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Mainstream media wages war on REAL science by blindly pushing dangerous vaccines

Mainstream media

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(NaturalNews) The pro-vaxxers are angry. More and more parents are reportedly defying the propaganda machine and skipping vaccines for their children, which has sparked a full-fledged war in the mainstream media against medical choice, free thought and even basic logic.

As science is sacrificed on the altar of sanity in exchange for outlandish fear-mongering, personal attacks and all sorts of ridiculous and hateful diatribes against "the anti-vaccination movement," a mass exodus from the quackery that is vaccines is only picking up speed, much to the chagrin of the control freaks in charge of conventional medicine.

One would think that, since they constantly claim to have science on their side, the pro-vaxxers would actually offer some of it up in the news reports as evidence to support their agenda. Instead, the only things being strewn across the media are straw man accusations, endless name-calling and childish foot-stomping tactics that demand full compliance with the vaccine program "because we say so!"

There aren't any valid reasons being given as to why people should get vaccinated other than "they work... because science!" This is literally what some news reports are saying, in so many words, as they rabidly attack everyone who doesn't vaccinate for allegedly "resurrecting" diseases like measles.

"[I]f we could just clear the Internet of misinformation and slap a muzzle on celebrity proponents of anti-vaccine fear-mongering... then the truth would get vaccination rates back up to where they were in the good old days," reminisces one mainstream media reporter about that heavenly utopia that apparently existed before parents exercised their right not to vaccinate.

Pro-vaxxers refuse to provide evidence of vaccine safety and effectiveness because it doesn't exist

There have always been parents who've chosen not to vaccinate their children, of course, but the media would have you believe the lie that celebrities like Jenny McCarthy single-handedly convinced an entire generation not to vaccinate, and that this caused all sorts of previously eradicated diseases to come back with a vengeance.

This same article, it's important to note, offers absolutely no evidence to show that vaccines are safe or effective, by the way. Instead, like the blog equivalent of verbal diarrhea, the spewing rant reams out all the usual targets, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy and others, for apparently masterminding an entire movement to reject what the infantile writer of such blather refers to as "superstrong consensus."

"There is mainstream, superstrong consensus about the value of vaccination, and on the other side... nothing else, since there is no other side," he humorously declares. "The media have made parents worry about vaccines in a lame effort to provide balance and all points of view."

What this pathetic diatribe attempts to gain through exceedingly poor form are the minds of the exceptionally weak, who fear being called "lunatics" or "extremists" for questioning the safety of injections containing live viruses and brain-damaging chemicals. These are the people-pleasers who will go along with anything if it makes them popular or accepted.

Meanwhile, the true supporters of science on the other side -- yes, us "anti-vaxxers" -- continue to combat all this mindless hysteria by simply delineating the facts, something the mainstream media can't do because its position is baseless. We'll say it as many times as we need to until it sets in:

1) MMR is a live virus vaccine that's been shown to spread measles. Those injected with it can shed not only measles but also mumps and rubella for weeks, or even months, following vaccination.

2) Many previous measles outbreaks have occurred among primarily or only vaccinated populations, deconstructing the myth that the vaccine provides full and complete protection.

3) Wild measles is generally mild if your immune system is functioning properly, and contracting it as a child is much like chickenpox -- it's over quickly and it provides lifelong immunity. The MMR vaccine, on the other hand, provides only temporary protection at best.

You can learn more about the science behind vaccines (and why they don't work) at the following links:








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