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The Joy of Juicing: Creative Cooking With Your Juicer; Completely Revised and Updated

by Ph.D., Gary Null, published by Avery (2001-06-04)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $12.95
Amazon rating of 3.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 156259

Editor's Review:

A creative collection of juicing recipes from award-winning broadcast journalist and bestselling author Gary Null.

The Joy of Juicing is an all-new collection of fifty scrumptious and healthy recipes that utilize juicers for an imaginative array of dishes-from drinks, sauces, dips, and salads to soups, entrees, and desserts.

Juicers are now more popular and affordable than ever, and this new edition will help Null's millions of fans incorporate power foods into every meal. His versatile recipes frequently incorporate juice pulp (often discarded in recipes in other books), which is high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and can be used in many different types of recipes beyond drinks. This book is rounded out by Gary Null's Seven-Day Menu Plan for a healthier lifestyle, and by his Natural Living Weight Loss Program. Index.

Reader Reviews:

Mr. Null is renowned for being an expert in his field. His expertise and insights are often invaluable. However, in his book, "The Joy of Juicing" his experience appears to be overshadowed by generalities and a lack of research. For example, in the opening sentences, Mr. Null recommends that readers purchase a centrifugal juicer despite the fact that there is plenty of research showing that centrifugal juicers are not the best choice when compared to single gear and twin gear juicers. In addition, there is scientific research showing that centrifugal juicers create static electricity during the juicing process that kills vital enzymes and nutrients. Centrifugal juicers are also not the best choice for many fibrous types of greens since overheating can easily occur.
The balance of the book is dedicated to recipes that are categorized by courses. While the recipes sound interesting, it would have been helpful for Mr. Null to explain why the recipes are beneficial for the prescribed ailment or purpose for which they were intended. Examples include juices with names such as "Beauty", "Fountain of Youth" and "Brain Juice." Also, in the section on "Soups" and "Main Dishes," Mr. Null juices certain vegetables prior to boiling them. Considering that there is much research showing that nutrients and enzymes are killed after heating above 118 degrees, it makes no sense to extract a juice and spend up to 15 minutes boiling it to death. I see that some of the other reviewers have completely missed the mark. Gary Null has dozens of other books teaching you step by step how to be healthy and tons of advice for specific illnesses, but that information is not available in this book. Why? There is a simple reason for that. This is a COOKBOOK!! It starts out with juice and shake recipes and then it continues with other recipes using your juicer. There is a section for breakfast foods, soups, salads, dressings, sauces, dips and spreads, main dishes and desserts. Most of the recipes I have tried so far have been incredibly delicious. I said most because I did not like the Carob Fruit Bars, they were too sweet for my taste and too moist, as for the Almond Butter Cookies, the batter was too dry and grainy and did not form into dough but the taste was good, it just needed more liquid. As for the great tasting recipes, let me start with my mom's favorite, the Fruit and Nut Cookies ... she can't believe they are made without sugar, dairy or eggs! The dates were difficult to use at first, but now I chop them in tiny little pieces and they're a lot easier to use. The Date Fudge Brownies taste great with the Cocoa Coconut Frosting and Heavenly Roasted Nuts and because I'm Vegan, I used maple syrup in the recipes instead of honey with excellent results. The Carrot Walnut Cake is out of this world. The Classic Vegetable Stock is the best I've ever made as well as the Spicy Texas Chilly and Lentil Burgers, and I could go on and on and on! Oh, did I mention the Creamsicle and Mango Fruit Pops? Yum!! As for my non-vegetarian friends and family, I have cooked the Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce and the Swordfish with Basil Oil and have been subject to rave reviews!! I have to admit that I've used this little recipe book more than any other recipe book in my collection. The ingredients can be easily found in any regular supermarket and for vegans, certain ingredients can be easily converted with wonderful results, except for the fish of course, but then again, most of us have to cook for other people in our lives who are not vegetarian so that works out perfectly.
There is one recipe in this book that has made me the most popular cook in my family and among my friends and coworkers, but that is going to be my little secret! Thank you Gary Null.
Enjoy this book, it's the best!I've been a fan of Gary Null for a long time - from his PBS specials, radio shows, books, etc. -- I always find him to be the #1 source of cutting edge natural health information. Gary is big on juicing and with good reason as the health benefits are tremendous. I picked up this book because I needed something to push me to begin juicing and to have a bunch of recipes to keep it interesting. --- This book has more than helped in both areas, I keep it right next to my juicer in the kitchen and I never get bored with all the tasty juices I make!! There's also some other juice recipes for soups and other things that are great as well. An invaluable book!!!Did you know that there is a lasagna recipe in Gary's juice cookbook??!! Last Christmas I went home to be with my parents, and I was looking for recipes that we could all share as a family.

