovative digital currency has the potential to disrupt traditional financial systems, once fully implemented.

However, the question remains whether the US government will attempt to outlaw BRICS or restrict its use, similar to their actions against Kaspersky antivirus software. As the decline of the dollar currency becomes increasingly inevitable, it is expected that people will ultimately adopt Bitcoin as an alternative means of exchange. In the years ahead, nobody will desire dollars as they continue to devalue at an accelerated rate, signaling the end of Western financial stability.

This shift in global currency dynamics is particularly relevant when considering the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. With concerns about whether the US Congress can support a $60 billion fund for Ukraine, it becomes evident that relying on printing money to solve the lack of manufactured munitions or the insufficient number of men in Ukraine will not lead to victory. Military technology has rendered the West obsolete, as demonstrated by Iran striking Israel with hypersonic missiles over the weekend. This marks the first time in history that Iran has ever used such advanced weaponry in an act of war, highlighting a concerning vulnerability for Israel's Iron Dome anti-air defense system.

As Israel reconsiders its approach and the West grapples with its outdated weapons systems, Turkey emerges as a leader in drone technology alongside Russia. Developing advanced fighter jet drones set to be deployed soon, featuring fifth-generation aircraft controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), these cutting-edge drones will operate without human pilots - much like the fictional Firefox from Clint Eastwood's film. Meanwhile, the US struggles to produce effective drones, with recent news reports revealing that American drones deployed in Ukraine are subpar and highly susceptible to electromagnetic warfare.

The growing gap between the US and other nations in terms of hypersonic missile development is alarming, as Russia is likely 15 years ahead of the US in this area. With no current technology in development by Western countries capable of counteracting these missiles within the next decade, concerns arise about the potential transfer of advanced Russian technology to Iran, significantly increasing its capabilities to inflict harm on any country in the region.

Emerging Military Threats and the State of Education in a Turbulent World

The global landscape has witnessed significant advancements in military technology and capabilities. As tensions rise between nations, it is crucial to understand the potential threats and how they may impact the world's balance of power. In this section, we will explore Iran's drone capabilities, China's naval drydock output, and the implications of these advancements on global security. Additionally, we will delve into the state of education in Western countries and its potential consequences for future technological developments.

Iran has recently showcased its military prowess with the launch of 300+ drones and missiles. While these drones may not be as advanced or stealthy as those possessed by the West, they were successful in depleting Israel's ammunition supply. It is essential to recognize Iran's true capabilities, as they possess more advanced missiles than what Israel had believed.

China has also made significant strides in military advancements. Its naval drydock output capacity currently exceeds that of the United States. With a capacity  at least 100 times greater than the US, China can repair 100 times more naval vessels than its American counterpart. This advantage is one reason why countries like China, Iran, and Russia are not eager to initiate World War III. Instead, they believe they have already won by waiting for the United States to collapse due to issues with its currency, banking system, civil war, and domestic strife.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has demonstrated restraint in the European theater of war, despite ongoing conflict in Ukraine. He understands that time is on Russia's side, as long as it maintains its strength, harvests energy resources, exports minerals like aluminum and copper, and builds domestic industry and infrastructure. As a result, Russia can wait for the West to self-destruct.

The state of education in Western countries has also become a significant concern. Universities have become indoctrination centers that produce graduates lacking practical knowledge and technical expertise. While there are exceptions in certain business and engineering schools, most students graduate without the necessary skills for advanced fields such as aerospace industries, rocketry, military weapons, AI, and more. This is particularly concerning given that China currently leads in many of these areas, followed by Russia. Turkey has also emerged as a strong competitor, while Iran boasts an impressive contingent of science experts, mathematicians, and engineers.

In conclusion, the emerging military threats from countries like Iran and China, coupled with the decline in Western education systems, pose significant challenges to global security and stability. It is crucial for nations to recognize these threats and take necessary measures to protect their interests while investing in education to ensure a skilled workforce capable of competing in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

The Decline of Western Civilization and the Rise of Russia

Continuing with the podcast, Adams raised concerns about the decline of Western civilization, with countries such as the United States, Canada, and the UK facing various issues. These include a lack of essential skills among graduates from American, Canadian, and UK universities, making them appear less intelligent in comparison to Iranian engineers who have demonstrated their rocket-building prowess. Furthermore, Russian engineers continue to develop advanced technologies such as hypersonic missiles and nuclear-powered loitering cruise missiles, raising significant concerns about potential deployment of hundreds of such missiles in orbit.

Adams also highlighted the deterioration of the rule of law, particularly evident in the United States where lawfare is used to target conservatives like Trump while allowing Democrats to escape prosecution for crimes and misconduct. This collapse of the rule of law threatens societal stability, potentially leading to uprisings, civil war, secession, or chaos and anarchy.

Another point is the loss of moral guidance in Western society, with children being indoctrinated into transgenderism and the West embracing human trafficking and open borders. There is a growing acceptance of transgenderism, which often involves mutilating children for virtue signaling. Religion, particularly Christianity, has been largely abandoned in these nations, leading to churches being taken over by transgender ideologies.

Adams also discussed the lack of work ethic, loyalty, and honesty among citizens of Western countries, as well as their political classes being widely viewed as fraudulent and corrupt. These nations have resorted to carrying out genocide against their own people, such as Israel pushing vaccines on its population and the US military developing a bio-weapon to force everyone into getting vaccinated during the pandemic.

