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Natural Hormone Balance for Women : Look Younger, Feel Stronger, and Live Life with Exuberance

by Uzzi Reiss, published by 2002-01-02 (Atria)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $14.00
Amazon rating of 5.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 1984

Editor's Review:

In Natural Hormone Balance for Women, Beverly Hills obstetrician-gynecologist Uzzi Reiss makes it clear that he believes in hormone replacement therapy for women, but not the "chemicalized hormonal substitutes" usually prescribed. "I emphasize natural hormones that are precise replicas of your own hormones," he writes, which can increase energy and memory, decrease symptoms of menopause and PMS, improve skin and mood, and enhance sleep, sexuality, and well-being. But neither the widely used hormonal medications, such as estrogens derived from horse urine, nor the "natural" hormonal products derived from soy or yams replicate the hormones produced by a woman's body. Rather, he recommends a natural estrogen formula balanced with natural progesterone, both available through compounding pharmacies (with a doctor's prescription).

Dr. Reiss and talented cowriter Martin Zucker explain why, how, and when to use natural hormones. This is not a snappy, one-size-fits-all program--rather, you, with the involvement of your physician, learn how to analyze your needs and individualize your treatment for your own optimal hormonal balance. Reiss describes the benefits and uses of natural estrogen and progesterone, then discusses other natural hormones that might be helpful: testosterone, human growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin, and pregnenolone. This is a provocative book that's worth sharing with your doctor. --Joan Price

A pioneering gynecologist and antiaging specialist with a successful Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Uzzi Reiss shows the way for women who want to turn back the effects of time through natural hormone therapy, but who wonder: is it safe? Does it work? Is hormone

therapy right for me?


is Dr. Reiss's breakthrough, step-by-step program for women who want to take control of their lives by restoring hormonal balance. This revolutionary, commonsense natural hormone replacement program is designed to meet the individual needs of most women looking to rejuvenate body and mind -- and offers astounding benefits for women of all ages:

More energy and stamina * Improved memory * Healthier, more youthful skin * Balanced moods * Less depression and anxiety * Stabilization of weight and more muscle definition * Better sleep patterns * PMS and menopausal symptoms reduced or eliminated * Enhanced sexuality

Dr. Reiss takes the confusion out of the medical information you need to know. In clear, nontechnical language, he thoroughly explains:

  • the important difference between standard chemical hormone prescriptions and natural hormone replacements

  • which hormone replacements are best for you and how to adjust them to your maximum individual benefit

  • how to take hormones without worry

  • how to choose the most effective hormonal gel, cream, pill, or sublingual drops, and when to use them.

Dr. Reiss has helped thousands of women transform their lives by achieving natural hormone balance. Now you can tap into the replenishing "fountain of youthfulness" that is not only essential for better life, but easier and safer to achieve than ever before.

Regardless of your age, the depletion of female hormones is sometimes inevitable. Now you have an option. Whether you're a young woman mindful of the importance of prevention or a woman contending with menopausal changes, you can greatly revitalize your body, your mind, and your sense of self by following the simple, proven steps outlined in this quick-results natural hormone replacement program. As the first-ever one-stop guide on the subject, this book shows you the difference between chemical hormone substitutes and natural replacements; the benefits of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, and growth hormones; the advantages of various creams and gels; and much more. Dr. Uzzi Reiss explains in concise, step-by-step terms how to achieve such positive results as: -- Healthier and more youthful skin -- Stabilization of weight and more muscle definition -- More energy, enhanced sexuality, and better sleep -- PMS and menopause symptoms reduced or eliminated -- Balanced moods, better memory, and less anxiety

Reader Reviews:

Natural Hormone Balance for Women is one of the finest books ever written for women living with ovarian failure(menopause). It describes very clearly the benefits of replacing ovarian hormones with bio-identical hormones (exact replica's of what the body naturally produces), and the benefits to the body. Dr. Reiss' passion for creating a true ovarian hormone balance is apparent and he more than adequately justifies every point he makes. His knowledge and respect for appropriate healthcare for women is also clear. Unfortunately, he does not offer any advice on how to extend the functional life of the ovaries, only how to supplement after they have failed. Good explanation on hormones. But the Dr.s assumption that American women's imbalances are due to not having several children I find insulting. I think rather than menopause being easier for women who have had several pregnancies I think it more likely to be more related to diet and lifestyle. Nevertheless I was able to use his information on the several hormones (not just sexual hormones) and their interrelations to good use. If you are struggling to balance your hormones (and thus return to feeling normal) I would also recommend you read books on how hormones are produced in the adrenal glands such as "Adrenal Fatigue" by James L. Wilson.This book, this doctor, changed my life for the better. I've purchased 8 copies for my friends to read. It's easy reading. I actually visited this doctor and within two weeks almost all symptoms of menopause disappeared. This is a great alternative to synthetic hormones. Dr Reiss obviously LOVES women...I have read over 25 menopause books and this is the BEST. It is written for all women to understand with great patience and caring. He has separated the hormones and clearly explains what each does and the symptoms of their imbalance. He includes contacts to locate a Dr in your area to help with the tests you will need to find out what you will need...not a "one size fits all" approach, but a customized just-for-you regimen of health to truly grow old gracefully....without the hot flashes, weight gain, fuzzy thinking, and loss of interest in your romantic life.
I would also recommend T.S. Wiley's book "Sex, Lies, and Menopause" which explains why we are seeing so much female cancer and how to protect yourself and your daughters from the problems our generation is experiencing.
Women who breeze thru menopause have had low estrogen levels all their lives, so the absence is not much of a shock. If you are contemplating a hysterectomy and your Dr does not do saliva hormone testing and have BIOIDENTICAL hormones ready for you to take afterwards, FIND a Dr thru the Women's International Pharmacy. You will avoid all the symptoms that are joked about....they are NO JOKE. These BIOIDENTICAL hormones DO NOT CAUSE CANCER!!!!!! They cause good sleep, weight loss, and finding yourself again. Easy to follow and easy to understand all-you-ever-wanted-to-know regarding hormonal balance and treatment. A must read for every woman!
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