My folks knew that I had become a vegetarian, but they were careful about saving me the non-meat portions of their meals and preparing me lots of salads. This was very sweet, but I wanted to find some meals we could share together, (and evangelize them a little, too.) In the local health food store I found Gary's Joy of Juicing recipe book that he had done in collaboration with his daughter, who is a chef. The lasagne we had that afternoon was delicious, and even my dad, a real meat and potatoes kind of guy, really liked it.

In addition to the food recipes there are delicious fresh juice recipes. Sometimes I have a little trouble being creative with juicing, but I get a little tired of the standard carrot juice with parsley and lemon that I usually prepare. Gary's recipes are very varied, for those who like standard vegetables, and those who are a little braver, and wish to increase the antioxidant level in their diet. There are also recipes for 'regular' drinks, such as lemonade and iced tea, which are delicious and tasty.After seeing Gary Null on PBS and reading many of his books, I began juicing to improve my poor health. Rather than carry around his thick books, I was looking for a juicing companion which I can keep in the kitchen near the juicer which would tell me which produce would help which ailment and specifically all the helpful vitamins, minerals, etc, how and why it would help, as in his other books. This is just a recipe book like so many others on the market -- not at all what I wanted and expected from Gary Null. He needs to write a new book, "Juicing for Your Health," or "Juicing to Live Forever," something to that effect to address our specific ailments, and for the already healthy, how to live healthy forever by juicing, tell us how much and how often we should juice for what outcome, how long does it take to experience some results, how to add a 'boost' and where to purchase them, etc. Tell us in baby steps how often and what to juice to improve particular illnesses. Many of us have more than one malady and I think I could figure out on my own how to incorporate or combine specific juice recipes to help more than one condition, for example, fibromyalgia, insomnia, hair loss, and chronic sinus headaches. Juices to avoid colds and flu would be helpful as well, for instance, my child is chronically ill with ear, sinus infections and various mild allergies and I juice for her to boost her immune system and avoid missed school days but I was hoping you could be more specific in what I could juice to help her. I would be interested in what could boost her brain power with her learning disabilities. I also attempt to juice for my pets but I feel I'm juicing blind without a specific guide, all I know is that onions, grapes and grapeseed extract can be lethal to pets. I look forward to a BETTER juice book, one I know Gary Null has the knowledge to put together, this one was a waste of time and money and such a disappontment! I would purchase a juice book by Gary Null which told me what a recipe would do for my family's health, photos are always nice, too. Got it, Gary Null? This book definitely missed the mark! What we need is information on juicing from all your books combined into one, I'm not interested in recipes without knowing why it would help and how by listing nutrition facts for each produce and/or each juice drink. My dad juiced briefly and stopped because it caused diarrhea, this should be addressed with how to avoid it when it would go away, etc. Gary, we need more info. Even if a recipe tastes good I don't want to bother if I don't know why, how and what it would help. A whole section on weight loss? why not a whole juice book on improving health to prolong life and diminish illness? I look forward to a COMPLETE healthy juicing book from Gary Null, not yet another recipe book!
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