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Study finds vitamin D helps prevent and treat colon cancer

2/3/2015 - More details on the cancer-preventive benefits of vitamin D have been revealed in a new study published in the journal Gut. Researchers from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston found that vitamin D plays a critical role in supporting immune system function, including in the prevention and treatment...

Older man is beating stage IV colon cancer with Essiac tea

12/5/2014 - Colon cancer is third most common cancer for both men and women, and it's the second leading cancer cause of death in the USA. The usual treatments involve surgery and/or chemotherapy. With surgery, there's a good chance of being saddled with a colostomy bag or ileostomy or ostomy bag worn externally...

11 simple everyday tips to lower your colon cancer risk

7/14/2014 - Colon cancer is one of the top killers in the modern world today. A 2010 study estimated that the five-year survival rate of colorectal (colon plus rectal) cancer sufferers in Europe was less than 60 percent, while about one-third of colon cancer sufferers in the developed world die from the disease....

Coffee could be key in cutting colon cancer risk

4/17/2014 - For years, doctors cautioned their patients against drinking too much coffee. Their fear was that the caffeinated beverage could be responsible for an uptick in cancer, especially cancers of the digestive tract such as colon cancer. In the last decade, though, physicians have come to some surprising...

Onion extract slows colon cancer growth just as effectively as chemo drug

3/15/2014 - Researchers have just discovered that flavonoids extracted from common onions slow the rate of colon cancer growth in mice just as effectively as a chemotherapy drug. And while the mice on chemo saw their LDL cholesterol go up (a possible side effect of the drug), the mice on onion extract actually...

Vitamin D levels inversely linked to colon cancer risk, overall mortality

1/14/2014 - Evidence continues to mount showing that vitamin D may help lengthen life span and decrease the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer. Scientists have long known that vitamin D is essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, but recent research suggests that the vitamin...

IV injection of aqueous curcumin inhibits colon cancer growth and kills cancer cells, research reveals

12/9/2013 - Before you become dismayed wondering how the heck you can take advantage of this specially prepared solution injected intravenously (IV) in the land of the medically unfree, continue on for the good news later in this article after the study is explained. This preparation may not have to be injected,...

Curcumin causes colon cancer cells to self-destruct

11/24/2013 - The second leading cause of cancer-related death in America, colon cancer, is projected to take over 50,000 lives in 2013, just in the US. The steep death toll can be prevented, however, because the causes of colon cancer are preventable and are no coincidence. Cancer of the colon is based on risk factors...

You need this super mineral to prevent colon cancer and improve brain health

11/11/2013 - Decline in memory and normal thought processes, as well as increased risk for digestive cancers are ever present on the minds of many aging adults. Degenerative brain health leading to Alzheimer's dementia and a lifetime of poor diet precipitate increased risk for colon cancer, both chronic conditions...

Here's another way processed meats may increase colon cancer risks

11/8/2013 - Colon cancer is a particularly deadly form of the disease that is rapidly increasing among those who consume a traditional Western-style diet, which has previously been shown to dramatically raise disease incidence due to a lack of fiber and high intake of sugary, processed carbohydrates. Prior studies...

Apple extract kills colon cancer cells better than chemo drug in latest study

3/28/2013 - Oligosaccharides from apples killed up to 46 percent of human colon cancer cells in vitro, and outperformed the most commonly used chemo drug by a wide margin at every dose level tested. And unlike toxic chemo drugs, oligosaccharides are natural, health-promoting compounds widely present in fruits and...

Processed snack foods increase colon cancer risk, especially in genetically susceptible individuals

1/8/2013 - Colon cancer continues to be a leading cause of cancer deaths, as the number of newly diagnosed cases continue to grow concurrent with the rate of overweight, obesity and processed food consumption. This may come as no surprise to natural health followers who understand that fried and hydrogenated foods...

Starchy, processed carbohydrate diet linked with colon cancer recurrence

11/24/2012 - Newly diagnosed cases of colon cancer continue to rise in the U.S., affecting more than 150,000 people each year. Many of these incidences may be avoidable by altering diet and other pertinent lifestyle risk factors such as smoking and using household chemicals and cosmetics that contain potentially...

