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pollution feature articles

Blaming China for mercury pollution is not solving the problem
Published June 27 2012
Concepts: mercury, sources, mercury pollution, china, blaming

Toxic China: Widespread lead pollution is poisoning children
Published March 10 2012
Concepts: lead, china, pollution, children, poisoning

Class action lawsuit against Monsanto for Agent Orange pollution while Dow seeks deregulation for Agent Orange resistant corn
Published January 4 2012
Concepts: Agent Orange, class action lawsuit, Dow, Monsanto, deregulation

Pesticides are one of top three 'worst toxic pollution problems' on planet, say non-profit groups
Published December 5 2011
Concepts: pollution, pesticides, toxic, non-profit, report

Is your washing machine contributing to the 'microplastic' pollution problem in the world's oceans?
Published October 31 2011
Concepts: fiber, machine, pollution, chemical, plastic pollution

The new PCB: Monsanto's Roundup weed killer turning up in air, rain and rivers
Published September 27 2011
Concepts: Monsanto, Roundup, weed killer, weed, glyphosate

Air pollution causes harmful physical changes in the brain
Published July 13 2011
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, brain, changes, research

Cap The Gene Spill - New video says GMO contamination of world is far worse than Gulf of Mexico oil spill
Published April 24 2011
Concepts: video, GMO, gulf, contamination, oil

Twelve unsustainable things that will soon come to a disastrous end on our planet
Published March 11 2011
Concepts: food, human, natural, fuel, NaturalNews

Aquifers poisoned with drugs, chemicals and pesticides threaten Mexico's Riviera Maya
Published February 24 2011
Concepts: water, chemicals, drugs, aquifers, pesticides

Diesel fumes pose cancer risk
Published February 20 2011
Concepts: cancer, 5, diesel fumes, pollution, traffic

USDA deregulates GE alfalfa; opens door to new era of widespread genetic pollution of crops
Published January 28 2011
Concepts: USDA, alfalfa, GE alfalfa, food, the USDA

Apple rated worst multinational polluter in China
Published January 22 2011
Concepts: apple, pollution, environmental, Chinese, report

Natural gas industry freely pollutes Pennsylvania's drinking water
Published January 7 2011
Concepts: industry, natural, natural gas, drinking, water

Minnesota attorney general files lawsuit against 3M for years of environmental pollution
Published January 1 2011
Concepts: 3M, environmental, lawsuit, Minnesota, pollution

Learn about the unknown weight gain culprit
Published December 31 2010
Concepts: weight, toxins, weight gain, fat, causes

Over half of China's water polluted beyond drinkability
Published December 6 2010
Concepts: water, pollution, china, safe, environmental

Urban pollution found to raise blood pressure
Published September 24 2010
Concepts: pollution, blood, blood pressure, research, air pollution

If you use pharmaceuticals, you are polluting the water
Published August 27 2010
Concepts: drug, drugs, pharmaceuticals, environment, water

Oil Polluting the Gulf has Long been Polluting Our Bodies
Published July 31 2010
Concepts: oil, chemicals, gulf, cleaning, petrochemicals

New filter technology to prevent storm water pollution runoff
Published July 27 2010
Concepts: water, pollution, technology, water pollution, storm water

EPA pushing Congress to tax heavy polluter industries
Published July 20 2010
Concepts: tax, EPA, Congress, pollution, waste

New research: Electropollution can cause diabetes (type-3)
Published June 10 2010
Concepts: diabetes, pollution, EMF, man, study

Note top ten U.S. cities with worst air pollution
Published May 17 2010
Concepts: cities, pollution, ozone, report, health

Air Pollution Can Reduce a Child's IQ
Published February 5 2010
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, exposure, IQ, research

Indoor Air Pollution: Look at the Causes and Solutions
Published January 25 2010
Concepts: home, indoor, plants, indoor air, pollution

Just 16 Ships Expel as Much Pollution as All the Cars in the World
Published December 26 2009
Concepts: ships, pollution, cars, fuel, 5

Aerosol pollution interferes with thunderstorm activity, radical weather could cause crop failures
Published December 20 2009
Concepts: weather, pollution, radical weather, crop, food

Many of the tallest mountains in North and South America contain PCBs
Published December 15 2009
Concepts: America, South America, PCBs, pollution, world

Moms' Exposure to Air Pollution Lowers Children's IQ
Published September 4 2009
Concepts: exposure, pollution, environment, air pollution, health

Learn about a Healthy, Natural, Organic Lawn and Its Care
Published July 31 2009
Concepts: organic, healthy, natural, fertilizer, environment

Air Pollution Linked to Low IQ in Children
Published July 24 2009
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, IQ, research, cleaning

Toxic Chemicals Release Report Shows Mercury, PCB Pollution Rise Dramatically
Published July 3 2009
Concepts: toxic, chemicals, PCB, toxic chemicals, mercury

Pollution around Cities Increases Risk of Cancer
Published July 1 2009
Concepts: risk, 5, pollution, cities, cancer

Search for Air France Flight 447 Reveals Astonishing Pollution of World's Oceans
Published June 5 2009
Concepts: ocean, pollution, crash, France, Air France

Pollution Causes Genetic Changes that Lead to Asthma
Published May 10 2009
Concepts: changes, pollution, Genetic, lead, causes

Can Government Scientists Save the Planet by Nuking Yellowstone National Park to Halt Global Warming?
Published April 8 2009
Concepts: Yellowstone National Park, sun, scientists, government, atmosphere

Change to Green Cleaning
Published April 6 2009
Concepts: green, cleaning, products, oil, indoor

Asthma Risk in Children Raised by Traffic Pollution Exposure of Pregnant Mothers
Published March 6 2009
Concepts: asthma, pollution, health, children, exposure

