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Bill Nye vs. the Health Ranger: Which one is the REAL scientist?

Bill Nye

(NaturalNews) Americans love television so much, that they're actually brainwashed into taking advice from actors who play doctors and scientists, but have no credentials whatsoever. Maybe that's why it's called the "boob tube," because it turns normal people into blithering slobs and blobs with brain fog, lowered IQs and chronic health issues.

Take, for example, Bill Nye, the science fraud guy, whose only real college degree is in mechanical engineering, yet he plays a "science educator" on television, so people think he's really a scientist, including thousands of children who are shown his "educational" videos at school. Nye is a shill paid by Monsanto and other evil corporations to spew their scripted lies about chemicals in foods being healthy, and about how the world is heating up so fast we're all going to burn to death soon. He pushes GMOs and global warming as if some world consensus has been reached, and as if he himself has studied it all in a laboratory, with a microscope, and has published the results from which the world should learn. The truth though, is that he's just an actor who lies for money.

Nye studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University, where he took one class that was taught by Carl Sagan. He was so inspired by this that he started guest lecturing for beginner astronomy and introductory-level ecology classes, where, again, he pretends to be a scientist. Nye, in his delusions of grandeur, applied to be a NASA astronaut several times, but of course, was rejected repeatedly, having no credentials in science or astronomy of which to speak. Nye's light blue lab coat and bow tie must not have impressed the NASA professionals enough for them to make him an integral part of their $200 billion per year space program. Those actual, educated scientists and astronomers must not watch enough TV to be brainwashed by Nye's antics.

In order to convince and coerce his stooge audience that he's an actual scientist, Bill has gone so far as to make videos in the "Design Lab" of CyberSpace Mountain at Walt Disney World. To make matters worse, Nye has received a top liar award from the "Committee for Skeptical Inquiry," a group of charlatans whose main goal is to convince all Americans that consuming GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and dangerous pesticides in foods is healthy and 100 percent safe all the time.

Nye holds several patents, including one for ballet shoes and another for a magnifying glass he created by filling a clear plastic bag with water. Ironically, Nye has stated that one of his major concerns right now is "scientific illiteracy," and how "you [the public] don't have enough rudimentary knowledge of the universe to evaluate claims." Yet, the "Science Fraud Guy" has been granted several fake college degrees called "honorary degrees" that he uses for science bragging rights. In case you're unaware, an honorary degree or a degree honoris causa (Latin: "for the sake of the honor") is an academic degree where a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study and the passing of examinations!

Meet a REAL scientist, who educates Americans about REAL dangers and runs an actual laboratory with international ISO accreditation

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, author, scientist and Editor of Natural News, the most trafficked natural health news website in the world, is making history, doing original research, writing science papers and currently has the number one selling science book on Amazon. One of the most outspoken consumer health advocates in the world today, Mike Adams is an internet activist on the highest level, and a science lab director who has poured his time, money and energy into prolific research that helps consumers around the world avoid disease and disorder and find their own ideal health. Over the past three years, Mike has discovered a whole world of "hurt" that most consumers never before considered.

The U.S. regulatory agencies do not do their jobs safeguarding food, water or medicine, and are actually paid well to do the opposite – to deregulate Big Food, Biotech and Big Pharma industries so that corporations can literally get away with murder, by infusing chemicals into agriculture and medicine to turn profits. Unfortunately, actors like Bill Nye are paid to promote propaganda that fuels insidious government and corporate agendas to control and warp human health, all while robbing people of their hard earned money.

So, in conclusion, if you like television for entertainment, just remember, the actors are just actors. If you want actual education about toxins in foods, toxins in water, toxins in medicine, and toxic pollution that can affect you and your family's health and livelihood, tune into Natural News, and check out real science published in the new book Food Forensics available for pre-sale now on Amazon. The clean food revolution has begun, so be a part of history in the making!

Check out the trailer to Food Forensics right here.

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