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Why doesn't the CDC ever talk about natural SELF-IMMUNIZATION against viruses?


(NaturalNews) Once upon a time, before the modern medical bureaucracy was built, Americans didn't have vaccine Nazis in government who forced them, at the barrel of a gun, and with the threat of fines and imprisonment, to take an injection of a foreign substance that might leave them "protected" from disease, but might also kill them in the process.

In fact, in those days, before the vaccine cult was formed, Americans managed to stay healthy with a different sort of herd immunity: Everyone was exposed to everything there was that could make them sick, and lo and behold, look at what happened – our species didn't die out and, in fact, flourished.

Now, the vaccine Nazis will tell you that that's because of vaccines. But think about it: If we weren't able to sort of self-immunize – that is, have our bodies exposed to bacteria and disease so our own natural defenses could produce their own antibodies, thereby "immunizing us" against said disease – would humankind have made it this far?

Something else to wonder about: How come the Centers for Disease Control and the medical establishment never talk about this?

Natural biological immunity

Before vaccines were introduced, millions of Americans and others around the world were not only exposed to diseases like measles, mumps and whooping cough, but they fully recovered from them. And once they had those diseases, they never got them again, because they retained the antibodies that fought off the infection and disease until they died.

Natural biological immunity is something that humans had developed over the course of evolution. From the earliest days, we've always been exposed to something, and yes, there have certainly been diseases that have killed a great many humans over the course of history. But most of those were new to the species – that is, humans had not faced or experienced them before, so there were no natural antibodies in our systems to fight those illnesses.

But even then, not everyone became sick, and in fact, the vast majority who lived had in fact been exposed to the same diseases; their bodies just happened to be stronger or better able to develop antibodies early on.

Today, however, while we may have achieved "herd immunity" through mass immunization, there are many who would argue that in the days without vaccines we had also developed herd immunity, since we were all exposed to the same things. Today, however, our bodies are actually weaker and less able to fend off common viruses and bacteria, because we have become so reliant on vaccines.

We have no choice in the matter of immunity

Think a moment about the recent outbreak of Ebola. This is a relatively new disease, and while many died, many more who were no doubt exposed did not. What can and should we learn from that? "Naturally acquired immunity" only occurs through contact with an agent that causes disease and when the contact was not made deliberately.

None of these theories are new. In the 9th century, Islamic physician Al-Razi wrote a treatise that described the clinical presentation of measles and smallpox, which went on to indicate that exposure to same gives a person lasting immunity, though he did not use the actual term "immunity."[1]

The first scientist to develop a full theory of immunity was Ilya Mechnikov after he publicized phagocytosis in 1882. Also, using Louis Pasteur's germ theory of disease, the science of immunology began to discover, and then explain, why and how, after disease and infection, the human body developed the ability to resist further infections.[2]

The point is, our modern medical establishment refuses to even discuss this, much less give Americans the option of allowing their own bodies to fight disease in their own way.


[1] Silverstein, Arthur M. (1989) History of Immunology (Hardcover) Academic Press.

[2] Gherardi E. The Concept of Immunity. History and Applications. Immunology Course Medical School. University of Pavia.


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