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Bill Nye's logic: Rape, murder and pedophilia should be legal because 'You can't tell people what to do!'

Bill Nye

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(NaturalNews) Bill Nye, "the science guy," has a word of advice for those who cherish life — he believes there should be no laws protecting life or property because "you can't tell people what to do." In a new video, Bill Nye defends Planned Parenthood and the illegal sale of organs harvested meticulously from the wombs of women and sold to biotech companies.

Women deserve to be given better choices and treated with greater dignity. They don't deserve to have their emotions and bodies abused, while their next of kin is harvested from them and sold.

In the video, Bill Nye reasons that abortion should remain legally convenient and taxpayer-funded because there's no way of stopping people from doing what they want. "Nobody likes abortion but you can't tell somebody what to do. She has rights over this," he said.

With this kind of misguided reasoning, Bill Nye apparently believes that people have the right to hurt other people, because "you can't tell them what to do." In Bill Nye's world, public policy should expedite violence, encourage harm and make organ harvesting seem normal. There is no moral standard in his eyes, no mercy and no justice. He is literally advocating a more violent world. Since "you can't tell people what to do" anyway, they can always rape, kill or destroy each other's property. Bill Nye doesn't care.

He doesn't believe in the rule of law. To Nye, it doesn't matter if science can measure a beating heart by ultrasound at 6 weeks gestation. He doesn't care if the fetus is viable and capable of living outside the womb at 24 weeks. It doesn't matter if life has been conceived at all, fully capable of going full term with his/her own unique DNA from two parents. It doesn't matter if Planned Parenthood pathologists crack the skull of a living fetus and harvest organs to sell to a biotech company. He thinks "We have so many more important things to be dealing with."

His lack of sensitivity toward human life and utter disregard for the rule of law are exactly why humanity is suffering today.

Nye thinks that there should be no definition of personhood and no line drawn to protect the most vulnerable among us. Instead, he attacks Christians and Jews for their dedication to Biblical principles. He stereotypes anyone who cherishes life and distorts their beliefs by saying, "I'm sorry guys. Your interpretation of a book written 5000 years ago... makes you think that when a man and a woman have sexual intercourse they always have a baby. That's wrong. So to pass laws based on that belief is inconsistent with nature."

He proudly states that the pro-life position is based on a "deep scientific lack of understanding."

"You cannot help but notice... you have a lot of men of European descent passing all these extraordinary laws based on ignorance," he said. "You apparently literally don't know what you are talking about," he said.

Since the 1970s, over 56.66 million fetuses have been sacrificed, never getting a chance to even become viable outside the womb, let alone grow into fully formed infants, children and adults. Abortion has become so accessible and so convenient, but Bill Nye would rather deflect from the heart of the matter. "Many, many, many more hundreds of eggs are fertilized than become humans," he says, because not all of those eggs will attach to a woman's uterine wall and result in pregnancy.

"But if you're going to hold that as a standard — that life begins at conception and any egg that's fertilized has the same rights as an individual — well, whom are you going to sue? Whom are you going to imprison?" he asks. "Every woman who has had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy whose sperm has fertilized an egg and then it didn't become a human?"

In reality, cherishing life is NOT about "telling people what to do." Cherishing life is NOT about jailing women for abortions and condemning their past decisions. Cherishing life is about working together to encourage healthy relationships and responsible reproductive decisions. It's about bringing more options to the forefront so care is encouraged for the most vulnerable in the womb. Cherishing life is about the responsibility of reproduction. It's about encouraging healthy relationships.

As long as the illegal trafficking of fetal organs continues at Planned Parenthood, women won't be empowered. They will be misled and coerced into abortions that affect them on an emotional level for years to come.

As Bill Nye and Planned Parenthood cling to their ego, with no hope for humanity, a growing number of people are learning that there are better ways available that treat women, men and the most vulnerable in society with utmost dignity, love and care.

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