Google censors abortion pill reversal ads, reinforcing pro-abortion stance

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Image: Google censors abortion pill reversal ads, reinforcing pro-abortion stance

(Natural News) Human rights group Live Action has experienced firsthand censorship from Google after the technology company took down its online advertisements. The group’s ads promote abortion pill reversal (APR) using the safe pregnancy hormone progesterone. Google’s move to censor Live Action’s ads on its platform appears to cement Big Tech’s anti-life and pro-abortion stances.

Since May 10, 2021, the group has placed strategic ads on Google informing women of APR and the use of progesterone. However, the Big Tech firm disapproves all of Live Action’s ads on Sept. 13. Google cites “unreliable claims” as a basis for its censorship of Live Action’s APR ads despite approving them earlier. The pro-life group has spent more than $170,000 for the advertisements that direct thousands of women to the APR hotline.

However, Google’s basis for shutting down the APR advertisements holds no water. APR involves the use of progesterone, a hormone being used as a standard treatment to prevent miscarriages. The APR treatment aims to overtake the effects of mifepristone – the so-called abortion pill – which blocks progesterone. With its 68 percent success rate, APR has saved more than 2,500 children in the womb.

Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose says in a Sept. 14 press release: “Google has sided with extremist pro-abortion ideology, banning the pro-life counterpoint and life-saving information from being promoted on [its] platform. Google’s censorship baldly reveals that the corporation is in the pocket of the abortion industry.”


Rose also slams the Big Tech company for its clear double standards. “By restricting scientific information related to [APR] and other life-saving options, while accepting paid ads promoting life-ending abortions, Google has chosen to operate by an outrageously dishonest and blatant double standards,” she says.

The Live Action founder and president continues her tirade against Google on social media. She writes on Twitter: “Google is permitting abortion facilities to advertise next-day abortions and abortion via mail. This is a blatant, political double standard: Google is OK with ads promoting life-ending drugs, but not life-saving treatments. Where’s the ‘choice’ for women?”

Anything pro-life gets the thumbs down from Big Tech

Rose concludes her statement by calling Google’s decision to censor APR ads as “anti-choice and morally wrong.” She calls on the Big Tech firm to “apply fairness and uniformity to its policy” by allowing Live Action and its pro-life partners to advertise on its platform. (Related: Banned by Google for opposing infanticide.)

“The tech monopolies that have so much control over our information consumption and our daily lives are so tied in with the radical left that they work to restrict informed consent and censor life-saving options in order to protect the billion-dollar abortion industry,” Rose says in her Sept. 14 statement.

However, this is not the first time Big Tech has used its censorship powers against pro-life groups. A whistleblower reveals that image sharing website Pinterest has also censored pro-life messages from Live Action. Former Pinterest software engineer Eric Cochran, who is now with Project Veritas, reveals the extent of censorship pro-life groups face.

Following his 2019 termination from the company, Cochran tells LifeSiteNews in October 2020 that Pinterest focuses on banning Live Action from its platform. He claims Pinterest has included the group to a pornography blacklist to prevent people from posting links from the group. Cochran adds that Bible verses and Christian quotes are also subject to censorship. (Related: Former Pinterest employee exposes company’s censorship of pro-life messages and bible verses.)

According to Cochran, the Big Tech establishment harbors a particular disdain for Americans with pro-life and conservative views. He explains: “The pro-life position freaks out [Big Tech] the most because it is the essential part of life, … of what it means to be human [and] of humans having intrinsic value from their Creator.”

The former Pinterest employee turned whistleblower points out that Big Tech censorship alongside its pro-abortion stance is “the most dangerous thing for our country”. He continues: “Especially when it comes to the pro-life position, this is the battle for hundreds of millions of lives.” Cochran warns: “Ultimately, the establishment wants to destroy life. We’re facing foces … [whose] end goal is destruction, not creation. It is destroying God’s image.” has more articles about Big Tech’s censorship of pro-life messages.

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