Indoor Air Pollution is a Serious Threat to Your Health
Published March 5 2009
Concepts: indoor, pollution, health, indoor air, air pollution

Cleaner Air has Improved Life Expectancy across United States
Published February 19 2009
Concepts: health, life, life expectancy, study, natural

Worst Alternative Energy Sources Receive Most Attention
Published February 11 2009
Concepts: energy, power, sources, alternative, alternative energy

Traffic Pollution Bad for the Heart
Published February 5 2009
Concepts: health, traffic, natural, pollution, heart

There Is No Such Thing as the West Nile Virus
Published November 9 2008
Concepts: virus, disease, people, heal, poison

Air Pollution Has Negative Effects on Heart Health
Published November 4 2008
Concepts: heart, pollution, health, air pollution, natural

Pollution Increases Allergies in Children
Published November 1 2008
Concepts: pollution, allergies, child, children, living

Links between Noise Pollution and Ill-Health
Published October 20 2008
Concepts: noise, pollution, noise pollution, links, people

Air Pollution May be to Blame for Honeybee Population Collapse
Published October 17 2008
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, insects, population, bees

Pentagon Is Fighting the EPA About Pollution Clean Up Efforts
Published September 12 2008
Concepts: EPA, Pentagon, the EPA, the Pentagon, pollution

Air Pollution Raises Blood Pressure According to New Study
Published September 9 2008
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, blood, blood pressure, health

Air Pollution Causes Blood Clots
Published September 7 2008
Concepts: blood, pollution, air pollution, causes, increase

California Air Pollution Found to Kill 24,000 A Year
Published September 6 2008
Concepts: California, pollution, air pollution, death, people

Road Pollution Blamed for Higher Allergy Risk in Kids
Published August 3 2008
Concepts: risk, pollution, children, allergy, traffic

Debating Pescatarianism: To Fish or Not to Fish for a Protein Source
Published July 31 2008
Concepts: fish, diet, vegetarian, health, environment

Autism Risk Linked to Distance From Power Plants
Published May 29 2008
Concepts: mercury, autism, risk, Texas, power

A Battle Against Trucking Pollution Won by a Diverse Coalition in California
Published May 13 2008
Concepts: pollution, community, business, oakland, WHO

Flowers' Fragrance Diminished by Air Pollution
Published April 16 2008
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, fragrance, flowers, Virginia

Medication Pollution Spreads: Water Supply of 24 U.S. Cities Found Contaminated with Pharmaceuticals
Published March 10 2008
Concepts: water, medication, water supply, chemical, harm

Air Pollution Reduces Fetus Size and Decreases Male/Female Ratio
Published February 18 2008
Concepts: pollution, fetus, air pollution, study, researchers

8,000 Toxic Waste Sites Ignored by EPA; Massive Lead Contamination at Shooting Ranges
Published December 6 2007
Concepts: lead, shooting, poison, lead contamination, shooting ranges

Diesel pollution clogs arteries, raises risk of heart disease
Published November 5 2007
Concepts: heart, pollution, risk, arteries, diesel pollution

Air pollution of cities more dangerous to health than living near Chernobyl radiation zone
Published May 23 2007
Concepts: pollution, living, Chernobyl, air pollution, health

Asian pollution levels impact severity of Pacific storms
Published March 23 2007
Concepts: pollution, air pollution, weather patterns, weather, Asia

Livestock ranching a leading contributor to CO2 emissions, global warming
Published February 13 2007
Concepts: livestock, emissions, global warming, CO2 emissions, CO2

Air pollution increases risk of heart disease and stroke, study says
Published February 8 2007
Concepts: heart disease, heart, air pollution, study, risk

Air pollution causing steady decline in India's rice production
Published December 22 2006
Concepts: rice, decline, pollution, air pollution, research

China collecting environment tax to curb pollution that threatens economic future
Published December 13 2006
Concepts: china, environment, tax, pollution, water pollution

Global collapse of seafood imminent, warn scientists
Published November 3 2006
Concepts: seafood, fish, global collapse, pollution, species

Two million people a year killed by air pollution, says WHO
Published October 6 2006
Concepts: air pollution, people, WHO, health, the WHO

Household cleaners + ozone --> new indoor pollution problem (press release)
Published September 22 2006
Concepts: ozone, indoor, household, pollution, household cleaners

Air pollution, high-fat diet cause atherosclerosis in laboratory mice (press release)
Published September 15 2006
Concepts: diet, pollution, atherosclerosis, exposed, exposure

Researchers Show How Air Pollution Causes Heart Disease (press release)
Published September 13 2006
Concepts: 5, disease, pollution, researchers, air pollution

Air Pollution, High-Fat Diet Cause Atherosclerosis in Laboratory Mice (press release)
Published September 7 2006
Concepts: diet, pollution, atherosclerosis, exposure, exposed

Fine Particle Air Pollution Associated With Respiratory and Cardiovascular Diseases (press release)
Published August 11 2006
Concepts: cardiovascular, air pollution, 5, risk, article

As ocean pollution mounts, "toxic slime" rises up, destroying ocean life
Published August 1 2006
Concepts: ocean, fish, pollution, life, ocean pollution

Investment in cleaner household energy yields major health and economic benefits (press release)
Published July 31 2006
Concepts: health, energy, household, fuel, men

World's frog species face extinction due to pollution and climate change, scientists warn
Published July 7 2006
Concepts: frog species, extinction, pollution, climate change, scientists

Air pollution boosts autism risk by 50 percent in newborns
Published June 26 2006
Concepts: autism, air pollution, risk, environmental health, pollutants

Mass pollution of earth's oceans reaches alarming levels
Published August 7 2004
Concepts: oceans, ocean, pollution, blue movement, save the oceans

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