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One in seven colon cancer cases now diagnosed in people under age 50

Colon cancer

(NaturalNews) A recent study reveals that colon cancer cases are on the rise for people under age 50, who now represent one out of every seven colon cancer patients – male and female. And even worse is the fact that colon cancer is likely to be more advanced in younger people, because they don't get "screened" at the doctor until symptoms are already rearing their ugly heads. For this study, data was compiled from over a quarter million patients diagnosed with colon cancer over a 13 year period.

This is a wake-up call to take a long, hard look at what this "under 50" generation has consumed for the past few decades. Of those colon cancer victims under 50 years of age, only 1-in-5 will survive it. That's scary. Then, you have dreaded chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, all of which produce even more miserable results. Colon cancers that have spread to other parts of the body are much harder to treat; for stage four colon cancers (metastatic) five-year-survival rate is down near 10 percent (for allopathic approaches).

If people in their 30s and 40s are getting colon cancer, it must be because food has become so polluted with synthetic ingredients, and because genetically modified organisms in food have become so prominent, that people can't expel all that pesticide and gluten in time to avoid cancer.

Aggressive 'treatment' or aggressive food changes – which gives you a better chance at not only surviving, but thriving?

Though cancer is thought of as a disease in Western medicine, it is not a disease at all. Cancer is a disorder of the cells. This disorder stems from chemical consumption, of any kind, whether through food, water, inhalation, skin application, or by injection. Once enough chemicals overwhelm the cleansing organs, the lymph fluid becomes a carrier, and cancer spreads to WEAK tissues of the body, to take over and multiply uncontrollably. The effect is exponential, and no knife, radiation or chemo-therapeutics can ever contain cancer while its chemical fuel keeps pouring in.

Lymphatic drainage impaired by toxic gluten, chemical pesticides, fluoride and bleach

The colon, or large intestine, is the last part of your digestive system where water is absorbed and the final part of food waste is stored, until you defecate. Almost five feet in length, the colon makes up the final fifth of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Some of that lymphatic drainage goes to lymph nodes. For cancer patients under age 50, the study mentioned above, which was published in the journal Cancer, revealed that at the advanced stage, the cancer had often spread to lymph nodes, and the symptoms such as bowel bleeding or a blockage in the colon were the FIRST SIGNS of trouble. Many allopathic doctors in America will mistakenly tell these folks they have hemorrhoids or fissures, but the dark blood mixed with stool means the worst could be happening. It's a little late for screening at that point, and quite often screening doesn't work, or doctors and radiologists give false readings and run unnecessary, inefficient and dangerous tests that can actually cause the cancer to get worse, or initiate new cell mutations. Still, the first thing MDs and oncologists ask their patients is whether they have a "family history of colon cancer." This is the great con. Rather than analyzing your consumption habits over the past month, year, or decade, like a Naturopathic Physician would, these cancer industry "specialists" run tests, and more tests, and then they operate.

Nitrates and ammonia cause colon cancer

The distinctive red color of hot dogs, bacon and some sausages, actually comes from additives called nitrites and nitrates – toxic preservatives that kill off bacteria and other living things and thereby increase the shelf life of processed meats. Sodium nitrite is SO TOXIC to the human liver and kidneys, that the FDA unsuccessfully tried to ban it in the 1970s. Today, young people are consuming daily what our grandparents rarely ever touched. A "family history" of colon cancer only means your parents ate the same garbage, junk-science, pesticide-laden food on a daily basis as you are eating now. Still, the professors at Harvard Medical School will tell everyone that the reasons for the increase in colon cancer cases among younger adults "isn't known." "It is unexplained," says Dr. Andrew Chan, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston. "There may be an effect of our environment that could be contributing to the increase."

Brilliant work mister Chan!
Looking for natural solutions to colon cancer? Stop consuming chemicals and check out diatomaceous earth–food grade for cleansing. You just might be able scrape out those polyps with the right organic food supplements.

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