Research finds massage to be a beneficial and safe therapy for back pain

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Image: Research finds massage to be a beneficial and safe therapy for back pain

(Natural News) Want to get rid of that crippling pain plaguing your lower back that keeps you from doing what needs to be done? A Spine-health article recommends that you try out massage therapy for quick and lasting relief from your lower back pain.

Massage therapy is a traditional healing art that is practiced all around the world. It encompasses many types called modalities, which are divided between relaxation massages and the more thorough rehabilitative massages.

Although it fell out of favor during the Interwar period, it has become popular again thanks to the interest of sports practitioners.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the benefits and safety of massage therapy. The various modalities has been shown to reduce stress, loosen up tense muscles, and improve the levels of pain-relieving endorphins in patients and participants.

The lower back is one of the most heavily-worked and highly-stressed parts of the body. It is very vulnerable to developing nonspecific pain from various causes. Furthermore, the cases tend to be chronic and recurring in nature.

Massage therapy has been successfully used to treat muscle pain and rehabilitate damaged muscles. It could be a safe and effective means of relieving back pain. (Related: The best reflexology exercises for back pain.)

Massage therapy significantly improves lower back pain in the short term

A pair of systemic reviews on the topic of massage therapy for back pain have recently been released. The two studies covered the possible benefits that the therapy can bring to people with lower back pain.


In a systemic review, researchers aimed to make a “big picture” view of a topic.

The Institute for Work and Health (IWH) covered 25 separate studies. The IWH researchers evaluated more than 3,000 patients with lower back pain who took massage therapy as a form of pain relief treatment.  They measured any changes in either the pain felt by the participants or the function that they regained after undergoing the therapy.

They reported finding no major changes to the physiology of the participants over the long term. Multiple sessions would be required for recurring cases of back pain.

However, there was a significant improvement when it came to relieving lower back pain for short periods of time. This indicated that massage therapy could improve the symptoms of the problem.

Take massage therapy alongside other lower back pain treatment methods

The second systematic review was conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA). They performed an umbrella review of nine other systematic reviews, each of which could have as many as 11 smaller studies under its wing.

The UniSA umbrella review therefore encompassed dozens of studies and many thousands of participants. It was able to discern a number of patterns from those smaller studies.

First of all, they came across proof that massage therapy could alleviate lower back pain and enhance the function of the lower back muscles. The therapy was more effective than placebo or no treatment.

Second, long-term massage therapies that lasted for more than six months did not bring any appreciable benefits. The best effects were achieved over the short term.

For best results, take massage therapy alongside other methods of treating pain in your lower back. Physical exercise therapy and heat and ice therapy are two good methods that can be complemented by a massage.

The best part is that massage therapy has no drawbacks to it. So you will be able to enjoy a break from lower back pain.

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