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The Only Flag Tolerated by the Left
6/26/2015 | Comments
Over the past week, we also saw the political left in America go berserk with "flag paranoia," creating an absurd conspiracy theory that claimed all objects displaying the Confederate flag -- such as video games, books and movies -- promote racial hatred and bigotry.

It's stupid, of course. But in a world where indigenous tribes still worship wood carvings as gods, I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise when the political left thinks colorful flags have magical powers to turn ordinary people into racist bigots. Hence the need to delete actual history from the memory of American culture. (Orwell, anyone?)

Populist corporations like Walmart, by the way, absolutely love the flags of terrorists groups like ISIS. As this article explains, when a customer went to Walmart to order a cake with a Confederate flag, he was turned down. But when he returned and asked for a cake with the Islamic State Flag, Walmart was thrilled to comply!

Since last week, it has now emerged that the left also hates the American flag, because apparently the American flag has "flown over generations of oppression." So now the American flag is on the chopping block, as well as everything America was founded upon (the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Christianity, etc.).

So this Counterthink poster explains that the only flag tolerated by the left is a blank white surrender flag, which has the hilarious dual properties of being completely blank as well as inferring a national surrender to the leftist agenda. The blank white flag represents the only state of mind that's also tolerated by the left. To fit in, you must exist as nothing but a blank slate to be programmed, manipulated and exploited by the idiotic, self-contradicting agenda narratives of the left.

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