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Are there any liquid coffee creamers left that are not loaded with cell-mutating ingredients?

Coffee creamers

(NaturalNews) Is coffee good or bad for you? That seems to be an intriguing question that rears its head whenever health enthusiasts begin a conversation about one of the most popular morning beverages known to the world.

The answer depends on what you put in it, because a couple of cups of "bean water" with some pure ingredients certainly won't put a damper on your day; in fact, it can be quite the healthy "booster shot" for anyone who pays attention to what they put in their body and who has a moderately active lifestyle. However, it's easy to royally screw up a decent cup of coffee, and the majority of Americans do it every day, even people with good intentions. So, before you go out and dose your cup of "Joe" with toxins that cause short- and long-term health crises, know all the usual suspects.

Top 7 ways to ruin a decent cup of coffee, including with most liquid coffee creamers

1. Genetically modified soy or cottonseed oil in the creamer: If you don't know it by now, be aware that genetically modified foods contain chemical pesticides that cause cancer and Alzheimer's. Unfermented soy also unnaturally alters hormone levels.

2. Processed table sugar from genetically modified Franken-corn: White sugar is a white "devil," and comes from Monsanto's BT corn. Research shows the BT toxin causes cancer tumors and early death in laboratory tested animals. Are you a lab rat? Any conventional liquid coffee creamer that doesn't carry the USDA "certified organic" label or a "Non-GMO" label most likely contains "Franken-sugar." Watch out!

3. Carrageenan in liquid creamers: According to research published by the National Institute of Health (NIH), carrageenan is an "immunosuppressive agent and mediator of intravascular coagulation." It suppresses antibody responses in lab animals. After a week or two in the refrigerator, you'll notice the creamer at the bottom of the container becomes a gooey, stringy gel. Imagine that stuck in your digestive tract.

4. Tap water that contains fluoride: You can't boil out fluoride, which is really sodium fluoride, an industrial by-product that the USA imports from China and dumps in the municipal taps, saying it's "good for your teeth," even though it causes cancer and lowers IQ.

5. Conventional milk or half-n-half as a creamer: Likely contains antibiotics, artificial hormones and most likely pus from the cow's infected udders. Cows stuck in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) are exposed to high amounts of hormones, antibiotics and GMO substances, including in their feed, and they release these toxins through their milk. Common artificial hormones used are rBGH and rBST, both of which are linked to breast, colon and prostate cancer in humans. Forced by drugs to overproduce milk, cows' udders form pus that's not properly filtered out by conventional means.

6. Powdered coffee creamer: These powders contain artificial flavors, artificial coloring, GM soy, other partially hydrogenated oils and of course genetically modified ingredients.

7. Decaffeinated coffee: In order to remove the caffeine, coffee is put through a chemical process. All decaffeinated extraction methods alter the coffee bean's phytochemical structure. The chemical solvents used, including methylene chloride (a dry cleaning fluid also used for paint strippers), are harmful to human health. Though the beans are steamed afterward to remove the solvents, residues remain, as does some caffeine (at least 3 percent). The FDA permits residues (trace amounts) of dangerous chemical solvents to remain on the decaf coffee beans after roasting. Research shows that decaf coffee drinkers have a higher rate of rheumatoid arthritis. Coincidence? We think not. Decaf coffee is highly acidic, and acidic bodies are more prone to inflammation, sickness and cancer. Putting toxic liquid coffee creamers in decaf coffee is a "double whammy" for your health. Beware.

Best choices for liquid coffee creamers

The brands "Bliss" and "Organic Valley" both sell creamers that are not GMO, do not contain soy and do not contain carrageenan. Even better, you could make your own homemade coffee creamer with raw, organic ingredients, and that way you simply can't go wrong!

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