Spinach influences gene expression to cut colon cancer risk in half

8/21/2012 - Colorectal cancers represent the fourth most prevalent form of the disease with more than 150,000 cases diagnosed each year and more than 50,000 deaths. Forward-thinking nutrition researchers understand that this particular form of the disease is largely preventable through lifestyle changes including...

Regular vitamin and mineral supplementation lowers colon cancer risk more than eighty percent

2/8/2012 - Researchers publishing in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (CJPP) have found that a diet enhanced with vitamin and mineral supplementation can lower the risk of developing precancerous colon cancer lesions by up to 84%. Colon cancer is the second most common form of the disease affecting...

Cocoa from dark chocolate lowers risk from colon cancer

2/6/2012 - Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths annually, a statistic that remains constant despite increased awareness of the deadly disease. Researchers from the Science and Technology Institute of Food and Nutrition in Spain have published the result of a study in the journal Molecular Nutrition...

Luteolin blocks cellular signaling pathway to lower colon cancer risk

2/6/2012 - The result of a body of research published in the journal BMC Gastroenterology has found that consumption of the plant flavonoid luteolin is able to inhibit the activity of cell signaling pathways (known as IGF and PI3K) important for the growth of colon cancer. Extensive research has preceded this...

Yerba mate tea kills colon cancer cells

1/30/2012 - A recent scientific study found that yerba mate tea induces death in human colon cancer cells. Scientists discovered that in vitro cancer cells died when exposed to the bioactive compounds present in one cup of the beverage long valued for its medicinal properties by South American traditional healers. Caffeine...

Ginger root reduces digestive inflammation markers to lower colon cancer risk

10/31/2011 - Since ancient times, ginger has a long tradition of being very effective in alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. Modern scientific research has revealed that ginger possesses numerous therapeutic properties including antioxidant effects, an ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory...

Fruit and vegetable consumption effectively lowers colon cancer risk

10/4/2011 - Health-minded individuals are well aware that a diet high in natural fruits and vegetables equate to vibrant health and dramatically lowered risk of many chronic diseases. The result of a new study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association provides details on how specific fruit and...

Increased vitamin D in blood adds years to life and helps prevent colon cancer

9/20/2011 - Just in case you needed more proof that low blood levels of vitamin D represent a significant health concern, researchers publishing in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrate that small increases in the sunshine vitamin can add precious years to your life. For nearly a decade scientific...

Red meat and processed meat raise colon cancer risk, while fiber lowers it

5/31/2011 - An international research team has issued a report stating there is convincing evidence that consuming too much red meat and processed meat can dramatically increase colorectal cancer risk, while consuming lots of fiber from plant-based foods can lower it. Researchers from Imperial College London proclaim...

Slash colon cancer risk with natural lifestyle and diet

4/16/2011 - You are what you eat. We`ve all heard the saying many times before. Perhaps a more fitting way of coining the phrase would be `the foods you eat daily determine the diseases you will develop in later life`. It`s amazing how many people have a disconnect between the type of foods they eat and how energy...

Protect yourself with this vitamin to dramatically lower colon cancer risk

2/22/2011 - Evidence in support of the health-promoting properties of vitamin D continues to mount as new research shows a direct link between blood levels of the super-nutrient and the risk of developing colon cancer. The National Cancer Institute provides statistics showing that colon cancer is the second most...

Plant extract heals ulcerative colitis, may prevent colon cancer

7/17/2010 - Ulcerative colitis is a serious disease that affects about a million people in the U.S., causing inflammation and sores in the lining of the rectum and colon that bleed, produce pus and cause frequent diarrhea. Although drugs, especially steroids, can sometimes soothe symptoms, Big Pharma has been...

Vitamin D Aids Colon Cancer Treatment and Survival

5/10/2009 - Colon cancer was one of the most common cancers in the U.S in 2005 according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. About 150,000 Americans are told each year that they have colon cancer and about 35 percent of these will die. There are many contributing factors in why someone gets colon...

New Link Between Colon Cancer and Body Fat Discovered

5/5/2009 - We've all heard by now that being overweight carries significant health risks -- including upping the odds you'll have cancer one day. But now a Michigan State University (MSU) scientist has identified a specific connection between colon cancer and body fat. Jenifer Fenton, an MSU food science and...