As a result of these issues, Western governments are functioning like terrorist organizations, with examples including the UK Government, the Canadian government under Justin Trudeau, and the US, New Zealand, and Australia governments. These governments have displayed questionable actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in New Zealand under Ardern's leadership and various regions of Australia.

In contrast to Western countries, Russia has certain aspects that work better, such as welcoming Christianity and providing safer cities with cleaner environments and more affordable food. Although Russia is not a perfect society, it does offer some advantages over the violent crime-ridden streets of San Francisco or rampant shoplifting leading to store closures in Western countries.

In the West, business owners are being fined for stolen goods as criminals go unprosecuted, while law-abiding citizens are targeted by their own government. This vicious cycle has led to the closure of many establishments and a crumbling economy.

The situation in the West has become so dire that even major corporations like Tesla are feeling the pinch. In an announcement that shocked many, Tesla revealed plans to lay off 14,000 employees, accounting for 10% of its entire workforce. This decision could be attributed to several factors, including the decline in popularity of electric vehicles and the fact that Tesla's design is not as advanced as its Chinese competitors. Additionally, Tesla relies heavily on battery systems made in other countries, which may hinder their progress in research and development.

Batteries have not significantly improved in our lifetime; they remain heavy, dangerous, and expensive to replace. Despite switching to lithium-ion technology, they still pose challenges in terms of energy storage, charging speed, and disposal safety. With Tesla cutting 10% of its workforce and other manufacturers laying off employees, it's clear that the battery industry is struggling.

The two industries thriving in America are the military industrial complex and Big Pharma. The former focuses on producing weapons for conflicts like those in Israel and Ukraine, while the latter receives government funding to develop potentially lethal bioweapons. This raises concerns about America's economy being largely based on death-related industries, making it unsustainable and already defeated in terms of productivity and moral values.

The currency is failing, the political class is corrupt and ineffective, elections are rigged, and the rule of law has collapsed. Inflation has reached alarming levels and borders remain unprotected. The military-industrial complex is plagued with corruption, leading to the development of obsolete weapons that no longer function effectively. This situation raises concerns about the future of national security.

Additionally, LGBT leaders in Space Force and the US Navy are promoting their ideologies, often in a way that alienates others and detracts from the primary goal of winning wars. The evangelical Zionist movement pushes for violent actions based on ancient religious texts, which could lead to further conflicts and loss of life. Meanwhile, transhumanists advocate for merging with machines, idolizing figures like Elon Musk and his neural link implants.

These divergent beliefs are contributing to a sense of chaos and uncertainty in modern society, ultimately threatening the stability of Western civilization. In the aftermath of these events, the future remains uncertain, largely dependent on the choices we make in reconstructing society. A critical question will be determining who is still alive and able to contribute to rebuilding efforts. Those unprepared for such a scenario will not survive for long. Similarly, those affected by nuclear strikes or killed during border invader activations will also be absent from this new world order. Hunger-related deaths will further reshape the population landscape, leading to a massive recalibration of who remains on Earth. Ultimately, it depends on whether the individuals still alive possess enough moral values, ethical principles, and pro-human attitudes to create a sustainable civilization.

The Collapsing System and the Rebuilding of New America

It has become increasingly evident that the current global system is flawed and unsustainable. This system, involving leaders from Germany, France, the UK, the US, and Canada, has led to the ongoing destruction of our planet. As an observer in Texas, it seems that the state may become the Republic of Texas, a possibility worth considering given its resilient attitude and ability to adapt. Texas' "can-do" mentality offers hope for stability amidst chaos, making it a suitable location for those seeking refuge from the impending collapse.

Adams aims to contribute to the rebuilding of society after the inevitable fall of the current system. He expresses hope that when society is reconstructed, it will remain free from control by big banks, pharmaceutical companies, the military-industrial complex, and tech giants. A new society must be rooted in honest money, economic freedom, speech, and other fundamental rights to ensure a brighter future for all.

However, there are concerns about the increasing influence of lobby groups such as AIPAC, which have pushed legislation aimed at silencing critics of Israel. This lobby poses a significant threat to free speech in America, with similar laws being signed by governors across the country. The author believes that many blue cities, including San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Portland, Seattle, LA, and Denver, are on the brink of collapse due to various factors such as millions of migrants, including military migrants, sabotaging infrastructure.

As chaos ensues and the currency collapses, it is crucial for individuals to be prepared to survive and contribute positively to the rebuilt society. Emphasizing morality, ethics, liberty, and a decentralized financial system are essential for a sustainable future. The author highlights the importance of blockchain technology in ensuring trustworthiness and preventing governments from counterfeiting currency, as seen in the US under Biden's administration.

In conclusion, the current global system is unsustainable and poses significant threats to our planet and fundamental rights. It is crucial for individuals to be prepared for the inevitable collapse and contribute positively to the rebuilding of society. Emphasizing morality, ethics, liberty, and decentralized technologies like blockchain will help create a sustainable future for all.


Download our "Neo" AI language models for free at Brighteon.AI. We are releasing at least one new, expanded model this week. We have the only LLMs in the world that are trained on "reality-based information" and are working to reverse corporate media and government propaganda that has infested most AI systems.

Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of, a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called "Food Forensics"), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.

Mike Adams also serves as the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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