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Gary Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet : A Revolutionary All-Natural Program for Losing Weight and Building a Healthy Body

by Gary Null, published by Broadway (2001-01-02)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $19.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 74436

Editor's Review:

"This book is designed to be a comprehensive, long-term fix to your weight problem," says Gary Null, author of over 50 books and a well-known manufacturer of vitamins and supplements. Gary Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet presents an integrative approach combining diet, exercise, supplements, juicing, cleaning up your personal environment, and examining your life choices and values. First, Null offers an interesting discussion of obesity, the hormonal connection, eating disorders, and diets. Then he recommends a mostly vegetarian, long-term dietary plan emphasizing low-glycemic, complex carbohydrates plus fish and juices, and avoiding "dead foods": meat, sugar, and processed carbohydrates. Null gives a 31-day meal plan with recipes. Breakfast might be Raspberry Oat-Soy-Banana Pancakes, Quinoa Mango Delight, or Carob Nut Milk Shake (made with soy milk). Lunch might be Cayenne Swordfish (with a spicy olive oil and tofu sauce), Gary's Vegiball Stew (made with vegetables, herbs, and seitan), or Popeye Loves Olive (can you guess?). Dinner recipes include Almond Chop Suey, Stir-Fried Tempeh with Broccoli and Lemon Threads, and many interesting pastas. Desserts are mostly a variety of puddings made with fruit and tofu. Besides the diet plan, Null describes his recommendations about exercise; juicing; vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids; and techniques for handling chronic stress. He also presents a collection of inspiring success stories. --Joan PriceSlim down the natural way! America's leading natural health expert offers a revolutionary, proven program to help you shed those unwanted pounds--forever.

Leading natural health expert Gary Null has devoted his life to helping people feel better about their bodies, and in this groundbreaking book he presents a surefire plan to help you lose weight--and keep it off. Based on Null's research with over a thousand volunteers and more than twenty-five years as a health educator, Gary Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet explores the science behind weight gain and provides an easy-to-follow weight-loss regimen based on all-natural nutrition, exercise, and holistic therapies. Complete with a thirty-one-day eating plan packed with delicious, low-fat recipes that can be tailored to your individual needs, Gary Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet shows you how to jump-start your metabolism and develop healthier, lifelong eating habits. You will learn how to:

* Listen to your body and determine your unique dietary needs

* Use detoxification as the key to weight-loss success--safely and effectively

* Reduce with juice and blend a variety of slimming, health-enhancing beverages

* Use the 125 recipes in the eating plan to prepare appetizing, slenderizing dishes--from breakfast to dessert

* Choose vitamins and supplements that will boost your weight loss efforts

* Develop a personalized exercise regimen--and stick with it

* Use stress management and self-actualization techniques to set personal goals, improve your body image, and stay positive and energized

Best of all, with Gary Null's Ultimate Lifetime Diet the inches and pounds you lose are secondary to what you gain: a lifetime of confidence, happiness, good eating, and good health.

Reader Reviews:

The goals of the book area laudable but I find it very frustrating to read. The diet directions are very general and scattered; they seem very unorganized. I found a lot of contradictory information such as a quote from a doctor saying it's impossible to loose more than a pond of fat in a week and then 2 or 3 pages later several testimonials as to how people lost more than 2 pounds of "weight" in a week (averaged)on Null's diet: well which is it? Also, he recommends eating with canola oil (a Frankenfood type product). There were other concerns but I do not have the book in front of me. He seems to make many claims without telling you why it is so. While reading the book I wondered if someone made a fake copy and I was reading it. I expected so much more from this book. However, overall I see it for the good it is trying to accomplish and still recommend the book: I just do not see it as very "solid" in instruction. I wish it was better formatted as to how to do what he says. It basically recommends a vegetarian diet and more live foods (vegetable, fruits,sprouts,lentils) while cutting out dairy/wheat. I found the recipes to be very odd mixes. I got a few ideas from it but they are "weak as water" recipes. It is neat that he recommends getting a balance not only in the diet, but also in the home environment, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I may need to read it twice.This book changed my life! I was overweight, undernourished, fatigued, and bringing myself closer to disease every day with my diet and lifestyle before I read this book. --- Lose weight without counting calories? Sounds carazy, but this book shows you how to do it and it works!!! -- It also has a ton of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts that are super healthy, delicious and easy to prepare. There's also a whole section on juicing and all kinds of tasty juice recipes as well --- Buy this book and change your life!! It changed mine!I've been a vegetarian for a little over a year, but sometimes I need a little support in order to make my diet palatable, interesting, and new. I can get tired of eating the same things over and over again, and I know that is not good for my immune system. The Ultimate lifetime Diet has great suggestions for keeping mealtimes fresh and appetizing.

In addition to helping me keep my meals interesting, The Ultimate Lifetime Diet helps me when I feel tempted to stray from eating what is good for me, and it is also helpful in deciphering what certain junk food cravings might mean for me. There is a helpful section that is just about self empowerment, where I can figure out how I might be using food as a sublimation tool; this is where I substitute food for other areas in my life that I might feel lack. This section of the book really helps me keep on track in my 'off' days, when I'd rather eat pizza and drink lots of coffee, than take the time to really eat right. The questionnaire really helps me hone down to what's bothering me emotionally, so that I can deal with issues directly, and not hurt myself with food.

Since I've been eating right, I've gone from about 167 lbs at my heaviest, to about 135 right now. This is much better for my 5'6" frame. I feel much lighter, more energetic, and much more positive about my life.

Although I could be in better physical shape, I felt so good this year that I was actually able to train for and complete the New York City marathon. I know that I could not have done this without my new attitude that came about as a result of feeling better about my life, and maintaining my vegetarian diet, which has given me an abundance of energy.

I look forward to maintaining my current state of health, and creating an even better body, with the help of The Ultimate Lifetime Diet.If this book could be distributed to everyone in America, we would no longer live in a morbidly obesce society. The information in this book is very easy to understand, for even someone who knows nothing about nutrition. The 'diet' isn't actually a diet. It's a lifestyle change, which will add fruitful years to anyone's life. While this book does focus on weight loss, it is not only for the overweight. It deals with getting the body back in balance, so you can maintain your normal weight.Dr. Null explains in plain yet unobtrusive language why Americans are unhealthy. Approaching all levels, Dr. Null explains why and how to lose weight, strengthen your immune system and decrease your risk of common health problems from our modern diet. I became a vegan as a result of this book and realized the difficulty I faced in an urban society that capitalizes on processed foods. The pros outweigh the cons. Dr. Null promises you will feel more balanced and more cleansed from a vegan diet and it is true. In many ways, Dr. Null has explained a diet very similar to that of society before the dawn of convenient foods - bleached white flour, hydrogenated vegetable oil, white sugar, etc. Through expert sources, Null supports that our body does not have a natural "sensor" to these foods and therefore we do not feel full when eating junk foods until we have literally gorged on them. Dr. Null uses several case studies to support this and all of his theories throughout the book. I recommend this book and to not be overwhelmed by the "complex" nature of it. If you try a few of the steps at a time and integrate them into your lifestyle, you will sure to reap wonderful results.
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