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Seven honeybee species placed on endangered species list as pollinator collapse continues

10/12/2016 - For the first time ever, bees have made their way onto the endangered species list. Following several years of analysis, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has placed not one, but seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees on the list. In a joint effort with an invertebrate species...

Pay attention to the 'ecosystem canaries' which act as warning signs of ecological collapse

8/29/2016 - As tens of millions are aware, the biodiversity of Planet Earth is under assault, and we have reached a point where we'd have to go back 65 million years in order to find rates of species being decimated at the levels at which it is taking place today, the UK's Guardian reports. While conservative...

Will we lose the rhino in our lifetime? Three white rhinos were found slaughtered in a 'protected' reserve, some species are on the brink of extinction

4/13/2016 - In recent days, a disturbing discovery on a South African game preserve has left many people wondering if the world is not witnessing the final days of one of nature's most incredible animals – the rhinoceros. As reported by the UK's Daily Mail Online, a wildlife park warden found three white...

Earth now facing sixth mass extinction as Hawaii's "extinction crisis" accelerates

9/4/2015 - Hawaii is known for its amazing biodiversity, but in recent years it has also become known as the "extinction capital of the world." A groundbreaking study has just been published that focused on the ecosystem's invertebrates as well as its bird and mammal populations in an effort to determine just...

Genetically white woman now claims self-identify as black: If you can choose your gender, can you also choose your race? What about your species? Can a human claim to be a llama?

6/13/2015 - This article is not satire. It offers a series of philosophical discussion points that I'm sure many people share these days, and it's all spurred by the case of Rachel Dolezal, head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP. Dolezal says she is black and identifies herself as African-American. In reality,...

Humans have increased animal extinction rates by 1,000 times

9/15/2014 - The current global extinction rate is 1,000 times higher than it was before humans came along, according to a study conducted by researchers from Brown University, Duke University, Microsoft Research and the University of Georgia, and published in the journal Conservation Biology. "We've known for...

Colonizing Mars necessary to save human species from destruction, says NASA chief

5/4/2014 - Humans must colonize Mars to ensure our survival as a species, said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden at the opening of the Humans 2 Mars Summit at George Washington University. Bolden was speaking in support of the space agency's plans to develop a new Orion crew capsule and Space Launch System...

Not all dinosaurs went extinct - In fact, there are nearly twice as many species of dinosaurs as mammals to this day

3/25/2014 - Although it is popularly believed that all the dinosaurs went extinct roughly 65 million years ago, there are actually thousands of living species of dinosaurs still around today. Certainly there is no credible evidence of surviving large, scaly creatures like those we tend to think of when we hear...

Fish farming killing off native species; boycott farmed salmon before it's too late

6/5/2013 - Equally as menacing as the potential release of genetically-modified (GM) salmon into the wild, factory fish farms are a modern scourge responsible for killing off droves of native fish species all around the world. And unless immediate action is taken to address this problem - you can help by boycotting...

Invasive species from Fukushima tsunami washing up on U.S. shores

6/23/2012 - Japan's tsunami-caused nuclear disaster at the Fukushima energy complex in March 2011, in which three atomic reactors were heavily damaged, continues to wreak havoc on ecosystems - in the U.S. The latest danger emanating from the Fukushima complex to hit our shores came not in the form of irradiated...

Are Earthlings an 'invasive species' soon to be exterminated by a technologically advanced race of beings who protect life?

3/31/2012 - An important new study in the realm of astrophysics has revealed that up to 40 percent of red dwarfs (a type of star or "sun") may harbor a large Earth-like planet orbiting at just the right distance to support life as we know it. The study was led by Dr Xavier Bonfils of the Grenoble University in...

Many native forest species threatened by booming palm oil industry

5/28/2011 - The food industry's positive transition from unhealthy hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils to healthy palm fruit oil is also contributing to the destruction of native forests and the species that live in them, according to new research out of Queen Mary, University of London. Published in the...

Frankenfish: Genetically Modified Salmon could Wipe out an Entire Species

9/16/2010 - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared a genetically modified salmon fit for human consumption, and may soon approve it as a food product. In a September 3, 2010 briefing, the FDA announced their analysis that the GM salmon are "as safe to eat as food from other Atlantic salmon." The...

Interview with Dr. Boris Worm, Marine Biologist, on Overfishing, Aquatic Ecosystems, Aquaculture Farming and More

4/6/2009 - The following is a transcription of an exclusive interview with Dr. Boris Worm, Professor of Marine Biology at the Dalhousie University in Halifax, Novascotia. He's the author of the widely-read scientific paper entitled Author of: Impacts of Biodiversity Loss on Ocean Ecosystem Services (Science 3...

The Sixth Species Extinction can Still be Avoided

11/24/2008 - Human beings, having reached the 6.7 billion mark, have succeeded in modifying our environment to the point of harming the biodiversity of a wide variety of native species. We are even at the point now that our own long-term survival is in question. The earth has endured five major extinctions in the...

Author Dr. Doug Graham (Part I)

11/20/2008 - This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Roundtable, which can be found at http://www.RenegadeRoundtable.com. In this excerpt, Dr. Doug Graham shares his story of going from vegetarian to vegan to raw and his 80/10/10 mission. Renegade Roundtable with Dr. Doug Graham is a lifetime...

Loss of World's Species Means Loss of Potential Breakthrough Medicines, Warn Researchers

10/8/2008 - Potential medical treatments for cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and other health problems may disappear forever if urgent action is not taken to conserve threatened wildlife, according to a new book based on the work of more than 100 health and wildlife experts. Sustaining Life, whose primary...

World's Species Going Extinct Faster than Scientists Thought

6/6/2008 - According to the latest research, species around the world are going extinct faster that previously thought, at a rate not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Living Planet index which was released today shows that due to destructive human activity, the diversity of all life on earth has...

Coming global warming will cause climate zone migration, species extinction

9/5/2007 - By the year 2100, global warming likely will cause the extinction of numerous species by eliminating the climate zones in which they are able to live, according to study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences. Using data and scenarios from the Intergovernmental Panel on...

World's frog species face extinction due to pollution and climate change, scientists warn

7/7/2006 - Fifty leading environmental researchers are campaigning to secure nearly $370 million for protecting the world's frog and toad population as urbanization, global warming and industrial pollution threaten to wipe out almost a third of frog and toad species worldwide. If funding is secured, the Amphibian...

Gene therapy and genetic engineering: the future of medicine?

5/19/2005 - Is gene therapy the next wave in medicine? As the age of chemical-based medicine is now thoroughly discredited (prescription drugs are toxic, haven't you heard?), and drug companies are losing both profits and credibility, there's a mad dash to find something to replace the current drug racket. Could...

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