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Mainstream media declares: US immigrants spread measles to Latin America, not the other way around

Measles outbreak

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(NaturalNews) Without their sponsors and advertisers, the mainstream media wouldn't exist. The mainstream press ISN'T a free press at all. It's literally controlled by high-paying sponsors, which are primarily junk food companies like McDonalds, big agribusinesses like Syngenta and Monsanto, and giant drug-dispensing companies like Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. The media is certain not to step on the toes of these big businesses or else they would lose their funding.

This ultimately means that mainstream media is scripted one way or another -- a propaganda portal that protects the interests of their big advertisers. This is why mainstream media arrogantly blames disease outbreaks on healthy informed people who don't vaccinate. This communicates the message that everyone needs drug companies and that everyone must subject themselves to pharmaceutical products to survive. It's a lie of course, rooted in fear, but it works, scaring people into thinking they need the sponsors' products.

Breaking through the scripted mainstream media dichotomies and seeing the real problems

Independent news sources like NaturalNews.com are growing because we do not answer to drug companies and other sponsors who use billions of dollars to pull puppet strings. Independent news sources stand out with courage because the masses are growing tired of the messages that scare them into compliance and obedience. They are sick of being fed fearful, bought-off news and misinformation. The people are tired of the scripted dichotomies that only cause division and confusion.

For example, the vaccinated and unvaccinated should not be at odds whatsoever, as the mainstream media tries to rile. This is only a distraction that keeps everyone from realizing the greatest problem of our time -- that pharmaceutical drugs kill more people in America than diseases like measles. The annual average amount of people who are killed by adverse pharmaceutical reactions is estimated to be 106,000. On top of that, elders suffering in nursing homes often die from infectious diseases like influenza only because their immune system is so suppressed by a daunting regime of pharmaceutical drugs and poor nutrition foods that their bodies can't fight the infection.

Mainstream media tries to turn the truth on its head, claims US spreads measles to Latin America, not the other way around

People are questioning what they are told more than ever. Recently, the LA Times declared that US citizens are spreading measles to Latin America, not the other way around. It's obvious that this propaganda is only trying to bury the fact that hundreds of undocumented immigrants were shipped to Southern California in 2014, putting the area at risk of wild-type measles viruses from Latin America.

By turning the truth on its head and blaming US citizens, the LA Times protects its vaccine sponsors, blaming Americans for spreading measles not only in America but also to other countries!

This is a bizarre accusation -- especially since thousands of Latin American children have crossed the border illegally since 2014 and have been shipped to communities around the US. Coming from poor and unclean living conditions, many of these children are fleeing Latin America and bringing unknown virus strains with them.

But to the LA Times, there's no way these unaccounted-for diseases could put Americans at risk. In fact, the LA Times says that it's Americans who are putting the people of Central America at risk. The LA Times is accusing US migrants for spreading measles to Latin America!

The LA Times reported, "In this latest outbreak, measles has actually spread from the United States to Mexico, which has reported one case from exposure at Disneyland, the apparent epicenter of the outbreak."

They wrote an entire article justifying their bizarre accusation.

Instead of trying to blame Americans for getting sick and making the US look like an unclean vector of disease, the LA Times should focus on the potential viruses that are crossing the border through undocumented immigration.

The even greater problem everyone should be homing in on is the adverse effects of vaccines and the alarming statistics on death by pharmaceuticals in the US. Both of these subjects are more important than misinforming the population on the origins of new measles cases and scaring the populace over a benign disease that hasn't claimed a life in the US in 10 years.



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