Colon Cancer Caused by Western Diet

4/1/2009 - A so-called Western diet eaten by the majority of Americans and many Europeans is loaded with meat, fat and processed foods. It also lacks complex carbohydrates. Put these facts together and you have a perfect recipe for developing colon cancer, Professor Stephen O'Keefe from the University of Pittsburgh,...

Tony Snow Dies Following Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer (opinion)

7/13/2008 - To anyone keeping count, the number of high-profile personalities and celebrities dying while under the care of conventional doctors and oncologists is truly staggering. Some of the more notable deaths in recent memory include actor Heath Ledger's death following the consumption of doctor-prescribed...

New Studies Find Calcium and Vitamin D May Prevent Colon Cancer

5/7/2008 - Specific vitamins and minerals in the diet appear to prevent the development of colon cancer. However, too much iron may cause malignancies to grow. Emory University scientists recently announced these findings, based on biological markers that influence colon cancer risk, at the American Association...

Western diet boosts colon cancer risk by 300 per cent

1/24/2008 - The rates of recurrence or death from colon cancer were nearly 3.5 times higher among patients who ate a typical Western diet than among those who followed it least closely, in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers collected data on 1,009 people who had...

Eating blueberries slashes colon cancer risk by 57 percent, animal study finds

7/26/2007 - A compound found in blueberries shows promise of preventing colon cancer, according to a new study. Scientists at Rutgers University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a joint study on animals, and found that the compound -- called pterostilbene -- lessened pre-cancerous lesions and inhibited...

Just 60 minutes of activity a day cuts colon cancer

12/15/2006 - Exercise activities like swimming -- when done for about an hour per day -- can lower the risk of colon cancer, according to a new study. Even two hours of less-strenuous activity like housecleaning or similar lower-intensity exercises can also have an effect on lowering the risk of colon cancer. A...

High intake of meat leads to colon cancer, researchers find

10/9/2006 - In July, standing before a press conference in Washington, Vice President for Education for the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Jeffrey R. Prince said that researchers were shifting focus from the effects of high-fiber diets on colon cancer to the effects of a high-meat diet on the disease. "Until...

Chemicals in curry and onions may help prevent colon cancer (press release)

9/29/2006 - A small but informative clinical trial by Johns Hopkins investigators shows that a pill combining chemicals found in turmeric, a spice used in curries, and onions reduces both the size and number of precancerous lesions in the human intestinal tract. In the study, published in the August issue of...

Moderate exercise improves survival rates for colon cancer survivors (press release)

9/12/2006 - People who have been treated for colon cancer can substantially reduce the risk that the disease will return and improve their overall chance of survival by engaging in regular exercise, according to new research by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists. In a pair of studies published on the Journal...

Clues to Colon Cancer May be in Bark of Mahogany Tree (press release)

8/14/2006 - An unexpected entry in a traditional medicine book from the Republic of Guinea has led a University of South Carolina cancer researcher to study whether medicinal properties in the bark of mahogany trees may hold clues to understanding colon cancer. Funded by a $300,000, two-year grant from the National...

Red meat consumption doubles risk of colon cancer, says study; is it time to go vegetarian yet?

4/27/2005 - A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows a doubling of the risk of colon cancer for people who are heavy consumers of red meat. More specifically, it shows that the risk doubles compared to those who consume smaller quantities of red meat. But how does this compare...

Former CEO of McDonald's dies of colon cancer at age of 44

1/16/2005 - Forty-four years of age is too young to die of anything, much less colon cancer. With this story being all over the news, there will no doubt be lots of articles pointing out the irony of it all, given the current awareness of the health risks associated with certain products served at fast food restaurants...

Green tea phytochemicals shown to prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and more

12/11/2003 3:19:41 PM - New research shows just how powerful the phytochemicals in green tea are turning out to be: they are now known to prevent breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and other forms of cancer. In fact, if green tea were a prescription drug, it would be called a "miracle cancer cure"...

Ginger inhibits colon cancer, says research

12/11/2003 3:19:10 PM - Ginger is one of several powerful healing foods that exhibit strong, well documented effects on the human body. In this case, it's being shown to inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer cells. Eat a little ginger with each meal, and your risk of developing colon cancer drop significantly. But you can...

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