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Image: Dr. Eric Nepute lauds Missouri AG for eleventh hour move against mask mandate – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) St. Louis, Missouri chiropractor Dr. Eric Nepute praised the state’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt for standing up against medical tyranny. The chiropractor lauded Schmitt during the Aug. 31 edition of Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute on Brighteon.TV. Nepute also gave a recap of the Bards Fest event that happened in the state in late August 2021.

Nepute began his show with a recap of the four-day Bards Fest held at the POWERplex sports complex in St. Louis. The event held from Aug. 26 to 29 saw millions of people attending both in person and online. “We destroyed the spirit of fear by giving facts and by giving faith,” he said of the event. He also thanked Brighteon.TV for helping make Bards Fest a success.

Nepute mentioned the different medical experts who graced Bards Fest and shared their knowledge to the people who attended. These experts included Drs. Sherri Tenpenny, Lawrence Palevsky, Lee Merritt and Carrie Madej. He also thanked the other media outlets such as Brighteon Network, CloutHub and Lindell TV – the latter being owned by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

The chiropractor then elaborated on Schmitt’s recent moves against the state of Missouri and its school districts. According to Nepute, the Republican attorney general filed a class action lawsuit that sought a temporary restraining order on mask mandates imposed by state authorities. Schmitt appeared in Bards Fest at a later day and gave a presentation to the attendees.

Nepute said: “It was an amazing experience to witness something unfold in front of everyone’s eyes. There were literally parents there that were in tears because someone finally stood up for them. Somebody’s finally standing up from a political standpoint for the little guys, for the moms and dads.”


The chiropractor continued: “All this craziness ends when we decide it is, and the people of St. Charles and St. Louis made an agreement that it is time for us to stand together. We always talk about how when there’s nothing left to do but stand, you stand. If you don’t stand for something, you’re [going to] fall for anything.”

We The People were one step ahead of tyrannical mask mandates

Nepute mentioned St. Louis County’s attempt to pass a mask-wearing resolution last Aug. 27. “What [county officials] did was they tried to pass … a resolution to put mask mandates back.” The seven-member county council’s resolution, which passed 4-0 with no opposition, extended the mandate through the entirety of September.

At this point, Nepute laid down the difference between an ordinance and a resolution. “Words have meaning and it’s really important to understand this,” he said. An ordinance was an enforceable mandate that often had a legal standard.

On the other hand, a resolution was voted on by council members but was not enforceable because it had no legal ground to stand on. Nepute also revealed that three council members abstained from voting on the Aug. 27 resolution as it had no legal grounding. True enough, a report by St. Louis channel Fox 2 said the resolution had no force of law.

Nepute commented that the last-minute decision by the St. Louis County aldermen to vote on the resolution at 4 p.m. on the afternoon of Aug. 27 was a tactic called “four-o-clock spray.” He said: “What they do is they put something out there [and] they know you’re not [going to] have any time to rebut it until the following Monday. So it goes out, it does its damage and people just … roll with it. That’s a political tactic that these evil, horrible people do.”

Schmitt entered the scene at this point. Originally scheduled to speak at Bards Fest on Aug. 27 alongside other politicians, he was unable to commit as he was filing a lawsuit to stop the resolution. The GOP attorney general did show up at the event, but at a later day. (Related: ‘We know where you live’ – Angry Americans sick and tired Of COVID tyranny face off as MO Attorney General slams mandates as ‘dystopian biomedical security state’.)

True enough, one St. Louis County council member who attended Bards Fest called the move a “complete political sham.” GOP Councilman Mark Harder told media outlets that Missouri has no mask mandate at all compared to what other reports claim. He added that Missourians who wish to mask up can do so, and those who do not wish to wear masks will find their decisions respected. (Related: St. Louis orders all vaccinated residents to return to mandatory masking while indoors, effectively admitting that vaccines don’t work to stop the spread of covid.)

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