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Modern-day vaccine mandates mirror human sacrifice rituals practiced throughout human history to protect and empower society's elite class

Human sacrifice

(NaturalNews) Once upon a time, ancient civilizations carried out ritualistic human sacrifices in order to placate the gods and keep the lower class at bay. Forms of human sacrifice included drowning, bludgeoning, strangulation, burning, decapitation and being crushed beneath a newly constructed canoe.

Human sacrifices were not uncommon and occurred across various cultures, including egalitarian societies, which are distinguished for having widespread equality in terms of wealth, power and prestige.

Those who fell victim to ritualistic killings were almost always members of the lower class, such as slaves. The ruling elite carried out the killings to establish authority, punish taboo behavior, and build and maintain class-based systems, according to researchers studying the link between ritual human sacrifice and social hierarchy.

Modern day sacrifices in the name of "science"

Such killings were also used as justification for political conflicts and to perpetuate social control. Though gruesome and barbaric, it was not unusual for the ruling elite to sacrifice children to appease their gods.

Although in a different form, some argue this is still happening today. Instead of trying to appease the gods, society's ruling elite (which includes high-ranking pharma execs) is trying to appease "science" by subjecting children to potentially harmful vaccines.

This is a tactic used to coerce social obedience.

There is absolutely no denying that vaccines pose a significant health risk, and no, it's not a minimal risk easily outweighed by a greater benefit. We're talking about the very real chance that your child could be permanently harmed or even killed by vaccines.

If you have access to the Internet, you may have heard some of the heart-wrenching stories told by parents whose child was injured by a vaccine. Vaccine injuries are not only possible; they're real and more common than you might think.

As of March 2016, more than 7,600 children were reported to have experienced an adverse reaction to the measles vaccine since the year 1990, according to the National Vaccine Information Center, a nonprofit center that tracks and reports vaccine-related injuries.

Of those 7,600 adverse reactions, nearly 400 deaths ensued, and more than half of those cases involved a child under the age of three.

Because there is a risk, there must be a choice. But the legal right to opt-out of vaccines is being threatened in a number of U.S. states, some of which have already stamped it out.

California passed legislation last year removing a parent's right to obtain a vaccine exemption on the grounds of religious or philosophical beliefs. The law applies to children attending private or public schools and daycares.

Now, the only way a parent can opt their child out of vaccinations is to obtain a medical exemption from a licensed doctor, which is not an easy task. Doctors will only provide such an exemption if there's a strong reason to believe a child may react adversely to the vaccine or if they have already done so in the past.

Theoretically, vaccine mandates contradict one of the key arguments made by vaccine proponents: Vaccines are effective as long as the majority of the population is vaccinated, a concept called "herd immunity."

Herd immunity presumably works if roughly 90 percent or more of the population is vaccinated (the alleged herd immunity threshold varies among vaccines but is generally raised as it is shown to be ineffective). But in California, an estimated 94 percent of kindergartners in the 2014–15 school year were vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella, as well as for diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (whooping cough).

Theoretically, according to vaccine proponents' own argument, 94 percent should be high enough to maintain herd immunity. So why the need for vaccine mandates? What's the logic in passing a major (and not to mention costly) state law to enforce something that already has near 100 percent compliance?

We're talking about passing legislation aimed at coercing less than 6 percent of the population to do something. Again, where is the logic?

There is only one reason for such a senseless act, and that is the demand for total obedience.

In California, if you don't vaccinate your child and still wish to send them to school or daycare, there will be consequences. Those consequences could even result in the removal of your child by Child Protective Services.

This is not about public health but about using fear to control a population, just like the ruling elite has done for centuries upon centuries.

We don't know how many children have been killed by vaccines, because the cause of death is almost always blamed on something else, sometimes even parental abuse!

The bottom line is that today's ruling elite are using manufactured "science" to coerce mass vaccination despite the the proven risks. If that is not a form of sacrifice, then I don't know what is.









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