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Operation Fast and Furious
9/19/2011 | Comments
You just gotta love the audacity of the U.S. federal government and its active staging of crimes in order to achieve political goals. Operation Fast and Furious is the most recent example of a U.S.-run criminal conspiracy pursued for the ultimate purpose of dismantling the Bill of Rights. It involved ATF agents running a criminal scheme that sold literally tens of thousands of guns to Mexican drug gangs, after which the government planned to call for "gun sales restrictions" following the wave of gun violence that would inevitably result.

There was only one problem with the government's evil plan, however -- some ATF agents blew the whistle, and then the whole conspiracy exploded in their faces. Now even the mainstream media -- which usually won't touch government conspiracies -- is all over Operation Fast and Furious. Heck, the LA Times even has an entire special section dedicated to it, and the paper is actually producing some decent stories on the subject: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationw...

But if you really want the real story on Operation Fast and Furious, read up on InfoWars.com:

The mainstream media bought into the cover story

What's clear about Operation Fast and Furious is that it involved not only the ATF but also the White House. The LA Times and other mainstream media papers are incorrectly reporting it as a "failed sting operation," but that's just the cover story. In reality, Operation Fast and Furious was a raging success! It achieved its stated goal which was placing thousands of rifles and pistols into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, then hoping enough violence would spill over into the USA that the American people would call for gun sales restrictions.

Whether you believe in the Second Amendment or not, you've got to admit this is a particularly insidious conspiracy because it has the government directly promoting sales of weapons to criminals. Normally when you walk into a gun store, you can't buy a weapon without passing an FBI background check. So there's a safety mechanism in place to prevent guns from being purchased by felons or non-citizens. But in this conspiracy operation, the ATF specifically told gun store owners (such as Lone Wolf in Arizona) to sell guns to criminals even if they didn't pass the background checks. This is just one example of how the U.S. federal government has become a criminal organization that promotes gun violence in America.

Remember the conventional cover story for all this? That the guns were going to be "tracked" to see where they ended up?

There's just one problem with this whole story: There were no tracking devices installed on any of the guns being sold to criminals. Thus, the whole idea of tracking these guns is ludicrous, and the government's official cover story falls apart (yet again). The purpose of Fast and Furious wasn't to TRACK guns but to ARM CRIMINALS and then hope enough bodies would pile up that the government could call for restrictions against the Second Amendment.

In fact, even though the government has been caught red handed in this operation, it has already begun to roll out the gun sales restrictions it planned all along! Documents acquired by InfoWars (and also separately by NaturalNews) reveal that gun shops throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have been ordered by the ATF to report any sale of more than one rifle or pistol to any single person. Thus, even though the FBI already runs background checks on purchasers of firearms, the ATF is now creating a second layer of burdensome paperwork on many sales of firearms. Importantly, this adds no additional background check security to the gun purchasing process, which is already subjected to FBI approval anyway. Even worse, this entire process is being done completely outside the law, using solely the regulatory bullying of the ATF itself -- the very same agency that is technically a rogue government agency steeped in criminal behavior.

A lawless government

Did you ever notice how the federal government never faces any consequences when it breaks the law, but if you or I sold guns to Mexican drug criminals, we'd be facing decades in prison? As we've all seen from numerous examples, the government today is a lawless, criminal gang that breaks its own laws with impunity.

We now know that the U.S. government staged the 9/11 terror attacks and brought down the WTC 7 building using planned demolition charges. This isn't even questioned by any rational person anymore, as thousands of architects and engineers have gone public in stating that WTC 7 was, without question, a demolition job (http://www.ae911truth.org). We also know that the government conspired to put tens of thousands of weapons directly into the hands of criminal drug gangs. Time and time again, the federal government actively plots to break the law in order to crush freedom and usurp power. Yet the mainstream media largely doesn't cover any of this, and the mainstream sheeple of America are for the most part too dumbed-down to even believe what's really happening.

There's no telling what the government is planning and plotting right now in its evil scheme to destroy our civil rights and unleash a total police state in America. What Operation Fast and Furious really proves is that the U.S. federal government will openly endanger innocent lives and break any laws it wants in pursuit of crushing freedom in America.

It's not even about the guns, you see. It's about the tactics that the U.S. government now uses to achieve its political aims. Rather than going to the People and asking for their rational views on security versus freedom, the government stages its own catastrophes and crimes in order to get people to REACT so that freedoms can then be stolen from everyone.

Isn't that what "the terrorists" were accused of doing? Remember when George Bush said that terrorists targeted America because "they hate freedom"? But it turns out the real haters of freedom are the rogue agents within the federal government itself. The real roots of modern-day terrorism, it seems, are more easily found in Washington D.C. than Iraq or Syria.

We were just following orders, sir

Are there good agents in the federal government? Absolutely there are. It was ATF agents who blew the whistle on the ATF conspiracy in the first place. There are FBI agents who do good work to help protect America from legitimate threats. At every level of law enforcement, there are men and women who put their lives on the line with great courage and a real sense of duty. Yet sadly, there are just as many government agents who are ready and willing to commit serious crimes as long as they are told to do so. They make no distinction between good or bad and merely "follow orders."

That's how we ended up with Operation Fast and Furious, which was no doubt the brainchild of a bunch of gun haters at the White House who decided it was somehow okay for them to break the law as long as they were wrongfully framing (and blaming) gun shops. In their minds, you see, the ends justify the means, so they believe they can commit any and all crimes necessary to achieve their final goal, which might have nothing at all to do with guns. It might be a goal of crushing the raw dairy industry or keeping hemp illegal. Or even outlawing home gardens.

There's no telling what our federal government will do next in its out-of-control desire to crush freedom and destroy our rights. It could stage its own terrorist attacks, unleash bombs in major U.S. cities, poison the water supply or even stage the deaths of U.S. Navy Seal Team members... and it would do it all with a straight face, claiming to be "protecting America" even though it is destroying America from the inside out. (http://www.naturalnews.com/033545_g...)

This is why Big Government is so inherently dangerous. When it becomes so large and powerful that it can run criminal conspiracies with impunity, it's only a matter of time before the government itself becomes the enemy of freedom and spends more time figuring out how to destroy the nation than protecting it.

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